Is Shane Nollan “ripping off” the Government?

The above recent MAS circular/notice to all its agents was signed by Juliana Mohd Zulkifly, Pengurus Perjalanan Kerajaan dan Pelajar

Mr Shane Nollan, the Acting Commercial Director of MAS and also of PlaneConsult must be held responsible for ripping off the Government of Malaysia with its new fares structure for purchasing of flight tickets via Air Transport Warrant effective 16-4-2012.  

As of 16-4-2012, MAS increased its fares charged to the Government via Air Transport Warrant are as follows:

KL/London (LHR) First Class  RM42,000 Business Class   RM36,000

KL/Sydney (SYD)  First Class  RM25,000 Business  Class   RM19,000

The IATA fare prices for these two sectors are as follows:

KL/London  First Class  RM37,396 Business Class   RM26,885

KL/Sydney  First Class   RM17, 103 Business Class  RM16,318


If the Government departments were to buy flight ticket via LOCAL ORDER then the Government needs not pay for exorbitant prices under the Air Transport Warrant.


The difference between the fares under Air Transport Warrant and Local Order for KL / London First Class is RM4,604 and Business Class RM9,115.


The difference between the fares under Air Transport Warrant and Local Order for KL / Sydney First Class is RM7,897 and Business Class RM2,682.

If the Government departments were to buy the same flight ticket via LOCAL ORDER then the Government needs not pay for exorbitant price differences under the Air Transport Warrant and Local Order.

Why must the fares for Government and ordinary Malaysians had to be any different? 

Was this another attempt to stifle competition between MAS and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd for the KL / Sydney route?

The “ripping off” the Government by the top management of MAS in such a stupid way should not be tolerated by the Government. The Ministry of Finance should immediately instruct all government departments to immediately stop buying plane tickets from MAS by way of  Air Transport Warrant but Local Order, where the department can buy plane tickets based on IATA prices.

How could MAS be turnaround with the obvious incompetence of its Acting Commercial Director, Mr Shane Nollan from PlaneConsult and who is also tainted with conflict of interest?

On 16-1-2012 En Ahamd Jauhari Yahaya (AJ) and En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny (Rashdan) saw it fit to also appoint PlaneConsult as the consultant for MAS. PlaneConsult has no or little experience in premier airlines. Mr Connor McCarthy is the Chairman of PlaneConsult and he is also the co-founder and director of AirAsia. PlaneConsult is also the consultant for AirAsia and AAX, in HERE & HERE.  It must also be noted that all invoices from PlaneConsult to MAS were marked for the attention of Rashdan, the Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s most trusted crony.

Now let us compare the above price structure and ridiculously low prices of fare that MAS charges to AAX under the Re-accommodation Agreement dated 28-3-2012:

KL / London Business Class                       RM4,911

London / KL / Sydney Business Class        RM7,299

The price difference based on IATA fare and AAX special fare for Business Class KL / London is RM19,874.

The very “special” fares charged by MAS to AAX for uplifting its 35,000 passengers was a joke!  It would also appear that MAS is a charitable organization and MAS is definitely not BLEEDING or a “SICK PATIENT”.  For AAX “Special Fares” please read in  HERE, HERE,HERE

The Cabinet has approved an additional KL/Sydney route to MAS from July 2012 to 2013 and yet the present top management saw it fit to give up this additional route to AAX.  Surely, the top management is going to tell us that this was part of its stupid “Cost Cutting” exercise.

From the above facts, the Government must take serious actions to ensure that the appointment of Mr Shane Nollan as MAS Acting Commercial Director should not be extended but terminated with immediate effect.

Yours truly calls upon the Goverment to REVERSE the MAS-AirAsia share swap, remove all the recent “INFILTRATORS” in MAS, totally revamp the Board of Directors, sack Rashdan, the Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s most trusted crony ex-business partner in BinafFikir Sdn Bhd, due to his abused of power and to ensure that CCF is a genuine and fair collaboration and to stop a situation of “MAS gives ALL and AirAsia takes ALL”.

Yours truly also call upon the Minister of Finance to order the Deputy Minister of Finance, YB Senator Datuk Donald Lim,  to honor his promise in Parliament two weeks ago and provide the cost of total consultant fees paid by MAS to BinaFikir Sdn Bhd for the “WAU’ Project in 2002 and list of name of the 12 companies involved in the fuel hedging that cost MAS RM3.3 billion losses. The said Deputy Minister of Finance has promised Parliament to provide these two answers and until this date the answers are not forth coming, in HERE, HERE & HERE. Is this part of “Rakyat Didahulukan” and “Pencapaian Diutamakan”? 

39 thoughts on “Is Shane Nollan “ripping off” the Government?


    Once again, bravo YB. Expose expose expose, whack whack whack whack. Not only GLC people are dumb, even the Govt people are idiots. Yes people, this country is run by IDIOTS.

  2. Pak Belalang

    Wake-up Taiko Jip, you don’t wanna be Sleepyjack follower, are u? Don’t want to predict your fate this coming PRU, do we?

  3. Namza

    I just wonder what will trigger the PM to take immediate action? At this point of time where he should be winning the rakyat confidence, he has somehow lost the plot and let this issue gets worst. The rakyat not interested in just cash handouts but issues like this that affect millions of MAS employees. For a change, get out of your chair, grasp the real problem and sort it out swiftly. This has gone for so long and affected everyone concerned. What happen to Rakyat didahulukan pencapaian diutamakan – cakap mesti serupa bikin otherwise, you are no different than PR.

  4. The Pumkiner

    So that is their soultion on how to ‘revive’ an airline.

    Balik-balik tax payers kena screw.

    These type of people will even screw their mothers.

    And shame on you Juliana!

  5. hohoho…..bijak bijak sekali shane nolan ni…..PM yang dihormati…..dah tak tahu dah..sampai bila nak hormat kat PM ni….agak agak kalau nak jadi PM lagi….cepat2 laa selesaikan masalah MAS AA ni…..rakyat tengok dah macam celaka jadinyer airline ni…..PM ni boleh buat keje ke ?…ke Kak Mah yang bagitau apa nak buat ?

  6. Sleepy Head

    This is daylight robbery. The government must stop this Irish idiot from screwing us further. This is how the 3 stooges and good for nothing Board have been managing MAS. They should be sacked. The share suap and CCF must be stopped.

    The Sleepy Head is the chairman of the Advisory Panel and what is he been doing beside SLEEPING? He should als be sacked. He is another contributor to the leakages in MAS. Just another Gaji Buta occupying big office in MAS.

  7. Con Job

    Another con job by the CONsultant. The government must act now. There are enough material from YB’s blog for Najib to stop the share swap and throw out those that appointed by Azman Mokhtar.

    Sleepy Head, Md Nor, AJ, Nanny Rashdan, Azman Yahya of SCOMI, Krishnan Tan of IJM, Rohana of Astro, Wan Azmi of Landmark, Tony Fernandes, Kamarudin Meranun.

    Shane Nollan, Rozman Omar, Azhari Dahlan and Nor Zalida.

    All the Business Plans must be stopped because it is clear that they are not good for MAS but for the pariah’s airline.

    This is the only way to help MAS.


    Keep it up YB. MAS needs your help to recover. Err, where’s all the other parliamentarians or law makers? Are they just waiting for the elections round the corner. For them, I would say: Leaders make it happen (the good things of course), losers let them happen (anything goes…).

  9. Anonymous

    Shame on you Juliana. You are just a tool for the Mat Salleh idiot and the TRIO. As a Malaysian you better stop taking stupid instructions unless it is in writing otherwise the blame will rest upon you.

    YB it is not “ripping off”. It is DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!

    What is the PM waiting for? There are more than enough reasons for the PM to stop all the nonsense of Shane Nollan,PlaneConsult, AJ, nanny Danny, md Nor, Rozman Omar, Azhari Dahlan, TF, Kamarudin and others.

    PM please come out from your sleep and stop the nonsense before the nonsense in MAS stop you.

  10. The Pumkiner

    Those so called independent directors of MAS, please exercise your independence.

    Otherwise, quit the board!

    People like Wan Azmi for e.g. I am sure many buyers of houses at Lembah Beringin needing his attention on their abandoned housing project.

  11. CON-sultant

    Is AJ managing MAS? Or he is asleep like the MAS Adviser? How could AJ allow this Mat Salleh idiot to do such a stupid thing?

    AJ must be busy taking instructions from the Pariah of how to save the nanny Danny from his maid upgrading scandals.

    How can MAS charging the Government such exorbitant fares when the fares are must lower buying from travel agents? When MAS needed help, it will run to the government through Khazanah.

    Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar must take full responsibility for all the f..k ups in MAS through the share swap and CCF. He was one of the key players in this whole episode. If he has the interest of MAS at heart he would have disapproved of this dirty share swap and things would have taken a different turn in MAS now. MAS staffs would not have been so angry.

    Azman Mokhtar should resign now. If not, he must also be sacked.


  13. Tony the Conman

    With this expose by YB, it became even clearer that the new management team of MAS under Tan Sri Md Nor (the WAU expert) and AJ (budak suruhan) should be sacked immediately.

    The Board of Directors should also be sacked for not playing their role to monitor and supervise.

    The whole management team should be sacked immediately to save MAS. MAS problems are not about staffs but the incompetence of top management at all time from Tajudin until now.

    Tan Sri Md Nor what the f..k are you talking about MAS is a sick patient! You have been sick since you were appointed in 2001 and during WAU.

    AJ, what the f..k are you talking about low productivity of MAS staffs, it is you that has no productivity. You are just a budak suruhan of the Pariah.

    Kalau ada maruah, kamu berdua letak jawatan aje. Tak payah nak sibut dengan “damage control”. Tidak boleh dah.

    Just get out now and you may still gt a little respect form your own family.

    PM, your silence is very deafening! Please have the courage of telling Malaysians that “I have enough of the nonsense in MAS and I am stopping the share swap and CCF. I have also sacked Azman Mokhtar and all the gang in MAS including his crony Nanny Rashdan, Shane Nollan, PlaneConsult, Rozman Omar, Azhari Dahlan and all the idiots in MAS.

    Yes you can if you want to, Mr PM. Do it Mr PM Najib and not only MAS staffs will support you but all Malaysians.

    1. Fuselage is a Stage

      Tq So Much YB!

      Silence treatment From the big guy could also Mean, He knows Everything,
      Could Also lead To I Cannot do anything,..But The worst would be i’m Part Of this!

      Judging From Now With THE Upcoming G.E. i bet his Schedule Would wear him down.Could he Turn Left and Right? by god I Pray he will as We dont have anyone Else(at least for Now).

      i Hope somebody can make this MAS Issue go more Public.then it will also Bring more attention to all Level Of societies! with the avalanche of info we Had on this i am Sure anybody that have Even a slight feeling of Proud to this Old Company will start to Dig more and More……

      i say this because IN this company itself The real stories about what happen to the company is still vague to Some.(i ve done my survey)
      let say only 2 out of 10 aware bout what happening.Thanks to Great cover up by Local media and etc

      When this Issue Become Truly Viral then Only it action can be done
      (typical case)it Work that way in Malaysia.Hopefully it will happen when NGO
      or whoever that have capability of organizing People can Bring it FORTH.


      who ever kill the virus WIN!

  14. Jala of MAS

    Thank you YB for helping us in MAS against the cronies and cr..ks.

    We must get rid of those Pariah’s cronies like Shane Nollan, Nanny Rashdan, Rozman, Azhari and Nor Zalida Ahmad. Hopefully PlaneConsult will be out by end of the month according to the agreement. But we fear that the stupid AJ may just extend PlaneConsult to do more stupid things to MAS.

    This extremely high fares are a good example of how this Mat Salleh CON-sultant was trying to damage MAS reputation against the government.

    The Government must take immediate actions against them.

    No point keeping AJ. He is just a spineless idiot. He is no different to Nanny Rashdan.

  15. Anonymous

    Last March a group of leeches (61 of them if im not wrong) from khazanah went to Langkawi for a meeting/brainstorming or watever f..k they wanna call it using MAS 737-800…just wondering how much they paid for that charter flight..

    1. Pak Belalang

      Dear Anonymous,
      Mana Ada Susah. Tarak bayar kalu, orang tau kalu, boleh kasi keluar lagi satu email at midnite and sign another RA one month after the event mah! Encik bukan tak biasa…………

  16. Sickening Rakyat

    No government can tolerate a consultant being appointed as Acting Commercial Director and trying to do a number on the Government. Get rid of this Mat Salleh bas.rd.

    Immigration officer should start checking whether this Shane NoLAN has a valid work permit. If not prosecute him.

    The government should take actions against AJ and/or Rashdan the maid upgrader for appointing this Shane NoLAN as the Acting Commercial Director who has no clue about premier airlines. Until to-day no one know about his fat salary and perk. So far we knw from YB’s blog that he also made claims for himself under PlaneConsult.

    After 50 years of Merdeka, AJ and Rashdan the maid upgrader are still sucking to the Mat Salleh as though sun shine through the Mat Salleh’s arse.

    The Government should terminate his appointment immeditely as this Shane NoLLAn is useless and a waste of MAS fund. His salary will no doubt contribute to the existing leakages in MAS.

  17. jaspal

    50 years after independent, you still have people like htat stupid AJ and Nanny Rashdan still think that the Malaysia Head of State is Queen Elizabeth. Ptui to you two.

    The sitatuataion in MAS was damaged by these two idiots big time. Rashdan himself is a consultant who was part of BinaFikir that being paid many million in consultant fees to do the WAU. Now in return he and AJ appointed PlaneConsult. Where is the logic?

    That menas when BinaFikir did the WAU, they knew nothing and still remain nothing. If they need to engage consultant to think for them then they knew nothing about the airlines business. Just GAJI BUTA.

    Better resign before you are thrown out.

  18. Anonmous

    Enough have been said. Enough evidence of conflict of interest of various personalities have been exposed. Enough of the negative sides of the share swap and ccf have been produced.

    It is now the time to stop the share swap immediately and those appointed directly or indirectly after the share swap must also be removed.

    Appoint real professional with aviation expereience without having to appoint so many consultants to think for them. Then MAS will have the real hope of recovery.

  19. Suara Sumbang

    All talks and condemn but no action. Penat la kawan. How much more can YB Wee do for MAS. The time has come for the staff to do their part as well. If picket is the right thing to do then go for it. At least u will get PM’s attention and put the pressure on him to seriously look into this MAS/AA shit.

    Jangan jadi NATO la……..

  20. MH-J

    If Malaysian Insider is to be believed…..”Putrajaya has decided to unravel the nine-month Malaysia Airlines-AirAsia alliance by next Wednesday as it has failed to show any promised improvement or lift the morale of the 20,000-strong staff in the flag carrier that lost RM2.52 billion in 2011, say sources, but a cooperation agreement is expected to kept in place.”

    I say..”yay, yay, rakyat menang!!

  21. Anonymous

    Dear YB Wee

    I am just curious about the silence of TDM on this issue. What do you think will take TDM and PM to take actions? Do both of them have vested interest in this deal?


  22. Anonymous

    Dear YB

    Can you share with us your thoughts on why TDM has not said much on this matter and what is the PM waiting for before he will take any action or even do something seemingly positive on this issue?


  23. tk

    Dear YB Wee

    It seems that my comment can’t be posted. I am just curious that TDM has been rather quiet about this issue and what needs to happen before PM will take action, if any. I do think Tan Sri azman Mokhtar as shown his incompetencies but he has not been made accountable for any of his actions.


  24. Anonymous


    it clear case. once MAS increase the fare for warrant to SYD, govt will no longer use MAS but other airline that recently get route to SYD after suap share……not need rocket scientist to figure which airline.

    with all the clear conflict of interest and evidence on plane conman and shane nolan, MAS reward them by renewing their services from 1/5/12 31/7/12…..

    this no surprise as MAS staff is low productivity. the best way to handle MAS crisis now is to tendang all staff and just left behind AJ, danny the nanny + group of conman to run mas….this what we call super duper extremely high productivity staff.

    i really looking forward for the announcement on Q1 2012 financial result..BTW, danny the nanny + AJ already in MAS for 9 mths or 3/4 of a year and really interesting to see what is success that MAS made after “collaboration” with the conman…

    hopefully AJ fully understand be “in-one” with what he present that day so in case staff raise any Q, he can answer immediately rather than “we will get back to u” or “still planning”, etc… i believe this is first time in Malaysia corporate history, MD sooooooo clueless..

    MAS is total doom…..

  25. Hypertension

    The AirAsia founding members were just trying to help to turn MAS around. AirAsia by itself is doing very well, so they could have done without a share swap,” said another analyst, adding: “AirAsia has evolved from a one-country airline to become a regional player, and its evolution will continue with or without the share swap and CCF but can the same be said of MAS?unquote

  26. Malaysian

    As usual, B.K Sidhu, the author of the article writes something to show how backward MAS could go if the CCF was to be cancelled. Previously, he wrote few articles to show how important and beneficial the CCF to MAS. Is he in anyway related to TF? Maybe a friend or what?

    Hopefully by next Wednesday, the Government would announce the cancellation of the CCF and kick out the AK guys from MAS board. To restore it to how it was is hard but still it would be best if done without the AK guys. Glory glory MAS! May the future be bright again for her.

    And to YB, hope you could stay as an independent MP and monitor the dealings from both sides, the Opp and the Gov. Youre best in what you do. Dont worry, you’ll have your own army of rakyats, who will keep on supporting the likes of you. May you win again the next GE.

  27. Lantau a/l Lagin

    no action taken by MOF and PM. look like they all are involve in this scam, they have eyes fail to see, and have ears fail to hear. dump…dump.

    1. The “scare” newspaper reporter bee kay sad-huss keeps reporting negatively on MAS.
      Why didnt they report on the conflict of interest in management going on now?
      why didnt they report on mas uplift of AA pax at a loss to MAS?
      why didnt they report on attempt to take over mas engineering to service AA aircraft at a big discount and at a loss to MAS?
      Maybe the boss is close to Tooni ah???
      Maybe we should all boycott this newspaper. If 100,000 people rejects that paper every day, then that might open their eyes to a more fair and balanced reporting……

  28. ramesh patel

    Shane Nolan not only ripping off the Govt but shortchanging
    MAS Enrich frequent flyers. I fly MAS regularly and know that most of the troublemakers on board are freeloaders, cheap skate travellers
    who go overboard when they fly premium and even get upgraded to business class. Just bcos its free they make a scene,complaining and get drunk.MAS image tarnished by having these low fare AAsia passanger who don’t know how to behave.
    Was in Delhi last month and the manager told me that everyday their flights are overbooked due to the tranfer of AAsia passanger.
    If MAS still bleeds from these route means that AAsia is
    getting a free ride from this CCF.

  29. Anon

    latest news.

    Sent: Monday, April 30, 2012 4:55 PM



    To : All Staff System-wide

    Date : 30 April 2012

    Ref : GCEO CIR 019/12

    Dear Colleagues,


    I wish to inform everyone that Dr Wafi Nazrin Abdul Hamid, Head of Legal & Risk, has decided to leave the Malaysia Airlines group in the next few weeks to pursue new challenges and further expand his legal and corporate expertise.

    Dr Wafi has served Malaysia Airlines for 9 years – overseeing various responsibilities namely Group Legal, Risk & Policy Advisory Services, Insurance, Procurement, Project Management, Property, External Relations and Communications.

    He has been instrumental in ensuring our Company’s position is protected and has successfully closed out many high profile legal cases against us. His successes have not gone unnoticed; he is recognised as one of the top 5 antitrust corporate counsels in the world and received INTERLAW’s inaugural ‘Corporate Counsel of the Year’ award in 2007.

    Please join me in taking this opportunity to thank Dr Wafi for his expertise and commitment to Malaysia Airlines during his tenure with us. We wish Dr Wafi the best in his future endeavours.

    Replacing Dr Wafi as Head of Legal & Risk will be Datin Sharifah Julina Afaf Syed Jalaludin who is our current Group General Counsel. The new Group General Counsel will be Lindahyni Johari of Group Legal Practice.

    I also wish Julina and Lindahyni the best in their new roles.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,

    Group Chief Executive Officer

    1. Pak Belalang

      Doc Wafi must have enough of covering up for the Trios, TF, KM and their pack of imported pe…amun. I bet on you he will not spill the bean on the Pengkhinats’ modus operandi coz he, like Tg Azmil, have been administered with the ‘Non-Disclosure’ clause to keep their trap shut for good (whose good?). Anyway, today’s May Day. My salute to all Unionist and our workers-friendly YB Wee for your passion and perseverence!!!

  30. X

    Why does MAS need the Sleepy Head? What good has he contributed to MAS? Why let him on gaji buta ? Why don’t MAS unions and associations insists the Sleepy Head resign?

  31. panglima

    Memang sah Danny ni penderhaka Negara. Tapi begitu dasyatnya sabotage yg beliau telah lakukan tak memadai kalau kita pecat dia begitu saja, tapi lebih sesuai dia dihukum tembak!!!

  32. panglima

    For the sake of MAS nad the country please bring back TS Aziz Rahman. He should replace the Chairman and the CON-SULTANts!!!

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