On/OFF Subang to KLIA. Now On again?

“Imminent Forced Migration of 1,800 MAS employees from Subang to KLIA”

Yours truly was prompted by an insider to surf the communication portal run by MESA at http://.mesaonline.net  A new posting in the portal’s home page, is reproduced below.

Obviously the MESA Union had raised valid questions to MAS through the Human Capital Dept on the necessity of moving 1,800 MAS employee based in Subang to KLIA, especially when the safety of the building they are to occupy is questionable. The existing space can only accommodate 500 staffs. Lack of parking space to accommodate the 1,800 staffs. The estimated cost of the exercise will cost MAS at least RM30 million, if not more. Further, MAS is BLEEDING and a “sick patient” according to Tan Sri Md Nor.


The email is self-explanatory.

Please note that the email was copied to AJ and Md Nor but NOT to “Nanny Danny”. Is he being SNUBBED by MESA?

“From: matdiah5758@gmail.com [mailto:matdiah5758@gmail.com]

Sent: Friday, April 20, 2012 12:49 PM

To: Muhammad Fauzi Mahayuddin

Cc: Zahrah Zaid; Ahmad Jauhari Yahya; Md Nor Yusof; Ab Halim Said; Ab Said; Chandran Sekhran;

chanvscm@hotmail.com; Jamaludin Sanusi; Izwan Ismail; Izwan; Amir Ihsan Abdul Latif; Najmi Rahimi Muzni; Hussin

Shamsudin; Tengku Fachruddin Tengku Suleiman; Chai Chee Kong; saleem.shariff@gmail.com; Mohd Saleem

Mohamed Shariff; Norlina Abdullah @ Renata Liporado; ismaizam@streamyx.com

Subject: Subang Migration

Dear En Fauzi, cpy EVPHC cpy rest

If you would recall, MESA and MASMA had jointly attended a briefing conducted by Human Capital (HC) on 07th March 2012 on the Company’s proposal for migration of a substantial number of employees currently based in Subang (SZB) to the South Support Zone (SSZ) Building in KLIA. At the meeting, both MESA and MASMA had voiced out numerous concern and issues which HC had then promised to look into and revert with answers within three weeks time.

It has now been more than a month with no news forthcoming from you or HC.

Instead, we learn from distraught members that HC had mounted further engagement

sessions, beginning 19th April 2012, in which divisional/departmental/business unit representatives were briefed on the imminent migration, including;

1. Updates on the KLIA move;

2. Packing details e.g. What to pack and bring along, live files and confidential

documents etc.

3. The new office layouts, storage, parking, medical centre, cafeteria etc.

4. Staff Transport services

5. Internal Shuttle Services

We wish to remind you that the concerns, including potential firetrap situations which we raised in the previous engagement have yet to be answered. These were issues and concern in relation to the following, namely;

Concerns /Actions

1. A downsized Medical Centre, but catering to a bigger (four-fold) increase in

building population – in the union’s view would result in long queue and poor

medical service quality to the staff.

2. Minimum Floor Area allocated per employee – Is it adequate for staff health,

safety and welfare? Is it in compliance with OSHA (Occupational Safety and


3. As claimed by Karen, the plan for the new set up building was supposedly

approved by the Authorities. The union would require proof of fresh Fire

Certificate being issued by Bomba or fresh Certificate of Fitness issued to confirm adequacy of safety measures, fire prevention, fire protection and fire fighting facilities including assurance that current emergency exit and passageways are sufficient, considering the anticipated increased in building population.

4. MESA would require proof that the building is compliant to all by-laws,

regulations and statutory requirements including adequacy of electrical wirings to sustain the increased usage of electrical power. All document must be made available for perusal prior to occupancy.

5. Unions requested to view the actual building plan, inclusive of filing storage. HC to revert by end March after firming up with the appointed contractors.

6. MESA lamented about Management not interacting and working with the unions to work as promised by AJ in the last Town-hall.

7. Time motion study to be done and HC to revert on how long it would take for orderly and safe evacuation of building, how long it would take for employees to get to the office from the lift as there may not be enough to cater for the increased staff movement.

8. Other elements to study- how long to move from the car park to the office. The employees may end up parking at MASkargo where it would take another 20 minutes to walk to the office.

9. HC mentioned that shuttle buses will be provided from car park to Admin

Building. Concern about the designated pickup point, which could easily add

another 10 minutes to walk and catch the shuttle due to the size of the

MASkargo car park.

10. Suggestion for MASkargo park car to be reopened without any reserved parking for a fair system, applicable to all.

11. MASMA concerned that even with the staggered break hours, the canteen have to prolong it breakfast service hours up to 3 PM. Similar situation for lunch and coffee breaks

12. Management must provide security for female employees who works beyond

office hours, especially when performing Finance accounting closure. Security

should extend to escort to their car at carpark.

On the Benefits

1. MESA and MASMA were told that a onetime payment of RM 3000 (taxable) to be paid to affected SZB staffs that have at least 2 years of service with the

company. MESA/MASMA requested for higher quantum.

2. Current RM 1 charge for shuttle from SFB to MTB vv will be waived on 01 Sept

2012 and from this date, all KLIA allowance (RM 10 per day) will cease to be

paid. MESA and MASMA requested for continuation.

3. Shuttle bus services to be arranged based on HC survey:

• LRT Kelana Jaya

• PKNS Shah Alam

• Klang Sentral

• KTM Subang Jaya

Service supposed to starts from 0600, 0630, 0700. From KLIA will start from

1800, 1830, 1900 without any shuttle earlier than 1800hr. MESA and MASMA

of the view that those staying in other area to be considered or given

alternative assistance.

4. HC was requested to share with MESA and MASMA on the Return on Investment (ROI), IRR (Internal Rate of Return) and Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) on how beneficial is it for staff to be moved to KLIA

5. Alternative solution proposed by MESA and MASMA – Instead of moving to KLIA, to move staff from Complex B to Complex A.

6. MESA and MASMA estimate that Cost of Migration 10-11 Million excluding IT

Infrastructure Cost. This warrant further discussion with the unions and

associations PRIOR to continuation.

Considering all the above points raised as our collective concern, kindly explain why HC proceed with further briefings to the staff without coming back to the unions and associations on the above outstanding matters?


Matdiah Bin Mohammad

Secretary, MESA”


Surely, with so many concern and issues raised by MESA and with NO answers and poor interaction forthcoming from Management to the unions.  Is this another sinister ploy by the TRIOS and their PUPPET MASTERS to get rid of “excess staff”?


Has SOCIAL JUSTICE VANISH with the winds?

In closing, yours truly hopes that MESA and MAMPA have not forgotten about Nanny Danny, the Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s most trusted crony and former business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd . 

19 thoughts on “On/OFF Subang to KLIA. Now On again?

  1. Pak Belalang

    YB Wee Sir, your insiders’ info is correct. Yusof the “Uban” promised MESA that the Company would engage the unions on the move. A Jay also promised the engagement, but up to present time, the Company fail to revert with answers to the concerns raised by MESA and MASMA. Its the Bulldozer culture in action @ MAS. Do we wait for a dozen or more employees to perish in a fire before Management take heed of the FIRETRAP that they created?

  2. ConcernMalaysian

    Last year i heard a rumor that there was a certain Minister/MP/YB interested in the current MAS land@subang and wanted to build a hotel/residential area there.
    I believe a certain contract gonna be sign regarding this land before the GE13.

    Well these are just rumor but “kalau tiada angin bertiup takkan pokok bergoyang.”

  3. The Top TRIOs or whatever you call them have NO REGARD for staff safety nor their hardship with this INSANE move to KLIA especially at a time when they shout to the world MAS is a sick patient, with 20,000 unproductive staff!!!!

    And yet at the same time they ‘praise’ certain staff via random emails; trying to do half-hearted damage control after calling 20,000 staff unproductive! Ill-advised by our Comms Head??? That’s what you get with inexperienced parachute-rs.

    AJ, Boy, Md Nor, BOD MAS – Your words mean sh*t to us! The bridge has been burned long ago thanks to your utter ignorance, arrogance and EGO! You will go down as the possibly the worst management MAS has had in history. You can all laugh cause you feel untouchable regardless of what the low-level staff have to say, BUT my serious PEDOMAN to you guys is the sh*t you’ve done will in the near future HAUNT YOU BACK!

    Mark my words! The political scene in Malaysia is changing rapidly. The ordinaries like me are fed-up and are bringing the change to the world. The elites have had their ‘fun’. Now it is time they PAY FOR EVERYTHING BAD THEY’VE DONE TWO/THREE-FOLDS!

  4. Anonymous

    Kalau tiada angin pun, byk beruk2 & monyet2 (sebut tony fernandes @ danny @ amok) yg goyang pokok tu.. go to hell all of you! bas..ds!

  5. Anonymous

    Fascism is alive & kicking in Malaysia
    MAS staff are the guinea pigs for the slaughter
    N… has to protect Nazir/ CIMB at all costs
    Even though it means destroying our local aviation industry
    If not for the importance the maintenance hangars are for AA
    They would also be in the plan for demolition
    Who knows _ new amusement park by the name of ‘NANNYLAND’ might be in the works!

  6. din0

    For once,MAS made a right choice to move to KLIA but chosed to move when times are bad? When the first migration to KLIA was done way back in the late 90’s,we only moved half the administration.All these was because the management back then was kind and considerate enough to let those living in Klang Valley to continue working in Subang.it also cost millions for the migration back then.

    Today’s management hardly listens or even want to explain in all theory as to why they need to move everyone to KLIA. How will they not consider the staffs who lived in Klang Valley mostly to move up and down to where they live.

    It takes a good 45 minutes if you have a transport minus peak period to shuttle to KLIA and another an hour or so during peak period back to Klang Valley. The time spent on the road for these employees will be like 2 hrs just to go to work.Good for those living in Seremban and Nilai but bad for those living away.

    When KLIA was proposed as an airport area,many felt it was too far and costly to travel. Perhaps the management would look at how to improve the movement of their employees to KLIA. If the company do not provide shuttle,then it will put the burden on the employees.Admins staffs unlike crew need not shuttle so much as their work stations can be from home or an office in between KLIA.

    Operators like Air Asia have given headaches to their staffs when everyone was forced to take their own transport to work. Perhaps those with drivers are not concern but what about those on the bikes and public transport. The Government must imposed stringent work transport allowance for MAS staffs and not allow MAS to abuse their staffs extremely.

    Wear and tear of a vehicle must also take consideration as those with cars will end up having over run engines and tyres before end of each year.

    MAS must compensate higher travelling allowance to those living in Klang Valley and KL. The crew and pilots are given a form of allowance however the staffs are not.Its time those living in KL and Klang Valley demand for higher travelling allowances or if must,MAS should provide free accomodation like hostels or a village for its own employees. That was what proposed way back however it never took off.

    As far as i can observe MAS is now placing the burden on its employees – perhaps a tactic for them to quit their present job and to have them work elsewhere.

    This is a “Master and Slave tactic” – take it or leave it plans by MAS on its employees!

    1. X-MAS

      The main reason for some of us staying put in Subang was nothing more than a business economic decision, pure and simple. The fact that some staff benefitted from not having to move to KLUA is just a bonus that was used well by management.

      The cost of moving lock, stock and barrel from Subang to KLIA would have broken MAS then even if it was over a period of time. The land acquisition and building construction costs would have been phenomenal. That was why even the few buildings in KLIA has to be sold to a Government SPV and leased back.

      The then management felt that there issues resulting from the operational areas being located in KLIA and the others staying in Subang, is manageable.

      MAS has invested in a lot of infrastructure in Subang, in the form of office buildings, a number of hangars to do maintenance, engineering stores, workshops, the IT and Telecomunications hub etc. To rebuild these in KLIA is something that MAS need not do. I was told that some of the departments that are dependent upon these infrastructure are not moving to KLIA.

      Having said that, what eludes me is that how come those same business economics has changed, that it makes more business sense to move to KLIA now. As stated by the current management, MAS financial situation is now worse which logic tells me that it is an even worse to move.

      Go figure it. Macam ada prawn under the stone and in theend it is MAS that gets raped.

    1. AEU Veteran

      That where you are wrong. MESA is a bona-fide trade union registered under the Trade Union Act and is recognised by the Management to represent all Peninsular Malaysia executives. Their scope of representation is also reflected in the Collective Agreement signed with the Company.

    2. Kantoi! MESA has the support from MTUC just to add… I think Know too much!!!!!! must either be management spy or some misinformed person commenting like he knows too much. I suggest it be changed to Know too little! :P

    3. No Electronics People!

      MESA is an affiliate to MTUC. Check out the MTUC website under “Affiliation”. This means that MESA has a legal form of relationship with the national, Malaysia Trade Union Congress. Big brother has got its back so I won’t go as far as saying that any affiliate in this case can be deliberately ignored. Your words are harsh but your information source isn’t as solid as it should be.

      In fact MESA has been very vocal and has had policies reversed to the benefit of the other associations and unions in MAS.

  7. jd

    Hi dinO, Bangunlah. As you said: MAS made the right choice. At the same time, many other MAS employees also made the right choice by uprooting their families and themselves and moved to NS. Today, they are comfortable for having made that choice at that time. Mind you, at that time, they did not know if it would be right or not but they had to take a gamble and a big one. You, till today(KLIA till now) have not made a decision. When are you goin to do it? Back then, you say the management was considerate about it. So, what did you do about it? Did you take advantage of it? You did not look at it from the other side of the coin, so you refused to budge. Now, when they need you to move, you say they are inconsiderate! Take a drive from Seremban or the sorroundings via LBJ or Nilai to KLIA. It will also take a good 40-45 mins. Dont believe me! Try it, but pls dont do a MatRempit for I am also an unknown MatRempit(CB900F-1982) of the 80’s era. Until today, the Cockpit and cabin crew do not get transport allowance unless the transport does not show up and they have to use a taxi, pay first then claim. As for village for employees, I do not know when you joined MAS. HR at that time allowed developers to advert and sell places like :Pantai Sepang Putra, Bandar Baru Nilai and a host of other places in and around KLIA. If you say you are not aware of this, then, you either joined MAS after KLIA or you choose to turn a blind eye. Some of this places have turned to ruin cos the staff bought them in (1996/97) for reasons only known to them but did not and have not occupied the houses till today. The 1997 crises may have had something to do with this.
    Mind you, this was given to you by the previous management that you say, cared for the employees. Once in a while, you have to look at the situation fron the other side cos the grass always looks greener fron the other side. Dont forget, your employer is also doing the same thing depending on how smart he is. What we dont want here, is fools. I do not agree with this MAS/ AIR ASIA swap. I believe we can make it on our own, if, we have less “YES man” and more ” Lets agree to disagree” man. Only then, we can progress/move forward/succeed or whatever you want to call it. It is the YES Man who is destroying this company. You go guess who they are.
    With my reply to your comment, some may think, you made a stupid comment etc. But NO, your comment openned my eyes to make this reply. You may have your reasons for not havin done those things I mentioned but at the end of the day, all of us do what we have to do, for our survival.
    Thank you bro n my best wishes to your family n you.

    1. AEU Veteran

      Dear JD or johndoe,

      The migration issue here is not about those whose workplace was decided as KLIA from the time KLIA was opened. This is about those whose workplace was pre-decided by Management as Subang from the time KLIA was opened.

      People in HC, Sales (with clients mostly in Klang Valley) and Admin were all better off in Subang than in KLIA. It is hogwash to move them to KLIA when the facilities in Subang is optimum! Unless the intention is to force them to resign! Ask yourself, would you move to NS if your workplace is Subang? I will not. As it is only the MAE Engineering boys based in Subang were to stay (to service AA probably?) Don’t think any of them would clamour to move to KLIA. Wanna bet?

  8. Anonymous

    Know too much!!!!!! , komen la sikit.. tak pun apologize and say thank you to those people who had corrected you…

    or your ego is just like Danny’s?

  9. Ultraman Mebius

    All staff should be given traveling or transport allowance. Many already moved to nearby KLIA years ago but still entitle to KLIA allowance? Ask yourselves is this fair? When it benefit you, all just keep quiet, typical human.

  10. Stan


    I have another thing that wish to highlight. I have information that HC has got the number of personnel wrong for the 4th floor of South Support zone. Instead of 445 personnel,the 4th floor will now have close to 600 personnel. Do you think that it is advisable to have so many on the 4th floor?

  11. FED-UP

    From the briefings by HC to the departments, the “reasons” given
    for the forced migration include:
    1.it is critical to MAS survival (yes, when MAS is bleeding so badly, spend RM30 million on this – great “survival” strategy?)
    2.easier to have everybody under one roof when calling for meetings (what happened to use of technology, people from all corners of the globe can conduct meetings without having to sit in the same room)
    3.save on mileage claims (read point #2)
    4. save RM7.5million yearly by stopping the monthly KLIA allowance to those who moved in 1998 (what has the migration of staff from Subang got to do with this? If want to stop the allowance, stop la. After all , rough calculations show that staff who moved in 1998 have already got more than RM32,000. On top of that, a bus shuttle service Subang-KLIAvv is provided, which will be scrapped once the migration takes place. In comparison, staff from Subang
    who are forced to migrate now will be offered RM3,000 once off. )
    5. it will provide a working environment better suited for “networking” (if all staff are stuffed and seated elbow to elbow is defined as “networking”, I don’t have to comment on the sanity of this “reason”)
    6.airline personnel must be located near the airport (if you work in Sales,tell that to our customers or agents who have to go all the way to KLIA to deal with us?They will soon become ex-customers/agents! Or maybe this the LCC model we are supposed to “emulate”?)
    HC, being the mouthpeice of the TRIO, should just stop trying to fool all the people all the time. Please don’t insult our intelligence, even though you think we are “low in productivity” – is this the reason why the HC manager who sent out the email informing departments about the briefings actually wrote “I am sure you all must be excited about the move….”!

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