Two down, three more to go!

Rozman Omar, the appointed CFO of MAS after the share “suap”.

En Mohammad Rashdan Yusof (Rashdan) aka Danny, the appointed Deputy Group CEO of MAS has finally left MAS for good on 30 June 2012. It is believed that Rashdan will have no problem in going back to Khazanah as his former business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, is there to accommodate him.  Today En Rozman Omar, who was the appointed CFO of MAS after the share “suap”, has tendered his resignation and leaving MAS on 31 July 2012. It should not be a problem for En Rozman Omar as he will have a job ready for him in another airline. Please read in HERE & HERE.

MAS staffs must be thankful that En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), Group CEO of MAS, didn’t retain En Rozman Omar, formerly from AirAsia.

To date, one of the four parachuted heads of department of MAS had decided to leave MAS at the end of this month. Leaving behind En Azhari Dahlan, the Head of Engineering,  Puan Nor Zalida Ahmad, Head of Strategic Comm, and Puan Zahrah Zaid, Head of Human Capital, who accompanied AJ on the A380 ferry flight back from Toulouse to KL, in HERE & HERE.

En Azhari Dahlan, who was an unqualified person at the time of his appointment as he was not the DCA and EASA approved Nominated Post Holder.

When En Azhari Dahlan, the brother of former MD of MAS, was appointed as the Head of Engineering, he was not a qualified person in the aviation industry as he was not the approved DCA and EASA Nominated Post Holder.  At that material time, he was not only unqualified but very much junior in term of experience and length of service in MAS. Please read in HERE, HERE & HERE.

MAS staffs must be curious to know what is the current salary of En Azhari Dahlan, Puan Nor Zalida Ahmad and Puan Zahrah Zaid. If the remunerations of those directors are anything to go by then they must be paid very high salary bearing in mind their “vast experience” in the aviation industry and “seniority ” in MAS.  Please read in HERE.

En Azhari Dahlan, Puan Nor Zalida Ahamd and Puan Zahrah Zaid are still hanging on to their respective high ranking position in MAS.

AS for the directors, Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah has tendered his resignation on 21-6-2012. We should applaud Tan Sri Azmi for making such a decision after the Board has been heavily criticised by the minority shareholder during recent AGM, in HERE. Now leaving behind those directors namely Tan Sri Azman Yahya, of SCOMI, Dato’ Rohana Rozhan of ASTRO, Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng of IJM and Mr David Lau Nai Pek, all of whom believed that they are aviation experts and very sought after by MAS staffs.

Below is the circular from AJ:

Sent: Monday, July 02, 2012 5:17 PM
Subject: Circular from GCEO: Resignation – Rozman Omar, Group Chief Financial Officer

For Bahasa Malaysia version please scroll down / Untuk Versi Bahasa Malaysia sila skrol ke bawah



To        : All Staff System-wide

Date    : 2 July, 2012

Ref      : GCEO CIR 023/12

Dear Colleagues,


I regret to inform everyone that Rozman Omar, Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has decided to leave in the next few weeks to pursue new challenges outside the Malaysia Airlines group. His last day will be 31 July 2012.

Please join me in taking this opportunity to thank Rozman for his contribution and commitment to Malaysia Airlines during his short tenure with us.

We wish him all the best in his future undertakings.
Any further announcement on the position of the CFO will be made at a later date.
Thank you.

Kind regards,

Ahmad Jauhari Yahya

23 thoughts on “Two down, three more to go!

  1. Kulaan Sugih

    hellooooooooooooo Azhari…………your CFO buddy ( you propose , he approved) leaving already, tak tahu malu kah you are still around and clawing to your MYR 65,000 a month salary ?

    You are NOT wanted in MAS , jangan buat buat bodoh pulak……..

    Still trying hard to secure more engineering contracts for your master cronies ?

  2. _q0l0p_

    “Please join me in taking this opportunity to thank Rozman for his contribution and COMMITMENT TO MALAYSIA AIRLINES during his short tenure with us”.

    ha! ha! ha!

  3. joseph

    We will joint AJ to thank Rozman but for what. What had he done for MAS? Do you mean no other person left in MAS and in Malaysia can do a better job than Rozman?

    That botak Azhari Dahlan with a foul mouth and ended his sentence with four letters words will hang on as he never had it so good. But we cannot have such people on board as his loyalty to MAS is questionable. Let him work alone and see what he can do in the Engineering Department.

  4. Nagaria

    AJ, based on your track record at Malysia Airlines, I strongly believe that you are not qualified and unsuitable for any posts at such an esteemed organization. You failed miserably because you don’t have Malysian Airlines intersts in your heart. Instead you willingly became a sucker to TF to destroy Malysia Airlines. Shame on you AJ. Let me tell you this AJ … U are an arsehole. Get it?

    Why don’t you too leave. I am very sure your departure will do a great favor to many Malaysians.


  5. AJ the Joker

    To Tony, AJ is just a phone call away. He can just call up AJ at any time and AJ will most probably dance to his tune. Hence, the Re-accommodation Agreement with such low low fares which no one could get them in the market.

    Just wondering, how many calls are AJ getting from his mentor Tony daily or weekly. AJ should join AA that will be the most suitable place for him – perhaps as a PA to the new CEO Ms Aireen Omar, the sister of one of the director in Media Prima Sdn Bhd.

    AJ has been shown many times over that he is incapable of running an airlines. He is more suitable to run a health centr!

  6. GE Man


    “TWO DOWN , THREE MORE TO GO” , with due respect , actually your figure is wrong.

    It should read , TWO DOWN , FOUR MORE TO GO !!!

    We must not forget that there is one more, who keep a low profile, he was hand picked by TF and parachuted to MAS to become head of MAS AEG (Airline Engineering Group) , Aminuddin Zakaria , who are ex GE (General Electric , Aircraft Engine) Regional Sales Director .

    Azhari propose , Amin will strongly support and Rozman approved………….all in a team.

    This mole should go too….to TF in Jakarta.

    It will be a conflict of interest too if GE or its parent company CFMI are to bid for any engine maintenance contract in MAS……..Amin may still be in love with his ex (GE)………

    1. Anonymous

      Very nicely said….all these guys love MAS so much… love until they want to see MAS rot…. Bring in new people to improve MAS, these fellas want to kick them out….citing MAS has internal talent..

      Yea, Internal talent got la… talent to make money also got… make money into their own pocket…

  7. Voice of a Crew

    sad indeed… when the staff and employees have NO FAITH and confidence in their own CEO. Even sadder, the CEO ( he himself doesn’t realise it) is the laughing stock of the business and aviation community by and large. This debacle would be a huge stain in his resume for any future organisation he might move to.

  8. European

    Tan Sri Md Nor bin Md Yusof …pls take Ahmad Jauhari Yahya by the hand,
    pick the other 4 fellows as mentioned above from their office and go in peace.
    There is more than enough of overpaid deadwood already in the top Management travelling in groups of 80 to join a ferryflight and throwing money out of the window or secretly into their fellows pockets. What to think of someone who claims the company is bleeding and on the other hand spending it like there is no tomorrow. Please leave MAS as soon as possible as nobody has any confidence in your skills and rather considers you to be deadwood than leaders. No use for any company to pay high perks for Managers with no value. Shameful enough to be asked to leave rather than packing your bags on your own decision….. at least you serve as a bad example.

    1. Rizal

      Saya sokong. Amok must redeem himself by sacking all these idiots. MAS is a laughing stock among the airline and Malaysia is becoming like banana republic.

    2. Drastic measures

      Fully agree, please Tan Sri, do that, but it is FIVE others, not four, don’t forget that biscuit lady ZZ must go too. Any ounce of credibility she had is now all gone – going hooray2 when HC can’t even produce a Talent list, extending the incompetent VP of Talent Management, promoting the highly-questionable fellow who evaluated the crap CMS (then ran off to HC, where most rejects go to, and thrive in) , cutting the shady deal with Secretary general of Maseu…the list goes on…….Tan Sri, if you want a cultural renewal in MAS, start by getting rid of these five, then the deadwood EVPs….start wth a new clean slate.

    3. Anon

      We musn’t forget to get rid of those within MAS who protect the interest of cronies esp LSGB and the outsourced MAS cafeterias etc.

      These are gunting dalam lipatan.

  9. Botak Tak Malu

    Azhari tak malukah? you are only wanted by the otak kosong CEO AJ. No other staffs want you except a few of your kaki bodek.

    Azhari you have style! your four letters language is great even mat salleh will salute you because you are good in the 4 letters. So FO to you.

  10. ANWAR

    another important issue clear corruption in MAS and also one of MASEU leaders who is a crook as he is also making good money from MAS

  11. News Addict


    Amok must redeem himself by resigning and retiring from the corporate scene.

    Start a pumpkin meshing plant … since he is only good as a “tikus baiki labu.”


    Everything he touch gets damaged. Anything he initiate will fail. Anything working will rosak when he start to tinker.

    He is a legacy of slumberjack and should slumberjack to his grave.

  12. Tan Chak Pin

    Sometime I wonder with all those blunders in MAS and loosing $$$$millions in public funds..the govt. keep “mum”…on the issue and still go ahead and as thought nothing is WRONG!! This is way to much to swallow when all the moves of this chess game is so predictable…I would like to see when Pakar Aviation ASTRO is moving..This would be interesting as All this Pakar are hand-pick to be put in places of GAJI BUTA…Keep It Up YB…Let’s korek we see bottom…

  13. Tan Chak Pin

    Wow! Still squeezing blood from a bleeding co….how can the current Govt let this happen….clearly it’s Daylight Robbery from the inside…mind you and it’s legal!!!!

  14. GE Man

    Just call me Haji Azhari , yes that’s what you wanted us to call and address you since the day you are parachuted to MAS by the pariah.

    Till today, in any meeting you will use your four letter words and start making an accusation that we are all crooks who are on the take and hard up for money. Orang alim tak guna four letter words apa lagi kalau dah bergelar Haji.

    We are fed up with your accusation and lets see who are the real crooks then.

    Tell me , what are you doing on Thursday, 10 May 2012 with LHT Chairman Mr Henningson, Pariah and Mr Anaz the Regional head of AA engineering , four of you having a very intimate dinner meeting hah ?

    Is it a coincidence that early this month (July) , against all MAS procurement procedure and the first one in MAS history , you issued an LOI (Letter Of Intent) to a company (you know who Azhari) a contract worth MYR 350 million for the A330 Aircraft Component Support PBTH (Power By The Hour) , knowing that there is other bidders had offered a lower price then your friend (you know who Azhari) ??

    YES, you are the first CEO of MAE (MAS Aerospace Engineering) who issue LOI without Board Approval.

    You don’t have such authority and this will go into a Guiness Book Of Record and a history book !!!

    Bravo Tuan Haji Azhari !!!

    Tahniah Tuan Haji , you had just force MAS to swallow another poison pills.

    AJ and Tan Sri MD Nor , are keeping quiet about this ? The same way you are keeping your silent on Danny The Nanny maid upgrading scandal ?

    If yes , please put in you resignation , the earlier the better. No more poison pills, Its killing MAS.

    AJ , you are the next one to be expose , that if you still wanted the free ride to London lah.

    More to come Tuan Haji Azhari , we will expose you , you can run but you cannot hide.

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