TO SAVE MAS AJ, Rashdan, Shane Nollan, Rozman, Azhari, Datuk Azman Yahya, Datuk Rohana & others must be OUT

Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar & his most trusted crony, Rashdan aka Danny

Updates @ 4:30 pm on 18-5-2012: Please read “Rafidah gone off her rockers”. If YB Tan Sri  Rafidah Aziz has gone off her rockers then AJ has gone senile to have signed the secret “Supplementary Collaborative Agreement” and two MOUs with AirAsia/AAX almost immediately after the secret share swap was unwound. Until this day AJ could not reveal what were the exact nature of the collaborations. So far, what we have witnessed was a collaboration based on “MAS gives ALL, AirAsia/AirAsia X take ALL”in HERE

The secret MAS-AirAsia share swap has been unwound by YAB PM, YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak, on 2-5-2012.

It must follow suit that all the appointments that were made after the said secret share swap must also be terminated because those appointments were made under the ill thought out advice and an undue influence of those irresponsible personalities in Khazanah especially, En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny (Rashdan), the Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (Amok)’s most trusted crony and ex-business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, in HERE

After the the said secret share swap was unwound, came the long awaited announcement of the departure of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, both of whom are from Tune Air Sdn Bhd and AirAsia/AirAsia X Sdn Bhd, from the board of Director of MAS.

As a matter of course, all benefits enjoyed by both Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun as the then directors of MAS must be terminated forthwith on 2-5-2012.

Yours truly has been informed by reliable sources that both of them are still enjoying the special discounted fare costing only 10% of whatever class when they are travelling on MAS. It is only fair that such benefits cannot be accorded to both of them as they were put on Board of MAS by Khazanah by virtue of their shareholding in MAS.

En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), the Group CEO, is duty bound to forthwith terminate all such benefits that were accorded to ex-directors of MAS.  If we were to go by AJ’s standard of managing MAS where he is not only condoning but went all out to protect Rashdan’s abused of power by the upgrading his maid and baby to First Class Cabin, which was contrary to MAS Policy, also in HERE, then these two former directors from AirAsia will no doubt carry on to enjoy the discounted First Class fare to London to watch the QPR games.

As far as AJ is concerned when it comes to matters related to AiraAsia/AirAsia X, MAS is not BLEEDING. MAS is only BLEEDING when it involves staff benefits and cutting of specific routes to JB/Kuching/KK (Firefly),  Surabaya (MAS), Bandung (MAS) and Sydney (MAS).

Now AirAsia X has the monopoly to operate the profitable routes to Surabaya and Bandung and its fares and frequencies have also been increased.  MAS abandoned its right to the additional route to Sydney, AirAsia X was able to expand its operation to Sydney. Thanks to AJ and Rashdan, Amok’s most rusted crony, and of course, Mr Shane Nollan too.

MYCC should also investigate into the cutting of routes by MAS especially to Surabaya and Bandung as it is a clear case of stifling competition, in HERE & HERE.  Dr Wafi, Head of Legal Department, sudden resignation may be due to the possible contravention of the Competition Act, 2010.

En Rozman Omar, former AA Head of Finance, now CFO of MAS
Puan Zaharah Zaid, Head of Human Capital of MAS
Therefore, Khazanah/Amok must take immediate actions to cause the IMMEDIATE termination of  AJ as the Group CEO, Rashdan, the Amok most trusted crony, as Deputy Group CEO, Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult as the Acting Commercial Director, En Rozman Omar as CFO, En Azhari Dahlan as Head of Engineering, Puan Nor Zalida Ahmad as Head of Strategic Comm, Puan Zaharah Zaid as Head of Human Capital and PlaneConsult,in HERE & HERE.

The Board of Directors namely, Datuk Azman Yahya of SCOMI fame, Datuk Rohana of ASTRO, Datuk Krishnan Tan of IJM, Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah of Landmark, all of whom have zero knowledge about aviation industry and were also appointed after the secret share swap should also be terminated forthwith, in HERE.

Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof, the Chairman of MAS, can be spared for the moment as he was appointed several days before the secret share swap.

In any event, the validity of their appointment to the Board of Directors of MAS are questionable. As far as yours truly can remembers, until this date there was no EGM/AGM held by MAS to appoint them. Under the Companies Act, directors can only be appointed through EGM or AGM of MAS especially when the old Board of Directors have resigned immediately after the secret  share swap was entered into. Perhaps Amok and his Khaznah “dunggu” may want to enlighten us on the legality of the appointment of the existing members of the Board of Directors of MAS.

Quite frankly, with all the controversies in MAS after the share swap, zero performance for the past 9 months after their questionable appointment, their ill thought out decisions to extend the contracts of Mr Shane Nollan, PlaneConsult, condone Rashdan’s abused of power, endorsement of the extremely low fares charged to AirAsia X  for uplifting of its 35,000 passengers prior to and after the Re-Acccomodation Agreement, also in HERE and their willful blindness to what are happening in MAS, Datuk Azman Yahya, Datuk Krishnan Tan, Datuk Rohana and Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah should take the honorable steps to immediately tender their respective resignation and get out of MAS gracefully before they are forced out of MAS in disgrace.

Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult, En Rozman Omar, En Azhari Dahlan, Puan Nor Zalida Ahmad and PlaneConsult are tainted with conflict of interest as they were directly or indirectly connected to AirAsia, in HERE and HERE.

Yours truly has been informed that after the MAS unions have been given the two day notice to provide proposals of how to turn around MAS to the Board of Directors, MESA in their proposal clearly stated that all those that were appointed after the secret share swap, including the Board of Directors, must be removed from MAS as one of the turn around plan for MAS.

Just a little bit of background information. BinaFikir Sdn Bhd was the consultant and brainchild of the failed Project known as “Widespread Asset un-Bundling” aka “WAU”.  It was under WAU that MAS sold many of its valuable assets to raise cash for its operation. It was asset stripping. As a result of WAU, 70% of the equity in MAS Catering Sdn Bhd was sold to Gubahan Saujana Sdn Bhd, a company owned by the brother of the former PM, Datuk Ibrahim bin Ahmad Badawi. Thereafter, MAS enter into a lop-sided agreement with MAS Catering Sdn Bhd, now known as LSG Sky Chef Brahim’s Sdn Bhd, to provide food supplies and cabin services for 25 years. Your truly believes that this had to be the longest agreement ever entered into the aviation industry. It should be recored in the Guinness Book of Record. This lop-sided agreement cost MAS RM6.25 billion and about RM270 million a year, in HERE. No wonder MAS is BLEEDING!

The Deputy Minister of Finance,  YB Senator Datuk Donald Lim,  is still having problems in obtaining the simple answers on the consultancy fees charged by BinaFikir Sdn Bhd and the twelve companies involved in the MAS fuel hedging losses totaling RM3.3 billion, in HERE. This afternoon, yours truly has received a fax copy of the answer which did not provide the cost of the consultancy fees and the name of the twelve companies. Why were these information shrouded with secrecy? May be the BinaFikir Sdn Bhd’s consultancy fees was by the hundred of million Ringgit and the twelve companies will exposed certain personalities.

Anyway Parliament will commence on 12-6- 2012. Yours truly will pursue these matters until those little Napoleons in Khazanah give the informations to Parliament. If you have any specific questions for Parliament, please let yours truly have it before 18-5-2012, the due date for submission of Parliamentary Questions. Just pose your proposed questions as a comment here.

AJ and Rashdan, the Amok’s most trusted crony and who was embroiled with scandalous abused of power, are bent in wanting to dispose off “NON-CORE ASSETS” of MAS as part of their ill thought out BUSINESS PLAN. Now that the said secret share swap has been un-wound, they were still trying to do it by way out joint venture companies under the secret Supplementary Collaborative Agreement and two MOUs.

Before AJ and Rashdan, the Amok’s most trusted crony, could dream about carrying out their ill thought out Business Plan and/or the secret Supplementary Collaborative Agreement and/or two “MOUs”, yours truly calls upon the Government to read what the former MD of MAS had got to say about what had happened in MAS.

Please see below:

By Former MAS Managing Director
5 April 2012

Recently MAS and Air-Asia entered into an arrangement to swap shares.  In consequence Air-Asia has two representatives on the Board of MAS.  Many quarters questioned the move to swap shares in view of the fact that the arrangement would cause adverse implications to MAS.  

Some of the implications are as follows:-

(i)         The most critical problem facing MAS is the shortage of funds to finance the purchase of Airbus 380 and B737-800 aircraft.  It is alleged that the total amount required is RM12 billions.

The Government as the major shareholder has to play a leading role in the process of fund raising.  The current management is proposing to raise funds through the sales of movable assets in engineering, cargo, training and ground handling.  These departments will be under separate joint-venture companies and MAS will not be in complete control of those companies.  It means that MAS will have to outsource those services.  The quality of the total MAS services will be adversely affected.  Employees’ reactions to the move will affect the operations adversely and it will take a long time to come back to normal.  The image of the airline, will also be adversely affected in the process.

(ii)        MAS has over the years developed its Engineering capabilities to a very high level.  The facilities and equipment are comparable to any of the best outfits in the world.  The expertise is also comparable to any other similar organization in the world.

The current management’s move to sell some of the engineering assets and to change the management structure is a negative step and should not be proceeded with.  MAS should be allowed to continue with its objective of making its engineering capabilities to be of world class and recognized by the aviation industry world-wide and in the process engineering will become a major income earner from third party customers contributing to the profitability of the airline.

(iii)       The share swap between AirAsia and MAS does not give any advantage to MAS.  The modes of operations of both airlines are different as they are on different business models.  In fact the arrangement is suicidal to MAS as it has to compete against Air-Asia on the same routes with a disadvantaged business model.  Under the arrangement, AirAsia operates low fare while MAS operates premier services.  This arrangement is suicidal for MAS in view of the fact that the markets they are competing in, are low fare price sensitive markets.

The solution is for MAS to provide both premier and low fare services.  This can be done so that MAS can compete against AirAsia fairly.  It is a matter of making some adjustments to the terms and conditions of carriage and making some changes to the operating procedure.  MAS should be able to prevail in the competition.

iv)   The share swap between Air-Asia and MAS resulting in the appointments of representatives of Air-Asia on the Board of MAS was a serious mistake and should be revoked.  Air-Asia and MAS are still in competition on almost all  the MAS routes and it is highly irregular to have the airline’s opponents making strategic decisions for the company’s own operations.  Air-Asia has under the arrangement agreed to maintain their aircraft at MAS facilities in consequence of the share swap.  This arrangement is in fact for mutual benefit as Air-Asia is given favourable rates.  Even if there was no share swap, it would be in the interest of Air-Asia to maintain their aircraft with MAS as otherwise AirAsia will have to maintain their aircraft with SIA whose rates are no better than MAS.  Without the share swap the two airlines can still cooperate for mutual benefit.

(v)        The current management has taken steps to move staff from Area A at Subang Airport to KLIA.  The staff concerned (a fairly large number) are very unhappy as it means that they have to overhaul everything, moving house to Sepang and this will cause severe hardship to them.

It is proposed that such a move should be stopped.  Instead since the land in Area A is to be used for some purposes, the staff there should instead be moved to Area B and not to KLIA.



1.         In consequence of the move to swap shares between MAS and Air-Asia, the airlines have to face changes which are affecting MAS adversely in many aspects.  It is recommended that the arrangement be revoked.

2.     Currently the staff morale is very low and action should be taken to improve the situation quickly.  The membership of the Board and the senior management must be examined and reconstituted.  People with high integrity, the right knowledge, experience and with the national interest at heart, should provide the leadership of the organization as soon as possible.

3.         There are many critical issues that need to be solved on an urgent basis.  The most pressing issue is the financial aspect.  The Chairman of the company said that the company was very sick and needed urgent treatment, while the Managing Director also said that unless the financial situation was fixed fast, the company would be bankrupt soon.  It is therefore a serious situation and the government must now be involved in resolving the problem.

4.       The traffic rights available to the national carrier should be examined.  It appears that some carriers especially those from the Middle East are enjoying traffic rights at our expense.  They are practising the illegal carriage of 6th Freedom traffic at our expense.  This is a very serious intrusion into the company’s business opportunity.  This issue should be examined fast with the assistance of the government. In the context of the current competitive environment, action must be taken fast to conclude effective strategic alliances with other carriers where relevant.

5.       It should be noted that the current management is now actively engaged in negotiating the sale of assets in engineering, training etc.  It is important that the activities be suspended immediately otherwise it will be too late to take remedial measures.  The proposed formation of joint-venture companies relating to engineering, training etc. should also be suspended before it is too late.


In conclusion, yours truly would like to congratulate Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad Abdul Majid for the extension of his tenure as the MD of MAHB for another year. Very sorry for some characters who are so bent of wanting to get rid of Tan Sri Bashir from MAHB for their own selfish reasons.  Yours truly also hope that Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad Abdul Majid and Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman will soon come on board of MAS to not only stop the cannibalisation of MAS but really turn around MAS once and for all, in HERE.

76 thoughts on “TO SAVE MAS AJ, Rashdan, Shane Nollan, Rozman, Azhari, Datuk Azman Yahya, Datuk Rohana & others must be OUT

  1. Citizen Rules

    lets rally behind all forces to see that those serving AA interest in MAS are asked to leave ASAP…..otherwise they would ink more JV to plunder MAS…
    Time to have our own dedicated personnel to lead MAS out of this darkest history with a proper drawn FLIGHT PLAN..

    1. Sam

      Yes, people. These directors have been given the chance to resign, since they play dumb and are dumb, we must now kick them out!

  2. anna

    sir, my last service with Firefly was on 30April due to AJ cancelled the short haul and the staff only given two option. Offered MSS and transfer to Subang. I have no choice and have to take MSS due to family all in Kuching. Im very disappointed with AJ decision for cutting Kuching,KK & JOHOR from operating. Until now im still looking for a new job and i have 3 kids to take care of. The decision made by AJ totally not fair and make me in trouble to find a new job. My concerned now can they open back route for Firefly in KUCHING,KK to save our rice bowl?

  3. Time Traveller

    Dear MAS Management,if you had put your name on the Manchester City’s jersey, that would have cooled us down a bit.

  4. The Pumkiner

    The divestment of MAS Catering happened under MD Nor watch. He is a party to that scandalous deal along with Danny boy.

    MAS will continue to bleed unless that arrangement can be untangled.

    The funny thing is that some people commented that the provision of foods and drinks is where AA and MAS can collaborate! You can see their insincerity very clearly.

    Do not rest until the perpetrators of the scandalous WAU are fully kicked out.

  5. Anon66

    YB, perhaps you could ask your friends in the unions and those ubiquitous MAS insiders why they are against proposals for the secondment of Firefly staff into the ranks of MAS. Maybe you could also ask the powers that be that are managing Firefly these days as to why staff at Firefly are still being kept in the dark regarding their futures……

    1. Atticus

      SECONDMENT of Firefly staff to MAS? To do what? We in MAS are already told “right-sizing” will take place, tunggu masa saja (after GE13), and you expect us to welcome you all with open arms? Get real lah. We remember when you guys got 4 to 8 months bonuses, when your MD talk and act tough, when you all acted as though MAS owes you all everything – must give office space, must provide support services, all not paid for so the P&L looks good,
      now got no job also we must make way for you? Dont worry lah, the secret agenda of the Newco is still ON, MAS will be split and many of us will
      also be staring at the same thing you are facing now. Fortunately, many of us are UNIONISED, so not that easy for management to act like Ignatius Ong,
      cannot simply say, “take it or leave it”. If they try that, watch the fun!!

      1. Anon66

        Atticus, I am not an employee of Firefly or MAS but merely asking why there appears to be so much consternation from MAS Unions and certain quarters within MAS management, after all, everyone belongs to the same company do they not? I guess the “us and them” mentality reigns supreme in MAS and little Napoleons will do whatever they can to keep it that way. By the way, do you know exactly how many people received an 8 month bonus? Or how about a 4 month bonus? How about the number of those that received jackshit? Its a myth that everyone in Firefly received a 4 or 8 months bonus.
        With regards to a secret agenda, I don’t know…lah, I’m just like you and everyone else, fed bullshit and kept in the dark!

  6. ThirdDevil

    Dear YB: the followings are the questions I would like you to ask in parliament. (1) how many employees in Khazanah now versus how many when Azman Mokhtar first took over Khazanah. (2) what was the gross value of investment held by Khazanah today versus when Azman Mokhtar first took over Khazanah. (3) what was total payroll of khazanh employees today plus the payment to consultants versus the same payment before Azman Mokhtar took over (4) what are the incentives , bonuses paid to Khazanah’s employees in the last 5 years – I.e how many months of bonuses? (5) how much been paid to the top 5 employees of Khazanah (6) e

  7. Joe

    why government take so much time to settle this problem? Do they afraid of all devils led by AJ? Or is it because of capitalism par excellence?

  8. Pak Belalang

    Dear YB Wee Sir,

    I am sure that the entire population of MAS except for AJ, Danny, Rosman, Azhari, Shane, Zahida, Zahrah and all AK Infiltrators plus the newly appointed BOD members including Azman Yahya, Rohanna, Krishnen Tan, Wan Azmi are pissed off with you and the unions/associations of MAS for making public their conduct and conflict of interest against MAS.

    As for MASEU, I know that their members are most unhappy with the continued presence of all the “pirates” in MAS, except of course their top leaders who have abandoned them to the “marauding wolves”.

    As reported by the press, Alias and Malik even has the cheek to imply that they had a role in the joint proposal presented to MAS Board after Md Nor had given all the employees groups 2 days to do so! What a gross misrepresentation of facts!

    Instead, they were very quick in meeting the press to announce that the “union of 20,000” employees fully support the TRIOs. What a “FLIP-FLOP!!!”
    Mana ada integriti punya union leadership mah!!!!

    Maybe YB Wee can ask MoHR in Parliament if MASEU really have that much members? If not what is the breakdown?


      Many of us appreciate the efforts of the unions and associations, except MASEU of course. We know the deferment of the migration to KLIA is one of the results of their efforts. What I cannot understand is, how come, Maseu’s thousands of members continue to allow themselves to be “lembu dicucuk hidong” by Alias and Malek for 15 years? If I recall correctly, wasn’t it these two who took RM1mill of Union funds WITHOUT Exco endorsement to invest in some failed scheme ? Some years later, they returned RM300,000. What happened to the rest of the money? But MORE importantly, isn’t there a LAW against such acts, I think it is called CBT?

  9. Kikikat

    For a long time Tan Sri Aziz’s views were never aired/published on mainstream media, in fact it seemed like the Govt had blacked him out after they tossed him aside to make way for Tajuddin Ramli. Now we see him pretty often in the papers n on tv. I wonder if the Govt have now come to their senses n plan to take him in again to rescue the company that he had nurtured so sincerely all those years ago since now they are giving attention to him after so long…. I pray that it is so, for the sake of our beloved national carrier….

    1. Pak Pandir II

      Yeah! the Government of the day must bring back the humble, soft-spoken Tan Sri Aziz, pronto! Bring back also Tan Sri Bashir and make them CEO, Board Member or whatever. I’m sure they would easily outshine the Trios!!!
      At the very least, these are true aviation professionals whom the entire citizenship of MAS will not find any problem to rally around them to rebuild their airline.

      Certainly, the current hare-brained Management who hurriedly engaged PlaneConsult to inculcate LCC mentalities into their workforce (in a manner similar to yesteryears’ KL minibusus operation) has no idea how to run a premium full-service airlines!!!!

      No wonder the Trios were are not getting support from staff who saw them as a bunch of clowns and fools. Trust in the current Management is ZILTCH!!

      The national Icon need people with high integrity to gain staff’s trust and buy-in. Those parachuted in do not have such qualities for they are known to bow and kowtow to the whim and fancies of the Pariah, Penjarah and Pengkianat Negara.

      Corporate governance is only lip-service, imposed on lowly ranking staff but impervious to those high and mighty who favours the Pariah. Now, dont even think of equating the Pariah as modern day’s Robin Hood coz the Pariah does not differentiate and squanders from both, the rich as well as abject poor.

      MAS need qualities like those found in Syed Zainal of Proton and his likes! Definitely NOT Nanny Danny….. no matter how many times he play with his handphone “Sumpah Laknat”. And to think that the nanny upgarder share his origin from the same state of YB Wee, the true and gentle Cik Siti Wan Kembang!! What a pathetic disgrace!!!

      AJ? He is no better!!! Respect must be earned, and he is not worthy of any from the workforce he had conveniently blamed as “unproductive”.

      So for all your own high productivity AJ, what have you to be proud of? One after another UNCLEAR and OPAGUE Business Plans??? At the rate you are spinning them up, you may well have achieved the new World Record!!!!

  10. SIdek of MAS

    AJ, Rashdan, Datuk Azman Yahya, Rozman Omar, Azhari Dahlan, Shane Nollan and PlaneConsult must immediately FO from MAS. There is no two ways about.

    We ca no longer tolerate them in MAS. They are the major stumbling block for the progress and turning around of MAS. They are put in MAS to facilitate the “principles” of share swap as planned by the Little Napoleons in Khazanah.

    Azman Mokhtar must take full responsibility for screwing up MAS by installing his crony Rashdan to do the cannibalisation job. Rashdan has succeeded in killing Firefly which was build by all the hearts of the staff and the previous management.

    We were unhappy with the past managements under Tengku Azmil, Idris Jala, Tajudin and others but we can live and work with them. AS for AJ and the other cronies of the pariah, we regret that we cannot even sit in the same room or building with them.

    There is not a little of trust left for them. AJ and gang, if you want to leave with whatever honour is left, please get out NOW. Otherwise you and gang will leave in DISGRACE.

  11. Razak of MAS

    Agreed! Agreed! Agreed! AJ, Rashdan the Amok’s crony and maid upgrader, Shane Nollan, Rozman, Azhari, Datuk Azman Yahya and Nor Zalida are the key persons that must be thrown out of MAS. This is the pre-requisite to turn around MAS.

    With them running amok in MAS, MAS staffs will never co-operate as there is no more trust left for them. They have shown their acts of taking care of AirAsia’s interest rather than MAS. Just look no furhter than the Re-Accommodation Ageement with AirAsia X to uplift its 35,000 passengers. The fares were rock bottom and I believe that MAS will be making losses for AirAsia X. No management in the right mind would sign such an agreement under such circumstances.It would appear that MAS need the favour from AirAsia X when it was the reverse.

    Furthermore, AJ didn’t enforce the agreement when AirAsia X did not pay up the RM31 million on 31-3-2012 or soon thereafter. Even if the RM31 million was paid, I very much doubt it would be able to cover all the cost of uplifting the 35,000 passengers. AJ would prefer to give special fares to AirAsia X rather than MAS own loyal customers.

    Do we really need such a Group CEO like AJ? Definitely NO.Please get out of our sight. Have a bit of “maruah”. This is not the way to take “gaji buta” and spoil your reputation budak suruhan AJ. You still have a little bit more time to call it quit otherwise MAS staffs will literally throw you out of MAS in DISGRACE. This is a promise and not a threat.

    Don’t try us. You have tried MAS staff for almost 9 months. Sudah cukup budak suruhan yang tiada maruah. malu kepada bangsa dan agama. Letak jawatan dengan segera. Kami tidak mahu nampak bayang puak2 pengkianak di dalam MAS.


  12. Pak Jala

    Ya Alah, “Manusia” seperti Azman Mokhtar dan Azman Yahya juga perlu letak jawatan dengan segera. Mereka ni lah yang perlu memikul segala tanggung jawab untuk share swap dan keadaan dalam MAS sekarang. Mereka sudah hilang maruahnya. Tak layak nak memengang jawatan lagi. Kebanyakan pekerja-pekerja MAS adalah orang Melayu. sampai akhirat aku tak akan maafkan gulungan Tingkat 4, Azman Mokhtar, Azman Yahya, Nor Yakop bekas Menteri Kewnagan II, Rashdan, Md Nor Yusof, Pariah dan kuncunya seperti Rozman Omar, Azhari, Nor Zalida.


  13. dragonlord

    Dear YB Wee & MAS die hard fan, lets start the campaign to bring back Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman & Datuk Bashir Ahmad into MAS. With this two guys on board, MAS with fly high & i’m sure MAS employees will give them the undivided support.

    1. HANCUS

      Unfortunately, TS Bashir already is extended for one more year at MAHB. TS Aziz could well play a role as the “bridge” between staff and the NEW management, which means the TRIO, BOD, Rozman, Azahari and PlaneConsult must leave. Who to take over?. With current levels of trust in the top management and the BOD, which is less than ZERO, I think even if the PM installed a banana tree as CEO, it will garner more support than AJ. As for the Miadupgrader, wait a minute, do we evn need a DCEO in the first place?

  14. Anonymous


    when Parliment resume on June, pls push all the answer as per earlier request BUT i also would like u to ask on the following

    1. QPR – has the agreement with QPR been signed? i get first hand info that until now MAS yet to sign the agreement as the former boss in legal dept never see the agreement as our corporate policy all agreement must be vetted by legal prior to execution
    2. under which authority that allow danny the swear nanny allowing him to use MAS money to pay QPR. as per our CAAM, this nanny don’t even hv authority to approve payment even below RM 5 mil yet just take a flight and sedekah RM18 mil for QPR. bro, MAS bukan bapak lu punya company la….

    1. FED-UP

      Tan Sri Md Nor and the Board Audit Committee, what are you all waiting for? It is as CLEAR as daylight that Corporate Governance was NOT complied with yet nothing has been done. The MOU for the sponsorship has not even been signed and the $$$$ already released? And, in the first place, did the Maidupgrader and the EXCO at that time (EXCO – Tony, Kamarudin, Maidupgrader, Azman Yahya, TS Md Nor) have the authority to make this decision? AND did the main interested party, Tony, exclude himself from the decision-making process?
      MACC, tunggu apa lagi? YB boleh buat report ka?

    2. Anti Double Standards

      What is the Board Audit Committee doing? Don’t tell me they don’t know about this?( Anybody who manages MAS today MUST read YB’s blog for the latest accurate and up-to-date info,if not you behind time). MOU not yet signed, already the $$$$ released? And did Dannynanny have the authority to execute this? And did the EXCO at that time (TS Md Nor, Azman Yahya, Tony, Kamarudin and Dannynanny) have the authority to make this decision? And during the decision-making process, did Tony exclude himself since he was clearly an interested party?
      Aisayman MACC, tunggu apa lagi? Mau YB buat report dulu ka?

  15. Kunyit Hidup

    Prior to the achievable new Business Plan, MAS shall:

    1. Do the crackdown as mentioned by YB Wee. Get rid of the trio, AA cronies and most of BOD.
    2. Dry-clean all the remaining Panamera deadwoods, particularly in HC.
    3. Untangle all unfavourable contracts with service providers (catering, rentals, vendors etc)
    4. Assess decisions by internal talent before appointing consultants.
    5. Seriously look into REVENUE and PRODUCT instead of merely cost-cutting.

    Tan Sri Aziz is not the best aviation-man on the planet but undoubtedly the most sincere MD so far. Welcome back as one of BOD, Chairman or replacing Sleepyhead.

  16. anak abang

    on May 16, 2012 at 9:35 pm | Reply Sam
    Says setuju, tan Sri aziz sebagai chairman. Syed zainal as new BOD. Tak pErlu MD, CEO cukup.
    DSZ knows nuts about running an airline. TQ.
    Even in Proton he is having a hard time selling the Preve
    and is a matter of time b4 DRB shows him the door.
    MAS needs a leader who has airlines experience and can
    work with its employees coupled with a strong board support.
    Also please revert to the old logo and colour scheme too as the current one looks rather lame and lacks vibrant.

  17. Ralph


    – Please find out who was behind all these cronies. I don’t think AMOK have the power to do all these by himself.

    – If you can uncover this, we are going to have a different Malaysia.

    – With all these, it remind me of ENRON, but this for sure are going to be the biggest scandal ever, even ENRON will look small.

  18. Nordin MAS

    I agree that those idiots appointed after share swap, must all go after the share swap has been unwound.

    AJ, what are you still waiting for? Just pack up and join your Pariah and be a CEO there. You can do what you like. No body is going to complain. MAS staffs do not trust you, Rashdan, Rozman, Azhari, Nor Zalida and Shane Nollan.

    Still hoping to get more Gaji Buta.

  19. love mas

    Mas staff being punish again and again …. Management will offer vss within 2 weeks time … They looking to cut 4000 staff … I don’t know how align this vss with our PM vision and mission by losing job before election … You judge by yourself …how this so call management run MAS after all scandal being exposed ..

  20. Anti Cronyism in MAS

    Azman Mokhtar is a failure as we can see from the share swap. He must go. Too long in Khazanah.

    In MAS, we must see that Aj, Rashdan, Azman Yahya, Rozman, Azhari and the others must also go.

    We will welcome Tan Sri Aziz and Tan Sri Bashir with open arm.

    AJ, why are you wasting your time in trying to bullshit to MAS staffs? We have no ears or time for you. In fact, we will fight you and gang till the end. Just get out to keep whatever honour you still have.

  21. Anonymous

    Danny, lu babi! Sume org dh f..k off ko, still ada kat sini? Ke nak tunggu org ckp f..k you kat anak bini ko skali? Eh, ko mrh ke klu ckp f..k off kat anak bini? Lg mrh klu org maki maid ko kot….?

    F..k off la weiiii….

  22. Anonymous

    From the live telecast game of Man City vs QPR,can see Tony hugged Arab owner after the game,the question is how Tony went to London?

  23. suara alam

    Aku kempen untuk Tan Aziz di Khazanah..tendang aje si amok sebab
    di situ lubuk duit..

    ..Tan Sri Bashir pula bos MAS
    ..Tuan Syed Zainal ganti si danny
    MAS gerenti akan terbang di serata dunia dengan staf yang penuh berdedikasi…tapi bukan rendah produktiviti..!


  24. MAS Steward

    All the cronies and useless Board members are still playing stupid and hanging on to their posts. Tak malu kah. Nak kena halau baru nak lari keluar kah?

    Puak-puak yang tiada maruah dan muka tebal!

  25. MESA member

    The whole bloody lots in the top management have no “maruah” and self respect. They had to literally chase out of MAS and only then they will FO from MAS. MESA, MAPA and AMAELE should lead the campaign to remove those thick skin idiots to get out. This is the only way that they will get out. Forget about MASEUS as the leaders are still on”SLEEPING PILLS”. Only DR MACC can help to cure them.

    Lets get our respective Unions to throw these GAJI Buta idiots out from MAS before they could do more damage like extending the useless Shane Nollan, PlaneConsult and protecting that Nanny Danny.

  26. Anti Cronyism

    Talking about cronyism in MAS? Not only Azman, AJ and Danny practices cronyism! The “veterans” of MAS also are in the same boat. Look at what’s happening in CE under Dato’ Salleh Tabrani and AO under Hayati Dato’ Ali. Aren’t these two practicing cronyism? Who created special positions for “their people”? Duplicate posts created just because their blue eyes are without portfolio? Promote their cronies as if the rest of the staff around them are not performing at all?… Imagine an executive in 5 years now is already a VP! Talking about cronyism and umbrella? AJ, how many Project Management Office do you have in a division? Do you know? Don’t talk about PMO in the company! And you ppl got upset when you were told you are unproductive? Wake up people!

    1. Kunyit Hidup

      Anti Cronyism,

      Spot-on, particularly in AO. We do not need consultant to say at least 4 unnecessary departments/managers and sufficient with only 2 VPs. Meeting till late everyday while 10 meetings to tackle 1 issue instead of 10 issues in 1 meeting. Of course, meals provided. Can you find them in their respective offices?

      1. TUNGGU MASA

        correct,correct,correct. I am amused when reading about all the brouhaha about external Consultants.For years now, since Idris’ time, we have a whole
        DEPARTMENT of them, used to be called TMO, now PMO, or is it TWO departments now, filled with young punk Managers, who are doing EXACTLY
        what the Consultants are doing – borrowing our watches to tell us the time!!
        All parachuted in, mostly from a former closed-shop-already consultancy, all starting at salaries that most of us will take at least 20 years to reach. Mana MAS tak hancur?

    2. Cindarella

      Brader klu lu tak tau cerita jangan bising la. Lu tau tak Dato Salleh tu bagi SEMUA area manager yang balik tak de kerja dekat sebulan melanguk kat HC tu kerja. Dia ingat brader2 area manager tu ada anak bini, mak bapak nak jaga. Dia kesian klu tak brader2 area manager tu kena buang kerja. Lu tau tak dia sumbat kat merata bahagian dia jaga. Boss2 lain sikit pun tak ambik peduli budak2 ni merayu cari kerja dekat sebulan melanguk kat ceruk office sales tu.

      Klu lu nak kutuk pun biarlah ada asas, jangan sedap mulut lu je

      Dato Salleh tu buat kerja sampai satu dua pagi lu tau tak? Semua proses dia bikin nak bagi betulkan. Dia tenguk sampai ceruk dapur kat lounge tu, turun padang ngan cabin crew tiap 2 minggu. Mana ada Boss sanggup buat kerja macam tu. Boss lain dah bertahun kekadang staff sendiri pun tak pernah jenguk la.

  27. The Pariah Must Be Out

    AJ, Rashdan, Rozman, Azhari, Shane Nollan and PlaneConsult just FO from MAS. All of you are not welcomed. Have your self respect and not respect your few hundred thousand RM salaries. Don’t push MAS staffs.

    We welcome Tan Sri Aziz and Bashir to help MAS to put right what the deadwood have done to MAS. Lets compete with the Pariah and see whether he can still talk big.

    MAS must terminate all the benefits for the Pariah and Kamarudin Meranun. They were in MAS because of share SUAP so now they are out. The benefits go with them. Don’t hope to get free ride from MAS no more.

  28. MAS Manager

    After getting rid of AJ, Nanny Danny, Rozman, Azhari and Azman Yahya then we must get rid of the Panamera Deadwood like Hayati and the Takbrani too.

    Let focus on the AJ, Nanny and gang first. Lets campaign against them until they go. MAS staffs must remember not to take verbal instructions from anyone of them in order to protect yourself otherwise the blame will be on us. They want to avoid the paper trail but we must insist on all instructions in writing so that they cannot say that they did not instruct.

    Lets work to rule with them and there is nothing they can do to us. Don’t worry. If they insist on verbal instructions then we must confirm in an e-mail to them the telephone instructions. We must be as smart of the cronies too. Don’t be fool by them.

  29. taloq idiot

    Kalau takat bagi vss kat staf utk save cost..budak lepas spm pun boleh buat decision tu..bayar hang gaji mahal mahal.
    Aj..for your own sake of reputation. And health.resign le.this is not iron man marathon.

  30. Jamaludin MAS

    With AJ and RAshdan Business Plan, MAS made losses of RM232 million for the 1sr quarter of 2012. But AJ and the cronies are still holding on to the result. Why? The cronies are scared to show their total failures.

    How could MAS increase its revenue when it was charging extreme low fares to uplift AAX passengers at the expense of MAS where MAS was deprived of selling seats at normal fares which is at least 40% higher than what was charged to AAX for economy and more than 300 % for Business Class for London sector.

    Appointing so many consultants firm to think for the half past six top management under AJ. Paying extremely high salaries and perks to top executive like AJ, Rashdan, Rozman Omar, Azhari, Nor Zalida, Zaharah Zaid and Shane Nollan. No attempt to cut the top executive salaries and perks. Many of whom are on Gaji Buta as they are incompetence for the job.

    After the share swap has been unwound, the Pariah is accorded with special privileged travel First Class.

    No attempt was made by MAS to stop the 25 years exclusive lop sided catering agreement with LSG Sky Chef Brahim Sdn Bhd that cost MAS more than RM500,000 a month and RM270 million a year.

    MAS can only recover when all the cronies and deadwood are thrown out of MAS.

    AJ, Rashdan, Rozman, Azhari, Shane Nollan, Nor Zalida and Zaharah Zaid must be out immediately then MAS will have some hopes of recovering.

    We never knew that AJ and Rashdan are so thick skin and no honor.

  31. Rahman in MAS

    AJ, why is the first quarter account of MAS not published yet? You must be shit scared to show how badly you and the cronies have performed.

    You are just not fit to run MAS. May be try running a mamak stall first. You have no balls to act against Nanny Danny. You can even support the extension of SHnae Nollan and PlaneConsult when it has been shown that clear element of conflict of interest. The Re-Accommodation Agreement to uplift AAX passengers are clear evidence of what Shane Nollan, Plane Consult and you have done that were detrimental to MAS. You have deprived MAS of good revenue. You didn’t enforce the stupid Re-Accommodation agreement when MAS is entitled to do so when AAX didn’t pay the RM31 million on 31-3-2012.

    Enough is enough. Just get out of MAS now. You are just another GAji Buta deadwood in MAS.

  32. Tony's baloney

    MAS is being portrayed as the sick man of M’sian aviation on a regular basis by the media while the lavish praise on the Pariah as a business ‘visionary’, ‘maverick’….The correct words should be a CROOK as the LCC business model goes against the grain of conventional business needs of an airline, IN THE LONG TERM..
    If AA is so successful, why then kill off Firefly , engage in share swap, collaborate? You are as you claim so successful, why the need to collaborate?If I was him i’d just run my own airline & enjoy it without further complicating my life.
    I believe AA reported profits of 1 billion in 2011, 500 million in 2012…. What the hell? I should be happy then… But noo… they realized that aircraft needs to be maintained on a scheduled basis according to the regulations… That costs money, lots of money…That’s why they have hijacked the top post a MAS engineering….. Forcing their unreasonable rates trying to validate their flawed business model & prop up the PnL
    This goes way beyond ENRON… a lot f similarities noted…the hype, the lies, even their divestments (AA-Indon, AA-Thai, AA-Filipimo & upcoming AA-Japan + Tune investments) suggest their just retaining all their debts everywhere in a way similar to what ENRON did…. I mean if it’s such a good way to go why dont Emirates or SQ do the same???
    Think about it friends… they have not hit the waves of crisis yet & their boat is untested for stormy weather…. It’s an unbelievable shame that this useless government has allowed & condoned this crime….Once AA sinks in the sea of scandal & deceit, it will be a Titanic collapse for the M’sian economy as much has been invested by the foolish order of 200+ Airbuses….

  33. Jim MAS

    Lets see for how long AJ and the cronies are going to delay the publication of the 1st quarter losses under the Topless Management headed by AJ and Nanny Danny.

    We would like to see what are AJ’s reasons for the losses. Let see what blames he is going to put on the “low productivity” staffs of MAS.

    AJ, your productivity is minus ZERO. You are just bullshitting your way and getting PlaneConsult and Shane Nollan to pull you by the nose. You are just a classic example of a “good crony” to the Pariah.

    I am in full agreement that the RA to uplift the 35,000 AAX passengers and the wya s in which it was done was a very good example of a crony and the incompetence.

    We have ZERO trust for you and the other cronies. Stop wasting your time to get co-operation. You will never get it beside tow words for you and the other cronies “F..k off” from MAS.

  34. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    When those idiots first came into MAS, they said MAS is bleeding and now they are offering MAS staffs VLP because those idiots said MAS is now is a serious survival mode. The offer looks so promising but no one knows if HC will keep to what they have promised. Read the circular below my friends and don’t just jump into without thinking coz you might just out from the wok of hot oil and into the fire.


    To : All Permanent Staff based in Malaysia through Divisional Heads
    (Excluding MASWings Division, MASWings Sdn Bhd & Firefly)

    Date : 17 May 2012
    Ref : EVPHCD 41/12


    As we all are aware, our Company is still in financial crisis despite many measures taken to combat all odds to contain costs. We are in a serious survival mode which immediately calls for strong measures on costs control and reduction initiatives.

    Given the current financial situation, the Company has decided to reactivate the Voluntary Leave Programme (VLP). This programme provides an opportunity for staff to take a break from employment for a certain period of time for personal reasons whilst still having the assurance of continued employment with Malaysia Airlines.

    This VLP allows staff to take either minimum 12 months (one (1) year) or 24 months (two (2) years) leave. Staff will return and report for duty upon expiry of their VLP period. The Company will endeavor to assign the staff to his/her previous position subject to availability of the position or may be assigned to another position of the same grade/level within Malaysia Airlines Group at the discretion of Management.

    The following benefits under the VLP will apply:

    a. Concessional Travel – Unlimited travel on sub-load basis according to your current concessional rebate ie.ID90/ID85/ID75

    b. ZED travel

    c. Outpatient medical benefits at Malaysia Airlines panel clinics or Government Hospitals only

    d. Group Hospitalization & Surgical (GHS) scheme for you and your eligible dependents provided you opt to continue the premium payment

    e. Staff on VLP are allowed to work in other organizations subject to Company’s approval

    The VLP is applicable to all Malaysian-based permanent staff irrespective of years of service or age. It is absolutely voluntary and no one will be forced or coerced by anyone to apply for this programme. Each application must be recommended for approval by their respective head of department/division, however, the final decision is strictly at the DISCRETION of Management subject to:

    a. No replacement and recruitment can be made to fill the vacant position

    b. Business operations are not affected

    Staff who intend to further their studies, spend more time with family, or explore other career opportunities or avenues without having to worry about job security, are encouraged to take up this opportunity. The closing date to apply to HC is 30 June 2012.

    Enclosed herewith are some Frequently Asked Questions on the programme and the VLP application form. For further enquiries, feel free to contact the respective HC offices nearest to you or HC Care & Events at (T) 03-7863 2080 or (E)

    Thank you.


  35. Anti Cronies in MAS

    Crony AJ, MAS losses has been published in the newspapers already. Why are are you still keeping quiet about this? You should get your Shane Nollan and PlaneConsult to bullshit all the way and blame on the staffs.

    You can also blame that the losses sustained by MAS because no more share swap. So no more AAX passengers to be uplifted with unprecedented very low fare. You can no longer bluff Malaysians anymore. You can no longer blame MAS staff for low productivity.

    The salaries and perks of the top management formed part of the LEAKAGES in MAS. You have failed to stop the obvious LEAKAGE i.e. the CATERING that was contracted to the MAS advisor/Sleepy Head brother company for 25 years. Thank to BinaFikir, Rashdan, Azman Mokhtar and the present chairman, Tan Sri Md Nor.

  36. Anti AJ and Nanny Danny

    That biscuit fat soul Zaharah is a Deadwood and should be the first one to opt for the VLP to save MAS. Then Nanny Danny, AJ, Rozman, Azhari, Shame No-LAN, Nor Zalida and Azman Yahya. When this happened, it will be by itself the beginning of the turning around of MAS.

    Nanny Danny AJ do the right thing for your own families and the nation to sign the VLP for the survival of MAS. You know that both of you are of no bloody use to MAS except the Pariah. you can join the Pariah for 2 years and then re-apply to come back to MAS then we will consider your application for the post of balls lickers!

  37. MAS staff

    All the cronies of the Pariah should set good example by signing the VLP. AJ, Danny the Nanny, Rozman, Azhari, Nor Zalida, Zaharah Zaid should lead the pack to sign VLP. We are praying for them to lead in the VLP. That will be a new dawn for MAS. Then we can revive Firefly, fight and protect for our routes, no more cheap sales under RA to help AAX, collaboration only in the best interest of MAS and no more imports from AA into MAS. Compete in every sense of the word against the pariah set up.

    AJ and Danny the Nanny show your good example and be the first to sign. We will pray for both of you to join the pariah to look after his interests.

    1. FED-UP

      What are you talking about?? We all have been asking (and cursing to high heaven) all these people you mentioned to GET THE HELL OUT OF MAS and you are asking them to apply for the VLP? VLP means they go on no pay leave for one or two years BUT they still remain MAS staff, and we see these sickos again in one or two years?? Have YOU taken leave of your senses??? Sheeeesh, no wonder we are doomed.

  38. Time Traveller

    Agree with Anti Cronyism. Some veterans in MAS like Salleh Takbrani and Hayati Ali indeed practise cronyism. As long as you are pencil pushers, you will be favored. But what has they produced? After Salleh became EVP of CE, MAS ranking of 5 star airline was put under review. And possibly downgraded. Syabas Dato Salleh. And you all should read the review from passengers in Skytrax website. There are many bad reviews of MAS services. This is a reflection of Dato Salleh la. Cannot buat kerja. Meeting sampai 1 pagi. And sombong nak mampus. Cakap besar. Serupa AJ and Danny. All these people in the same boat. A boat that is doomed to sink.


      Dont forget to include that Capt Izham as well. Smiling like a clown all the time, as though the Unions don’t know what he said about them on the 2nd of May.Also surrounds himself with “yes” men. Life’s greatest ambition to become the next Director of Operations, so suck up big time to the current one who’s counting his days. If he is elected the next DO, then we better add OOMED behind his title.

  39. Sulaiman MAS

    Only AJ and the cronies wanted the CCF but not MAS staffs. It would be fantastic if it is major part of the agreement that AJ, Nanny Danny, Rozman, Azhari, Shane Nollan and Nor Zalidah be permanently seconded to AA/AA X and thereafter no connection at all with MAS. That will be the best collaborative agreement that MAS have ever signed.

    AJ and Nanny Danny what the F.. you are wasting your time in MAS. Both of you are just wasting the space in MAS. Bloody Dunngus. Tiada Maruah.

  40. HANCUS

    Congratulations to AJ, Dannynanny, and the BOD. 8 months, one dozen CONsultants, 2 alleged “superheroes” from AA, 3 cronies parachuted in, one Acting Commercial Director from Plane Consult (the CONsultant AJ thinks is God’s gift to him) , 1 special advisor to AJ (wheelbarrow) and……(drum roll)…….what have they got to show? Record losses even for Q1/12, a totally demoralized work force, widespread confusion about the Business Plan, one colossal MESS everywhere we turn, triple the daily cash burn AND they are still signing off lop-sided MoUS and JVs with AA. MAS hires a CEO, then have to hire a whole rombongan of CONsultants and advisors to think for him, wah, he must be the most expensive CEO in our history!!
    Hello Mr Prime Minister, how do you mark these people’s report cards? We, the staff have already done so….all marks in RED ink, bottom of the class. What are you waiting for? For MAS to sink deeper than the TITANIC?

  41. ThirdForce

    YB : can you change the color of the comment to dark color. It’s very difficult to read as the comments and back ground are if the same colors. Thanks.

  42. Helpless MAS employee

    Please get real – the only reason why these fellas get away doing what they do without getting prosecuted, is because they are “protected” by (secret) vested interest parties. Just look at Rafidah Aziz recent statements about the recent secret “Supplementary Collaborative Agreement” and MoUs. Obviously these UNTOUCHABLES know that they CAN get away with whatever they are doing.

    Tan Sri Bashir would be absolutely mad if he were to leave MAHB now and take the reins of MAS, especially after how “certain parties” tried to get rid of him for taking on AirAsia and their outstanding debts to MAHB. Likewise I don’t think Tan Sri Aziz would want to risk his good health to handle all the rot in MAS.

    The saddest part of this sorry tale is that everyone knows that is THE TOP MANAGEMENT is to be blame for the ROT that is happening in MAS, yet they are free to continue with their mismanagement. In the end, it is the employees (and their families) that is gonna pay the ultimate price when MAS closes shop……

    Once the company is sucked dry ~ everyone can bet their sorry arse, these bas***ds would move on to new pastures with impunity….

    1. TF MACHA

      Helpless, you are right.

      Tan Sri Aziz or even Superman cannot fix MAS if big majority of staff continue to tutup mata and makan gaji buta.

      So you guys must start to work , I mean really work not just curi tulang and jalan jalan cari makan.

      Remember, top management come and go, so the constant factor is majority of staff.

      1. No Electronics People!

        TF MACHA – Bro I think you are missing the boat here. You saying all 20,000 employees are low productivity staff?!

        1. Who are you to warrant such a crude and baseless accusation?

        2. Your statement shows you are so ignorant to what really is going on in the company; similar to what the MD said in parliament of staff being low productivity

        3. Makan gaji buta?! I seriously think you are crazy to think that.

        4. Just because you hear some guys are ‘lazy’ you so PROUDLY label the rest in general as being negative! Which company does not have ‘lazy’ ones? You’d better check you facts before you talk bro.

        5. It is fair to call you a PRICK for labeling the majority as such when there are a few rotten apples… Is this fair you think?!

        Don’t generalize people for your own pleasure!!!

  43. Helpless MAS employee

    “Quote: TO SAVE MAS AJ, Rashdan, Shane Nollan, Rozman, Azhari, Datuk Azman Yahya, Datuk Rohana & others must be OUT
    May 16, 2012 by weechookeong”

    The million ringgit question ! WHO WOULD REPLACE THESE CURSED ANOINTED ONES! God only knows ~ with the luck that we have had, we might end up with another bunch of cronies instead of professionals that is supposed to give us and the company the right directions to succeed….

  44. The unspinners

    “One of the biggest problems cited in the 48-page document apart from the need to regain the trust of the staff is the need for MAS to crank up sales.”
    Saturday May 19, 2012

    MAS unions: ‘Hear us out’
    By B.K. SIDHU

    Sidhu spinning again!

    Actually it was written that the Union has ZERO level of thrust with the current top management and they want them, their team including BOD to leave the company.

    They also had the cheek to ask the Union not to leak the document.
    IDIOTS !!!!

  45. Yazid

    B S Sidhu is just a mouth piece of the Pariah. In fact, Star and The Edge have been spinning only positive story of the Pariah. One day they will have to eat their words when the Pariah koyak.

    AJ and Rashdan what the hell are you waiting for to get out? We in MAS do not need and want you to be around? You are just a wastage for MAS. Don’t you two f..kers understand simple thing. Can’t you feel the pulse in MAS that you are no longer welcomed. You are badly needed by the Pariah.

  46. MAS JOKO

    YB, Appreciate if you could ask YAB Menteri Pertahana or Timbalan Menteri Pertahanan betul ke awal tahun 2012, MAS under the new mgmt has return back the 3 years contract to fly our ATM troop to BEY. Contract start from 2012 until 2014.

  47. Sham

    Nanny Danny and AJ why both of you are hanging on in MAS when you arr shown to be pro the Pariah. Get lost as quickly as possible. Your departure from MAS will be in itself the beginning of the recovery in MS.

  48. anti air asia


    Sent: Friday, May 18, 2012 10:01 AM

    Dear Colleagues,

    Good morning. We are issuing this circular via Uvoice to ensure wider coverage amongst staff based in Malaysia.

    Thank you and kind regards,

    Internal Communications

    Strategic Communications

    Bahasa Malaysia versions included – please scroll down / Versi Bahasa Malaysia disertakan – sila skrol ke bawah


    To :All Permanent Staff based in Malaysia through Divisional Heads

    (Excluding MASWings Division, MASWings Sdn Bhd & Firefly)

    Date :18 May 2012

    Ref :EVPHCD 41/12


    As we all are aware, our Company is still in financial crisis despite many measures taken to combat all odds to contain costs. We are in a serious survival mode which immediately calls for strong measures on costs control and reduction initiatives.

    Given the current financial situation, the Company has decided to reactivate the Voluntary Leave Programme (VLP). This programme provides an opportunity for staff to take a break from employment for a certain period of time for personal reasons whilst still having the assurance of continued employment with Malaysia Airlines.

    This VLP allows staff to take either minimum 12 months (one (1) year) or 24 months (two (2) years) leave. Staff will return and report for duty upon expiry of their VLP period. The Company will endeavor to assign the staff to his/her previous position subject to availability of the position or may be assigned to another position of the same grade/level within Malaysia Airlines Group at the discretion of Management.

    The following benefits under the VLP will apply:

    a. Concessional Travel – Unlimited travel on sub-load basis according to your current concessional rebate ie.ID90/ID85/ID75

    b. ZED travel

    c. Outpatient medical benefits at Malaysia Airlines panel clinics or Government Hospitals only

    d. Group Hospitalization & Surgical (GHS) scheme for you and your eligible dependents provided you opt to continue the premium payment

    e. Staff on VLP are allowed to work in other organizations subject to Company’s approval

    The VLP is applicable to all Malaysian-based permanent staff irrespective of years of service or age. It is absolutely voluntary and no one will be forced or coerced by anyone to apply for this programme. Each application must be recommended for approval by their respective head of department/division, however, the final decision is strictly at the DISCRETION of Management subject to:

    a. No replacement and recruitment can be made to fill the vacant position

    b. Business operations are not affected

    Staff who intend to further their studies, spend more time with family, or explore other career opportunities or avenues without having to worry about job security, are encouraged to take up this opportunity. The closing date to apply to HC is 30 June 2012.

    Enclosed herewith are some Frequently Asked Questions on the programme and the VLP application form. For further enquiries, feel free to contact the respective HC offices nearest to you or HC Care & Events at (T) 03-7863 2080 or (E)

    Thank you.



    Surat Pekeliling Daripada Naib Presiden Eksekutif, Modal Insan

    Kepada : Semua Kakitangan Tetap berpengkalan di Malaysia

    (Kecuali Bahagian MASwings, MASwings Sdn Bhd & Firefly)

    Tarikh :18 Mei 2012

    Rujukan :EVPHCD 41/12


    Seperti yang telah anda ketahui, Syarikat berada di dalam krisis kewangan walaupun berbagai langkah telah diambil untuk mengawal kos. Kita berada di dalam situasi kelangsungan hidup yang serius dan memerlukan kita untuk memikirkan langkah-langkah segera bagi mengawal kos dan mengurangkan inisiatif.

    Memandangkan kepada situasi kewangan Syarikat pada masa ini, Syarikat telah memutuskan untuk mengaktifkan Program Cuti Sukarela (VLP). Program ini akan memberi peluang kepada kakitangan untuk berehat dari bertugas untuk suatu jangkamasa seperti yang telah tetapkan di bawah sebab-sebab peribadi tetapi masih lagi kekal sebagai kakitangan Malaysia Airlines.

    Di bawah VLP, kakitangan dibenarkan untuk mengambil cuti selama minimum 12 bulan (1 tahun) atau 24 bulan (2 tahun). Kakitangan akan kembali melaporkan diri untuk bertugas sesudah tamat tempoh VLP mereka. Syarikat akan menempatkan semula kakitangan tersebut kepada jabatannya sebelum ini tertakluk kepada kekosongan atau ditugaskan ke jabatan yang lain di dalam gred yang sama di dalam Kumpulan Malaysia Airlines di bawah budi bicara pihak Pengurusan.

    Berikut adalah kemudahan-kemudahan di bawah VLP:

    a. Penerbangan konsensi – penerbangan berdasarkan kepada kekosongan tempat duduk yang tiada hadnya berdasarkan kepada konsensi rebat semasa anda seperti ID90/ID85/ID75

    b. Penerbangan ZED.

    c. Kemudahan perubatan pesakit luar di panel klinik Malaysia Airlines atau hospital kerajaan sahaja.

    d. Skim Surgeri & Kemasukkan Wad Kumpulan untuk anda dan tanggungan anda yang sah sekiranya anda memilih untuk meneruskan pembayaran premium.

    e. Kakitangan di bawah VLP dibenarkan untuk bekerja di organisasi yang lain tertakluk kepada kelulusan pihak Syarikat.

    VLP ini digunapakai kepada semua kakitangan tetap yang berpengkalan di Malaysia tanpa mengira umur dan tahun perkhidmatan. Ia adalah secara sukerela dan tiada siapa yang akan dipaksa untuk menyertai program ini. Setiap permohonan mestilah diluluskan oleh ketua jabatan/bahagian, walaubagaimanapun, keputusan akhir tetap terletak kepada budibicara pihak Pengurusan berdasarkan kepada:

    a. Tiada pengganti atau mengambil kakitangan baru untuk mengisi kekosongan jawatan tersebut.

    b. Operasi Syarikat tidak terjejas

    Kakitangan yang ingin melanjutkan pelajaran, atau ingin mencuba peluang karier yang baru tanpa perlu risau tentang kehilangan pekerjaan, adalah digalakkan untuk merebut peluang ini. Tarikh akhir untuk menghantar borang permohonan kepada HC adalah pada 30 Jun 2012.

    Dikepilkan bersama adalah Soalan Yang Sering Ditanya tentang program ini beserta borang permohonan. Untuk keterangan lanjut, anda boleh menghubungi mana-mana pejabat HC yang berdekatan atau Jabatan HC Care & Events di talian 03-7863 2080 atau emel kepada

    Terima kasih.


  49. Suara Alam


    Cara ini adalah alasan terbaik untuk puak2 amok/aj n the geng untuk membuang pekerja-pekerja MAS yang telah tahu segala kehancuran yang berlaku dalam MAS disebabkan oleh mereka.

    VLP atau macam-macam lagi nama yang digunakan secara halal untuk membuang pekerja MAS.

    Sepatutnya membuang pekerja-pekerja adalah jalan terakhir tetapai sebelum itu masih ADA cara boleh digunakan untuk mengurangkan kerugian yang disebabkan puak-puak amok/aj/danny..seperti menaiktaraf pembantu rumah ATAU batalkan perjajanjian MAS cetering…

    Atau pun peringkat pengurusan macam kamu Zahrah Zaid..tunjukan yang kamu boleh membantu kerugian MAS dengan cara tawar diri letak jawatan…

    Pekerja-pekerja MAS bukan punca kerugian MAS!

  50. triobangang

    Obviously Mas being conned… AA pay £2.5M for 2012/2013 season while MAS paid £18M for 2 seasons

    PETALING JAYA (May 21, 2012): AirAsia Bhd has signed a £2.5 million (RM12.4 million) deal with Queens Park Rangers Football Club (QPR) to sponsor the QPR shirt in the 2012/13 Barclays Premier League (BPL).The budget airline has been the sponsor for the QPR “Away” shirt for the 2011/2012 BPL season, which expires end of this month.Under the one-year sponsorship deal signed last Friday, which included an option to extend it for another year, AirAsia has the branding rights through logo placement on the home, away and third QPR shirt, the primary and secondary boards, the interview backdrops, and the stadium access areas and match day advertising together with the use of the name, fame and imagery of QPR for promotional purposes in all media worldwide.It also has the use of the ‘official partner logo’ of QPR, which will enable AirAsia to develop a specialised co-branded merchandising sales with the QPR brand.AirAsia also has the right to exercise the option to sponsor QPR’s pre-season tour for an additional amount up to a value of £500,000.”As football is the top global spectator sport and the BPL having a large following in Asia, AirAsia sees that the association with the sport of football will further elevate its brand,” the airline said in a filing with Bursa Malaysia last Friday.Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun collectively own a 75% shareholding in Tune QPR Sdn Bhd, which in turn owns a 66.02% shareholding in QPR Holdings Ltd, parent of the QPR football club. Fernandes is QPR chairman.In a separate announcement, AirAsia said it had on Friday entered into a Letter of Termination with Malaysia Airlines to formally terminate the proposed warrants exchange and the warrants exchange agreement entered into between the two airlines on Oct 21 last year.Under a share swap deal between MAS and AirAsia that was recently scrapped, MAS shareholders were to get one AirAsia warrant for every 30 MAS shares they own, while AirAsia shareholders would get one MAS warrant for every 10 AirAsia shares they own. 18M for 2 seasons….

    1. Uglyshane

      bro…MAS did not pay 18 million pound for 2 seasons. It’s only 2.1 million pound for one season. Anyway, Tony the Pariah really conned MAS by forcing MAS to pay 2.1 million pound only for home shirt sponsorship whereas Air Asia now only pay 2.4 million for both home and away sponsorship.
      This Pariah intention is really to screw MAS. He is a bas..rd and arrogant piece of shit. His time will come soon and the world will remember him for being stupid. He is only a proxy for Air Asia but acting as if he owns the company…

  51. Azman the con man


    Thank you sharing the information with us.

    Only people like Azman Mokhtar and Nanny Danny would deal withe the Pariah. When they signed the share swap, Azman and Nanny Danny were talking cock about the Pariah and how bad was MAS.

    Since MAS is bad why is Nanny Danny so desperately want to stay on with MAS despite no one in MAS will give a damn. Everyone want in MAS want him and AJ to FO.

    Azman Mokhtar must also go as he was the man responsible for the share swap and screwing up MAS with the idea of share swap. PM should sack him as Khazanah MD.

  52. triobangang

    Last year the same month, they blamed Sari Bernard for under performing that caused Mas not performing. He was asked to leave. Then Tengku Azmil become the next victim. Same story they were under perform and they need to leave. Same goes to Bod.

    But why not the same treatment to the current management. Are they performing?

  53. Helpless MAS employee

    To all MH people ~ just be careful HOW and WHO you share your (inside) information with. There are assholes in and around you @ MH. that would rat on you for their personal gain.

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