A380 ferry flight manifest

A380 ferry flight manifest

A380 ferry flight manifest
A380 ferry flight manifest
A380 ferry flight manifest – Passenger no: 79  Ms Zahrah Zaid

46 thoughts on “A380 ferry flight manifest

  1. Mastura Baiduri

    It appears to me that their attitude is,”Well, who cares whether MAS is bleeding to death… Let’s enjoy!”. Imagine, in addition to the costs incurred on the ferry flight, MAS also has to pay their passage to France and the food and accomodation there

    1. Voice of a Crew

      benefits & entitlements la… as what the managers would say “shaddup all you graded staff…. you have no right to question OUR privileges!! Now get back to work and stop posting company secrets in public !!
      :: hahahahaaa!!!!

      1. Rahimah

        I agree, all these managers must be sacked. Hey DUNgus, you are living on borrowed money and borrowed time, kapish!

  2. Kulaan Sugih

    If this joy riders from MAS, bloggers and others who were invited for the ferry flights are paid a daily allowance / pocket money / hotels / ground transport….. prior to the ferry flight home, it will cost MAS ;

    Daily allowance for 80 X MYR 509 per day (MAS staff daily allowance for France) X 2 days = MYR 81,440.00

    Hotel , 80 X Euro 100 (MAS Corporate rates) X 2 nights = MYR 68,800.00 (exchange rates 4.3 )

    Train tickets from Paris to Toulouse 80 pax X USD 180.00 (2nd Class) = MYR 46,080.00 (exchange rates 3.2 )


    Ini belum kira the “unsaleable seats” on MAS Kuala Lumpur to Paris flight carrying this joy riders .

    Easily half a million ringgit gone paying for this joy riders… ………….

    1. HC BOLEH!!!!

      Dear Kulaan Sugih

      Your estimation is almost there. I guess, if you and your detractors (Capal & Penyamun Penyamun) know that part of the “horey-horey” party-poppers had went earlier to London and then FLEW to Toulouse on 27Jun on BA flight number BA374, your would probably choked on your dinner if you read it while eating!

      Or probably they already knew and were just trying to throw you off track!!
      Maybe YB can publish the pax list for BA374 next????

  3. Anonymous

    The good for nothing biscuit fat soul was obviously a joy rider. She is in charge of Human Capital. What has it got to do with taking the A380 back the second time? We heard that she was having a gala time in London.

    She was one of the parachuted good for nothing idiots that are in MAS after the share swap. Well Rozman has decided to go back to be with the Pariah. Azahari is still trying to stay put to get his gaji buta.

  4. Ms Zahara Zaid Fan

    Congratulations to Ms Zahara Zaid. From this list it proves she has given a large number of her Human Capital Staff a nice holiday. A shining becon of a good boss. I assume this beats givinging them biscuits. This should motivate them to further abuse the staff in the future. Amazing sense of responsibility and show of leadership qualities. What the heck it’s only money and it’s not mine. Shameless.

    1. ZZ Fan Club Supporter

      Hey ZZ’s Fan, how can you say its a holiday trip maa…

      No 68 was there in recognisance of his evaluation of the most efficient Crew Management System. I am sure that the pilots and cabin crew love the system so much coz it reduces dramatically any rest prior and post flights. This allow them to forgo pre and post flight rest. Increase efficiency maa….. ot rested.

      As for No 74, he is the one standing leftmost in the Airbus Factory tour picture. He is the one that broker the MASEU CA. All the unions loves him laaa…..

      Both 68 and 74 were also there to assist ZZ chaperone the entourage maa…. Hey, that very hard and specialised work maa….

      1. Zahara Zaid Fan

        I agree with your points. That’s why this was a HC holiday on the back and pockets of MAS staff. This is symbolic of what the leadership mantra is. Jolly ma….

  5. Keep up the good work. Someday MAS will be good again and your grandchildren could tell their grandchildren that you played a part in making it happen.
    Do you think it would take that long for MAS to recover?

  6. MAS admirer

    Wow..! They are just lucky to have arrived safely however it the aircraft crashed, just imagine
    it would be a great news to all. Anyway let’s
    pray and keep wishing one day MAS will be fine.

    1. Voice of a Crew

      …. (touch wood!) but sometimes you wished it did crash…. then MAS can start all over with a clean slate with all the excess baggage GONE!

  7. Azam

    AJ i know you have brought all your cronies and chief crony crony Zaharah, the useless biscuit fattty. Aren’t you not going to give a big send offf do for your brother, Nanny Danny.

    Hi, everybody we should do a kenduri to celebrate the final departure of Nanny Danny. After that Rozman, botak Azahari, Nor Zalida dan Zaharah.

  8. Xplorer

    dear yb ,
    some of us were ask to shared hotel room in order to save cost during our duty travel because we were told that mas is bleeding.i remember flying to london arriving early in the morning to attend a meeting at 9 am the same day and return back to kl on the next available flight.seeing the list of these joyriders definitely made me sick.i guess the term cost saving only apply to mas low ranking staff.

  9. Aj si bodoh

    MAS perlu satu CEO untuk mengawal GROUP CEO AJ kerja dia tak mampu jaga kepentingan MAS. Dia lepas bantuk di tangga aja.

  10. staff menyampah

    there are many useless managers they are the real problems in mas. not working but sleeping.when to enjoy they realy bodek the bosses.when there is free trips they go and pretend to do something then come back and do nothing again.then they sleep again. only wake up when they think they lose their jobs. so mas have to sack so many managers.so many of them.this is the problem with mas,,really useless managers.

  11. The Capal

    @Kulaan Sugih – Don’t you know what is pre-operational expenses?????????. I think 80 pax that went over for delivery is very much acceptable figure. Just remember Mas is operating an airlines not a bus company

    1. Zahara Zaid Fan

      When you ate to,d to tighten your belts then you tighten. When you are told to tighten your belt and your boss goes for a gourmet dinner with 80 friends credibility is an issue. Not all expenses have been captured here. I am sure someone can enlighten us to the fare to LHR, then interline to TLS. And by the way ZZ went a few days before so that she could look her best at this important HC event. The staff of MAS is aware that it’s an airline, more so the need for frugality. Perhaps you are uninformed in this area. Best to learn about something before shooting your own foot.

  12. Penyamun Penyamun

    @Kulaan Sugih……..Mind to check the fact and reality b4 u put ur comment!…..There’s is no travel allowances,and Train Rides.
    Jangan membabi buta beri komen.

    1. Timothy

      Hey capal n penyamun, allowance or no allowance, you are better off in your office to rectify problems not joyride as ship high on transit!

  13. Omar MAS

    Please don’t blame AJ lah. He needed the biscuit lady to hold his hands when he meets the French mah! And the biscuit lady’s supporters to prop him up when he is there so that AJ will look good. To have the biscuit lady in Toulouse is a waste of time and fund and need more fuel to carry her – add more fuel cost.

    1. Sudah terang lagi menyuloh

      Please read carefully, some goon called Hamid told us earlier that the fuel was paid for by Airbus. So don’t la talk about fuel and embarass the biscuit lady further. You see, HC had a very important role to play, they are supposed to ensure that the crew temperature must be taken to see if they are fatigued or not. At the same time, they must babysit the unionists too, to ensure they shut up and don’t make noise especially when Cabin Crew are facing shabby treatment. Also they must ensure everybody is productive, how they measure this, nobody quite knows, its MAS biggest mystery to date, this productivity thing. At the same time, HC is also on the trip to identify talent – something they have great difficulty doing on the ground, which explains why the CEO has real trouble finding even 100 top performers out of a total population of 20,000.
      See? I have more than justified why the biscuit lady and her cronies are on the hooray2 trip, so please la don’t bug them anymore, ok?

  14. fed up

    wait till you guys find out how many people are drafted to attend the 2012 Farnbrough AIr Show in London next week..:) you will be utterly shocked!

    1. Beyond Shocked

      Please share, quick, quick, the Show is starting on the 9th July. Maybe we can make sure we give these people a great send-off at KLIA, complete with balloons and kompang!

  15. Hehehehe

    wuuuhuuuuu……my name is on the list! Finally being bestowed the honor of being mentioned in the great Wee Choo Keong blog…(doing the chicken dance now)

    1. Shameless

      If you were one of those on the flight and you are not one of the following – technical crew, cabin crew and engineering team – then, after your chicken dance, we shall throw chicken shit at you. Muka tak malu!

  16. Zahara Zaid Fan

    If you look at the passenger list carefully, the first class cabin of 8 seats are filled with the bigwigs of MAS and not the “commercial important Passangers”. This is exactly the mind frame of upper management in MAS. Saya dahulu, customer kemudian. Maybe MAS can sell this script to Bollywood to create some creative cash flow.

  17. Kulaan Sugih

    Dear Penyamun Penyamun and The Capal , many thanks for the info that the 80 joyriders don’t take train to Toulouse ( or flight or bus………)

    80 passenger is NOT acceptable for a second round ferry flight , all it needs is 4 pilots and engineer and a cabin crew………….

    1. FEDUP

      Dont be disheartened by the comments of Penyamun and Capal. For all you know, they were on the hooray2 flight. Your rough calculations are actually on the LOW side. Truth is this group were flown to London over 3 days – 25th, 26th and 27th June, the biscuit lady and her cronies of course went early, on the 25th, maybe to “meet and greet” the others arriving later? Then, on the 27th all were FLOWN on British Airways to Toulouse, before taking the ferry flight back. So the calculations must be based on the daily allowance for UK, which is RM600. I am sure someone can tell us what the BA flight cost?.
      Also, don’t forget to add the opportunity costs of those seats that could have been sold to commercial passengers, after all this is Olympic summer season, not LOW season!
      As for Capal talking about pre-operational costs, hahaha, who you trying to kid?. Don’t show your stupidity la, it’s pathetic.

      1. Penyamun Penyamun

        Kulaan Sugih/Hc Boleh !!! and Fedup

        Heee ayam ok ma….
        comment or no KOMEN…..
        But…..Please check the FACT 1st B4 putting any Komen Looo
        Dont misLead others Ma…with a wrong Info.

        I LOVE A380……

  18. Zahara Zaid Fan

    In the interest of openness and transference here is MAS’s response. Draw your own conclusions.

    To        : All Staff System-wide
    Date     : 4 July, 2012
    Ref       : GCEO CIR 024/12
    We have received our first A380 aircraft and successfully mounted revenue flights from Kuala Lumpur and London on 1 July and 2 July respectively. These flights were full and the journey smooth – for which we have received many good comments and compliments from travelling passengers. For me personally, it is an honour to be part of the Malaysia Airlines team along with you. We should all rejoice in our achievement as the A380 programme has been long in the making and is a major part of our recovery and brand rebuilding efforts today.
    Despite the happy occasion surrounding the A380, there continues to be attempts by irresponsible parties to undermine our recovery and brand rebuilding initiatives. The most recent is the posting of the Reservations Passenger List of all 80 names of staff and guests who were booked to fly on the Ferry Flight MH5439/Toulouse to Kuala Lumpur for the A380 on a blog which shall be un-named.
    Distribution of such Company information with intent to maliciously malign certain personalities is an irritation that frustrates our collective efforts to get our Company and airline back to profitability. The information is confidential, and the unauthorized disclosure of the Reservations list is a contravention of Malaysia Airlines Code of Conduct. It is a breach of confidentiality as per our Terms and Conditions of Employment. We are investigating, and will take strong disciplinary action, which includes dismissal, against those found contravening Company confidentiality policy.
    These actions by internal parties only serve to damage and tarnish our reputation as a premier airline. It makes the critical work that we need to do all the more difficult as it diminishes our credibility in the eyes of customers, shareholders, financiers, partners and other stakeholders.
    Colleagues, please be reminded that we all carry the Malaysia Airlines brand name. As such we need to be responsible when handling Company information, be it information contained in the Company’s systems, database, emails and servers. Any breach of confidentiality has serious repercussions on the Company and its officers.
    Everyone must understand that our ongoing recovery efforts and brand-building are paramount to the survival of our airline and ultimately our own jobs. Sharing internal documents in the public domain which results in the posting of comments, views and discussions only makes our recovery efforts so much harder. The survival of our airline must be our complete focus for a swift recovery that will put us back on the path of sustainable profits. These distractions and irresponsible acts only serve to stab ourselves in the back and detract us from our primary focus.
    I sincerely hope that we all as employees of Malaysia Airlines act responsibly and with honour for the future of our jobs, our Company and our airline.
    Thank you.
    Ahmad Jauhari Yahya

  19. The Capal

    In any organization leaking of company information is unacceptable behavior. Prior to the leakage of this so called passenger manifest , a voyage report has been published. How on earth a voyage report be made public. It is strictly confidential and for internal circulation only. I am sure the culprit can easily be traced( BUT NOTHING DONE to date I suppose ) as it circulate within a limited circle. Unlike the pax manifest , it is much more wider in circulation. Something must be terribly wrong with the organization. I am not referring to the money lost but referring to the staff who leak the information. AJ if you need to be respected stern action must be taken to whoever is concerned, catch them , sack them and charge them in court of law as they had taken oath of secrecy before being confirmed in their position. Please do it without fear or favor . Anyway AJ, as an outsider my loves towards MAS has never fade .My only hope MAS reward the surviving staff who left MAS but who served not less than 15years of service by allowing them to enjoy rebated travel of 90% subject to load.MAS HAS GOT NOTHING TO LOSE BY DOING SO- IF SEAT AVAILABLE UP THEY GO. OTHERWISE WAIT FOR THE NEXT AVAILABILITY. AJ , should you have the courage to implement this suggestion, you will be remembered by the history and you will get the unlimited “do’a” by so called the old man or the ex staff of MAS. Remember they get nothing when they left other than their EPF in their process to look at greener pasture but unfortunately many of them manage to get only ” Taik Kucing”.

    1. Anonymous

      The Capal,
      It’s obvious from your posting you are a ex MAS troll who has his/her own agenda. You have no idea of what good corporate governance is nor how upper management must walk the talk to get employee buy in. It’s best you sink back to where you came from and let real people fix real problems. Silence for MAS is no longer an option. Have a great day.

    2. PI Index 10

      Let me rephrase your first sentence. In any organization, the blatant waste of limited resources ie money is unacceptable and IRRESPONSIBLE behaviour . Next I agree totally with your sentence – there must be something terribly wrong with the organization – to quote our former PM Dr M, he says, like fish, the rot always start from the HEAD first. Next, if staff are to be sacked for “leaking” information, we should apply the SAME stringent standards to top management when they act irresponsibly and hold them accountable for bad decisions which cost the Company monetary losses. Cannot have double standards. How come when it comes to staff, top management want to apply moral and ethical standards when the same does not apply to them? How moral or responsible is it when senior management from departments totally unrelated to the acceptance and delivery of an aircraft go on a joy trip and then turn around to accuse staff who leaked the information of “unethical” behaviour? Funny, when top management need to “turnaround” the Company, they appeal for staff support, but when staff report unethical behaviour on the part of top management, they are threatened with dismissal?
      Back to you, Capal, you are beyond pathetic. No wonder you are bodek-ing AJ, rupa2nya you want concessional travel benefits? How does this reflect on YOUR own morals or ethics? You deserve only “taik kucing”!

  20. testing

    The directors of the Company in office since the date of the last report and at the date of this report are:

    Datuk Mohamed Azman bin Yahya
    Tan Sri Dr. Wan Abdul Aziz bin Wan Abdullah
    Mohammed Rashdan bin Mohd Yusof
    Ahmad Jauhari bin Yahya (appointed on 19 September 2011)
    Tan Sri Dr. Anthony Francis Fernandes (appointed on 11 August 2011)
    Dato’ Kamarudin bin Meranun (appointed on 11 August 2011)
    David Lau Nai Pek (appointed on 9 August 2011)
    Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng @ Krishnan (appointed on 9 August 201)
    Dato’ Rohana binti Tan Sri Datuk Haji Rozhan (appointed on 9 August 2011
    Tan Sri Nik Awang @ Wan Azmi bin Wan Hamzah (appointed on 9 August 2011)
    Tan Sri Md Nor bin Md Yusof (appointed on 1 August 2011)
    Tengku Dato’ Sri Azmil Zahruddin bin Raja Abdul Aziz (resigned on 9 August 2011)
    Keong Choon Keat (resigned on 8 August 2011)
    Martin Gilbert Barrow (resigned on 8 August 2011)
    Datuk Amar Haji Mohamad Morshidi bin Abdul Ghani (appointed on 27 June 2011, resigned on 8 August 2011)
    (ceased as alternate director to Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot on 27 June 2011)
    Datuk Sukarti bin Wakiman (appointed on 22 March 2011, resigned on 8 August 2011) Datuk Seri Panglima Mohd. Annuar bin Zaini (resigned on 7 August 2011)
    Dato’ N. Sadasivan A/L N.N. Pillay (resigned on 7 August 2011)
    Tan Sri Dr. Mohd Munir bin Abdul Majid (resigned on 31 July 2011)
    Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot (resigned on 27 June 2011)
    Datuk Haji Yusoff @ Hunter bin Datuk Haji Mohamed Kasim (resigned on 22 March 2011)
    Eshah binti Meor Suleiman (alternate to Tan Sri Dr. Wan Abdul Aziz bin Wan Abdullah) (appointed on 25 November 2011)
    Datuk Dr. Rahamat Bivi binti Yusoff (alternate to Tan Sri Dr. Wan Abdul Aziz bin Wan Abdullah) (appointed on 1 June 2011, resigned on 18 October 2011)
    Datu Haji Ismawi bin Haji Ismuni (alternate to Datuk Amar Haji Mohamad Morshidi bin Abdul Ghani) (appointed on 27 June 2011, ceased as alternate director on 8 August 2011)
    Datuk Pengiran Hassanel bin Pg. Mohd Tahir (alternate to Datuk Sukarti bin Wakiman) (appointed on 22 March 2011, ceased as alternate director on 8 August 2011)
    Dato’ Puteh Rukiah binti Abd Majid (alternate to Tan Sri Dr. Wan Abdul Aziz bin Wan Abdullah) (resigned on 1 June 2011)
    Dato’ Haji Abdul Rahman bin Haji Abdul Ghani (alternate to Datuk Haji Yusoff @ Hunter bin Datuk Haji Mohamed Kasim) (ceased as alternate director on 22 March 2011)

  21. Anti Pariah

    The biscuit fatty is the chief of the joyriders. What has she contributed beside adding extra weight to the flight. In MAS she is still unable to produce list of talents in MAS except her useless cronies/deadwood. She, Azhari Dahlan and Nor Zalida must go to make MAS a great again.

  22. Heartious congratulations for the achievment of best cabin crew staff.
    It is such an honour to receive it in a row but the sad part here is they
    terminated Foreign crew who also contributed MAS
    for so many years in winning this glory.Being the witness of this victorious journey,MAS have not recognize the effort of foreign crew and
    handed them a temination letter,taken away their rice bowl and shaken the families.

  23. The Capal

    I am surprise no one make any comment about British PM visiting the MAS A380 accompanied by AJ at Fanborough Airshow.. Since you people hates AJ so much, let us put him aside- to hell with him for all we care, my point here I think it was such a great honor for Malaysian to receive a dignitary like David Brown who spent time to visit the a/c. Proud to be Malay.

    1. Razak of MAS

      Tell us how to LOVE or like that clueless AJ. Please look at what he had done for MAS:

      1. He allowed and endorsed the appointment of Shane Nollan and PlaneConsult.

      2. He allowed and endorsed the appointment of Rozman Omar and Azhari from AirAsia.

      3. The allowed the appointment of the half past sick Nor Zalida and the biscuit lady who is suffering of obesity.

      4. He gave the additional Sydney flight to AAX.

      5. He allowed and endorsed the termination profitable routes to Bandung, Surabaya, Dubai, Haneda and others (Bandung and Haneda Slot has been taken by AAX. AAX wanted to take the Dubai slot but the Dubai authority didn’t want a low class airline to fly there.)

      6. He agreed to uplift the 35,000 AAX passengers with fares inclusive of taxes which were below the market fares offer to MAS own passengers.

      7. He increased MAS A & P budget from 2% to 4% i.e. RM560 million) when the clueless said that MAS is bleeding.

      8. He allowed and endorsed the appointment of Ogilvy Mather and Landor Associate to change the established livery and lago without producing any result or extra revenue after 10 months which is just a honeymoon for him to fly to London damn bloody often to see his wife.

      9. Still unconfirmed whether MAS is ferrying AA passengers to Mendinah via its charter Division.

      10. After the share swap has been unwound he still allowed the Pariah and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun of AA to travel for free.

      11. He brought Al-Ishal Ishak into MAS and made him the SVP for Marketing and Promotions when he has no such qualification or quality to hold such post.

      12. Last but not least, he called us MAS staffs “Low productivity staffs”.

      There are too many to list here like condoning that Nanny Danny abusing his power.

      With the above, do you expect us to support a bodoh like him who will do everything to please the Pariah!

      No MD with MAS interest at heart would have given Sydney, Bandung, Surabaya and Haneda to other airline. Only the clueless AJ would do it and make MAS staffs look like fool.

      Alright it was a nice feeling to know that British PM visited our A380. It was a one day affairs but the clueless AJ is in Farnborough for the past 1 week.

      What is the point for him to be there for the past one week. The CEO should be in KL to manage MAS especially when MAS is bleeding.

      Just look at what AJ has done for the past 10 months. Just nothing except coming up with many organisational charts, 2 e-mails in 2 hours to praise Nanny Danny, so many Business Plans that were all unworkable.

      You can have your clueless AJ but not me and other MAS staffs, I believe.

      Please think before you open your mouth to defend this idiot.

      1. Omar

        You beat me with your reply Razak. Thank you for the good summary. You have forgotten to state that as a result of AJ the clueless that MAS had to pay million to reconfigure the A380 plus the fuel cost for flying two and fro from Toulouse. How about the additional cost for the respray! All these have been done when MAS is bleeding according to AJ. Bloody stupid isn’t it.

        Why was the clueless so desperate in dying to help the Pariah when MAS is bleeding? I agree that no CEO of any other airlines would agree to the fares which the idiot agreed with the Pariah. I rest my case.

        Capal please try harder net time and use another name please.

  24. Antigajibuta

    There was an article i read somewhere that said MAS gonna re-retrofit the A380’s 1st Class seats to upper deck, so that the so called 1st Class pax which are most of them are free loader) dont seat at the same level as EY pax. If this is true then there goes the money again…kalau camni, mana tak bleeding!! Bodoh punya AJ…cakap tak serupa bikin!!

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