Dep MOF: MOF to investigate serious allegations about CCF & RA

Updates @ 3:20 am 20-4-2012: Parliament has just been adjourned at 3:20 am! Malam yang bersejarahA historical event!  Previous record was Parliament adjourned at 2:30 am. Good morning to all.

Updates @ 3:00 am on 20-4-2012: Parliament is still sitting to debate on the “Cukai Kastam” Bill. YB Senator Datuk Awang Adek, the Deputy of Minister of Finance appeared very shocked after hearing your truly begins with the congratulation of the “low productivity” MAS staffs (according to AJ) that have saved some 300 lives when one of two four engines of Flight MH 002 was on fire. Then the revelations of the cost of airfares granted to AAX and normal airfares on MAS website as follows: fares charged to AAX for KL – London Economy Class RM1,111  MAS online fare almost RM2,000 and Business Class RM6,000 online about RM19,000. The airfares charged to the AAX passengers inclusive of all Taxes and as stated in the one sided Re-accommodation Agreement. The “sabotaged” of the engine of MH002 as published by NST, the appointment of En Azhari Dhalan as head of MAS Engineering and he was not a qualified person as he does not have the DCA’s approved “Nominated Post Holder” under Section 24O of the Civil Aviation Act.  So is the position of En Rozman Omar.  Yours truly must be fair to the Deputy Minister of Finance because he replied: “ALLEGATIONS MADE BY YB WANGSA MAJU ARE VERY SERIOUS …”  The verbatim version of thee Hansard of this proceedings will be published when it is ready in a few days time. Good morning to all.


At 1:10 am 20-4-2012, Parliament is still in session until all matters are debated. Do not know how many more hours to go. Yours truly have congratulated MAS pilots, cabin crews and other staffs for their “KEPAKARAN dan KECEKAPAN” that have saved more than 200 lives on MH002 including my friend, Datuk Rocky of the Blog RockyBru and not due to the Top Management of MAS, who have said that MAS staffs are of “low productivity”. YB Senator Datuk Dr Awang Adek, the Deputy MOF, told Parliament in his reply to yours truly speech on yhe secrecy of the consultancy fees for WAU, the brainchild of BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, which was at one time owned by Tan Sri Amzna Mokhtar (now MD of Khazanah) and (Rashdan now Deputy Group CEO of MAS), issues related sales of MAS Catering, MAS Komplek, Assets Stripping, MAS-AirAsia share swap/CCF, the investigation by SC and Bursa KL, on the insider trading, unqualified on MAS and AirAsia shares, En Azhari Dahalan (without the approved Nominated Post Holder under Civil Aviation Act 1969) and the “alleged sabotage of the engines of the said MH002 and the one sided Re-accommodation Agreement to help AAX for a full investigation by MOF, MACC and other government agencies. He admitted that what yours truly have revealed in Parliament are “SERIOUS”.

“Alhamdulilah!” Saya bersyukur kerana Timbalan Menteri dan Kerajaan bersetuju bahawa issu-issu yang saya mengungkitkan di Parlimen adalah AMAT SERIUS and PERLU DISIASAT oleh Kementerian Kewangan dan semua agencies Kerajaan. Sekarang jam 1 pagi, Parlimen masih bersidang. Ahli-ahli Parlimen Pembangkang mengadu bahawa tiada masa untuk membahas Ruang Undang-undang. Saya bercadang dibawah Peraturan Mesyurat Parlimen 26 (d) untuk berhentikan Jam di Parlimen sampai habis perbahasan semua Ruang Undang-undang. Tetapi Speaker YB Tengku Wan Junaidi menafikan hak saya sebagai Ahli Parlimen.Saya merasakan amat kecewa dengan tingkah lakunya.

Walau bagaimanapun, YB Datuk Nazri Aziz, Menteri di bawah PMO bercadang satu Usul berhentikan jam Parlimen dan Parlimen tak akan tangguh sebelum semua Ruang Undang-undang diselesaikan.Usul ini dipersetujui oleh semua Ahli-Ahli Parlimen yang sedia ada di Parlimen. Daripada jangkaan saya jumlah Ahli-Ahli Prlimen yang berada di Parlimen pada masa itu tidak melebihi 100 orang.

Saya amerasakan amat lelah. Selamat pagi kepada semua pembaca-pembaca blog, pekerja-pekerja MAS dan kawan-kawan.

Thank you

P/s Yours truly was blogging from Parliament using a very slow and outdated computer. Any error is regretted.

Now at 1: 20 am Parliament is now debating on the amendments to the Printing Presses Act. Good morning to all.

54 thoughts on “Dep MOF: MOF to investigate serious allegations about CCF & RA

  1. haidaan

    wah..1am…still in parliament?Thank you YB for standing the rights of MAS staffs….Plse do not stop coz the Truth must prevail till the end

    1. weechookeong

      Yes sdr. As at 1:20 am Parliament is still in session. There is now a beacon hope for MAS and its staffs. please don’t give up. Good morning to sdr and other reader. 1:20 am Parliament is still going on. Good morning to all.

  2. Malaysian

    keep up the good work YB Wee! you have proved yourself that you are indeed one in a million MP who really hold up high your motto of ‘Rakyat’s interests above party’s politics!’

    and it’s a great news after your efforts in revealing all of these, the MOF will start to investigate. just hoping that it wouldnt take too much time though, but still a great news nonetheless. keep on pushing YB!

  3. EyeInSky

    Slamat pagi YB. Thank you for representing MAS and bringing our issues to light. Hopefully the session in parliament is productive. Many thanks!

  4. kapak halus

    We have you backing up the national carrier and you have the backing of grateful employees and families of Malaysia Airlines. There are enough evidences provided which you posted in your blog that more people are aware and they especially the voters on fences are looking whether Najib has the guts and fulfill his pledges to serve the Rakyat and not prejudice to protect a few when 100,000++ livelihood are at stake.
    Stick the facts and evidences to them, YB. May Allah bless you and those who fight for the just causes.

  5. Pak Belalang

    Pak Belalang

    YB. Your undying devotion to the cause of the “unproductive” workforce
    of MAS is beyond comprehension and shall spur us to keep the fight against the Pariah and his goons going. Take care Sir.

  6. European

    Dear YB ( pls admit to say so from a “few” miles away)
    a very good morning and gods blessings for what you do for MAS and all its friends worldwide.
    We (and this includes a big bunch) salute you and thank you for your efforts and exposing yourself to powerful oponents for the good of almost all MAS-staff. Should I ever have the chance, I would feel more than honoured to shake your hand and thank you for all.
    Let´s all hope this is the beginning of getting rid of all the robb..s and the start of a real standup in MAS to get things on track… It may take a while, but its worth it… lets all fight these Buccaniers who try to hijack MAS and sweep them out. Overdue the parliament starts taking action…the PM and his followers obviously prefers to hide ( vote-tsunami will teach you a lesson)…YB, can we engage you to come to Europe …every parliament needs members like you… salute and Chapeau…

  7. Mastrabaiduri

    Say “NO” to predatory acts to Air Asia & Asia X sucking MAS to death. MAS is now like a ship in the middle of ocean with engine shut down and no captain… and Tony and gang is raiding the ship to enrich Air Asia & Air Asia X. You know why? Because robbing taxpayers money (that will be used to bail out MAS) is not a sin … according to them. Thank you YB for your tireless effort to fight for MAS employees.

  8. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    Good morining YB, thank you so very very much for your untiring efforts in fighting for all RAKYAT and MAS staffs against the CCF/Share Swap. Hope what you had said in the Parliment over the passed weeks will wake up some sleepy heads in the Government about this issue.

    AJ, you should be proud of your “LOW PRODUCTIVITY” staffs because they are the one who had saved hundreds of lifes on the MH002 and not all you asshole (Pariah TF, you, Itchy dan, Azhari, Rosman, Shane, Zalida or the rest of the croonies). well if it’s not because of the “LOW PRODUCTIVITY” staffs, you will be shitting bricks by now.

  9. XMAS

    When Parliment was adjourned at 3:20 am, there were 34 BN MPs, 7 Opposition and 1 Independent.

    You are that lone independent MP who is responsible enough to stay right thru. ll it takes is just ONE.

    In your last posting I felt that the dy Speaker towards your person was uncalled for.

    But rest assured that we are behind you YB. You have truly earned the B in your title. respect is earned not bestowed.

    Thank you.

  10. The Pumkiner

    AA is seriously screwing MAS. But this is not serious to the Trio.

    LSG Sky Chef is sucking MAS dry. But this is not serious to the adviser, Pak Lah as his it is his brother who is profiting from the deal. Also this is not serious to Mat Nor as such deal was signed under his watch last time.

    Bina elek fikir was paid millions, possibly 30. But this is not serious to Azman and dany boy. They think the amount should be more.

    MAS uplift AA passengers at a song. This is not serious to the Trio as it is a serious cost saving to AAX. Such arrangement would make their master so pleased.

    What is serious to the top management is that AA , AAX and CIMB must avoid big losses. Therein lies their concern. Be damn with the national carrier.

  11. kayzee

    Bless you, YB, for your selfless devotion to the national carrier, corporate governance and business ethics. I am proud to call you Yang Berhormat – you have rightly and honorably earned the title.

    1. weechookeong

      Anonymous @ 9:18 am

      Thank you for the alert.

      Yours truly will amend the mistake accordingly. The error is regretted.

      Thank you once again.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  12. anonymous

    Dear YB Wee,

    I’m a supporter of your wordpress article.

    I would like to point out an error in your latest article “MOF to investigate serious allegations about CCF & RA”, which MH002 was a Boeing 747-400 an aircraft type with 4 engines. One out of four engines was on fire during the incident.

    1. transformer

      there is nothing wrong with one of the engine on fire…..each engine being installed with fire bottle attached…..they can shut off the engine and still can fly with three engine…..just for the safety the aircraft will have to turn back for maintenace check……dont panic……

      1. MOJ

        yes, the aircraft engines are fitted with BCF fire extinguising bottles, when it catches on fire, these bottle will release the BCF and subdue the fire instantly, but while the aircraft is turning back to base, any possible re-ignite is always there… don’t panic, yes don’t panic, but just imagine when you are there, try not to panic.. if you can. This is a very serious matter, which have to deal with immediately.

      2. soon zoo

        MOJ…as you say “but just imagine when you are there, try not to panic.. if you can.”…. I still dont feel any panic bcoz this A/C 747 can still fly to Base even if 2 engine been cut-off…..any possible re-ignite is always there..? then I think you shud take a Yacht…..coz any possible a Tsunami is there…or a giant Octopos…..This is a very serious matter, which have to deal with immediately….right..?

  13. Fence Sitter Voter

    Keep up the good work YB.

    The truth will always prevail when the alternative options of deception, threat and bribery have all been exhausted by the related parties!

  14. jack1960

    Record session in the House …..


    WOW, lets hope this time WAUs looked at, investigated & acted upon expediently by MOF et al and not just another smokescreen to buy more time. Time not on MH side.

    YB / Warga MAS,

    Meanwhile, MH can’t afford any further recurrence of the MH2 engine fire, lives at stake here, reputation at stake here, no matter whose at fault! This issue no compromise, no matter which side of the divide.

    Cool Heads Must Prevail.

  15. Anonymous

    Kalau ini macam punya YB, tak kira melayu ke cina ke india ke, kita kena sokong. YB telah menunjukkan satu kesungguhan serta menunaikan amanah yang diberikan oleh rakyat. Moga YB akan menang dalam piliharaya akan datang, kersupaya lebih banyak jasa dan kebaikan dapat diberikan kepada rakyat. I vote for YB

  16. suara mas

    Terima kasih YB

    YB telah membawa isu MAS sampai ke akhir persidangan parlimen..bukan mudah untuk pertahankan isu MAS..terutamanya melibatkan nama-nama besar dan ternama dalam negara…namun YB tetap bersuara dalam mempertahankan MAS sebagai penerbangan NEGARA YANG PERLU DI SELAMATKAN DARI PEROMPAK DAN PENGKHIANAT NEGARA…YANG PENTING NASIB PEKERJA MAS KESELURUHANYA.

    salam YB.

  17. blue sky

    Thank you YB. I do hope MOF will investigate. They can also investigate why they paid FAX RM250 mil to operate the rural air services when MAS was only paid $150 mil.

  18. XMAS

    Shane Nolan is supposed to be the temporary Commercial Director for 12 weeks and by my calculations, his contract expires on 12Apr12. But he his still around.

    Just a backgound of Shane Nolan and AerLingus.

    He was with AerLingus as Head of Marketing till 2001. In 2002, he became the CEO of USIT, a specialist travel agency based out of Irelandwhich just came out of examinership. Under his leadership USIT went further into serious financial trouble where its losses soared by 60%. USIT was bought out in 2004 and its new owners asked Shane to leave.

    In 2007 AerLingus was near bankruptcy as a result of fierce competition from RyanAir. Aerlingus took itself out of the premium market and went LCC severing all its ties with its other OneWorld partners pulling itself out of all GDSs.

    Frankly, I am not impressed by his background. The two important companies he was with, ended up in deep financial trouble. I cannot see how he can help MAS other than to make it go deeeper into trouble.


    Dear yb ,

    saying serious is one thing , how sure are we that action will be taken againt the culprit , OR IT IS JUST ANOTHER LIES FROM THE GOVERMENT

  20. YB is MOF investigating the whole scenario involving airasia and mas or only investigating the possibility of mas being sabotaged resulting in one of its four 747 engines exploded? If only this incident is investigated then I tend to believe that your exposures on the airasia/mas failed collaboration will not be taken seriously by the government. It is indeed shocking to hear the kind of reply from a government company’s official towards a deputy minister who is representing the rakyat and this blatant arrogance by khazanah should not be condone by anyone. anyway, thanks YB for pursuing thsi matter and I pray for your health and strength to continue thios honourable fight for the rakyat. peace be upon you.

  21. anti air asia

    YB, saya amat terharu dan x dapat menahan sebak dan air mata saya membaca pujian terhadap kecekapan anak-anak kapal MAS pada masa tersebut. Sekurang-kurangnya dunia ‘dapat’ melihat keadaan yang sebenar. Saya turut amat terharu dengan usaha YB dalam memperjuangkan nasib kakitangan MAS dan juga dalam menegakkan keadilan dan penyelewengan di dalam MAS. Saya turut amat terkesan kerana suami saya merupakan salah seorang kakitangan MAS dan ahli MASEU, amat tertekan dengan ketidaktentuan status dan masa depan kami. Syabas YB!!
    (Penerbangan ke London yang dibatalkan pada Isnin lepas mengingatkan saya akan perjalanan pulang dari London ke KL pada tahun 2009. Saya yang sarat mengandung mengalami masalah kekejangan urat(rheumatoid arthritis akibat water retention) telah diberi layanan yang amat istimewa oleh pramugari yang sama pada penerbangan Isnin lepas iaitu Ms. Wai Soh di mana beliau membantu mengurut dan elevate kaki saya agar dapat mengurangkan kesakitan sepanjang perjalanan tersebut. Saya amat terharu dengan sikap beliau yang baik hati dan dedikasi) Jauh di sudut hati saya, kakitangan seperti inilah yang menaikkan nama MAS dan Malaysia keseluruhannya.

  22. Xplorer

    dear yb ,
    on behalf of the staff at MAS , we would like to extend our gratitude to you . you had done a great deal in highlighting the problem face by MAS staff.hope that you will win in the next GE .

  23. dino

    Ayuh sahabat2 terutama warga malaysia airline, pastikan saudara, saudari, anak beranak, kaum keluarga dan rakan2 serta kenalan terdekat, bila sampai PRU nanti, sila beri sokongan, bantuan tenaga dan wang ringgit bagi memastikan YB Wee Chee Keong akan tetap menjadi Member of Parlimen kita. Beliau lah Member of Parlimen Yang terbaik ada di Malaysia ketika ini. YB tolonglah berikan no contact atau link yang membolehkan kami semua membantu YB bila PRU diadakan nanti.

    1. Kunyit Hidup


      Can residents of Nilai, Sepang, Banting & Putrajaya change addresses to Wangsa Maju just to ensure someone with integrity and passion to build the nation remain in parliament?

  24. Kunyit Hidup

    Dear YB and all,

    I heard Khazanah & Trio may present MAS 1Q result with some profits. A break-even is already good for them – rebound from a record breaking minus RM2.5b. Then, MoF will proudly say the business plan is working so why make noise? That will be used to justify CCF needs more time.

    1. AA declared profit AFTER tax was bigger than BEFORE tax. Can the same trick applicable to MAS? Rozman did it at least twice for FY2007 & FY2008, read here;

    2. What is Penerbangan Malaysia Berhad (PMB) role in A380 and other new aircraft purchases?

    3. Who is responsible to appoint an Advisor of a GLC?
    I think, majority of rakyat already identified the most suitable candidate………….

  25. Anonymous

    Wonder who is the consultant to MAS safety dept headed by Capt Dr Ooi TS? Martin Burrow a mat salleh who is former chairman munir majid brother in-law. Just re-appointed in Jan 2012. With full perks etc flies from London to KL for meetings and back 1st class. What this old man has to to offer?

    1. Shankarprasad

      Dear Anon,

      Tak faham ka… Kroni dan tutup mulut la apa lagi. Biasa lah BN depa ada Phd in cover up. Until then Gomen will only commence investigation way way after PRU13 and case tangguh2 until next 10 years then acquitted . Normal SOP

  26. Anonymous

    Sabotage maybe bcos AMALE is fed up with a under achiever taking over but as professionals we do not condone it. Brother of Fuad Dahlan

  27. Time Traveller

    Continuing from Anonymous (@11.41pm), could someone please highlight to us what was Martin Barrow’s contribution in the past when he was a board member that the MD saw it important to re-appoint him as an advisor now? If MAS really and I mean REALLY need a mat salleh on the board, I am pretty sure there are other more relevant and younger mat salleh who can inject fresh ideas to the board. Better still someone with airline background. But then again, is a mat salleh advisor really necessary? Does safety dept really need martin barrow’s expertise? I think Dr Ooi can do the job, and he has proven it. Of course Mr Martin loves to come to KL for meetings, apart from the travelling, he gets meeting fees and allowances right? And the right to bug the other staff.

    1. Anonymous

      Right on.. Capt Ooi TS, like many others in MAS, is already a pro and subject matter expert. He does not need an old Brit to watch over or advise him. It’s a sinful waste of money indeed …

      1. XMAS

        Who says?

        Capt Ooi loves Martin Barrows. They even have meetings in Martin Barrow’s apartment in London.

  28. Antigajibuta

    Dear all MAS cabin crew, YB have have done all his best to protect all MAS staff in general. But regardless whether the CCF is gonna be cancel (which i truly hope for) or otherwise, the cabin crew must unite to protect the welfare of our ownself. After soooooo many years MASEU have proven to FAILED in protecting cabin crew, so let us show them that we do not need them since we have other option now which is also support by the M’sian Government.

  29. Siena Chong

    Dear YB, sorry to deviate from this hot topic. This is about hilltop development in the Puchong Jaya area. A hillock opposite IOI Mall (sandwiched between the LDP and the Bukit Jalil highway) was meant for the building of a few bungalows. However, the developer (IOI Properties) has now changed it arbitrarily to the building of FIVE ‘high cost’ apartments (apartmen kos tinggi). We the residents in the Tempua and Vistaria areas of Puchong Jaya are extremely frightened and frustrated by this development. We do not know if the hill can support such massive development – eventually up to more than 1000 apartments plus basement carparks. A few years ago there was a landslide where some houses in Tempua area were damaged due to a landslide from the same hill. There is a notice along Persiaran Puchong Jaya Selatan regarding the development but there is no PELAN KELULUSAN number. I understand a meeting was held with the developer and a resident association plus the MP for Puchong. But with Puchong under DAP and the government under PKR, I do not think anything is going to happen especially as IOI has some links with Anwar’s family. The LDP and surrounding roads in Puchong are suffocating with traffic and the rest of the infrastructure in Puchong cannot support such massive development undertaken by selfish and greedy developers. No stopwork order has been issued despite the fact that the approval for the development has not been granted. Please come and stand in Puchong – we will vote for you.

    1. weechookeong

      Dear Siena Chong

      Thank you for your two comments.

      Your comments involved safety and traffic congestions to the area. Unfortunately,the matters complaint of are not in constituency. Parliament just ended yesterday otherwise I could have raised the matter in Parliament. I will do my best to assist in whatever way I could. I will be contacting you through your email after this.

      Have a nice weekend.

      Thank you

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  30. Siena Chong

    Dear YB just to clarify, the plan by IOI properties is to build 5 BLOCKs of high cost apartments each between 25 to 30 storeys tall and the total number of apartments will be more than 1000 eventually when all blocks are completed

    1. wee choo keong

      Dear Siena Chong

      I have sent an e-mail to you but it was returned. You may have given to me a wrong e-mail address. Please send in another comment in m y blog with just our e-mail address. I will not publish it.

      Thank you


      wee choo keong

  31. MASEUS member

    “Now Everyone Can Be Head of Engineering” even without Nominated Post Holder title from DCA. Waiting to see more Pariah people placed in strategic position in MAS. Can’t wait to see the Pariah is the Group CEO of MAS. That will be the day of when the name of MAS will be changed to the Pariah’s airline.

    God forbids. Hope that DCA and EASA will take drastic actions against Azhari Dhalan for she is not a Nominated Post Holder.

    Thank youYB for YB’s consistency in the matter and help MAS staffs a lot better than the Union especially MASEUS, whose top leaders are on Sleeping Pills and hunting for contracts.

    Pauline, have you managed to get your f.. already???

  32. MAS Guy

    We must not be distracted. MAS staffs, Mesa, Amale, MAP and others must not let the Nanny Danny to go scot free. We must also remember Shane No-Lan and Rozman Omar for the extreme low fare given to AAX. Rozman Omar is not a Nominated Post Holder.

    We must keep o exposing and torturing them until the minute they leave MAS for Sungai Buloh holiday camp! These mother f..kers must not be spared. The Aerlingus failure No-Lan must be thrown out of MAS to the Pariah airline as soon as possible.

  33. Mohamed

    YB, like ur spirit to fight for whatever the cause may be. e.g. the case of unplanned development in Puchong. Kudos to you n hope we will see u as a next MP soon.

  34. Anonymous


    some friends in MAS informed me that MAS will continue Shane’s contract after it expire end of this month. what the h*%l happening?? can’t MAS find a suitable candidate for ur commercial director or MAS staff “too low productivity” or “too naive” to replace shane which is crystal clear conflict of interest where his company PLAINCONsult is a CON to MAS and he’s the act commercial director. i believe this can only happen in MAS and Malaysia… Malaysia BOLEH…….

  35. Anti Khazanah and MASEU

    dear cabin crew, just receive an info saying that MASEU Idiot monkey signed for CAP 371 which is crew require to fly back to KUL after 12 hours rest regardless station you flying to. imagine if you fly to LHR and after 12 hours you have to come back to mainstream, i bet you become zombies during flight. if this true info, it will jeopardize your health and safety in working environment. to passenger, please dont hope high expectation. f..k you MALEK! i swear to GOD you and your family going to have my curse forever!



    The re-acomodation agreement is available

    for one fsc to help out another fsc. But

    the facility is being extended to lcc flights

    means the lcc ticket holders are unjustly rewarded

    at the expense of mas.

    this is silly

    The mat’s ninnie [ danny, a/m , wafi, matnor] seems

    blur or simply too thick to realise the unjust situation

    that mas has been made to shoulder


    the mat ninnies want to make sure mas rugi kah?

    Now , madey with comments on everything have nothing to

    say about this unjust situation imposed on mas?

    Is it any wonder mat madey is never consulted by any

    country except brader Robert Mugabe from Zimbabwe!!!



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