AJ & Zahrah Zaid brought back the A380!

AJ & Zaharah Zaid with their entourage visiting the airbus factory in Toulouse.

En Ahamd Jauhari Yahya (AJ), the Group CEO of MAS, and Puan Zahrah Zaid, the Head of Human Capital of MAS, with an entourage of  80 people brought back the A380 from Toulouse to KL. The A380 arrived KL this morning at about 9:30 am.

Puan Zahrah Zaid, the Head of Human Capital of MAS

Puan Zahrah Zaid was from Danone biscuit company and she was appointed after the infamous MAS-AirAsia share swap. Rumour has it that she is a very experience and capable person dealing with human capital. Hence she was appointed as the Head of Human Capital in MAS.  It is believed that MAS needed her “vast experience” in the biscuit company on board of the A380 to handle the other 80 people.

This was the second time that the A380 was brought back from Toulouse. The first time was on 30-5-2012 where AJ and Amok’s most trusted crony En Mohammad Rashdan Yusuf aka Danny brought it back. Sometime in June, the A380 was flown back to Toulouse for reconfiguration. The pertinent questions that many people have been asking were:

Why the A380 was not properly configured when AJ and Rashdan took delivery on 30-5-2012?

If the A380 was not properly configured by Airbus according to the specifications required, why MAS accepted delivery on 30-5-2012?

Was MAS responsible for the fuel cost totaling about RM2 million from Toulouse to KL and back to Toulouse?

Can MAS staffs help with the answers?

23 thoughts on “AJ & Zahrah Zaid brought back the A380!

  1. anti khazanah and maseu!an

    She may be very expert in biscuit company but not in airlines. For me she expert in abusing human and never think about employee welfare and their future. Damn you slut… Go back to your biscuit company! This slut and stupid MASEU (who robbed 1 million money from the members) agree some of the cabin crew who already commit their future, transfer in force manner to golden lounge with less allowances and benefits or in other word DOWNGRADED. F..k ZZ! Why dont you transfer to Golden Lounge and work there? Again F..k u ZZ! Where is their job security with MAS as cabin crew?

    1. Makan angin

      Daily allowances of RM600 for Uk and RM500 for France also paid for by Airbus? Which planet are you from? There is no such thing as a free lunch. Marketing strategy? Hohoho, how many seats do you think ZZ can sell for us?

    2. Masuk angin keluar asap

      No wonder MAS is in deep trouble with your kind of thinking. You think Airbus is a half-past-six company ah, don’t know how to do simple arithmetic like you? Mestilah all these cost already included in the price MAS paid for the aircraft. Pendek kata, we already paid for the fuel and everything, and we didnt realise it? If Airbus did accounts like you, they would have closed shop long time ago, tinggal seluar dalam aje tau?
      please print out the names of the 80, let us help to identify yang mana BETUL BETUL part of the so-called “marketing strategy” and which ones were the hoorayhooray ones. Lets get it out once and for all, or else people like Hamid will still try to justify the unjustifiable.

      1. weechookeong

        Masuk angin keluar asap

        I can identify a few that were on “makan angin” trip.

        Have a nice day.

        WIth kindest regards

        wee choo keong

    3. Kantoi

      Its not 80 people. It’s 83 – Bigdog took 3 seats. Read his blog posting. Nothing hebat la, he could have just copy paste from the Comms handouts, sounds just as dry. Cant blame him, after looking at the interior that day, sorry to say lah, nothing oomphh about it, especially if you have seen the SQ ,Emirates and Qantas interiors. I think after the first few months when people want to try the new aircraft, the excitement will fizzle out, and then the real challenge begins. How to fill up the aircraft? Aiyo, why did I just ask such a stupid question? Fill it up with more hoorayhooray groups, and then, use the excuse – “marketing stategies”. Come on lah Hamid, kalu nak jadi barua pun, pandai lah sikit.

  2. Clueless AJ

    The TOPless Management under AJ and Nanny Danny thought they were buying a bus. They decide to have certain numbers of seats for business class and First Class previously and suddenly they changed their minds.

    Reconfiguration cost money and MAS will have to foot a lot of money for this exercise. This is what you get when you have clueless idiots running MAS. MAS is bleeding and they are making it worst by the day.

    Thank God that Nanny Danny has finished with MAS at 5 pm today. We don’t have to see his face again but we had to put up with another clueless AJ.

    Wonder when this clueless AJ going to throw in the towel and accept the fact that he is just incapable to handle the job.

  3. Kulaan Sugih

    With the new seats reconfiguration ordered by TF and Rashy , few rows of economy seats are to be replaced/removed.

    This “old seats/removed seats” cost around USD 800,000.00 per ship set .

    Airbus had told MAS to take it home as Airbus factory in Toulouse don’t have any space to store it .

    It may end up in car boot sale near Shah Alam stadium , selling at MYR 100.00 per seat.

    The seat manufacturer won’t take it back and refund it and other airlines wont buy it coz different airlines had different seat type and IFE (In flight Entertainment) fitted on it.

    This is how MAS bleeds, the so called decision by top management who are paid top salaries .

    But when it come to staff welfare , night meal allowance 5 ringgit pun dia orang nak potong…….cut cost konon………..

      1. FEDUP

        In the history of MAS, nobody gets hanged for things like this. In fact, if the people who made these kind of decisions follow the well-honed tai-chi rules and they have godfathers, they may even be PROMOTED and given bigger roles to play, and more money to waste. You want Dr Don to remedy this?No way. He is also part of the history that bred the culture of “the bigger you fumble, the higher you will go” provided of course, you have that Godfather.

  4. Sharifah

    Hello YB, ini orang semua makan angin lah! Be careful YB, they might offer you to take back the next plane. If they do, sound the siren ok.

  5. Anonymous

    I would be interested to know who the 80 people were. It’s a absolute waste of money sending your own staff for the redelivery and then pretending it’s an inaugural flight back to KL. The management are not only clueless but also very apt at throwing money away for their own benefit. Revisit how SQ did their inaugural flight with class and foresight. This end result is more Rakyaat’s money lost at the pleasure of a few who now say we can only be profitable by 2014? I doubt that would happen with more of these events planned.

    1. Makan angin

      OF COURSE we will be “profitable” by 2014. Just open the history books and AJ and gang will find all the “tricks of the trade” to declare “profit” -now let me see if I can recall some of these tricks…ah yes, sell off assets starting with Subang, cook the books in reverse , instead of provisioning in advance like they did this year, defer the provisions, do another WAU, and finally, get another sukuk, maybe this time loot our EPF fund. See, so easy? Meanwhile, make hay while the sun shines, hoorayhooray at every opportunity under the flimsiest of reasons. And there is still one more trick left – quit just before the shit hits the fan again, and leave it to the next Khazanah appointed buffon to clear the mess, and this new guy (like AJ) will call it “national service” which only pays a miserable salary of RM250,000 a month.
      No need to read horoscopes, we can predict this because it is as predictable as watching third grade Tamil movie re-runs – we know the whole storyline and script by heart!!
      Anyway can somebody please share with us who were the 80 people on the flight?

  6. Franky

    YB please publish the list of the special entourage led by the biscuit lady. We are all waiting to see it and we will tell who are the makan angin on MAS fund.

  7. Perwira Malam

    And why has MAS come up with an INFERIOR product compared to their rivals Singapore airlines and Emirates? And they had to send the plane back to Toulouse to get it refurbished? Crazy. Always 5 years behind their rivals. I have always stated for many years that cutting cost in the front line services will drive customers away. They were one of the best a few years ago even in economy, now they are trailing even behind Garuda Indonesia.
    The cost cutting should be at the top – brainless directors and other freeloading parasites; followed by other one sided deals like the LSG-Sky chef catering services. RM 6.25 billion for 25 years??? wow.
    Plus good ol’ Uncle Tony also screwed MAS by dismantling Firefly and setting MAS back a few years. Don’t forget stealing Tokyo Haneda traffic slots; messing about with rural air services in Malaysian Borneo and the QPR sponsorship.
    No wonder he ran away to Jakarta. I would.

    1. FEDUP

      How can you say INFERIOR product? Do you know or not, for the 8 first class seats, these wise guys spent RM6million for the crockery and cutlery (pinggan mangkok) alone? Top class fine bone china, dont play play.Okaylah, if six A380, this means RM6million for 48 seats in total. So please do the simple arithmetic and tell me how long before we get our money back on this one “investment” alone? The product not inferior, its the DECISION MAKING that is INFERIOR. What can we expect, semua ikut CON-sultant, pay millions to be conned.

  8. Tan Chak Pin

    What is the maximum capacity of the A380 and what is the maximum load MAS have for it’s most lucrative sector? anything above 450? You see…buying the A380 is ??????

  9. Headhunter

    I recognize the CEO of MASWings. 4th from the right wearing white shirt. Didn’t know MASWings is planning to operate the A380. The runway at Bario maybe a wee bit too short.

    1. Guess Who?

      Do you recognise the short fellow at far right? That one lah is from HC, using Maseu reps on the flight as his excuse to tag along, because he supposedly jaga the unions. But, no prizes for guessing who is 4th from left ok. With red handbag some more.

  10. Voice of a Crew

    Sad but true – MAS, once the envy of many airlines in the region and around the world with the World’s Best Cabin Crew ( 6 times winner ), now a distant memory with even Garuda taking accolades while MAS is left in tatters, no thanks to most of the self praised, useless, hopeless managers and directors.

    This must be payback/karma ~ for treating your staff and crew like dirt, while you enjoyed the recognitions, awards and benefits that the staff and crew worked so hard to win…

    And until you (AJ and gang) stop all the bullsh*t and re-engage your staff and crew with respect and understanding, you will never succeed in getting whatever you plan to work and implement successfully. You really don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand this, or DO YOU?

  11. Ms Zahara Zaid Fan

    This was a great opportunity to have a paid holiday on MAS’s account. There is no change in management tact of don’t bother what I do but follow what AA consultants have advised. The MAS ship is Captainless as he burdens the responsibility of allowing this blatant abuse to occur in front of him. He did NOTHING but condone it. This is hilarious except for every ringgit spent MAS has to generate 100 times in turnover to recover what has been spent. The MAS recovery saga is far from done. There is not even a glimmer with this showing.

  12. usjT

    Such a large entourage of 80, to do what? Does MAS know what they are doing? Isn’t it any wonder why MAS is high in it’s expenditure, and making losses, spending and paying unnecessarily? How to make money when such simple maths does not seem to make any sense to the top management and board of directors of MAS. Truly “Mana Ada Sense”.

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