The highhandedness of the TRIO & their inaction over RM31 million debt against AAX

The notorious TRIO

Below is the email from a reader which should be a posting by itself to show the style of the top management of MAS under the TRIO namely Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof (Chairman of MAS) (Md Nor), En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ) (Group CEO of MAS) and En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny (Rashdan) (Deputy Group CEO of MAS).  

Despite the grave misbehavior and abused of power by En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny, in HERE and two of the TRIO went all out to defend the indefensible act of Rashdan, the Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s most trusted crony.  

With such clear evidence and yet Md Nor, AJ and the whole Board of Directors could still condone Rashdan’s said misconduct, in HERE. How could MAS be turned around by the inactions of the notorious TRIO and the Board of Directors of MAS.

Further, under the Re-accommodation (RA) Agreement dated 28-3-2012 AirAsia X Sdn Bhd (AAX) was supposed to pay a further deposit sum of RM31 million for uplifting its 35,000 passengers, MAS could have exercised its right to terminate the RA and stop uplifting the said AAX passengers but AJ chose to carrying on uplifting the said passengers instead of terminating the RA due to non-payment, in HERE.

This was how the TRIO especially AJ, as Group CEO of MAS, took care of the interest of MAS. No upright airlines CEO of an airline would carry on uplifting another airline passengers with “SPECIAL FARES” below its lowest fares and at the same time took no action when there was no full payment has been made.

Perhaps this was how AJ and the other two of the TRIO managed a public listed company and at the same time the TRIO dared to ask MAS staffs to cooperate with them to turn around MAS. Common sense tells us that this is not the way to turn around MAS and at the same time the TRIO was going all out to save AAX at the expense of MAS.

If the above is what the new secret  CCF Agreement that has been inked today, then MAS staffs should start a campaign to throw them out of MAS and tear the said CCF agreement to pieces. The new secret CCF has hidden agendas.  Just look at the important point of the new CCF:

“To cooperate on areas such as aircraft purchasing, engineering, ground support services, cargo services, catering and training.”  

The cooperation under the new secret CCF appear to be that MAS had to buy aircraft from someone who has purchased 300 airbus in 2011. The engineering, ground support services  and cargo services are very much more superior that AirAsia or AirAsia X. The cooperation should be for AirAsia and AAX to pay for services rendered by MAS based on market rates and to make payment on time. If this is the case then there was no need to sign a new CCF in SECRET like what Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes did over the MAS-AirAsia share swap.

After the signing of the new CCF agreement, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (Amok)or AJ has made public what are the terms of new CCF. Since there were so many problems caused to MAS and MAS staff under the old secret CCF, AJ and/or Amok should make public what are the real intention of the new CCF and how MAS interests can be protected.

AJ and MD Nor has the cheek to ask the Union leaders to make proposals to them within 2 days to turn around MAS!  This demand was most unreasonable to say the least. The important points of the new secret CCF:

MAS unions, MESA, MAMPA and others, except MASEUS for its top leader are still “asleep”, to tell two of the NOTORIOUS and INCOMPETENCE TRIO how could MAS be turned around when the top management of MAS did not bother take drastic actions to demand for payment of deposit sum of RM31 million or stop the uplifting of the said 35,000 passengers.  From this glaring fact, the TRIO was not protecting the interest of MAS at all. At the same time, the TRIO is singing the same old song over and over again that MAS is BLEEDING” and a “Sick Patient”. Their actions seemed to show that MAS is doing well and helping AAX is MAS number ONE duty.

The TRIO especially AJ should make it known publicly what are the real agendas new secret CCF that was inked today. Is the new secret CCF based on “MAS GIVES ALL and AirAsia TAKES ALL”?

Please read said e-mail below:

Dear YB,
Was told that Chairman and AJ called up the unions/association just now, ironically on an individual basis NOT collectively as before. They announced that the “share suap” is OFF and both TF and KM has resigned from the Board. On the other hand both MAS and AA will sign an MoU on CCF where they will both cooperate on areas such as aircraft purchasing, engineering, ground support services, cargo services and training”. Furthermore, there is no mention on status of Danny, Azhari and Rozman Omar together with Shane from PlaneConsult.  Indications pointed to the glaring fact in the consultan agreement that the three individual has been identified through the “Working Methods” and appointed by the TRO (AJ, Md Nor and Nanny Rashdan), in HERE. (Yours truly added this link for easy reference.)
On hindsight, there is actually nothing gained from the termination of the “share suap”.  Much damage has been done to MAS the last few months and they have succeeded in getting their people to infiltrate into MAS. With them still here in MAS, where is the guarantee that their alliance will be with MAS. There was no details mentioned on the proposed MoU as it was not shared with the unions/association.  
But the best thing was the decision by both of them to ask the unions/association to submit a proposal to MAS on how to turn-around the airline, both short term and long term. It is indeed a good idea but the problem is they are given until Friday, 4th May to submit to them as AJ has a BOD meeting on Saturday. Can you imagine, the management had 9 months to come up with a plan and till today, there is no concrete one AND they now asking the unions/associations to come up with one in 2 days???? Isn’t that ridiculous!!! 
Is that fair to put the shoulders on the unions/associations to do it in 2 days??? Is that a level playing field?? They had consultants and the machinenary behind them to do work and what has the unions/associations got??? Ini macam “melepaskan batuk di tangga” they now pass the buck to the staff to do something that they have not done the last 9 months??  
Furthermore, before the unions/associations can even start, they’re disadvantaged. They are “hiving off” the enginerring, ground support, cargo and training amongst themselves leaving MAS with nothing. How can we play when they keep on shifting the goal post??? They have taken the jewels away and asking the staff to come up with a turn-around plan…..mana boleh ini macam?? This is indeed unfair and I feel this is still the work of “the TRIO”. Now…what if the recomendation is to remove Danny and the AA imports, will the mangement do it!!! There is lots more questions than answers….” 
Please read “Robbery At MAS”in HERE.

50 thoughts on “The highhandedness of the TRIO & their inaction over RM31 million debt against AAX

  1. Anon

    Apa punya management ni?
    Seeking revenge by throwing the job of coming up with a plan to the unions because they’ve succeeded in making enough noise to reverse the swap?

    Shows how unprofessional they are. After almost a year, they had 4 different business plans, and now they’re asking the unions to come up with another?

    Why are they even in management then? Kalau tak tau atau tak nak buat kerja betul-betul, then please leave the company and have people with the right mindset and intelligence do the job! They are certainly not helping anyone!

  2. Vote ABU.

    When the “suap” deal is off, I was thinking of celebrating, however on second thought, if AA stoogest are still around, doesn’t it smell like the story of the Trojan horse. They will sign away all unfavorable MoUs and signed agreement with AA under pretext of “best deal for MH” (eventhough it is not); and then resign from MH and go back to AA. If new management is appointed, they cannot unbundle the deals as MH will be sued. So now how? Same case with the catering deal. I don’t trust the bastards around. We cannot rest until Azman and the cronies is out of MAS history.

  3. European

    the share swop is done… the robbi..g keeps on
    let your PM feel the pain as he is still not doing the right thing…
    antitrust is still on the agenda, the AA-invaders are still in their jobs and the “silver” is for sale now.
    Unions … pls read union… this means united, ehhh ….now time to stand up united and get these bucanners out. The Trio must go and a new CEO brought in. The staff of MAS have no trust and confidence in this so called “Management” anymore. they had no plan in the last 9 month, so why should anyone think, they could come up with something feasible…
    yeah maybe another 3rd-class football-club or some other backbenchers in F1… Collaboration, hahh… nothing but stripping assets and taking care of the survival of AA and AAX …PTUI …. fight them…NOW…

  4. sulaiman sp

    It is indeed shocking to hear the kinda management MAS has.
    Instead of sharing your ideas and vision for the betterment of the
    airline, I cannot believe that management is asking for a turnaround
    plan from its employees instead.
    Hello AJ, you have been appointed and paid a fat MD pay packet and is this all you can come up with after 8-9 months?
    YB this shows why MAS needs a new CEO and MD as they are
    clueless on how to run a premium airline. What would you expect
    when PlaneConsult only deals with low cost budget carriers.
    AJ, please capitalise the talents of your award winning staff as
    these skills and experience cannot be bought overnight.
    I sincerely hope that MAS will stay focussed and be a leader
    rather than a blind and listless follower.
    If SQ can have SCOOT then why MAS cannot have FIREFLY.
    Notice that AAsia stopped having crazy 1 sen/1ringgit deals.
    That is bcos they control the budget market with not a single competitors.

  5. Screw the new CCF

    The disgusting TRIO and the Board of Directors of MAS The new CCF was just another ploy to hoodwink the Rakyat and MAS staffs.

    We must do our best to fight the TRIO until Najib wakes up and realises that the aborted share swap and the new CCF are just to hoodwink the rakyat.

  6. jack1960

    CCF No More …. All Collaborations Off …. No Further JVs …. Its that simple


    The CCF is dead and no subsequent JVs can ever be legally binding as the MAS BOD and top management structure, arising from the share-swap, is now defunct.

    The country’s administrators must now appoint a new MAS BOD, unwind all the policies, decisions & directives not beneficial to MAS and change the top management, where necessary, to carry out this unwinding of the CCF & to move forward as a different independent + financially viable entity.

    Oh yes, to literally charge & collect from AAsia & AAsia X for all its indiscretions with MAS pursuant to the CCF. These “CCF Costs & Expenses” should be made public and all efforts to be made to retrieve every single penny incurred arising thereof. Failing which, the entire incumbent BOD (including members of top management) plus parties acting-in-concert should be dealt with by the full force of the law.

    However, the key word now is, whether the leader of our country has the will & fortitude to redress this issue, with all the armoury & machinery available to him. This may well be personally painful to him but nowhere near pain & misery to the nation, if the wrong signals of inaction is potrayed to the whole world business community….. in terms of corporate governance, transparency & of course, the menace of corruption.

    As usual, time’s not on MAS’s side.

  7. Citizen Rules

    YB ,
    Good job i getting the share swap to a stop..but sandiwara continues…..

    Yes now the unions/ staffs /malaysian tax payers have to revive the old MAS & FIREFLY back into action by appointing a new CEO with sole interest of saving MAS ,so all the appointments which came after the share swap have to go before its too late ,before they ink more one sided deals .

    Take the advise of OUTSYEDTHEBOX………..


  8. ConcernMalaysian

    After killing off FIREFLY. Now they are going after MAS engineering,

    When they know that their planes are about time to be sent for Heavy Maintenance Check approx 10yrs after new plane enter into service, MAS is the most viable option. (can refuse to pay MAS and get free service). It’s like what they did to MAB with airport taxes.

    RM31m (remaining fees for MAS uplifting AA passengers) also refuse to pay, do you think they will really pay for the hundreds of millions for maintenance checks!?!?!?! Plus now the head of Engineering is from AA!!!!

    FAT chance that MAS will ever get paid!!!

  9. The Pumkiner

    That is funny. They couldn’t do it in months but now asking others to do their job in 2 days.

    Sudah ternyata kebodohan si Trio.

    Now we can see why those dungus need the Mat Salleh to do their job.

  10. ex-maswingmate

    Saw Tony’s “statements” on the Star online today. Such arrogance and sour grapes! I always felt that even if the swap was reversed the damage is done – and I was right – TF himself said that he saw the inside of MAS over the last 8 months bla bla bla… he had full and unfettered access to how MAS works and now knows exactly how to attack them further from the outside.

    MAS people, please do the right thing and PROVE HIM WRONG! The “SPV” and collaboration arrangements only opens MAS up to more risks and intervention. WAKE UP!

    1. soon zoo

      Pariah Tony Fernendes ni hanya pandai pakai air lior jer pastu kebas sana sini….dia belajar cara perniagaan Yahudi… maklum lah bini dia tu kan Yahudi….. apa2 pun dia dah bersedia dgn rancangan nya dgn mempunyai 2 passport negara lain…keli*@g Pariah betui…….

    2. jack1960




      MH & AK/D7 are seperate entities again, period. No more supplemental aggreements of any sort, shape or form. No SPV nor JV or whatever V that one might call it. Damage already done, now to regroup MH & recoup yet again AK/D7 “expenses”.

      The government must be clear in its plans / policies for the development of a vibrant & healthy civil aviation sector. Too much is at stake here for the country’s development & growth. Whilst competition is good by choice, haphazard & ad-hoc decisions based on political pursuasion have led the country to this current “mess”. Khazanah under its current stewardship has comprehensively failed bordering on criminal.

      For MH, let this be a final warning on the need for total integrity, responsibility & accountability at all levels of management right up to BOD. Change is inevitable but clear direction from the government, BOD & top management is crucial for MH to survive & then strive to going beyond expectations of ALL stakeholders, not just a few major shareholders and employees. Don’t forget the other 28+mil Malaysians, as well!

      For AK/D7, time to prove that you are not just hype. Whilst you might have got away with some creative cost saving formula ala Ryanair, I think you’ve more than met your match in high fuel costs & inflation. Outsourcing of engineering & maintenence can only get you so far, but not when your fleet number in the hundreds, you have to build your own economies of scale. No short cuts here. To negotiate for better discounts in buying aircraft or maintaining them must first be predicated on previous good practice or experience like being a good paymaster! On that score I have my doubts.

      To the local analysts & media, high time for clear unbiased & objective analyses and to report more simple plain truths. Good to have a bouyant A&P income to a point, where readers & subscribers may just leave you because they’ve lost their trust in your objectivity or may have even lost money by basing their decisions on your flawed reporting.


  11. AEU Veteran

    That is why you never hear MESA, MASMA and MAPA rejoicing over the so-called declaration of the end to the ‘SHARE-SUAP’ deal. The TRIOs and their Cohorts in AA have a lot of mischief up their sleeve.

    Its like an Iceberg, to one that may be visible to our naked ice is the white innocent boulder floating in the sea, but what hidden below the surface? Its much like the mega-behemoth that sink the Titanic!!!

    Now, after wasting our “bleeding” resources on fickle -minded, questionable and totally opague “Business Plan” the last NINE MONTHS, the same scheming Trios expect solutions within TWO days from their “unproductive workforce?”

    Hey, NO Rocket Scientist can help you there, you need Devine Intervention! Nevertheless, my brother Unionists, DO YOUR VERY BEST and show the Trios and their AA cohorts that you can at least tell them whose GENUINE and whose FAKE in SAVING OUR BELOVED NATIONAL ICON.

    Just give your WISH LIST. After all, they don’t pay you in GBP anywhere close to what they lavish to the CON-sultants Inc. I am sure if given full power and access, you Unionists will supercede any of the Conmen.

    Oops, I forgot to mention MASEU. What do you expect when Alias and Malik were not even sporting their “NO CCF” badges when they meet TS Md Nor and Ajay!

  12. Fence Sitter Voter

    The areas of collaboration include but are not limited to procurement, training, aircraft component repairs, technical and operational efficiency and mutually championing common industry issues.

    More information is needed as the information given is still vague. Does the joint procurement mean that AirAsia will sell some of its aircraft to MAS?

    So how now?

  13. Stupid Trio

    The three idiots that are managing MAS do not have any clue in the running of an airlines that’s why they had to ask the the Unions to come up with proposals for solution to the problems.

    What the have they been doing in MAS for the past 89 months? Just drawing fat salary and perks? Bloody Gaji But a. AJ should start to be the MD of the MAS Panamera Deadwood Department. That will be his most suitable job.

    What is so great about the share swap? It was just for the Pariah to screw up MAS further.

    AJ is talking cock when he keep on harping of MAS loosing RM5 million a day. If this is the case, why MAS had to pay 18 million Pounds to the toy of the Pariah? What is so great of QPR just ken a 6-1 recently.

    AJ and Md Nor please tell called for a press conference and announce what the have you 2 and your Nanny Danny done for the past 9 months under the “Businesss Plan”?Zero except for helping AA X in uplifting 35,000 passengers for a song at MAS expense and appointing Rozman Omar, Azhari Dhlan, Shane Nollan and PlaneConsult to screw MAS further.


  14. MAS Guy

    AJ, why you have no balls to take actions against your Pariah’s boss company AAX for non-payment of deposit of RM31 million?

    Stop fooling the MAS staffs. We saw it through about you. You are just another Panamera Deadwood. If AJ know about aviation industry he wouldn’t have relied on consultants to think for him.

    He is an idiot period

  15. Razak of MAS

    AJ should also tell us why MAS gave up additional Sydney route to AAX?

    To demand for proposals in 2 days was most ridiculous and shows the TRIO has no clue why they have been appointed by the Khaznah dunggu to MAS.

    Why is no action has been taken against Nanny Danny? Another cover-up?

    AJ please stop showing your stupidity in MAS. We in MAS has had enough of your bullshit of turning around plan. Your turning around Plan was to ave AA X. Why don’t you go to AA or AAX to do what you have been doing in MAS i.e. NOTHING constructive except drawing salary and perks. That is what you are good for.

  16. In The Shadows

    YB, If it’s true that the Sr. Mgmt Of MAS under AJ asked the union to come up with a business plan in 2 days, then in my opinion, they just brought themselves to a new low professionally and doesn’t deserve to be sitting in their chairs. Any Tom, Dick and Harry with an UPSR certificate can do that…

    I’ve been following your articles with much interest. I found it “amusingly funny” when a Group CEO after 8-9 month in the helm, goes to the Parliament and says that those under his leadership are not productive.. To me, it only shows his weaknesses & failure as a Manager to inspire, motivate and lead those under his leadership.

    Combine the 2 points above, He is self-proclaiming his own incompetency and stupidity! I guess there are no wrongs when bloggers and commentators calls him an idiot! After all, it’s Proven…

    Next, those who put him in command of the ship i.e. (KNB Sr. Management + MAS BOD) are idiots too and much bigger idiots if they still decide to keep him and his team around! (Fishy too if they insist in keeping him.)

    YB, if i may suggest, you should do an expose on Khazanah Sr. Management after this. National interests are at stake when idiots are running the Strategic Investment Arm of the Government.

    God Save Us All.

  17. Antigajibuta

    Knew it from the very beginning that this AJ is not suit for the MD post. He is no good in anything!! Even in trying to fool the staff also he is no good!! Maybe what he is good at is jogging, running, licking (balls), and take intsructions from Pariah cronies..If hes really good in running, let us all make him run away from MAS and dont ever come back.

  18. Anonymous

    Why pay millions of RM for consultant when ideas are coming from unions? Did MAS pay unions for consultant fees for 2 days job??? Come on lah CEO, u can do wonders with all your powers for MAS

  19. CON AIR

    TF is talking cock again in the STAR

    “FOR the few negative detractors who made the most noise, I wonder what their solution is for MAS.

    I have seen no alternatives put forward by those people. The selfish attitude of a few has to end at MAS.”

    Hey, Thambi.
    You scuppered MAHB airport tax 100 millions and invested in F1 and QPR, that is beyond selfish, that is downright criminal. PODAAAH %$#^&*(#@!!##$ !!!

  20. Just as I expected.A new CCF agreement has been signed and MAS is being surewed again by AA and this time more brutal. Imagine MAS being cowed to buy the planes and serviced AA planes for free. Can you imaginethe amount of ringgit involved? wake up boys and fight the pariah all out MAS is not out of the woods yet,

  21. X-MAS

    The reversal of the share swap only rids MAS of the Pariah TF and his partner KM.

    That leaves the following 3 imperatives:

    1) Rectifying the imbalances that in in Air Asia’s favor that have been entered into recently e.g. Re-accomodation Agreement rates, maintenance at well below market rates, aircract simulator JV, et al?

    2) Removing all Air Asia influences in the management of MAS starting from the board to the snr management and down to the likes of Rozman, Azahai and Shane.

    3) Putting a more competent management team toegether that will work with the existing talents and get the buy-in of all the staff and come up with business plan that will turn around MAS.

    Reserving of the share swap is not enough.

    Only when the other 3 items are achieved will MAS Staff put all their effort to support the turn around.

    AJ only asked the staff to come up with ideas within tow day only as “Batuk Di Tangga”. If the staff do bend over backwards, he will only take a few bits an pieces and ignore the rest, just to show he has listened to the staff who know better than him. If the Staff failed, he will say he did open it up but it is the staff that failed.

    A leapoard does not change its spots.

  22. Razak of MAS

    AJ just can be head of MAS but Gaji Buta Department should be ok. 2 days to do things that he and his Nanny Danny could not do in 9 months. Can only suck up to the Pariah. Pay QPR 18 million Pounds and uplift AAX passengers without taking full deposit. THis is the trype of collaboration/ccf that AJ has in mind.

    How could MAS be safe with such stupid people who has no heart for MAS except AirAsia.

  23. ASmallBirdInCIMB

    Dear YB: congratulation on your consistent barking about this issue. 9 months ago when these CCF thing was announced, it was announced with such a funfare. But the yesterday announcement was done through press release. Are those guys in Khazanah and MAS have no balls to face the public on this issue. The second thing, when the first CCF was done, CIMB was the deal marker. I bet they have been paid easily and not less than RM50million as fees for the transactions. Should MAS been reimbursed for these expenses ? This is another leakages.

  24. Jala of MAS

    AJ is managing MAS or kidding himself around to get gaji buta. After good 9 months and he is asking the union what should he do.

    The Union should tell him to disappear from MAS and stop contributing to the leakages by drawing big salary with zero performance. AJ is good in taking instructions from the Pariah.

    AJ: why are you not taking actions against AAX for not paying the RM31 million deposit? Is this how you are turning around MAS?

    Do you know what you are doing beside taking instructions from the Pariah and Amok.

  25. Anonymous

    AJ is a good pretender. On one hand he condemned MAS staffs being of low productivity and when MAS flight to LOndon got fire he praised MAS staffs as heroes. A double head snake. He does think for expediency that suit for the occasion. MAS does not need idiot like AJ. MAS needed a real aviation professional to bring MAS to a greater height.

    May be Aj should join Anwar because both believe in dong things for the sake of expediency.

    In the mean time, AJ please bring Nanny Danny with to get out of MAS. And OUT now. You are no longer fit to be in MAS but AirAsia.

  26. adam schandler

    Oh Mr Najib. Please weak up!

    What? You too? Don’t have a single clue u say?

    Your days s numbered Jib!

  27. Thumb Logic

    MAS cannot be turned around.

    1. Catering contract for 25 years I understand is one of the best sweet-heart deals ever signed between an Airline and Catering service.

    2. Air Asia fleet Air Bus MAS mixed. So Cheaper for Air Asia to continue to have planes serviced by its crrernt service partner

    3.MAS UNIONS will always be strong because most of the MAS employees are well connected ( that is how they got employed) and in a position to turn the screws on MAS

    4.MAS wants to provide Firstr Class and Business Class servive. THis sector is very competitive. The existing players SIA CX have a stong and loyal client base.

    1.KAHZANAH should stick to its core business. Take care of Government Finances. KHAZANA PLEASE NOTE; The CEOs of most successful airlines have been on their post for more than 8 years. But in MAS CEOs come and go while the Officer Boy is permanent.

    1. Juragan X

      Hi Thumb Logic aka Tony Pooda Chitt..! You must be a pessimistic, cluelessly stupid amateur boy.

      1. In any agreement, there is of course rooms to renegotiate. We are yet to kick out the protector of the deal. If cannot oso in a few years he’ll die of natural cause.

      2. MAS has Boeing and Airbus. Just like SQ, CX, BA & many other REAL airlines in the world. We can secure the landing rights for both hemispheres kici. On top of that our MRO guys aka engineers are very well trained in both types that our services could be extended beyond our own turf. That’s what u wanted right tamby..?

      3. MAS unions had always been strong to support MAS you poodaa chitt..! This is where we cari makan. Our families survived on this for many years. No doubt we’ve been rubbing shoulders with who’s who…..but why should we turn to screw MAS you freaking IDIoT.??!!

      4. We had always been providing PREMIUM SeRVICe mangkok..!! Our competitors are BA, SQ, CX and likes. We’ve made tons of money & won many accolades that made them inferior to us. Unlike your airline that’s only good at being CHEaP!

      With a right attitude & leadership, MAS will spread it’s wings once again. We r not scared at all!!

      Grow up la Tamby..!!!

  28. Stan

    The Unions have distributed a request to members to come up with suggestions to improve business.

    The business proposals are simple

    1. Ensure procurement contracts are of arms length and reflect value for money
    2. Proper personnel with integrity are placed in the correct departments.
    3. Feeder routes must be identified properly and the network must be realign
    4. Non core functions such as the Property department and MAS holiday to be gotten rid off.
    5. Visible and effective marketing campaigns must be capable of being measured to improve sales
    6. For quicker fix simple policies such as “fatty policies” in place for paying passengers. A fatty policy is where passenger with large behinds must buy two tickets instead of one unless occupying a row occupied by family members.
    This will help ensure that other passengers get to enjoy their flight.
    7. Customer contracts must be at arms length beneficial to the company.
    8. Departments must be consolidated and the number of department heads reduced. Management must pay for redundancies (tax free) that cover at least a 2 year period. The sacking of human resources personnel is a must as they are the culprit for overstaffing the company.

  29. Antigajibuta

    Even after the Thambi and KM left the BOD, it doesnt make much different coz Danny is still there and AJ is taking instructions from those Pariahs. Next step, make this fool bloody idiots leave MAS.

  30. jack1960

    National Aviation Council (NAC) ….. PM has spoken


    I’m afraid this spells more ad-hoc mumbo jumbo. Collaboration is still the operative word.

    This is the easy way out but it also shows how precarious AK/D7 s’ positions are. Regardless of how arrogant TF may have sounded yesterday, he needs MH to get “his” creation out of a bind. Another shortcut, cost saving method to get by.

    NAC will cost the country dear and its the PM & his advisers doing. BTW, the government has absolutely no interest in AK/D7, so why the need to collaborate or help …….. unless, there’s more than meets the eye …… this is proof …..

  31. The Pumkiner

    YB Wee,

    Even after terminating the SUAP, MAS will still continue to be in trouble as the naively obnoxious Trio and the parasitic people parachuted from AA are still there. MAS will have to service the parasite’s planes with superb credit terms to the latter on top of being forced to buy those planes that Tony ordered ( Very nice that Tony & Co get to keep the commission)

    Furthermore, lopsided contracts with that Sleepyhead brother’s Brahim will continue to erode the airline’s margin. I doubt if the Sleepyhead will ever issue any advice to remedy this problem despite being the Adviser as he is either too shallow or simply he loves his brother too much and be damn with the airline.

    The end of the tunnel is still dark!

    I am also will not be shocked if there are more lop sided contracts in existence. Such contracts will be difficult and costly to be entangled.

    Perhaps MAS should just be declared insolvent (it is insolvent after all!) , appoint a Receiver and Manager and transfer the assets to a newco. Then start again with fresh contracts that will not look after the interest of sweethearts and families of politicians.

  32. Jamal

    “On the appointment of the head of the council, Fernandes said that the person should be “someone who is independent, but has the authority of a senior cabinet minister, and one who could talk to other Ministers.”
    Be very careful of TF next move. He is going to put his balachi as head of cock

  33. mas

    This saga resonates of ‘ pacifying ‘ the detractors whereas the core of the deal is very much within the plotters hand . As the issues at hand was to stop everything AA from digging into MAS , the grave was dug and digging done . We can write on and on but the powers that be has the upper hand. Tony has the balls of the elite to help him and even if he slides to bancruptcy the elite balls will help him by virtue of no choice. Scapegoats are available to be used depending which sectors of business you’re in, as here it’s MAS . Outsyed the box figured this out fast and now those in the unions do take heed . Tun Mahathir may have praised AA but he forgot all those Ceos that run MAS before had their hands tied down and MAS is not AA , which collects money way in advanced from their ‘ guests’ . The present management must step down and let aviation-knowledged persons step in.

  34. Pak Pandir

    I agree with you 100%. All these ideas have been presented to top management by staff and even some unions (note, SOME unions which definitely does NOT include Maseu). But they either do not trust staff and union input or they don’t have the will/capability to implement those ideas.
    Your point about Human Resources is echoed across the Company. The incompetency of HR over the years has the cumulative effect of ensuring MAS does not have a people management programme to speak off, although HR has so many departments with fancy sounding names and no less than 42 Managers and assorted Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents headed by a newly parachuted in Executive Vice President. Right from the hiring to development, training, career planning, talent identification,development and retention, manpower planning etc,there are only superficial/pathetic attempts at all this. Talent management is a good case in point – the department has been around for years, where is the mysterious talent list? or more specifically,
    where/what is the mechanism for the identification and development of talent? i will not be surprised at all if they produce a list with half of it with names from HR! Or go to the Academy – filled with Managers who absolutely have nothing to do! And all the little napoleons in HR are still in their cocoons, imposing In rules on others except themselves. In fact, the truth is, in MAS, if you want immunity, park yourself in HR!! The new EVP has been in office for 3 months.
    Besides keeping herself busy travelling and “challenging” other departments on their headcount, it is still BUSINESS AS USUAL in HR!! The huge staff numbers recruited after the last VSS exercise must be blamed squarely on HR. Of course they give the excuse that they are being “directed” to hire so they have no choice. Well,they forget, if HR had a solid people management plan that aligend with the Business Plan, it would be easy to say no, correct? But then again they will all do what is expedient to save their own asses. HR needs a thorough overhaul if any turnaround plan for MAS is to work.

  35. Recalcitrant

    Tony, Tony, Tony. So the share swap is cancelled due to a few SELFISH staff is it? Selfish to whom? I thought that by uplifting 35,000 of your cheapskate passengers for a song, we could at least have got a big THANK YOU from you? Or maybe you think we should have uplifted the 35,000 for FREE then we will not be termed “selfish”?
    And don’t ever think we shall stop at fighting for, and protecting MAS just because the share swap is off. The power of the prayers from 20000 staff and their families and their curses to you and all your balachis must never be under-estimated.

    AJ,AJ,AJ – Tony has made an anouncement about ther NAC. What have you got to say? Or are you going to ask Planeconsult first what you should think and then ask the other consultant CHIMERA (who handles internal strategic comms and media etc etc for RM420,000) how to say it? For RM420,000 they will advise you to send out another statement at midnight on a Friday!!

  36. fed-up

    Anon 1:43
    Thousands of staff would be HAPPY to go IF the Company pays what is due as enshrined in the Collective Agreements. Many out there are wrong to think all of us want to stay till kingdom come. Howvever, if any retrenchment were to take place, HR must NOT ever be assigned to plan or manage it. The debacle of the MSS in 2006 is still very fresh in our minds. MSS 2006 was an exercise to REWARD many deadwood. Deadwood and non-performers must be SACKED, not paid good money to go! But what can we expect from an incompetent HR?

  37. Mahes

    I thot yours truly is the one who asked the gov to call off share swap? What abt CCF? Why yours truly didn’t ask to call off CCF? Or is it yours truly only know how to talk only??

  38. Anonymous

    Hello stupid Mahes, Yb is the one who bring this matter to the attention of the Cabinet through Parliament, not the one who got power to canx the CCF. Pls be think before u comment.

  39. Now Everyone Hates Danny

    Was informed that Paris station had to turn away AAX pax due to overbooking. The best deal ever. Pay AAX cheap fare, go on full service airline, enjoy Paris, stay longer than get paid a sum total of Euro750 (Euro650 for denied boarding and Euro100 for transportation). This is beyond expectations!!! MH is bleeding but not because of MH but because of the bloody idiots working for the pariah.

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