AJ plugs the wrong “LEAKS”!

After some 10 months in MAS En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), as MAS Group CEO, should have been able to identify some of the major leakages that needed to be plugged as part of his many BIG turnaround plans. But it would appear that AJ is more interested in plugging the wrong LEAKS!

The blocking of information flow in MAS started on 22-4-2012 with the blocking of internet access for MAS staff, in HERE. Thereafter, the access to yours truly blog was also barred in MAS. Now AJ and the incompetent executives are on a witch hunting exercise again. The truth always hurt!

What a fantastic livery on the A380! It would be a great idea if AJ can tell us how much was the designing fees?

The purpose of publishing the manifest of the A380 ferry flight was to expose the LEAKAGE caused by paying for the cost of transporting and ferrying the undeserving characters in MAS from KL to London, Paris and KL, in HERE. Had it been the manifest of the legitimate paying passengers, it would not have been exposed. Yours truly is certain that MAS staffs are not concerned with the invited guests, who have given good comments and complements of the A380. We all support the launching of the A380.

Can someone provide a list of names of the undeserving passengers from MAS that were on the recent A380 “joy ride”? 

It will be more constructive and responsible for AJ to deal with the LEAKAGES as follows:

  1. the procurement contracts costing RM794.73 million and the lope sided 25 years catering contract with LSG Skychef Brahim’s Sdn Bhd that cost MAS RM6.25 billion, in HERE;
  2. cost of the designing the new livery on the A380;
  3. paying the RM10 over million to sponsor QPR football team, which is owned by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, in HERE;
  4. the cost of renovation for the on-off moving of administrative office from Subang to KLIA, in HERE;
  5. the recent renovation cost of the Business Class and First Class check-in area in KLIA;
  6. the appointment of Mr Shane Nollan, other Mat Salleh and PlaneConsult that cost MAS more than RM3 million, in HERE;
  7. the total yearly salaries and benefits paid to Mr Martin Barrow, as the Security Adviser to the Group CEO;
  8. the actual cost to MAS to uplift the 35,000 AAX passengers under the Re-accommodation Agreement where MAS had to provide food, beverages and extra baggage allowances, in HERE;
  9. the cost of respraying the Firefly jets after the ill thought out decision to terminate the Firefly jet services to KK, Kuching and other countries, in HERE;
  10. the cost amounting to more than RM60 million for the termination of the lease of aircraft to Al Wafere Air, in HERE;
  11. the fines amounting to million of Ringgit paid by MAS for breaching the anti-trust laws in other countries, in HERE;
  12. the yearly payment of salaries and benefits to two executive directors of MAS totaling RM3.756 million, in HERE;
  13. the cost of taking delivery of A380, thereafter MAS had to send it back for re-configurations of seats and back again to KL;
  14. the cost of re-configuration of seats;
  15. the cot of closing down the offices in foreign country and others.

Below is the latest e-mail from AJ that was sent out during working hours (unlike the one that was sent out at 12:26 am on 28-3-2012 which was an irresponsible act of performing damage control on the Re-accommodation Agreement with AAX, in HERE).

Yours truly believes that from now on, MAS staffs will be extremely SCARED of the “headmaster” in MAS.  A friendly advice to AJ, fear not, just do the right things by looking after the real interests of MAS and there will be no more posting in yours truly’s blog as the big majority of MAS staffs are responsible Malaysians, who have MAS interest at heart at all times. We all want to see MAS flying to a majestic height with proper turn around plan and not “melepaskan batok ditangga”.  In the premises, it is hoped that AJ and those in the Strategic Com and Human Capital would be able to assist him to answer all the above 11 questions.

AJ should look into beefing up the Firefly and also reducing the fares charged by MAS so that MAS will be competitive. MAS should also look into starting a low cost airline like SIA. Please read in HERE & HERE.

From: YOUR VOICE ONLINE <UVOICE@malaysiaairlines.com>
Date: 4 July 2012 11:50:06 GMT+08:00
Subject:Circular from GCEO: Breach of Confidentiality 

For Bahasa Malaysia version please scroll down / Untuk Versi Bahasa Malaysia sila skrol ke bawah



To        : All Staff System-wide

Date     : 4 July, 2012

Ref       : GCEO CIR 024/12


We have received our first A380 aircraft and successfully mounted revenue flights from Kuala Lumpur and London on 1 July and 2 July respectively. These flights were full and the journey smooth – for which we have received many good comments and compliments from travelling passengers. For me personally, it is an honour to be part of the Malaysia Airlines team along with you. We should all rejoice in our achievement as the A380 programme has been long in the making and is a major part of our recovery and brand rebuilding efforts today.

Despite the happy occasion surrounding the A380, there continues to be attempts by irresponsible parties to undermine our recovery and brand rebuilding initiatives. The most recent is the posting of the Reservations Passenger List of all 80 names of staff and guests who were booked to fly on the Ferry Flight MH5439/Toulouse to Kuala Lumpur for the A380 on a blog which shall be un-named.

Distribution of such Company information with intent to maliciously malign certain personalities is an irritation that frustrates our collective efforts to get our Company and airline back to profitability. The information is confidential, and the unauthorized disclosure of the Reservations list is a contravention of Malaysia Airlines Code of Conduct. It is a breach of confidentiality as per our Terms and Conditions of Employment. We are investigating, and will take strong disciplinary action, which includes dismissal, against those found contravening Company confidentiality policy.

These actions by internal parties only serve to damage and tarnish our reputation as a premier airline. It makes the critical work that we need to do all the more difficult as it diminishes our credibility in the eyes of customers, shareholders, financiers, partners and other stakeholders.

Colleagues, please be reminded that we all carry the Malaysia Airlines brand name. As such we need to be responsible when handling Company information, be it information contained in the Company’s systems, database, emails and servers. Any breach of confidentiality has serious repercussions on the Company and its officers.

Everyone must understand that our ongoing recovery efforts and brand-building are paramount to the survival of our airline and ultimately our own jobs. Sharing internal documents in the public domain which results in the posting of comments, views and discussions only makes our recovery efforts so much harder. The survival of our airline must be our complete focus for a swift recovery that will put us back on the path of sustainable profits. These distractions and irresponsible acts only serve to stab ourselves in the back and detract us from our primary focus.

I sincerely hope that we all as employees of Malaysia Airlines act responsibly and with honour for the future of our jobs, our Company and our airline.

Thank you.

Ahmad Jauhari Yahya

84 thoughts on “AJ plugs the wrong “LEAKS”!

  1. MAS admirer

    To all fellow loyal employee and Malaysians who have faith and love for Malaysia Airlines
    I just want to wish you there is always a silver lining at the end of dark clouds.
    Let’s keep on praying and keep our faith, be scared of Allah not anyone else even your superior as they are just another employee like you.

  2. GE Man

    Wooooooooo we are so scred to death with this latest memo from AJ …..

    Listen AJ , we are willing to put our neck on the chopping block to expose you and your cronies wrong doing .

    We will not let MAS bleeds and sink .

    AJ , Azhari and Amin better watch your back , we are watching all your moves…..

    MAS is swallowing a poison pills if you award tender and contract directly without going thru the proper tender process .

    It will be expose , you can run but you cannot hide , you may not end up in TF office in Jakarta but may end up in Sungai Buluh jail instead.

    1. ZZ Fan Club Supporter

      GE Man

      Talk about Amin (one of TF parachutist), I saw his name was also included in YB’s list. See # 63 laa..

      His presence on board must have been justified for the purpose of monitoring the A380 engines performance…. for MAS or his past master???.

      ….but is the MAS A380 GE-powered????

      Another one of the “horay-horey” makan angin cheapskate?????

  3. Firefly staff

    AJ you are either stupid or lost your faculty due to all your stupid mistakes. MAS staffs are not stupid a you and the fat soul in HC thought. We know what to do. We have unifi and other broadband services at our disposal at home and outside MAS.

    AJ please try harder and you will never find your victims. We will play hide and seek with you. we will carry on to expose you and the other cronies of the Pariah that are left in MAS.

    AJ you are showing your shortcomings by the day.

  4. Hanafiah of MAS

    The otak kosong AJ thought that he can win the hearts and minds of MAS staffs with his stupid e-mails especially this one. No way AJ. You have done so much damage by not standing up for MAS and MAS staffs when you were supposed to do so.

    With your sweet words in the e-mails will not get you any where. We are sick and fed up with you. You better follow Rashdan’s foot step by resignation. That will be the best bet for you because you have lost our respect for you. We have ZERO respect for you.

  5. Tiunama

    AJ, you just have outdone Nanny danny.
    You have just taken stupidity to a new height and now we are really pissed. We have succeeded in kicking out toni cuni and you will be next in line.

  6. Anonymous

    As a neutral observer, I am wondering why AJ and his top management team, are not stopping for a while to analyse WHY his people are resorting to venting their views and frustrations through the blogs. In the many postings, if you take away the emotional and not-so-polite ones, there are many valid messages that AJ should take heed from, if he is sincere in wanting to get his staff’s trust and support to turn MAS around. Instead, resorting to threats and running down the staff who choose to express their views in the blogs is akin to slaughtering the messengers while ignoring the messages. At the same time, does he not think that if things were done in a transparent manner and if he and his senior team walked the talk and lead by example, there will be little for staff to get upset about. The fact that so many were brought to London and Toulouse and back clearly does NOT display walking the talk when MAS is in such bad shape, and worse, is relying on public funds to continue its business. Issuing threats to his staff will only aggravate the situation. Again, AJ has displayed poor judgement in handling this; bringing the big group was already bad judgment and timing, issuing threats to staff after that is even worse.

  7. Pak Belalang

    Dear YB,

    Today, MAS Regional Sales Vice-President ASEAN, Mr Muzammil (he is #42 in the list) announced Kathmandu as another destination.

    Muzammil was probably on the ferry flight becoz the A380 would probably ply the route soon. Another justified spending by MAS, maa!!!!.

    So please dont maligned these hard-working senior management for they are all hard-working and highly productive material!!!

    I know some guys were suggesting that he always put himself and his spouse for free rides but please dont say that unless you got prove laa!!!

    Keep up the goood work AJ. MAS need such goooood people!!!! Cerah masa-depan……

    1. save AirAsia

      If they’re hardworking, they should’ve brought back routes to South America, South Africa, Dubai, Rome, Haneda, Surabaya, Bandung and restarted back Firefly.

      1. Katie

        Yes to Bandung and Surabaya. The plan to focus on Asia Pacific specifically ASEAN is a good step.

        No to Dubai, South Africa, South America and Rome. MAS was losing lots of money on these routes. Incidentally, one may discover news that our rival down South is going to suspend a long haul route that they have been flying for more than a decade. Said country is in Europe.

      2. Lady Gaga

        Dear save Air Asia

        Why you sibuk2 here laaa. Today in StarMetro your people clamours about safety of airasia female cabin crew at LCCT carpark after midnite and early morning…

        I thing its better you sibuk-sibuk AA cyber-troopers focus on that subject laaa aftecting your female staff safety laa.

        My tip for you, please tell them to look carefully into the Employment Act where it is stipulated that female staff working past midnite MUST be provided with transport by the employer. MANDATORY MAAA!!!

        So ambik sepuluh sen and “main jauh jauh” laa… Jaga tepi kain sendiri lah… jangan nak menangguk di air keroh… ngong!!!!

        I am sure NUFAM can advice you guys laaa….

    2. Ahmed T

      Pak Belalang = AJ himself kot…… Sounds just as desperate as the email AJ sent. Apa macam ni? …..Macam budak kecil je whawhawha

      1. Ahmed T

        Anonymous anonymous. Asyik asyik anonymous. How to take you seriously? BTW who is this person you are talking about? Haha.

      2. Lady Gaga

        Apalah magkuk kamu ni Ahmad T!!!.

        Memang kamu ni budak kecik agaknya, bawah umur kot. Tak paham-paham ke yang kawan tu perli saja ….. ngok!!!

        Kalau tak paham, ambik seposen main jauh-jauh… Menyakitkan hati orang tua nak blogging jee……

      3. Ahmed T

        Alamak Lady Gaga pun nak naik angin. Memang cop orang tua tak tau tempat. BTW komen I sarcastic jugak tuh. Lu nih… Pegilah tidor!

  8. Anonymous

    What is this Mat Salleh Martin Barrow doing in MAS. Is he advising the Group CEO on security matter? What does he know about security to advise the group CEO? Another Gaji buta and traveling first class KL/London/KL.

    Aj is wasting his time on witch hunting. Soon he and the TF’s cronies will be worrying about their own shadows. We will carrying on exposing them until they leave like Nanny Danny and Rozman.

    Keep up the good work YB.

  9. Kamal MAS

    Aj and his cronies should commence a full scale investigations into the LSG skychef 25 years agreement, the monthly salary of the Slumberjack who was asleep most of the time if not all the time, QPR sponsorship, designing fees on the new livery on the A380, the re-accommodation Agreement with AAAX and others as suggested by YB.

    Stop wasting your time in threatening MAS staffs we are not that stupid. We will not stop until you have shown that you are indeed competent and are protecting the interest of MAS otherwise more will be out in the open.

    Heard AJ is doing the same London route as Munir did.

    1. g

      Birds of same feathers maaa!!!

      What do our ajay, muni-munir & wheel-barrow have in common??? Mrs and family in Uuuuuu Kayyyyyyy maaa!!!

      What better way to commute from “work” and “home” maaa!!! You forgot aaaa!!! This is Bolehland maaaaa!!!

    2. Tirmisu

      Dear Kamal,

      Million dollar/ringgit/peso/paisa/rupee/rupiah question, what does your ajay, muna-munir & wheel-barrow have in common wrt London? Birds of same feathers?

      Answer= they all keep their nest, eggs and better halves in the UuuuKayyy!

      What better way to commute from “home” and the “workplace”? So now that its public knowledge, what you gona doo mate??

  10. Kenny MAS

    AJ should start a re-education course for all MAS staffs so that they would not know about IT. Back to the stone age. AJ should also stop all internet and computer facilities in MAS. The he and the Pariah’s cronies can carry on doing the nonsense that they have been doing.

  11. Kamal Azaran

    AJ would not dare to respond in any way. Too many skeletons in his closet over such a short period. Very impressive I must say. Skills he has learnt from his previous jobs as CEO. He is a lame duck GCEO just killing time before he is shown the door. Best to leave on your own terms then to be stabbed in the back like Tengku Azmil. I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

  12. anak wira

    ni macam hindi movie..atau indonesia sinetron…tak habis habis. cukup lah tu.
    kalau macam ni bila mas nak kedepan. staff pun sudah lah tu dan management jangan lah buat pekara pekara yang akan jadi bahan untuk di kecam. kalau macam sinetron ni sampai bila mas tak boleh repair diri.
    dok ulang ulang record lama.tak tau lah apa tujuan sebenar. jangan staff mas jadi mangsa sudah. sedar lah sedikit.jangan terkena permainan orang.

  13. Anonymous

    Apart from family in London also got British PR! If a cabinet minister can have Australian PR why not a CEO of a GLC?

  14. bystander

    I support YB in the plight to fight for the MAS staffs. But now your arguments seem very petty. Right now MAS staff need to be united more than ever, and you seem to find the only way to do that is by creating a divide between them and the management? The ferry flight back? Are u proud of having the list? I know of graded staff who got to go on the trip, as a reward for hard work. Ofcourse everyone put in hard work, but u can’t expect 20000 staff on a ferry flight, do you? I know of people on the flight who were genuinely there to monitor the reconfiguration. I think AJ is not upset that you are kantoi’ing him, but he is upset for it is a leak of confidential information. Any MD of any company would.
    And joyride? It was a proving flight to certify the a380 by DCA. Undeserving passengers? Half of the tickets were fairly distributed to MAS staffs. Everybody left with a sense of pride for Mas and it’s new acft. AJ and team made mistakes, sure. But we the staff should move forward.

    Anyhoo, kutuk

    1. Sudah terang lagi menyuloh

      I agree with you if the staff on the ferry flight were on it due to their duties, or even as a REWARD for hard work.Which brings the 19,900 of us to be happy for them but, we have to ask, HOW was that hard work measured and what is the basis for selecting only these few due to their “hard work”? But, more importantly, please tick which of the following applies to the Head of HC, ZZ, her cronies number 68 and 74 and the unionists:
      a. Hard work
      b. duties related to the acceptance and delivery of the flight
      c. Win the lucky draw
      d. Long service of 30 years and above
      e. None of the above
      I rest my case.

      1. Ilham Putera

        Sudah terang lagi menyuloh,

        Absolutely support your opinion. Lets wait and see what ‘bystander’ has to say. Huhuhu.

        Bet you ‘bystander’ is actually ZZ the biscuit pumpkin.

  15. mas admirer no 2

    I am also an admirer of mas.I pray you will go through this mess with the grace of allah,keep your jobs ,keep mas name up in the sky,keep everything happy and everybody happy too.

  16. Anonymous

    Tak Kira siapa ganti AJ,dia harus datang Dari latar belakang aviation.pengalaman Dari shell,tenaga,bank,ktm semua irrelevant!

    1. Lady Gaga


      Yang penting mesti bersih. Kalau “horay-horay” jugak, lepas mulut rimau masuk mulut buaya saja. Nanti “sukuk” lagi…..

      Kalau bersih tapi kurang experience, keliling mesti bersih, tak mau “horay-horay” punya kaki lah. Tan Sri Aziz dulu pun bukan orang airline, tapi bersih….

      Tu pasal list 80 yang YB dedahkan tu kena letak bawak mikroskop balik. Asingkan mana intan mana kaca….

      1. mas

        Tan sri Aziz and those running the airline then were made of sterner and quality stuff …cannot compare to to present koparatS ….ala easy – easy sell this , sell that. Do u’ think with this A380, Mas can get back it’s glory days or better? I say best of luck ….mostly those who are chosen now are only paper shufflers..

  17. The Dead Wood

    Alhamdulilah. This was the first time BK Sidhu (the macai of the Pariah) of the Star Business wrote sometime decent about the going on in MAS at page 5 StarBiz of the AirAsia’s mouth piece The Star. The title of the article: “Much ado about info leak at MAS – what caused it? ”

    This was the first time that she got it right. Perhaps because it was not related to the Pariah otherwise she wouldn’t have got it right.

    Hopefully AJ and the Pariah’s crony in MAS Stategic Comm would pause for the moment and start to ask themselves why are the MAS staffs not happy with AJ the clueless instead of going on with the witch hunt.

    What had AJ achieved for the past 10 months nothing except coming out with many organisational charts and Business plans. This showed that he and his team are just clueless and on a “joy ride” at MAS expense – gaji buta. The clueless “joy riders” also include the directors like Tan Sri Azman Yahya of SCOMI, Dato Rohana of ASTRO, Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng of IJM and David Lau Nai Pek who were all appointed after the share swap. At least Tan Sri Wan Azmi has the decency to resign.

    The Chairman and Dr Don must now examine the top management team and get rid of the parachuted and existing DEAD WOOD like the fat biscuit lady, Azhari Dahlan, Nor Zalida Ahmad and some of the directors. The clueless AJ is included.

  18. The Joy Rider

    What has the fat biscuit lady contributed so far in MAS? Nothing except making up the numbers in the Dead Wood Department headed by AJ, Martin Barrow, Azhari and Nor Zalida Ahmad. Just imagine the Strategic Comm needed to send out two e-mails to prop up Nanny Danny’s koyak image!

    The fat biscuit lady in HC couldn’t come out with a list of good people in MAS. She is good in promoting cronies and take them for the joy ride or the “hooray ride” as some would put it.

    1. Lady Gaga

      Dulu HR orang gelar “Human Remain” Dept (Bahgian Mayat)… kemudian tukar jadi HC = Human Capital kata Raja Azura…. tapi kita tenggok lebih mirip kepada Heartless or Human Capitalist…

      But I think it is more appropriate to be labelled as “Horay-Horay & Company”.

      Hidup ZZ, Kamal Azran, Fauzi dlll……..

  19. Zahara Zaid Fan

    HC=Human Corpse. ZZ has proven that beyond a doubt. Kudos to her and her toy boy Kamal Azaran, the most talentless wanna be in MAS today.

    1. PIP or POP?

      Add one more incompetent crony who stuck to ZZ like a leech and it paid off – she got her extention (what happened to cost-cutting and reducing staff numbers?) for NOT being able to produce anything resembling a Talent list, not withstanding it is her KPI, or anything close to a succession plan, including grooming her OWN successor (usual strategy to get extention in perpetuity and top management keeps falling for this, every time), also her KPI, or anything remotely credible enough to be called human POTENTIAL development, also a KPI!! The rest of us are left genuinely puzzled, what was her PMS rating? Why do we bother to ask? It’s a 5 la, normal for HC! For those not in the know, because a 5 rating is so rare, a 5 means you are beyond super human ….an honour bestowed on less than 1% of the population. All in a day’s work for a “winning organisation”?
      ZZ, shame on you, you came in with no excess baggage, now you inherited a division full of them, you got sucked in, in less than 6 months!

      1. Zahara Zaid Fan

        With her weight, more like she sunk in like a sack of potatoes. She came in with a bang and now it’s time for her to go with a whimper and a cream cracker. We wouldn’t want her to join the deprived would we. Oh yes pleas take Kamal with you. His special talents are needed elsewhere.

  20. mas observer


    I admire YB Wee. You have guts. Not many MPs are like you. Keep it up. If CEO came out with e mail threatening staff on leakages it means the CEO felt threatened and feels unsecured himself .YB is right to say that the CEO is plugging the wrong leaks. If the CEO feel irritated it means he cannot accept the job because it is part and parcel of the job.

  21. Tan Chak Pin

    MAS Observer…you are damn right…like the title of this article says…it would be very frustrating. ..being the captain of the ship but unable to plug the leakages in the vessel..furthermore having the crew against him! Anyway the whole BOD stinks! Allah is great and works in it’s own mysterious ways…Way to go..YB Let’s all dig deeper to see what else is there ….

  22. Anonymous

    what are you f@$#$rs on this blog moaning and complaining and saying AJ not done anything in his 10 months in office. Any other company in any other country after posting Billion Ringgit losses would have folded already or forced to lay off a major part of the workforce. MAS is still flying; you bl@@dy idiots still have your jobs. You should kiss AJ’s feet in gratitude, you bunch of ungrateful b@$t@#ds!!

    1. Tarawikh

      While I admire your passionate defence of AJ (ada apa2 ke?), please allow us, the not-so-passionate ones, to refresh your very-short memory.This is a short history lesson for those who “mudah lupa”. If it were not for internal intervention by the Chairman and unions and external intervention by our political friends, most prominent being YB Wee,and finally the PM himself, you know what would have happened if AJ, Danny, and he-who-shall-not-be-named were left to their own devices? Top of the list would have been the splitting of our airline into Short haul and Long Haul, no need to go into details, but more than 3000 staff would have been sent there under different terms and conditions, and down the road thery would see (like Firefly) 3 months notice and bye-bye. The rest, well, let’s say many have seen the PLAN,and again, to cut the long story short, would be just left to languish and leave or would be outsourced etc etc. The final figure would be around 9000 staff left, the so-called optimal figure for the airline. So, what happens to 11000 or so staff? Of course the only other thing stopping them from laying us off was the lack of money and PRU13. And we should kiss AJ’s feet? My foot! (I would like to name another part of the anatomy, but that would be rude).
      Oops before I forget, billions in losses you say? You need another lesson in accounting. Just go find somebody who did bookkeeping, ask him what the “provisions” were that got us the grand figure of 2.52 billion in losses, Ok?
      So, my final advice is – please channel your misplaced passion into something more productive, like writing fiction?

      1. Anonymous

        Why dont you stop your petty self pity and living in the past? In the modern business environment once a company faces financial difficulties the workers are the 1st to go! The longer people like you get to keep their jobs and also not suffer any paycut the more you have to thank AJ and co!

        Even if you discount the provisions you still have a RM1.2 billion operating loss! The largest in Malaysian corporate history! You are just blinded by your unbridled hatred of AJ, MAS management and anything Air Asia.

        Finally if you dont want to kiss AJ’s feet and rather kiss some other part of his anatomy which you cannot discretely mention ….his arse maybe? Then be my guest!

      2. Pussy Galore

        Wake up smell the roses! Stop wallowing in your over extended impression of self worth! I assume you are an employee. In the modern business world the employees are the 1st to go when a company faces financial difficulties. Only in MAS through the efforts of those you detest so much you continue to keep your jobs and your salaries remain intact. The longer you get to do that the more you have to thank your Management!!!

        If you discount the provisions you still have a RM1.2 billion operating loss! the biggest in Malaysian corporate history.

        Finally Mr Historyman, if you do not want to kiss AJ’s feet and would rather some other part of his anatomy which you cannot discretely mention (his arse maybe…?) then be my guest!!!!

      3. Tarawikh

        Anon 8.17 and Pussy galore
        You must be a novice at this, writing under two different pseudonyms.
        Never mind that. There’s always a first time.
        As expected, in your passionate defence of AJ, you missed the point yet again. Agreed, if a Company makes humongous losses, some things got to give. But BEFORE the staff are asked to go, take a leaf from our esteemed competitor down south. What did the CEO of SIA do when they were hit by the effects of SARS, the economic downturn etc? The CEO himself TOOK A PAY CUT. Let’s see AJ walk the talk and lead the way.
        If you are so passionate about preserving AJ (many of those sat the top, who want to protect the status quo and their own positions will fall into this category), do him a favour, and give him good advice. Put on your thinking cap, and ponder why is AJ so much “vilified and maligned”? Perhaps we could start with R Maxwell’s Leadership 101, to paraphrase him, “many leaders are under the mistaken belief that people will support them just because they have a CAUSE (in this case , MAS” so-called recovery). Leadeship does not work that way. People will only follow you if they BELIEVE in you”. Therein lies the root of the situation with AJ. Staff simply do NOT believe in him. (Unlike when a total stranger called Idris Jala was parachuted in, staff embraced him whole heartedly, no need for me to elaborate here why).
        You have to admit it is pretty hard to believe in a leader who has, by words and actions shown that he will betray and malign (low productivity?) the very people whose support he needs. Unlike the Chairman who has admitted, in the annual report foreward, that the Sare Swap was ” a bridge too far” (good for you Tan Sri, it takes a great man to admit a mistake was made), AJ persists in calling the Share Swap a “perceived distraction”.
        After the Share Swap was cancelled, a good two months ago, do staff see urgency on AJ’s part to right the wtrongs, to get the business up and going, to address the productivity issue etc etc? Enough said.
        Don’t call the staff colourful names, our salatries are not paid out of AJ’s pocket. Btw, it is a stretch of anyones imagination to think that it is AJ who went hunting for the funds. On the subject of the funds, staff have to say a big thank you to the Chairman. And, please also do not presume all staff want to stay forever, thousands will line up to leave, just pay them what is due.

    2. love mas

      Any other company in other country won’t be able to do this heist .. You moron … If aj the clueless is sooo good why he aggree with the RA …? You mother f..ers ..

    3. Omar

      Yes, if AJ is a good group CEO he wouldn’t have uplifted AAX passengers without signing the RA. And the RA should never contained those fares which were below marker fares. Just imagine to London the fares for Economy Rm1111 and Business RM6,000 plus. The fares also inclusive of all taxes.

      Please wake up, idiot.

  23. aviation not expert.

    aviation people cannot do it non aviation people also cannot do it. so no need to look too deep. this industry sucks now. no margin at all even in good times. all these blogging make it worse.so no need to bring back the so called aviation people. all dah nanyok.aireen omar is not aviation man.idris jala is not aviation man.mny also not aviation man.so just tighten the screws and plod on. stop the gripes.

    1. Gripe water

      1000% agree, tighten the scews, kick out the deadwood, get the right people for the right job………alamak……small hitch here….where is the list of performers and where is the list of deadwood? Back to HC!!! Staff will line up and salute AJ if he has the guts to fx the rot in HC first……the rot as in rotten…not the R.O.T. programme rolled out by the now famous but mysterious VP of Talent Management ie Retention of Talent, and the first beneficiary of ROT was none other than her beloved husband! Got one year extention too! Talk about conflict of interest or is it abuse of power? Lets open the Code of Ethics book…wait a minute…. wasn’t it her previous department that produced this Code? Alamak again.

  24. Concern citizen

    dear yb ,
    off topic here. i was in kotaraya mall in kl today after 10 years of not setting my foot there. back then it was well known that the video game center at the top floor is like a small casino . after 10 years the small casino is still there . i’m just curious why is the police not taking any action at that place. the gambling facility is there in the open operating without any disguise for so long. is that place under protection from somebody!!??? just drop by and you will see what i mean

  25. mas staff

    Any one coment renovation F/C and B/c Counter cost 1.8 m..less than one years.already.change to.new concept? ? Its is How To make projet and Make Money’s? ???

    1. mas staff

      Dear YB, Cost renovation Golden lounge for A380 first flight 2.2 m..by 360 company..but when complete. Its not.Wow…when.U first step enter Inside.Can anyone.coment this issue???’

  26. little man on the street

    little man on the street

    My observation is that many CEOs in GLCs are yes man. The reason why they are yes man because the people in power who appointed them are weak themselves. Obviously they do want some one stronger , smarter and more skillful to be appointed or they will not have their ways. I don’t blame AJ totally. Khazanah and the BOD members . It starts with Khazanah who dont even know how to pick the right candidate for what job. Good example is Danny. The BOD members only think of free 1st class travelling opportunities. If you withdraw the perks I believe most of them will refuse the offer to be the bod members with many good excuses. If you have weak people appointed at the top like in Khazanah and the board , please do not have high expectation on AJ, MAS management and policies as a whole. That is why AJ agreed with the share suap and later agreed with the share tak suap. Suap pun ok tak suap pun ok. That is why AJ plugging the wrong holes!!!

    1. Anonymous

      Share swap is a deal between the shareholders ie Khazanah and Tune! MAS whether it be AJ, chairman or the BOard have no say in the matter!

    2. Pussy Galore

      Share Swap is arrangement between Khazanah being majority shareholder of MAS and Tune. AJ and MAS Board have no say in the matter!

      1. ZZ fan

        You just confirmed it. AJ and gang had no say in the matter of the Share swap. So, AJ came in to “implement” only? No wonder he was like a “lembu dicucuk hidong” in his subservience to the Tune masters! Now that is masters from Tune are gone, he is clueless la. That explains the regular drinking sessions he has with Tony in a little posh suburb in KL, to get “advice”. I am sure Tony would have asked him to bring that cream cracker lady and hr cronies on the hooray2 flight. Since you are obviously such an apologist for AJ, do him a favour, get the HC and Startegic Comms teams to give him some more good advice, OK?

  27. Guna

    Dear all,
    I was in MAS during TR and I left and ended with a company which was basically dying then came AJ(Encik Ahmad Johari) and let me tell you the vision was clear an the direction was clear but too bad we lost him. To all the big talkes try to wear his shoes first to people who question plse take some time to see his track record than comment. Kalau nak buat cite memang senang meh do tengok cam mana kome nak buat? MAS was a failure from the start as pampered n nothing will happen attitude cos goverment will support n upper management is king. Please give AJ from private sector to handle the future as he’s a very good leader from Malakoff. Thank you and no offence meant.Btw simple advice Kalu nak dok takuk lama jadi monyet tapi kalu nak naik tinggi lagi cuba belajo ca mana nak terbang… Ilmu tu penting, takat cakap…. burung pun boleh. Aim for the stars… kalau jatuh pun mungkin pokok kelapa bab semua balak tinggi dah tebang…..Tq

  28. Guna

    You guys know want is wrong with MAS very simple. MASSEU president will be a mechanic than promoted for no reason than CA will be signed without staff know anything and he will be overseas holiday….. Cuma tanya, tak tukar lagi ka… I left MAS in 95 eventhough I loved working with turbines but the bullshit was too much. Tq

  29. Guna

    Like this also moderate ah….what chap ayam blog…. Cancel lah no need I cancel my comments. Allow vulgarity but not common sense.Tq

  30. Guna

    If still all this dumd ass want’s to question my credibility… I passed out with distinction. So fuck you all and step up…. Tak malu ka…. so long kena kutuk. BTW sorry wa tak tahan the system and that’s why I left but Malaysian Airline gave me the competency to be employed elsewhere.

  31. Guna

    Private note: since i just know u Yb. Do you know how we work first of all. 0 tolerence that,s how we do our job and not just sit on the toilet bowl n talk. Maybe in Ipoh can yum cha bro?

  32. Guna

    You are full of shit if a post needs to posted but racial and vulgarity allowed when suit you. I’ll be watching as I still love MAS as it is our nation’s pride if all the eagles f<K off.

  33. Guna

    Why not take a dumd area first…… you are scared…. My last ppst. Balls are newer measure by length, get a pair. i’m waiting but all ok….. don’t trust. Dah settle ka?Ini macam ka???? airline kedai mamak lgi ok……………………………

  34. Anonymous

    The problems in MAS can be explained in one word, people. Wrong people in key places. These wrong people are both from outside and inside. The inside non performers have 2 skills, gift of the gab and sucking up. And because we have outsiders as MDs, the big chief unknowingly swallows all the shit fed to them. Smaller chiefs like ZZ is a classic victim. The most significant contribution she has made since joining MAS is extending for another year the services of the VP of the non existent Talent Management department. Wonder what super shit was fed to her. Another is to promote the VP of Manpower Planning to SVP Human Capital. This feat even made the HC staff fell off their chairs. This guy was bundled off to HC after a major boo boo in another department.
    The outsiders have 2 skils, gift of the gab and power point skills. They start at Transformation Management Office, a ‘must have’ department in all GLCs as ordained by Khazanah.Their role is to advise the MD how to best run the company hence all shit happens. Once MD’s trust is obtained they actually head key departments hence more shit happens.
    This is the story of MAS.

  35. The problems in MAS can be explained in one word, people. Wrong people in key places. These wrong people are both from outside and inside. The inside non performers have 2 skills, gift of the gab and sucking up. And because we have outsiders as MDs, the big chief unknowingly swallows all the shit fed to them. Smaller chiefs like ZZ is a classic victim. The most significant contribution she has made since joining MAS is extending for another year the services of the VP of the non existent Talent Management department. Wonder what super shit was fed to her. Another is to promote the VP of Manpower Planning to SVP Human Capital. This feat even made the HC staff fell off their chairs. This guy was bundled off to HC after a major boo boo in another department.
    The outsiders have 2 skils, gift of the gab and power point skills. They start at Transformation Management Office, a ‘must have’ department in all GLCs as ordained by Khazanah.Their role is to advise the MD how to best run the company hence all shit happens. Once MD’s trust is obtained they actually head key departments hence more shit happens.
    This is the story of MAS.

  36. work only.

    In spite of all the mas employees still have their jobs and their salaries.if only all these blogging will stop and let them get back to work and no one kacau things will settles.close your eyes and think what happens when there is no salary. how to pay bills and feed the children. so please be happy whatever mas still pay salaries inspite of what…..losses…. provisions… bad management lah.. lsg contract… fuel hedging… whatever.. so what is the problem….the 25 of every month has never failed….maybe staff should think about this all these years.
    especially now when mas is so bad shape and profits will be very difficult. the 25 still will not fail.is this good or is this bad.

    1. love mas

      Oooo…. We MH staff work and we are working just fine untill you came into the picture … Still after all the saga , we continue working .. No doubt about it.. The only reason why mas still in red simply because the left over from aa ..

  37. Pussy Galore

    And you people think you are helping MAS by leaking corporate information to WCK? You are only raising concerns in your customers, your suppliers and your financiers of MAS competency to safeguard security and continue as a viable business when corporate information which may include their own information contained in MAS systems can be readily made available on the internet! You are sabotaging your own company and putting your own jobs at risk! Who is going to fly with you when you leak their personal information? What suppliers are going to work with you when you leak contracts? What banks are going to lend you money to run your business when you appear to be a risky proposition?

    You are not helping MAS! You are just helping to kill MAS!

    1. Pussycat

      How “viable” is the business going to be with deals like the RA, uplifting your competitors passengers for a song? If this was not exposed, and the rest of the crap that came along with the Share Swap, MAS will still be continuing to be taken for a long ride by he who shall be un-named with full cooperation from the likes of Danny and AJ? So, is exposing these kind of info sabotaging the company, or is keeping QUIET and condoning these nonsense sabotaging the company? Instead of being the mouthpiece of some desperados, let it sink into your brain that our jobs would already been at risk on 1st May 2012, if Danny had his way (with AJ and Tony too) and launched the Short Haul airline on that date! Suppliers? They would rather deal with a company that pays them on time, rather than one who practices “delayed” payments as a matter of policy, or not pay at all for years, then arm-twist to get a discount? As for “leaked contracts”, if these are to the tune of billions/millions ripping off taxpayers money, I think investors would be more confident to deal with a company that exposes and no longer tolerates these nonsense. Laeking info that exposes wrong-doing should be a duty of all staff, or else what for have a whistle-blower policy? Sweeping wrong-doing under the carpet, and worse, threatening staff who expose it, will in the long run, kill MAS!

  38. concerns

    You mean MAS employees are just to draw salary on the 25th and shut up and let management and Khazanah do all the nonsense? Is that the culture of the MAS management and Khazanah now? Look if you are speaking on behalf of them I feel sorry for MAS. Sure gointo the drain. If the policy is bad one should speak up. No wonder MAS loss money. You are led by by people with wrong culture and mindset

  39. Stan

    Dear Wee,

    EPF has selling off MAS shares since late MAY 2012, few hundred thousand shares at one go. I wonder who is slowly picking up the shares since this is a loss making company. You can track this moment from Bursa’s website on MAS.

    There is surely something going on here. Is it possible for you to know who the buyer is?

  40. tomcat

    pussycat.mas is dead financially a long long time ago with all the games played by insiders and outsiders.not just now with the the current situation.the culture sucks the leeching sucks.time to get mas right real right.and it has to be cruel.can we do this for real.

    1. Pussycat

      You are correct. The current saga is one in a long string of many, but i is the most serious and critical yet. Question is – is AJ the correct CEO to lead the Company out of this? We have had 10 months to judge.

  41. tomcat


    AJ.. KJ… RJ.. JJ.. or any J will not be able to lead this company if the leeching continues.big ones by outsiders. any ceo who agrees to come to mas is either a mashochist, have suicidal instincts or a man with delusions to be a hero. mas cannot be saved by just one man as some games and rules he do not control.so running mas is walking on a tight rope with fires blazing everywhere. this is beside the legacy issues and the operational issues .not to mention the costs of running airlines these days. basically now no airlines will make money.profits are not there.

    1. Oh bangau

      Agree MAS cannot be saved by one man alone. It has to be a concerted effort by all. Now, back to the basics – what is AJ? He is the CEO. The numero uno. The man on whose table the buck must stop. But, he needs a good (make that great) senior management team to drive the business with him as Captain, right?. Now, now, now, WHERE IS THAT TEAM? Business plan sudah keluar, but very high-level and vague, until TODAY nobody at implementation level has seen the “action plans” or set their KPIs , and, most important, where is the organisational STRUCTURE to move the business? Aisay man, (now we are going into the vicious cycle), how to get the team, AJ cannot find 100 top performers out of 20,000. Why cannot? Because (oh bangau, oh bangau) HC has been so so “competent”, they didn’t do anything about talent managing or succession planning or sacking the non-performers (assuming HC knows how to identify them in the first place), a good six years after the Performance Management System has been implemented.. Because of this, HC extends the services of the VP Talent management beyond retirement age – this must be new way of “rewarding” incompetents. Wonder why ZZ didn’t bring this one along for hooray2 as well.
      Two months after Share Swap cancelled, what has AJ done? Rolled out stale Business plan, and taken at least 3 trips (six flights) to London, including the current long trip for the air show at Farnborough. The ship is sinking, the house is in a terrible mess, the troops are demotivated, the bottom line still bleeds, there is no senior team in place that looks capable of running the show (except for Commercial Director), and what does the Captain do? Makan angin, stay away from Base, doing whatever it is that is a little more “fun” than steering the sinking ship! No wonder the likes of ZZ brought her cronies for the hooray2 trip, they are just following the leader!.

  42. hc staff

    oh bangau. maybe if you are in the know you can help the ceo find the 100 top performers. that will help.no need to be so angry with hc staff or the vp that was extended.give the names or better propose the structure and give . if it good i am sure the ceo will accept.writing in this forum do not help the company.i dont want to say.i am sure that there are many good top management who know the real problems and working quietly to make mas better.or else mas will not be running well today.and they are sincerely doing their jobs..all the problems are yesterdays problems some 30 years ago.you cannot change fast a system that is so strong. we in hc is also doing our jobs for your info.

    1. Jangan menegakkan benang basah

      Firstly, which Division is responsible and accountable for the HUMAN CAPITAL in the Company? Since they cannot produce anything remotely resembling a Talent List after so many donkey years, yet they extend the incompetent VP who has proven that she cannot produce the List, you are now asking the rest of us to provide the names? Kalau macam tu, HC tutup kedai la dulu, why pay all your salaries and expect the rest of us to do your job? You actually DARE to say there are good top management in HC? Brader, please don’t syok sendiri, OK? There are good top management elsewhere in the company, I agree, but in HC? LOL!! By the way, since you are clearly from HC, please tell us what you all did with the Career Planning Note (CPN) you ask us to fill up 6 months ago, and now asking again? Why, every 6 months you want to show AJ you all busy doing something, is it?

    2. Hancus

      What are you talking about,” problems are yesterdays problems some 30 years ago, cannot change fast a system that is so strong”, are you referring to HC? If you are, you are absolutely correct. Anybody heading HC, however “terror” they claim to be, maximum can last 3 months before they also get sucked into the HC culture, as has happened yet again to the fatty biscuit lady. For all her so-called multi-national experience, apa sudah jadi? Extend VP yang tak boleh pakai, promote a guy who has a history of tak boleh pakai tapi pandai hidup, now “reorganising” HC but still recycling the same stale wine, service delivery to other Divisions consistently terok , now during office hours for one hour in the morning got ‘pesta kuih’ – the hooray2 continues, under the previous Head, it was karaoke session for any flimsy reason, in fact, closing HC early (half day) for karaoke was common, HC staff stroll into the office at all hours (just come and observe the “activity” every morning – makan minum, chit-chat, walking to the canteen etc etc )- all very FUN, what do they care about SERVING the internal customers. That’s why it is so hard to change a system that is so strong – the rot in HC has been there for decades! Whenever top managment aks for something, for example Talent List, masa tu baru nak sibok ask staff to fill up CPNs and what not. Five years of PMS I think all the forms we fill up sudah jual kat orang jual kacang putih. Agree with “menegakkan benang basah” what happened to the CPN we all submitted like only six months ago? I suppose this time round, you ask staff to fill up, and then hire CONsutants to analyse and come up with report, right? Same thing that happened during Idris Jala’s time. Pay Hays a couple of million ringgit, they produce a report to MAS, full stop. NOTHING from that report was implemented, biasa lah with HC. So, hc staff, we are all wondering what jobs you all doing?

  43. deaf

    no wonder mas dont make money. everyone reading blog. mas iS now bankrupt. lucky govt helped. no money to pay salary.

    1. Deaf, dumb, blind, semua boleh

      wah, you got four more minutes left of your lunch break also got time to read AND write in this blog. Hope you stopped at 2.00 sharp and got back to work. Btw, why you call yourself deaf, actually you are BLIND too, if you think MAS is losing money because everyone reading this blog. Maybe not blind, just brainless!

  44. deaf

    i may be deaf, but not deaf dumb and blind like u. i dont need lunch hour to write, i dont even need to be in the country. this is the advance in technology. maybe u still living in stone age. no wonder mas dont make money bcos people like u.

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