MAS 2011 Report: 2 Exec Directors salaries & benefits RM3,755,000

The new livery on MAS A380. Isn’t it very attractive? Wonder what was the design cost? An airline with two logos!

Updates @2:15 pm on 28-6-2012: Yours truly has been reliably informed that Tan Sri Azman Yahya of SCOMI is still holding on to the directorship of MAS despite the unhappiness expressed by the shareholders during the MAS AGM on 21-6-2012.  Can someone in MAS help with more information on the IT related contracts?
Below are the excerpts from MAS Annual Report 2011.

The following Statement of Corporate Governance outlines the manner in which MAS has complied with the principles and best practices of the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance (revised 2007).

The Board of Directors

Roles and Responsibilities

The Board is responsible for determining the Company’s long-term direction, business objectives and strategy. The Board adopts a formal schedule to decide on matters requiring its approval. This covers:

  • A review and adoption of long-term objectives and strategy, capital and funding requirements, operating plans, major investments and disposals, financial statements and dividends.
  • Succession planning for senior management.
  • Ensuring that the Company has adequate resources to meet its objectives.
  • Ensuring that an effective safety and risk management system is maintained.
  • Monitoring the Company’s performance and ensuring that it acts ethically and meets its responsibilities to all stakeholders

Category of Directors

1 Non-Independent and Non-Executive Chairman 

2 Executive Directors 

4 Non-Independent and Non-Executive Directors

4 Independent and Non-Executive Directors 

There are a total of 11 Directors.

The Non-Executive Directors provide a mix of related industry-specific knowledge as well as broad government, business and commercial experience. Non-Executive Directors do not participate in the day-to-day management of the Company and are free from any relationship that could interfere with their ability to exercise independent judgement and act in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders.

The Board believes that its present structure and composition satisfactorily reflects the investment of its shareholders, and serves to provide clear and effective leadership to the Group.

The number of Directors whose total remuneration during the financial year within the following bands is:

2 Executive Directors Salaries & other emoluments: RM2,726,000 and Benefits: RM1,029,000  Total: RM3,755,000

9 Non Executive Director Salaries & Emoluments:  RM721,000

Total Director salaries, emoluments and benefits RM4, 476,000

The number of Directors whose total remuneration during the financial year within the following bands is:

Executive directors:

1 director below RM500,000 (If we were to take RM500,000 a year, the monthly salary is RM83,333-00)

1 director RM500,001 to RM1,000,000 (If we were to take RM1 million a year, the monthly salary is RM42,667-00)

1 director RM2,500,001 to RM3,000,000 (If we were to take RM3 million a year, the monthly salary is RM250,000.00)

(The total yearly remunerations for three executive directors cost MAS RM4.5 million!)

Non-executive directors:

19 directors below RM50,000

3 directors RM50,001 to RM100,000 

2 directors RM100,001 to RM150,000

(19 directors were inclusive of the directors prior to 9-8-2011, when the MAS – AirAsia share swap was inked by Tan Sri Azman Mokhatr MD of Kazanah and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.)

The Board has chosen not to disclose remuneration of Directors on an individual basis as suggested by the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance (revised 2007) as the Board believes that such information will not add significantly to the understanding and evaluation of the Group’s standards of corporate governance.

The directors of the Company in office since the date of the last report and at the date of this report are:
  • Datuk Mohamed Azman bin Yahya
  • Tan Sri Dr. Wan Abdul Aziz bin Wan Abdullah
  • Mohammed Rashdan bin Mohd Yusof
  • Ahmad Jauhari bin Yahya (appointed on 19 September 2011)
  • Tan Sri Dr. Anthony Francis Fernandes (appointed on 11 August 2011)
  • Dato’ Kamarudin bin Meranun (appointed on 11 August 2011)
  • David Lau Nai Pek (appointed on 9 August 2011)
  • Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng @ Krishnan (appointed on 9 August 201)
  • Dato’ Rohana binti Tan Sri Datuk Haji Rozhan (appointed on 9 August 2011
  • Tan Sri Nik Awang @ Wan Azmi bin Wan Hamzah (appointed on 9 August 2011)
  • Tan Sri Md Nor bin Md Yusof (appointed on 1 August 2011)
  • Tengku Dato’ Sri Azmil Zahruddin bin Raja Abdul Aziz (resigned on 9 August 2011)
  • Keong Choon Keat (resigned on 8 August 2011)
  • Martin Gilbert Barrow (resigned on 8 August 2011)
  • Datuk Amar Haji Mohamad Morshidi bin Abdul Ghani (appointed on 27 June 2011, resigned on 8 August 2011)
  • (ceased as alternate director to Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot on 27 June 2011)
  • Datuk Sukarti bin Wakiman (appointed on 22 March 2011, resigned on 8 August 2011) Datuk Seri Panglima Mohd. Annuar bin Zaini (resigned on 7 August 2011)
    Dato’ N. Sadasivan A/L N.N. Pillay (resigned on 7 August 2011)
    Tan Sri Dr. Mohd Munir bin Abdul Majid (resigned on 31 July 2011)
  • Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot (resigned on 27 June 2011)
  • Datuk Haji Yusoff @ Hunter bin Datuk Haji Mohamed Kasim (resigned on 22 March 2011)
  • Eshah binti Meor Suleiman (alternate to Tan Sri Dr. Wan Abdul Aziz bin Wan Abdullah) (appointed on 25 November 2011)
  • Datuk Dr. Rahamat Bivi binti Yusoff (alternate to Tan Sri Dr. Wan Abdul Aziz bin Wan Abdullah) (appointed on 1 June 2011, resigned on 18 October 2011)
  • Datu Haji Ismawi bin Haji Ismuni (alternate to Datuk Amar Haji Mohamad Morshidi bin Abdul Ghani) (appointed on 27 June 2011, ceased as alternate director on 8 August 2011)
  • Datuk Pengiran Hassanel bin Pg. Mohd Tahir (alternate to Datuk Sukarti bin Wakiman) (appointed on 22 March 2011, ceased as alternate director on 8 August 2011)
  • Dato’ Puteh Rukiah binti Abd Majid (alternate to Tan Sri Dr. Wan Abdul Aziz bin Wan Abdullah) (resigned on 1 June 2011)
  • Dato’ Haji Abdul Rahman bin Haji Abdul Ghani (alternate to Datuk Haji Yusoff @ Hunter bin Datuk Haji Mohamed Kasim) (ceased as alternate director on 22 March 2011)

Whistle Blower policy

The Group’s Whistle Blower Policy provides an internal mechanism for employees to raise their concerns responsibly about malpractices, irregularities and negligence affecting MAS, without fear of adverse repercussions. The appropriately managed whistle blower system functions as an internal control mechanism to allow for effective action to be taken and to provide preventive measures to ensure that the integrity of the Company is maintained.

Corporate Approving Authority Manuals

A re-compilation of the existing Corporate Approving Authority Manual (CAAM) for ease of reference and compliance was made in early 2012. It is important that the CAAM is reviewed continuously to maintain its relevance with organisational and industry changes. The Station Approving Authority Manual (SAAM) and System-wide Station Internal Control Manual (SSICM) complement the CAAM in defining authority levels and accountability for business activities at the stations. As a pivotal internal control mechanism, the CAAM seeks to promote greater managerial discipline, accountability and transparency in the performance of identified operational and management decision-making activities.

Under Material Contracts

It would appear that the lope sided catering agreement dated 25-9-2003 between MAS and LSG Sky Chef Brahim’s Sdn Bhd for 25 years totaling RM6.25 billion was not disclosed under this category.

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52 thoughts on “MAS 2011 Report: 2 Exec Directors salaries & benefits RM3,755,000

  1. Sudah terang lagi menyuloh

    YB, many things written in the annual report are “indah khabar dari rupa”. The Whistleblower policy is a great example. Any WB policy is only as good as the people who manage it, and in reality, it sucks. On the ground, it is so full of selective prosecution and double standards especially when it involves staff from certain divisions namely HC. Rules made for staff are not applicable to HC , staff, who will protect their own. The folly is, when a whistleblower investigation is completed, and if there is a misconduct found, it will be sent to HC for disciplinary action. Thats when HC will drag their feet or simply bury the file if it involves one of their own staff., even in the face of clear evidence! How can MAS really turnaround if these kind of proctices are allowed to fester?

    1. Pak Belalang

      Dear YB Wee and Sudah terang lagi menyuluh.

      For your info, the 1st MAS A380 should be staedy on its way from Toulouse and should arrive in KLIA with eighty souls on board at 9am in the morning.

      Malaysian would be proud to know that the state of art flagship is being piloted by our very own qualified home-grown pilots with technical supported provided by a team of equally qualified Malaysian engineers, plus our world-class award-winning cabin crew members.

      However, the same cannot be said about other members of the delivery entourage who seems to lack valid justification or operational reason to be a part of the ferry flight.

      Fancy this – What a bunch of pen-pushers from Human Capital (under the captainship of “Biscuit Lady”) and others from non-operational departments got to do with aircraft delivery flight except probably to have “huray-huray” paid vacation to London and Paris?

      Same goes to the clowns from Internal Audits, Sales and External Relations. What can they contribute to safe conduct of the the ferry flight? Unless of course they were all there to reward themselves with a paid holiday!!!!!

      AJ is on board again for the second time. Justified? I dont know. Anyway, he should have tighten the leash and not allow the others who have no role in the ferry flight. He should also be concerned on the unnecessary extra cost, unless he still as clueless as shown during the AGM. Or he probably think that its OK to do so now that Nanny Danny is not on board????

      1. Sudah terang lagi menyuloh

        Pak Belalang’s views are spot on. Right after the “sukuk” financing, which allowed MAS to “sustain continued operations” , including, we are told, payment of salaries,using PENSIONERS money, the very least MAS should do is display prudence and austerity in all its actions.
        To bring 80 staff, more than half who have nothing to do with the safe delivery of the A380 back, is CRIMINAL and INSENSITIVE!! What is the cost of flying this group to London, then interline on British airways to Toulouse? The entourage left in batches from 25th June to 27th June. A rough estimation of daily allowances alone, the daily allowance for UK is RM600, for France RM500 and hotel accomodation in London alone is a few HUNDRED THOUSAND ringgit!
        And as mentioned by Pak Belalang, what on earth does a bunch of paper pushers (and INCOMPETENT paper pushers at that) from HC got to do with the ferrying of the A380 back. Its a clear fully paid holiday, a REWARD for their “performance?”
        It is high time not only all MAS staff, but the Malaysian rakyat do something about all this nonsense once and for all!

  2. Anak Korish

    Talk of Whistle Blower, was MAS fair to Joyce Tan for doing her job as IFS to report as she see it?

    Itu pun ada usaha nak hustle her and twist her report with something else.

    WHat happenb to Danny Nanny scandal? Swept under the carpet????

  3. The Tak Malu Directors

    Those Board of Directors appointed by the little napoleons in Khazanah are just gaji buta. Tiada maruah. Ptui! When it involved increment of staff salary of RM10 they will say MAS cannot afford because MAS is bleeding.

    The good for nothing directors like AJ and Nanny Danny are paid RM250,000 and RM83,000 plus other perks. AJ is so highly paid to take phone calls from the Pariah for instructions like to abandon Sydney route for AAX, uplift AAX passengers with very low fares and kow tow to the Pariah.

    With that type of salary scale, perks and unlimited first class free travel, no wonder that Dato Rohana Rozhan and Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng are hanging on to their directorship despite being condemned by the shareholders during the AGM!

    In fact they are so ashamed of themselves that they dare not publish their individual salary in the Annual report which is require under the Code. Thank you YB for highlighting this in the report:

    “The Board has chosen not to disclose remuneration of Directors on an individual basis as suggested by the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance (revised 2007) as the Board believes that such information will not add significantly to the understanding and evaluation of the Group’s standards of corporate governance.”

    1. Puak Gaji Buta

      Puak2 tak malu ni nak terima gaji buta tetapi malu nak masukkan dlan Lapuran Tahunan 2011 MAS kerana mereka tahu sendiri bahawa mereka tak layak memengang jawatan director dan terima gaji. Gaji yang diterima adalan gaji buta aje.

    2. Anonymous

      Although their individual remunerations of each directors may not have been disclosed in the annual report, during the AGM, the chairman TSMN did reply to a question that the BoD do not receive salaries but a monthly allowance of RM1,000 per month (and travel benefits).

      Don’t confuse non-executive and executive directors.

      It is the 3 executive directors that earned a total of RM3.5 Mill.

  4. Lee

    At least the SCOMI director Tan Sri Azman Yahya and Tan Sri Azmi has some dignity by resigning for they felt that the shareholders have questioned their integrity. But The others like Dato’ Rohana of ASTRO and Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng of IJM are just thick skin. Their directors fees and perks are another forms of the leakages. No wonder MAS is bleeding.

  5. fedup


  6. fedup

    Really…. ???

    19 directors below RM50,000

    3 directors RM50,001 to RM100,000

    2 directors RM100,001 to RM150,000

    Now you tell me if you don’t / won’t vomit blood…. knowing that while you choke on Maggi Mee and “frozen/tapau-ed food” from home (just because you don’t have a decent roster/allowances) you get to know that our top directors are handsomely paying themselves 5-6 figures in remunerations….

    While they continue to sit in their air-conditioned offices, the backbone and the ambassadors of the airlines ( the “excess” cabin crew ) are being ‘forced’ to accept non-negotiable terms of being transferred to work at the Golden Lounge. Accept the transfers or resign. To add insult to injury – all the newer crew are without July flight rosters. Foreign crew (whom has served loyally for many years) are also told to “get lost”.

    Thank you very much MAS directors. Now you know why the your Worlds Best Cabin Crew 6 times in the past, is so f**king demoralised !!

    1. viper1909

      Well said and to add the spices seconded mh crew to qatar airlines…ptuiii Aj n Hc…with everyday ppl cursing u get it soon…

      1. fedup

        viper > what else to say…. sampai kering ludah tiap hari menyumpah kat lakhnat lakhnat yang digelar direktor direktor yang tak ada direction.
        nak mengadu kat siapa lagi,…

  7. syed jamil

    2 Executive Directors Salaries & other emoluments: RM2,726,000 and Benefits: RM1,029,000 Total: RM3,755,000.
    Ya and cabin crew is paid $8 ringgit an hour.
    Cost cutting and “sweating of assets” should start from the top
    and why the non disclosure?
    AJ you said you were doing “national service” in MAS and you have the cheek to accept such a huge pay packet and perks.
    This is utter disgusting!

  8. leong

    how to not demoralise by these idiot sitting up there drawing huge salaries and perks. We the normal staffs being told that we are unproductive. Look at how productive these idiot are. AJ good in coming up with organisational charts and many Business Plans which were all koyak.

    Then you have ASTRO girl called Rohana Rozhan who is just a Pariah’s kuncu and Tan Boon Seng the Khazanah’s kuncu. Are they independent? Do they know about aviation? Nothing. Good for nothing and being paid well bearing in mind that they are as clueless as AJ.

    AJ tak malu drawing RM250,000 a month (RM8,300 a day). His only qualification is because he is clueless and a crony of he Pariah.

  9. Hamid

    Wee.I dont understand you still attacking on MAS account.That account was incurred in 2010.Who was incharge.You should ask Munir Majid and Dato sri Azmil the MD.

    You should blame Pak Lah and not Najib .

    1. Abang kasim

      Hamid, you are obviously not that smart. TDM started it, PL screwed up further,now it is a major test for najib either to fix it or c4 it. Either way, the public will continue to expose it. We cannot fix what we dont see. Panji Hitam.

  10. Ragu

    If that bullshitter AJ gets RM250,000 a month, how about TS Azman Mokhtar of Khazanah. Must be at least RM500,000 per month. Obviously cannot be lower than AJ the bullshitter.

  11. Franky

    Look at the way they presented the salary scale. Even for 2 directors the idiots had to fool us by stating the range between RM500,000 to RM1 million. Why can’t they be candid to state AJ RM250,000 and Nanny Danny X RM.

    They are learning very fast from the little Napoleon from Khazanah. The accountants Ernst and Young are playing balls with them. That’s why they have been paid almost a million RM for the account.

    It seems that there was no mention of the Slumber jack salary. Heard the Slumber Jack has been paid handsomely for sleeping in the office of MAS. Another wastage. The Slumber Jack should be sacked.

  12. anonymous

    why is Malaysia Airlines being played till now.Why the ongoing story.Do you need to keep it going for other reasons.what is your game.

    1. FEDUP

      are you stupid or what? its because many rotting and rotten issues are still unresolved. And now MORE rakyat’s money is once again used to keep MAS afloat. So long as the clueless AJ and team do not do something quick to stop the rot, they should leave, or in another 18 months, another “sukuk” will be needed. Next time, stupid, it could be YOUR pension fund that will be looted.

  13. Anonymous

    YB, anda telah melakukan pekerjaan yang hebat di sini dengan MAS dan AirAsia. Saya juga menyarankan jika anda boleh melakukan perkara yang sama untuk perolehan dan proses tender di ASTRO yang sangat ragui.

  14. Huzlan

    Instead of getting gaji buta in MAS, Datuo Rohana should spend more time in monitoring ASTRO to ensure that there are no advertisement being aired in ASTRO. ASTRO is a paid TV channel and we have paid subscriptions of more than RM100 a month. Unlike TV3 where it is free then we have to accept TV advertisement or commercial.

    Dato Rohana stop pretending that you re an aviation expert by using your SMILE as your answers to all questions posed.

    YB please take note that ASTRO has been slotting in many commercial/advertisements in between its programes. ASTRO has been showing repeated movies over and over again. These unfair practices should also be brought up to Parliament.

    Dato Rohana tak malu kah dicaci oleh pemengang saham dalam AGM. May be free first class travel in MAS is more important than MARUAH.

    1. Muak

      Huzlan, I agree with you. Astro dishes out repeat programs ad nauseum. We subscribers have been shortchanged far too long and are fed-up. Dato Rohana should clean up her own turf first before stepping into MAS or other people’s territory to offer her two cents’ worth, yet getting perks many times over.

  15. Jimmy


    I agree with your views on ASTRO. Hope that Datuk Rohana will stop pretending to be an aviation expert when she is not looking after the interest of the ASTRO subscribers. Why must we subjected to watch commercials when we are paying subscription.

    YB please bring this up in Parliament as this is an unfair practices by ASTRO. Rohana is just similar to Rashdan. Thick skin and will hold on to the directorship in MAS to get the gaji buta and benefits.

    Pleas highlight about ASTRO’s nonsense.

  16. Tan Chak Pin

    You are right…ASTRO is slotting more and more commercials lately..I believe staff at ASTRO can confirmed that…Why we have to pay for PAYTV if the programmes are mostly repeated and rubbish…YB, I second the request of Jimmy / Huslan to bring the matter up in your next sitting.

  17. anonymous

    Hello fed up. Now no airlines are making money with the fuel costs. Dont just look at Malaysia Airlines. All airlines are for the country.It is so easy to criticise.
    Talk is cheap. Let things settle and see what happens . Do not keep on playing it up. Staff get demoralised.

    1. Anonymous

      double fedup
      Hello please get your facts right. Who say no airlines is making money. According to data on 11 june 2012 in the indonesian stock exchange it shows that Garuda Indonesia was making profit. So dont divert the topic

  18. Jeremy Lim

    Now everything seem to be coming out one by one. Now the 10% of AirAsia X that Khazanah was supposed to buy under the share swap may be belong to Virgin Atlantic after all. This is the deal that YB told in this blog that Azman Mokhtar said it was a dodgy deal!

    Of course, the Edge will provide a slant to help AAX. It would not have been published if Ho Kay Tat is still there. Now Ho Kay Tat is the CEO of The Star. Suddenly we see Tony Fernandes was appointed Director of Star.

    All the shits are hitting the fan.

  19. Lokman

    MAS staffs are counting the days for Nanny Danny to leave for good with no more connection whatsoever – another 3 more days! Then Rozman Omar, Azhari, AJ, Azman Yahya and Rohana the Astro girl trying to be an aviation expert. Now ASTRO kena whacked for airing commercials.

  20. anonymous

    garuda makes money because most of their flights are not to europe which costs lots of money.They fly mostly in asean and indonesia.malaysia airlines have to even fly to americas which costs a there are not many first class passengers so airline find problems finding these passengers.look even air asia cancell flights to london and europe.malaysia airlines role is different.
    let it settle and see what happens. malaysia airlines can make it if people allow it by itself and not play it for their own agendas.what is rotten and rotting have to stop if they are allowed to be stopped.if not the staff will be disillusioned and demoralised.long before any malaysian companies put malaysia on the world map malaysia airlines was out there ..all because of the was there and it is still there and it will be out there.

    1. Pak Pandir II

      Dear “anonymous”, I respect your views but I think YB Wee and the others like “Pak Belalang” and “Sudah terang lagi menyuluh” have their points too.

      It is just not enough that they got rid of Tony Baloney and his cronies who were out for their own gain and agenda.

      MNY MUST step in and take positive action to rid the airline of clueless management as well as fix leakages perpetrated and/or condoned by unscrupulous HODs who commit breach of trust or were unashamely taking MAS for a ride with their unjustified free-spending and paid-holidays for the slightest excuse.

      If you allow the “huray-huray” proponent to florish, it will be a matter of time for MAS to nose-dive, spiral out of control and be doomed…..

  21. Shareholder

    You MAS Staff really need to get your head straight.

    Previously, you rave and rant in not being given the opportunity to experience the ferry flight because you are not connected to the aircraft project. You accuse the management of being unfair and those connected to the project of keeping it to themselves.

    Now the management has opened it up to the deserving staff. In some cases the ferry flight ticket was won in a lucky draw, to give these unconnected staff the opportunity to fly on the ferry flight. You still complained about “half of these people are not connected to the project”. Sheesh.

    I would like to highlight that there are some uninion excos on the flight.

    Think about the many others minority shareholders, like me, whose shares are now worth less than a quarter of our initial investment. All we got to show for it is a free tea and a hand towel. We are not even invited for the aircraft arrival event.

    Soon the shares will will not be worth anything and the towel is to wipe away our tears.

    1. Pak Pandir 1

      You must be the stupidest shareholder in MAS if not the whole universe if you MISS the point. The point here is not only who were brought along for the hooray-hooray, the POINT here, stupid, is the senseless spending of BORROWED money! So what if the union came along? Hello, may I ask WHICH union? MASEU of course, as a REWARD for signing the CA when the battle was in full swing to unwind the Share swap thus giving AJ the chance to LIE to Parliament that the staff were all behind him because the CA already signed. And by bringing the Maseu people, that was such a convenient excuse for the incompetent HC guys to go also, isnt it?
      Is that what you meant by “deserving” staff? You know what all staff deserve? We deserve to be spared the kind of nonsense you are sprouting, we deserve to see management walk the talk, if we are bleeding , STOP these kind of leakages, we deserve to be given credit for the BRAINS that we have to be able to see through your nauseating spin OK?
      You must be one of the “friendly” shareholders planted by MAS management to sit in the AGM and to quickly raise you hands to second any motion isn’t it? Whilst the majority of the share-holders were doing their DUTY and gasak-ing the Board, you must have been in a corner waiting for the cue to raise your hands only, is it? Shame on you! You dont even deserve the bottle of water or the hand towel – give it back to MAS, right now!

      1. Shareholder

        If this is the kind of response from an MAS Staff, it is no wonder that MAS is in the state it is in today.

        You must be one of those left out.

  22. anonymous

    Dear Pak Pandir II
    Thank you. I dont know who these people are on the flight and for what reason.yes correct now malaysia airlines staff must be frugal but then they have been frugal all the while. the last time they smelled bonus was some 15 years ago.I must recomend you read the book..rape of nangking. interesting book. just like malaysia airlines .. the abuses is inside and also from outside.double whammy.anyway MNY is also clueless or else he will do in malaysia airlines catering to slumber jack brother and all the buildings in KLIA.
    he must be the first to go.but i suppose the perks are good for him.the wau is his all malaysia airlines have after all the assets have been sold by another clueless ceo are the staff..thank god for the book yes i agree there are so many clueless top management and all vested interests.some have gone but there are the others waiting to play the same games.malaysia airlines have been a good vehicle for all these abuses for people outside and also time now for good clean up.

  23. Hazrin

    just to follow up on that datuk Rohana from Astro. She better stop wasting MAS money by staying on as director of MAS as she has little or no contribution to MAS. She better take good care of ASTRO and ensure that no commercials are aired as it is not fair to the subscribers. We paid subscriptions and we don’t want to watch rubbish like commercial so that ASTRO makes more money from the commercial.

    Bloody kuncu of the Pariah.

  24. Pak Pandir 1

    Both your postings are utterly disgraceful. YOUR kind of thinking, and I am sure you are a MAS staff trying to “salvage” a totally untenable situation here, is the kind that has led MAS into the hole it is in today.Am I one of those left out? Hello, did it ever occur to you that anyone with a CONSCIENCE and a sense of right and wrong, and a real love for the Company will NOT want to be on a hoorayhooray trip knowing full well the financial situation the Company is in. In fact, the so-called lucky draw winners at the longservice award dinner would have been quite happy with a joyride to Langkawi, but no, because some of those with YOUR kind of mentality needed to bring them along as well as some Maseu people for good measure as a CONVENIENT EXCUSE for the likes of you to tag along isn’t it? I am glad I haven’t sunk so low as to try to get a free paid holiday from the Company without earning it., and then try to bullshit my way out of it by trying to “justify” it with the lamest and most laughable excuses.
    So, YOU must be one of those who was NOT left out, correct? Why don’t you do something more productive like sharing your wonderful experiences, what you saw, where you stayed, what you ate, how you all managed to seat Bigdog in the seat (this you MUST share) etc etc on the MAS website or FB? Then, our REAL shareholders and the Malaysian public, especially the KWAP guys can judge whether there is any worth in bringing this rombongan all the way to LON and Toulouse. After all, isn’t eveything we do these days to be justified with ROIs? So, what exactly is the ROI on this one?

    1. Pak Belalang

      Attaboy Pandir I & II.

      U hit it right. I seriously believe that “Shareholder” is an imposter planted by Group Comm & HC to do damage control when the “cat is out of the bag” to expose the outright indiscretions ommitted by the ‘horay-horay’ portion of the 80 strong entourage.

      I also salute the other unions/associations of MAS who declined to be party to the ‘horay-horay” excursion. These are the true fighters who do not mix pleasure with serious business of rebuilding MAS for staff as well as genuine shareholders.

      Time we get rid of deep-seated ‘horay-horay’ good for nothing actors. Another word of caution- be aware and cautious of incoming and upcoming ‘horay-horay’ recycled rejects too.

      There is just to many that is brought in for free-rides…

  25. anonymous

    yes i agree there are many freeloaders in the dont blame the outside ones only.the culture stinks.not many care for the company and only suck up to the bosses.then go to sleep on the job.then complain.wake up anak bangsa.jaga maruah.cari rezeki yang halal dan berkat.we dont need anybody to fight for us staff.we can do it if we do it right.

  26. Perwira Malam

    Unless MAS does something radical like Japan Airlines did a couple of years back, all their turnaround plans will be in vain. Why? Look at how much they are spending on people who are clearly unproductive and ineffective. Probably because they have no brains and no interest in the aviation sector apart from getting a big fat pay cheque and getting first class tickets for RM0.
    I feel very sorry for the amazing MAS pilots, cabin crew and engineers plus some ground staff who have given their blood and sweat for MAS. The rest should all be fired. End of.
    Very top heavy … and not of the Pamela anderson kind.

  27. EX

    I have always been curious what the slumber jack has contributed to MAS so far and how much is he being paid. Is there anyone who knows? In time like now MAS should off load such type of pax.

  28. perwira siang

    yes perwira malam
    i credit the pilots and cabin crew for the recognition mas has today.some ground staff and management are ok . 75% can be sacked. them mas will make money 75% should be removed.

  29. Anak Korish

    YB kasi check brapa value dia orang guna MAS flight for annual free entitlement, 10% ticket and after they retire?

    Ini punya besar punya wastage

    Thai Airway stopped this masa mahu turnaround. Only for existing staff and Director. Limit overseas trip.

  30. Name : Abraham David Thanaraj @ David

    As a shareholder of MAS I attended the MAS AGM 2012 on 21/6/2012. I recall that it was decided at the AGM that shareholders who attended the AGM would be each given RM 200.00 – a sum which the share holder could use it to offset and subsidise his/her airfare costs in a MAS flight of his/her choice. Since we are NOT given the minutes of the AGM, the exact words of the decision cannot be quoted by me. I wonder why there was no follow-up by MAS in the form of a circular/letter to inform shareholders officially on this matter so that shareholders may take advantage of the AGM’s decision. I request an official clarification from MAS.

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