Genuine collaboration needs no share “SUAP”!

"Now Everyone Can Not Smile"

Updates @ 9:00 pm 1-5-2012: TV3 Buletin Utama has made an informed speculation that the MAS-AirAsia share “Suap” will be reversed tomorrow. If it does happen tomorrow then those appointed after the said secret share suap must also be reversed or terminated. The appointment of ex-ArirAsia officers like En Rozman Omar, now CFO of MAS and En Azhari Dahlan, now CEO of MAS Engineering and Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult, as Acting Commercial Director of MAS should be terminated forthwith. They are unfit to hold those key posts in MAS due to their apparent conflict of interest. PlaneConsult itself should be terminated forthwith if it has been renewed at the tail end of its contract by the present the TRIO or Board of Directors.  PlaneConsult is a consultant for low cost airline and also the consultant for AirAsia and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd.

The above actions are very necessary to ensure that the CCF is genuine and will be implemented transparently,  and more importantly to ensure no conflict of interest in all decisions, which are so rampant in MAS now.  Of course, Rahsdan and gang, and those members of the Board of Directors must also be removed immediately. It is hoped that after the announcement tomorrow, the members of Board of Directors will take the honorable step to RESIGN forthwith.  If those personalities remain in MAS after the secret share swap has been reversed by YAB Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak, another campaign will have to be launched to get rid of them. It is hoped that those unwelcome “GUESTS” in MAS will not overstay.  Rashdan, are you still around in MAS?

Ten months have elapsed after the MAS-AirAsia share swap and CCF, there is nothing positive came out of it except glaring conflict of interest. Genuine collaboration does not need a share swap deal to be successful.

The petrol companies collaborated for the exploration in North SEA Oil UK without share swap and they compete all the ways in the market. So MAS must compete with AirAsia. After the cancellation of the said secret share swap, yours truly hopes that the TRIO will not surrender more MAS routes to AirAsia/AirAsia X Sdn Bhd like the Sydney route. MAS should not exist to save AirAsia X Sdn Bhd or any other airlines for that matter. 

MAS didn’t benefit anything at all. It has also created anger and distrust against the top management of MAS consisting of the TRIO namely, Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof, the Chairman, En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), Group CEO and En Mohamed Rashdan Yusof (Rashdan), the most trusted crony of Amok, and the Board Members especially Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Datuk Kamarudin Meranun both from AirAsia and Datuk Azman Yahya of SCOMI and Symphony House fame. Soon after the said secret share swap, Datuk Azman Yahya was the only MAS director that was reappointed to the MAS Board and also AirAsia Board. From this fact, Datuk Azman Yahya must a very valuable person to MAS due to his “SPECIAL” experience and expertise in the aviation industry! Rashdan was immediately appointed o take charge of MAS from 9-8-2011 until September 2011 when AJ was appointed Group CEO of MAS. Further, a special “EXCO Committee” of MAS was also set up for the daily operation of MAS.  Its members were Rashdan, the most trusted crony of Amok, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun.

The only “POSITIVE” things that transpired after the said secret share swap and CCF were:

  • Mid August 2011- immediate announcement of stopping Firefly operations;
  • Mid-August 2011 MAS paid 18 million Pounds to sponsor QPR home Jersey;
  • End August 2011 – Cancellations of Firefly full load flights during the last Raya season;
  • September 2011 – Termination of Firefly routes from JB to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu;
  • October 2011 – Termination of MAS routes for Bandung and Surabaya;
  • October 2011 – Appointment of PlaneConsult to review the structure of MAS;
  • December Firefly Jet Operations were terminated;
  • 1-1-2012 Rashdan arbitrarily upgrade his baby and nanny to First Class Cabin;
  • 16-1-2012 –  Formal appointment of PlaneConsult as consultant to restructure MAS and to identity special individual to be appointed to key post in MAS;
  • Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult was appointed Acting Commercial Director of MAS;
  • 1-2-2012 – En Rozman Omar from AirAsia was appointed CFO of MAS;
  • Mid-February 2012 – En Azahari Dahlan was appointed CEO of MAS Engineering;
  • February/March 2012 -MAS lifting of AAX passengers without a formal agreement with ZERO fare in the online tickets; and
  • 28-3-2012 – MAS signed the Re-Accommodation Agreement with AAX where AAX was supposed to pay RM31 million which was still not paid and etc, and the fares agreed upon were well below the cheapest fare of MAS, in HERE;On 9-8-2011 Tan Sri 

On 9-8-2011 Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (Amok) , the MD of Khazanah Bhd (Khazanah) and ex-founder of BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, signed the MAS-AirAsia share swap deal on behalf of Khazanah and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes on behalf of Tune Air Sdn Bhd.  Under this secret deal Khazanah has the option to buy 10% of AirAsia X Sdn Bhd (AAX), formerly known as Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd aka FAX.

In the said secret share swap, Khazanah got 10% of AirAsia Bhd (AA) and Tune Air Sdn Bhd 20.5% of MAS share. It was most unprecedented that the ration of the said secret share swap deal was based on closing share price on 6-8-2011. Hence, Malaysians saw the sudden surge of the AA share in May, June, July until 6-8-2011 hitting as high as RM4.20 just before the closing of market, in HEREHERE. For the same period, MAS share was dropping to as low as RM1.30 and closed at RM1.60.  This is how the ratio of the shares swap was based. No wonder majority of Malaysians and MAS staffs were extremely shocked with the said ratio. Only those corporate leaders with consultant mentality would sign the said share swap deal. The said share swap deal was a classic case of “ikan bilis makan ikan yu”. The said secret share swap stinks from the day it was signed until now.  No right thinking Malaysians could have agreed with the said secret share swap except those involved like Amok, Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Tan Sri Kamarudin Meranun and, of course, Rashdan. By the way, Rashdan, who is the most trusted crony of Amok and was involved with the upgrading of his maid to First Class Cabin, was the chief architect of the said secret share swap and CCF, in HERE.

In mid August 2011, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar has declared in a meeting with bloggers in Hilton Sentral that the AAX deal was a “DODGY“ deal. Despite the said AAX deal was said be “dodgy”, Khazanah went ahead to appoint Stanley Morgan Investment Banker to value AAX shares. Thereafter, Khazanah went ahead to purchased the 10% share option of AAX. It will be interesting to know what was the valuation of the share of AAX, how much did Khazanah paid the said 10% share of AAX and how much of the fees paid to Stanley Morgan Investment Banker.

Yours truly is sure that all the answers to the said three questions cannot be made known due to the “CONFIDENTIAL CLAUSE” in the agreement. Just like the consultancy fees of BinaFikir Sdn Bhd for the WAU Project and the name list of the 12 fuel hedging company involved in the RM3.3 billion losses for MAS cannot be revealed because of the confidential clause. Yours truly believe that BinaFikir Sdn Bhd was able to hide behind the said confidential clause and the astronomical consultant fees for WAU to the Jabatan Hasil Dalam Negeri. The CCF can go on provided AA is not given priority, AA pay for whatever services rendered by MAS based on market price, all agreements must be transparent and terms strictly adhered to, no special treatment given to AA or AAX and more importantly CCF must not stifle competition between MAS and AA/AAX.  The situation of “MAS gives ALL and AirAsia takes ALL” should not be allowed

Yours truly calls upon the Government to reverse the said secret share swap forthwith as it was not transparent and lop-sided.

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  1. Anonymous

    think post need to be re-edit, some of the hyperlink didnt attached and the bottom half of the content is the same as the top half

    1. weechookeong


      Thank you bro for he alert. I really am sorry for the mistake. I was rushing to watch TV3 Buletin Utama: Share swap has been cancelled. CCF may go on.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  2. anony

    think post need to be re-edit, some of the hyperlink didnt attached and the bottom half of the content is the same as the top half

    1. weechookeong

      love mas

      Thank you. Will be correcting it. I really am sorry for the mistakes. I was rushing to watch the TV3 Bulletin Utama: “Share Swap dibatalkan besok”. CCF may carry on>

      Once again thank you.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo koeng

  3. love mas

    Yb ….. Just heard from tv3 news …. Ccf di batalkan esok … Horey ….. Horey ….. Horey … Thank god for sending you as a MP .. Last but not least …. Thank you again for your stand in this issue … I still want to hold your flag in pru …

    1. weechookeong

      love mas

      Thank you for your comment and support. We will be together to carry our nation flag, the Jalur Gembilang. We will be together for nation building.

      Thank you.


      wee choo keong

  4. Pak Belalang

    Dear YB. You are spot-on with your analysis of the share-Suap controversy. We need leaders with integrity like you to knock sense into the Country’s Leadership. Saw you on TV3 news @9pm. Excellent.

    Only morons put adversaries in their Boardroom. Akin to inviting a serial rapist to sleep in your abode, with your wife and daughters in the next room, if not in the same room. Well, maybe they do that with their NANNYS?

  5. Antigajibuta

    Congrats to YB and fellow MAS staff on the cancellation of the Share Suap..Though it took quite sometimes for PM to decide, still he finally realized the power of PEOPLE!! To all MAS staff, lets now concentate on kicking out all the PARIAH cronies ( Tony Fernadez, Azman Mokhtar Fernandez, Danny the Nanny Fernandez, Md Nor Fernandez, AJ Fernandez and the rest of Fernandez Colony) Together we Can!!

  6. Hooray... Share-Suap is finally OFF... Alhamdulillah

    To YB and my friends in MAS, congratulations and thank you. Now let’s work together to bring up our lovely company. First, stop the bleeding.

    Start with below:

    1. Relocation to KLIA that was informed worth RM30M.
    2. Cancel the £18M QPR sponsorship as not worth it as the team will be relegated next season.
    3. Terminate Shane Nolan contract.
    4. Recover back RM31M from AAX 35k passengers uplifting and cancel the RA
    5. Recall or cancel all unnecessary instruction made by Shane Nolan
    6. Reinstate the FireFly plan
    7. Reinstate the routes that were cancelled/terminated.
    8. Remove the newly appointed management from AA ie Azahari, Rozman, etc.

    To AMOK cronies and TRIO Stupid, sila sila pack barang barang anda.

    1. weechookeong

      Hooray…Share-Suap is finally off … Alhamdulilah

      Thank you to you too. It is all our efforts including “the low productivity” MAS staffs, this was how Aj described MAS staffs during the Briefing to MPs on 23-3-2012.

      Thank you everybody. Our work had to go to ensure that the ifliltrators like Rozman Omar, Azhari Dahlan, Shane Nollan and PlaneConsult must also be out. To also ensure that MAS has a genuine CCF and not a one sided one.

      Thank you


      wee choo keong

  7. TrioStupid... Apa Celop?

    I guess now the TRIO Stupid and the cronies are busy preparing the U-Voice internal circular… Tak tido ler gamaknya…

  8. Anonymous

    Dear YB,
    From me and my family, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May God bless you in all the things that you do. Continue with your good work. A lot still need to be done, the 3 dajjal is still there and all of their follower. Now it is up to all the unions. Good luck warga MAS.

    Just another guy.


    YB I honestly respect time and efforts spent to bring to the open subtleties and main kotor which they have collectively designed.
    You are now and independent MP whose interest I observe is strictly devoting your energy for the well being of this nation, Please continue with
    your undivided and unwavering tasks of exposing these PENYAMUN. You may get nothing at the end but you are our statesman.I count on you.


    Alhamulillah… syukur…….









  11. Little Bird

    ALHAMDULILLAH!! I am so happy to hear this news! Now, my friends in MAS, time to work together, work hard, work smart and get MAS back in the air and flying high again!

    Thank you YB for championing this. You have my utmost respect and gratitude.

  12. Stan

    Is MAS going to be privatized? I believe there is a rumour that once Khazanah buys back the shares from Tony, they plan to divest MAS and placed it under a new investment vehicle to be headed by another body.

    1. AMOK... The Exit Door is your future

      MAS already under Khazanah for many donkey years under AMOK management. Nothing to proud of this person.

  13. Anonymous

    Dear YB
    I am having trouble reading the postings as it is all blanked out. Seems that the govt has deployed their cyber agents to produce counter media that has been so apparent recently.
    Pls check as our MAS story needs to be known to all

  14. rahmatdaud

    Congrats YB.

    I have travel MAS on few occasion to Kansai/Nagoya. Compare JAL, ANA, SIA etc, I feel more comfortable flying our own national carrier. Never been on AA, so I do not know what it feels like.

    Anyway the battle is half won. Still we must monitor the CCF thing, although I think it should have been scrapped, altogether. MAS staff also must work harder to dismiss the ‘Low productivity’ image.

    1. shankarprasad

      Naik AA??? meluat dan jelek bung kata tiket murah peeraah semua kena caj nak boarding kena jalan kaki kalau ada gout terus masuk wad bung, service usah cerita sakit hati dibuatnye dan yg teruk tu asyik delaaaay aje kita rakyat asyik kena tipu dan main aje yang herannya DCA dan gomen diam aje macam nothing happened agaknye dh telan pil tidur banyak kot

  15. YB Wee thank for your effort in alertting the nation ,you andmany other were instrumental in uncovering it and PM najib and his faithfully men , for his brave reversing this conn job by these gang of coporate rapist .

  16. Suara Sumbang

    Hats of to u YB. Your continuos exposure of the share suap shit finally paid off. Nevertheless the battle is still far from over. Its time now to further expose the leakage which is going on for too long like the catering deal and many others. Until this is finally put to rest only then MAS can really turn around and become profitable again.

  17. adam schandler

    Tahniah YB. Saya rasa tidak keterlaluan kejayaan ini 99% diatas usaha tegas dan tidak mengenal penat daripada YB.

    Saya harap YB akan teruskan agar para pariah dan perogol perogol daripada AA dan Khazanah di hentikan dan diperhatikan dengan lebih dekat pada masa akan datang.

    Saya akan bersama YB didalam isu yang JELAS dan GENUINE demi kemakmuran dan kesejahteraan tanah air tercinta..

    Hidup Bebas

  18. TheInsiders

    What happen in MAS is typical of others Khazanah investments. Those “smart alec” are typical investment bankers. They are not willing to investment in capax for future. Take MAS as an example, how much Khazanah has invested in new planes etc. These new planes can consume easily 10% to 20% less fuel than older planes. In the current situation where the fuel cost is high, this definitely save money and help the bottom line. Khazanah’s mentality is return within 3 Years . Beyond that horizons, they unable to think. That explain why those “smart guys” invested in hospital, theme parks, Kidzania etc. This kind of investments ( theme parks , hospital, Kidzania) do not help the country in the long term. If people do not have the money they will not go to themes parks , Kidzania etc. What Khazanah has to do is investing in infrastructure that generate and expand economy of Malaysia I. E. Manufacturing, airlines etc. Frankly , Khazanah under the leadership of Azman Mokhtar is totally failed in this respect.

    1. Trio Dah Tension

      TheInsiders…. i totally agree with you. In airlines business, 3 years is not the measurement period. it takes longer than expected. Honestly, it is the real and purely fault of Khazanah to understand airline business. This business is unique… Malaysia Airlines should not be under their structure organization.

  19. Saleh

    MAS can only come back to its former glory if they quickly address all the glaring leakages and dodgy deal like expensive catering, rental of office building etc. No more unnecessary external political interference.

    Get the new CEO who really understand about airline industry (or with stirling corporate track record like Petronas Hassan Merican), transparent, no nonsense, who can work hand in hand, gain trust and respect from all MAS employees. No more CEO with zero operational background..its just wont work!!

    To new CEO…please acknowledge that MAS employees are the main asset of the company and with years of experience they know best about the airline operations and not con-sultants from outside. Only those management who dont trust they employee in giving ideas or afraid that they look stupid in front of their subordinate will appoint external con-sultant.

    Organisation with workforce who are passionate, appreciated and rewarded by their management is the key sucess ingredient of the company. All these had long been missing in MAS but its not too late to get it back.

    Good luck MAS

    1. Trio Dah Malu

      Salleh… agree with you… too lavish at the back-end that has no direct appreciation from customer/passenger view. The lavish should be direct contact with customer/passenger so that they will remember us and return to us and will be loyal to us…

      If require new CEO, i guess the old timer Tan Sri Aziz is the best candidate to be Chairman or Advisor to replace the current position holder. Only today i saw his BMW 7 series at lobby Admin 1, itu pun due to meeting with Union Reps. Remove Tun Lah as our advisor as never heard his contribution. Don’t rule out Dr Don.

  20. _q0l0p_

    Bravo YB.
    Knowing Tony F, we just won a battle not the war.
    Never know what Pin Badge AA/AAX Staff will pin up on their coat toworrow. Don’t let ur guard down yet sir!

    p/s : do let me know if there are any Panamera on auction next month ;-)

  21. CON-sultant in MAS


    You are absolutely right. Azman Mokhtar must take full responsibility for the failed share swap that may have caused severe damage to MAS. For a start, MAS had to pay 18 million Pound for the QPR sponsorship at a time when MAS is bleeding and sick. It was spent when the Exco Committee withNanny Danny, Kamarudin and the Pariah were in place. Hope that this Exco Committee has been thrown into the long kang!

    Hwy is the Nanny Danny is f..king around in MAS. He and Azman Mokhtar had to go as well. Both must take responsibility for the share swap. Both brainless because they need to employ consultants at all times to think for them. PlaneConsult is the living proof. What an idiot, appointing a low cost carrier consultant for a premier airline? Or not so idiot afterall. PlaneConsult is closely relaeted to AirAsia. Conor McCarthy is the founder and director of AirAsia! This was enough to tell us what the game was all about.

  22. Anonymous

    Mr Wee Choo Keong, a big THANK YOU from me and family…
    Please do not stop. The battle is half won. We’re always with you.


  23. John MAS

    Heads must role in Khazanah. Rashdan has said that he was instrumental in the share swap and CCF. He must be out of MAS and his head shoud role in Khazanah. But being a crony he will protected mah!

  24. raymand nair

    Firstly, a big thank you YB for your undying quest
    as a spokesman and speaking out for the employees of MAS.
    This is just the beginning my colleagues, as the journey ahead will
    be equally if not more challenging.
    TF and the entire MAS management will not take this lying down and will come out blazing, as usual blaming its staff and unions for not cooperating and sabotage to this failed CCF.
    I hope that all employees MAS will up the ante,
    be united and work as a team.
    YB I hope you had knocked some sense into Khazanah and
    enlightened them on the mess happening behind the scenes.
    Thank you once again and god bless you YB.

  25. Mastrabaiduri

    Well done YB! Spot on! Let’s stop the CON job! There can be collaboration between MA and AA… but the collaboration and cooperation must be done in a fair and transparent manner. What has happened so far in saving AA and AAX at the expense of MAS… read that as tax-payers money. There should not be any conflict of interest. All con-sultans and personalities, both on the MAS board and management must leave MAS; AA and AAX must pay market rate for any sevice rendered by MAS. Both airlines must be allowed to engage in whatever business activities in a fair manner. The oil & gas industries is a good example… the oil companies collaborate in oil exploration but they compete in downstream activities.

  26. Ultraman Mebius

    Talk about conflict of interest, MAS staff have to fill in one form called ‘ annual declaration of interest ‘ , hopefully this apply to all the top management as well. Even fail to submit the form is threatened to disciplinary actions.

  27. Time Traveller

    We have crossed one hurdle but there are so many to cross before we reach the finishing line. Now we must show TF that we can survive without them. That we can turnaround the company without Airasia’s help. Agreed with some of the suggestions above like the termination of the QPR deal. But first thing on the list must be the removal of Danny Nanny. He is the biggest culprit of all. If he is so damn good, Airasia would surely want him there right. But sadly, a lot of damage has been done, good people have left the company and confidential info may have already got to Airasia’s hands during the past 10 months. MAS need to compete strongly now with Airasia. For instance, bring back the Bandung route which is now being monopolised by Airasia. The fare for this route is very high, and now they have introduced Penang-Bandung-Penang and also increased the KL-Bandung-KL to 4x daily. Used to be 3x daily. They can do this because they are the only airline servicing this route. If this route is not profitable, you think Airasia would do this? Heard that they were badly affected when MAS serviced this route.

  28. Anon66

    As everyone slaps themselves on the back for a job well done do spare a thought for some of your co-workers and colleagues at Firefly. As some staff leave a once proud company that comes under MAS, others will be seconded to MAS, if the unions allow it, so I hear. Apparently, the unions are against some of the secondment proposals and little birds say that if the secondment plan fails then those hard working staff will be dumped into the ‘seeking a job’ market with as little as one months pay if a certain COO gets his way.
    I also heard that Firefly were working on an alliance with Lion Air before the share swap fiasco, perhaps another reason for its very quick demise.

  29. FFy

    While everyone is happy with the news, who is going to help us the FY staff?? Re instating FY Jet Operations is most preferable.

    1. We Love FY...

      FFy, AJ requested MASMA to share our thoughts and proposal so that he can bring this to BOD. I am personally proposed to reinstate FireFly plan especially the expansion of FireFly business coverage. FY should be able to operate to Sabah and Sarawak as the state government is expecting it to boost the Sabah & Sarawak eco tourism. I hope FY Jet Operations will be the quick wins.

      Remember, since the share-swap and CCF way back August 2011, i observed that very less marketing and promotion from AA or AAX. Why? Because there is no competition anymore. With this plan OFF, i am expecting that they are going aggressive since their business is very limited scope, NO INDIAN region, NO Europe region. They only relying on CHINA region (i guess)

      Whether you are FY staff or whatever, FY always our family.

      Singapore Airlines view the FY plan as strategic to sustain in regional competition, and thats why they opted the same model.

      1. FFy

        Thanks. Will be very very happy if it is re instated (ASAP). Rumour had it (last year) that we would be expanding and using the A330 to cover China, India, etc but due to the CFF thingy it didn’t materialise. Hopefully it WILL be this time. Go orange..

  30. Lantau a/l Lagin

    cant wait to hear the official announcement. AMOK also should be removed. other than muka tak malu danny the nanny.

  31. orang kuching

    Changes need to start from the top.
    AJ being TF’s best friend should put friendship aside.
    Pls do away with all the over paid consultants and advisors.
    We don’t need property tycoons in an aviation company
    instead we need capable airline experience talent and not of
    AirAsia qualities and benchmark.
    MAS should be aiming for Singapore Airlines and Emirates instead.
    Pls also reconsider the reinstatement of Firefly
    as it was a feasible business model which caters to the general
    public by offering them a choice of either flying budget or premium.
    Going premium alone is like playing roulette and putting all your chips on red.!!

  32. Anti khazanah N Maseu

    Tuan 2 dan Puan2,

    Hari ini adalaha hari yg amat gembira untuk semua pekerja2 MAS kerana pembatalan MAS di umumkan secara rasmi. Terima kasih kepada Wakil Rakyat Yg Berhormat Tuan Wee Choo Keong yg berhempas pulas membentangkan segala pertikaian dalaman dan luaran MAS tanpa mengenal penat dan lelah demi untuk mu rakyat.

    Terima kasih juga kepada sahabat2 MAS yg sentiasa memberi kerjasama kepada Tuan Wee untuk menegakkan kebenaran tentang kebocoran untuk kepentingan diri sendiri oleh sesetengah pihak dalam MAS.

    Sehubungan dengan itu, kita perlu ingat bahawa perjuangan ini belum berakhir kerana perompak2 ini masih berada dalam organisasi MAS dan saya percaya mereka masih menjalankan kerja kotor mereka selagi mereka berada disini. Mereka tetap tali barut kepada organisasi AK/AAX.

    Kebarangkalian risiko dan keburukan sekiranya mereka di sini ialah:

    1. Kebocoran Maklumat tentang MAS kepada Air Asia dari segi maklumat pemasaran, perancangan perniagaan, kewangan dan beberapa maklumat penting.

    2. Pengawalan kepada operasi penerbangan seperti yg dilakukan atau seperti yg terjadi sepanjang penaklukan Air Asia terhadap MAS. Contohnya KUL-BDO-KUL dna beberapa sektor lain yg menguntungkan MAS untuk memberi keuntungan kepada air asia semata mata

    3. Operasi penerbangan turbo-Jet 737-800 Firefly akan terus dihentikan kerana Air Asia tidak lagi mempunyai kemampuan untuk terus bersaing dalam pasaran penerbangan kos rendah. Firefly adalah produk pilihan yg ilhamkan oleh MAS untuk rakyat menikmati penerbangan kos rendah tanpa berhadapan dengan kesulitan seperti yg di hadapi oleh penumpang2 air asia.

    4. Keburukan yang jelas ialah kesan psikologi kepada pekerja pekerja MAS yg rasa tidak selamat, perasaan ditipu, dan kebencian terhadap perompak2 ini. Low Productivity akan dapat dikaitkan kerana pekerja MAS tidak lagi hormat kepada mereka.

    Saya tidak nampak kebaikan, kepentingan dan menguntungkan syarikat sekiranya mereka masih berada dalam organisasi MAS. Tidak lupa juga kepada MOF, anda masih berhutang jawapan kepada Tuan Wee dan seluruh rakyat Malaysia tentang soalan yg ditujukan kepada anda. MYCC dan sPRM sila percepatkan laporan siasatan anda keran MaS berazam untuk menutup setiap inci kebocoran terutama kebocoran kewangan.

    Terima Kasih

  33. Ming Yi

    well, don’t be so happy yet… some one may go side ways (creating JV companies, for example) to chew MAS…. not directly this time…

  34. dragonlord

    we win the battle but there’s a war out there…. All MAS “loyal employees” keep on the execellent service !

  35. dragonlord

    To YB WEE CHOO KEONG, congratulation and salute you for the endless effort. To Wangsa Maju residents you should be proud to have YB WEE as your representative.

  36. SayangMas

    After the “unsuap”, I hope they bring back Eddy Leong to head Firefly. He was doing a fantastic job and hopefully Firefly jet operations will be re-activated. The community loves the competitive pricing and was by far the best way to fly to East Malaysia and vv.

  37. anonymous

    Thank you YB Wee for the non stop effort.

    Dear colleagues,

    Its too early for us to celebrate. The scrapped off share swap means we have get rid of TF & KM but remember the cronies are still around. Both Azhari & Rozman are still in the higher management team. Of course they still allow servicing of AK fleet with a lower rate. Talking about financial crisis, do u guys aware that there will be a major renovation on the Golden Lounge ??? Do we need all this when our financial bleeding badly ?

  38. Cancerous Crony

    Ignatius Ong is just another crony of the Pariah. That’s why Firefly is nose diving daily. Aircraft safety has becomes issues but not resolved by him. Safety is no longer a priority doe Ignatius. Another Panamera Deadwood.

    I agree that Eddy Leong should be brought back. All the appointments to key post after the share snap should be reversed too otherwise the reversal of the share snap is meaningless.

    Why is Rashdan is still in MAS? another Panamera Deadwood. Get rid of tho useless bugger. Just another gaji buta bugger.

    Thank you YB>we shall fight the cronies of the pariah.

    1. I agree with you on Ignatius. More so on the position of COO. We don’t need a special COO for narrow-body or FY for that matter! They’re talking about nb being a specific entity in MAS, despite the brilliant idea of Saphire collapsing. What BS! The top management don’t know the business at all! This is a freaking network airline and the rest of majority premium airlines are. Why put nb and wb into separate ‘entities’ when they should be under one and working together to connect passengers?

      COO of nb seems to be a strategy of having a position fit one special person! Ini terbalik punya kerja. That’s why they have 3 organisational structures with minor changes in between and never made sense. This is clearly the work of inexperienced and immature airline management and BOD.

      Text book leaders and what we get, airasia sucks MAS dry; mind boggling. Bravo AJ & gang, BRAVO!!!!!!!!! Ptui@

  39. vinnie

    YB Wee Choo Keong,

    Perjuangan baru menang 50%, teruskan usaha membatalkan perjanjian catering berat sebelah selama 25 tahun yg dirompak dari MAS dan juga penjualan komplek MAS yg berat sebelah. Sekiranya berjaya, sudah tentu MAS akan untung setiap tahun. tq YB.

  40. To all MAS Employees….now that the MAS-AA share swop has been aborted, all MAS Employees must shoulder the responsibility in making MAS a Great Airline. It is for the benefit of the Country and Future Generations. Embrace the Five Ojectives (which was established by the Founding Fathers) with passion and commitment. It is a long marathon withount end. All the very best to all of you. Best regards.

  41. Kunyit Hidup

    “Updates @ 9:00 pm 1-5-2012: TV3 Buletin Utama has made an informed speculation that the MAS-AirAsia share “Suap” will be reversed tomorrow. If it does happen tomorrow then those appointed after the said secret share suap must also be reversed or terminated……… ”

    Allow me to add…… penyamun in Khazanah, panamera deadwoods in MAS and pengkhianat di MASEU shall be thrown out too.

  42. Sicko

    YB, Pls see to it that the rest of the unwelcomed ” guests” (who were not listed) to do a quick exit. These were appointed by AJ and gang. AJ has a knack of selecting special “talents” to turnaround MAS. More to turn the company haywire more than anything else. It is amazing really. Have you ever heard of companies hiring consultants to pen down meeting minutes? Well AJ’s cronies do just that. What are they called…oh yes, EY charmers. Dear me. What will they think of next?

  43. Anonymous

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my millions gratitude to THE YB WCK, MAS unions and all staff for fighting the injustice that rains on us by TF and gang

    like vinnie said, we only won 50% of the war, not yet battle. there are long way to go after suap share been scrapped as to my knowledge, TF already created nos of shell company to carry out JV with MAS under cover of CCF. TF will laugh all the way to the bank if his company do JV for engineering and crew training. once suap share been scrapped, he no longer haunted by “conflict of interest” when his company do business with MAS. we need to go all out to scrap CCF also as MAS top gun is now finalising the collaboration agreement with AK. gone the framework stage and they are gearing for the next stage…

    MAS staff also need to go on transformation as a lots of leakages happening in MAS even b4 suap share/CCF. if we can’t help ourselves, nobody will…….

    Hidup MAS…Hidup YB WCK..

  44. MAS Jokers

    Well done, YB Wee and all.
    We may have won the battle but the war is not over yet as elaborated here

    Mr. Chair Man even had the audacity to ask Union for proposal within 2 days to turnaround the Company while they had 9 months of GAJI BUTA. They should resign and save themselves from further humiliation and save MAS from further degradation.

    Be extra careful, the previous Managements were no archangels either because they too had successfully turned around and around the Company as written in the STAR on 2 May 2012 below,
    “MAS, which is undergoing its fourth turnaround attempt since the wide asset unbundling brokered by Bina Fikir Sdn Bhd in 2002, posted a record RM2.52bil net loss in its financial year 2011, weighed down by an uptick in fuel prices as well as non-cash provisions and impairments.
    The latest turnaround plan, which was unveiled in December, outlined an aggressive 12% capacity cut – the largest in its history – and targets to achieve some RM1.18bil to RM1.51bil in cost savings and additional income to make the airline profitable by 2013.”

    Further expounded in detail here


  45. Anonymous

    not much to say just tq from all mas staff to you YB, but the concern still there, untill all 3 donkey on the top die and suffered from what they did, hopefully u can continue to defend our nation privileged carrier and i believe all MAS staff will back u up, they will be your ear and eyes for u. tq again.

  46. MAS JOKO

    Walau pun Tony and gang dah tak jadi Board Director…. tapi cengkaman Depa masih kuat cuba baca perkeliling yg terkini yg dikeluarkan oleh AJ ..yg mengatakan MAS dan Airasia dah sign Supplemental Collaboration Agreement and 2 Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) dimana MAS dan Airasia akan joint dalam procurement serta aircraft component maintenance dan repair services kapal Airasia so pi mai pi mai tipah tertipu juga….

    dibawah dilampirkan perkeliling terkini……

    To: All Staff System-wide
    Date: 02 May 2012
    Ref: GCEO CIR 020/12
    Dear Colleagues,
    The big news on our Company today is that our major shareholders have decided to unwind the Share Swap Agreement signed in August 2011. In other words, Khazanah Nasional Berhad has decided to transfer back its 10% share in AirAsia to Tune Air, and Tune Air has agreed to transfer its 20.5% shareholding in Malaysia Airlines back to Khazanah. Tune Air directors Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Dato’ Kamarudin Meranun have stepped down from the Board of Malaysia Airlines.
    The unwinding of Share Swap follows months of uneasiness in our Group. The original good intentions of the Share Swap exercise did not materialise and instead became a distraction and hindrance to the bigger picture and most important task at hand, which is to turnaround our loss-making Company.
    Given the huge efforts channelled by all quarters to the Share Swap, it is sad that Malaysia Airlines has lost valuable time and wasted so much energy when all this should have been to focus on the recovery of our business.
    Now that the Share Swap is undone, we must move forward fast to focus on getting our business right. We have no time to waste. Competition is increasing and will get more intense with ASEAN Open Skies in 2015. Fuel price remains high and our operating costs are nowhere to coming down. Our cash burn rate stands at around RM5 million each day. And yet our organisation remains where it was 8 months ago. We registered huge losses in 2011. This is not the optimum model to do business. We have to change fast. We have to make radical changes in order to survive this.
    The Business Plan presented at the end of 2011 covers a set of Game-changers. This includes collaborating with AirAsia and AirAsia X. So whilst the Share Swap has been unwound, we will continue to pursue collaborations with AirAsia and AirAsia X to seek synergies that we hope will translate into cost savings and better efficiency.
    Malaysia Airlines has taken a step forward in the collaborations and has signed a Supplemental Collaboration Agreement and 2 Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with AirAsia and AirAsia X in joint procurement and aircraft component maintenance support and repair services. The MoUs include the possibility of setting up joint-venture companies to see through some of these collaborations. We are serious about getting these collaborations right and making the synergies work for us. Malaysia Airlines must support these efforts.
    Earlier today, our Chairman and I met with some of employees to explain the above. I hope to meet more employees over the next few weeks as it is important that everyone realises the gravity of the situation that our Company is in. Our shareholders and the Government have been very supportive of Malaysia Airlines, listening to our challenges, hearing our calls for assistance. We cannot let them down. We have it in ourselves and our highly experienced and dedicated team to turn these business challenges into a success.
    Let’s connect. Let’s move forward together. Let’s get to work.
    Yours sincerely,

  47. Still very much in control, which sucks! AJ & Lil Boy & konco2 BOD has to all go! There are many who can succeed them. Air Asia fellas in MAS should be booted out. Somebody is playing the fool still. We need to fight this entire CANCER of MAS!!!!!

    AJ and his bullsh*t messages! He is going down to ground to lobby??? Peelar! Too little too late. Dishonest and ungrateful b*st*rd trying to mislead the staff. Now he wants to rely on “unproductive” staff to bring glory to himself and lil boy????? WTH! Just resign or be forced out.

    1. Jamie

      Who would you suggest be appointed to replace them? Anyone has any suggestions? Anyone even remotely capable in Malaysia? Idris jala who was doing a perfectly good job also you stupid employees complain. Please!!!

  48. Antigajibuta

    1 thing i dont understand, Who is bleeding now?? MAS or AA?? even if MAS is bleeding, why do we need to JV with AA?? What can AA offer to MAS?? Can anyone enlightent me.

  49. JackDaniel

    Dear YB, I dont know you and I dont know why you help me. However, I still want to say to you “Thank you”. May god bless you n your family.

  50. Jamie

    Wck, firstly I would like to state that I am a diehard opposition supporter. I have also never flown any other airline but mas!! However, i need to call a spade a spade- you are so off mark on the mas aa swap thing, it pains me to read. Firstly, your hatred for Danny aside, the swap was suppose to be a good thing. If given the free will to implement, the new board and mgmt will put in good financial discipline which is what mas needs. The stupid arrogance of the unions to resist the changes necessary not only for mas survival but to catch up with the changing times is absolutely mind boggling!!! What alternative has the union ever put across?? I certainly have read none in the papers.

    Another thing, Why in the world does mas need 20000 staff to run a crippled airline?? Analyst reports tell me that Aa has only 1/4 of that staff size and they have more planes AND they are profitable. The stupid unions only wantto cling on to their perks, which is one of the reasons the airline cannot be turned around. Who bloody bails them out in the end?? Taxpayers! Me an opposition voter. If you are really deserving of my vote, take the unions to task!! I don’t care about the swap or the collaboration. Whatever. The cancer in mas are the unions. Make them pay. Sick and tired of bailing out 20000 deadwoods!!! It’s gotten so bad and so difficult to fire people that the air stewardesses are getting overweight and quite unattractive. Come on, this is service industry lar!!

  51. Antigajibuta

    Of course MAS need more staff than AA, MAS is a Premium Service Airline..How can u compare MAS and AA when MAS have more departments and more stations..This is simple common sense…Even AA needs MAS Engineers and mechanics to service their aircrafts now…unlike AA, they thought they are so clever by not hiring more staffs and yet they are sucking MAS dry…They transfered all their 30000 pax to MAS flights but they didnt pay even half of the fares..This is typical PARIAH style..He talks so bigs as if he owns all the airlines in Malaysia..but ‘habuk pun tarak’.

    My advice to you Jamie, next time try travel with AA, then you tell us how do you feel…..

  52. Anonymous

    Xyah layan Jamie tu..pariah dh bayar dia..may b fly AA for free once a’re so damn cheap Jamie!

  53. Why is there a need to form a Joint Venture Company for collaboration, when a simple MoU will just do. Setting up a JV Company on 50%-50% basis, to provide say Engineering Services, Simulator Training, Ground Services etc. would mean that MAS will just concentrate on Flight Operations and other ancilliary services will be sourced out (which will be costly in the long run).

    As an example, Flight Simulators are used for Pilot Training. The MAS Flight Simulators are not generic Flight Simulators but built to be consistent with MAS aircrafts cokpit configurations. The Flight Simulators are not only used for the manadtory bi-annual base checks and aircraft type ratings but also for pilot training to enhance their operating skills and also for the training of ground engineering personnel. If the Simulator Training is to be outsourced, chances are, focus will only be on bi-annual base checks and aircraft type ratings, to save cost, not to mention that the Simulator would be a generic one and not consistent with the aircaft cockpit configurations, which will lead having to introduce “differences’ training modules using actual aeroplnes, which means added cost. Enhancig pilots operating skills would be at the minimum, because it would be costly. With MAS owned Flight Simulators, MAS Pilots will get prime time on simulators hours anytime and everytime. I wonder what the expatriate so called “Safety Advisor” has to say from the Flight Safety point of view.

    Yes, there are some areas of synergies, but specific needs of MAS operations must be paramount. Due considerations of the many operational factors must be given. Be wary of the ‘ice berg” theory.About one hundred years ago the Cpatain of the Titanic only saw the tip of the ice berg but did not see what lies beneah the water level. I am sure we should be able to learn from this experience.

    MAS should regroup, stop leakages, manage cost, maintain staff discipline etc. Concentrate on generating revenue not only from passenger/cargo carriage. A simplistic example, Hotels do not earn revenue from the sales of rooms only but from other revenue streams such as F&B, Hall Rentals, Business Centre etc.

  54. Recalcitrant

    All MAS staff, no need to get so excited about the reversal of the share swap.Do any of you for one moment think that cr..k’s like Tony will walk away from anything without making sure his “interests” are well and truly protected? Of course he has the bloody cheek to say he and his partner “could have done more for MAS”. I agree. They would have done us in well and good. After 8 months, what EXACTLY has he done? Wake up PM! In the last 8 months this Board of Directors and the incompetent AJ has managed to rake up RECORD BREAKING losses! The first quarter figures are no better. To the tune of more than RM300million losses, and the daily cash burn remains. On top of that they managed to demoralise the staff so badly until trust is fully eroded. By their own admission, as stated in AJ’s circular, NOTHING could be done in the last 8 months.Bravo! If that is a sampling of the capabilities of this Board and the TRIO, up yours to all those who thought that the Share Swap was to “SAVE MAS”. If the Board and the TRIO has any dignity, leave now!
    (In contrast, when Idris first came in December 2005, in less than 3 months a Business Plan was rolled out, he had total staff buy-in, people were energised and focussed It was the SAME unions that were around then too. So, is the dismal condition of MAS today due to the Unions, or is it the bloody Thamby’s spin doctors trying to skew public perception?).
    So now the TRIO and the Board wants to “engage” with the staff via the Unions? Heard that all Unions except MASEU is involved. Not surprising, From MASEU’s extra fast public statement of support for the TRIO after the Share Swap reversal confirms they must have been bought. Otherwise how to explain
    MASEU’s convenient amnesia for the other half of their protest slogan : NO to COLLABORATION and SHARE SWAP”?
    A word of caution to the Unions who “engage” with the TRIO. This could just be a sandiwara to “lull” all of you into thinking they are now trying to repair the damage. Has it occurred to all of you that so many consultants have been brought in at millions of ringgit, and to date we are all wondering what they have “found” and recommended. Wasn’t it the MaidUpgrader who once said, “the consultants are not here to conduct studies. We have already done
    all that, they are here to IMPLEMENT the findings”. This statement is witnessed by a few staff in a meeting. So, all you Unions, why don’t you ask the Maidupgrader was it the impelementation of those findings by the consultants that got us all into an even deeper and bigger hole today?
    Coming back to the “collaboration” with AA. Can anyone please explain why MAS should even think of a JV with AA for aircraft maintenance and servicing? MAS has all the infrastructure, the engineers, the years of proven track record, and it wants to JV with AA which does not , as they say, own a screwdriver? What did I say about Tony walking away from the Share Swap? He is getting a better deal by getting out of the Share Swap.
    So all MAS staff, wake up!!

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