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Tony spins, Tony takes it up

Model of the state of the art KLIA2

“When KLIA2 was first proposed, Malaysia Airports (MAHB) said it would cost RM2 billion, a figure that was later revised to RM2.6 billion. Then came news that the terminal would cost RM4 billion, double the original estimate. Now there’s talk that the bill could go as high as RM5 billion. That makes no sense — the low-cost terminal will now cost much more than KLIA. Yes, I asked for a new terminal but one that has simple facilities. Did it have to cost 20 times our present LCCT?”

The above was taken from the posting of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (Tony) of AirAsia entitled “What’s with the new terminal?” For the full posting please read HERE.

Did Tony tell us the whole truth or try to spin again? Of course, spinning is talking to Tony and his latest posting is no exception.  Yours truly will deal with it below. Just like what Tony did during the Lotus dispute in the High Court proceedings in London. If Tony was `daring to spin about a court proceeding, where the High Court in London adjourned it and he saw it fit to tweet to give the impression that he has won the Lotus dispute case, his latest posting on the KLIA2 should not be a surprise to us all .

The said tweet of Tony was as follows:

Very very happy over the judgment today. And extremely happy that full trial brought forward to 21 March. The good do always eventually win.

Please read the full posting in HERE.

Tony has been quoted to have said the above when he demanded for new facilities to be included into the plan for KLIA2.

In the latest posting of Tony about the escalated cost of KLIA2, of course, we were not told why the cost of the KLIA2 has escalated from its original cost of RM2 billion to more than RM4 billion and the delay in its completion.  on 4-12-2011 MAHB has clarified that the cost of KLIA2 has escalated because AA wanted a 45-million passenger per annum (ppa) capacity terminal, a fully automated baggage handling system, a four kilometre runway and provisions for the operation of the largest passenger plane,  the A380. MAHB had also said that there are minutes of meetings and correspondence to backup what AA has demanded.  Please the full NST report in HERE.

Please also read about the issue of aerobridge in KLIA2, in HERE , HERE & HERE.

To know Tony better, please the following postings:

TF didn’t tell the whole truth about AirAsia X and RAS

Was Tony trying to spin again?

Tony the truth hurts

Another poor attempt in spinning

Since 2004 there were complaints of “Misleading Pricing” in AirAsia’s website!

The latest posting entitled “What’s with the new terminal?” by Tony was his latest spin that was co-incidentally picked up by YB Tony Pua and his respond is posted below.  It was reported that YB Tony Pua was the youngest CEO and that in 2007 he had made a big sacrifice to give up the CEO post and divest his share in a flourishing Singapore public listed company known as Cyber Village Holdings Ltd to be the Economic Adviser to the Secretary General of the DAP, YB Lim Guan Eng. For the background of Cyber Village Holdings Ltd, please read HERE and HERE.

It was strange that soon after YB Tony Pua resigned as CEO, Cyber Village Holdings Ltd was changed to Koyo International Ltd.

YB Tony Pua, the former CEO of a flourishing public listed company, Cyber Village Holdings Ltd in Singapore.

YB Tony Pua read with shocked what Tan Sri Tony Fernandes has spun and lambasted the PM over KLIA2, in HERE

Co-incidentally AirAsia is one of the featured clients of Cyber Village Sdn Bhd which is part of Cyber Village Group of Companies, in HERE.

Please also read Low Class Operator , KLIA2: Tony lambasts Najib over Tony’s claim & Apa itu LCC? (Low Caste Carrier)

39 thoughts on “Tony spins, Tony takes it up

  1. Tony Tony Tony!!!! How the nation had been fooled. I am amazed. When you said the airport to handle so many millions passengers ,of course the the designers have to design the airport to meet the requirement and they have to comply to certain standards. They cannot design just a simple bus stop. When everybody in power failed to appreciate what it takes to build an airport but just go with the flow purely because of political reasons, we now have a potential white elephant!!!. We already have KLIA airport built with extraordinary facilities and finishes. It costs billions. Why do we build another airport nearby just for Tony the fooler!! If the issue is not wanting to use the bridge ( which I dont understand the stupid logic or music) it is cheaper to just dismantle the bridge at KLIA if you authority really love to satisfy Tony the music fooler . This is the main reason the public not happy about all these Tony-AA- Share swap-MAS deal. People on the street can read the stupid logic and yet the deal went through!! I can only say one thing about all these KLIA2 project. There must be some thing wrong and the consideration is not economic ,social but POLITIC. Only one business man can kurang ajar with authorities in MAlaysia ie Tony F. There is no business man in Malaysia can behave like Tony. The others like YTL, Genting, Syed Mokhtar etc never dare to do like Tony. There must be some thing wrong. Can someone help to explain????

    1. TF can “kurang ajar” becos…
      a. He is now a Tan Sri…. better that a Datuk, perhaps ?
      b. He has Godfathers behind him? … hmmm…
      c. He has Godmothers behind him? ….

  2. The 4th Floor boys are very much involved and backed up by Slumberjack.

    LCCT like a warehouse style cost over RM100 million to be built. A few years later it was renovated and cost another RM100 million. Tony should call the government to investigate why the LCCT cost so much. By the way it was built by Fajabaru, a developer from Rembau. This is the clue for you all.

    1. Hmmm,… and MAS is paying Slumberjack to be an Advisor to MAS? What good advice has this old sleepyhead ever dished out? “how to fall asleep while your competition rapes the shit out of you?”
      MAS should “fire” this so called GAJI BUTA SLEEPING advisor instead! this carTUN AAB is probably one of the major external causes of the mess that MAS is in – by giving almost everything on a silver platter to AirAsia….

  3. During MAHB’s briefing to analysts (29 November 2011) the following requests were apparently made by AirAsia AFTER the initial RM2 billion budget:

    1 – Terminal to handle more than the initial 30 million passengers
    2 – 68 gates as opposed to the 55 gates initially
    3 – Substantially enhanced comfort level for passengers
    4 – Fully automated Baggage Handling System when they had initially wanted a manual baggage system
    5 – A 4km runway instead of a 2.2km one (they don’t need a long runway cause they only operate A320s and no B747s)
    6 – Provisions for A380 aircraft (are they buying 200 A380s ??)
    7 – Tune hotel
    8 – Airside transit hotel
    9 – Premium lounges (isn’t this a full service carrier hallmark)
    10 – AirAsia head office with apron access
    11 – AirAsia staff multi level parking
    12 – Hub for public transport ERL, taxis, bus and future KTM

    If these requests are true (and MAHB is confident that they are) can anyone tell me how klia2 was supposed to be a terminal with ‘simple facilities’?? Sounds to me that Tony WANTED a good, nay GREAT terminal from the very beginning.. Knowing full well that any additional demands will incur additional cost, Tony goes around saying MAHB can’t keep to the RM2 billion budget..

    1. Wtf, why the authority and the public were so gullible. Good thing Mas staff exposed and kicked out Toni cuni. Next to go botak n A jahil.

  4. NOW KLIA becomes white elephant after so much money spent . Normally before government spent billions of Ringgit on any project there must be feasibility study carry out . Out of the blue when Tony asked for KLIA2 , MAB go ahead with the project using the success of the LCCT at Sepang as the justification.But the traffic at LCCT is not due to new growth. It is the MAS passengers who transfer from KLIA to LCCT. If you all believe that there is a growth , you must been fooled by the power point presentation by some highly paid CON sultants in Khazanah. It is very obvious that KLIA 1 are now operating below capacity. Why not AA just use the KLIA instead of building KLIA2 which Tony now threaten not to use them. Just use the staircase. The BRIDGE is a non issue in the first place. We see a lot of argument regarding the bridge and we thought you are like small kids quarreling !!.

  5. The less transparent (read opaque) the better… More rakyat’s money can be stolen through the project.

  6. Runway is designated by using the first two numbers of compass bearing of its allignment. Thus a runway direction of 324 degrees (NNW) is called runway 32.. From the oppsite end – in the SSW direction, will be called runway 14. The lay out of the third runway is to the west of KLIA2 parallel to the existing two runways (32L / 14R & 32R / 14L). Most likely the new runway will be designated as 32L / 14R while the current runway will be redesignated as 32C / 14C and 32R / 14L remain as it is. Looking from the air, both ends of the new western most runway is at the same position as the middle runway, with the new LCCT terminal on the norhern half of both runways. It means, depending on the direction they are used, aircraft will either have long taxying time for take of or after landing.

    Rightfully, they shoud be offset, like the two current runways, such that they have short taxying time for both take off and landing. For example, the present runway, normally 32R is for takeoff and 32L for landing. Beginning of takeoff end runway 32R is nearer to terminal, thus saving taxy time and fuel. Landing or touchdown point of runway 32L is far from terminal, so that the end of landing run and exit is near to terminal.

    The new LCCT terminal (KLIA2) is very far from the eastern runway. Most likely, aircraft using KLIA2 will be using the western most and middle runways. When the active runways are in NNW direction, aircraft will have long taxy time, where as if SSW directions are in used, aircraft will have long taxying after landing.

    Apart from reducing taxying time and avoiding aircraft having to cross the middle runway, the additional runway will not likely increase the traffic capacity very much. The capacity (number of take offs and landings per hour) also depends on the airspace around the airport. Consideration has to be taken on the dirctions of aircraft after takeoff and the missed approach path of landing aircraft. The whole airspace management around KLIA and Subang will have to restudied and redesigned.

  7. Spinning is TF’s way of surviving. So we have to be careful with what he say. Just ignore him. Let him go to Jakarta and see what is he going to get there. If the AA refused to move to KLIA2, just close down LCCT. The government cannot be dancing to his tune all the time. With the Slumberjack in power then he can.

  8. Dear YB Wee

    Pls investigate the rumour going around MAS that the engineering MRO division is to be sold to Sepang Aircraft engineering (SAE). Heard that Azahari has been trying to stir staff support for this idea. If this happens then the pariah can send all his aircraft for maintenance & technically will not be under MAS MRO as he had claimed recently.
    Also, suspect that the powers that be are also stalling AIROD’s bid to become a civil MRO by delaying the regulatory processes needed for them to perform maintenance for 3rd party
    If SAE (which is now owned by AIRBUS) does take over MAS MRO, then it will be Malaysia’s loss.
    What MAS & MAHB have been building all these years are slowly being destroyed by the greedy, selfish pariah.

  9. Terminal mess

    Very interesting comments. No wonder the botak is still holding on when his friend Rozman has thrown in the towel. May be he never and it so good in MAS or he is still having unfinished jobs to do in MRO for the Pariah.

    We must watch up this botak. Make sure that he is unable to move to screw MAS. We must ensure that his every move is exposed before he can do anything.

    Thank you for highlighting for us to know. Hopefully AJ will wake up and take the necessary actions to look after the interest of MAS and not that Pariah.

  10. Dear Terminal Mess and MAS Boy,

    Let us work as a team to expose botak head Azhari who are trying to screw up MAS Engineering, with the assistance of his YES MAN Aminuddin Zakaria (hand picked by TF from GE Engine).

    The rumour of SAE taking over/buying over MAS Engineering is just a diversion created by b(otak) kosong Azhari.

    TF wont send his A320/A330 to MAS , that’s what TF had openly said.Where will he send his aircraft ?

    The theory is that , MAS currently had an Indian MRO JV with GMR in Hydrabad, a 50-50 JV in which MAS had invested few million US dollar.

    Azhari is trying to kill this JV by openly saying to us that MAS engineering don’t want to get involve in it any more.

    In fact, the two Malaysian COO and CFO in GMR , their contract not renewed/terminated since April this year 2012 by MAS.(The CEO is an Indian national)

    Since MAS Engineering don’t want to participate anymore , the only solution is to sell this MAS 50 % share in GMR, and its up to MAS to decide how much it will cost , satu ringgit ?? and guess who will buy it ???

    Yes, the airlines who’s A320 is due for HMV (Heavy Maintenance) lah of course.

    Also , Words going around that Azhari had sign LOI between MAS Engineering and LHT for LHT to take over/JVs MAS component , electrical ,propeller and landing gear work shop. This is also done for some reason in which it will be expose too…..(the clue , there is a link to TF Chatham Jets set up in Subang Airport ).

    As if MAS Engineering shop staff are so stupid don’t even know how to run a workshop , it had been running just fine for the last 20 years !!
    Do we need a white man to teach us what to do ??

    The longer this botak head is around the more damage done to this beloved national airlines.

    He should be kick to Jakarta…………

  11. that Botak is the major left over from the Pariah. Had to expose him on what he is trying to do. Now that the Pariah had said that he will not send the plane to MAS for service then we must make sure that the Botak is not doing anything to assist. We must thank the Pariah for not sending plane for service because AA is not paying the market rate.

    That Botak must not be spared at all.

    1. Good posting MHMsia especially the flightglobal link. Thank you.

      AJ said “I hate running an airline with too many aircraft types”..
      Hello AJ, in the first place, you are not qualified to run an airline. Your expertise is power generations. So dont give such a stupid statement. Look around at other premium airlines like SIA, BA, EMIRATES, ETIHAD, CATHAY etc.. They have the combination of types. I am sure your own genuine (not imported ones) technical staff (engineers and pilots) can teach you how to run an airline technically of its pros and cons of having combination of fleets.

      UNLESS and PERHAPS you are taking advice from the the Low Cost airline and the CONsultants mat sallehs around you. As MHMsia said, it will not be hard to know who the “broker” is.


  12. Wee.what ever Tony said,he deliver.Now AAsia was recognise as the biggerst budget airline in the world including beating Ryand Air ans SIA.MAHB should take heed of what Tony Said.AAsia carried almost 32 m passangers last year.MAHb will make a lot of money from airport tax.

    As for you WEE,I am not sure you will be a MP again come GE 13

    1. Hamid – Had read the Star newspaper AA advert today too ~ AirAsia full page ad sounded FULL of themselves again…. (which doesn’t come as a surprise now that TF is on the board of Star) He may probably got a directors’ discount on that FULL page advert too…
      Yes – AirAsia carried 32 mil passengers last year – makes one wonder how much and how long, the MAHB airport taxes that AirAsia had kept from MAHB? Imagine how much interest can be generated by airport tax debt for the traveled and untraveled that DO NOT belong to AirAsia….

      1. Dear ex AirAsia crew,
        ya, my friend works with MAHB and confirmed AK still owing the taxes! Don’t bother about Hamid. He’s one of TF best buddy aka tali barut. (or Hamid is actually TF who stalking this page maaaa) Hahahaha. That’s why last week in Star paper; TF had 3 pages story on LCCT that so worry about safety for his staffs. If he a so-called a good employer, why don’t AK provide staff shuttle like MH did for their staffs? walaweh!! everything want to transfer cost to others meh? Kanina to the cunning man!

  13. “Should ever MH decide to solely operate with Airbus, it’ll not be hard to wonder who will bank in great commission”

    As long as money does not go to the US of A, I’m happy.

  14. The pariah is very good in spinning. His spin will not only be picked up by Tony Pua but more importantly, the Star. His tweet will also be of news worthy to the Star. With Mr Ho Kay Tat in the Star, I am sure if the pariah farted it will also be news.

  15. Since TF has said he is not going to move to KLIA2, why was he so worried about it. He should start to be worried about what are going to happen in Jakarta his new playing field. He should start to worry whether the government will allow AA to owe airport taxes for years and then get a discount when making payment.

    1. Kana,

      on the airport tax, I heard that the airport taxes were actually the ones AA collected on MAB’s behalf through their ticket sales, but held on to it and subsequently ‘obtained’ a discount to pass on to MAB less than what they had collected.

      So in actual, if what I heard was true, the ‘discount’ meant AA obtained ‘less’ free money from MAB and not that they had paid less tax.

      Anyone ever heard the same thing?

      1. atuk, when you buy an airline ticket – YOU pay upfront your airport tax tthrough the airline ticket purchase. What has happened is AA collected on behalf of MAHB but did not hand over the collection promptly… instead they stubbornly KEPT it knowingly that MAHB would have to “beg the money from them. Now it makes you wonder out aloud on HOW AA can hold on to money that belongs to MAHB without being penalised…. unless they are “protected” by various vested parties and entities.
        This just goes to show how arrogant and big AirAsia has grown….

      2. Airport taxes are collected on behalf of MAB, this is people’s money that is eventually to be used by MAB for its core business ie the development and running of airports in the country. Airports being the gateways to Malaysia, it is crucial that they not only present a positive image of Malaysia, but very important is that they must be maintained for safety reasons too. So back to AA, in essence they are not only cheating MAB, they are also indirectly cheating all those who have paid those airport taxes up front, the rakyat and passengers. After years and political arm-twisting, AA paid up, but got a huge discount! But dont blame AA totally, this nonpayment of dues and debts is normal business practice for them. We should question MAB for allowing AA to continue using the airport facilites for years when the amount due was still not paid, and then giving AA a discount when they finally decided to pay! MAB must be held accountabe – that is rakyat and passengers money you are giving away to AA!!

  16. Utusan published a report today saying that Danny will be joining RHB Investment Bank as their new CEO. RHB is owned by KWSP. What is wrong with this country. We continue to give opportunity for a reject to be the big boss of GLC. Does those that make decision has lost their capability to think? Now my Pension money will be gone – unfortunately I have to wait 13 more years before I can take it out.

    1. wakakakakakakaaaaa!!! RHB? Rasdan’s Happening Bank…. go ahead. put your money in this bank and let him use it to pay for his maid’s upgrades, in the future !!
      Goes to show ~ its not what you know but WHO you know, to make it big in M’sia’s corporate world….

  17. hahahahhahaa hoohoohooooo !!!
    NOW that he has managed to carry the Olympic Flame ~ he is gonna be even more BIG HEADED !! He’d probably tell his benfactors/patrons/protectors – detractors/haters/enemies (and MAS) to go to hell….

  18. Wee:

    When we start to plan on building a house, we throw in everything that we want, even those things that we don’t need. Then we start throwing out those things based on our own budget. I’d like to have a lift in my house, but that’s a luxury, not a necessity. Tony F could have wanted 4 km long runways, but he won’t scream if we provide the basic 2.2 km runways. He’s not buying A380s because lowcost carriers have relatively short distances to cover, and generally use narrow body planes. Tony F went against the need for aerobridges, but MAHB still went ahead with this.

    You ought to be careful with the truth. And don’t whip up the frenzy that you have here with Tony F being called all sorts of names like pariah, etc. He doesn’t deserve it.

  19. Dear WhatIsWrongWithThisCountry,
    Malaysia boleh ma. Please say YES to retain full withdrawal at 55yrs old as there is a suggestion to raise the EPF withdrawal age when the bill of retirement age from 55 to 60 is approved. (some people perceive KWSP is one of the biggest scam ever in our country!!)

    Dear YB,
    Do you mind checking and asking/obtain a full list of investment report from KWSP on what business and list of companies that they have been invested and lend the monies. As a muslim, I need to know what kind of business the monies went to. They should also disclose the report in the newspaper so that all the member aware about it. We shall not tolerate in any misconduct and favoritism especially when dealing with people money!! Many thanks YB.

  20. Heard a lot of MAS full paying passengers are angry due to not allowed/off loaded from boarding MAS new A380 flight to/frm London due flight are full .

    The reason they are full is , it is full of ex Air Asia X passengers , they wanted to take this flight under the Re-accommodation Agreement that MAS to uplift the 35,000 AAX passengers .

    Could any one shed some light if this is true .

    Waaaaa ……if this is true , sudah lah bayar murah , demand nak naik MAS new A380 pulak….soda lebih nie…..

    1. Not only flights to London, flights to Paris also same. Full fare paying commercial passengers are offloaded due to “overbooking”, and guess what, part of the overbooking is due to uplift AAX pax under the RA! Don’t believe? Check the final manifest to Paris on 29th and 30th June. Share Swap already cancelled, MAS still being taken for a long ride. Next scam must be brewing in Engineering. Everybody, keep your eyes peeled, and your ears open.

  21. I am giving up. How I am going to tell my son. Son, you don’t need to study hard. Just get to know and make sure you rich friend happy – get to know their family. Make sure your cable is good. Then despite your terrible your management skill, no operation experience and massive screw up in the past, use your cable to get you a new job. This is what happen to Danny. No wonder this country is getting worst and worst everyday – those with connection get all the cream despite they are not deserving it. Macam bapak dia orang yang punya – boleh pass and pass among themselves.

  22. The new tag line for RHB – you are our no 1 Customer – we even upgrade your nanny for free!

  23. Rashdan to lead RHB? If you cannot differentiate between failure and success that is the beginning of failure. God bless RHB!!

    1. When he was CEO of Maybank IB, it was reported that staff turnover reached 40%! Soon, the exodus will begin in RHB. Unless, of course, the staff at RHB learn a thing or two from MAS staff, and how to evict him! My beloved Malaysia is definitely going to the dogs, rejects like Danny keep getting recycled from one GLC to another, like musical chairs. Only problem is when the music stops, he isn’t getting off.

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