25-6-2012 Questions Time: “Little Napoleoans in Khazanah are still dreaming about the share swap”

The little Napoleons in Khazanah are still hopeful of realising their dreams of the one sided co-operation between MAS & AirAsia.

Jawapan Lisan pada 25-6-2012

Y.B. TUAN WEE CHOO KEONG [WANGSA MAJU] minta MENTERI KEWANGAN menyatakan butir-butir Perjanjian Tambahan Collaboration dan dua “MOU” yang ditandatangani oleh MAS dan AirAsia selepas pertukaran saham MAS-AirAsia dimansuhkan (unwound) pada 2-5-2012:-

(a)           mengapa perlu dibentuk syarikat usahasama di antara MAS dan AirAsia sedangkan kerjasama collaboration boleh dilaksanakan secara ad hoc untuk objektif tertentu; dan

(b)           apakah manfaat kepada MAS sedangkan MAS telah lama memiliki Simulator dan Latihan Juruterbang, Bahagian Kejuruteraan yang bertaraf tinggi dan kemudahan-kemudahan aviation lain milik sepenuhnya sejak MAS mula ditubuhkan sedangkan AirAsia/AirAsia X Sdn. Bhd. tidak memiliki kemudahan tersebut.


Tuan Yang di-Pertua,

Untuk makluman Yang Berhormat, setelah perjanjian pertukaran saham di antara Khazanah Nasional Bhd dan Tune Air Bhd dimansuhkan pada 2 Mei 2012, MAS, AirAsiaX, telah menandatangani Perjanjian Kerjasama Tambahan berserta dua Memorandum Persefahaman (MOU) bagi aktiviti perolehan serta perkhidmatan pembaikan dan penyelenggaraan pesawat.

Kerjasama ini memberi peluang kepada MAS untuk menyediakan perkhidmatan pada kos yang lebih rendah. Selain itu, MAS berpeluang untuk mendapatkan terma yang lebih baik dalam rundingan perolehan, penjimatan kos modal melalui perkongsian peralatan dan perkhidmatan serta dapat berkongsi dan menjual rizab kapasiti kepada syarikat penerbangan lain.

Kerjasama/kolaborasi perlu diteruskan bagi meningkatkan sinergi perniagaan MAS melalui pengukuhan perkhidmatan dalam pasaran utama, peningkatan kendalian penumpang dan penggunaan sumber secara optimum. Selain itu, Pelan Perniagaan MAS memberi fokus kepada Engineering & Maintenance (M&E) sebagai langkah strategik untuk mengukuhkan potensi Malaysian Aerospace Engineering (MAE) bukan sahaja untuk penyeliaan pesawat malah membangunkan bidang Maintenance, Repair & Overall (MRO). Dengan ini, MAE akan lebih berdaya saing dan mampu mengukuhkan kedudukannya dalam aktiviti industri penerbangan yang semakin mencabar dan berkembang pesat.


On 15-6-2012 B SK Sidhu interviewed Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (TF) which was published, of course in The STAR. Every decisions of AirAsia/AirAsia X are news for Star, in HERE.

The little Napoleons in Khazanah have forgotten or not read the interview of TF when they prepared the answers for MOF.   TF has said the followings:

What really pushed him to make the bold decision to relocate was the unwinding of the share swap with Malaysia Airlines (MAS).

  • It was the unswap that woke me on the potential of the AirAsia. You don’t appreciate it until you see it (from the other side) and if I had put in the same energies for MAS into regional development, (just imagine the possibilities). All this has given me a new lease of life and I cannot tell you how excited I am of AirAsia’s future and the future is really good for us.
  • Therefore, the move to Jakarta would mean there is a core team that looks at every aspect of the business. Some see this as creating better coordination and cohesiveness to enable AirAsia to focus and tap opportunities in the region.
  • No. But we get plenty of landing rights. We don’t have any issues and Indonesia is perhaps the most open aviation market, it has so many domestic airlines. Airlines are the ones giving us a hard time in every market. The hardest time I have is in my own home country, and I am not running away from my country. Remember, we are listed here and AirAsia is a home brand. MAS had to give up some 96 of its profitable routes to AirAsia during the premiership of YAB Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, in HERE.
  • Cost wise, ours is still the same as Indonesia and China but our cost advantage in Malaysia is eroding as airport charges go up whereas in other countries they are building low cost terminals for us.
  • They could have been fixed. Everything was laid out for MAS. The people I feel sorry for, are the staff, even though some thought the share swap was a bad thing. In reality, you had to really look at the staff of AirAsia, how they have grown in terms of salaries and careers and that was the plan for MAS too.
  • I disagree with the statement, for whatever was put in front of the union, they did not want change. There even argued over over the stopping of flights to Buenos Aires. With that level of thinking, how can you implement changes? But we have a different culture at AirAsia, and there is no resistance to change.
  • The biggest gain is, we are now friends with Khazanah Nasional Bhd and I can pick up the phone and call AJ (Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, MAS group CEO). I have made some good friends in MAS, I certainly could not do that before. Biggest gain is that the people who had very negative views of me, had begun to see that I am not the devil re-incarnated.
  • I had the opportunity to at least meet my detractors face to face and give them a better opportunity to know me. My biggest regret is that we did not finish what we set out to do. Me and Din could have done a lot for MAS and helped MAS. But I am not someone to cry over the past, we move on.
  • Are you sending your aircraft for maintenance to MAS?
  • No, we have not done that. I don’t think it will happen. I think it will be a headache for the management. If you read some of the comments it is like, we are benefiting, so we are not sending.

For full report of the interview read in HERE.

20 thoughts on “25-6-2012 Questions Time: “Little Napoleoans in Khazanah are still dreaming about the share swap”

  1. pertiwi

    agenda sebenar TF/Air Asia adalah untuk mendapatkan keuntungan dengan melakukan kemusnahan ke atas orang lain.. seperti mana komen2 saya sebelum ini, agak menghairankan apabila membaca berita mengenai kerjasama MAS-Air Asia sedangkan saya turut membaca keratan akhbar dan blog peribadi TF yang mengatakan MAS lembab dalam menyiapkan kerja dll. Jadi mengapa perlu CCF pada tahun lepas? Sudah terang lagi bersuluh, TF/AK adalah parasit dengan bertenggek pada MAS untuk tajaan QPR, untuk mendapat laluan MAS, untuk menekan MAHB dan nah sekarang, beliau mengakui ada kenalan di MAS. Untuk apa? Untuk mencapai hasrat peribadi beliau. SUdahlah MAS terpaksa menyerap kos2 penumpang AK yang mana laluannya ditutup, lepas ini apa pula? Naik penerbangan MAS secara percuma? Apa lagi yang TF nak mintak? Haaaiii… Ibarat Belanda mendapat tanah.. tak pernah cukup! Itu lah, kesilapan Mahathir memberi lesen DRB Hicom atas penjualan Air Asia kepada TF. Jagan lepas ni nak mintak konsesi haji sudahla.. Kaduk dah naik junjung!!

  2. Mat MAS

    AJ how many phone calls have you received from your good friend of the Pariah? No wonder you agreed to surrender the additional Sydney route to AAX and the low fares to uplift your brother’s AAX passengers.

    How are you going to look after the interest of MAS if you keep entertaining calls from the pariah.

  3. Khazanah idiots

    The share swap was the little Napoleons’ pet project. Naturally they are still dreaming about it to help TF but TF was not appreciative of the work of the little Napoleons in Khazanah.

    By right, the little Napoleons ought to take responsibility for the share swap and resign.

  4. Tan Chak Pin

    I have known TF before he is TSTF …and now the Pariah…you all are right…the kacang lupakan kulit kind….too bad for the little Napoleans..

  5. Ordinary Staff in Khazanah

    The little napoleons in Khazanah better wake up before they will suffer the same fate as the Nanny Danny.

  6. jack1960

    Little Napoleans got to PM/MOF and our leader is stuttering to make any sense, if at all. (NST Prime News Pg 11, 26 June 2012)

  7. anonymous

    With the economic situations and challenging competitive; It’s the best time for MAS to reconsider to put back their Firefly jet services. Lots of demand on low cost carrier and we don’t want to let the anaconda to swallow everything by himself. Do remember that Firefly revenue will go back to MAS & MAS revenue will go back to Khazanah but AA revenues ??

  8. Tony's Baloney

    We have too many academics (read : morons!) & no real business savvy leaders running Khazanah.
    Anywhere else in the world & the,pariah will be behind bars
    But anything.is possible in BOLEHland

  9. Gofirefly

    If AJ and Nanny Danny is so adamant saying that Firefly jets are losing money..here the deal…why dont you ask former firelfy MD Dato Eddy if he is up to the challenge of running this segment independently..give him a license to run Firefly jet if MAS is no longer keen to run Firefly jets. I’m sure he will get a lot of support from Malaysian especially Sarawakians and Sabahans..New LCCT2 is just handy for Dato Eddy to operate as a base to spread the wings. Then only we will see how AA will react after becoming so arrogant when commenting about LCCT2 as if MAB must beg them to use this terminal…enough is enough..Dato Eddy..are u ready? But please remember..we dont need another anaconda if he succeded later.

    1. fedup

      Dato Eddy Leong was doing a fine job running Firefly ~ until the ‘share-suap’ came about. I suspect that he resigned in protest as he had so much plans for Firefly to succeed. The FY (jet) crew was left out in the cold and as we speak – now am told that they are being seconded to MH without much choices or terms.
      Fact is – FY crew and staff were being paid handsome bonuses until TF / AA shot them down.

  10. anwar

    We can say anything but MAS people will still do what they want to do unless they get directive from the PM.
    They don’t care what happen to MAS as salary every 25th of the month or earlier is confirmed.
    Do something YB and do it fast before MAS collapse and government has to dump in the rakyat monies to save it

  11. Tan Chak Pin

    This issue have to be one of the priority before the GE..Let’s.see what is the next move of the BN govt…feed the Napolean or contribute to the rakyat coffer..Way to go YB

  12. shaffie

    I dont believe this TF from day 1.

    Now, it proven that he is becoming so arrogant telling the world that he is the best….WTF

    YB.. Keep on revealing about MAS and Air Asia.

    YB… Why is MAB Chairman changed? Is it anything to do with relationship with this TF or Amokh? Hopefully TS Bashir can work independently without inteference from these Khazanah’s guy.

    Bravo YB.


  13. Save AirAsia

    Something unrelated. Is it true that the iFlight Crew Portal (https://mhcrewportal.malaysiaairlines.com) used by flight operations and flight crews for their roster was once used by AirAsia and being abandoned for a better system?

    If that is true, why is MAS starting to use the crippled system few months ago and not using a better system instead?

    1. Anonymous

      True or not, the system sucks. At RM40million, we are questioning the value of the money spent. Heard that two non-flight staff evaluated and recommended the system. Both have been PROMOTED too. Of course, one of the two, a well-known taichi politician, now residing in -whereelse- HC has conveniently tai-chi-ed the blame to the current incumbent, whose services has AGAIN been extended. What happened to accountability and cutting costs? Mas is doomed.

    2. kebaya

      hi,I’ve been wanting to highlight this issue long ago..yea,as the end user i really believe this crew portal is crap..i have yet to hear people say good thing bout it so far..so YB Wee,is it possible if we can dig a bit deeper in how MAS ended up choosing this shitty crew portal when the old system work just fine if not perfect..thanks..

      1. Anonymous

        what is there to dig? both non-flight staff who evaluated this has been promoted, one in HC, one in Audit. So how to dig? They are both in places that will GUARANTEE a cover-up for them!

  14. redkebaya

    Dear YB Wee..i hope u can help me get an explaination on the justification for MAS tech n cabin crew to get new uniform..and yea,why on earth do we need that new shitty crew portal..thanks and believe me,i really appreciate what u do to expose the hoohaa happenning in MAS..

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