AJ’s “THOUGHTS” on the unwound share swap and “COST SAVING”

Perhaps AJ does not understand the history and meaning of MH. It is Malaysia Hospitality and not “Musnah Harapan”.

Updates @ 7:30 pm on 7-5-2012:  En Aziz Bakar, the Chairman of AirAsia, has been quoted to have said today in Bernama that “Both airlines are looking at the right module and proposals on collaboration after the swap deal was dropped. We are creating a win-win situation. To us at AirAsia, whatever we do must be a win-win scenario, whether its a share swap or collaboration. If not why would we want to sign in the first place.”, in HERE.

It would be interesting to know En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ)’s “thoughts” about the said secret share swap and from his thoughts we could see what his so-called “Business Plan” was all about: Whether AJ’s “Business Plan” is to save MAS or AirAsia? Below was AJ’s latest circular:

To:             All Staff System-wide
Date:           02 May 2012
Ref:            GCEO CIR 020/12

Dear Colleagues,


The big news on our Company today is that our major shareholders have decided to unwind the Share Swap Agreement signed in August 2011. In other words, Khazanah Nasional Berhad has decided to transfer back its 10% share in AirAsia to Tune Air, and Tune Air has agreed to transfer its 20.5% shareholding in Malaysia Airlines back to Khazanah. Tune Air directors Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Dato’ Kamarudin Meranun have stepped down from the Board of Malaysia Airlines.

The unwinding of Share Swap follows months of uneasiness in our Group. The original good intentions of the Share Swap exercise did not materialise and instead became a distraction and hindrance to the bigger picture and most important task at hand, which is to turnaround our loss-making Company.

Given the huge efforts channelled by all quarters to the Share Swap, it is sad that Malaysia Airlines has lost valuable time and wasted so much energy when all this should have been to focus on the recovery of our business.

Now that the Share Swap is undone, we must move forward fast to focus on getting our business right. We have no time to waste. Competition is increasing and will get more intense with ASEAN Open Skies in 2015. Fuel price remains high and our operating costs are nowhere to coming down. Our cash burn rate stands at around RM5 million each day. And yet our organisation remains where it was 8 months ago. We registered huge losses in 2011. This is not the optimum model to do business. We have to change fast. We have to make radical changes in order to survive this.

The Business Plan presented at the end of 2011 covers a set of Game-changers. This includes collaborating with AirAsia and AirAsia X. So whilst the Share Swap has been unwound, we will continue to pursue collaborations with AirAsia and AirAsia X to seek synergies that we hope will translate into cost savings and better efficiency.

Malaysia Airlines has taken a step forward in the collaborations and has signed a Supplemental Collaboration Agreement and 2 Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with AirAsia and AirAsia X in joint procurement and aircraft component maintenance support and repair services. The MoUs include the possibility of setting up joint-venture companies to see through some of these collaborations. We are serious about getting these collaborations right and making the synergies work for us. Malaysia Airlines must support these efforts.
Earlier today, our Chairman and I met with some of employees to explain the above. I hope to meet more employees over the next few weeks as it is important that everyone realises the gravity of the situation that our Company is in. Our shareholders and the Government have been very supportive of Malaysia Airlines, listening to our challenges, hearing our calls for assistance. We cannot let them down. We have it in ourselves and our highly experienced and dedicated team to turn these business challenges into a success.

Let’s connect. Let’s move forward together. Let’s get to work.

Yours sincerely,


Let us examine AJ’s thoughts or his so-called “Business Plan” after his nine wasted months as Group CEO of MAS.

“The original good intentions of the Share Swap exercise did not materialise and instead became a distraction and hindrance to the bigger picture.”

From the facts presented in yours truly’s blog, there was never any good intention at all in the said secret Share Swap. Everything was done in such SECRECY and to date, nobody can explain why it was done in the first place.

DO NOT blame the staff for the “distraction and hindrance”, as they were never given the “big picture” on the benefits of the Share Swap. How can one get the “buy-in” from MAS staffs when the deal is filled with so much secrecy and lack of transparency?  Therefore, what “distraction and hindrance to the bigger picture”. AJ should be more specific.  AJ is excellent in beating around the bush when encountered with questions from MAS staffs regarding the said secret share swap and CCF. During meetings with MAS staffs, when specific questions were put to AJ and the other two of the TRIO namely Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof and Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (Amok)’s most trusted crony and ex-business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, Rashdan, pertaining to the said secret share swap and the CCF, none of the TRIO could provide answers.

To date the “BIGGER PICTURE” to the TRIO seemed to be to save AirAsia and/or AirAsia X Sdn Bhd (AAX) at all costs. The first thing that Amok’s most trusted crony Rashdan did as the head of MAS was to fly to London to to sign the sponsorship agreement with QPR costing MAS about RM90 million at a time when Amok was telling the world that MAS was BLEEDING and needed help. Very “COINCIDENTALLY”, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, the then members of the Board of Director and EXCO Committee of MAS, is the 66 % owner of QPR. Was this not a clear case of conflict of interest?

On 12-9-2011 this is what Amok’s trusted crony Rashdan had to say about the QPR RM90 million sponsorship: “Malaysia Airlines is elated to be associated with QPR’s ascendancy to the Premier League. Our sponsorship of the home jersey of QPR, together with AirAsia’s sponsorship of the away jersey, is a first for the Premier League. It also celebrates MAS’s recent collaboration framework with AirAsia.”, in HERE.

Under the Re-Accommodation Agreement (RA) to uplift 35,000 passengers of AAX, some of the the fares agreed upon by MAS were below cost like KL/London RM1,111 including all Taxes and the others were well below the lowest internet fares of MAS.

On top of that, AAX was supposed to pay RM31 million deposit under the RA, until this date the said RM31 million has not been paid and the TRIO or Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult, Acting Commercial Director, and/or En Rozman Omar CFO took no actions to enforce the terms of the RA and MAS happily uplift the 35,000 AAX passengers, in HERE.

Under the circumstances, AJ should explain what is the objective of the RA or lifting the 35,000 AAX passengers and how could the RA help MAS when AAX is not paying up its due to MAS?

“Given the huge efforts channelled by all quarters to the Share Swap, it is sad that Malaysia Airlines has lost valuable time and wasted so much energy when all this should have been to focus on the recovery of our business”.

The staff was never in the picture in the Share Swap as the management gave no details and clear directions to them. Most of the time, they made decisions and memos were issued to staff on the implementation. When there was resistance, they resorted to verbal directives.

The only huge efforts they made was the appointment of  En Rozman Omar and En Azhari Dahlan, not forgetting Mr Shane Nollan from PlaneConsult to join MAS. PlaneConsult is the consultant for AA and AAX and its chairman Mr Conor McCarthy is the co-founder of AA and director of AA.  They are the ones that are actually a lost of valuable time and energy for MAS!!!

And have they done anything to recover MAS business??? Just look at the decisions they make. Did it benefit MAS or AA?/AAX??

“Our cash burn rate stands at around RM5 million each day. And yet our organisation remains where it was 8 months ago.”

When TRIO took over, MAS cash burn rate was RM2.5 million a day and now it has risen to RM5 million; a loss of almost double in 9 months.

AJ came out with an incredible “Business Plan”, reviewed it after a few months, flip flopped in their turn around plans and announce new business initiatives, three organisational structures, brought in new management and terminated some, brought in no less than four consultants including the now famous PlaneConsult and this is what they have to show…. A cash burn rate of RM5 million!!!

And TRIO now expect the staff to come up with a new business plan to reduce the cash burn rate in 2 days!!! What the TRIO could not do it for 9 months and TRIO expect MAS staffs to do it for them within 2 days. What a joke? The request for opinion was just “lepaskan batuk ditangga”, in HERE.  The TRIO have been paid huge salaries plus perks of at least RM100,000 a month and now they are asking the staff to think for them. What is the point of appointing the AirAsia’s consultant, PlaneConsult?  To contribute more wastage/LEAKAGES in order the double up the “burn rate” to RM5 million.  Tak Malukah AJ?

Furthermore, AJ should clarify what are the all in salary for each of the members of the top management of MAS:

  1. En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof, aka Danny (Rashdan), Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s most trusted crony and ex-business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, who is now the Deputy Group CEO of MAS;
  2. En Rozman Omar, the former AirAsia Head of Regional Finance, who is now the CFO of MAS;
  3. En Azhari Dahlan, the former Head of Engineering of AirAsia, now the CEO of MAS Engineering;
  4. Mr Shane Nollan, Director of PlaneConsult, who is now the Acting Commercial Director of MAS;
  5. Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof, the former MD of MAS from 2001 – 2004, and one of the chief architects of WAU, who is now Chairman of MAS;
  6. YB Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the former PM from 2003 to 2008, who is now the most “quiet” Advisor of MAS; and
  7. En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), the Group CEO of MAS.

Yours truly has been informed by reliable sources that the monthly salaries of Amok’s most trusted crony Rashdan and En Rozman Omar cost MAS more than RM200,000 per month!  At the same time MAS is quibbling over staff transportation. stopover and other allowances which is pittance if compare to these Panamera Deadwood. Yours truly believes that the total salaries of these will take up quite a big portion of the RM5 million.

MAS had to pay LSG Sky Chef brahim’s Sdn Bhd RM6.25 billion for 25 years, which comes to about RM250 million a year. This catering contract, which involved the brother of former PM, Datuk Hj Ibrahim Badawi, is costing MAS about RM0.7 million a day. It was signed under WAU when Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof was the MD, Amok and his trusted crony Rashdan were partners in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd.  The catering cost and salaries of the top management would easily cost half of MAS daily expenses.

If AJ is sincere about saving cost for MAS, why is AJ not addressing the salary scale of the top management and this one sided catering agreement with LSG Sky Chef Brahim’s Sdn Bhd?

“So whilst the Share Swap has been unwound, we will continue to pursue collaborations with AirAsia and AirAsia X to seek synergies that we hope will translate into cost savings and better efficiency.”

They talk about pursuing a new CCF with AA and AAX to further enhance cost savings.

“Malaysia Airlines has taken a step forward in the collaborations and has signed a Supplemental Collaboration Agreement and two Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with AirAsia and AirAsia X in joint procurement and aircraft component maintenance support and repair services. The MoUs include the possibility of setting up joint-venture companies to see through some of these collaborations. We are serious about getting these collaborations right and making the synergies work for us. Malaysia Airlines must support these efforts.”

Before the ink could dry, AJ announced that they have signed a “Supplementary Collaboration Agreement” and two MoUs with AA and AAX. And to top it all, the MoU’s include setting up of JV companies.

Is this so-called “Supplementary Collaboration Agreement” is another way to get around the secret share swap?

Why are the TRIO and Amok are so bent to set up a joint venture companies? Why must a new joint venture companies be set up to collaborate? Under normal circumstances, collaboration is for a specific purpose and with time period but from AJ’s circular it would appear to be a permanent collaboration. Under the old CCF under the unwound share swap, it was for five years and renewable.

Are the joint venture companies another way of putting back in place the failed “AGENDAS’ of the share swap?  How can AJ ensure that MAS is not raped or cannibalised of the jewels of MAS like the MASKargo and Engineering Department, which is headed by none other than En Azhari Dahlan, who was from AA?

It would appear that this is a better deal as compared to the secret share swap. Most likely than not that “Supplementary Collaboration Agreement” was signed with a secrecy clause, “MAS cannot reveal the details of the deal”… just like the case of BinaFikir Sdn Bhd‘s consultancy fees that was based on a certain percentage on the then total assets of MAS which include many aircraft and the MAS Catering Sdn Bhd deal under the Project WAU.  It is believed that the said consultancy fees paid to BinaFikir Sdn Bhd was extremely high. 

WAU is a very familiar word to YB Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakop (the former very powerful Minister of Finance II) Amok, his most trusted crony Rashdan and Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof. They can hide under whatever “secrecy clause” but the Deputy Finance Minister YB Senator Datuk Donald Lim has promised Parliament that he will provide the total consultancy fees paid to Binafikir Sdn Bhd and the list of the twelve companies involved in the oil hedging agreement with MAS that cost RM3.3 billion “paper losses” so they say.

Yours truly believe that MAS has ts own highly experienced and dedicated team to turn these business challenges into a success but the incompetence TRIO for face saving sake had to appoint consultant like PlaneConsult who in turn had to get all the information and helps from MAS staffs.

Who is AJ referring to with his statement that “we will pursue the synergies with AirAsia and AirAsia X”?  Are Amok’s most rusted crony Rashdan, who was embroiled with maid upgrading scandals, Rozman Omar, Azhari Dahlan and Shane Nollan that will turn these business over? Does MAS really need these three persons, who are only familiar with low cost airline, to help MAS?

The PlaneConsult appointment ended on 30 April 2012. Why is Shane Nollan is still around in MAS? Can anyone help on this? Mr Shane Nollan had caused more problems than help for MAS, in HERE & HERE.

After the share swap has been unwound due to the secrecy and filled with controversies,  AJ should now be transparent about the contents of the new “Supplementary Collaboration Agreement” with MAS staffs in order to allay the concerns of MAS staffs otherwise AJ will never get any support for them. A genuine collaboration that will benefit MAS will no doubt be supported by MAS staffs and the rakyat. An important agreement such as this that will no doubt affects the well being of MAS, if being kept secret will only create more suspicions and distrust amongst MAS staffs. Therefore, AJ should waste no time but to reveal the full details of the said new agreement forthwith.

In closing, AJ should also explain what was the purpose of the secret meeting he had with a prominent Malaysian politician in Singapore a few years ago?

73 thoughts on “AJ’s “THOUGHTS” on the unwound share swap and “COST SAVING”

  1. Jamaludin from MAS

    Under AJ, MAS is definitely heading towards “Musnah Harapan”. AJ, md Nor and Nanny Danny do not have any clue in running MAS. They are only fit to run a mamak stall.

  2. The Pariah at work

    AJ is just a budak suruhan of the Pariah. He is incompetence to be tge Gceo of MAS. Small issue on Nanny Danny maid.s scandal he cannot handle. So don,t expect him to bigger job than that. No CEO worth his salt wouldn’t have looked upon AA as a samaritan?

    MAS has everything. Engineering, cargo, ground service and the eperience. That why Nanny Danny was talking of selling non-core business. Of course he didn’t tell to be sold to who. But to wo else?

  3. Suara Sumbang

    AJ, If u are “ikhlas” enough to turn MAS around and need the full support from all warga MAS u need to come clean once and for all. I believed all warga MAS wants to contribute towards turning around the company coz their sense of belonging towards the company is unquestionable. They are proud of MAS and they want to see the company do well and reclaimed it’s lost glory.

    Now is the best time to get them to backed u up unconditionally after the share swap is undone. But u need to do the right thing and be transparent.
    You got enough talent within MAS to assist you.

    1. Observer

      Yes Suara Sumbang, tak sumbang langsung pun cadangan anda..

      You need to tell the staff the details of the supplementary agreement and the 2 MOUs. How exactly they will benefit MAS. Also why Rozman, Azahari, Norida and Shane Nolan are still around whilst their loyalty are without slightest doubt are to Air Asia. And why Danny is still needed in MAS when most staff hate him with his arrogant attitude. If you cant resolve the above, why dont you leave quitely and gracefully because however good and smart you are (previously), you will not be able to perform your job if you dont get the respect and support from the staff.

  4. MAS observer

    How to resign with such good salary and perks?

    Just cannot believe as MD of MAS he still think that the share swap was good and to help MAS.

    Why was Aj not enforcing the Re-Accommodation Agreement when AirAsia X has yet to pay up the RM31 million deposit on 31-3-2012? I believe until now it has not been fuully paid. What above the rock bottom fares charged to AAX for uplifting its 350000 passengers? Now AJ has became a bit smarter because hte AAX passengers no longer has the code for identification. Why do such stupid things? Just to cover up for things?

    Sudah cukuplah AJ, just pack your back and go back to where you are or join AA or AAX.

  5. Anonymous

    Bloody stupid circular. Aj: what are the full details of the new Collaboration Agreement? we in MAS would like to know how it is going to help MAS. As long as it does damage MAS, we should be happy.

    AJ, why are you not demanding the RM31 million for the uplifting of AAX passenger? After all, AAX has already been paid by its passengers in advance. What the hell are you doing about it?

    Aj has been telling us that MAS incurring losses. By not demanding the RM31 million and more, isn’t it a loss to MAS. I wonder how you can be the MD of Malakof.

    It seems that when paying 90 million to sponsor QPR and uplifting AAX passenger with extreme low cost fares are ok, MAS can absorb. When giving transport allowance to MAS staff, the TRIO will be singing the tune of cost saving or cutting. When it comes to AA or AAX cost and profits are not a problems. MAS will help all the way.

    AJ, please remember who are producing income for MAS? The TRIo knows how to spend money and dispose so -called non-core assets and burdened MAS with 25 years catering contract. Thanks to many Dany and his master, AMOK.

  6. Krew Kabin Always Kenaaa Main :(

    Share Suap Reversed
    Reverse these too:

    1. Re-Instate Firefly Jet Services from KLIA
    2. Reverse SYD rights from AAX
    3. Cancel Sponsorship to QPR
    4. Reverse the Upside Down Wau Logo to it’s Original
    (felt extremely sick looking at all the upside down logos on their site!!!)

  7. Deadwood in MAS

    The Government must look at all the salaries scale of those Panamera Deadwood (top Management) including AJ. The the Government will know whether they are worth that salaries because they are only good in appointing consultants. Now they are 4 consultants as said by YB.

    The immediate step to take is to cut their salary by 3/4 because each of them are receiving more than RM100k.

    To me these are the few leakages that must be plugged first. AJ: Put the money where your mouth is. Leadership by example. You want to cut allowances for staffs, cut all the Panamera Deadwood salaries first.

    MASEUS stop taking your sleeping pills and fight for your members. When MAS is finished all the contracts will also be finished.

  8. Pak Pandir

    May I remind everyone again that the Strategic Comms department, which is fully staffed, has hired a consultant CHIMERA to do “issues management”, media handling etc etc. for RM420,000! The quality of Aj’s circulars and the timing of his messages are a reflection of the STANDARD of the Strategic Comms team headed by Nor Zalida AND the CON-sultant. RM420,000! AND we must remember they have a few executives to read media reports, Facebook, Blogs (Wee Choo Keong’s tops the list – staff would rather read YB Wee’s blog for ACCURATE and UP-TO-DATE info on MAS , they know AJ’s circulars like this one is big time spin and BS) etc so that they can “strategise” an appropriate response. So, logically, since there has been absolutely NO response to any of the postings in YB’s blog, we can safely believe that the info found in YB’s blogs are true la. Aiyo, if one spoke truthfully, sincerely and honestly, you do not need CONsultants to tell you what to say or write.
    Bottom line is the incompetency and untrustworthiness of the CEO, the Maidupgrader and the Board itself! The very fact that the Maidupgrader and the impostors from AA – Rozman and Azahari – are still around speaks volumes about the “competency” , honour and dignity of the Board.

    1. Parameswara

      Oh Pak Pandir
      YB Wee is always right?
      Where did he verify his claims before publishing?
      He is a lawmaker and yet tembak sahaja many times, and you call it the truth?

      1. Pak Pandir II

        Dei Parameswara! If YB WCK claims are not true, have you seen any denial coming from anyone in the Panamera Deadwood Department? I am sure with so many ‘TOP NOTCH” Con-Sultants with super duper LCC experience,surely some sort of denial would suffice. Why the DEFEANING SILENCE???

  9. Zaid MAS

    Out of curiousity, AJ who did youmeet in Singapore? Ha! Ha! Ha! Knowing the brainless and balless AJ, he will never dare to respond.

    YB please tell us. Someone in PKR?

  10. _q0l0p_

    YB, u should declare DanNanny, Rozman, Azahari, Norida and Shane Nolan are AA PARASIT in our national carrier. Hambat mereka ini sampai berambus dari MAS.

  11. Kana of MAS

    YB, all the payments to CONsultants are not wasted. Without them the TRIO is f..ked because they are brainless and have no clue about aviation industry. The TRIO need Shane Nollan and PlaneConsult because of the Pariah.

    Without Shane Nollan as Acting Commercial Director and PlaneConsult who is there to tak care of the uplifting of the 35,000 AAX passengers? Please understand mah.

    Quite frankly, PM did a good job to unwind the Share Suap but now the cronise are performing their magic shows via the new Supplementary Agreement by setting up newco.

    AJ, Tan Sri Md Nor, Nany Danny, Shane nollan, Rozman Omar and Azhari Dhalan mut be removed as soon as possible. We must aste no time for them to do more damage to MAS.

    Then to remove the existing deadwood in the Board of Directors. First that must go is tht Datuk Azman Yahya also from SCOMI. In fact, the whole Board must be removed in order to save MAS.

    I have never seen anyone more thick skin then nnny Danny who is still holding on the job despite his sandlaous act of upgrading his maid to First Class.

  12. Tan MAS

    Judging AJ from his circular, he is definitely unfit to head MAS. Until this day, he is still passionate about AirAsia and AAX. Then he should be joining AirAsia or AAX. We in MAS staff will do a grand celebration for him to leave MAS for AA or AAX, if the Pariah is willing to take him. Most probably not because AJ will be a spent force.

    Aj, you have no more maruah left in MAS. Why is Shane Nollan, Danny the maid upgrader, Rozman and Azhari are still around in MAS? AJ take them along with you to AA. That will be the day that MAS will start its recovery.

  13. Anonymous

    leave our company…. make sure u bring all the pariah with you…stop messing with the poeple`s money….one day ull fall down…we in mas will make sure of that…we dont need u…

  14. MAS Guy

    AJ where is your MARUAH? Your Maruah Hancur laready. That is MH for you. Until today you have no balls to terminate the Re-Accommodation agreement when AAX has not paid the RM31 million? At the same time, youkept telling MAS staffs MAS has no money to cope up with its operations. Of course, MAS can’t when you and the maid up-grader Rashdan are leading MAS to hell. Look at the very low fares charged to AAX. Do you conscience?

    Just look at your and the maid upgrader salary, I am sure it is in the region of at least RM400K a month. That is a definite wastage. If I am the owner of the company I will not pay more RM100 a month because you are not able to look after the interest of MAS but AA.

    AJ, just pack your bag and FO from MAS. We don’t need you and the maid Up-grader Danny in MAS.

  15. jack1960

    Collaboration after collaboration … agreements after agreements


    Utter nonsense. Vague explanations.

    Who’s paying MH BOD & top management salaries? Its MH not AK/D7, hence why the unbelievable focus on collaborating with AK/D7 at all costs?

    It only shows that its a directive from PM/MOF/Khazanah. The policy makers are flawed, fraught with vested interests and totally bereft of integrity & objectivity.

    Collaboration with AK/D7 means add-on costs to MH through even more subsidies to AK/D7. Before its MAHB & MOT/MOF now MH, when will it ever stop.

  16. The Pumkiner

    Celebrating the CCF by paying more double the amount on what Genting spent for EPL sponsorship?

    AMOK memang dah gila.

    I wish it was their money instead.

  17. MAS Manager

    No share swap and Azman Mokhtar is still trying it through new supplementary agreement and MOU. Why must be a collaboration with AA? Wht so clear about them?

    If so great why need MAS to uplift their 35,000 passengers with such low cost fares and still owing deposit of RM31 million? AJ, stop talking cock. You are paid with salary of hundred of thousand RM and this is how you manage MAS? You are just a contributor to the so-called losses. Nanny Danny is a lost cause. AJ has just joined nanny Danny. Both can get lost from MAS. We don’t need both of you, Rozman< Shan Nollan and Azhari.

    MAS staff, must remember there is another quiet mamak in the Board that we must be watching is that Datuk Azman Yahya who was at one time sitting on AA and MAS Board of Directors. He is one of the main players in this game.

  18. Aris MAS

    What shit Aj was talking about? Who is he working for? Have not seen anyone so stupid as AJ who cannot even differentiate MAS interest against AA.

    Tellus why must MAS uplift AAX passengers with such low cost airline fare and not enforcing the Re-Accommodstion agreement when the MR31 million has not been paid? Any upright maanger would have enforce it and terminate in the interest of MAS. But AJ is pussy footing about it.

    WHY? WHY? WHY? The answer is Ptui to him, Rasdan the nanny, Md Nor, Rozman and Shane Nollan.

  19. Anti-cronies

    Since PlaneConsult had already expired on 30 April, why is that bloody mat salleh Shane Nollan is still around in MAS office. Don’t telll us that his contract has been extended. Another gaji buta to look after AA interest.

    AJ, the budak suruhan, what the hell you are doing in MAS? Why are you not protecting MAS interest? Who did you meet in Singapore?

    1. Scout

      The Board, in its meeting of 18th April has approved the extention of PlaneConsult for another 3 months, for EU80,800 excluding expenses. The decison was made even with the Board Audit Committees’s {BAC}clearance, due to “time constraints”. The BAC is just expected to endorse this decision. That’s why PlaneConsult, and by extention, Shane Nolan is still around. BTW, Shane Nolan’s appointment as ACTING Commercial director should have ended already, it was supposed to be a 12 week stint. Anyone knows what the status of this ACTING is? As we can see from the Board’s SPEED in deciding on the extention of PlaneConsult, done while the AA directors were still in the Board, that the Board can move FAST on some decisions but are slower than snails when it comes to other decisions, like getting rid of the Maidupgrader!

  20. weskulat

    Come on whats……..JV ,,,,,,,,,are you guys talking about AA/AAX had nothing to offer to MAS in that matters …..not even a hangar to operate….less simulators than MAS…….what engineering expertise do AA/AAX have compare to MAS…..still had debt wz MAS …..what the heck to JV ….

  21. Razak of MAS

    Aj is a real joker should be a clown with a circus. Most probably he thought he is working for AirAsia X kot. Can’t blame him because he is close to the Pariah. Just the same with Nanny Danny. That’s why they got along very well. Until today AJ is still condoning Nanny Danny for upgrading his maid to First Class.

    AJ, touch your own heart and ask yourself whatever you have been doing or are doing, are you doing it for the interest of MAS or AA.

    We have had enough of your nonsense. You are the worst MD MAS ever had. Although our past MDs were not good, we were able to co-operate and work with you but not you and the other cronies. Other MDs have MAS interest at heart and they do mistakes whereas you have no interest of MAS at heart and the decisions that you have made were all in the directions to help AA/AAX. The outstanding RM31 million deposit not paid by AAX until now almost two months latter and no actions from you and Rozman is a clear case of it.

    Just leave MAS and we wish you good luck. But bring along Nanny Danny, Rozman, Azhari, PlaneConsult and Shane Nollan. Datuk Azman Yahya as well if possible.


  22. Azhari of MAS

    What the F..k AJ is doing in MAS with such circular? He appears to be working for AA/AAx? Constantly worried about MAS JV with AA at all costs. Why is MAS paying such Deadwood by the hundred of thousand Ringgit every month? For what? Another obvious contributor for the losses in MAS. Now we all can see why MAS is BLEEDING. Bleeding because of these top management guys.

    MAS staffs must work to get them out soon before MAS is koyak by the Panamera Deadwood. One has gone many more to go. This is our priority to do in order to save MAS. Thank you YB for all the help. I shall ensure that you are elected under whatever banner.

  23. Innovator


    Had something like a talk today morning with AJ, Azhari and Aminuddin in Engineering.

    Pls look into these matters:

    1. AJ has stopped all third party work which can generate revenue for the rest of the year. Third party business is the main revenue stream for MAS MRO. Why would anybody looking at stopping it. Would it be the other way around, to generate more revenue. MRO reputation will be tarnished. No revenue. Inefficient when leaving the facility idle without any business. Commercial are not going everyway to look for business. Maybe because of instruction from Azhari.

    2. When asked about the business plan, Azhari was quick to answer ” We are looking into it”……it is May already and still no business plan. What kind of management is this????

    This really look like they want MAS to be in trouble.

    YB, do something. All these new people need to get out.

    There is already no respect, trust and confidence in them.

    Why would they even think they can succeed.

    1. ConcernMalaysian

      I’m guessing they are planning to bring in AA/AAX planes for HMV. That’s why they need to clear off hanger space.

    2. Tony's Baloney

      YB Wee,
      It is all part of their plan for survival as TF has surely realized the critical flaw of their LCC business in the long run, There is no way an airline can survive without all the supporting infrastructure such as engineering, that is why it is crucial they control MH E&M of their own selfish needs. What’s incredible is the utter baffling leniency of the govt tolerating such a scandal to take place, which is being monitored by the rest of the aviation world. TF knows his fleet is aging & the only way to survive is by this, backed by a spineless govt probably deep in his dirty pockets.
      Look at how TF brutally terminated Firefly, as he knew he would not be able to compete with an airline affiliated LCC.
      It’s unfortunate that the public of unaware of these issues swirling around our MRO industry due unfamiliarity of the technicalities involved. Very shameful that, what was once the 3rd best MRO in the world is slowly being torn apart.
      Of course the new CEO of engineering is unable to come up with a viable business plan, as he does not know anything about what MRO business is all about. He’s totally out of his league here & so is Aminudin, sorry to say.
      2012 will mark the apocalypse of Malaysia’s MRO industry, unless they are kicked out & credible persons with proper understanding of the MRO business are roped in to lead.
      Malaysia deserves better

    3. Plane Crazy

      Tony’s Baloney speaks the truth. AA’s forward-income-pay-for-now-operation bubble is growing bigger and bigger and ready to burst. Remind us all of Pak Man Telo’s get-rich-quick scheme.

      I hate it when mainstream media and “anal”ysts heaped praise on AA’s so-called business acumen, when in fact it is a bubble scheme.

      Who, in their right mind, orders 300 A320Neo’s at last year’s Paris Air Show? Even cash rich Emirates prudently ordered about 87. Now one year down the road, you’ve got to start servicing the loans.

      Projected air traffic, my foot! Same like MLM, even if everybody gets 5 persons as downlines, you’ll come close to 10 million after 10 levels down. Like everyone can fly everyday budget all the time, meh? LCC travellers travel say about once year, that’s it, on the cheap some more.

      The MAHB and RA episodes show how bad a paymaster AA is. AA wants MH to service their planes on the skint, after being chased away by MROs in S’pore and Manila.

      So, mainstream media and “anal”ysts, please get this in your dumb heads. MH is the white knight, never is AA. With the Pariah, he’s always the black knight.

  24. anti air asia

    UNWINDING OF SHARE SWAP so all the Air Asia crony should step down from the throne!! All the expenditure incurred by MAS which also bearing Air Asia’s name & expenses such as QPR etc should not be forgotten… Air Asia need to pay their portion!! Hopefully the story of the “UNWINDING OF SHARE SWAP” is for REAL and not just a “gula-gula” for the upcoming PRU like the last PRU where the govt had promised that there won’t be price hike up on fuel, but upon winning the election, what the “REAL” thing had happened? so many promises to keep, huh?

  25. Arul of MAS

    Useless AJ. Not fit to be in MAS with that sort of mentality. Everything is ok if done for AA/AAX. Why are you in MAS? You should be in AA/AAX and see whether you will be paid at least RM100k a month plus perks? Idiot

  26. MAS Manager

    Why JV companies? Why must collaboration be done by JV companies? Another newco (MAS SDN BHD) style under the share SUAP? AJ: Don’t think that MAS staffs are stupid? You can try but we will expose you and the other cronies.

    AJ; don’t try another secret Supplementary Collaboration Agreement of MOU. you want support you must be transparent. Nothing to hide. If it is obvious that it is inthe interest of MAS, we will support. But by the look of your Circular, I am doubtful of your intentions. Don’t keep on asking us to trust you and the other cronies like Rashdan the Nanny, the Mr WAU (Md Nor), Rozman and Azhari both ex-AA and that Mat Salleh Shane Nollan from PlaneConsult, the consultant of AA and whose chairman (Connor McCarthy) if the co-founder and director of AA.

    We would like to also know why is this Shane Nollan running amok in MAS when the PlaneConsult agreement has expired on 30-4-2012.

    No transparency of the new CCF agreement and MOU mean no ZERO support for you. MAS staffs have been taken for a ride for far too long by the Panamera Deadwood.

    We would like to know why is Danny the nanny is trying running Amok in MAS when he guilty of abused of power and against MAS policy of “no infant in First Class Cabin”.

    1. Pak Belalang

      PlaneConsult, it is reported,has been extended by the Board for 3 months until end July 2012 for the SMALL sum of euros 80,800 excluding expenses. Apparently to “complete” Phase 5. Wonder what is Phase 5. The complete annihilation of MAS?????

  27. Anti Cronyism in MAS


    The MAS cronies or the Pariah cyber trooper is rearing its ugly head again. If what have been said in Parliament and published by YB in his Blog were not true why are the TRIO, Rozman, Azhari, Shnae Nollan and PlaneConsult are keeping silence.

    If AAX has paid the RM31 million on 31-3-2012 then AJ and the cronies can send a circular at 12: 26 am on 28-3-2012 like what they have done to say that the RA has been signed. When the RA was actually signed on 28-3-2012. Obviously it could not have been signed at 12:25 am just past mid-night unless the TRIO dare to come out to say that it was in fact signed at that time.

    Even if the RM31 million has been paid on 31-3-2012, which we in MAS knew that ti was not, the total sum paid was insufficient to cover the cost of the 35,000 AAX passengers.

    We in MAS know what the f..k are going on so please don’t come here to show your stupidity. Thank you for revealing your cyber trooper identity.

  28. AJ the crony

    AJ: who is that prominent politicin that you had the secret meeting with in Singapore? YB why are you not telling us who is that politician. AJ has been quiet all these 8 months about all the postings inYB’s blog. I am sure that he will not tell for he hopes that all will be blown over.

  29. Kulaan Sugih

    There is two current contract on engineering procurement on A330 and A380 component/spare parts worth at least MYR 1 billion , these crooks A.. , A.. , D.. , Ro… had tried to direct nego with the pariah “favourite company ” frm France but was advice/warned by the procurement team that it is against the company procurement procedure. As of today, still this penyamun penyamun are trying to figure out by hook or crook to get it awarded to this France co. If this happen , MAS are to loose at least MYR 150 million as this French co offer price is almost double of that the lowest bidders / offer .
    If this penyamun penyamun are allowed to continue running MAS , MAS will bleed to death…..They know engineering procurement is a “lombong eMAS ” …..

    Note: Sorry for the minor deletion to avoid unnecessary problems.

    1. FED-UP

      High time to get MACC in to investigate all this nonsense. Not to forget the AA cr…k’s in the house are also trying to do a “Chendanasari” on MAS, ie getting the INSURANCE deal for Tune Money. Even with the reversal of the share swap, do not forget people like Rozman are still around, and he seems very interested in this one……..

  30. Lokman in MAS

    Read Aziz Bakar statement to Bernam. Wht a bullshit. What has AA got beside debts.MAS does not need to collaborate withAA. AA needed MAS more than MAS need AA. It was of this reason that “If it is not a win-win situation then AA would not have signed it”. Only stupid AJ, the pariah crony,, would sign such an agreement.

    AJ and Danny the Nanny must FO from MAS as simple as that. We will not tolerate people who take high salaries from MAS and at the same time looking after AA’s interests.

    AJ is an idiot if he really extended the PlaneConsult for another 3 months. Why? Need to finish the RA to uplift the 35,0000 passengers? If he did sign the extension for PlaneConsult then AJ should get lost. What an idiot to extend the useless PlaneConsult.

  31. Anonymous

    still waiting when AJ to disclose Q1 2012 financial result. lets see and judge what TRIO + red indian have done in MAS for the past 8 months. if MAS still in red, red indian just talk c*ck when he said in the Star that he can do wonder for MAS…

    1. Scout

      sources say that the Q1 2012 results are equally bad, the figure is expected to be around loss of RM300 – 350 million!! If true, then it means
      1. with all the top notch CONsultants in the house, the bleeding remains
      2. the Business Plan, with “game changers” and all is proven to be worth
      nothing more than toilet paper
      3. the TRIO, especially AJ and the Maidupgrader are clueless on the
      running of a full service airline, the longer they stay, we can be sure
      they will bring MAS down the drain
      4. top management, including the Board, clearly are more “focussed” on
      making deals that will further drain MAS’s sources of revenue, by signing
      MoUs that will clearly benefit AA. So,it is becoming increasingly clear
      that the “game changers” in the Business Plan is to change the game for
      AA to avoid THEM getting into a hole, not to SAVE Mas.
      The Thamby of course can do WONDERS for Mas, we have seen in 8 months what WONDERs he has produced. The numbers speak for themselves.

  32. az

    Kalau masih buta jugak dan tak ikhlas untuk berkhidmat utk MAS, Ah Gor Jib, swipe out je lah AJ,The Trio, the MAS chairman, termasuk the sleepy advisor n tapis2 lah senarai MAS BOD, mereka yg di bawa masuk dr AA/AAX, omputih con-sultan should be OUT!…pegi lah keje di AA?AAX yg memang dgn tgn terbuka TF n KM akn terima…tapi mrk ni semuanya ‘kuda tunggang’ TF sebenornya.

  33. Sickening AJ

    MAS does not need AA but AA needed MAS badly. The Re-accommodation agreement is the clear example. Why was there a necessity to appoint the two idiots Rozman Omar and Azhari Dahlan, who is not the approved Nominated Post Holder to be the CEo of MAS Engineering. He can chair any meeting concerning safety. What is the point?

    AA cannot even service a single plan on its own. No simulator to train its pilot. No proper ground service. MAS has everything and the expertise. The Pariah should stop bullshitting witht he help of the Star, Edge and etc.

    AJ should now enforce the Re-accommodation agreement as the RM31 million deposit has not been paid. AJ, why are you scared of the Pariah? Is he your boss after all? If not why is AJ not enforcing the Re-accommodation Agreemetn and terminate it due to no payment of deposit made on time.

    But of course, AJ is spineless. Even small matter like the scandal of the maid upgrader Dany, he couldn’t do anything. Just resign the keep whatever honor you have left.

  34. Saha MAS

    Aziz Bakar was talking cock when he said a win – win situation otherwise AA wouldn’t sign it. It is a case of AA win all situation and MAS lose all. Who is he trying to fool?

    He can fool Azman Mokhtar and AJ but not MAS staffs. We saw it through from dayone in August last year.

    Azman Mokhtar should be sacked for all the problems he has created for MAS.

  35. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    AJ, MAS does not need to JV or CCF with AA. By having Jv/CCF it will only create more problems and will cause MAS to even bleed more than now. Reversed all the bloody JV/CCF.Since the bloody f..ker pariah TF talks so much about how great he is and how he could have made a difference (Published in StarBIzWeek, Saturday 5 May 2012), then why still need the JV/CCF.

    Pariah TF also said that he is not worried about Firefly bacause Firefly only have 8 planes whereby AA have 100. If that the case why get your fu..king croonies Danny terminate the KL-KK-KCH/ JB-KK-KCH routes when the load are full and during Hari Raya time? Hey bloody f..ker TF, don’t think you can spin and tipu the RAKYAT, your friends might be the chief editor in TheStars to write nice things about you but you can’t cheat or tipu the RAKYAT.

    Pariah TF talk about the good for MAS to sponsor QPR, about the deal was a great for MAS’ branding and believes that it led to more sales for KL-London-Kl routes. Hey bloody Pariah TF, we don’t need to sponsor QPR to make sales for our London routes, MAS is already having good load factor for the London routes. Don’t bullshit the RAKYAT because it’s only the home jersey and MAS doesn’t fly the internal routes in London. Who would bother which company sponsor the jersey and who will bother to see who’s jersey the team are wearing? When you watch a football match, you will be interested to see how well the players perform and not what or who’s jersey they are wearing. Hope this will get into your BIG FAT HEAD Pariah TF.

    As for Danny aka Nanny Upgrader, what the HELL are you still in MAS. Asshole like AJ, Md Nor, Danny, Rosman, Zalida, Azhari and the rest of the Panamera Deadwood…..you idiots all better leave MAS, be like Dr. Wafi resigned and leave in peace before who knowns what will happen next to you guys.

    Don’t think that by scrapping the Share-Swap MAS staffs will be happy and except you idiots…..SORRY THAT WON”T HAPPEN coz all you idiots have done lots of damaged to MAS and whatever you idiots are trying hard to do or is doing will not change the hatred all of have in our hearts for all you idiots. AS long as the JV/CCF is still on nothing will change. Idiots like all of you will still sucks the best out from MAS. Since the bloody fuc,,er Pariah is so damn bloody proud of himself then have his own Pilot training centre (Simulator), Engineering department,…etc…etc and don’t ride on MAS.

    AJ, you called MAS staffs “LOW PRODUCTIVITY STAFFS”, so why have the MHCE Award today? You are now trying to polish the balls of all MH staffs so that they will except you? NO….NO….NO……you are only wasting MAS money, We work hard for MAS and we know we deserved more than the MHCE Award thing and we don’t need you to tell us how good we are because each and everyone of us know that WE ARE THE BEST. We don’t get salary worth a few hundred thousand Ringgit a month for doing nothing.

    As for th bloody snake B.K Sidhu, you been talking cock. How much did thet fu,,ker Pariah TF paid you to talk cock? How much do you know about what is happening in MAS? BK Sidhu…..youi are just another bastard of Pariah TF.

  36. Kamal in MAS

    MAS staffs must watch what are going on in the Engineering side especially the deal with Airbus on the procurement for spare parts for A330. It is high time MACC should move in to check on the procurement side. Please watch out about the dealing with Airbus Industries Group.

    Serious attempts have been made do everything without following proper procedures.

  37. jack1960

    Share Swap Cancelled ….. so does Khazanah’s indirect interest in Tune Air


    No interest by Khazanah/MOF, so why need for collaboration with AK/D7?

    How about the AK/D7 accrued costs to MH during the failed CCF? Have they paid-up or just conveniently forgotten by the MH BOD?

    In short, what positive cashflow impact has been realized by MH arising from the collaborations pursuant to the share swap deal?

    If none or negative, then the entire MH BOD & parties acting-in-concert during that period should be sent to jail. Or is this possibility too difficult for our PM/MOF to fathom. No wonder the NAC rubbish.

  38. Wan eeh

    AJ and his team work together with TF ánd his cronies to gain more … for themselves… judging from the JV despite share swap deal is off… it is quite apparent that the TF team still in MAS is to tie up all loose end to ensure the insider deals are all done deal for TF..hence everyone is benefiting from MAS or tax payers monies zero accountability to the public.. MAS staff are just another recipient/ civil staff waiting for direction from top management… just like other GLC… the same goes to local family owned business………. top management are appointees… some may have different objectives … some may be truly rakyat’s man that is entrusted to take care for the poeple.. but every few/far in between…… very true in this bolehland… because people gets away too easily……….. lack transparency…. lack accountability…. lack enforcement….. mostly from the top management.. who is to question AJ… who is bigger than him? who appoint him… they are all big timer if not very successful businessman…… often from N.. program …….. ask yourself…. even the most apparent share swap deal that favours AA/TF…still need our PM to call off despite all the facts table infront of us…why???

  39. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    Guess what????? That Nanny Danny really got skin as thick as buffalo…got no shame at all. He attended the MHCE Award presentation, macam nangka busuk….with his sinister’s smile. Then the Chairman talk like he’s been on dope and talk so lifeless……as though that he’s going to “kong off”. Well maybe he’s too sad to hear that the share swap been called off.

    HEY Nanny Danny…..and gangs, why don;t you guys FO from MAS and stop all your fu..ing sinisters smile….celaka…..sial….kamu semua….Buat malu kaum saja. Kalau staffs diberi kebenaran untuk baling telur busuk kat kau orang….aku rasa dah lama telur-telur busuk tu dilemparkan pada puak-puak celaka sial macam kamu semua. Semua makan duit tak halal dan kami di MAS tak akan halalkan rezeki puak-puak celaka danny,aj,rosman,azahri,zalida dan md nor.

    Jaga kamu sekali…..akan kami tuntutu hak kami masing-masing diakhirat nanti.

  40. X-MAS

    Everyone talks about MAS being hampered by various leakages and Napoleons.

    Watch out what you ask for. For what you got are serious huge bursts of the dam and big generals who are sucking MAS dry. These people do it out in the open.

    In the words of Qui-Gon Jinn: “There’s always a bigger fish”

  41. Anti Cronyism in MAS

    I have heard about the procurement contract in the Engineering Department and it involves very big sum by the RM100 million or more. It will bind MAS for many years. his must be exposed before MAS is in the shit again. there are certain persons in the Department trying to by pass the existing procedures.

    Yb please watch out for this. This involves very big procurement contracts. We must stop the Pariah cronies now in MAS to do more damage to MAS.

  42. MAS is STILL going to get liwat with or without the share swap.Come on,you MAS staff do something fast otherwise we won’t have a national airline soon.Get rid of the deadwood fast together with the brainless ceo.Do it now

  43. Sam

    I totally agree that current top brass including BOD. We need names to replace them otherwise they will replace all these Failures with bigger nincompoops. Any names?

  44. Musibat Sulung

    MAS don’t need Air Asia to survive… Long before Air Asia existed, MAS are blessed with glory on their own… Air Asia is not even in a same league with MAS… Stop talking nonsense Mr BOD…

    Everybody agree with me…?

  45. bin laden

    Heard lately that the Cabin crew were offered jobs at the Golden Lounge. What will happen to the rest of us already working at the lounge? All this done with the excuse of excess crew due to route cuts. Cabin crew have no business working on the ground. Is this multi-tasking as they do in low cost airline? Then maybe they can also do check-in working at the check-in counters! After that, load cargo also lah.

    1. FED-UP

      Correct. Correct. Great idea from EVP,CE with consultant input I am sure. You see, we need customers to enjoy the service of our world class award winning crew on ground, even before they board our aircraft. Problem is, out of the 180 positions needed, so far only about 6 Crew applied! The generous daily allownace of RM21 to RM23 failed to excite them. Even with an additional RM100 monthly incentive thrown in, the Crew still not applying. So, now how la? Simple.Assign Crew whose BMI sudah tinggi (overweight la) or those grounded to man the premium Golden Lounge. But still not enough numbers. Then how? Remember Firefly jet operations also sudah kena tutup kedai? So, got 142 excess Crew there too, right? Problem solved. Send them to man the PREMIUM Golden Lounge.
      Oh, back to your question, what happen to the 42 of you who are already working in the Golden Lounge? You mean your management never told you? Tak apa. Always go to YB ‘s blog and ask, you will get your answers there, because, as far as I can tell, YB’s blog is where most MAS staff AND management go to , to get up-to-date and accurate info! So, the answer to your question is, you all will be sent to the soon-to-be set up Call Centre at the OCC in the FMB. Before I forget, all these grand plans will be implemeted by June 19. Tak apa, lambat lagi. You will probably be informed by June 18.
      This is BUSINESS AS USUAL in MAS. All part of Business Plan , version err, version ke berapa, I have lost count!!

  46. Permainan_Dunia

    YB if you mind, can you explain either you or TF figure is true for QPR MAS sponsorship… The info extracted from MAS E&M Portal…

    NEWS : Fernandes: We could have made a difference
    Saturday May 5, 2012
    The Star Business

    Excerpts from the interview:

    Tell us about the whole QPR sponsorship saga.

    Firstly, the figure (that MAS is speculated to have paid) is not 18 million pounds a year. That’s far from accurate.

    So what’s a more accurate figure?

    I’m not at liberty to say. But it is closer to only 10% of what was speculated. MAS has had phenomenal branding from that. If there’s one thing AirAsia has been good at it has been branding. We’ve built a brand from nothing to one that’s known throughout the world and we did it using a lot of sports. Lets look at things in perspective. One QPR player costs more than the advertising paid by MAS. It’s not like the shareholders of QPR benefited immensely from this. In any case, AirAsia had wanted to do it all in the first place. And there were two other sponsors. But we went with MAS in the spirit of collaboration, we were all in a euphoria. I never expected the negativity that has been surrounding this transaction. I thought it would be welcomed universally. I can put my hand on my heart and say that MAS got great value in that sponsorhip deal and it shows in their London load factor.

    1. weechookeong

      Permainan Dunia

      The issue of sponsorship of QPR by MAS has been raised many times in my blog, newspapers and in Parliament. No one ever came out to deny that MAS has signed the sponsorship. But no one in mAS or Rashdan for that matter came out to deny the cost of sponsorship for QPR home jersey. If it is a good deal as what have been said then those responsible should come out to tell what is the exact sum of the said sponsorship. Why the secrecy? In any event, we have been constantly told by MAS management and Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar that MAS is “BLEEDING and a SICK PATIENT”. Why was the rush for Rashdan to sign the sponsorship agreement with QPR soon after signing of the share swap agreement?

      Thank you


      wee choo keong

  47. dannyboy@thewniama.com.my

    Why is HR/HC or whatever you call it not calling this Danny boy for a DI for this upgrading wrongdoing? Are they setting a precedent?


    Latest bleeding.
    Someone is broke and very desperate.
    1307 Airbus A330-343X TC-JNP Turkish Airlines 26-04-2012 Active
    1318 Airbus A330-323X 9M-MTG Malaysia Airlines On Order
    1321 Airbus A330-202 9M- AirAsia X On Order
    1339 Airbus A330-202 9M- AirAsia X On Order

    2 Brand new 2012 Airbus A330 -200 for sale, anyone?
    Configuration: Pax, Engine: CF6-80 E1A4/B, TT: New, MSN: 1321
    Configuration: Pax, Engine: CF6-80 E1A4/B, TT: New, MSN: 1339
    Comments: Serious Inquiries accompanied by capability to purchase or lease.

    Listed by OCG Avation Date Listed: 4/18/2012 3:56:44 PM

  49. Anonymous

    when AJ announce losses in Q1 2012, i bet with all my $$$ that he and nannyman will use excuse due to “noises” on CCF/suap share had distracted them from carry out their plan effectively when the whole world know in the 1st place, they + all highly paid CONman fails to produce even 1 decent business plan….

    MAS is dooooommmmmmmmmmmm…………..

  50. manager

    What 2 do? This management run by ball carrier managers so that they can keep their job. Upper management depending on middle management but midldle management screwing the rest below. MAS is screwed.

  51. manimaran

    Looks like management is back to their old ways.
    Keeping silent on what transpired when they met the B.O.D. on Saturday.
    Please show some urgency MD and Chairman and come up with a new contigency plan rather than wait and see.
    The world economy at this point of time is struggling and we are already seeing changes in govt ( France , Greece ),
    the plunging of major stock market indexes as well as oil prices!!
    Going premium alone is not the best business module and
    MAS needs Firefly to compliment its services.
    Lots of company policy states that flights below 3 hours requires
    even its MD to fly economy so this is where Firefly comes into the picture. And in terms of connectivity and hassle free travel, travellers will have an option to use Firefly which also operates out of KLIA.
    I hope that the mangement will come up with a decision soon and
    remain relevent to the current economic condition.


    “What 2 do? This management run by ball carrier managers so that they can keep their job. Upper management depending on middle management but midldle management screwing the rest below. MAS is screwed.”

    SPOT ON! Lu tolong wa, wa tolong lu, asal gaji masuk.

  53. jack1960

    In the spirit of collaboration …. why don’t AK & MH sign another agreement to allow AK regional pax to connect with MH long-haul?


    I believe this will never happen because its not to AK/D7s’ advantage AND the terminals are miles apart (incl the soon to be completed brand new LCC terminal) and lack connectivity.

    From here we can already see the real flawed intentions of the policy makers let alone the conniving & devious Khazanah/AK/D7.

    BTW, the ex-AK senior management team & AK related consultant no longer have standing in MH because of their questionable allegiance & integrity. The fact that they are still around allegedly making questionable decisions also leaves a very big question mark on the INTEGRITY OF MH BOD.

    Alas, all the government machinery in place to protect the nation or stakeholders have so far come out empty…nada…nil…

    After all the governments aid to AK, they are moving their hq to Jakarta, why don’t they do a CCF with Garuda Indonesia? CIMB is also there, in the shape of CIMB Niaga. Everything Can Do What, Anywhere, Anytime, Anybody….

    Unfortunately, AK only jaguh kampung …..

  54. taloq hyppocriteloq

    A. only thinking which pretty stewardess he wants to choose the serve him on the inaugural A380 flt..siap belek gambar lagi..are`nt u A..?
    Got anything better to do or not..
    No wonder losing 5 Mil a day.. A..

    1. HANCUS

      Not RM5mill a day, they have graduated to Rm 6 to Rm 9mill a day already. Depends on where AJ is talking la. We should congratulate them for these record-breaking figures! Before share swap the LOW productivity staff manage to achieve RM3 to 5 milliona day, now AJ and gang make it even higher! Congratulations!!

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