AJ: What was the total cost of designing & re-branding of the new livery?

The new pale blue livery which was supposed to be used on all MAS aircraft

Updates at 8:15 pm on 11-7-2012: It is hoped that AJ or his Strategic Comm in MAS will respond with honest answers to the questions posed herein otherwise it will warrant another posting on the same subject matter. Yours truly trust that it will not be necessary. Thank you AJ.


After the MAS-AirAsia share “suap” was inked by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (Amok), the MD of Khaznah Nasioanl Bhd, someone was deadly against the use of RED colour on MAS logo as it was strongly felt that RED is an exclusive colour for another airline. For the benefit of that someone, MAS was set up on 1-10-1972 and RED was the original colour of the logo of MAS! WHO INNOVATE and WHO IMITATE?

The MAS logo when MAS was set up in 1972
The 2nd Generation of MAS Logo
The 3rd generation of MAS logo in red & blue WAU

Updates @ 7:45 pm on 11-7-2012: It is hoped that AJ will answer the questions posed herein otherwise there will be another posting on the same subject matter real soon. Hopefully AJ or his Strategic Comm would come out with honest answers soon. Thank you AJ.

MAS is no ordinary GLC. It is a national institution and our nation ambassador.  It is for this reason that the Government is concerned with the development in MAS. It has been the POLICY of MAS to seek approval from the Cabinet to change its logo i.e. from the red WAU in a circle to Red WAU without the circle and thereafter red and blue WAU as can be seen from the above. 

Yours truly has been informed that there was an attempt to change the livery of MAS during Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli time but it had to be shelved because the Cabinet did not approve the change.

After the failed share ‘suap’, there were talks of the change of MAS livery by a few top executives of MAS.  Many questions were asked in and out of Parliament about who made the decision to change the livery for MAS, cost of the designing and re-branding and whether MAS has sought the approval of its Board of Directors and the Cabinet.

Unfortunately, both the highly paid top executives of MAS En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), the Group CEO of MAS, and En Mohammed Rashdan Yusuf aka Danny (Rashdan), the Amok’s most trusted crony and the then Deputy Group CEO, chose to keep their arrogant silence.  

Yours truly has been reliably informed that no approval was obtained from the MAS Board of Directors or Cabinet for the change of the livery or re-branding.

Perhaps this is the opportune moment for AJ, as the Group CEO of MAS, to be transparent and provide answers to the following questions:

  1. When was the decision made to change the livery of MAS to pale blue?
  2. Who made the said decision to change the livery?
  3. Was MAS Board consulted before proceeding to change the livery?
  4. Did MAS obtain approval from the Cabinet for the change of the livery?
  5. Which company was appointed to provide the design of the new livery and so-called re-branding of MAS?
  6. Who appointed the designing company for the job?
  7. Was there an open tender for the appointment of the designing and re-branding company?
  8. What was the total cost of the said designing and re-branding work for the new livery?

SILENCE IS NO LONGER AN OPTION! It is hoped that AJ will respond as fast as he did after the exposure of the manifest of the ferry flight A380, in HERE & HERE

64 thoughts on “AJ: What was the total cost of designing & re-branding of the new livery?

    1. YEE HAA

      After screwing up MAS, Jala is now screwing the country via GAME CHANGERS.

      “The Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) will not create widespread high-paying jobs due to the lack of innovation in its formulation, said the think-tank Research for Social Advancement (REFSA) today.

      The research outfit claimed that the ETP’s main problem was that it was using “recycled” projects which were far from being game changers and the way they were selected using the lab technique prevented innovative ideas from flourishing.

      “Instead of being transformative, the ETP is, at best, just a very slick repackaging of old ideas,” said REFSA. “These ‘recycled’ projects cannot be expected to result in transformative change or high-income jobs.”
      REFSA also noted that the numbers actually flatter the ETP, because the ETP total was boosted by mega-projects such as the the Klang Valley MRT and the Petronas RM60 billion RAPID project — which comprised more than 50 per cent of the total committed investment of the ETP as at the end of 2011.

      After stripping the two mega-projects out, REFSA said that the CIPE or capital intensity of the remaining EPPs was a “minuscule” RM305,000.

      In some of its responses, PEMANDU also criticised REFSA for not offering better alternatives to the current plans, but the think-tank said today that its final analysis of the ETP’s annual report will contain recommendations.

  1. Omar

    When MAS is bleeding, AJ is busy traveling from Kl to London and back. it was as though MAS HQ is in London. Is AJ operating a laundering service in London?

    Nor Zalida Ahamd must be busy preparing a reply if she is capable of doing.

  2. Fokker Friendship

    Mr AJ, why are you still silent on few issues highlighted by Mr WCK & other people in this blog? You shoot emails to employees asking for support, work together as a team bla bla bla but you are behaving like this. Come on boss, you can do better than this. Every employee loves this airline. They want MAS to excel just like they excel in their duties(unless those you see as unproductive lah). Boss, if you see how people work down here, I’m sure you will stop all this bullshit at your own will. Employees are not that cruel lah boss.. But if we can do our daily job sincerely, why can’t you? I don’t care how much you are paid, but as a muslim you know the word BERKAT right? Sad to see people cursing you here. You really need to boost the morale of your employees, in a different approach please. Lets start by being sincere & transparent.

    We care.

    Take care in Farnborough boss.

  3. GE Man

    AJ and 26 other MAS staff having fun time in London Farnborough International Air Show which end this weekend.

    Yes, the 2nd MAS A380 which is on display was flown from Toulouse for this air show. Good promotion but why do you need up to 25 staff to be there ??

    Daily allowance for UK is MYR600 per day , hotel lagi ? Airbus Industries sponsor ka ?

    Joy ride again ehh , please be prudent lah……….stop the bleed ……AJ, this not an IPP you are running, where TNB guarantee beli you punya product.

  4. GE Man

    AJ , if you have balls , revert the logo to blue and red what ever it takes.

    Our national airlines is our national pride , lets imagine if we take away the red colour from our national flag how does it looks ??

  5. Lee of MAS

    The Pariah was so powerful after the share swap that he could literally dictate whatever he wants and that Nanny Danny will just do it. Just like the sponsorship of QPR. For nothing MAS had to pay RM10 million to support a club that was almost relegated.

    Thank you YB for telling the pariah that red was MAS original colour. The pariah’s logo should be changed to pale blue instead.

    I will not be surprised if the nanny Danny was also involved in this change of livery.

    AJ come clean and tell us how much does it cost for the change, made the decision, was the change approved by the Board and the Cabinet. Don’t just keep quiet. Be transparent otherwise don’t ask your staffs to work with you if you are not working with them.

  6. Anonymous

    Aj keeping quiet will only give rise to more suspicion. Id you fear lost your face then you can again refer to an unnamed blog mah. So we the staffs will not know or we will pretend not to know. What we want to know is how much you or rashdan caused MAS to pay out for this stupid livery. The blue is fit for Chinese funeral!

    My advice is for AJ and Rashdan to paint their house in the same blue colour!

  7. Tan Chak Pin

    I cannot imagine the logic…… in sponsoring the QPR for RM10m????we have a bleeding airline..with govt subsidy…then the sponsorship..You all are right…maybe the Pariah have a upper hand elsewhere..come on…the BOD or maybe the PM approved this!!!

  8. The Clueless

    I bet you the clueless AJ will not dare to tell us how much because it will be too embarrassing for him. the reason is he cannot reconcile his statement that MAS is bleeding and yet he and Rashdan were spending like their grandfather company. Sponsored QPR RM10 million, appointing that AirAsia’s useless consultant PlaneConsult RM3 million, employing Shane NoLAN?, appointing other CONsultants?, ferry flight of the undeserved ball carriers?, paying for the Martin Barrow as his advisor ? this new livery on the A380? and many more????

  9. Franky

    AJ are you blind? Can’t you see that the red and blue is so much better than your mentor’s choice?

    If you have brain and the interest of MAS at heart you wouldn’t agree to the change of the logo.

  10. Kamarul MAS

    AJ is in Farnborough so is the Pariah. The Pariah taled about buying more Airbus aircraft and AJ talked about MAS changing its fleet to Airbus. So ………

  11. mazlan

    just tell how did it cost for the designing of that stupid new livery. i am sure that it cost MAS alot of money.

    when it comes to staff benefits AJ will tell us MAS is bleeding!

  12. Anonyous

    We are wasting our time to ask that clueless idiot. He will never tell us because that will make him to look more stupid then we think.

    Can you imagine that Pariah said in the Star interview that for now it is easy for him to talk to AJ, it is just a phone call away. No wonder that clueless idiot can agree to that type of low cost fares to uplift the AAX passengers. Just ask anyone in the airline, people will just laugh at him. Those prices are just unthinkable. You got to be the real idiot to sign the RA at those prices. No wonder the Pariah can talk big now.

    just get lost is the word for you.

  13. Just laughing

    Fokker Friendship

    Does that clueless boss understand the words “Sincere” and Transparent”? Of course, he has no clue about that just like he has no clue about aviation. If he does, he wouldn’t have done so many stupid things. He wouldn’t have condone Nanny Danny misbehavior for so many months, he wouldn’t have allow the appointment of PlaneConsult, extend Shane Nollan employment, sending out 2 emails to praise Nanny Danny for doing a great job to screw Firefly and MAS, sending out email at 12:30 am at night to say that the RA has been signed when the RA was only signed on the day, sending out so many organisational structure charts, Business Plan after Business Plan when the only Plan he know is to take instructions from the Pariah.

  14. anwar


    MAS staff always remember the actual meaning of MAS is mana ada system.

    Anyway in MAS nothing is based on merit only rasuah and nothing else.

    You bribe you get business and i cant imagine a clerk without qualification is now a Svp because he now how to carry balls.


  15. Johari

    What re-branding? It was just a case of the topless management trying to please the Pariah. I also heard in MAS that the Pariah wanted red to for AA only.

    Never mind let see what AJ and his Startegic Comm Nor Zalida going to do tomorrow. Let see whether AJ going to start another investigations to find out who leaked this new livery out. We should have a thorough investigation into his decision to allow the commissioning of advertising firm to design the livery without getting Board and Cabinet approval, why he entered into the RA with such low fares, the appointment of PlaneConsult, termination of Firefly Jet services, giving up profitable routes like Sydney (additional), Bandung, Surabaya, Dubai, Haneda and others.

    AJ, stop bullshitting Bandung and Surabaya were not profitable. after MAS gave up Bandung AA increased another flight to Bandung and its fares increased to almost double because AA has got the monopoly to Bandung.

    it is sickening to have a brainless CEO to head MAS. No wonder he has set 2014 as the target year to turn around MAS. Why 2014? 2014 is the year his contract will be up for renewal. It is all a joke!

  16. MAS admirer

    YB do Khazanah have an important role in this share swap and buying of properties from GLC? Do you know who is the Hugo Boss ! In Star on 10th.July stated all the aircraft will be bought by …. and leased back to MAS. All of this is a game played by them. Profit making or not is not an issue. As long it is profitable for them that is very good.YB you know we need to do better if we want to win this battle !

  17. MAS Employee

    NO wonder MAS has been losing MONEY. I didn’t know that MAS has been depending on Mat Saleh as advisors. Why are the advisers still being retained?? You must be stupiiiddd for not realizing this. I think BOD, CEO and head of Khazanah all must go. So do not blame anybody if govt lost GE if these people dont go

  18. Kristal Lee

    There are so many ways to hurt MAS. It’s being done physically now. Park the blue MAS next to the red AA, which will stand out? No prize for guessing…YOU DID IT AGAIN, AJ!

  19. Balaciworksinthehangar

    I wonder why MACC does not come in the picture. Aren’t they supposed to prevent and repel abuse of power and malpractices? Or they are just certainly politically biased!
    It just irks me that despite accusations with evidence, AJ chosen to keep quiet, not even bother to give explanation. Bodoh sombong!!!

    1. Angry Bird in MAS


      How to explain when one has done a major screwup? Don’t expect too much from AJ he is still groping in the dark after 10 months, please give him another 2 years until 2014 when his contract is up then we will get the result. That will be the time when MAS already koyak and he will then blame it on the staff and say that he does not want his contract to be extended.

      Stop blaming on the staffs. We don’t make decisions like changing logo and cutting routes to Bandung and gave away additional routes to Sydney to the Pariah, cutting route to Bandung, Dubai, giving low fares to help AAX and others. We had to carry out silly instructions even though we knew it was a stupid decision made by a clueless man!

      AJ, as a matter of curiosity what are the results of your investigations into the information leaks about your decisions? Please waste more time and try harder and you will find yourself in the same shoe as hat Rashdan. We will carry on to expose you until you join the Pariah or Rashdan.

      That much we promise that we will do. We will not allow you to use the biscuit lady to bully us.

      1. Balaciworksinthehangar

        Angry bird in MAS
        I agree with you 120%.The staff had to carry out the silly instructions, stupid decisions made by the bodoh sombong boss.
        Karam Singh will say seperti ketam mengajar anak berjalan lurus!

  20. Anthony

    Krital Lee

    You are right. Just put the two plane side by side and the red and blue will be a sure winner without doubt. Only the the highest paid idiot in MAS thinks otherwise. Now he is thinking about buying aircraft from Airbus. Soon he will be coming out with another new Business Plan – will include buying aircraft from Airbus.

    The Pariah is also talking about buying more Airbus. They seem to sing the same tune.

    1. MH Observer

      MAS is not going to buy aircrafts from Airbus? TF has already signed to purchase 200 A320s and needs to pay them soon. Is MAS will buy from TF? We all are sicked of the saying ” I just want to make money “… If clueless AJ decide kowtow to him then it is USD16 mil x 200 = USD 3.2 b ~ RM 9.6 billion in commission. Then can build KLIA3 for cash he.he.


    What has happened to Aj’s Strategic Comm chief Nor Zalida Ahmad? I would have thought that she would have send out an e-mail at 1 am this morning to provide excuses like what she did for the Re-accommodation Agreement. She was working overtime then – sending out e-mail at 12:30 am to say agreement has been signed when the agreement was only sign in the day. What a failure!

    For this issue, it looks like the Strategic Comm under her is running out of idea. How to spin? I know that AJ and NANNY DANNY didn’t get approval from the Board and the Cabinet for the change of logo/livery of MAS. It was an idea about the idiots under instructions from you know who?

    We are all waiting for the clueless AJ to come out with his story why he and NANNY DANNY didn’t the necessary approval to embark on such important decision?

    Come on clueless, be brave and own up. Show us that you can lead otherwise pack up your bag and join your good friend NANNY DANNY in RHB as his budak suruhan!

    1. a disillusioned staff within

      Manager > you say that the AJ &* BoD did not get the approvals needed from the Cabinet/Govt for the logo/color change, instead they arbitrarily made the decision on their own? If that is the case ~ then isn’t this considered ‘mala fide’ (done in bad faith!) Good reason to get rid of this bunch of incompetent directors?
      I hope this would give the shareholders impetus to question AJ and the BoD in the coming AGM on the 17th. July.

  22. Nagaria

    Said it before and will say it again …

    AJ, u r an ar..hole.

    MAS would be better off without U ar..hole.

    So, bila nak berambus?

  23. Economist Kampong

    YB WCK

    AJ (Ahmad Johari), MN (Mohd Nor), AM (Azman Mokhtar) and the MAS Board had refused to answer your questions, or for that matter to anyone other than, I suppose, the Prime Minister.


    The PM is important, BUT he is not the only STAKEHOLDER. Being a GLC. members of parliaments have every right to ask questions and get serious answers to these questions. MPs represents the people and we wan truthful prompt answers too!.

    If we have the quality of parliamentary democracy like the one in Australia or in most European countries, the behviour of these goons would have been deemed as scandalous. IT would have caused a vote of no confidence, in the Government.

    The vote of confidence or no confidence would be upon us soon – the GE of 2012/2013. Many concerned voters are disgusted with the ‘plunder, pillage and rape of public property ‘ that MAS had come to represent, since Slumberjack became PM in 2004. When is this going to STOP?

    Let us hope that the GE would not be a vote of no confidence in the Najib’s prime ministership.

    If Najib is listening, it is time for a drastic 360% change in MAS. As a start please answer the questions YB WCK is asking. His questions are the peoples’ questions. Ignore then at your own PERIL. Please remember!

    1. Independent voter

      Yes, I totally agree. Next GE, if there are BN, PR and independent, I will vote for indie. I have zero trust in both parties.

      1. Wise voter

        Me? If you put a monkey or a banana tree as a calon, its still a better choice than any of the Umno corrupt calons! For years they have treated MAS like their grandfather’s company.

  24. MAS friends

    So many good points and facts have been raised in this forum. Some are very logical, intellectual and professional. But no reply from the BOD, CEO and also Khazanah. What is your role and duties. Just makan gaji, enjoy the perks of travelling 1st Class and enjoy everything while you can? You have strings of titles like Tan Sris, Dato Seri etc and all you can do is arrogance silence? Is that all what you can do? Some of you have claimed to be successful corporate players. Are you really or have been proxy all this while? We challenge BOD, CEO and Khazanah to respond otherwise we conclude here that you all are just opportunists, passenger , perk seekers and irresponsible citizen of Malaysia.

  25. Time Traveller

    GE Man, 26 staff went to Farnborough? Seriously? Let’s give AJ a field day by posting the pax list here. Who knows ada staff HR yang dapat pergi. That is HR award to their staff for being the slowest and dumbest of all. What to expect when half of the HR staff are nearing retirement.

    As for the livery change, wonder how the change would affect the bottom line in a positive way? Tukar dalaman dahulu before you want to change the luaran. No point of changing the luaran if those di dalam are the same old rotten people.

  26. observer

    I’ve been following this blog and am amazed that there are so many angry people in MAS, who believe the solution to all your woes is if AJ and the top management resign. WCK by far has only presented all the negative issues, wanting urgent answers but where is his solution? All he has to do is poke a bit…and the rest of you jump..?? I’m not an MAS staff….but I would want to be one. Seriously….so please if you angry lot can tender your resignation….maybe I have better chances to apply.

    1. FEDUP

      You must be AJ’s clone – equally clueless. In Townhalls, in departmental engagements, even sessions the joint unions and associations have provided AJ so many thoughts, ideas and solutions to AJ and his team. How patient do you expect staff to be? First he behaves like TF’s slave, parotting whatever the AA guys dictate, he hires a legion of consultants, and all he got to show for it was the worst ever losses in history. Then the Share Swap was cancelled, a good two months ago. In theory, AJ is now “free” to determine the Plan, the direction, the Team etc. Exactly two days after the cancellation of the Share Swap, both the management team and the joint unions presented their thoughts on the way forward, including many valid and workable solutions. What has happened since? Not much. A stale business plan was rolled out, no structure to drive the Plan, and where exactly has AJ been for the past week? Right, back in London for the third time in as many weeks. The ship is sinking, the backyard is in a mess, there is a lot of politicking and horse-trading going on to lobby for positions, hopefully, in the NEW structure (this happens a lot when selection to key positions are based on who you know and who likes you, all done in the absence of a Talent management process), morale is no higher than 10 months ago, trust levels barely above zero, and AJ is out of town for at least 12 days in the last 3 weeks. So much for a sense of urgency!
      So, with such a dismal report card, who EXACTLY should be resigning?

  27. The Clueless

    AJ will not be able to answer because no one is going to hold his hand. The Strategic Comm is headed by another clueless Nor Zalida Ahmad. Just as incompetent as the biscuit lady. So is Azhari. The deadwood that are drawing fat salaries for warming their posts.

  28. anwar


    observer only MAS staff what is going on in their company so dont comment something stupid.
    MAS staff want to get rid of corrupt and idiots from MAS that is causing losses and will continue to do so so you dont make idiotic comments on things you dont know

  29. anwar


    i mean only MAS staff know about their company so you better keep quiet and this is for observer to understand

  30. hong MAS

    Now I am not so sure about AJ. He does not know how to provide the answer tot he above questions or he is clueless after all. AJ has been traveling KL/London/KL weekly. He is treating MAS as his laundry service.

    Definitely not every trip to London was for business. Is this how AJ cutting cost for MAS? On top of the RM200k salary, AJ is traveling to London very often for free. No wonder MAS is in such shit. AJ please pack up your bag and disappear and we will have a kenduri for you. AJ can then say that he is better unlike Nanny Danny who had to disappear in disgrace!

  31. outsiders

    may be observer is the agent of the CEO, Board and Khazanah. They also want to defend themselves but these highly paid people only dare to use agent. They have no guts to reply to all the questions raised in this forum. What a shameful lots.

  32. MAS Boy

    YB don’t bother to wait for AJ’s reply. Just upload your next posting and let AJ run for cover. He will not be able to tell us how much because if may be too much like the Bina tak Fikir con-sultant fees.

    Aj is the worst CEO MAS ever had.

  33. hiding at home

    These top people in MAS and Khazanah dare not respond and they are hiding at home. That is why they are clueless.

  34. Sate ayam

    Haih AJ lah AJ… bila hang nak berubah ni weh… bkn susah sgt pun, jwb soalan2, mintak maaf pastu buat keja betoi2… tp hang jgn loq laq dh la pasni…
    hmmphh lantak pi la kat hang…

  35. Antigajibuta

    Can anyone find out whenever AJ & the gang go to London, where do they stay? do they stay at the same hotel with MAS crew? or they get better hotel?

  36. Also a concerned Malaysian

    AJ> 2012 Award for possibly one of the worst MD/CEO to helm MAS since its humble beginnings. This MD seems not able to control his team. He portrays himself as incapable to handle this huge task. Malakoff was perhaps a stroll in the park compared to this GLC! Where did the top guns find such a guy with questionable, mediocre capabilities and experience? Tulah satu sbab MAS is a “sick patient” forever and ever untill 2014 and we !might get another management that says the same so the story continues, the cycle continues..

    AJ> your troops are not behind your back. You address the wrong issues and worse still beat around the Jungles of Amazonia with your sub-par answers. You are quick to deny and do a “lock-down” stunt with staff whereas the underlying issue remains scot-free.

    With this kind of captain surely MAS will karam! For the sake of 20K staff I hope not, but the signs are there. Sad thing kan? Hopefully we make it till 2014 for obvious reasons, AJ?@?

    *****ALSO want to comment on the article in Star on Saturday July 7, 2012

    “MAS should get some peace and quiet” by ERROL OH

    Errol Oh – You sure talk like a person who is on cloud 11. Come down to earth for once as you start to sound like AJ. Have you no head that there is no peace and quiet, as for once the MAS employees are speaking up on what is so wrong about the company and the way it is run?! They are fed-up with management upon management coming in to tell the story of this “sick patient” and with no concrete solution and output in the end; transparency is nothing but a myth here.
    Everytime a management comes in they plead to give them a chance but look at where we’re at? Give them time you say, sampai bila bang??? Until the ship explodes then we do something about it? Wow!
    Do we shoot the staff and say the problem is with the staff? Yes and no. Sit back and think – if the business plan is flawed do we blame staff for not buying into it, not getting buy-in from staff and not handling staff the right way < all this leads to mayhem! If say 50% of staff think it's flawed, there must be some truth to it. Management brushes it off like they're the kings – the Rambo-do-it-my-way-or-hit-the-highway type.
    So Mr Oh, I suggest you ponder long and hard before recklessly writing. PLUS, you are not even in MAS so it is easy for you to ask us to Dream but for the guys who eat, sleep and breathe the real MAS world everyday for umpteen years, it is a horrible NIGHTMARE!!!!! Peace and quiet you say….. ~sigh

  37. Balaciworksinthehangar

    YB is protecting our national interest from the perosak negara. We sing the same song as him. What’s wrong with that? You are one of the mangkuks who believe in AJ and cronies. AJ and cronies should leave -they are INCAPABLE of protecting national interest. You know who-promoted to jobs above their competence to perform. A good boss is differentiated from a bad boss by the way the boss makes the employees feel. We assess the boss based on his contribution or lack thereof to his ability to get his jobs done successfully. He did not walk the talk of putting MAS first but actually making more monies for his pocket and his cronies. Taubatlah…

  38. Sham

    Dear YB,

    I just found out that all personal load for MBSB has been freeze. This is due to after Hari Raya, MAS will do the VSS. I don’t know whether it is true or not. Just curios. Really need your kind help to verify this story. Sorry if this comment is out of topic. Thank you.


  39. Tan Chak Pin

    MAS is like a prostitute…everyone comes in and screw the daylight out of the airline…and nobody can do shit about it…Maybe it is the way the current Govt repay the favors to those who help them…Even the PM is keeping ‘mum’ about the situation…So…I think all of them are involved…from Top to Bottom..

  40. junior staff

    yes mr tan i agree mas is a prostitute. every body is screwing it in daylight. the politicians, the board members, mas top managment and the middle management. we the low staff suffers for all their screwing. we dont get anything and we get kicked out.

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