Tan Sri Wan Azmi steps down from MAS, the aviation expert Dato’ Rohana of ASTRO hangs on

Datuk Rohana, the CEO of ASTRO. She is believed to be an aviation expert. She is still hanging on to his directorship in MAS.
Below were some of the points raised at the AGM of MAS this morning.
1.    Shareholders asked how were the Board members picked and whether they truly add value
2.    Shareholders felt Remuneration of Directors especially EDs were excessive
3.    AJ was always blaming the fuel cost but as shareholder pointed out this affects every other airline but MAS is unable to handle this properly. Shareholders suggested to sack the fuel hedging team if they were incompetent and to get a new one.
4.    Shareholders mentioned that the changing of the logo color and the direction of the MAS to facing backward was a bad decision. One shareholder said the person who suggested this needs to be shot.
5.    Shareholder suggested those that came from Air Asia should go back if they can but he suspects they were not that good that’s why Air Asia let them go to MAS.
6.     MAS shareholders criticized the share swap and asked whether the Board really thought it was a good deal as it has shown to have only benefited Air Asia and not MAS. MAS is very much worse off today than at the time it entered into the CCF.
7.    General sentiment shareholders are unhappy with the management and Board performance as MAS share price has gone down and investors have lost money.
8.    Shareholders criticized the management for not looking into expanding into Middle East as especially Umrah flights even on other aircrats are filled with Malaysians.
Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah steps down from MAS Board this morning.  From unconfirmed source, Tan Sri Azman Yahya of SCOMI has also steps down. Will do an updates when it is confirmed. 
Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng, the Deputy Chairman of IJM. He is believed to be an aviation expert.
Mr David Lau Nai Pek, the Executive Director of Axiata Sdn Bhd. The very independent Executive Director of MAS
The AVIATION EXPERTS, Dato’ Rohana binti Rozhan, the CEO of ASTRO, Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng who is the Deputy Chairman of IJM and Mr David Lau Nai Pek who is the VERY INDEPENDENT executive director of MAS, director of Axieta Sdn Bhd, CELCOM AXIATA Sdn Bhd and Shell Refining Company Bhd, chose to hang on to their directorship.  The directorship in MAS must be very precious to them. Just wondering what they have contributed to MAS for the past ten months as directors of MAS.
Credits must be given to the above four Directors of MAS for endorsing the sponsorship of QPR football team, the appointment of Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult, PlaneConsult, En Rozman Omar and En Azhari Dahan both from AirAsia, condoning Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar‘s most trusted crony, En Mohamed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny for abused of power as the MAS Deputy Group CEO, endorsing the extension of Mr Shane Nollan for agreeing to the very low fares to uplift AirAsia X Sdn Bhd’s 35,000 passengers and cutting of profitable routes, termination of Firefly’s jet services and etc.  
Could MAS staffs think of more of their CONTRIBUTIONS?
From reliable sources, a shareholder specifically asked Dato’ Rohana who is the CEO of ASTRO at the AGM this morning: “You are so busy in ASTRO, do you have the time for MAS?” She PROUDLY answered with a smile! The other minority shareholders were so IMPRESSED with her very corporate behaviour!
Left: 2nd Dato Rohana, 3rd Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng & extreme right Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, the MD of Khazanah

On 4-8-2008 the Star has reported about the forum where Dato Rohana Rozhan, Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and another were “Leading the Charge in Corporate Responsibility”, in HERE.  After reading the said Star report, you all better be impressed by their visions and thoughts!

With their leadership, MAS should be able  to recover by next year.  Some say that TEN months is too short,  as it was just a warming period only.  Yours truly believes that the remaining directors in MAS Board together with Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, they will no doubt work toward the cancellation of the lope sided catering contract between MAS and LSG Sky Chef Brahim Sdn Bhd, of which the brother of our former PM, YB Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (Tun Abdullah), has an interest.

Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar was, of course, fully aware of this lope sided catering contract as it was executed during the infamous BinaFikir Sdn Bhd‘s WAU Project. Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and his most trusted crony, Rashdan, were former business partners in BinaFikir.

By co-incident, in June 2004 Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar was appointed by Tun Abdullah, as the MD of Khazanah Bhd, and prior to the MAS-AirAsia share swap Tun Abdullah was appointed the Adviser of MAS until now.

Yours truly will update as and when more information comes in pertaining to the AGM.

26 thoughts on “Tan Sri Wan Azmi steps down from MAS, the aviation expert Dato’ Rohana of ASTRO hangs on

  1. Anonymouse

    YB, a lady had stood up and gave a very scathing comment on (1) the fact that the directors did not have airline experience and (2) that behind AirAsia’s success was due to the fact that they had advisers who were very experienced and mostly ex-MH staff.

    And she also said the proposed new business plan was stupid and disappointing because it was nothing new to people who know the industry. i can’t remember what else she said but it was fiery and the only one who really hit the nail on the head.

    I was very disappointed with the way the chairman and AJ carried themselves in the meeting. they kept going round in circles and not answering properly and harping on issues which everyone knows but not at all talking about how to overcome them in a convincing manner. They did not talk about exactly what they planned to do to cut costs, and increase income. mostly very general statements. It looks like they were in denial about everything.

  2. stan

    I think it is true that management cannot lay blame on the fuel costs as an excuse for bad financial performance. Every other competitor is facing the same problem. There was one year that Air asia decided not to hedge and rather go on spot rate for fuel and with hindsight was proven to be the correct strategy. Mas on the other hand decided to follow the other premium carriers and made substantial losses on its hedging policy.

  3. Kulaan Sugih

    What else if not for the entitlement of the FOC (Free Of Charge ) travel once a year for whole family on first class and a rebated discount of up to 90 % of the fare at any time they wish and FOC on duty travel .

    Full fare MAS first class seats to London will easily cost MYR 35,000.00 each .

    So ?? Stick as MAS BOD even thou’ they know nuts about aviation business , I bet they don’t even know how many wheels is on a B747-400 .

    Also, don’t know why thick skin AJ and hippo Azhari still around , tak tau malu kah , TF is calling , Jakarta needs you .

  4. nalza@700

    YB,as i suspected most of these so called Board of Directors have no interest in what they are suppose to do…just attend a few board meetings,collect some fees,agree on what was presented and after that go back to their salaried job.No wonder Malaysia Airlines are not going anywhere…sometimes i wonder on what ground were they elected in the first place…

  5. SekolahKampung

    YB : I read in The Star online mentioning the fees paid to BinaFikir only amounted to RM1.7M. Please ask in parliament wether this Total Fees or just reimbursable. The consultants fees usually make up of basic fees plus the expenses incurred. I think the number of RM1.70M is too low and this represent the expenses incurred by BinaFikir. Don’t take the numbers for granted. Total fees definitely higher than this – otherwise this means BinaFikir charged peanuts for the job. Then if you paid peanuts you get a monkey. I guessed that why MAS issues were not solved.

  6. a disillusioned staff within

    dear yb,
    the reason is obvious – aviation expert Dato’ Rohana of ASTRO hangs on
    because (probably) she gets paid for doing NOTHING. Who doesn’t want…. that is probably the reason why the rest of the gang is also holding on to their positions on the board !!

  7. Pak Belalang

    And for all their “competence” the BOD blame award-winning staff!!!

    What the hell do we continue to up-keep these armchair “aviation experts”?

    Dont they know the way to the door and the meaning of – OUT, PRONTO???

    1. a disillusioned staff within

      in fact, ever since the Malaysian Hospitality tagline was introduced, it sounds more like Malaysian Hostility from the management when it comes to staff and crew…. just ask any s/no. 117**** crewmember now and you would know how they are treated by the so called ex-cabin crew members that have now become “managers” –

      Thank you very much…. HR used to be Human Remains, now they’ve changed it to HC… perhaps it aptly stands for Human Corpses…

  8. pizi87

    It seems MAS BOD and top management learned something from Umno Bn which is to be in a denial state, not addressing the issues directly & coming up with vague prescriptions to the problems they are facing.. In the first place AJ was not the right man for the job and with BOD members who are simple picked that adds to the direction-less state of MAS. Turbulence ride is just about to begin again for them

  9. ManaFikir

    YB, Govt say BinaFikir fees only RM1.7mil. You say RM200mil. Saya confused. Saya berdoa YB ada bukti kukuh yang YB boleh pamerkan disini supaya rakyat semua dapat lihat. If not, saya khuatir nanti ada orang tuduh YB tipu


  10. Hamid

    The best for khazanah to move forward is to liquidated MAS .See what happen to Air France and Alialia.Khazanah is going to more money because the whole company is full of shits.

    Maybe Khazanah can use AiR Asia X as our new Malaysian Carrier.Just change the name to MAS X.

  11. Anon

    Frankly, their Board of Directors allowance is mere duit jajan.

    But given that the price of premium tickets KUL-LHR vv is around MYR30,000, a seat on the board is great.

  12. Tan Chak Pin

    Aviation Expert Dato’ Rohana of ASTRO….my ASS….they are all in for the money.. How can directors be paid if the company is bleeding..

  13. Hamid

    Wee.I just told Ahmad johari to consider appointed you as new board members to replace Tan Sri Wan Azmi or Azman Yahya.It think you can help MAS to become profitable again.

  14. Anak Korish

    We do not need to get Khaznaha liquidate MAS.

    I think it is better we liquidate Azman Mokhtar, Ganen and his whole Khaznaah team for failure after failure in Khazanah investment and turnaround.

    The problem is not MAS but the incompetencence of Khazanah.

    DO Khaznaah help their companies and support them in times of trouble and to boost their performance?


    Yet running Khazanah is high.

    Dont forget Mohd Nor Yakcop

  15. The Parasites

    Of course, attention must be directed to Tan Sri Nor Yakop. This is the man that we must examine. His political secretary (Hasbie Satar) has been arrested and charged by MACC for having million of RINGGIT in his apartment. He has several luxury apartments. This obviously speaks volume.

    Those directors that hang on with the directorship of MAS are just useless idiots. They have been put there to endorse all the nonsense of the Pariah. What do these Dato Rohana from Astro, Tan Boon Seng from IJM and Azman Yahya know about aviation. They are just cronies.

    We must get rid of them from MAS. Parasites must be thrown out of MAS.

  16. Kroni

    Dato Rohana of Atro dan Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng tak malu kah? Muka tebal kedua2 ini! Lebih baik letak jawatan dari MAS!

    1. No Bad Luck please

      At the AGM on 21st June, shareholders were given a “door gift”.We appreciate MAS good thought in giving us the door gift. However, as a Chinese, I wonder if MAS knows the cultural implications of giving a small white-coloured hand towel/handkerchief? Giving this towel/handkerchief is only done at funerals, to indicate sorrow, or to bid goodbye. In other words, it is given for those sad reasons. Is MAS trying to say something, that it is on the verge of a “funeral” and all of us the shareholders, supposed to be crying?? This is not funny la. Or was MAS not aware of the cultural meanings? Maybe thats also the reason behind the “funeral blue” of the new logo. For a Malaysian company, and a company with a very long history, there is absolutely no excuse for this ignorance. High time MASreplaced the whole Communications department, as this clearly shows they are sleeping on the job. It is no surprise that I read so many postings here, I think from MAS staff, on how hopeless the Zalida lady is. MAS should really have a more effective person to handle the Communications.

  17. anwar


    All can say anything but the MAS people dont give a damn they do what they want to do and will wait on the 25th of every month for their salary.

    Its ok they have to answer to god as they can lie to everybody and ingatlah nd noor and aj dunia ni sementara sahaja and buat lah duit dan bagi anak bini makan duit yang kamu tahu halal atau haram.

  18. anwar


    In MAS its not what you know but who you know and nothing works on merit and we can say what we want they will not change as they will do what they want.

    1. Tony's Baloney


      Right on all counts.
      MH management (especially engineering) seem content to let all this happen without even standing up to fight, allowing AA to hijack us left, right & center.

      1. Mechanic

        what do you expect? the AA guy Azahari is planted there. That’s why he asked what is the lowest price MAS can give. So stupid. If you are SELLING your service, surely you must ask what is highest price we can sell and get customer to pay? As for the Managers and VPs and in engineering, all can complain and make noise behind his back, when come to open forum, nobody got ther guts to speak up. So how staff can look up and respect them? Now we hear Tony F want to take Azahari back, but Azahari is thinking because AJ WANTS HIM TO STAY! Aiya, if like this means, we better send AJ also to AA la. Both get lost.

  19. pilottakjadi

    It is a parody when MAS directors blamed the increased oil price made MAS looks so bad financially. That being the case, any tom dick or harry could actually sit in MAS directorship and there are indeed no need to hire management with salaries that could break banks. Having had the chance finishing my MBA with a very senior MAS pilot, I was told that there were indeed many other ways MAS can control their cost. The problem is, the voice of its internal customers were little heard of. On paper, the MAS-AirAsia collaboration looks strategic, but when news that MAS was milked out grossly making it looks badly bruised is somewhat sad to hear. MAS carries the national pride with its name seen in every part of the airport all over the world and that must be protected. A lame national carrier will reflect the country it represent. I really hope MAS could pick up the broken pieces and start to fly higher than before. I trust that with many educated people including those learned pilots who were superb presenting MAS future outlook in their MBA classes are ready to manage MAS themselves without the need of hiring consultants from outside. Are you reading this Khazanah?

  20. Tan Chak Pin

    I am curious…why buy the A380…which can easily sit over 450 passengers…can someone inside MAS enlighten me which sector does MH have over 400 passengers…Malaysia Boleh…

  21. The buzz word is “productivity”. For MAS to return to be profitable again, staff yearly increments averaging 8% to be reviewed yearly. From 0 increments to 8%, will be done on yearly Airline performance and profitability, not on fixed increments. Again, every 3 years there’s CA to be considered by management. With this situation and competition from other Airlines, it is difficult to make any profit at all. Infact, MAS staff salaries is already high compared when I was an employee 8 years ago. Hope my views will be considered for the betterment of the Airline and staff. Thank you.

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