NO to Share “SUAP”, NO to Rashdan, Shane Nollan, PlaneConsult, Rozman Omar, Azhari Dahlan, Nor Zalida & others

TS Azman Mokhtar, TS Tony F, Datuk K Meranun & Datuk Azman Yahya of SCOMI fame

Updates @ 3:55 pm on 9-5-2012: Yours truly has just been reminded by a reader Mr KL Ang that Mr Martin Barrow is another Mat Salleh that was brought back to MAS after the infamous Share “SUAP” and that he is just as incompetence as Mr Shane Nollan.  Mr Martin Barrow was brought back by AJ on 19-1-2012 to be Advisor to Group CEO and he also sit on the Board Safety & Security Committee and advise MAS on “Global developments on wide range of commercial issues”, in HERE.   

With such Mat Salleh Advisor and yet AJ and the top management of MAS are still in desperate need for the other consultant firms like PlaneConsult and others to think for them. No wonder MAS is BLEEDING due to the “TOP HEAVY MANAGEMENT”.  Please read “Time to bring real aviation experts onto MAS board”.

On 18-4-2012 MAS Board of Directors saw it fit to extend the appointment of PlaneConsult, which is also the consultant for AirAsia and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd (AAX), for another three months from 30-4-2012.  Similarly, Mr Shane Nollan, of PlaneConsult, as the Acting Commercial Director of MAS was also extended. Why are the TRIO and the Board of Directors of MAS were so bent in harbouring Mr Shane Nollan and PlaneConsult in MAS when both are tainted with glaring CONFLICT OF INTEREST?  

Some time in mid-April, there were already strong speculations in the newspapers that YAB Datuk Seri Najib, PM, will unwind the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap soon. On 2-5-2012 the said secret share swap was officially unwound, at the same time both Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (TF) and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun (KM) of AirAsia/Tune Air Sdn Bhd resigned as directors of MAS and Datuk Azman Yahya, who is of SCOMI fame, as director in AA. Board of Directors of MAS must have read about the strong speculations that YB PM will unwind the said secret share swap and yet 14 days earlier (18-4-2012) the incompetence Board of Directors of MAS, which include TF and KM, saw it fit to extend the contract for Planeconsult and Mr Shane Nollan.  

The consultant fees for the three month extension of PlaneConcult was 80, 800 Euro (equivalent to RM323,000-00) and free First Class travel on MAS for the Mat Salleh from KL/London/KL plus all claims under the sky, in HERE. This may sound small to the TRIO (En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya [AJ], Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof & Rashdan) and the Board of Directors of MAS but it is a lot of money to MAS especially when the TRIO has constantly said that MAS is BLEEDING” and a “SICK PATIENT” when it involves staff allowances, cutting MAS routes and scaling down Firefly jet services.

The appointment and extension of PlaneConsult under such circumstances especially when TF and KM were still on the Board of Directors of MAS and the special relatiosnhip between PlaneConsult and AA/AA were filled CONFLICT OF INTEREST, in HERE, HERE & HERE.

The glaring fact is Mr Connor McCarthy, the Chairman of PlaneConsult is the co-founder of AA and a director of AA is enough for the Board to terminate the appointment of PlaneConsult let alone to extend their appointment, in HERE

In the case of Mr Shane Nollan he is unfit to hold any post in MAS especially the key position of Acting Commercial Director of MAS for a start as he has not put the interest of MAS before AA/AAX due to the glaring CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Just look at the extreme low cost fares that MAS charged to AAX for uplifting its 35,000 passengers, in HERE. The new exorbitant fares, which are higher than the MAS online fares, charged to the Government for high ranking civil servants travel using Air Transport Warrant shows that Mr Shane Nollan was either incompetence or with the motive to price MAS out of the market to help certain airlines, in HERE.

We need not go very far. Just look at how Mr Shane Nollan allowed AAX passengers to travel on MAS without the security of the bank guarantee and it was only after it was exposed on 15-3-2012, that Mr Shane Shane Nollan and/or the TRIO rushed to get the Re-Accommodation Agreement (RA) signed by AAX on 28-3-2012, in HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE. 

Under the RA, AAX was supposed to pay RM31 million as deposit on 31-3-2012 but the said sum was not paid and MAS, which is BLEEDING, happily uplift AAX passengers. Apparently most, if not all, MAS flights to Europe are full. This is a deprivation of MAS earning good revenue during this peak period. Read in HERE.    

Apparently the extension of the consultancy contract for PlaneConsult and Mr Shane Nollan did not get the approval of MAS Board of Audit Committee (BAC) before tabling it in the Board of Directors of MAS. This was how En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny (Rashdan), the known Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (Amok)’s most trusted crony and ex-business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, flew to London to commit MAS to pay RM18 million to sponsor QPR, which TF owned 66%, at a time when MAS was said to be BLEEDING!  This was another clear case of CONFLICT of INTEREST. It seems that Rashdan, the Amok’s most trusted crony, who has been embroiled in the abused of power as Deputy GCEO of MAS for upgrading his baby and maid to First Class Cabin on 1-1-2012, is a protected species, in HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.

It has also been reported in the press that Rashdan, the Amok’s most trusted crony, was responsible to help his MASTER, Amok, to broker the said share swap and CCF  with Tune Air Sdn Bhd, which is controlled by TF and KM in HERE.

No wonder, Rashdan abused of power has  been openly condoned and encouraged by the TRIO and MAS Board of Directors. Until this date, no Disciplinary actions taken against this Amok’s most trusted crony.

Of course, BAC will subsequently rubber stamp and backdate whatever decision made by the top management and the same will most probably happen to the extension of the contract with PlaneConsult and Mr Shane Nollan.

This is the “GOOD” corporate governance practiced by the TRIO and the Board of Directors of MAS.  Until this date, the TRIO is keeping very silence on the monthly salary paid to Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult as the Acting Commercial Director of MAS. Can anyone in MAS help on this?   What is the point of MAS hiring consultant like PlaneConsult when the TRIO and the Board of Directors of MAS had to ask MAS staffs to brief  them how to turn around MAS. Under the incompetence TRIO and Board of Directors, MAS has spent RM24.9 million on consultancy fees alone at the same time TRIO has been singing the tune that MAS is BLEEDING, in HERE.  

Yours truly thought that the TRIO and Board of Directors appointed consultant to think for them. Now it would appear that they need the staffs to think for them also.  What is the point of paying million of Ringgit as salaries to these top management like the TRIO and directors and million Ringgit to consultant, at the end of the day they still had to go back to the “low productivity” MAS staffs for help.  

Thank you, YAB PM, Datuk Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, for your initiative in the unwinding of the said secret share swap.  However, Yours truly could sense that certain main stream newspapers and news portal were trying very hard to spin stories that YAB PM was bowing to pressures from MAS staffs in general because of their strong objections to the said secret share swap. These irresponsible mass media were praising the said secret share swap and the management of AA/AAX to the hilt and how AirAsia could have save MAS!  

FEAR NOT YAB PM, you are walking your talk of “RAKYAT DIDahulukan”.  MAS staffs are the Rakyat. You are doing the right thing for MAS and the nation.  There are only a handful of cronies and parasites that are still supporting the said secret share swap to go on despite the glaring CONFLICT of INTEREST in the decisions of the TRIO and the Board of Directors of MAS especially in the appointments of PlaneConsult, Mr Shane Nollan, En Rozman Omar, En Azhari Dahlan and Puan Nor Zalida Ahmad, all of whom are directly or indirectly connected with AA/AAX.  

Now that the said secret share swap has been unwound by the initiative of the YAB PM, Sir, you must also ensure that the above appointments that were made after the said secret share swap including the Board of Directors should also be terminated forthwith. Otherwise the termination of the said secret share swap will be meaningless and the future of MAS will be doomed with those connected to AA/AAX are still in MAS!

It is now the opportune moment for YAB PM to revamp the top management of MAS and appoint genuine aviation professionals to head MAS and those, who are of good integrity with vast experience in the aviation industry, like Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman, the former MD of MAS, and Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad bin Abdul Majid of MAB to the Board of Directors of MAS to ensure that MAS is run professionally and its interests are protected at all time.  

43 thoughts on “NO to Share “SUAP”, NO to Rashdan, Shane Nollan, PlaneConsult, Rozman Omar, Azhari Dahlan, Nor Zalida & others

  1. Kamal in MAS

    Correct! Correct! Correct! Rashdan must be the first to be sacked followed by Shane Nollan, Rozman Omar, Azhari Dahlan, Nor Zalida Ahmad. PlaneConsult must be terminated immediately.

    The conflict of interest is too serious to ignore.

  2. Fence Sitter Voter

    As the said secret share swap has been unwound, the appointments that were made after the said secret share swap including the BODs should also be terminated because the future of MAS will be doomed with those connected to AA/AAX are still in MAS!

    Well done YB!

  3. Pak Pandir II

    Dear YB, The plot thickend. Why pay millions to Consultants when the staff thru the unions/associations* are capable of contributing their thoughts on how best to run the Company within 2 days. I am sure if given more time, access to information, they can do wonders. They should be on the Board!!
    * discounting Malik and Alias of MASEU.

  4. Adilah

    You say: “And free First Class travel on MAS for the Mat Salleh from KL/London/KL plus all claims under the sky …” Does it matter what colour his skin is? Why don’t you just call him ‘white trash’? You are frequently a bigot.

    1. Pak Pandir II

      Hey Adilah, you must be one of TF’s balachi. I see that you are trying to provoke YB Wee. Mat Salleh is Malaysian acceptable terminology for “White Man”, nothing deregotory mah!!! You, Adilah, IS the BIGOT!!!

  5. Anti Cronyism in MAS

    Pak Pandir II

    Of course, everything exclude Malik, Alias and Pauline of MASEUS. I don’t know they are still talking of their dream of a picket.

    Share SUAP habis, those came into MAS via the share suap must also get lost. TF and Kamarudin Meranun already FO. why are the kuncu2 still hanging around. To bleed MAS further or to facilitate the smooth running of the “unfinished business”.

    Why is the Nanny Danny is still running AMOK in MAS? By now he must upgraded his maid to his master bedroom too.

    AJ., arre you still managing MAS and taking Gaji Buta? At this stage with what have been exposed by YB about Shane Nolllan and PlaneConsult, you can still allowed them to be extended for another 3 months. Despite what have been said about you AJ, I thought you are an upright man but not now because you allowed yourself to be another crony of the Pariah.

    AJ, Get lost from MAS and bring along with you Nanny Rashdan, Rzman, Azhari, Shane Nollan, PlaneConsult and Nor Zalida to AA or AAX. That is where you and the rest belong.

  6. KL Ang

    Dear YB, you have done a very good job of exposing MAS problems. Please continue for the sake of the company, MAS staff and country. I think many will support Tan Sri Aziz and Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad to be good choices as board of directors. But then please don’t forget there is 1 ex-director who is now back in MAS as safety advisor to AJ. His name is Something Wheelbarrow. Why is he there when Khazanah kicked out all the old CEO and directors for not doing the job, including him? What did he do when the 747 plane engine caught fire? Nothing! He didn’t even put it out! He should be kicked out ASAP together with all the CONSultans and moneysuckers you talked about. YAB PM Najib said People First, so he must put in locals first!

    1. weechookeong

      KL Ang

      Thank you for your alert.

      I have totally forgotten about this Mat Salleh who also belongs to the Panamera Deadwood Department. I will do an updatea to include him in the list that must be out from MAS in order to save cost.

      Thank you

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  7. The Pumkiner

    This is a blessed land for CONsultants and useless not performing people like AMOK, Danny boy, Md Nor etc.

    Your WAU only enriched that BodohFikir.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they coin another bombastic term for a recovery plan and then MAS has to pay another ridiculous fees.

  8. Anti Deadwood

    MAS does not need the Top”less” Heavy Management. AJ, Md Nor, Rashdan and the other members of the Board are major contributors to the BLEEDING in MAS. The earlier they get out the better.

    If MAS is their own company, I bet you, they will not be appointing consultant after consultants. They will also not extending the appointment of Shane Nollan and PlaneConsult who are got for nothing.

    MAS staffs must campaign for them to be out of MAS so that MAS can really recover. MAS definitely needs real professional aviation guys to head it and people like Tan Sri Aziz and Tan Sri Bashir should be appointed to the Board to stop the cannibalisation of MAS by the vultures.

    Since the share swap has been unwound then Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar should be sacked for giving the wrong advice to the PM.

    1. AEU Veteran

      Anti Deadwood

      You are right, give all the Deadwoods the ejection seat treatment. AJ, Nanny Danny, Shane NOlan, Rozman, Azhari, Wheelbarrow MUST GO, including the BOD. TaiGor Jib, please put proven aviation souls like TS Aziz and Bashir to run if not, be new BOD to spearhead MAS’ recovery. For the thoughtful unions/associations (excluding MASEU) who come out with thoughts that impressed Md Nor that results in an invitation to present their thought to the BOD, they deserve no less than one seat in the BOD. This is not strange as many world-class organisation values their employees as assets.

  9. wan haniff

    Martin Barrow is advisor to AJ.
    This shows how shallow AJ’s experience is when running an airline.
    Martin was brought in by Idris Jala due to his vast experience in British
    Airways. Not sure of what kinda advice he provides AJ.
    Also heard that Pahang royalties are no more flying with MH but instead SQ
    cos Dany refused to allow extra cargo allowance and that SQ happily obliged
    and offered them 200 kilos of excess baggage. If this is true then this is
    another loss to MAS due to inexperience and arrogance of its leaders.

  10. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    KL Ang, for you info this Mat Salleh (martin barrow) used to come down to KL very often on the pretext of meeting and so call “turun padang”. He is famous for poking his nose into all MAS department and he has a habit of flipping thru files on the staffs table and just take whatever he feels is a useful info for him.

    This Martin fellow is good for nothing. All he knows is uses MAS facilities i.e. travel on fisrt class on MAS expenses and he is even given a company car plus a driver. He always says he goes “turun padang” but actually he is just another busybody and been feeding info to that bloody AJ and Pariah TF.

    Martin Barrow is another Panamera Deadwood and leakage. One thing for sure MAS is too TOP Heavy, too many VPs, SVPs, EVPs, Senior Managers, Managers around who are not doing anything or got nothing to do.

    AJ is going to do a briefing tomorrow at the Flight Management Building, so what is he going bullshit now? Don’t wish to attend and see his asshole face.

    1. Anonymous

      That BOD Martin..? Burrows his way around sniffing for information ..instead of him being paid and pampered with all the perks, he should pay MAS for all the learning that he has gained. Safety advisor..?? Pah – the likes of Capt OoiTS and other senior flight ops staff can easily put this old fart in their pockets lah…

  11. Rohani in MAS

    Martin Barrow is another deadwood. Must also be out from MAS. To stop bleeding must must get rid of Rashdan the maid upgrader, Rozman, Shane Nollan, Azhari Dhalan, Nor Zalida and PlaneConsult. These lots must immediately must be out. No room for them. Then the Board like Azman Yahya the key man must also be out.

  12. Anonymous


    Selepas di umumkan pembatalan share swap oleh PM….. semua orang bersorak… tapi kita terlupa hanya Tony dan Kamaruddin Meranaum saja
    yang belah dari MAS tapi ahli lembaga lain yang dilantik masa tu masih ada dlm MAS…. orang-orang tersebut adalah Krishnan Tan ni lak dari IJM / Rozana Rozhan ni dari ASTRO. DEpa ni semua orang sapa? CUBA TEKA…

  13. MAS JOKO

    Hai guys we have forgotten something here… after share swap canx only Tony and Kamaruddin left MAS. What happen to others Board Members that Tony bring into MAS… such as Krishnan Tan from IJM and Rohana Rozhan from Astro… both of them are Ananda proxy. This two also should go as both of them has no ground to stay in MAS.

  14. rakyat malaysia yang perihatin


    you are right….mereka semuanya, muka tebal jer….agaknya nak kena perhambat dengan penyapu kot…

    kalau staff diukur pertasi kerja dengan pms 1- 5., mereka macamana???

  15. YEE HAA

    Yes, Tan Sri Aziz can turnaround MAS easily because majority of staff still remember, respect and will rally together with him!

    1. Pak Belalang

      Staff Buy-In is a cruial prerequisite for Industrial Harmony. As it is, nobody trust AJ, Danny, Shane, Rozman, Azhari, Zalida, “Wheelbarrow”, Amok, Aziz Bakar and everyone else related to TF and KM.

      True, TF and KM is out, but their hatchets are entrenched. All Deadwoods Leaches MUST GO. TS Md Nor, if you really love MAS, do the right things to regain the workforce trust.

      Exercise your Chairmanship without fear or favour. We miss the gusto you exhibit when you step on stage on your return to MAS after so long. Please put Nanny Danny in his rightful place – OUT for good.

  16. Daeng Perani

    We really appreciate your continues effort to fight for MAS which one
    of the biggest accievement is unwinding of the CCF.By the way, hope
    YB can pursue among other, question our management on the following:

    a) Rationale of decision to move about 1700 staff from SZB to KLIA.
    Although affected staff (we heard) will be given some compensation
    (one off, RM3000) but at the same time they have to face a lot of
    financial problem. On the other hand, for staff who is currently
    working in KLIA, Company is going to cease allowance RM10 per day. The
    latest news that we heard (again, thank you YB), the movement to SZB
    except for Flight management building) to be suspended until Jul next

    b) New logo of MAS. Obviosuly, it is very similar to the plane consult
    logo. No one tell us about the changing but suddenly and quietly now
    we can see every where even in the website the new logo of MAS. Cannot
    guest who is the most benefited about this new project!

    Pl do something YB.

  17. Kamarudin

    Why is Nanny Danny still around? What type of the topless management is this ? If this is how AJ, Md Nor and the Board of Directors is dealing with the abused of power by Nanny Danny then Aj should disband the disciplinary processes in MAS. Lets have a free for all.

    Topless idiots are running MAS. Lets get them out. No one with brain will ever extend the services of Shane Nollan and planeConsult.

    Aj, why is MAS still uplifting AAX passengers why AAX has not paid the RM31 million?

  18. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    Today briefing by AJ, it’s confirmed now that the staffs from Subang will only move to KLIA in July 2013 and what is going to happen next regarding the RM10.00 KLIA Attendance Allowance?

    Now the logo will be revert back to the old WAU with the red/blue colour scheme because he said there are lot of negative comments from the RAKYAT about the new logo…so now the red/blue WAU will stay but it will be some minor changes to it.

    Its been 9 months now the topless management came into MAS and now AJ is asking the low productivity staffs if they could share with him on how to turn the company around. What a joke?????? If nak cakap kurang ajar sikit “kalau you f..k around, sekarang 9 months anak tu pun dah time to keluar”, ni pula dah 9 months tapi turn around apa pun takda.

    He should have asked on the very first day he step foot into MAS and not asked now when the company dah jadi nyawa-nyawa ikan. AJ, what happened to all your trusted CON-sultant and those Panamera Deadwood you brought in???

    During AJ’s briefing, he keep on comparing MAS dengan AA. Well AJ if you still think so highly of AA, you should leave MAS now and join your good buddy pariah TF in AA. How can a CEO compare a MAS which a 5 STARS carrier with AA which is a LOW COST CARRIER??? AJ, if you want to win the heart of all Warga MAS, then you better change your way of thinking and don’t forget MAS pays your salary and not that bloody Pariah but not unless you are getting salary from him too. ARE YOU?????

  19. Godfather

    Let’s make YB Wee the new CEO for MAS since he talks so much. Let’s see if he will hire con-sultans or if he has sufficient knowledge to communicate with the other airlines. I think YB Wee’s knowledge of aviation is limited to “First class” and “economy class”.

    1. Wee Choo Keong


      First and foremost, I never had the aspiration to be part of the top management of MAS. Thank you for your suggestion any way.

      From what I can see for the past nine months under the new management and its Business Plan nothing positive is happening in MAS except:

      1. the sponsorship of QPR costing MAS RM18 million;

      2. the termination of Firefly Jet services;

      3. the cancellation of full load Firefly flights during last Raya Season with no valid reason;

      4. the termination of MAS profitable routes for Bandung and Surabaya resulted in AirAsia/AAX monopolising the said routes;

      5. termination of profitable route to Dubai;

      6. termination of Firefly profitable routes from JB/KK/Kuching;

      7. MAS giving up extra flight to Sydney, which has been approved by the Cabinet, to AAX;

      8. appointment of PlaneConsult in October 2011 to “review” the structure and operation of MAS;

      9. the formal appointment of PlaneConsult as MAS consultant on 16-1-2012;

      10. the appointment of Mr Shane Nollan as the Acting Commercial Director of MAS;

      11. the appointment of not qualified persons to key positions in MAS – Puan Nor Zalida Ahmad as Head of Corporate Strategic Comm; En Azhari Dahlan as Head of Engineering; En Rozman Omar as CFO of MAS, who are all directly or indirectly have past connections with AA/AAX;

      12. Uplifting AAX 35,000 passengers with extreme low fares below market fares with no proper security an not accordance with the established rule and policy of MAS;

      13. Re-accommodation Agreement (RA) was signed on 28-3-2012 after many hundred if not thousand of AAX passengers have been uplifted;

      14. the top management of MAS did not enforce the RA when AAX did not pay up the RM31 million deposit on 31-3-2012 and proceeded to uplift AAX passengers without protecting the interest of MAS;

      15 extending PlaneConsult and Mr Shane Nollan for another 3 months from May 2012 despite the glaring conflict of interest;

      16. changing organisational charts 3 times;

      17. various flip flopping of decisions made to set up the newco, MAS Sdn Bhd;

      18. changing of MAS logo to pale blue to please certain character in the Board;

      19. now to change back MAS logo back to its original red and blue;

      20. changing of signage and printed matters including name cards;

      21. the appointment of Mr Martin Barrow as the Advisor to the Group CEO and etc.

      The list is in-exhaustive.

      Just look at the above. None of the above decisions were made in the interest of MAS. Any Malaysian could have made the above thoughtless decisions with a small salary less than 10% of the salaries of AJ or Rashdan. . You don’t need to be a genius to do the above.

      Thank you

      wee choo keong

  20. weskulat

    Is it true to revert back the colour….so another cut to the bleeding MAS , money throw to the drain again…with A380 advertisement again…whos idea in the first place to change the color …throw him/she out from MAS… they putting salt to bleeding wound….eeeeeeeeeeeee painful to hear

  21. Anti Deadwood


    What a silly comment! Padan muka dengan jawapan YB.

    Please look at the stupid decisions that have been made by the TOPless Management so far. No one else has helped MAS as much as what YB Wee has done for the past 9 months.

    If you want to defend the TOpless management please provide your facts to back up your argument otherwise please join the Pariah.

    YB Wee should not entertain such comment as it was a waste of YB’s precious time.

  22. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    Godfather….think you talk without brains. Of course YB Wee will make a good CEO of MAS coz only people berjiwa RAKYAT knows what to do and not spend RAKYAT’s money like their fathers money. If YB Wee need to, he will hire True Malaysian CONSULTANT and not some Mat Salleh CON-sultant.

    If YB Wee only have knowledge of aviation which is limited to “First class” and “Economy class”, well at least he knows that he can’t upgrade his nanny to First class like that stupid itchy Dan. At least YB Wee knows what is right and what is wrong and not like those panamera Deadwood who only knows how to spend RAKYAT’s money and talk cock like you.

    By the way, who are you….Pariah, Itchy Dan, AJ, Panamera Deadwood or a running dog/balls licker?????

  23. Ragu MAS

    Since share swap has been unwound, those appointed especially those from AirAsia) after the share must be out from MAS. Of purse, the Board of Directors should be also out.

    Rashdan why are you hanging on in MAS? Tak malukah? By all mean upgrade your maid to master bedroom with your wife but not in MAS. Get lostYou have proven to be detrimental to MAS.

  24. kulwant singh

    Stupid Godfather, What does communicating with other airlines
    got to do with running MAS? An airline is all about filling its seats be it First class, Business or Economy with Revenue Generating customers and not free loaders. Here we are concern and discussing on how MAS and its top guns are managing the co via ConSultants,
    the lack of communication with its own employees and the direction it is heading to after 9 month.
    They are so gung-ho on sponsorships, logo & uniform change when there are 101 pressing issues and yet the management sees this as top priority.

  25. Sean of MAS


    If you want to defend the Idiotic Management in MAS, please use facts to defend them like what YB did in his reply to you. Please learn how to defend your master. If cannot do it with facts please shut up and lick their ball till kingdom comes.

    The facts remain the AA infiltrators must be out of MAS. MAS staffs will get them out as soon as possible. Life is not going to be easy for them in MAS. If they have self respect and pride, they will quietly FO from MAS before being thrown out in disgrace. Nanny Rashdan will be out in disgrace.

  26. Uglyshane

    I believe it is safe to declare now that AJ is indeed stupid. Too bad he did not read blog such as this.

    By the way, MAS BOD has approved 2 logo. The old one with red/blue but facing the other way and the new blue logo (just for the A380). Another milestone achievement and proof of how stupid the current MAS BOD. If they can’t even decide on which logo to used…what more to turn around loss making business. Bunch of moron…

    By the way, the b..tard Shane the Ugly Irish, watch your back dude. We have hired IRA consultant to teach you how to manage an airline business.

    1. Bettina

      Two logos for one company – what a fuzzy decision! What kind of messaging is this to the stakeholders and staff?? Confusing to say the least. Like the A380 is a subsidiary company. Is that the direction it is going ? Hello, what are the so called experts in “Strategic” communications paid for if not to advise ?? And whose idea was it to name the function “Strategic Comms” anyway? Surely all business processes are strategic, including of course image, reputation and brand management . “Strategic comms” indeed …another fancy misnomer. This is what happens when consultants are so obsessed with sound bytes instead of the contents…Communications is a business process in its own right. There is no need to give it a tag. Just have the right skills to run the various related functions , including “strategic” engagement with MAS stakeholders. Having followed YB’s blog, this seems to be the stumbling block from day – zero buy-in.

  27. jack1960

    AK/D7 infiltrates MH at MH’s expense …


    This on-going cloak & dagger saga on the premise of synergy through collaboration was/is a clandestine manoeuvre to extricate vital operating procedures in every facet of running a big global airline for free and to get consultants to package these procedures to suit the Tune Air Group’s future requirements for free too as MH has to pay.

    D7 CEO was quoted in Singapore (Travel Distribution Summit Asia, S’pore, 10 May 2012), that AK brand is morphing into a global player by connecting both short & long haul networks and entering JVs to establish multiple hubs in key cities.

    The “conspirators” had used the CCF, as highlighted by fellow commentators, as the Trojan Horse.

    Furthermore, it’s not these “conspirators” real intention to kill MH, not yet, as they cannot take up the strain just yet. These “conspirators” just want to contain MH until such time when there will actually be a public outcry due the “poor” services of a “strangled” MH operations. Only then, will these conspirators come out through proxies with the real proposal to turn around MH into a completely different entity at a humungous discount & coming out of this smelling of roses.

    The only problem is, it may well not be controlled by Malaysians but by foreigners. Maybe …..MSA…or whatever!

    Thats why its disappointing to read the recent announcement by our PM of yet another ad-hoc & feeble National Aviation Council instead of a real Policy Board which cannot be easily dismantled.

    We mere mortals can just grumble by name calling or we can find a way to force a referendum or something of the sort to push our policy makers towards the right direction. Have we not paid enough taxes to deserve a properly administered civil aviation transport sector with well-run airlines based on integrity & transparency?

  28. Razak of MAS

    Why is Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar so bent in keeping the AA import in MAS? Aren’t the elements of conflict of interest shown enough to throw Rashdan, roman Omar, Azhari Dhalan, Nor Zalida Ahamd, Shane Nollan and Planeconsult out of MAS?

    Perhaps Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar himself should be out from Khazanah. You need an independent person to clean up MAS.

  29. Recalcitrant

    The reversal of the share swap is just a smokescreen to throw off the Unions, staff and taxpayers. The secret “underground” parallel Business Plan is still going to be bulldozed through, including the splitting of MAS into the Newco and the rest of the airline. An email from the Director of Operations (another balls carrier )asked for inputs and to “revisit Newco”. What does that mean?
    Aj’s so-called “engagements” with the various divisions after the Joint Unions presentation to him and TS Md Nor last Friday and the Joint Unions presentation to the BOD is just part of the wayang kulit.
    Surely after 8 months and so many CONsultants in the house, including AJ’s favourite, Planeconsult, it is too little too late to now go around asking for ideas and inputs? Feedback from all the divisions he has “engaged” with this week all point to the same thing – a complete waste of time, and worse, the CEO (AJ) does not inspire confidence at all ! In one session, he even asked, how many aircraft do we have? Alamak.
    He also rambles on and on about the daily “cash burn” rate. Depending on where he was talking, the daily cash burn ranges from RM6 to 9 million!!
    What an achievement. When they kicked Tengku Azmil out, the cash burn was RM3 million AND Tg Azmil already had a turaround plan, the BCEP, which staff
    had already bought into. Staff had every confidence that the BCEP was workable and achievable.
    With the Share Swap and CCF, which was aimed to SAVE MAS, what do we have today? Does anyone in their right mind / sane mind believe that it was to SAVE Mas? So, what was the Thamby’s input and talk cock that he could do “wonders” to SAVE MAS? The results speak for themselves.Record breaking losses, total demoralization of staff, no business direction, widespread confusion etc etc. AJ keeps harping on “we must move forward”. Hello AJ, to move forward, to where? Nobody is clear on the Business Plan, simply because there isn’t one to speak off. The third (or fourth) so-called Business Plan is coming out again. This is a big joke.
    The BOD, AJ, Maidupgrader, Rozman, Azahari all have to go! In a more civilised society, these people will have the DIGNITY ad HONOUR to resign for their total failure in their mission and duties!! In Japan, harakiri would be an option. But , what can we expect from shameless dishonourable people?

  30. MAS observer

    The new management under AJ is not going anywhere. He is good at helping the Pariah and condoning the Nanny Danny. Both AJ and nanny Danny must go before MAS can talk about recovery plan. there is no longer respect for this budak suruhan AJ. nanny Danny is definitely is no longer acceptable to MAS staff. The only only way for Nanny Danny is to get out and be with his maid.

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