Finally Rashdan is OUT! What about Rozman Omar and Azhari Dahlan?

Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and his most trusted crony, Rashdan

Updates @ 1:15 pm on 13-6-2012: The MAS AGM has been fixed for 21-6-2012 at 10 am, MAS Academy, Kelana Jaya.

At long last En Mohamad Rashdan Yusof aka Danny (Rashdan) will finally leave MAS on 30-6-2012.  It was long over due but it is better late than never.


Rashdan, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (Amok)’s most trusted crony, should have resigned on 24-3-2012 when the allegations of abused of power on the flight MH122 where his maid and baby were upgraded to the First Class Cabin was first surfaced, in HERE and HERE


Amok’s most trusted crony chose to stay on, En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), the Group CEO of MAS, and the Board of Directors of MAS chose to condone the alleged gross misconduct until they must have been told in no uncertain terms to do the necessary about Rashdan’s untenable position.


Rahdan, Amok’s most trusted crony, should have resigned the moment when the most secretive MAS-AirAsia share swap was reversed by YAB PM Datuk Seri Najib on 2-5-2012 and that would have save him a bit of embarrassment. Amok’s most trusted crony was one of the main architects of the said secret share swap.


It was reported in The Edge in January 2012 that Amok’s most trusted crony, Rahsdan,“the Deputy Group CEO who helped Khaznah Nasional Bhd to broker the share swap with Tune Air the largest shareholder of AirAsia”, in HERE.  Therefore, the moment the said secret share swap was reversed on 2-5-2012, Amok’s crony and those little Napoleons in Khazanah should also resigned en-block to take full responsibility for what they have done with the said secret share swap, which have badly damaged MAS. But Rashdan chose to hand on to his post which he may thought that he never had it so good.


For a start, YAB PM Datuk Seri Najib was ill advised and Amok’s crony and those little Napoleons in Khazanah subsequently misled the PM and the nation with the concerted helps from certain newspapers editors that the said secret share swap was to “SAVE” MAS. 


Luckily the overwhelming majority of MAS staffs and yours truly didn’t give up but relentless show our joint determinations to expose the ulterior motives of the said secret share swap with the predominant objective of stopping the so-called “Comprehensive Collaborative Framework” (CCF) and ridiculous decisions that have been made by the clueless and thoughtless cronies of certain players. Credit must go to YAB PM for being receptive and not blinded by Amok’s most trusted crony and those little Napoleons in Khazanah. Syabas! YAB PM, you have shown to the nation that when it matters you have put your foot down firmly and upholds the slogan, “Rakyat didahulukan” and “Pencapaian diutamakan”.


Yours truly believes that overwhelming majority of MAS staffs must be celebrating after hearing the news that Amok’s most trusted crony will definitely leave MAS for good on 30-6-2012. 


But MAS staffs should not be celebrating yet because there are several more “infiltrators” that came in under the said secret share swap that had to be weeded out before MAS can really fly with one direction i.e. “MAS exists for our nation, 1Malaysia”.


En Rozman Omar, now CFO of MAS
En Azhari Dahlan, who is not an EASA approved Nominated Post Holder, heading MAS Engineering

In the light of imminent departure of Amok’s most trusted crony, Rashdan, the ex-AirAsia officers, En Rozman Omar, the CFO of MAS, En Azhari Dahlan, the Head of Engineering, and a few others should take the honourable steps to leave MAS like Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult did in order to avoid the unnecessary embarrassment.

Of course, those Panamera Deadwood, the like of Mr Martin Barrow, who has little or no aviation experience, should also give the matter a deep thought before they will also suffer the same fate as Amok’s most trusted crony, Rashdan.  As an immediate step, AJ should investigate into the purpose of the number of free First Class travels by Mr Martin Barrow and if they were found to be not for the official business of MAS then he should be asked to pay back the costs.


 Yours truly has the pleasure of receiving the re-issue e-mail from AJ to all MAS staffs, which was sent at 20:30 hrs on 12-6-2012. Yours truly will publish it tomorrow for a discussion.


MAS staffs should be interested to know that at long last MAS management and the little Napoleons in Khazanah have just realized that there are many minority shareholders in MAS and the provisions in the Companies Act that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of MAS had to be called, important decisions had to be discussed and the Directors of MAS had to be properly elected in the AGM and not appointed by the Little Napoleons in Khazanah as what had been after the said secret share swap. NO EGM was called by MAS to discussed the said secret share swap.   Of course, Khazanah holds about 70% of MAS shares, the Little Napoleons will still be able to call the shot and get the same clueless directors re-elected again and again.


The minority shareholders of MAS should do their best to attend the AGM and ask for the votes for the election of the directors by show of hands of those presence instead of by poll, where the Little Napoleons wishes will be a mere formality during the AGM. The Little Napoleons in Khazanah must be exposed in the AGM if they chose to force their hands.


Those interested parties and stakeholders of MAS should attend the AGM by way of proxy if they are not shareholders.


MAS AGM will be held next week. Yours truly will post an updates on the exact date of the coming AGM.

38 thoughts on “Finally Rashdan is OUT! What about Rozman Omar and Azhari Dahlan?

  1. Anti Old Management Staff

    Good to hear this. Danny should have resigned long time ago. At least he choose to resign instead of being kicked out. We need to hear more resignation with the likes of AJ, Rozman, Azhari, Nor Zalida, Martin Barrow, Huib Gorter and few more deadwood.

    Thank you YB for pursuing this. You have done the country a service by helping to exposed the robbery in our beloved national airline.

  2. Kristal Lee

    To me, MAS has never cared for the little people but good job, sir. You have been very focused on this issue. I hope after MAS, you can focus on other issues too.


    For MAS to turnaround and succeed, the departure of Rashdan should not be overly celebrated. Instead , Mas staff should take a good long look at themselves and the Company and ask pertinent questions about how and why the Share Swap and Collaboration could have happened in the first place. Because the TRUTH is, Mas has been a lame duck organisation for many years, subsequent top managements have come and gone with their quick fixes, but the problems that lead to Mas’s consistently dismal performance remain. It is convenient to vent anger, frustration and even hatred at the “newcomers” because it is comforting to be able to deny the fact that the rot has set in a long time ago, there are deep rooted legacy problems, the organisation is structurally not even organised to conduct the business it is supposed to do, successfully. Khazanah saw this,and perhaps in their haste, ill-placed intentions and not to forget the presence of some personal agendas on the part of our competitors and political masters, the Share swap and CCF was crafted. Think for a moment, would anyone even consider such a deal for successful airlines like SQ? No way. So, even with Rashda’s departure, is Mas magically going to turnaround and recover? No way.
    So now, what next? Whilst the focus should remain on getting the revenue in,the Board should seriously addreess the structural issues starting with the people. Clean up HC first, the rot began there decades ago.

    1. Anonymous

      Well said. And all the fuss about why the CEO should come from inside, why there need to be foreign consultants etc; is there any amongst the current MAS staff fit to run the company?


        Good question. Should be answered by the custodian of all things people related, ie HC, and the Human Potential Development Department which has “Talent Management” under it. But, wait a minute, these HC people have been around for ages including the Head of HPD, and MAS has difficulty in locating or identifying qualified people within its 20,000 workforce? Back to Concerned’s posting, the rot is right there in HC. And guess what? MAS offers the Voluntary Leave Programme and does not extend VPs and up if they reach retirement age. Good ideas to trim staff costs and allow natural attrition to help reduce the numbers. BUT, in spite of Policy, HC just EXTENDED the services of the VP, Human Potential Development for another year at a salary exceeding RM20k! Talk about double standards. What is the justification for this when it is universally known how incompetent these people are? If one wants to debate the point, then answer this basic question – who among the 20,000 staff has been identified, groomed and is ready to assume the CEO’s position? The silence speaks volumes for the total lack of proper people management in the Company. So, what does HC do? Extend the services of the incompetent. What a joke.

    2. Anonymous

      The most sensible and honest observation on MAS. The staff are in denial mode and it is always better to blame others than ourselves. The rot is too deep everywhere.

  4. Anon66

    “the cessation of highly loss-making routes, as well as the low-cost carrier jet business unit” is a line that I heard is included in the email mentioned by YB. My question to this is this : Rumour has it that in December last year, an email was circulated within MAS and Firefly that indicates that Firefly as a business, made RM7 million profit?

    I have also heard that Firefly as a business was nearing a conclusion with an understanding with Lion Air, perhaps a reason why the jet services provided by Firefly were suddenly dumped with allegations that it was losing huge amounts of money? If the scenario of Firefly/Mas and Lion Air doing a business deal is correct, then one can perhaps imagine how that would affect another airlines business…..

    However, lets be realistic, even if everything that was included in the share swap agreements are undone, including people assignments etc, MAS was always heading to turbulent skies. After the dark clouds of share swapping have disappeared, MAS as a business has to change but moreover, attitudes within the rank and file have also got to change.

    1. Anti Hypocrite

      Yuppp, and the backbone of MAS, the otai and the most experienced person on MAS who is Dr Don will make a come back. This time I really hope he can make a big change for MAS…………..

  5. hmm

    Mas is doomed BECAUSE the employees whether management wiil never
    change.Majority of the staff understand its not about merit or efficiency.From
    the beginning those who want to go up must SUCK UP AND VERY HARD
    indeed and majority are selfish in their career.Just look at the union with their
    greedy leaders.Who made them .Even without Tony or Danny , MAS without
    spoon feeding as from day one its a goner.Dont get upset by this remarks.
    Take a look yourself in the mirror before blaming others why you and your
    airline is nothing to be proud of.
    Take note of Concerned.He has a point to ponder.

    1. Totally agree. It is easier to blame others than yourselves. The fact is for all to see. The airline is bloated with staff, a majority of which are not really interested in helping the airline raise its profitability. The union behaves like a mafia. I am not a fan of Danny and he simply does not have the leadership skill or absolutely zero people skill. I have worked with him, and he is the worse the CEO I have ever worked with in my 23 year corporate life. But the airlines problems go way beyond Danny. And no one has the balls the make the drastic change required, especially when any CEO appointed will have to deal with the mafia union!

  6. Ilham Putra

    Yezza, this call for some majlis “Doa Kesyukuran” or even “tahlil”. For us in MAS, its 1 down few more to go. AJ shall be following very soon then the rest of them with the pariah’s smell. Please put in place some one that we can trust and can deliver, not just parrot from AA, AAX or The Star.

    To all the unions, make sure you guys send loads of bananas to the all the mosque around Subang this Friday as a mark of ‘respect’ of this depature and a specially packed one to AJ’s office in anticipation.

    Stay together guys.

  7. Anonymous from MAS Engineering

    Alhamdulilah! Bersyukurlah semua pekerja MAS terhadap si Nanny Danny, salah seorang pengkhianat dalam MAS, telah meletakkan jawatannya. Tetapi masih ada beberapa duri dalam daging lagi perlu dibuang dengan segera.

    May be many of us are not aware that Hippo skin is thicker then a crocodile skin , so this hippo skin Azhari got the cheek to tell MAS staff that he is appointed to by Khazanah as MAS Engineering CEO not by TF . So that why he continue to stay .

    He think MAS staff all idiot who do not know where did he came from ???

    When he was appointed Head of Engineering he was not the approved Nominated Post Holder from DCA or EASA.

    He is an idiot who failed the EASA interview (to be appointed as EASA Approved Nominated Post Holder ) in the first round .

    After going back to DCA school attending class , he finally got / approved as EASA Approved Nominated Post Holder for MAS/MAE Engineering recently .

    Approved or not , this hippo must go to AA zoo…………

  8. Ppl of MAS

    Perhaps we need Concerned and Duo (hmm) to come back in to do their magic since they seem to make more ‘sense’ than the 19,000 MAS staff. One thing you forgot – everyone in an organization have their responsibility and limit to what they can do or influence. The way they (duo) make it sound is that an ordinary say maintenance staff is able to influence and make a BIG impact to the company….. ultimately ‘turning around’ the company. What a load of crap!

    Hey duos, please be more realistic. You don’t have to carelessly throw smart comments to gain popularity here. Top guys were brought in as leaders, they had more than 9 months to figure most of it out, where the rot was, how to motivate and who to kick out BUT have they done so??? Now why do we need top management if like you say, staff have to look at themselves and make it right. There are 19K staff my dears.

    Top management or leaders are there for a cause and the reason that they are only human does not hold much weight! In the first place if they have that mentality please stay away from top management responsibilities. That’s why they are paid 6/7 figure salaries. Yes, we expect close to magic from them cause that is why they are up there. Please don’t make excuses on their behalf. Which organisation in this world is clean of rot? Despite having the rot and the ugly they manage to pull through so how different is MAS from some of these big organisations, smarties?

    Hey, the world is increasingly becoming more demanding if you don’t already know. Look at football for example, managers come and go, even after only months cause they failed to perform. Is it the fault of players? Easy to say that and it may be partially right, BUT part of the manager’s responsibility is to address player issues. Same goes in MAS. Very few or close to none of the top management have managed to get their formulas right so that’s why they had to leave. I would say Idris got a lot of it right but he had to be plucked away for reasons only some on the top know.

    Get down to reality bros! Stop giving amateurish comments.


      Sir, please name at least ONE ou tof 20,000 staff today who you think can be the next CEO or MD? Mas is where it s as a result of CUMULATIVE rot in many areas. The last 9 months of course was the worst in our history. But back to my question, if we were successful and consistently profitable, would anyone DARE to impose the Share Swap and CCF on MAS? But, please answer my first question first. Then maybe we can get into a more intelligent discussion from that point onwards. BTW Sir, I have 30 years in the Company, my stakeholding is a lot higher than many in the staff population, so please do not call us “amateurish”.

      1. observe@yshoo.vom

        Sorry, I don’t think Ppl of MAS is saying that the next CEO of MAS should be from that company. Do I hear staff attacking each other here? Perhaps you both should start the ball rolling by changing. Concerned with 30 yrs in the company – wow! that says it all. No wonder your company is in shambles. Please change yourself first before attacking a fellow team member. Isn’t that not 101 to success? Tsk Tsk Tsk

  9. Pemerhati Biasa

    Saya ingin cadangkan supaya MAS lantik TS Aziz sebagai Ahli Lembaga Pengarah baru dan diberi tugas2 khas utk pulihkan MAS. Saya akui dia dah tua tapi insyaAllah dia belum nyanyuk lagi. Tak payahlah nak lantik dia sebagai Pengerusi atau MD/CEO, cukup sbg pengarah. Saya pasti beliau mampu utk pulihkan MAS!!!

  10. dragonlord

    totally agree with you Ppl of MAS, The leaders are well paid &their responsibilities is to ensure the success of this Airlines. If any of them have shown the personal agenda or profiting others and not MAS who paid the big fat salary…. better leave. no point to stay. They have to ensure & its their responsibilities that business plan is for the benefit of MAS not others. If the business plan failed then go off, better say good bye. The MAS staff only do what has been planned by the management, WHY on earth they have to take the blame. Whenever MAS goes into trouble the staff being accused as the culprit. A good example AA. uplifting of AAX pax at low rates, Catering agreement, rental of property (once belongs to MAS) SIGNED by whom… is it the staff, but still blaming the staff. The employes have been loyal to MAS, into the ravine, ICCU, burried alive… they shoulder the responsibilities together re-build the airlines again & again. What do this CONCERNED & HMM knows.

    why on earth do the staff want to ruined MAS, MAS is their rice bowl….. whatever weaknesses the staff of MAS have, it can be improved but the staff is not the culprit who caused the company lost RM 2.5b

    the staff is NOT PROUD having the Top management put by Khazanah but for sure the STAFF are PROUD with MAS…..


      Dragonlord and Ppl of Mas
      Sorry , but you both are missing the point altogether, because, ironically, both your responses are typical of the in-built denial syndrome of a lot of staff – it is NEVER staff’s fault, it is ALWAYS the leader’s fault. Hello, aren’t the leaders STAFF as well? Now, why are they rotten leaders? Because the system as “encouraged” by HC and has become part of the culture is as what hmm said – you go up by sucking up, who you know, connections, patronage etc etc. I repeat, the rot started decades ago with HC that allowed mediocrity to triumph over meritocracy. You cannot deny we need to overhaul the way staff are selected, developed and how talent should be identified and nutured so that succession planning becomes the norm. Look at SQ. TWO YEARS before the previous MD retired, four potential successors were identified and named, all their merits clearly made known and acknowledged. One year prior, two remained on the shortlist, and a good six months prior, the successor was named. All done in a orderly transparent manner. No horse-trading, politicking, speculating etc. Why? Because SQ has a solid people management system. THat is the CORNERSTONE of any successful organisation. So back to MAS, can you confidently name ONE out of 20,000 staff today who will make the ideal next CEO or MD? If you can, please share with us the merits of this person, so that we can all have a good laugh?

      1. Ppl of MAS

        Concerned, I am deeply concerned for you. Did I ever mention that I am in denial or staff are in denial? I think you’ve lost your edge my dear.
        You are yourself all over the place with your points. What are you trying to say besides HC being the rot? Aren’t you in a way blaming another party apart from yourself? You are staff too right? My point is clear, don’t keep blaming staff (apart from top management) for the sh*t as staff have limited powers and influence.

        You talk about all the rot, ‘blaming’ HC for being the main rot etc. etc. etc. You proudly declare you are 30 years into the company and have among the biggest stake-hold in the company.

        My question is this> IF MAS was such a crappy place to begin with WHY torment yourself by confining your goodself in this doomed place when you could so easily have left. Why wait 30 years and now telling the world about the rot and asking your fellow colleagues to look at themselves? My GOD, you must have been sleeping my dear.

  11. Hashim

    AJ should head the resignation or sacking list as he has miserably failed as a CEO. He condoned double standard in MAS. One disciplinary rule for the normal staff and another disciplinary rule for his deputy Group CEO that Nanny Danny.

    No one in the right mind will sign an agreement to uplift AAX 35,000 passenger with that stupid low prices. AJ is just a sucker to the Pariah. No one trust him in MAS. Look at his track records for the past 9 months, what had he done for MAS except 3 organisational charts and a few business plans.

    Firefly was doing Ok and has all the potential and he can support that Nanny Danny to stop its jet services and cutting routes under the name of losses. Everyone knew Firefly has the potential and after the share share the Pariah immediately attacked Firefly.

    AJ stop bullshitting your way. MAS staffs can see through you. You can bullshit the outside people and the Government not us in MAS. It is better for you to take Martin Barrow and take Panamera Deadwood that you brought into MAS and who is your jogging partner. Please FO as soon as possible. We will do a kenduri when you go.

    1. hahaha

      You must have a very short or selective memory. Deadwoods were also rampant during Dr Don’s time. The culture of moving up by ampu bodek, favouritism, who you know, who your godfather is etc was all practiced since the 80s when Dr Don was around and in PERSONNEL (now called HC). Where got meritocracy from last time until now? Dr Don himself had his favourites, mostly if you could join him for his drinking sessions. And you think Dr Don can be the HERO to save us? Dream on.

  12. Kulaan Sugih

    Every time there are problems, the blame goes to MAS staffs only but not the culprits/top management who made all the decisions that caused the multi billion ringgit lost.

    As far as we knew we work according to the job scope provided, we maintain and repair the aircraft on time , we service the aircraft toilets on time , check the passengers on time , we load the baggage on time , the aircraft depart on time ( an approximate 90 % monthly on time departure) , Flights are full .

    When MAS is in the red , its the working levels got the blame of under productive i,e lazy.

    The parasites like AJ who knew nuts about running airlines business and the hippo Azhari who don’t even know what is the job functions of EASA Approved Nominated Post Holder, they should leave and join TF in Jakarta new office .

    This parasites should be kick off before more poison pills is swallowed by MAS.

    1. Anonymous

      It is evident based on what have been posted, that this is completely the reverse. Everytime there are problems, the entire blame goes to the management. The staff can do no wrong. It is the staff that was always wronged.

      This is my observations.

      1. Ahmed T

        Dear anonymous and all,
        As an outsider perhaps you only see and read one point. Some of those commenting are themselves in the company so when we or I comment it is also from what we have experienced from the past and what has been said or done internally.
        Contrary to what some here are saying that the staff are in denial, it is careless for them to generalize the mass just because of a few. I think most know that we have to change but still like some have highlighted here, our change is only 1 step and on the ground level. If the top stirs the boat into the storm we are almost powerless to stop them besides pressuring them not to. People seem to forget that the wheel is not held by staff on the lower end or even mid management But by one captain and him alone, in this case it is the MD.
        I know some do not favour Idris but during his tenure he skillfully bought into the minds of the masses and many of us did think to change and change we did! It was really painful in the beginning but as the captain he knew the sweet spots and really got us buying into the business plans. Of course in this time, there were those that opposed but in the end we really did change our culture. It was an eye-opener of what a leader can achieve with that kind of caliber. Some may argue left right center about whether he did the right things to which I feel he did some wrongs and also good but in the end we the staff did change our culture.
        So those saying that staff in MAS resists change and conveniently put the blame on management, you are dead wrong! If you are an insider shame on you, if you are an outsider you are forgiven as you only see and read one sided stories.

      2. Ahmed T

        Anonymous being anonymous, you are entitled to your individual points but I feel sorry for you that you so ‘arrogantly’ brush of the masses. It sounds like you are a MAS outsider but in your latest you are back in? Talk about honesty my friend *sigh

  13. dragonlord

    no one is rght, no one is wrong, everybody is right, everybody is wrong…..
    MAS need all to be together to regain its glory… bring a good MD as the captain otherwise no matter how committed is the employes, if you’re having a useless Captain, You’re going to KARAM!

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