Shane Nollan is finally out of MAS. How about Rashdan?

AJ and Rashdan (in pink shirt partially hidden behind the stewardess on the right) coming back from Paris on the new A380 on 30-5-2012

At last Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult, who was tainted with conflict of interest, is finally out of MAS for good. He was supposed to have been given an extension until end July 2012 by the top management of MAS.  Shane Nollan’s pre-mature departure must be an abrupt decision.

Yours truly believes that upon hearing this news from AJ’s email 6:49 pm on 31-5-2012, the general responds from MAS staffs would be: “ALHAMDULILAH! BERSYUKURLAH KAMI … !”.  This news came many months too late and a lot of damage have been done to MAS. A lot of heartache have been endured by MAS staffs over the ill thought out decisions of this Mat Salleh whose decisions have been blindly endorsed by AJ. One of which was the uplifting of the 35,000 passengers AirAsia X Sdn Bhd and the Re-accommodation Agreement, in HERE.

No one seem to know the credential of this Shane Nollan. The only credential that we knew was he is from PlaneConsult, the consultant for AirAsia, and its chairman is Connors McCarthy, who is the ex-founder of AirAsia and a current director of AirAsia.
At least AJ has list down the credentials of Dr Hugh Dunleavy who at least has 30 years of aviation experience unlike Shane Nollan whose experience is only restricted to low cost airline, if any.

MAS badly needed people of integrity and has MAS interest at heart at all time. Yours truly has been told that Dr Hugh Dunleavy is what MAS needed. But he was under utilised since he joined MAS in mid January 2012.

Rashdan, who was supposed to have tendered his resignation according to the Sun Daily, was seen posing under the new A380 on 30-5-2012

Part of Dr Hugh Dunleavy’s illustrious careers have been listed down in AJ’s e-mail of today at 6:49 pm below.  One would have thought AJ would have also clarify the report in the Sun about the resignation of Rashdan, the Amok’s most trusted crony, as Deputy Group CEO of MAS. Hopefully AJ would clarify as soon as possible whether Rashdan had in fact tendered his resignation.

It has been said that the appointment of Dr Hugh Dunleavy was the only sound decision that AJ has made after his 10 long months in MAS.  Congratulation AJ! It is better late than never.

Date: 31 May 2012 18:49:11 GMT+08:00
Subject: Circular from Group CEO: Corporate Restructuring – Commercial Division



To        : All Staff System-wide

Date     : 31 May 2012

Ref       : GCEO CIR 022/12

Dear Colleagues,


I am pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Hugh Dunleavy as Commercial Director effective 1 June 2012. In this role, Dr Hugh will head Commercial Division which will also include the functions of Network, Alliance and Planning.

Dr. Hugh joined Malaysia Airlines in mid-January 2012. He has been in the aviation industry for 30 years and his experience includes strategy and planning, revenue/yield management, airline alliances, decision support systems, operations research and regulatory affairs. Dr Hugh has held senior positions at WestJet Airlines, Lufthansa Systems, Star Alliance, Air Canada and at PROS (Passenger Revenue Optimization Systems) Revenue Management. He is a frequent speaker at international airline conferences, a publisher of numerous papers on IT, airline pricing and revenue management, and has also served as one of the North American editors to the Journal of Pricing & Revenue Management. With his past experience and a solid reputation, we trust that Dr. Hugh is capable of driving the Commercial team to deliver results for the Division and Company as a whole.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Shane Nolan who has been the interim Commercial Director for the past few months whilst allowing Management ample time to identify a suitable candidate for this position.

Please continue to give your support to Dr. Hugh Dunleavy and together let’s work to rebuild Malaysia Airlines as the Preferred Premium Carrier.

Thank you.

Ahmad Jauhari Yahya

88 thoughts on “Shane Nollan is finally out of MAS. How about Rashdan?

  1. anwar

    YB can i give you the list of corrupted MAS staff who are only interested in the salaries credited every 25th of the month.You will be surprise what I got

    1. FEDUP

      please, please quickly give YB the list and some details! High time to stop the internal bleeding which I agree has been going on for donkey years. Maybe the list of people especially managers and above in HC who (this is common knowledge) who absolutely have nothing to do! Start with the Senior Manager of the fancy-sounding “INNOVATION” centre – anyone can tell us what innovations have come out so far? If her idea of innovation is to send out an email to staff asking for ideas, a clerk also can do the job. AJ , wake up, you witch-hunt everywhere else, but the little Napoleons and bodoh sombong and gajibuta in HC you turn a blind eye? Why, because your sister is there, isn’t it?

    2. Anonymous

      They need structural reforms. Top to bottom. N of coz core to non-core. Get those in HC either work or resign. Useless bunch. No improvement,legacy system wit dinosours managers still inside. Otak kosong…ikut bos n policy buta2! Please expose them wit gaji buta!

      1. FEDUP

        As it is often said , in MAS, HC makes the rules for everybody else except themselves. With MAS severely “bleeding”, one of the steps taken by management was not to extend those who had reached retirement age or those who were already extended, did not have further extentions. Recent retirements of a few VPs from Engineering at age 55 seemed to confirm that management is serious about letting natural attrition take place. At the same time, the Company announced the Voluntary Leave Programme. But, as expected, a reliable source said HC recently EXTENDED the services of one of its VPs, the one running the highly-dubious Talent Mangement department and the under-worked Academy which includes the even-more-dubious “Innovation” department!! Talk about double standards!!
        All done very “quietly” we are told. The new HC Head is once again following the steps of her predeccessors – sucked into the rot and powerless to make any difference? Why does MAS keep parachuting in highly paid Heads who are just as incompetent? High time this Zahrah is shown the door too! Real gajibuta, 4 monthsd into the job, and what has she got to show for it? More of the same nonsense.

  2. Dear YB & MAS,

    congratulation for the appointment of Dr, Hugh as commercial director, Hope he’ll bring MAS for better service. Shane… shame to u man.
    However Danny’s position still unclear & AJ, please clarify about his position soonest & announce to public. I hope AJ can be ‘CEO with balls’ to terminate Danny.
    AJ: stop making MAS as kambing hitam for political survivor (if any) coz the money is from taxpayer.

  3. X-MAS

    Dear YB,

    I am reposting the corrected version of information on Shane Nollan’s background:

    In 2001, Aer Lingus was on the brink of bankruptcy as a result of fierce competition from RyanAir and the effects of 9/11. Aerlingus took itself out of the premium market and went low cost, severing all its ties with its other OneWorld partners and pulling itself out of all GDSs. Aer Lingus cut a huge number of jobs, routes and aircraft. Shane who upto then was Head of Marketing left Aer Lingus.

    In 2002, he became the CEO of USIT, a specialty travel agency based out of Ireland which just came out of examinership. Under his leadership USIT went further into serious financial trouble where its losses soared by 60%. USIT was bought out in 2004 and its new owners asked Shane to leave.

    The two important companies he was with, ended up in deep financial trouble.

    1. X-MAS

      So his experience is not in Low Cost Carriers cos he departed from Aer Lingus when it went no frills.

      From that short bio, it seems his experience is in failing companies.


    Dear YB,

    If Dr. Hugh was appointed by AJ in mid January 2012 (after the share suap was signed) I wonder whom AJ got the instruction from? How could such a so “highly qualified and experienced” person was under utilised for the last 3.5 months? Something very fishy.. Could it be part of the scheme? If so, the worst is yet to come.. But I really really really hope I was wrong..

  5. X-MAS

    Dr. Hugh Dunleavy experience is in Pricing, Revenue Management, Network Planning, and Operational Research. All of these are backroom activities. He is an academician.

    He has little or no experience in Sales and Marketing which requires a wiley, creative, hard driving and a sales savvy person who can rally the troops to bring in the sales.

  6. mohammed tulus.

    Please give the list fo MAS corrupted staff to YB , this blog, top MAS management and also the board members for all to see. Give the current and also past list. Also past management that have cases with MAS.The rape is not only from outside but also inside.more inside.

  7. Shukri

    Both idiots are on the A380. Birds of the same feather flock together. AJ and Rashdan don’t be thick skin. Just get lost and join AA that is the place both of you belong. AJ you will never get support after what you have said and done.

    It is better for both of you to join Shane Nollan. Just get lost!

  8. Anonymous

    Why is AJ keeping mum over Nanny Danny’s resignation? Is he still trying his best to cover up for this barua? Both of you should follow the footstep of Shameless Nollan.

  9. Honey Moon AJ

    AJ should explain that why must the A380 had to be flown back and forth from Paris to KL and then back again. it costs money for fuel. this must be AJ part of AJ’s No Business Plan for MAS. Why was the A380 checked before taking delivery. It boggles the mind.

    AJ should come out with another Business Plan the number ….. in a series!

    Dr Hugh should have been appointed earlier instead of that Shane Nollan. Any idiot could have seen the conflict of interest through PlaneConsult. If Dr Hugh is good for Commercial Director now, he should be good for it before Shane Nollan was appointed.

    May be Shane Nollan is good for uplifting AAX passengers for a song and Dr Hugh is not. AJ, are you having a honeymoon in MAS like Moonlighting Nanny Danny?

  10. bizman.

    Can you name a wiley ,creative, hard driving ,sales savvy person who can rally the troops to bring in the sales.If there was one in MAS before how come Air Asia took MAS business.Ayo be real lahh…all these years where MAS got strategy………

    1. X-MAS

      Yes there were many respected persons before in the MAS Sales Team. But the statement is meant to list the desireable traits of a good head of sales and I dont see that in Hugh.

      If you are an MAS person, the reason why you would say “all these years where MAS got strategy” is because you wish to remain oblivious to the plans and strategies that have been put in place ever since MAS was formed till tocay. You refuse to accept and support them, then turn around and say there is none because of the “I am cleverer than thou” attitude.

      If you are not an MAS person, then there are thousands of arm-chair experts who think they can run an airline better than anyone else.

      I think it is evident that Air Asia stole the business thru trickery and debious means. This does not indicate that the Air Asia Management team is better at runing an airline.

  11. Jamil

    No amount of AJ and Rashdan PR exercise can help them to wipe out the negative image in MAS. Confidence level in both of them is NEGATIVE.

    It is better for them to get out early before had to run out with their tails between their legs. What we need in MAS are real professionals and not these Panamera Deadwood.

    We don’t need people with so many Organisational Structures and end of having to change one after another. We also don’t a CEO that can keep on praising AA and could not lead MAS.

    1. FEDUP

      AND please remove that Azahari quickly too , MAS is bleeding and pay him big fat beyond-the-scale salary for what? Let’s do an “inventory” of his “accomplishments” in MAS – no direction at all for E&M, no business plan (this seems to be disease of this clueless management),no structure, total DISinterest in operations – he leaves this to Amin, the other fella parachuted in, has no trust or respect from the staff, and finally, his biggest success – selling services to Air Asia for a song! He got the cheek to “clarify” that he didnt give AA the special rates, he is only ASKING what the lowest rate is that MAS can give! Oi, bodoh! If you are SELLING services, why ask for the lowest rate? You should ask what is the HIGHEST rate we can charge the customer that the customer is willing to pay. Isn’t this simple logic ah? For this type of useless Head of Engineering, Mas pays (it is rumoured) around RM90k a month (about the same paid to Rozman as well). Macam ini mana tak lingkop. Somebody, please get these AA guys out, we are truly very sick of them!

  12. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    That Itchy ‘Dan’ tak malu, he should not be included in the delivery of our A380 coz he not only dirty our new aircraft but bring bad luck and bad feng shui too. Better get Pak Imam to recite doa selamat before the big bird start it’s operation on 1 july 2012.

    Rashdan aka Itchy Dan bila kau nak berambus from MAS? Dah la muka kau tu sial, tak tahu malu….kalau dah cakap nak berambus….BERAMBUS la kau dari MAS untuk selama-lamanya.

    As for AJ, when are you going to FO from MAS too. First CEO of MAS that doesn’t have brain or maybe you have but pea/bird brain whichever is smaller.

  13. Ilham Putra


    I like to share my opinion on the last paragraph of AJ’s email ( Please continue to give your support to Dr. Hugh Dunleavy and together let’s work to rebuild Malaysia Airlines as the Preferred Premium Carrier.)

    Definitely we would not be able to support him when we are from the low productivity cast, though we could actually rebuild MAS on our own without him
    and the maidupgrader.

    Don’t forget, he and the maidupgrader had demolished MAS to rubbles and now he got the guts to ask us to help him rebuild MAS. We will not work to rebuild MAS with the guys responsible in demolishing it. We will work with builder and not demolisher.

    Adios amigos AJ. Just send another email to tell us when is your last day.

  14. Ilham Putra


    On the restructured Commercial Division, please put the celebration on hold first as it may not be as rosy as you may have thought.

    Firstly, he was interviewed by the maidupgrader through the phone. I want to share with all you guys here that was how he was recruited into MAS. Of course the maidupgrader has been told to recruit Hugh by the pariah or Plane-consult.

    Secondly, do not fall for the Shane Nollan trick here. He may not be extending his contract with MAS as Acting Commercial Director but he will still be around in MAS as one of the consultant in Plane-consult. He could be controlling Hugh from behind and MAS is again in the same shit. Please note this guy Hugh is also a strong associate of the pariah and they are drinking partners. They regularly drink together at pariah’s place till the wee hours in the morning.

    Thirdly, he is Irish, same feather as Shane & Connor of plane consult. Do you think he will sincerely work to rebuild MAS?

    MAS will continue bleeding for all you know……

    1. anonymous

      Thanks for sharing the info
      All that’s happening is just smokescreen for the MASsacre to continue unseen
      Unless a full scale inquiry is conducted by the govt
      Unless MAS is allowed to run as a proper business entity
      Unless Firefly is reinstated
      Unless all AA influence in MAS ejected
      If it doesn’t happen then MAS is screwed

    2. Kamahl

      Betulla. Macammanala union bole rekomen irish satu lagi ni. Patutnya semua yang masuk lepas suap Lena tendang sebab sekongkol. Tak pe kita Akan terus menerus memalukan dia orang sampai anak bini, emak bapak malu sama . BODOH SIAL!

    1. Ilham Putra

      Anonymous, don’t be too hard on maidupgrader. He will be joining AAX soon and he will upgrade the maid to the cockpit the next time around.

      And the pariah will get Malaysian DCA to approve that too.

  15. prof

    for once aj should get all those engineers receiving personal-to-holder allowances back to engineering dept. paying those ppl 10-17k per month doing admin and managerial job is too much. that salary is only justified if they are performing high value job. these small exercise alone will create a ripple of changes structurally and financially. my colleague is earning 15k a month doing simple admin job at the operations division…secondly…(to b continued :))

  16. Frequent Traveller

    Tersenyum & geli hati lihat gambar Danny duduk bawah enjin A380 angkat tangan macam cerita dongeng Si Badang angkat kapal. Teringat juga satu enjin A380 Qantas jatuh sedikit masa dulu. Mengapalah enjin A380 MAS tak jatuh menghempap Si Badang tu??

    Saya juga dah beli tiket ke LHR 1 Julai 2012 utk sama2 meraikan penerbangan pertama A380 kita. Duduk EY je.. tapi harap2 juga diupgrade ke FRCL he..he.. Menaruh Harapan (MH). Dah boleh agak FRCL dipenuhi dengan siapa. Tolong sikit siapa2 yang ada info booking kasi tahu kat YB. Kita nak tahu si Danny tu pergi tak? Kalau pergi bawak nanny & baby duduk FRCL tak?

  17. European

    CEO`s travelling in first class in yeans and knitted shirt???
    what on earth is this silly Rashdan doing under an engine????

    Very surprised to see, that these “Gentlemen”, claiming to be Airliners,
    don´t even find it necessary to dress properly for this event….
    No respect for MH…. must both have grown up in a swamp … unbelievable

  18. Shamless Aj and Danny Nanny

    That tak malu Danny Nanny boy dare to pose for picture. Shameless duo in the A380.Not fit to lead any airline. Two shameless idiots plus another shameless Azhari was also there.

  19. Brainless AJ

    Why is AJ keeping silence on Danny Nanny boy’s resignation? still trying to cover up for the maid upgrader?

    AJ has full of praise for the Pariah. When are you joining AA? We are all waiting for hte day that you FO from MAS.

    AJ and the maid upgrader are the most useless fixtures and fitting in MAS. Can we get the security guards to throw them out?

  20. Andy

    YB, what a disgusting sight of that red T-shirt AJ and that pink un-tugged in shirt of Danny the maid upgrader. Can you please remove the pictures as both pictures bring MAS into disrepute.

    We in MAS ashamed of these two fools of the Pariah. AJ why are you still hanging on when you have once said that if you are not wanted you will go. nobody wanted you in MAS please FO together with your maid upgrader.

  21. vinnie


    Dalam Malaysia ni ada berapa juta Melayu? Berapa ramai bahagian pengurusan MAS yg melayu? 1000 org? Kenapa nak pilih Mat Saleh lg? American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, Luftansa ada ke ambik org melayu jadi penasihat, atau pengurus besar untuk turn over kerugian? Kalau jawapannya tak ada, kenapa MAS yg Pengerusi, Pengarah Urusannya Melayu nak ambik mat saleh? Apa yg susah sangat tentang nak buat duit dgn MAS ni? 1 contoh yg mudah. Kalau nak guna kelebihan A380, gunakan masa seminggu sebelum raya dan selepas raya puasa, raya haji, raya cina, raya india, gawai dari kl ke kuching atau ke kk. Gerenti penuh punya. Yg penting sekali, buang mana2 staf dari AA, ini duri dalam daging dan boleh sabotaj MAS bila2 masa. Takkan nak tgklagi enjin kapalterbang terbakar masa berlepas?

    1. HANCUS

      aiyo, why you ask such silly questions? He, as Deputy CEO also was clueless (or pretending to be) about the Upgrading Policy, then swear to high heaven it never happened, and one thing led to another, the whole avalanche has buried him already, its only the pathetic Board that keeps protecting him.
      NOW you ask about JEANS? Lagi lah dia tak tahu atau tak nak tahu. After all the equally clueless CEO was also under-dressed for an occasion that is supposed to be EPIC in MAS history!. What happened to all the million-dollar consultants we have, takkan satu pun (especially the ones paid for Branding – now, that’s another scandal there, or the overstaffed STRATEGIC Comms department ) cannot advise correctly what the occassion requires? EPIC aircraft’s first appearance on Malaysian soil, and the two goons come out looking like they just woke up from bed? Mas is doomed.

  22. Razak of MAS

    The Government must check why the aircraft A380 had to fly back to Paris for new configuration. This is what we called the half past 6 management under AJ. The Pariah CEO and deputy CEO Nanny Danny. As long as these two, Rozman, Azhari and Nor Zalida are heading top positions in MAS, MAS will never recover.

    A380 flying back and forth from Paris KL cost at least a million RM in term of fuel. Dunggu AJ and Nanny Danny. Your disappearance from MAS will itself be part of major recovery plan for MAS.

    AJ let face it. You know yourself that you are not fit to head aviation industry especially MAS. And it is for this reason that you need to appoint consultants to think for you. FOr many you appoint that bloody Mat Salleh Shane Nollan, the good for nothing idiot, and now you appoint Dr Hugh with much better qualifications than that idiot Shane Nollan. This is evident of your mediocre style of managing MAS.

    Need we say more. Just FO from MAS and go to where you belong, AirAsia!

  23. Gomez

    we hate the sight of that arrogance Nanny the Danny. Since he is looking after the interest of the Pariah, just join the Pariah. That will be the day for celebration in MAS.

  24. Franky MAS

    AJ and Nanny Danny are the worst top managers MAS ever had! AJ is only good in sending out e-mail asking for co-operations but he does not co-operate with staffs. He never consult the staffs. In town hall meetings, when questions were put to him he was blank as ever.

    MAS will never recover with these tow remaining in the top management of MAS. The only word befit him is FO from MAS. Hope that the Government will examine the heads of these two idiots.

  25. Brianless idiots

    I just don’t understand in this world we still have shameless people like AJ and Nanny Danny. They want MAS staffs to throw them out. Let us expose them further.

    Who is that CEO with dual nationality? Aj do you know who is that person?

  26. AJ the clueless


    You are absolutely correct about these two idiots who were still behaving like they were wearing nappies to run amok in MAS. No wonder Maybank threw Danny the Nanny out and his master Azman Mokhtar immediately took him into Khazanah. Thereafter, Danny the Nanny was one of the Khazanah Dunggus to broker the MAS-AA share suap deal to help the Pariah.

    Brainless AJ on the other hand was left in the cold to do his running and he was handpicked to screw up MAS further with the stupid decisions especially the Re-accommodation agreement to uplift the AAX passengers. No CEO of any airline in the world would have agreed to the ridiculously low fares, which would have meant to be losses for MAS.

    Only the idiot AJ, plus the Danny the Nanny, Shane NO-llan and Rozman Omar would agree to such very low fares just to please the Pariah at the expense of MAS.

    Do we really need a clueless AJ after all?

  27. Penumpang perihatin

    Salam semua warga MAS,

    Sehingga kini orang-orang yang anda ingin usir dari MAS masih lagi bertugas di dalam ( untuk kebaikan atau kemusnahan, saya tak tahu, Allahhualam). Membaca setiap posting dari awal dan bukti2 pendedahan dari YB WCK, saya yakin banyak sekali kebenarannya.

    Allah belum lagi perkenankan permintaan anda semua. Jadi teruskanlah memohon dari Allah. Buatlah solat hajat beramai-ramai setiap hari dimana sahaja ada ruang lapang. Juga berhentilah caci mencaci, maki hamun sehingga melibatkan keluarga mereka yang terbabit. Allah amat tidak suka kita mengkeji dan mengaibkan orang lain. Mungkin inilah yang membantut perkenanNya.

    Saya sering terbang dari terminal KLIA (MTB & Satelit). InsyaAllah saya akan turut serta solat hajat bersama anda bila-bila saja berpeluang.

    Berjuanglah dengan keredaan Allah. InsyaAllah!!

  28. Pak Belalang

    To all MAS minority share-holders, the best thing to do is to attend the upcoming MAS AGM. I know some may think that their share is too small to make any impact on the clueless top guns, but how about a gang-up with maybe YB Wee attending the AGM as a proxy for all the minority voices.

    Maybe the unions/associations can organise the workforce behind YB Wee as their proxy. I don’t think it will cost much and going by the fighting spirit shown by our favorite MP, I am sure he will oblige. Are you guys game?

    What say you in MESA, MASMA, MAPA, SESC, ATWUS, AWUS and even MASEU. Don’t worry about Malik and Alias if the two is too busy with their own agenda, MASEU members must take charge and oust them too.

    My dear YB Sir, will you come in if the Malaysian public and staff nominate you as their proxy in the coming MAS AGM?

  29. Johnnie Thaksin

    Brader u still so everzealous on this case ah? This is turning into a mas employee forum d. U told me the other day that u r suppose to be a law maker so y suddenly change ur job function to com a pi? Don’t become the MP who only harps on 1 issue. I’m sure there are more important issues that require ur attention. Mas will not be saved in a matter of months so if u don’t do what’s more important u may not have a chance to continue this crusade anymore

    1. MAS Avengers

      Brader, why are you so stupid or are you born stupid? YB Wee and us are fighting for Transparency, Accountability, Competency and K economy (TACK) bigger than what BERSIH is fighting for but with less damage and bigger savings.

      1. Johnnie Thaksin

        Aiyo pls read between the lines b4 u comment. I was ex-mas too n don’t even get me started on staff of loading Co property OK? I still have plenty of love for this company even after leaving it. My comment was a follow up to our conversation earlier. Let me put it crudely. How many of the 20k mas staff votes in wangsa maju? How many of the wangsa maju voters care about mas as much as u n me do? Even if he runs in sepang will he have a concrete chance to win? By being overzealous in this case he has distanced himself with the voters who voted him in at his constituancy. If he don’t get voted in next round u can kiss your vendetta goodbye. Have you noticed his past 20 or maybe 30 postings? What’s it all about? Am I not wrong to say this has become a mas forum? Does it say on the top left corner of this page MP for mas? Again do u think wangsa maju ppl care about mas? They are happy they can fly to hkg with AK for rm300 when mas is charging 700. Go ask anyone staying in wangsa maju what they think of mas then u will get what I meant. Thank u for showing u care for our national icon as much or even more than I do but please don’t simply come to a conclusion before understanding my earlier post. I apologize if it offended you as that was not my intention n try not to label someone online as you may get YB into trouble for defamation as this is his blog.

    2. Johnnie Comes Lately

      MAS is our country airline. Can we allow a few cronies to rob it under the name of it sustained losses? YB Wee is the only one MP that is standing up against the crooks when the other MP and even the Opposition MPs were not.

      The Opposition Leader was trying so hard to jump on the band wagon when the situation got better. But finished off with one or two statements. The Opposition was more interested in politicking but the welfare of the 18,000 MAS employees and their families were totally ignored.

      Never before that the plight of MAS employees and MAS have been highlighted in a blog of a MP.

      Mind you Johnnie comes lately, we can see that YB Wee has been working harder than other MPs. He attended to problems in his constituency and have answered complaints promptly and follow up.

      Perhaps what YB Wee has done may not be bad for the Pariah and his cronies in Khazanah, that does no mean he is not a law makers. At least YB Wee was one of the 60 MPs that attended the last day of Parliament until 3:30 am. Where were the other MPs especially those that have been active in the so-called BERSIH 3.

      Teruskan YB, kami akan bersama YB PRU 13.

      1. anwar

        Bro Johnny,

        You are absolutely right that YB Wee is the only MP exposing MAS matters and I hope he will continue to be an MP.

  30. Anonymous

    Lepas ni..semua staf mas p keje pakai tshirt and jeans yeaa…
    Tau la bukan komersial for history of the country..pakai la smart mcm orang ulu mana tah naik flt..

  31. anonymous

    Look at that little Napoleon Nanny Danny, he just not fit to be with MAS. for such an auspicious occasion he can wear jean and shirt tugged out as though he was finishing doing something with his maid! Nanny Danny, how is your wife? She must be getting closer with your maid after being upgraded to your bedroom!

    AJ was no different. He must be thinking that he was on a joy ride from Paris to KL. No Group CEO would have taken the A380 back when it need further configuration work to be done.

    Hwy Dunggu AJ, do you know how much fuel A380 burnt from Paris to KL and then back? If you knew you wouldn’t have taken it back until it is ok. You better ask the AirAsia boy, Rozman omar to work out the sum for you.

    You are wasting MAS fund and at the same time you are shouting MAS is bleeding. AJ, your brain must be hanging between your legs! Our respect for you and the maid upgrader are getting to almost negative now.

    Please checking yours and your family maruah AJ and maid upgrader. The earlier both of you FO from MAS, the better for you.

  32. Dino

    So we heard Dr Mohamad Don is coming back to become the board of directors – PLEASE We beg that someone should also stop this old man as he is as no use scumbag to MAS.

    A useless fella who are out to marginalized the staffs especially the crew. NO THANKS TO HIM – he made ultimate decisions to void all safety measures for crew during the epidemic of SARS and other matters.


  33. Mesa member

    OMG! Not only we have ZERO THRUST now we have ZERO DECORUM. Shareholders, pLease sack all these SUAP IDIOTS before MAS Is doomed.

  34. Joshua MAS

    AJ why are you still keeping silence on Nanny Danny’s abused of power and the resignation that has been reported in the press? We need to know his status? We have not seen him around for weeks except that he suddenly appeared on the A380.

    You have also not clarified on the low cost fares charged to AAX Sdn Bhd.

    MAS is bleeding as you have been telling us many times over. Why the low cost fares for AAX passengers.

  35. Jala of MAS

    AJ why are Rozman, Azhari and Nor Zalida still around when they are not fit hold such key post in MAS?

    Azhari does not have the required Nominated Post Holder approved by EASA. Why is her still holding on that post? Is her there to ensure the easy passage for AA aircraft fr engineering work?

    There is not much development in the Engineering Department. Soon the Engineering Department will be “bald”!

  36. Hanif

    Nanny Danny masih tk malu lagi! Si GAJI BUTA. Tiada maruah. Prgilah ke AirAsia. Itulah tempat yang sesuai sekali utuk awak.

  37. Jason

    AJ when you are coming out with another new organisational chart and Business Plan? We need new one because we have forgotten about the others. just incompetent!

    1. HANCUS

      As reported in the press, the Business Plan must be presented to the Government (Khazanah and….?) and must get approval first, then only can announce. I would presume that once Business Plan is out, baru boleh “restructure” , AGAIN! Alamak, since the share swap and the entry of all these incompetent top management, how many Buisness Plans and structures already? Totally confusing, staff feel direction-less. In the last “engagement” with staff, AJ presented yet another vision and mission statement . The Mission statement is laughable, but what can we expect with the quality (or lack of) thinking he has? And the strategy will be 5-pronged, with , OMG, 20, yes twenty FOCUS areas!! Of course, in true AJ style, all questions will get you an evasive non-sensical response, but NO answers.Aiyo, when your ship is sinking, you got time to look at 20 things? 3 top areas will be good enough – revenue, cost, people. But, out of the 3, focus on MAKING money first lah. Now comes the next question – how? Eh, after 9 months and some fancy consultants costing many millions, you mean to say, they haven’t told you HOW?
      Staff are now “excited” about the next Business Plan supposed to be out end June/early July. AJ and the Board, if your Business Plan also must get approval from outside first, okaylah, we understand this is a Government pre-condition for the huge money they are pumping in (again!), what does that make all of you? Rubber stamps? Postmen? Toothless tigers?

  38. Anonymous

    MAS staff don’t you know that MASEU president Alias Aziz is the owner of a company who is MAS vendor.So lets see how he reply to this

  39. Danny luvs tony

    MAS is now suffering from all it’s past mistakes, never has it been prepared for such a takeover. MAS staffs have got to mark this is a new start for a better airline which we can achieve together if all departments work harmoniously.
    However, we will need management who have airlinw knowledge & proper business sense in order to restore MAS to it’s glory.

  40. macha

    To Anonymous 6:14pm, then please goto SPRM and report if it is true. Hope it is true and you’ll be known whether telling lies or truth.

  41. Jalaludin

    Whatever promotion by AA and/or AAX will be part of Star’s news items! Anything adverse on AA will never see print in the Star.Only full for praise for AA or AAX. one of these days the Star will have to eat their words. No wonder the TF was appointed a director of the Star. We should be cautious when ready the Star.

  42. hanif mas

    AJ, silence is not golden in the case of that Nanny Danny. That maid upgrader has badly damaged MAS reputation and organisation. He was one of the main players in the share suap. Why is AJ still condoning this good for nothing fella who is not fit to hold any post in MAS.

  43. Jalil

    Clueless to describe AJ is too mild a word. Just look at the re-accommodation agreement with AAX will tell us all about AJ and how stupid he is or too clever because in reality it was design to help the pariah at the expense of MAS.

    But Azman Moktar and the little napoleons in Khazanah were closing their eyes. MAS is doomed with AJ and he maid upgrader.

  44. Shane the Ugly Irish

    Hi YB,
    Mintak jasa baik YB untuk tolong mendedahkan lagi kakitangan MAS yang makan gaji buta terutamanya Mat Saleh yang semakin bermaharajalela di dalam syarikat MAS. Amat mengejutkan kerana masih terdapat seorang lagi Mat Saleh yang bernama Huib Gorter yang tahap kerja dan pengetahuannya yang amat terrhad. Beliau pada asalnya dilantik sebagai Pengurus Kawasan MAS di Netherlands dan kemudiannya dilantik sebagai Naib Presiden Kanan Eropah berpusat di Kuala Lumpur.

    Bayangkan jumlah kos saraan yang terpaksa ditanggung oleh MAS bagi membiayai Mat Saleh ini. Kerap kali dalam mesyuarat beliau tidak dapat memberikan jawaban yang munasabah dan hampir setiap kali beliau memberikan jawaban “I’ll let you know when Europe office is open this afternoon”. Oleh kerana perbezaan didalam waktu antara Eropah dan Malaysia, beliau terpaksa menunggu untuk mendapatkan jawaban dari kakitangan di Eropah untuk mendapatkan jawaban.

    Apa gunanya kita menggaji seorang Mat Saleh yang sudah terlalu tua dan tidak mendapat memberi sumbangan yang positif kepada syarikat. Nama beliau lebih dikenali sebagai Huib tetapi beliau lebih dikenali sebagai Hopeless. Beliau lebih banyak bermain politik dari menjalankan kerja beliau untuk meningkatkan keuntungan MAS bagi kawasan Eropah. Untuk makluman semua juga, Huib adalah orang kanan kepada Shane Nolan dimana Huib adalah seorang yang instrumental didalam keputusan untuk menamatkan perkhidmatan kakitangan MAS terutamanya di Eropah.

    Saya pasti jika Pengurusan MAS membiat satu kaji selidik tentang Mat Saleh yang bernama Huib ini, kita akan mendapat lebih banyak maklumat tentang salah laku beliau.

    Saya harap YB dapat memanjangkan perkara ini ke Pengurusan MAS kerana Huib Gorter juga boleh di umpamakan sebagai “excess baggage” didalam MAS.

    Anti Hopeless

    1. Johnnie Thaksin

      Mungkin si mat saleh huib nih dilantik untuk menjadi pailang (orange jahat) yg akan memecat sebahagian dark pekerja mas? Orang mesia nih memang x brain nak jadi org jahat la. Biarlah lantik mat saleh untuk but keja kotor sbb dier nih kontrak setahun due je. Korang masih x paham ke ape management yg cuba buat nih? Sbb mungkin staff mas betul x panda I buat keja. Cuba u call hotline mas untuk buat komplain. Mesti ko paham maksud i

  45. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    Selain dari Huib Gorter jangan lupa mat saleh yang bernama Martin barrow masih lagi berada di MAS sebagai advisor. He does not contribute anything to MAS except travel here and there for free.

    Mat saleh yang tak tahu malu ini, pun dijemput sekali pada 6hb June 2012 untuk joyride cum proving flight. Bila dia berada di departure lounge dia buat-buat macam dia sibuk sangat nak dapat maklumat dari some of the Managers.

    Yang pelik kenapa mesti ada Chairman dan CEO sekali untuk proving flight. Kebiasaannya cuma salah seorang saja antara mereka berdua yang diperlukan. Kenapa mesti engaged orang luar untuk mengendalikan event pada 6JUN’12. Bukan ke MAS ada ramai staff yang mempunyai bakat untuk menjadi MC seperti Intan Darlina, Gerald Quinten, Sagadevan ataupun kenapa tak jemput ex-staff Yuzer Yusof? Bukan kah itu lagi menjimat cost daripada ambik orang luar? Lagi satu berapa banyak yang MAS kena bayar untuk menjemput ahli silap-mata pada hari itu, dimana pertunjukan beliau cuma untuk berapa minit saja.

    Md Nor & AJ, jangan cakap aje company bleeding tapi belanja macam jutawan. Yang paling saya kurang faham adalah kenapa….si sial Rashdan tu ada bersama pada hari A380 itu tiba dari Tulouse? Muka sial macam dia tu tak sepatutnya ada bersama dalam kapal A380 tu. Dah berpakaian tak kemas, macam lepas baru lepas nafsu dia kat Nanny dia.

    Hey si Sial Radhdan, kau sudah berambus dari MAS ke belum? Kalau tak berambus lagi…boleh staffs MAS tolong campak kau keluar dari tingkap office kau tu. Tapi sebelum campak kau keluar dari tingkap tu….rasa-rasa staffs semua kena pakai glove sebab takut nanti kena penyakit berjangkit sebab kau ni kan kotor dan tengok kau pun dah rasa jijit.


    The bloody sleeping MAS `Advisor’ is nowhere around.lagi sekor makan elaun buta..use f***ingless..The s

  47. Pak Pandir II

    Hey MAS guys, noticed that YB is very good at potraying the comical sides of the trios. I don’t think his posting has included a caricature of Shane No LAN or even that ‘Wheel-barrow’. Why don’t someone send him their photo as well as all the other faceless pariah’s phoney-cronies. Better still, draw it for YB coz I know he is pretty busy and tired with all to date as well as serving his Wangsamaju constituents. Me, I’m no artist senior citizen.

  48. Kamal

    AJ are you still around in MAS? Why are you still keeping very quiet about the news of the resignation of that maid upgrader?

    Are you trying to condone that arrogant bas..rd? Infact, AJ and the maid upgrader are both cronies of the pariah. Both should be thrown out from MAS a soon as possible.

  49. Mohammad MAS

    Nanny Danny can always go back to Khazanah at any time. His master Azman Mokhtar is there to take him back and he will be protected and be given the task to oversee MAS. MAS will only be safe when Nanny Danny gone to AA and Rozman Omar, Azhari Dahlan and Nor Zalida Ahmad are all out from MAS.

    Let make life impossible for these four cronies. Get them out as soon as possible.

  50. suara alam

    Johnnie Thaksin

    Aku ni malas nak bercakap pasal peranan MP-MP yang ada di Negara kita ni, tapi bila aku baca komen-komen sdr aku pun terpanggil untuk memberikan sedikit komen dan pandangan.

    Sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang cinta dan sayangkan Negara, sdr sepatutnya merasa bangga dengan apa yang telah diperjuangkan oleh YB…ada ke sdr terfikir isu MAS ni boleh di selesaikan dengan begitu cepat dengan bermacam-macam perkara yang kita selama ini tidak pernah ketahui akan kewujudan berbagai-bagai masalah bernanah yang cuba disorokkan oleh puak-puak si Amok, Rasdhan, aj, dan ramai lagi perompak-perompak yang ada dalam MAS dan AA keparat ni?

    Sdr sedar atau tidak tanpa pendedahan berani YB selama ini, adalah punca sebenar PM buat keputusan membatalkan perjanjian dengan si lahnat AA, yang memang ada agenda besar untuk memusnahkan MAS.

    Sdr terfikir ke betapa susahnya YB mempertahankan MAS didepan MP-MP lain di dalam Parlimen yang tak berani pun menyokong secara terbuka…ada sdr terfikir semua itu.

    Dan sdr cari mana-mana MP yang boleh membawa isu-isu yang benar-benar membawa faedah sampai ke dalam rumah rakyat malah sampai ke dapur rakyat….sdr sebut lah siapa MP tersebut.

    Yang aku tau semua MP nak tonjolkan diri adalah…supaya boleh jadi calon PRU…tak kiralah puak BN ke atau puak Pembangkang…sama aje!

    Isu Wangsa Maju bukan perkara pokok untuk menjadi MP berkesan…tak kan MP nak sentiasa tunjuk dengan rakyat tapi kerja dia asyik kutip sampah-sampah di tepi jalan lepas tu bangga keluar dalam surat khabar..aku yakin orang di Wangsa Maju faham tugas dan peranan MP..bagus la blog YB jadi FORUM RAKYAT dari jadi blog yang hanya main politik dari pagi sampai malam…!

    Aku yakin isu MAS…adalah isu rakyat MARHAIN..yang hanya seorang MP yang benar-benar berani saja yang mampu merungkai segala perkara bernanah yang tidak kita ketahui selama ini…

    Isu ini mungkin tak kena periuk nasi kita tak pe la..sebab tu kita tak kisah, tapi periuk nasi pekerja-pekerja MAS macam mana??..yang lebih teruk bila segala harta-harta MAS dan Khazanah nak dirompak dan dirampas oleh puak-puak si amok dan yang lain-lain..

    Bukan ke…hukumnya WAJIB.. kita mempertahan MAS dangan apa cara sekali pun..sebab kesannya kerosakkannya amat besar pada MANUSIA DAN NEGARA!!

    YB teruskan perjuangan..DEMI RAKYAT MARHAIN DAN NEGARA!!

    1. Johnnie Thaksin


      Pohon maaf sbb sdr x paham maksud comment i. Biarkan aku jelaskan

      1.) Pasal peranan MP ni, aku pun tak nak ulas lebih2an. Tapi kalau sdr baca comment 1st i tu akan nampak (U told me the other day that u r suppose to be a law maker) . Ini sbb YB ada chit-chat ngan i hari tu dan YB mentioned to me peranan dier sebagai MP, so its a follow up to our conversation (yg nih pun i mention kat my 2nd post).

      2.) Nih dari komen u (sdr sepatutnya merasa bangga dengan apa yang telah diperjuangkan oleh YB…ada ke sdr terfikir isu MAS ni boleh di selesaikan dengan begitu cepat ) . Yes, im very proud of YB for championing the rights of the 20k MAS employees and minta maaf sbb x pernah aku mention benda ni so i see the reason why you may have mistook the message. 2nd part msg nih, if you look again on my 1st comment i also mentioned (Mas will not be saved in a matter of months so if u don’t do what’s more important u may not have a chance to continue this crusade anymore). isi tersirat komen ni nak YB focus balik attention YB yg asyik kat MAS/AA ni kepada pengundi2 wangsa maju.

      3.) Yes, I sedar sbb YB ni PM telah reverse share swap decision tu and i have already given YB the credit personally. Yes i know how brave he is bila mededahkan isu isu dlm parliment but NO, i dont belive MP-MP lain langsung x support kerja YB pasal MAS/AA ni. No point 10 MP’s raising 1 issue in parliament. Sdr sedar x masa dalam parliament tu x banyak and masa MP-MP lain x akan diguna untuk raise issue MAS/AA sbb YB Wee sudah membentangkan isu ni. Tak kan x ade isu lain dalam negara ni? (minta maaf sbb sarcastic sikit)

      4.) Pasal MP yg bawa faedah sampai ke dapur tu..hehe , semua MP dalam Parliament tu pun ada. Laws are not passed with 1 MP only. Malaysia ni kalau dari perspeksi i ni, negara aman and economi pun not bad juga. I can afford to bring food to the table because this country aint so bad after all right ?

      5.) juga terpetik dari koman sdr (Isu Wangsa Maju bukan perkara pokok untuk menjadi MP berkesan…tak kan MP nak sentiasa tunjuk dengan rakyat tapi kerja dia asyik kutip sampah-sampah di tepi jalan) i x berapa faham what you meant there but if i guessed it correctly, Tanpa Wangsa Maju, There will be no YB Wee to raise all these issues in the current Parliament so if no YB Wee, tiada kesan LANGSUNG. Pasal kutip sampah ni hehehe, i rasa YB dah cukup pening so i wont go furthur

      6.) (bagus la blog YB jadi FORUM RAKYAT dari jadi blog yang hanya main politik dari pagi sampai malam…!) Bagus la kalau BETUL blog YB jadi FORUM RAKYAT tapi yg i nampak ni, macam FORUM MAS je. (No offence to all MAS employees but im just stating what im seeing)

      7.) on your comment (Isu ini mungkin tak kena periuk nasi kita tak pe la..sebab tu kita tak kisah, tapi periuk nasi pekerja-pekerja MAS macam mana??..yang lebih teruk bila segala harta-harta MAS dan Khazanah nak dirompak dan dirampas oleh puak-puak si amok dan yang lain-lain..) I dont know how to tell you this but my job relates directly to MAS in more ways than one. I have also mentioned in my comment earlier that i was formerly from MAS and i still have feelings for this company. Plus, i still have close friends and FAMILY in MAS. Pasal harta yg kena rompak tu, Good Job to YB for what you have done so far.

      8.) (Bukan ke…hukumnya WAJIB.. kita mempertahan MAS dangan apa cara sekali pun..) Hahaha, now you sound like NAJIB. Apa kesan kerosakan besar kepada MANUSIA & NEGARA yg sdr maksud tu ? I x berapa faham ?

      Harap sdr faham sikit maksud i ni. I bukan anti YB ke anti MAS ke anti AA. Yg aku cuba buat ni nak minta YB jangan terlampau fokus dalam 1 isu saja. Juga kepada pekerja MAS, i tau korang happy sbb YB ni tengah champion your rights tapi ingat responsibility YB is not to you only but also to the voters of Wangsa Maju. Sbb i langsung x nampak ada posting pasal Wangsa Maju sejak kebelakangan ini. I didn’t know Wangsa Maju is already problem free ? Sebab juga sistem pentadbiran negara kita ni di Wangsa Maju x ada ADUN so rakyat sana terpaksa melihat ke YB untuk settle masalah mereka. Inilah sebab YB kena lebih jaga isu-isu Wangsa Maju. YB kena ingat siapa yg beri gelaran YB kepadanya. Realistically, YB hanya menang PRU12 dengan undi 150 sahaja (i ingat lagi YB) so ianya membuat tahap beban YB kepada Wangsa Maju lebih penting dari kepenting pekerja MAS (sorry guys but this is the cold hard fact).

      Sekali lagi i minta ampun, pohon maaf jika ulasan i sarcastic dan menyakitkan hati sdr sdr sekalian. Ini bukan niat aku.

  51. Anonymous

    Why advisor airasia naik a380 mas, mas staff kan tak produktif, malu la sikit, dah kutuk mas lagi mau naik kapal mas….

  52. Anonymous

    Yb, the problem is MAS people dun read this blog. :) They went and read MAS troubleshooters and malaysia airlines familiy. Try post one issue, it will be taken up by MAS. Sorry..merely info only.

    1. Ppl of MAS

      Ppl of MAS don’t read this blog??? You must be f**king blind! Sorry but you are so stupid to say that. OMG! Idiot ALERT!

      1. Pak Pandir

        hehehe I agree with you. Either he is on some banned substance and hallucinating, or he is paid to try to put a red herring here. Hallo brader Anon 4:11, Strategic Comms assign people la to read and monitor YB’s blog, and one of them even takes it upon himself to offer “strategic” advice to senior management on how to “handle” all this so-called “noise” out here in the blogs.. Staff read and BELIEVE the blogs rather than listen to AJ’s nonsense responses in the socalled staff “engagements”. So, go figure,man.

  53. Anonymous

    The extent of the Sleepy Head’s cronies in MAS goes beyond LSG Skychef Brahim.

    Check out the background of RHR who has many outsourcing contracts with MAS.  There are persons within MAS who will go out of their way to protect these contracts.

    So MAS there are amongst you that have other vested interest.

  54. Now MAS is becoming a preferred airline for ex Canadian Airline personal. Already there are few! and soon will be filled with ex westjet and others!!!!! watch this space. Are we really struggling to find local talent who can take this airline forward? I am sure if MAS can afford expats t their packages, should consider local talents too. Where is talent corp!

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