Amok’s crony Rashdan is OUT, who are NEXT?

Is Rashdan (right) out of MAS for good?

Updates @ 12:30 pm on 31-5-2012: Rumour has it that Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult, who had played a very significant role in the uplifting of the 35,000 passengers from AAX Sdn Bhd with very low fares and the Re-Accommodation Agreement, has ended his “honeymoon” as Acting Commercial Director of MAS yesterday. Was his tenure ended abruptly? Is PlaneConsult still doing the “CONSULTING” work for AJ?

It seems that Rashdan, the Amok’s most trusted crony, is still running “AMOK” in MAS. He was seen accompanying AJ in the inaugural A380 flight from Paris to KL yesterday.

Can someone in MAS help to confirm the above?  Thank you

YB Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanazlah, Minister of Finance II said that MAS has been instructed to submit its projection plans to the Government to monitor its performance and ensure it remain competitive. MAS has been also instructed to submit its projection plans for the next five years to the government.  For full report in Sun Daily please read in HERE.

This was a very good move by YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak‘s Government.  Yours truly believes that generally MAS staffs are very grateful that the MAS – AirAsia share swap was unwound on 2-5-2012 by the initiatives of the YAB PM and now that the Government is closely monitoring MAS.

Sir, on behalf of MAS staffs yours truly would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to you, YAB PM. It was a decision that will be supported by all MAS staffs and other Malaysians except a few interested parties and the little Napoleons in Khazanah.

It was undeniable that the said share swap was hatched secretly by a few little Napoleons in Khazanah headed by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (Amok)’s most trusted crony, En Mohamad Rashdan Yusof aka Danny (Rahsdan) as we can see from his interview with the Edge, in HERE.

The little Napoleons in Khazanah must take full responsibility for the said share swap because it was hatched in secrecy and without proper due diligence done as required under good corporate governance especially on matters involved our national assets like MAS.  After all, Khazanah under Amok is known to appoint consultant firms to think for them and to tell them what to do.

Why was this not done in the said secret share swap?  Perhaps time was of the essence at that material time not to really save MAS but … Yours truly leaves it to you to judge.

It has been reported in the Sun that Rashdan is out of MAS. For sure this is not the decisions of the little Napoleons in Khazanah. It must be the decision of YAB PM Datuk Seri Najib who has now know what the said share swap was all about and that the government was ill advised by the few little Napoleons in Khazanah, who are no longer almighty like what they were during the Sleepy Age.

Just like the BinaFikir Sdn Bhd’s consultancy fee paid by MAS in 2002 for WAU Project where the Deputy Minister could not get any information on the total sum paid because the little Napoleons inKhazanah have invoked the  “CONFIDENTIAL or NON-DISCLOSURE CLAUSE” to protect certain powerful individuals because the fees was just too huge, in HERE.

We shall see for long the little Napoleons in Khazanah can hide behind this Clause and to what extend they want to belittle Parliament and the Government. For the moment, it would appear that a few little Napoleons are above Parliament. Parliament will commence on 12 June 2012 and many questions on MAS have been tabled for answers, in HERE.

These little Napoleons in Khazanah and MAS must be brought down to earth once and for all. The Chief Napoleon, Rashdan, who was one of those responsible for the said secret share swap, must be thoroughly investigated by all the regulatory bodies including Securities Commission and MACC.

It has been many months now that the SC has yet to announce the result of its investigation into said share swap and the insider trading.  Now that Datuk Ranjit Singh, who has impeccable reputation, has been appointed as the Chairman of SC, it is hoped that the result of the investigation can now be tabled in Parliament in June 2012 as promised, in HERE.

The Government must initiate actions against those little Napoleons in Khazanah especially Rashdan, the Amok most trusted crony and ex-business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd because he had admitted in his interview with the Edge that “It was Malaysian Airlines System bhd (MAS) Deputy Group CEO En Mohamad Rashdan Yusof (picture) who helped Khazanah Nasional Bhd to broker the share swap with Tune Air the largest shareholder of AirAsia last year.”, in HERE.

Rashdan’s sudden resignation should not be in any way exonerated him from what he had done to MAS through the secret share swap. He and the little Napoleons in Khazanah must be brought to book so that in the future these little Napoleons will have to think many times over before they embarked on such ill thought out decisions like the said secret share swap which was an affront to our national interest.  

To date, there was no denial by Rashdan on the said report of his interview with the Edge. The Government must take drastic actions against Rashdan and the other little Napoleons in Khazanah for what they have done to MAS as a result of the said secret share swap.  An in-dept investigations must be carried out immediately to bring the culprits to book as they have brought the Government into disrepute by the ways in which they have brokered the said shady secret share swap and the untold damage done to our national airlines, MAS.

For the past TEN MONTHS, MAS staffs could bear witness to how Rashdan, the Amok’s most trusted crony, has been running AMOK in MAS and the damage that has been caused to MAS by the ill thought out decisions. Yours truly believes that it will take MAS at least more than a year to be what it was prior to the said secret share swap.

It is high time that the Government should closely monitor the going on in MAS especially all decisions and the routes planning that have been made after the share swap especially by Mr Shane Nollan, the Acting Commercial Director who is also from PlaneConsult, as he is tainted with glaring conflict of interest, in HERE & HERE.

Yours truly has been informed by reliable sources that MAS will not be operating its A380 to Melbourne or Sydney but it will, however, be operating to Tokyo. Isn’t this strange? One would have thought that London/KUL/Melbourne or Sydney should be the normal Kangaroo route. Why omit Melbourne and Sydney?  Why omit these two cities?

It must also be very coincidental that  En Ahamd Jauhari Yahya (AJ) SURRENDERED to AirAsia X, the MAS additional route to Sydney, which was granted by the Government exclusively for MAS for one year commencing from July 2012. This must be part of the Collaborative Framework under the said secret share swap. Until this date AJ have yet to explain why he aw it fit to surrender this additional KUl/Sydney route to AirAsia X and the termination of flights to Bandung and Surabaya.

It is also by coincidental that after MAS terminated its routes to Bandung and Surabaya, AirAsia X, has monopolised and increased the frequencies of its flights to Bandung and Surubaya and the AAX fares for these two cities have also increased by two folds.  AJ, has said that these two routes are not profitable. AJ, do you still think that your decisions to terminate these two routes were done in the best interest of MAS?

In view of the said ill thought out share swap by the little Napoleon headed by Rasdan, it is most unwise of MAS to keep Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult as the Acting Commercial Director, whose understanding about the aviation industry, if any, is only restricted to low cost airline, HERE.

More importantly, Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult is closely associated with AirAsia via PlaneConsult, the consultant that has been appointed by MAS after the infamous MAS-AirAsia share swap.  PlaneConsult is also the consultant for AirAsia and its chairman Mr Connor McCarthy is the founder and director of AirAsia, in HERE.

The Government should also closely scrutinize all decisions made by Rashdan thus far and the EXCO of MAS, which was set up almost immediately after the said secret share swap was signed. The EXCO consisting of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Datuk Kamarudin Meranun both from AirAsia and Rashdan, the Amok’s most trusted crony and the known person responsible for brokering the said share swap for Khazanah.

Rashdan, the Amok’s most trusted crony, has also played a very significant role in the sponsorship of QPR which has now been confirmed to have cost cost MAS more than RM10 million for one year when at the same time he and his Master Amok have been “screaming” into our ears that MAS was BLEEDING and needed to be saved by the said secret share swap and CCF.

Rashdan, the Amok’s most trusted crony, was also instrumental in the termination of Firefly jet services and JB/Kuching/KK routes, in HERE.

It would appear that the Amok’s most trusted crony was also instrumental in the appointment of PlaneConsult to review the operations of MAS in October 2011 and to restructured MAS as we can see that all invoices of PlaneConsult were sent to his attention only, in HERE.

The appointment of Mr Shane Nollan as the Acting Commercial Director of MAS and  PlaneConsult as the consultant to MAS was the beginning of the serious problems in MAS that have caused the morale of MAS staffs to plunge to its lowest ebb in the history of MAS.

The Re-Accommodation Agreement (RA), which was entered into in a rush on 28-3-2012 by AJ on behalf of MAS to uplift 35,000 AAX Sdn Bhd’s passengers is another cause for concern.  As Acting Commercial Director of MAS, Mr Shnae Nollan, must have played a very significant role in this RA and the uplifting of the AAX passengers prior to RA was even thought of. 

The LOW LOW COST point to point fares
LOW LOW COST beyond fares

The agreed fares inclusive of all taxes were very telling as they were of all discounted to the bones of at least 40% or more if compared with the online fares of MAS for the destinations namely Mumbai, Delhi, Paris and London. For full details of the RA please read HERE and the way in which the RA was entered into in HERE

With those low fares being charged to AAX for its 35,000 passengers, Mr Shane Nollan, the Acting Commercial Director, went further to allow bookings to be BLOCKED for the AAX passengers at the expense of MAS own customers. This is definitely a lost of revenue for MAS as it would no doubt have deprived MAS from selling the tickets to it own customers with much higher fares than those that were charged to AAX. MAS should only grant a certain number of seats for each flight and definitely not for block booking  with such low fare.. 

The Government must instruct the Auditor-General Department to do a thorough audit into this RA and the ways in which Mr Shane Nollan carried it out and to take whatever actions deemed necessary against him and/or anyone responsible for compromising the interest of MAS under the RA and before the RA was signed. 

The appointment of the two ex-AirAsia officers namely En Rozman Omar (CFO of MAS), En Azhari Dahlan (Head of Engineering) did not help the situation as they were not competent enough and/or unqualified to hold such key posts and they were from AirAsia, a rival airliner of MAS from day one when it was set up. Up to now, En Azhari Dhalan does not have the required approved Nominated Post Holder from EASA, in HERE & HERE

Yours truly believes that there are more qualified MAS engineering staffs, who are the DCA and EASA approved Nominated Post Holders and yet they were sidelined. WHY?

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (TF) of AirAsia has also been known to have made disparaging remarks against MAS at the slightest opportunity. During the time of YB Senator Datuk Idris Jala as the CEO of MAS, TF was banned from was traveling on MAS flights.

MAS staffs have witnessed many outsiders being parachuted into MAS over the years whenever there was a change of CEO. Thereafter, these newbies have joined in the “Panamera Deadwood Department of MAS”. These Panamera Deadwoods have been paid extremely high salaries, which the very few long serving and deserving MAS staffs could never have dreamed to reach any where near a fraction of their salaries scale.

The Government must not only scrutinize those decisions made by the then MAS EXCO, Rashdan, Mr Shane Nollan, PlaneConsult, En Rozman Omar, En Azhari Dahlan, Puan Nor Zalida Ahmad and Puan Zaharah Zaid, it must also scrutinize their salaries including perks for these are fixed costs and can easily be identified as part of the LEAKAGES in MAS if it has been found that they have been overpaid.

It is about time that the top management should first explore the internal talents within MAS especially for these three key posts namely CFO, Head of Engineering and Head of Strategic Communication, as these are important posts, before parachuting their own cronies and/or cronies of certain personalities outside MAS.

Since the secret share swap has been unwound and it should automatically follow that all those who have been “handpicked” as a result of the said share swap and/or by the recommendations of PlaneConsult under their “Working Method in its consultancy terms of reference should also be “unwound” or terminated forthwith. Please read the consultancy agreement of PlaneConsult, in HERE.

It is hoped that En Rozman Omar, En Azhari Dahlan, Puan Nor Zalida Ahmad and Puan Zaharah Zaid should take upon themselves to reconsider their positions and negotiate their way out of MAS whilst there is still time. It will be unwise for them to hold on to their respective posts under the circumstances. It is hoped that reasons shall major their will soon.

Mr Martin Barrow should also consider his appointment in the light of the above, in HERE.  Yours truly has been informed that he has very limited experience in aviation industry and that his experience was restricted to the hotel industry in Hong Kong. He has been flying on free First Class ticket too. Can someone help with more information about this Mat Salleh?

Rumours have it that Dr Mohamadon Abdullah has been recruited back to MAS in the top management. Syabas! It is hoped that this is true. MAS will then at least has someone with real aviation experience in the top management. Dr Don, as he is fondly referred to by MAS staffs, MAS staffs are waiting for your official arrival and to also welcome you back to MAS with open arms to assist them to do the right things for MAS.

Yours truly has been informed that Rashdan, the Amok’s most trusted crony has flew to Paris a few days ago. Of course, free First Class travel. For what? Perhaps it was his “last KOPEK”!  

Please read also yours truly earlier posting “Share swap unwound, free travel still on! and  Unauthorised upgrades rob MAS of RM200 million”.

58 thoughts on “Amok’s crony Rashdan is OUT, who are NEXT?

  1. Hassan

    Rozman, Shane Nollan, Martin Burrow, Azhari, Nor Zalida and Zaharah Zaid, what are you all waiting for? To be given the boot from MAS. It will soon come for sure. MAS does not need your services. Rashdan had gone. Thank God for that Thank you Mr PM. Get rid of the other dead wood, please.

  2. rakyat malaysia yang perihatin

    kita lawan habis-habisan.
    semoga kejayaan berada di pihak tuan.
    kotakan apa yg dijanjikan
    «rakyat didahulukan pencapaian diutamakan»

  3. Anti Hypocrite

    Bravo YB Wee….. I hope The coming of Dr Don will boost up the profit of MAS which has been stolen from the AMOK groups and untalented appointment…

    1. Bettina

      The board should now be headed by someone free of skeletons and past excess baggage so that the likes of Dr Don can function effectively. New chairman pleeze…

    2. FEDUP

      You MUST be kidding! Or you must have a very short memory. Dr Don was in MAS during the times MAS was also losing money! Don’t keep your hopes too high, Dr Don is not going to be the hero that will save MAS. It is the 20,000 staff, provided they have the right leadership. So, if after all these months, staff do not see the leadership, it is high time to eject AJ, Maidupgrader and all the AA people and get the right CEO. Not bring in some has-been who is probably out of touch with the industry, and worse, will probably rely on his old buddies for “information”, probably over some drinks, and the drinks will determine the validity of the “information”? We will be back in the same vicious cycle, yet again.

  4. Anonymous

    Dear YB,

    Excellent write up as usual. The only thing I would like to add as a comment is that, while all the shenanigans was going on in MAS, a new CEO was appointed and although he may not be an aviation expert, he has to take FULL responsibility when BAD decisions are made especially after his appointment.

    The very fact he condoned a lot of things and was unable to see the forest from the trees means that he has TO GO as well. I just felt your article didn’t emphasize enough, his complicity in the whole debacle.

    A CEO has to be prepared to be hired and fired. It’s the nature of the beast. So with the many blunders that happen under his watch, the current CEO must go as well.

  5. Pak Belalang


    The best wake up news of the day from your posting YB!!! Am at a lost of words to express our deep gratitude to you Sir for being the clarion to muster all resolve within MAS to begin the long and painful steps of getting MAS on its feet again.

    Alas, its merely by a stroke of the pen for the little Napoleons to destroy everything that years of sweat and effort built and will definitely take at least a few more years before we can regain the trust of our esteemed customers who were displaced and abondoned by the napoleons’ CROOKED INITIATIVES. Nevertheless, let cut the jubilations as there are mountains of serious works to do, notwithstanding the fact that we still have AA imports and cronies running around for their REAL MASTERS.

    Ayuh! Teruskan Perjuangan Memulih MAS!

  6. anti air asia

    Good news for MAS staffs that finally he’s OUT!!! Waiting for other AK’s crony to resign/forced resign as AK’s cronies shouldn’t be in MH as is’t totally and definitely will have a conflict of interest!!! Of course, in operational/engineering/revenue+finance/marketing/etc team as well, the staff of MH business rival should be sacked within 24-hrs upon cancellation of the share swap(even if the share swap still ON, in the first place, the swap should only had impact on the share, not in operational team, info etc!!) Totally ‘selling’ off the secret of MH will makes MH bleeding even more!!

  7. RCZ

    Once the dust has settled, I hope MAS will start a civil action suit against the culprits for causing untold damages to MAS during their 10-months reign of terror. Sue them (TF, Amok, Shane, Danny etc etc) for RM1 billion at least.. I’m sure the accountants in MAS can calculate the value of free flights, cancelled flights, cancelled routes etc etc

  8. Jalaludin

    Beside Shane Nollan, Rozman, Azhari, Nor Zalida and Zahara Zaid, the little Napoleons in Khazanah. There must be a spring cleaning of undesirable elements in MAS and Khazanah. This is the best opportunities for the PM to act.

  9. jack1960

    Realignment of Costs & Speed of Change


    Financial projections may not be the ideal first step as the BOD is very much the same bar a few characters. All it would show will be a cashflow based on current plans, which at best, will be confusing and detrimental to MH as a going concern.

    A CLEAR & transparent change in the governments direction for MH is required and then a change in the MH BOD in order to carry this CLEAR & transparent direction through.

    What is clear is the need to control costs first and then to enhance revenue. Revenue leakages strategy only shows that certain costs cannot be touched. This is rubbish and such practices must be done with in any shape or form.

    Speed…..speed of change….. is paramount. No point of dilly dallying with one strategy after another if the bottom line is the same or worse. Time is not in MH’s side.

    Change takes time but we Malaysians are innovative, we’ve shown it before by going against accepted norms. However, selling assets & using provisions are no longer acceptable norms, see where MH is now.

    Now to press on with the realignment & change…. I’m with you YB.

  10. AJ the ball carrier

    We must get rid of the useless Mat Salleh like Martin Barrow too. Yes, YB you are right this Martin Barrow is another one of the contributors of the LEAKAGES.

    Alhamdulilah! Rashdan had gone but when there is no announcement of his disappearance by AJ. Is AJ still trying hard to keep him? AJ should also pack up and go to AirAsia or AAX.

    You are just unfit for the job AJ. You are only good as a pen pusher like the Nanny Danny.

  11. anti air asia

    Dear YB,
    I just wondering; If the so called SHARE SWAP aka SUAP is called off, why AK still using MH routes. The people of Sabah & Sarawak need the reinstatement of Firefly routes such as KK & Kuching!!! The other AK terminated routes such as Paris, London etc has never benefit MH but due to losses of the routes. Not to mention about the trial AK using MH routes such as Dubai, Jeddah & other existing MH routes!!! Can we STOP AK from cannibalizing MH?? All the agreement, so called MOU, MOA etc should be ceased as there is NO SHARE SWAP!!! What ever you had taken, you have to return it!!! MUST!!! YB, really appreciate if you could ask them to do so in the Parliament… Many thanks YB…

  12. Anti AJ

    Why no official announcement from MAS regarding Nanny Danny’s departure. We must make sure that this bas..d is out from MAS at all costs. He is the main culprit for the share swap. We must expose him further.

    This good for nothing AJ should be thrown out asap. Just look at the Re-Accommodation Agreement will tell us all that he is looking after the AAX interests. The suitable place of abode is AA. AJ, just go to AA if that Pariah wants you.

  13. AJ Otak Kosong

    Why is the topless management is keeping very quiet about Nanny Danny? Lets stop this nanny Danny last kopek. throw him out from MAS if still want to hang on.

    Now get rid of that bloody boot polisher AJ.

    saya setuju AJ dihantar ke AirAsia jadi CEo> ha ha ha! kalau mereka nak dia!

  14. John from MAS

    MAS staffs, please look at the re-accommodation agreement signed by the stupid AJ. Can anyone tell us where to get these type of fares including taxes from any other airlines? Only an idiot will agree to such low fares.

    At the same time, this AJ will be telling us to work to increase revenue. Is this the way the CEO increased MAS revenue by granting AAX such low fares and at the same time BLOCK seats for time. Bloody stupid isn’t it?

    I just cannot believe we have an idiot like AJ as CEO of MAS. AJ is not fit to be the CEO of the mamak stall let alone MAS. .

  15. anti air asia

    Dear YB,
    correction YB. The 1st A380 is for London route, not Tokyo… As per internal circulation, The new A380-800 is designed for 140,000 flight hours. This means it can fly around the world more than 2,000 times in its lifetime. It has a nautical range of 13,500km (8,300 nmi) flying up to 15 hours. From an operational viewpoint on our route management, the A380 is an ideal aircraft for the Kuala Lumpur to London flight. On 1 July 2012, the inaugural flight from Kuala Lumpur to London will take place. The frequency for the A380 for the Kuala Lumpur to London flight will be scheduled on 3 flights per week. The rest will be on the B747-400. ..

    1. Jumpseat

      Dear Anti Air Asia,

      You were right that the first A380 are for London route 3x week. When the second aircraft arrive, it will be used daily to London. After the third and fourth aircraft come there will be twice daily flight to London. Fifth and sixth aircrafts are planned for lucrative Sydney or Melbourne routes.

      YB heard that those lucrative Sydney/Melbourne routes are not going to use A380. Instead they will be used for Tokyo route which load is not so lucrative due to high competition from other airlines. YB’s conclusion was quite straight forward. To safeguard AAX who were given (on a silver platter by AJ on the advice from Shane Nollan) the supposedly additional frequency of MAS.

      So my friend, before correcting YB, please read thoroughly and understand what was written by him. Kalau boleh correct pun tentang Danny pergi Paris on first class. Kalau dia pergi dengan MAS, dia naik business class je sebab MAS guna Boeing 777 ke Paris(tak ada first class).

      Walau bagaimanapun semua tu perkara kecil sahaja. Marilah sama-sama kita jari jalan untuk membantu YB memperjuang dan memperbetulkan kepincangan yang berlaku dalam MAS.

      Yang pastinya we share one common feeling; ANTI AIR ASIA !!

      Salam hormat.

      1. anti air asia

        Dear YB…
        sorry if i had overlooked your entry…. my bad..

        Dear Jumpseat,
        Many thanks for the rectification… ya.. i really anti A_ and T* badly!! (publicly perceived as Father Teresa in the social network) HUH!!

  16. Dolly

    Danny boi,

    First you got kicked out from Maybank, and now MAS. Obviously you still do not learn from your past mistakes. Only fool like you do the same mistake twice. You can simpan your double first class honours degree from University of Cambridge. You are nothing but a LOSER!

  17. latest news at awani & TV3 there’s no announcement on departure of Danny. official news only said that to date, there’s no changes on management. Hope news @ awani will tell the truth.
    Dear YB, congratulation on your effort to save MAS, however, the journey still far since few napoleons still in MAS.
    MASEU, what happen to u guys??? diam jer skrang.. Korang dah kena SU.P plak ker?? Make sure MASEU consistence in this movement. I wonder what will happen to all MAS staffs especially cabin crew since management have offer to all for 2 years UNPAID leave. Is it make sense???

    1. anti air asia

      nowadays, there is no more genuine news aired via tv… all were paid news… we can see ‘slot tajaan’ or even the tv station only aired the propaganda news… huh.. tengok saja lah.. even kat paper pun sama… berita pasal MAS ada masalah enjin, teknikal, kalau boleh bukan seantero malaya tapi satu dunia diorang nak warwarkan… Pasal Air Asia, terkandas di runway KUching, pasal passenger mengamuk di KK 16/3 akibat flight tengahari ditangguh tanpa dilayan dgn baik ke 4ptg, dah boarding, pilot mintak keluar balik coz ada masalah teknikal.. sudahnya almost 6pm baru take off… Apasal, x keluar dalam berita yer??? huh..

      Dear YB & affendy,
      boleh sapa2 tolong check x apa flight AK buat di Skypark? Kalau dia nak test flight sekali pun, setiap kali touch down kat runway LTSAAS, dia x kena bayar airport kah? terkini, semalam(30/5/2012) jam 6ptg +++(nasib baik saya bukan penumpang AK, kalau x, nak tanya jugak ke mana perginya airport tax yg AK charge bagi penumpang yg x turn up, lagi satu, dah kutip tax, kenapa x bayar kat MAHB, nak servis yang terbaik, tapi semua nak free(free la coz dok bagi alasan xde SLA, xde SLA jangan la MAHB kasi derang operate kat MAHB. Pi la non-MAHB airport) dah la ambil laluan MAS, pastu mendabik dada etc)) Tolong check ya…. TQVM… :)

  18. Rahman

    Danny boy will only bring problems and disgrace to any company that he joins. He can only survive in Khazanah when his master is around and AirAsia if he is of some use. I believe not welcome in AirAsia if he is out of MAS.

    He brought shame to Cambridge uni. He is just another rubbish.

    By the way Danny boy, have you upgraded your maid to your maser bedroom with your wife? Better do so that they can be in-law!!!

  19. shankar

    While AJ offers massive discounts to AA pax, we here
    at MAS have to pay an arm and a leg for our rebate ticket.
    Just checked last week that a 90% sub-load ticket to Sydney
    costs $rm 1250 return. And the best part is that the Family Travel Scheme
    has expired since March. Pls MASEU wake up and see what HRC is doing!

  20. Brainless AJ


    To this brainless AJ, staffs are not important. We are just a tool to him to mess us around. When it suits him, he will praise and he needs to use us to defend his stupidity he will say that we are of “low productivity”.

    just look at the fares structure for the 35,000 AAX passengers, only an idiot would agree it. Actually AJ agree to it because he thought TF is his immediate boss and he is working for AAX and seconded to MAS.

    This is how MAS lost revenue. This is the type of leakages we should stop. It is a clear case of opportunity for MAS to make money and yet this idiot AJ chose to look after the interest of AAX rather than MAS. Do w mean need an idiot like this to be MAS CEO. Quite frankly, AJ is not fit to wash the toilets in MAS.

    AJ is a wolve in sheep skin. We must all watch his every move and expose him until he is thrown out in disgrace.

  21. Hafiz

    Heard from someone that the scandalous Nanny Danny was accompany that idiot AJ on the A380 back to KL. What a waste of MAS fund to have these two idiot on the new A380.

    Nanny Danny should not be allowed to step foot even on Firefly turbo prop aircraft. We must ban this bas..d from our MAS flight. Let Nanny Danny and his wife to fly AAX or any other airlines. Anyway Nanny Danny wife is of the standard of his Nanny after all.

    1. Anon66

      The Star reported that AJ and Rashdan were on board the new bird when it landed in KL, then were joined by others on a short flight to Langkawi and back before being parked in Hanger 6. The Star also reported that the new bird will return to France for some additional touches.
      Little birds have told me that the plane was actually delivered with the wrong configuration! Additional touches indeed!

      1. SHANE

        Ten years after MAS ordered the A380, and its finally here, with the WRONG configuration? Yes, heard the current genius management headed by AJ changed it from 494 to 512, now flip-flopped and to change it back to 494 again. Ladies and gentlemen, changing AIRCRAFT configuration is not like changing seats for minibuses, it costs hell of a lot of money! Anyone can provide the cost of 200 tons of fuel it took to get the aircraft into Kuala Lumpur, another 200 tons to go back to Toulouse and yet another 200 tons to get it back here again for the “inaugural” flight?Heard the flight to Toulouse will carry dozens of merry-makers, intresting to see the list, especially when MAS is bleeding? Now the whole world and the next have already seen the aircraft, and a lot of confusion amongst the public when the photos of the aircraft that arrived yesterday doesn’t look like the one in the advertisments? Hello AJ and the Comms team, you just squandered a golden opportunity to make a “big BANG” with the A380, by the time 1st July comes, it is STALE. Not to mention the confusion among the public with 2 or is it 3 logos/brands for one airline. Another question – if, by any chance, the A380 is grounded for whatever reason after 1st July (or more horrifying, ON 1st or 2nd July), what is the plan? Pinjam A380 SQ ke? Or downgrade to the old 747?

  22. antitalam2muka

    This afternoon..saw few Airasia planes landed at Subang airport. what is going on? Is repair & maintenence work using MAS facilities already taken place? YB..please investigate

    1. Jumpseat

      Dear antitalam2muka,

      It was AA training flight for new pilots. I was nearby playing golf and saw the many landings and take offs. Nonetherless, it is also good if someone inside can highlight on the maintenance collorboration if it has really indeed started.


    2. anti air asia

      I also saw it, but late evening as i live very near to skypark… often seen Air Asia lingering at SZB since the so called CCF taken place, on & off espc weekend… YB, as per my earlier comments in other thread and comment to affendy, we really appreciated if YB could investigate further this matter. Is it alrite for them to use it? Is there any tax/levy should be imposed to them? Should there’s a violation of power/influence of AJ(as MAHB former staff) to letting AK to do so? Is DCA aware of if and so forth… To date, there is no AK flight being/has been repaired by MAS, SZB since the CCF tie-knot or the divorce(unwound)..

  23. Rotiboi

    Who’s next after Danny?

    Answer: Azman M (M for Mangkuk). Amokh is the root to all problems in GLCs. Please send him and his bin$.ucker Danny rotiboi to Somalia!

  24. Anonymous

    I agree, engineering should leave Air Asial planes unattended. Let them find another MRO that would accept their ridiculous demands for rock bottom charges. Let it be known to the world that the LCC business model is nothing but a failure & a gigantic Ponzi scheme.
    FYI, the engineering CEO Azahari has been non commital in his position which has resulted in MAS engineering being without direction & stagnant for the past 10 months. This is the guy that was so praised by AJ during his appointment as if he was the sage of the MRO industry.
    Main intention – to get in AASIAL acft for free maintenance!!!

  25. Yong MAS

    That bloody maid up-grader/Amok crony Rashdan has the cheek to be on board of A380 of MAS when has done so much damage to MAS. That bullshitter AJ can condone the maid up-grader to be near him.

    AJ why is MAS charging such low fares to AAX and at the same time your mentor Shane Nollan allowed for BLOCK booking?Is this how your “increase” revenue for MAS?

    AJ you have have been saying one thing and doing another? You have now upgraded yourself to become the CEO of Panamera Deadwood.

    We are watching you and your mentor Shane Nollan.

  26. Pak Azmi

    I saw Nanny Danny coming out of A380 with that idiotic AJ.

    The Sun has reported that Nanny Danny has resigned. Why that Nanny Danny is still on the flight? another free loader like TF and Kamarudin Meranun?

    it would appear that the nanny Danny free loader is still in MAS.

    AJ should send out e-mail to tell the staffs that the freeloader nanny Danny is still in MAS. Why is AJ keeping silence on this? He should come out in defend of the Nanny Danny.

    What is that useless Nor Zalida doing after all? She working so hard to send e-mail as late as 12 midnight to inform staffs that the re-accommodation agreement to help AAX was signed around midnight and she could not send out an e-mail regarding the status of Nanny Danny. What a joke!

  27. Anonymous

    if you think the AAX ticket accommodation was scandalous, wait till you hear of the maintenance accomodation for AASIAL by MH engineering

  28. Danny's Nanny

    Did you notice the photograph of the A380 today in the newspaper? The tail was painted new MAS logo with the blue color instead the normal red WAU. It look really ugly – tak dak seri langsung. Whatever came with that colour scheme need their head to be examined.

    1. Plane Crazy

      good observation, danny’s nanny! the new logo, the one that looks like it’s going to stumble, of course it could not fit to be placed on the tail. the normal red blue wau was so designed with the correct slant. them smart alecs thought they were smart, but proven stupid when they had to use the proper wau. bina tak fikir all the way! dickheads!

  29. Jasper Bloodstone

    How is MAS going to make profits flying it’s A380s to Sydney and Melbourne?

    To make business sense, it has to be able to compete effectively on the Kangaroo Route, i.e. Sydney and Melbourne to London via KL.

    Consider the competitors on this route. There is SIA, British Airways and Qantas who operate the route via Singapore and Emirates who operate the route via Dubai.

    SIA, Qantas and Emirates fly their A380s on this route.

    So, where is MAS’s unique competitive edge and value proposition on this route vis-a-vis SIA, Qantas, Emirates and British Airways?

    Does it have the financial muscle and the ability to sustain low air fares to compete with these airlines?

    Second, if you consider the business traveller traffic, which supports the premium first and business class service, aren’t Singapore and Dubai more established financial and business centres than KL?

    If MAS can’t fill the premium cabins in their A380s with these lucrative full fare-paying business travellers, then is it going to make it’s profits on the backs of the long-suffering economy class passengers who are extremely price-conscious?

    It seems to me that there is a lot of pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking going on here, with a blissful disregard of cost pressures and economic realities (the dismal economic situation in Europe and the UK being just one of them).

    1. Super Concerned

      Jasper Bloodstone
      Good and valid observations. The business plan for the kangaroo hope will never be 1 dimensional.

      The last few months have taken a tremendous toll on MAS to deliver on what it does best. There will be no one solution but an amalgamation of strategies and deliverables that would be developed and delivered to the discerning traveller.

      MAS has one of the best services from wheels up to wheels down which is proven over decades. She needs to rediscover her passion and recover her loyal customers. Malaysia as a Business hub is an issue but not one that affects the choice of a traveller whose end destination is London. The MAS team has to hunker down and deliver what it does best in a competitive market. The volume of traffic on this route can accommodate the competition.

      MAS can prevail on a level playing field with clear objectives and undivided support from her staff. This is where she needs to go and excel. Give the internal talent the opportunity and they will deliver. Our Country deserves it.

  30. X-MAS


    What I heard is that Shane Nolan’s extended tenure as temporary Commercial Director end at the end of this month.

    The CD post will be taken over by Hugh Dunleavy who was recuited at the same time as Shane for the Network and Strategy.

    Plane Consult/Shane Nolan and gang are still retained to provide consultancy services to MAS/AJ.

  31. Parameswara

    YB, You said

    “Yours truly has been informed by reliable sources that MAS will not be operating its A380 to Melbourne or Sydney but it will, however, be operating to Tokyo. Isn’t this strange? One would have thought that London/KUL/Melbourne or Sydney should be the normal Kangaroo route. Why omit Melbourne and Sydney? Why omit these two cities?”

    Is your source really reliable?
    You are merely being used by souls that speak half truths.
    You do not even have the courtesy to look into the airline’s website for official information to support your thoughts in this blog. If you had done, you will know exactly how the A380 is being used.”

    Why are you not doing doing your own checks?
    Because you are a mightly MP?

    Not expected of you who is also a lawyer.

    Be more thorough with your groundwork. Its not that you dont have the tools and means. Its just that you are hallucinated that all info supplied is true.

    Which is not the case anyway!
    Shame on you YB!!

  32. Azman the Conman


    You have been caught in this blog for shifting your goal posts as the game was played.

    Use your brain. The Melbourne route was just put up. previously it was omitted and MAS will A380 will fly to Tokyo only. What was written by YB was correct.

    What have you got to say about the other points that have been published?

    How about the Re-accommodation Agreement with such extremely low fares charged to AAX? What about the parachuted Rozman, Azhari and Nor Zalida?

    What about the high salaries and perks of the idiots top managers in MAS?

    What about the the conflict of conflict interest of Shane Nollan and PlaneConsult?

    What about the termination of Surabaya and Bandung routes? AirAsia X increased of its flights and increased its fares by more htan2 folds?

    What about Azhari Dhalan is not the EASA approved Nominated Post Holder?

    What about the Panamera Deadwood like Martin Barrow?

    Shame on you! You are just a Pariah’s blind cyber trooper.

  33. Franky

    Just ignore that cyber trooper (Parameswara) of the Pariah.

    Shane Nollan departure: Good riddance of bad rubbish! That ma Salleh should be given he boot from MAS instead letting him go like that. What about the PlaneConsult, the special con-sultant to stupid Aj.

    AJ when are you going. Another good riddance to bad rubbish when AJ disappears from MAS.

  34. SHANE


    Ten years after MAS ordered the A380, and its finally here, with the WRONG configuration? Yes, heard the current genius management headed by AJ changed it from 494 to 512, now flip-flopped and to change it back to 494 again. Ladies and gentlemen, changing AIRCRAFT configuration is not like changing seats for minibuses, it costs hell of a lot of money! Anyone can provide the cost of 200 tons of fuel it took to get the aircraft into Kuala Lumpur, another 200 tons to go back to Toulouse and yet another 200 tons to get it back here again for the “inaugural” flight?Heard the flight to Toulouse will carry dozens of merry-makers, intresting to see the list, especially when MAS is bleeding? Now the whole world and the next have already seen the aircraft, and a lot of confusion amongst the public when the photos of the aircraft that arrived yesterday doesn’t look like the one in the advertisments? Hello AJ and the Comms team, you just squandered a golden opportunity to make a “big BANG” with the A380, by the time 1st July comes, it is STALE. Not to mention the confusion among the public with 2 or is it 3 logos/brands for one airline. Another question – if, by any chance, the A380 is grounded for whatever reason after 1st July (or more horrifying, ON 1st or 2nd July), what is the plan? Pinjam A380 SQ ke? Or downgrade to the old 747?

    1. 3 Jahanam

      True, the FC and BC look very cheap, macam minibus punya.

      Apa punya bodoh lah AJ and gang but I still blame the new chairman, dia yang pilih AJ.

      Cepat cepat belah sebelum pekung banyak lagi keluar
      Barua betul, jahanam MAS!

  35. doggy

    thanks yb. but please no to dr don, or dr con as he was known in the flight operations.
    if not, it’s going to be another SSDD thingy.

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