This is the MAS Special Promotion from March to October 2012

Updates @ 8:20 pm 19-4-2012: Parliament is still in session now. MPs will be debating to amend Capital Markets and Service Act 2007 / Akta Pasaran Modal dan Perkhidmatan 2007 involving MOF. Yours truly will bring to the attention of the August House the ill effects of the MAS-AirAsia share swap and CCF upon MAS, and how the interest of MAS and MAS staffs have been damaged by a few cronies. The contents of  the speech will be posted later. Of course, the RM18 million QPR sponsorship, killing of Firefly, infiltrations of AirAsia officers into top management of MAS, witch hunting, verbal decisions given to staffs, the lowest fares charged by MAS to AirAsia X Sdn Bhd and etc will be brought up for the attention of the Government.

Updates @ 7:50 pm on 18-4-2012: Today yours truly has received a reply from MOF regarding the question on the amount of consultancy fees for “WAU” that MAS paid to BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, when it was owned by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and his most trusted crony Rashdan who has been embroiled with abused of power as the DGCEO of MAS by upgrading his maid to First Class Cabin. The reply states ” … bayaran yuran konsultan fi termasuk bayaran keppada BinaFikir tidak dapat maklumkan kepada pihak ketiga kerana MAS perlu mematuhi aku janji KERAHSIAAN di dalam perjanjian yang ditandatangani oleh MAS dan konsultan …”. To be fair to the Deputy Minister YB Senator Datuk Donald Lim, he was also very unhappy with the answers provided by the Little Napoleons in Khazanah. The answer is a joke! Yours truly will demand for answers from the Ministry tomorrow during the Debate on the Amendment Bill for Capital Markets and Services Act 2007.

Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult, as the Acting Commercial Director of MAS and En Rozman Omar (Rozman), ex-AirAsia’s Head of Regional Finance, CFO of MAS must take full responsibility and account for the Special Rates and agreed payments for the uplifting of the 35,464 AirAsia X Sdn Bhd (AAX) passengers.

The Settlement Rate (Special Rates), Terms and Conditions in the Re-Accommodation Agreement (RA) dated28-3-2012 are reproduced in the later part of this posting.


AAX, formerly known as FlyAsian Express Sdn Bhd aka FAX. It is not a 100% Malaysian owned company, in HERE & HERE.

On 15-3-2012, yours truly has exposed the scandalous uplifting AAX passenger by MAS with ZERO FARE to Bombay (Munbai), HERE.

Mr Shane Nollan and/or En Rozman must have instructed Puan Nor Zalida Ahmad to send out the unsigned e-mail at 12;26 am dated 28-3-2012 to MAS staffs via MAS Your Voice online”,  HERE.

The salient point in the said e-mail were:

“Malaysia Airlines has entered into a Re-Accommodation Agreement (“RA”) with AirAsia X effective 27 March 2012 to re-accommodate the latter airline’s passengers on four routes cancelled using excess capacity on Malaysia Airlines flights. The four routes involve Mumbai, Delhi, London and Paris.

Economy and premium class passengers holding confirmed AirAsia X tickets issued before 13 January 2012 on the four routes would be transferred for travel on Malaysia Airlines between 28 March and 27 October 2012.

Under the terms of the RA, Malaysia Airlines would receive upfront cash payments or pre-payments on tickets for the re-accommodated passengers before departure. To date, Malaysia Airlines has received a prepayment of RM20 million in cash.

Hence, the related revenue from this arrangement is pure incremental revenue for the airline and would significantly contribute to the profitability of Malaysia Airlines.

Recent reports that Malaysia Airlines may have re-accommodated AirAsia X passengers without payment or at rates unfavourable to the national airline are unfounded and untrue.

Malaysia Airlines would also like to put on record that it continues to respect and abide by all governance requirements in the execution of this transaction.

The contents of the above e-mail were also reported in, of course, The Star of 28-3-2012, in HERE.

The above 12:26 am e-mail clearly showed that Mr Shane Nollan and/or Rozman were misrepresenting facts to the MAS staffs, Government and the nation. It was a very poor attempt, which was a clear reflection of their incompetence and lack of integrity to hold such high office in any company let alone MAS, our national icon.

The said misrepresentation of facts were done with the predominant purpose to cover-up their misdeeds in the said re-accommodation exercise of the said 35,464 AAX passengers that have been put in motion well before the 27-3-2012, as can be seen in HERE.

Perhaps it was due to Mr Shane Nollan’s indirect relationship with AAX through PlaneConsult and Rozman’s direct relationship with AAX that have caused them to wilfully ignore the existing established policy of MAS in such a re-accommodation exercise done by MAS for a non-IATA airlines.

For uplifting of passengers of IATA airline, payment is guaranteed under Bank Settlement Plan (BSP) or IATA Clearing House (ICH).

For the non-IATA airlines, unless there was an existing valid Prorate Agreement, the Special Rate and terms of payment shall apply for such an exercise.

In the case of AAX, it is neither a member airline of IATA nor a party to an existing Prorate Agreement with MAS.  Under such circumstances, it is the MAS existing policy to charge  FULL FARE for all classes and mandatory for AAX to deposit fund or Bank Guarantee with MAS to secure payment for the uplifting exercise. But none of these conditions have been imposed by MAS in the RA!

But in this particular case, the existing established policy of MAS has been totally ignored by Mr Shne Nollan and Rozman with demand for for payment of deposit prior to the BOOKING and UPLIFTING of the first batch of AAX passengers.

Furthermore, the RA was entered into after yours truly had exposed the scandal on 15-3-2012.  Under such circumstances,  Mr Shane Nollan and Rozman saw it fit to charge AAX unprecedented low fares and at the same time did not ensure that AAX strictly adhered to the terms and conditions of the RA i.e. the payment of DEPOSIT by AAX is made  on time i.e.31-3-2012.

The RA was entered into on 28-3-2012, which was well after MAS had already uplifted a few hundred AAX passengers. The said RA was entered into as a coverup.

The relevant excerpts of the terms and conditions of the “Secret” Re-Accommodation Agreement are as follow:

Accounting Procedure

1.1      AAX has deposited an upfront payment totaling RM20 million with MAS.

The payments were made by AAX in several instalments. The 1st  payment was RM3 million on or about 28th February, 2nd RM3 million on or about 12th March and 3rd RM14 million on or about 15th March 2012. That was how AAX paid the total RM20 million.

1.1.2   AAX shall deposit the balance of the total upfront payment amounting to RM31,615,776 by 31st March 2012.

After the elapsed of 17 days as at 17-4-2012, AAX has not paid to MAS the said sum of RM31,615,776.

1.2      MAS will invoice AAX weekly based on confirmed booking and supported by the name list as per the template, PNR, flight number, sector (s).

Could MAS staffs help out with information whether the Condition 1.2 has been dutifully carried out by Rozman?

1.4 MAS will draw down upfront payment against the confirmed booking and issue tickets.

Could MAS staff help out whether Condition 1.2 has been dutifully carried out?

1.5    MAS will send advice to AAX to top-up the upfront payment, should the balance fall below the required amount for ticket issuance.

Could MAS staffs help out with information whether the above Condition 1.2 has been dutifully carried out?  

1.6   Tickets issuance shall be subject to availability of funds and MAS shall within its sole discretion be entitled to withhold ticket issuance unless and until AAX has topped up the upfront payment or settled the balance in accordance with the terms and condition of this agreement.

The glaring fact is that the said upfront payment of RM31,615,776, which was supposed to have been paid on 31st March 2012 under Condition 1.1.2 above has NOT been paid by AAX.  

Could MAS staffs help out with information whether id MAS withhold the issuance of further tickets after 31-3-2012?

Let us examining the above glaring facts, and the last paragraph of the excerpt of the 12:26 am e-mail of 28-3-2012:

“Malaysia Airlines would also like to put on record that it continues to respect and abide by all governance requirements in the execution of this transaction.

It is evident that at the material time Mr Shane Nollan and/or Rozman and/or other members of the top management of MAS were not only misrepresenting facts but they have made a FALSE DECLARATION in the hope of pulling wool over the eyes of MAS staff, Government and more importantly the NATION as a whole.

Now look at the extremely low SETTLEMENT RATES granted to AAX.


2. Settlement Rates

The agreed settlement rates in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) are as follows:

2.1  Point-to-point rates shall be applied to AAX passengers traveling on single MH Sector into/from KL as follows:-

Point-to-point rates for AAX passengers on a single MAS sector into/from KL

2.2  Beyond rates shall be applied to AAX passengers traveling on two MAS sectors via KL as follow:-

Beyond rates applied to AAX passengers traveling on two MAS sectors via KL


i.             These rates are valid for tickets issued on MAS document before 30-4-2012.  

 ii.           These rates are all inclusive of taxes.

 iii.             The application of the above rates shall be as per the direction of travel e.g for passengers travelling from KL to London on Tier 1 rate in Economy, MAS will charge AAX RM 1,111 per passenger. For passenger travelling London KL on Tier 1 rate in Economy, MAS will charge AAX RM1,619 per passenger.

 iv.              For both (point to point and beyond) rates, there are two Tiers; Tier 1 and Tier 2.

 v.               The numbers of passengers that can catered for under Tier 1 for the specific flight and flight number will be informed to AAX upon confirmation of booking.  Any additional passengers will be catered under the Tier 2 and charged accordingly. It shall be solely within the discretion of MAS to decide the number of passenger who will be charged the Tier 1 rates.

 vi.             For infants (not occupying seat) travelling on these arrangements, and similarly transferred from AAX flights, the ticket price shall be based on 10% of Tier 2 rate for the particular sector. 100% of Tier 2 rates shall apply to infant occupying seats.

 vii.           Notwithstanding any clauses to the contrary herein, it is expressly agreed between the parties that both Tier 1 and 2 rates above reflect the minimum sum that AAX must pay to MAS for every passengers re-accommodated under this agreement, and in the event that AAX has collected any fares higher than the settlement rates as stated above AAX is obliged to immediately remit the aggregated or total monthly different between the higher fares collected and the settlement rates for the forthcoming month, minus any fees paid by the passengers for any excess luggage and travel insurance (“the aggregate difference”), to MAS but the settlement rates shall be the applicable rates where AAX has collected fares equal to or lower than the settlement rates as stated above. Any failure by AAX to remit the aggregate difference shall give MAS the right to refuse to issue any ticket. In the event that there is any doubt as to whether AAX has remitted the aggregate difference or any part thereof to MAS, MAS shall be entitled to appoint an independent auditor to verify the same and the costs of the auditor shall be shared equally between the parties.

 viii.    Destination Reference:-




3.    Appendix Administration:

3.1   The departments responsible for the administration of this  Appendix are:

MAS:     Revenue Accounting

             Nurul Ayu Abd Kadir

AAX:  Finance Manager

          Edith Chin

4.2  Invoices and communications on billings settlements to be addressed as follows:

AAX:      Yvone Abdullah, Chief Financial Officer

MAS:  Nurul Ayu Abd Kadir, Manager, Billing and Revenue Department

It seems that under the CCF, it has been a situation of MAS gives ALL and AirAsia takes ALL!

It would appear that the average cost of the ticket to London is about RM1,100 is inclusive of all taxes for uplifting the said AAX passenger.

The TRIO must now clarify how many AAX passengers have been uplifted for each Tier and each sector and what is the total sum of the so-called “PURE INCREMENTAL REVENUE TO THE AIRLINE” that have “SIGNIFICANTLY CONTRIBUTE TO THE PROFITABILITY” of MAS.

From the Settlement Rates above for the uplifting of the 35,446 AAX passengers, breaking even for MAS would be a miracle!

Now that yours truly has presented the above facts, the TRIO must explain what actions to be taken against Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult, the Acting Commercial Director and Rozman the CFO of MAS for knowingly failed to safeguard the interests of MAS when MAS is BLEEDING” and undergoing “COST CUTTING”!  The TRIO is duty bound to clarify whether the appointment of Mr Shane Nollan as the Acting Commercial Director has been extended.

Yours truly has been informed that the MAS Integrity Unit has completed its investigation against Amok’s most trusted crony Rashdan, the Deputy Group CEO of MAS for abused of power by upgrading his maid and kids to the First Class Cabin, in HERE, HERE & HERE.

It is hoped that the TRIO will also keep MAS staffs and the nation informed of the course of actions MAS has taken over this scandals.



Please read ABITW, “Two MAS engine trouble incidents: Adding two and two, in HERE.


  1. Nurul

    Holy cow! I cannot believe my eyes. YB, I hope you are not to joking. Now Everyone Can Also Con MAS!

    That Mat Salleh Shane Nollan, Rozman Omar, Azhari Dahlan and the Nanny Danny must be out of MAS asap.

    Mr PM I beg to help us the worker. We work so hard and the top management just waste our revenue and opportunity. PM please step in quick. The extremely low fare for AAx and the way in which it was done is just unacceptable.

  2. Anonymous

    At this rate, Danny not only can afford to upgrade his nanny to first class but also his driver, butler, gardener and newspaper deliver boy etc. Except all this people ( i.e. Danny ‘s driver , gardener etc) are more honorable than him – they won’t misused their position for their own benefits. At this rate “Now everyone can fly MAS first class!.” At least they paid not like Danny who is a free loader.

  3. Mastura Baiduri

    Right from the beginning MAS managements, do not belive in CCF. They know that AA is all out to fleece MAS. But what can they do because Tony Fernandes and his gang of plunderers gave the impression that they have blessing from the top i.e. people in power. It is clear now that AAX makes money from the differences from the price they have sold to the passengers to what they are paying MAS – if at all they pay! It’s a very smart way of making money.
    There is no secret that except for those recently installed into MAS (Mohd Noor, Dany, AJ and gang), the management of MAS and of course staff are placing their hope on change of government after GE13 to save MAS from the predators.

  4. jack1960


    Snapshots :

    Judgement Call ……..Khazanah
    Ignore & trivialize …….DMOF

    After thought RA ……..MH Top Mgt
    Misrepresentation ……MH Top Mgt SN RO
    Lack of Integrity ………MH Top Mgt SN RO
    Cover-Up Misdeeds …MH Top Mgt
    Relationships with AAX …MH Top Mgt
    Willfully ignoring ……….MH Top Mgt SN RO
    Condoning all the above ……MH BOD

    Summation :

    Integrity ……………………………..Missing
    Arms-length transaction ……….Obviously Missing
    Corporate Governance ………..Most Definitely Missing

    Impact :

    MH profitibility ……………………..To The Contrary
    AAX reduction of losses ………..Obviously
    Tune Air Group financials ………Significantly Improved !

    Next-Up :

    PM / MOF ….MACC ….SC / Bursa ….MSWG ….PDRM ….Auditor-General ……………. Hello2….anyone there!

  5. BukanBapaAkuPunyaAirline

    When I was offered a scholarship to study in London, MAS was the airline my that I began the trip with. I was young and that was the first time I or for that matter, the first person in the whole family that been given the opportunity to take a plane trip. We are poor and dad will not be able to afford it. Even since, when I’m om business trip, MAS will be my first choice except to places / cities it does not fly. On trip home, the moment you set you foot on MAS, you are already home even if the flight took 15 or 18 hours. To see these rich bastards screwing the airlines really hurts – like you hurting you own family. YB , you have all our support to save MAS. In the next election, which ever area you want to be candidate, i will volunteer to campaign for you. You present is needed in Parliament to ensure we get rid of these b..tards from Malaysia corporate world.

  6. Lululala

    Dear YB
    I’m sure u are doing ur best in trying to prove these conmen out of Malaysia Airlines. And I believe in what you are doing.
    But what saddens me most is how the government and the top people in the government are not doing anything about this.
    People’s lives and families are at stake. The rakyats money is at stake.
    I surely hope and pray that one day ur hard work will bear fruit.

  7. AA ball carrier

    AJ, what the hell is going on in MAS? Shane Nollan and Rozman may want to do whatever they are doing but you are the Group CEO. You must take responsibility for that.

    Resign is the only answer. Md Nor is no different. tat maid upgraded is the worst of them all.

    The government is duty bound to take the necessary action now in the light of the Re-accommodation Agreement.

  8. Bugger Rashdan

    Real mother f..kers. Those prices are cheap sale of the year. They think that MAS is their father’s company. No airline in the world can offer their prices especial to uplight another airline passengers. Aj you better think again what you and the rest of your AA’s team are doing.

    It is about time that MACC should move in to investigate how such prices can be given. It was a clear case collusion.

    AJ and that brainless Bina no Fikir b..tard Rashdan, if both of dare, come out to refute the maid upgrading incident and this cheap sale.

    The PM can no longer what because this is unacceptable.

  9. Anonymous

    heard AJ tendered resignation few mths ago as he found out the Pariah and the anak2 h.ram/anak2 anjing gangs-you know who, are just using him.. but of course Tony d dog F..ker didn’t allow.. heard from many people who had worked under AJ, he’s not this kind of a person.. AJ, i feel sorry for you but you have no choice except to resign and reveal everything. untuk jaga nama baik awak dan keluarga jugak.. so many people cursing you and your families here, boleh tahan ka? do the right thing. be a man! don’t be anjing or babi like danny and tony..

  10. PM is a part of the problem, how could all of us think he never knew. His brother had been given his blessing to manipulate and manouver this scam.
    Someone really “substantial” said to me once, ” why worry about R.smah. it is Nazir we all should worry about, he has the means to cause a catastrophic ecomic collapse of this country”. So why are we buying still this “sandiwara”.
    Are we making any grounds here? We are all sitting ducks!!

  11. AEU Veteran

    Veteran from AEU days

    Not many knew or would remember that the AEU or Airline Employee Union was at one time the NATIONAL UNION representing all airline employees in Peninsular Malaysia. Certainly not many, except those who join MAS in or before1979.

    That same year, the AEU was de-registered and outlawed arising from a strike and it’s funds and asset frozen. From then onward, unionism in MAS was reduced to in-house unions.

    Some groups, like the pilots, were not allowed to form union and must contend with the formation of in-house associations to fight for their own rights and collective bargaining. As if these measures were not enough, restrictions to industrial action were imposed upon them under the excuse of “essential services” which encompass all transport and utility services. Other National and In-House Union not affected.

    So, for those of you who insist upon industrial action and a strike to be started, please understand all these must be considered.

    The Malays have a saying, “Jangan kerana menang sorak, kampung tergadai”. I am sure your leaders who have not spoken about strike or even starting a picket is fully aware of the consequences. Just because MASEU Malik and Alias talk about picket (sampai hari ini belum jadi pun) dont mean they have to follow their sandiwara.

  12. Johan MAS

    “Harapkan pagar pagar makan padi.” Manusia yang tiada maruah. Manusia yang tidak malu. bManusia yang memalukan Bangsanya. Mausia yang tidak berwibawas. Manusia yang yang kita perlu buang di longkang.

    AJ dan Rasdan, manusia yang menjualkan diri kepada Pariah.

  13. Musnah Harapan

    Tahniah, warga MAS.
    Syabas MESA kerana berjuang tanpa berputus asa.

    The rot has started long time ago, it is like cancer.
    We must demand the Authority to stop the ROT or it will surely lead to a vicious cycle of self destruction and a NATIONAL TRAGEDY.

    Received from EN.XXX 87772344 06-12-05 13.01

    Puan XXX/Bro XXX cpy Saudara Idris/Chairman/$$MESA,

    InsyaAllah, together we can help our new MD to turn around this ailing and beloved airline even better than before. We have the ingredients, I can sense the honesty, sincerity and determination in our new MD.

    First hurdle is to raise staff morale, another word we need morale booster.
    Second hurdle is to remove CANCEROUS ELEMENT. We can’t afford to have enemy within. We have enough enemy outside.

    If we can go past these two hurdles, the turnaround will be very smooth.
    We have done it before; there is no reason why we cannot do it again and even better.
    The “Flying Buffet” if it is true, hopefully not, already created a lot of damage to staff morale. Leadership by example and accountability is very important in our organisation which fly national pride.

    Together we can do it.

    MESA President.

    More proof here;

  14. suara mas

    … bayaran yuran konsultan fi termasuk bayaran kepada BinaFikir tidak dapat maklumkan kepada pihak ketiga kerana MAS perlu mematuhi aku janji KERAHSIAAN di dalam perjanjian yang ditandatangani oleh MAS dan konsultan..



    TUNGGU ARAHAN Tan Sri Nor Yakob kot!!

  15. Jagjit

    Rashia for cor consultancy fees. Rahsia or it will be too embarassing if revealed becos the amount is too big!

    ANy way Md Nor the chief architect of WAU and the maid upgrader Rashdan and his master Azman Mokhtar should also know because they were in Bina tak Fikir.

    I am sure htat YB will press hard for it tomorrow. All the best. Since when MAS has this special promotion?? what a big joke? The TRIO are just too stupid to allow the Pariah to twist them around>

  16. Jagjit

    WAU! It was a cheap sale. Shane Nollan and Rozman you are the real GAJI BUTA. How could you all agree to such extreme low fare? I also wan to buy an AirAsia X ticket and travel with MAS.

    AJ, Rashdan and that md Nor, what are you all doing in MAS? How can you allow these two idiots to agree with such rates? I give up on MAS maangement.

  17. Ray

    Never knew that the TRIO look after MAS by selling seats to AAX at give away prices. At the same the TRIO said that MAS is bleeding. Subsidising AA X ok but not the staffs! always rememnbers where you are going after MAS, the staffs are very important for an organisation.

    Without staff you can be the best and you still crewed.

  18. ASmallBirdInKhazanah

    YB, the fees paid to BinaFikir is about RM30M. Ask the minister to confirm this number. You will not be far off.

    1. weechookeong


      No wonder why it was so difficult to get the information. Never heard in my life that Consultancy fees is RAHSIA. It is Rhasia because it cost the many million RM that you have mentioned. Even the Deputy Minister was embarrassed with the answers that was given today. If the figure you gave is correct then something is rotten in the top management of MAS.

      Thank you


      wee choo keonfg

  19. What really is Bina Fikir in the first place? What titles they have under their belts before consulting MAS??? They are nobodies; nama pun macam takde standard. Any international recognition? I think not… correct me if I’m wrong, but no way near ESTABLISHED consultants like the Big 3. So given that what is the logic in being so secretive in their consultancy fees to MAS? Small fish tells Big fish they are stupid and must follow what small fry says? DISGUSTING!@

  20. Jamal

    The TRIO MAS is bleeding and sick patient and yet you three have made MAS to be a samaritan for the Pariah. Just lookk at the fare prices both Tiers are rediculous prices.

    AJ, no MD in the world will bend over backward to accommodate another people business. AJ are you too busy trying to protect that Nany Danny to facilitate the CCF.

    When AA has not paid the remaining RM31 million, why is MAS still acccepting the AAX passengers. there is a condition that if AAX does not pay the upfront money then MAS cannot just stop all its passemgers from flying MAS. Let the Pariah go to Emirate, Qatar, SIA and see whether they will uplift AAX passenger first and pay later.

    3 of you are not fit to be in MAS. MAS is bleeding why are you not exercising MAS right to stop entertaining the AAX. MKAS seat could be solf to other genuine MAS passengers.

    Ptui to the TRIO.

  21. Zaki Khazanah

    The failed Bina tak Fikit f..kers are now back in MAS. Hence the trouble. Mor enad more shit are coming out in the open. This time is worse becasue you have 2 Bina tak Fikir idiots in MAS and another one in Khaznah. Mewang MAS akan manpus sebab mereka akan jaga Tony sahabat karib dia.

    RM30 million as consultancy fees!! No wonder the Khaznah Dunggu thre is blocking the info.

    Coming back the the Special Fare given to the Pariah, ther is no basis for a good MD to allow suh a big discount. I think the market will laugh.

    Anyway, i hope that MYCC will also look into this.

  22. weskulat

    Even MOT cant get the answer from Khazanah….who is the Goverment
    nobody are above the law…or Khazanah…is the National Treasure….the untouchable……This is great a cover up of tis decade

  23. Ibrahim

    if the Nanny Danny is above the law in MAS, Azman Mokhtar must be even higher in the sky. As YB has said in the posting let us see how high are the little napoleon. most probably the CONsultanancy fees was just too high to be known. Hope YB will get the figure through Parliament.

    We can see Amok’s cronies are every where in Khazanah.

  24. Khairul MAS

    Is MAS really bleeding and a sick patients? From what I can see the The 3 Stooges are bleedings because their agendas for the CCF have been put into disarary.

    Tan Sri Md Nor, AJ and Amok’s crony Danny the Nanny, who are you working for? look like you are all working for that Red Indian Pariah.

    Until today, the TRIo are still unable to explains what have been exposed. Therefore, everything stated in YB’s Blog must be true.

    If that is the case, then the only honourable way for the 3 f..kers must be FO from MAS. Nak Gaji buta dari syarikat “PARAH” dan “PESAKIT”. Tak Malu dan Tiada Maruah.

    PTUI kepada ketiga-tiga kroni.

  25. Nava Mas

    The king of WAU Md Nor should know how much MAS paid CONsultant fees to BinaFikir the company owned by Azman Mokhtar and that Danny boy who is causing major problems in MAS.

    Md Nor why are you keeping so quiet. Why are you not give another interview in Star to tell what the F..k have you, Nanny Danny, AJ, Shane Nollan and AJ are doing in MAS?

    You all are the sick patients in MAS and all your presence are causing MAS to bleed. Just get lost.

    Shane Nollan should go back to Ireland and be back of the IRA.

  26. MAS Guy

    Aj you are the cpatain in MAS. What the hell are you doing there? AAX didn’t pay the deposit of RM31 million. Why is MAS still flying the AAX passengers. MAS is not in the business of helping out the pariah company. Let the Pariah try SIA, Emirates, Qatar, BA and other arilines.

    MAS habing given the lowest fare in hte market and now you are letting the Pariah to treat MAS as a charity organisation. MAS is charitable enough to suffer with you and Danny the Nanny. MAS being youfat salary and big perk and you are sleeping on the job like yur advisor, Tun Dol!

    Stop flying the AAX until payment is made. Investigatae why Shane Nollan and Rozman agreeed to such stupid fare structure. Only idiots would agree to such low fare when AAX needs MAS. MAS never need AA or AAX. Get this straight your thick skull.

  27. Pak Belalang


    Belalang! Belalang!
    Aku dah kata! Baik Cabut! Kau nak tipu jugak! Kan dah kantoi!

    Tapi tak apa, Ini MAS, BAPAK AKU PUNYE!!

    Pakai saja itu NON-DISCLOSURE CLAUSE!!!





  28. rompak rakyat, rompak pekerja MAS, rompak semua orang…..tunggulah bila BALA datang sama ini TRIO, Ya ALLAH hapuskanlah tiga TRIO zalim ini…..rakyat akan bertindak BALAS, hancurkan BN, hancurkan TIGA TRIO ini, HANCURKAN TF….hancurkan mereka yang ZALIM…..DATUK SERI .. ….kau akan menjawad dihadapan ALLAH…….kau akan kena…tak lama dah….waktu kau akan tiba……ALLAH maha ADIL.

    1. Anonymous

      MASEU pun kena ADIL kepada ahli………….atau ahli yang tersalah pilih EXCO yang pekak dan bisu? Dulu bising nak ugut piket (ketika itu ahli tak tahu apa asasnya) tapi lepas tandatangan CA, terus jadi pekak, bisu dan bodoh! Rugi MASEU bayar consultant ex-HR……….memang ular yang sentiasa membelit sambil mematuk tangan (Alias dan Malek) yg memberinya makan.

      Pekak = EXCO yg tak boleh mendengar keluhan ahli.
      Bisu = EXCO yg tak boleh menjelaskan apa yg berlaku.
      Bodoh = EXCO yg boleh mudah ditipu
      Buta = ???

  29. Sotan gamuda

    MAS is a gone case…it has been thrown to the dogs. Just let not these hapraks do the same thing to KTM. Right now they are conspiring to SODOMIZE KTM.

  30. Low Cost Brain

    Please do not blame AJ for the lowest of the low fares given to AirAsia X. He has the low cost brain so what do you expect. Further, he has taken insruction from the Pariah to turn MAS into a subsidiary of AirAsia.

    AJ was doing the right thing to turn MAS into low cost airline but remain in IATA. AJ you are damn bloody smart i must say but your brain is a low cost brain period

    MAs is not suitable for you. Go to the Priah’s airline and you will no doubt excel there. But don’t forget bring along Rozman Omar and Azhari Dahlan. oh ya, Nor Zalida Ahamd as well.

    Thank you AJ.

  31. Azahar MAS

    Memang AJ, Rashdan the maid upgrader, Tan Sri Md Nor, Rozman and Azhari all have low cost shit in their head otherwise MAS would not given such a low fares to the Pariah.

    The TRIO has made the whole airlines industry laugh at MAS. With such stupid decisions that will only help the Pariah and AJ hopes to turn around MAS. Tell that to the marine.

    We in MAS are not low cost like them. I fully agree that it is better for MAS that AJ and the other cronies with low cost mentality to get lost from MAS.

  32. Faris

    AJ, AJ, Aj and AJ

    We in MAS have read about this special low cost fares given to your Pariah’s friend. Why are you and the maid MAN Rashdan are keeping quiet. “Silence is no longer an option” to you and Nor Zalida and Shane Nollan the Irish f..ker.

    It must be true and you had to pretend all is well. All is not well in MAS. Do you know that you and your partner the MAID TAN are most hated persons in MAS?

  33. Anonymous

    Dark days ahead for MAS…. Even darker days in store for Malaysia if the present regime continues to rule…..
    Ridiculous kampong mentality of the ruling Malay elite will certainly drag the country to economic oblivion….
    All puppets to the Pariah…. A smooth tongue will certainly get you a long way here in this country…
    MAS is being chopped wholesale…. Our budding aviation industry now being torn to shreds….
    Biased media reporting negatively…. Rakyat’s perception now blurred on our situation…
    When all is said & done, the final impact will only be realized in years to come…
    MAS will only be a footnote in history…..

  34. Kamil Khazanah

    AJ, MD Nor san kuncu Azman Mokhtar dan “Maid Upgrader” Rashdan: Kenapa semua masih diam diri? Md Nor panggillah Star untuk membuat kenyataan untuk menafi segala yanhg dituduh ddalam Blog YB ini. No ball deny because every things have been stated are all true.

    Charging extreme low fares for AAX show the TRIO’s intentions to kill MAS. The TRIO has no intention to save MAS. MAS is bleeding and “sick patient” were just excuses to kill MAS and make to bear all the burdens of AirAsia like the uplifting of AirAsia X passengers.

    Looking at the stupid directions of the TRIO and Azman Mokhtar, share swap and CCF are designed to help the ailing AirAsia and AirAsia X with billion and billion RM debts. More importantly to also help to save Nazir od the 3massive loans given to the Pariah’s airlines.

    Just imagine the Pariah haas purchased 200 airbus aircraft and another 100, hwere is the Pariah going to dispose if not MAS?

    That creatures Azman Mokhtar and his crony the maid/Nanny Danny should be arrested for ecomic sabotage of this nation.

    Soon more scandals will be out from Khazanah.


  35. Saleh

    Dear YB, its high time for you to engage all mainstream newspapers to highlight this issue to mass public. Have a press conference together with all those MPs (both pros and oppositions) who support you after Parliament session. See whether they dare to publish your findings as in your blogs. God willing..some newspapers will have sympathy on whats going on here and see what the public reactions will be. MAS is dying…there’s not much time left.

  36. YB Wee, this is off topic a little but it is one BIG talking point and layered with scandals. The move from Subang to KLIA.

    There was a briefing by HR of MAS on the move. It seems that the top management is bulldozing their way through with the move. Everything about cost of move is confidential. The REAL reason behind the move is confidential. They give lame excuses like wanting everyone to be together, save cost – WHAT COST?! They are quiet to even attempt answering the additional cost to staff. All they focus is cost to the company. Staff are sh*t to them.

    They say they will look into easing the burden BS! The stupid shuttle which would be from 5 pick-up points i.e. Kelana Jaya, Subang etc. departs only 3 times in the morning at 6am, 6:30am and 7am if I’m not mistaken (someone else can confirm this for me).
    Question: We have more than 1K staff affected, and this is going to be a nightmare! Some come from areas like Cheras and are forced to take the KLIA transit monthly pass. Bottom line is, the normal staff have to account for travel from home to pick-up points and another 45mins to 1hour of travel time to KLIA just to work everyday, 2 hours to get to work, 2 hours to get home! What kind of productivitiy is this??? What logic is in our Monkeys’ heads????! (MD and the trio have drivers to pamper them around, petrol is free for them so they don’t give a damn)

    To add to the stress, we have financial stress given that staff will need to pay for these shuttles ourselves! WTF! Easily this adds additional RM500 per month per staff minimum if we choose to use the shuttle. If we were to drive, easily RM1K + additional costs.

    The annual increment (if we do get it also lah) is peanuts to cover this additional costs. Top management earn big bucks and it is peanuts to them. They live like KINGS and we staff suffer like slaves to MAS. They say they care but their actions speak otherwise – hypocrites!

    Staff are already demoralized and this firmed move by September 2012 is even more demoralizing to staff. We really have no motivation to work everyday. Everyday is a struggle. The leaders want us to work as one team and yet they squeeze us to the very bone and laugh up there. Devils!

    Every reasoning given by MD is pure BS! Imagine him saying in one of the earlier townhall sessions that the move was because management found it hard to move around the 4 buildings. He said it was to get people together. BUT at what cost?! Moving around the 4 buildings is such a chore for this lazy b*st*rds when I have never heard any such ridiculous and childish complaints from previous management. They are worse than a child and are covering up something REALLY BIG.

    I have been hearing more and more about a plan for TF to take up the area to build his Tune hotel and also the private jet service, also a engineering/training school. If this is true and I think it is a high possibility of coming through, why in the world does a rakyat-owned GLC company have to kautau to one single TF?! Who the hell does he think he is?! Khazanah is in cahoots as well???!

    Semua tak ada maruah langsung. Devils in disguise. Is this the Malaysia we want our children to grow up in?! This move to KLIA is so secretive that the cost of moving is never revealed. They also talk about giving each staff RM3K once the move is completed. RM3K is bribe money for the move?! I’d rather through this in AJ and Danny and MD N and TF’s face!!!!!!!! They think we are so cheap and stupid?!

    I hear that this move to KLIA is also a sneaky way for the top cheapos to get rid of staff. They cannot afford any seperation scheme so they use this move (btw I also heard this is Plane Consults doing) to trim staff the ‘humane’ way. Penalize me or not, top management are a bunch of secretive sh*T heads and therefore we have to rely on many other sources to get news. YOU forced us to do this. Bring it on!

    Thanks YB Wee.

  37. Anonymous

    to what i can see, there are 2 motive on the migration to KLIA

    1. to sell Complex A and B to 3rd party
    2. to reduce the staff without any compensation. for low salary staff, eventually they will resign as their salary not enough to cover transportation cost to KLIA.

    can’t think other more logical reasons but mgmt still consider staff soooooo stupid and low productivity and still mentioned all stupid reason why we need to move to KLIA…..

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