Shane Nollan, Rozman Omar & Azhari Dahlan are tainted with glaring “CONFLICT OF INTEREST”

The above Senior Management chart was downloaded from AirAsia Bhd's website as 3:30 pm today (16-4-2012). En Rozman Omar and En Azhari Dahlan are circled in red.

Updates @ 10:00 pm on 16-4-2012: From 3 pm to 6 pm today (16-4-2012) Mr Ignatious MC Ong, the MD of Firefly, had a meeting with the Firefly‘s captains, first officers and cabin crews at MAS Academy. Yours truly has been informed that Mr Ignatious M C Ong could match Rashdan’s arrogance.  Could someone from Firefly help with what had transpired  in the meeting so that the readers can be kept informed? Thank you.

The recent appointments of those personalities and consultant  firm connected with AirAsia that have been made by the TRIO namely Tan Sri Md nor Yusof (Md Nor) (Chairman of MAS), En Ahmad Jauhari (AJ) (Group CEO of MAS) and En Mohammed Rashdan (Rashdan) (Deputy Group CEO of MAS), a known most trusted crony of Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (Amok) were all tainted with glaring “Conflict of Interest”.

It all started with the appointment of PlaneConsult as the consultant of MAS to do a “Review” as early as in October 2011. But there was a formal appointment of PlaneConsult on 16-1-2012 that refer to the said “Review” exercise, in HERE

PlaneConsult, the Chairman and MD is Mr Conor McCarthy, who is the co-founder of AirAsia (AA) and current director of AA, in HERE.

Then the TRIO saw it fit to appoint Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult as the Acting Commercial Director of MAS. The uplifting of 35,000 AAX passengers came under Mr Shane Nollan‘s portfolio, in HERE, , HERE

In February 2012, the TRIO appointed En Rozman Omar as CFO of MAS and En Azhari Dahlan as CEO of MAS Engineering, in HERE.  According to the AirAsia Bhd’s web page at at 3: 30 pm on 16-4-2012, En Rozman Omar is still the Head of Regional Finance and En Azhari Dahlan the Head of Engineering in AirAsia Bhd. They are not qualified person under the Civil Aviation Act as they are not the DCA approved “Nominated Post Holder”, in HERE.  As at 10:00 pm today both En Rozman Omar and En Azhari Dahlan are still in the list of the Senior management of AirAsia in HERE.

Despite the glaring conflict of interest, you will observe that the above appointment were the well “thought out plans” and they were all placed in the strategic departments in MAS to facilitate the SYNERGY of the “AA & AAX FRIENDLY” within MAS.  And, of course, to ensure the smooth and lightning speed implementations of the infamous “CCF” as enunciated by Amok’s most trusted crony Rashdan as can be seen in his interview on 14-1-2012 in the Edge, in HERE.

Yours truly borrowed the BIG word “SYNERGY” from Amok , the MD of Khaznah and the “MASTER” of his most trusted crony Rashdan .  The word “SYNERGY” was being aired by Amok after the signing  the infamous secret MAS-AirAsia share swap and the notorious “CCF” which have brought MAS into what it is today a “DIRECTIONLESS MAS” and the morale of MAS staff to its lowest ebb!

Just for the background, Amok and his most trusted corny Rashdan were founders of BinaFikir Sdn Bhd.  “Widespred Asset Un-bundling” aka (“WAU”) was the brainchild of BinaFikir Sdn Bhd and Md Nor, when he was the MD of MAS in 2001 to 2003.

In 2008 BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, incorporated in 2002, was sold to MAYBANK for RM8 million. Amok most trusted crony Rashdan was appointed the head of the investment side of MAYBANK but he didn’t last very long in there.

In a short span of time, Amok most truste dcrony Rashdan was booted out from MAYBANK and his “MASTER”, Amok, took him into Khazanah as the Director of Investment of Khazanah.

This morning,  yours truly met the Deputy Minister of MOF, YB Senator Datuk Donald Lim, with regards to his promise that he gave to Parliament last week that he was to provide the total consultant fees paid by MAS to BinaFinkir Sdn Bhd and the names of the twelve companies involved in the fuel hedging fiasco that cost MAS losses totaling RM3.3 billion,  in HERE.

Yours truly has been informed by the said Deputy Minister that he was having problems with the officer in Khaznah in getting the said information. Yours truly shall pursue these two vital information and shall inform Parliament tomorrow about the breach of promise by the said Deputy Minister. Surely, such information cannot threaten our national security but may be detrimental to some!

After the said secret share swap and CCF has been inked by Amok,  Amok’s most trusted crony Rashdan was put in charge of MAS with Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun both from AA.  Now Amok’s most trusted crony Rahsdan was appointed the Deputy Group CEO and he is embroiled in the “maid upgrading scandals”, which until this date has been condoned by “Top Heavy” management of MAS and its Board of Directors, in HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.

It was during the time of “WAU” that several so-called “no core assets” of MAS was sold.  The most important known disposal of the so-called “non-core assets”  were MAS Komplek in KLIA and MAS Catering Sdn Bhd to the company (Gubahan Saujana Sdn Bhd) belong to Datuk Hj Ibrahim Hj Ahmad Badawi, the brother of the former PM, YB Tun Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi. On the same of the said disposal, Md Nor caused MAS to enter into a lop sided 25 years Catering and Cabin services Agreement with MAS Catering Sdn Bhd where prices were not negotiable. The said lop sided 25 years agreement caused MAS a whooping RM6.25 billion (about RM260 million a year), in HERE HERE, HERE!

However, yours truly must salute Amok because at the “Briefing of MPs” on 26-3-2012 he openly declared that he took full responsibility for the said secret share swap and CCF.  Amok added that it was a “JUDGEMENT CALL”.

In view of the inappropriate appointments of PlaneConsult, Mr Shane Nollan as the Acting Commercial Director, En Rozman Omar as CFO and En Azhari Dahlan as Head of Engineering of MAS, the Ministry of Finance must take immediate steps to review and terminate the said appointment as they were tainted with “CONFLICT OF INTEREST’ and their existence will not be in the best interest of MAS.  Last but not least, their appointment was affront to public policy.

The immediate termination of the said appointments will be in line with the Government’s policy of “Rakyat DiDahulukan” and more importantly, the Government “Transformation Programes” headed by YB Senator Datuk Idris Jala, who was the former MD of MAS.

P/s Thank you “dannyboy“, a reader in the last posting, for alerting yours truly to publish the above for the benefits of all Malaysians especially MAS staffs and the Ministry of Finance.

The NEXT CHANGE posting on “NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY MAS WITH LOW COST FARE” – Part 2 had to be postponed later. Sorry for the delay. Thank you to all the readers and your information through the comments and e-mails have been very fruitful and encouraging. Thank you also to MAS staffs for your support.

63 thoughts on “Shane Nollan, Rozman Omar & Azhari Dahlan are tainted with glaring “CONFLICT OF INTEREST”

  1. Hamid

    YB head is vary big and your brain smaller than monkey brain.You think Khazanah and new MAS management are kids who dont understand simple account.Plane Consult the best Airline you can find and they already operating in Malaysia.They understand MAS problem.Give them time.

    MAS have been screwup since Tan Sri Aziz and Saw Huat Lye left the co.They put people like Munir,Tengku Azmil and Tajuddin to run the airline.They screw up big time.I fully agree with you Danny is asshole.He shouldnt be there.I dont know why they still put Tan Sri Md Noor in the co.He screw up MAs earlier.

    Actually If I have my way they should close MAS and allow Air Asia to be nasional airline.Air Asia have oly 3,500 workers o look after 100 planes.MAS have 20,000 workets to look after 120 planes.You cannot sack MAs workers because they have strong union.So you close the Airline like what they did in USA.

    1. Bangang Lah Lu...

      If you claimed that PlaneConsult is best, why they don’t bring AA to high achievements. List down all the achievements that AA obtained so far? Cutting more routes is considered achievements?
      Uplifting 30k AA passengers to MAS is considered the best rewarding so far?
      Not paying long overdue airport tax to MAB and getting discount is considered best revenue so far?
      What else?…

      If it is not the stupid TRIO that do not have OTAK and brainless AMOK, AA will lingkup….

      Cakap banyak tak payah ler….

      So far, what they have delivered to stop the leakages and bleeding? Since August 2011 till now… NOTHING!!!!!

    2. soon zoo

      you are the real goon in this issue…..
      You said Air Asia have only 3500 workers with 100 planes..?? what about the booking of 200 Airbus by them and suddenly almost 20 route being cut off..?? Who’s going to pay all those A/C..?? MAS..?? with almost 30,000 pax to be taken care by Mas from Air AsiaX..?? You dont see that they are going for bankruptcy…thas why the need CCF from your mother ***ker…..
      Mas with 20,000 workers ever since Tan Sri Aziz…..already been recognised by other Airlines of the World for their good maintenance of A/C….. Strong Union..?? Wooit Hamid even government need that Union for their Support of their party BN….. Do your homework then only do your goon talking….

    3. Anti Khazanah and MASEU

      BAS..RD hamid,

      i think u better shut your F..KING mouth like your mother menopause off to your father dick. You dont have any fact to accuse MAS doing wrong. the problem start from your monkey pariah and the gangs includes your current PM who only know shut up just like your mother!

      simple bro, your idiotic and stupidity just like an animal who dont know what is Human being. so go play with your mum mouth with your di.k and lick the arm.hole as well.

      oh ya, for your info MAS union really strong exclude MASEU.

  2. The Pumkiner

    Danny boy also used his judgement call to upgrade his maid.

    Md Nor used his judgement call to enrich ex PM’s brother at MAS expense.

    The Trio used thier judgement call to appoint those CONsultants regardless of conflict of interest.

    DAnny boy used his judgement call to cancel Firefly’s flights.

    If only they use their heads and wisdom…

  3. Amir

    Hello YB Wee,

    I feel sorry 4 u & many readers here even u whine whine whine all out & readers shout shouted & screamed….the result is more AA people parachuting into MAS. who’s the law maker? still can’t do anything.


  4. Mohamed

    Danny boy has no shame. Only in Msia, such an useless guy be promoted to no.2 of the very organization he screwed up big time as a con sultant the previous time…

  5. The Gaji Buta Trio

    The Trio will keep their elegant silence! Hoping they can save Danny the Nanny to push through the AGENDAS of CCF and to save AA/AAX. Now the monkey Hamid was jumping up and down like “monyet kena sambal belacan”. The cyber dog of Pariah was barking.

    The facts speak for itself. It is now time for the goverment to sack thoae were tainted with conflict of interest and the Trio who appointed them.

    Mr PM do you hear us or you want us to tell you during the GE?

  6. Malaysian

    dont wait till the GE to expect something good. now the Gov wants to delay this thing and try to cool down the rising of the disappointment by MAS workers. you should unite and express with a picket, so that they know we are serious against this CCF. let it be covered by medias. they cant hide a large picket forever. let ur disappointment be known to the wider public. after all the fucked up things which have been exposed, see they just sit and do nothing. what YB has done on this blog must be backed up by all the workers. if ranting here till the end of time, they wouldnt get scared and still had the balls to play with u all lorh. dont be a keyboard warrior only, talk talk talk, actions nada, then what for.. let yourself be fooled leh..

  7. sham of MAS


    Feel sorry for you. Please get your fact right. AA has 9,000 staffs with RM8 billion debts that is in public domain. Those debts which have not surface, only God knows how much!

    With your Big Empty brain you have obviously no clue in what you are writing. PlaneConsult is good it does not has yo cari makan in Malaysia. THEY ARE MANY AIRLINES IN EUROPE AND MIDDLE EAST THAT DID NOT APPOINT THEM!

    Hamid, i feel sorry for you. Your shows how shallow you are. If PlaneConsult is that good AJ the budak suruhan need not have to come out with 3 organisational charts in 8 months. Nor Zalida Ahmad would not have came out with an email at 12.06 am to do damage control about the Zero Fare scandals fr AAX passengers.

    Please learn your facts and figures before you open your mouth otherwise you will get whack for nothing like what had happened to Ms Pauline of Maseus. Don’ be another Pauline. She has disappear from YB’s blog or looking for a good …

  8. Nordin in MAS


    You are making a fool of yourself. PlaneConsult is a consulttn for low cost. pleae go to their website and you will see that not much information in it. No names of airlines that they have done work for.

    Please tell the Pariah please try harder. We will carry on to provide YB with all information necessary about the TRIO and the Pariah’s companies. As long as the TRIO are in MAS we will not stop providing informaion to expose them. They all had to F..k off from MAS premises.

    1. musibatsulung

      yeah Nordin of MAS… keep up feeding YB with your sources as long as us Malaysian can save our National Airlines… good job..!!

      and not to other’s.. pls don’t be so cruel to Hamid.. he just too naive to see the truth.. cruel sikit2 ok lah… hahahaha…

  9. Stan

    Dear Wee,

    Did you raised the question on the property at Subang during the last parliament session?

    Gotten confirmation that shift to KLIA will be HAPPENING. This is due to renovation work on second floor of the MTB building already started. MAS staff has been shifted to ground floor. This only means that the property in Subang has been sold or in the process of being sold.

    Is it possible for you to raise this question in next session? By right if the company directors are acting in good faith for the company the property comprising of the Administrations buildings 3 (Commercial, NRM and Sales 3 & 4 (HR) should be sold to highest bidder and not only one party. I heard Tony may want to build Tune hotel there.

  10. MAS Bugger

    Currently the staff morale is very low and action should be taken to improve the situation quickly. The new management has FAILED in the fundamental duty of any corporate initiative, which is to galvanize support and get the buy-in from the workforce. They have FAILED to realize that it takes a large workforce to successful run an airline business and therefore cannot be high handed in the approach to turnaround the company especially since MAS has a workforce of 20,000. It also contravenes the 1Malaysia aspiration of people first, performance now.

    As the sentiment for the share swap and the CCF is negative, no amount of plans and implementation rolled out from Management from this point onwards will bring positive results as the productivity and loyalty to the programme is already flawed and damaged.

  11. Kunyit Hidup

    As of I know, Firefly ground staff in KLIA either agree with 4 months pay to leave or to be transferred to Subang or Penang. Easy task, they have no union.

    There are some similarities between Eddy Leong and Ignatious Ong.. Both ex-CONsultants (Andersson?) engaged by MAS during Fuad. Both of them received express opportunities in MAS/Firefly. Eddy was brought in by former EVP Airport Operations and now both of them in Khazanah. Ignatious joining MAS slightly earlier than his godfather Idris, later entrusted to be in several key posisitions. Ignatious is cari makan type so he will never say no to his boss. I heard his team was quite egotistical during meeting with MAS operations team (before cancellation of Sapphire).

    In short, CONsultants are very much welcomed. MAS have no succession plan neither internal talent. Talent Management is just a lazy department asking you to fill-up your personal details for interview purpose, instead of obtaining those from HC database.

    Note:Sorry for the edition to avoid unnecessary problems.

  12. Antigajibuta

    Heard that MAS gonna retrench 9000-11000 staff after next general election. Can anyone clarify this rumour.

  13. Pak Tua

    Heard about the meeting with Ignatius Ong and it seems that they have offered secondment jobs for Firefly captains at Lion Air to be based in Jakarta. Lion Air being the single biggest buyer of Boeing 737 900ER series with 178 planes will give AA a run for it’s money. So the dismantling of Firefly jet operations is now complete.

    1. Anon66

      I understand that Ignatious had quite a few questions thrown at him, from Captains mainly, cabin crew apparently demoralised and trusting nothing that is said. Captains have an offer to be seconded to Lion Air whilst cabin crews have been offered secondment to Malaysia Airlines. When asked “for how long”, Ong appeared not to know but said could be for two years or so. As I have said in other posts, its obvious that Firefly staff have been hung out to dry, when cuts do come at MAS the first ones kicked out on their arses will be Firefly staff. Lets face the facts, MAS is in a mess and even if the share swap is unbundled, its going to take a radical shake up in people and in attitudes to put it back on it’s feet again….

      1. Pak Tua

        If the government was serious in helping MAS, Firefly should have been allowed to carry on and compete with AA on an even playing field. Firefly should be groomed to take over all of MAS routes and slowly absorb all the relevant staff of MAS and let MAS itself die a natural death. Only that way can we get rid of that lop sided 25 year contract with LSG Berahim Sky Chef. I think Eddie Leong was doing the right thing until his boss realized that he was actually throwing a spanner in the works derailing their own agenda of helping AA. Now Eddie Leong is being kept in freezer at Khazanah. Now it must be too late to correct things.

  14. Rashid

    The brainless TRIO will always need CONsultant to think for them and they are no wiser. The maid upgrader is shameless and he think that he can prolong his stay in MAS and MAS staffs will accept him.

    Only AJ and Mr WAU can accept him. This maid upgrader must be exposed to the maximum until his own family will be ashamed of him.

  15. Guna

    Didn’t know that Khazanah officers are soo powerful that they can withhold information from Parliament. Why are Khaznah officer so scare of revealing the amount of CONsultancy fees paid to BinaFikir Sdn Bhd and the the names of the 12 company involved in the feul hedging losses of RM3.3 billion?

    1. jack1960


      “INTERLOCKING WEB OF INFLUENCE & INTERESTS” ……encompassing Khazanah/MOF/PM, MH, Tune, AA, AAX, Scomi …et al …..are parties acting in concert to force through this so called turnaround initiative ….CCF ….. seemingly impregnable, all too powerful & ABOVE PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY …….

      They don’t seem at all interested in collateral damage to the “sick patient” … long as their “interests” are protected at all costs …. as long as the “majority in the House” … in their favour

      However, we mere mortals, we Malaysians are made of sterner stuff ….we have a choice & the gumption to make that choice …

  16. The Pumkiner

    The best work done by Plane Consult is the raping of MAS so that AA smells like roses.

    AA dug their way into trouble. Needed help from MAS and they return that complement by offloading their burden to others.

    AA’s SOP – Running into losses, just dump the shit to MAS. This is how small people like Hamid solve their problem.

    Next target, MAS Cargo and MAS Engineering. Still, I doubt the Trio and the greedy people at AA will be satisfied.

  17. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    Hamid…Hamid….you shouldn’t have open your big f..king mouth in the first place. If like what you said about Tan Sri Aziz and Saw Huat Lye, who screwed up the airline, then don’t you think it would have been closed long long time ago and it wouldn’t have been in the industry for 40 over years. You seems think so highly of AA, could you be the Pariah TF or one of his croonies? How much have you been paid to praised the Pariah airline and Plane CON-sultant?

    Give them time…to do WHAT….screw MAS up more? Hamid, you were saying that YB’s brain is smaller than a monkey’s brain, then I think you have a brain then a bird brain? Get the facts and firgure..RIGHT before you post anything…asshole.

    YB, is confirmed that firefly staffs are given 4 months pay and bye..bye they go. My friends in Firefly are sad that the Firefly Jet Operations will cease operation very soon. These are the work of the Pariah TF and his bloody a..hole croonies.

    As for Danny, well his skin are thicker than the elephant and hippo. He’s not ashamed of what he had done and continue to sit in MAS as the DCEO. He is really the bas..rd of the highest degree.

  18. Godspeed.

    Enough said, whatever the outcome of this nonsense saga ALL my blood ties, I repeat ALL of them will vote for the present Government in Selangor, Penang, Kelantan and Kedah, and for the Oppositions in the rests of the states not forgotten, the Independents such as yours truly, YB Wee. Too long i’ve seen these bullshitting done by peoples who think they are mightier than GOD and the continuing insult on my intelligence made me decided this action. We’ve done that (the change in government) in Selangor before, we definately can do it again elsewhere. What do we have to lose anyway? All has been lost! Twenty over years in the airline working diligently and professionally all gone unappreciated. Worst the present powers that be is condoning this blatant manipulators. It is as clear as day the crime, but they( the government) still choose to play wait and see to gauge public opinion on this matter. As an MAS employee, it’ enough for me! A new breath of air is much needed, been suffocating far too looong. Thanks for the support, YB Wee.

  19. Hanif

    Amok dengan kuncunya si Rasahdan ingat MAS atau syarikat GLC yg lain adalah syarkiat kepunyaan bapaknya. Perkerja MAS mesti lawan dengna puak si Pariah dalam MAS termasuk Pariah juga.

  20. suara mas

    Wahai sahabat ku Hamid…kamu mungkin terkena budaya tertido macam pemimipin terdahulu ..atau mata tertutup sebab kamu tak nampak semua fakta yang bertimbun dalam blog YB.

    Sebab itulah MAS boleh jadi begini..jadi sarang pada pauk-puak si pariah n amok dan Rashdan untuk membuat MAS seperti bapak mereka punyai..

    Tapi sekarang semuanya telah pacah berkecai..semua muslihat kau orang satu dunia dah tahu..tunggu masa kau orang semua akan jadi panghuni tetap Sg Buluh!

  21. Anonymous

    this on going fiasco of unbelievable logic and decision-making. and all i see is hypocrisy. this, coming from a man who preaches open sky policy in malaysia.

  22. The CON sultant

    We are also interested to know the CONsultant Bina tak Fikir Sdn Bhd charged MAS for the WAU project? This will show how the maid up-grader Rashdan and Amok charged MAS in 2002. WAU was approved by Tan Sri Md Nor, the KING of WAU. Now he pretends to be Mr nice guy. Beware of him and the maid up-grader>

    YB please post the answers regarding the Bina tak Fikir CONsultancy fees and the 12 names of company involving in the fuel hedging contracts.

  23. Side Winder

    Just want to add these to the jackass that goes by the name “Hamid”, who posted his comment, “Give them time”.

    Behold! That 3-liners sound very much like those made by Malik, the Secretary General of MASEU (the biggest MAS in-house union) to a roomful of unions and associations representatives who were articulating their resentment of the CCF to Top Management in a special meeting. The only other guy I know who proposed anything similar to the above 3-liners is the Chairman TS Md Nor.

    Comprende? They must be bosom-buddies, if not co-habitating cronies!

    So, to all of you out there who expect MASEU and Malik to lead even a small picket, you guys are daydreaming. On the other hand, to expect the other unions and association to lead would be suicidal!

    Why? If Big Brother already in same stable with Management, who can lil brothers look up to for protection?

    Unionism is about Solidarity of the Masses and being in-house and not national unions, they cannot repeat the action of their previous national union, the de-registered Airline Employees Union that was de-registered by the Government in the aftermath of the last MAS strike in 1979.

    However, MAS staffs would like to see other MAS Unions minus the “Sleeping Pill” addicted MASEUS to do something. We know MESSA has been questioning Tan Sri Md Nor (the chief architect of WAU). How about MAPA, AMALE and others? Please do something otherwise The TRIO will finish MAS in no time.

    MAS staffs must all give their support to MESA and other good union.

    Pauline and Malik are you still on overdose of Sleeping Pills? Please wake up MAS is on FIRE!


  24. No Crony in MAS

    Conflict of interest were all over the place when one looks at what had happened in the appointments of the cronies of the Pariah. PlaneConsult is a good consultant, my foot! Appointment because of special relationships.

    MAS does not need idiot like that in MAS.

    What special qualities have ROzman and Azhari have the other poeple in MAS or other Malaysians do not have. I can ssure that other haev much better qualification and capabiliteis than them except that they are not cronies.

    No room for all cronies in MAS period.

  25. farid

    i read with patience.. and i still wait what is going to happen to MAS.. if MA were to close.. then I will need to update my resume.. sob sob sob..

  26. Looking for Consultant Blood.

    Hamid, see you tomorrow @ 3 pm in KLIA Arrival Hall if you dare. I will be there waiting for you. Oh, I am coming with 30 MAS staffs. Bring you consultant gang. Let’s see who stay alive!!!

  27. weskulat

    MASEU ,the badge given to the members is for souvenir or for what …if for souvenir might as well took back , i got a lot more interesting badge to wear.

  28. Mastrabaiduri

    Apparently nothing much transpired at the meting with technical and cabin crew yesterday. Morale was very low.Before the CCF, morale was high and Firefly jet operations was supposed to give AA run for their money. Then come the infamous CCF. Jet operations was stopped and Firefly jets – some leased from abroad and some from MAS were wet-leased to MAS. At first Firefly was supposed to takeover MAS B737 operations. At that tim Eddy Leong arrogantly said at a townhall meeting that MAS pilots will have to apply to join Firefly (to be rename MAS Sdn Bhd). Somehow things did not materialise – Alhamdulillah. Now Firefly jets is going to be shut down. There are lots of talk… captains above 60 will be given 4 months salary in-liew of notice. Those previously from the ATR will revert to ATR. Expats will have to go. They are trying still trying to arrange for secondment for those below 60. Co-pilots are most likely not marketable… probably will go back to ATR.

    ATR is already facing excess co-pilots – in anticiaption of expansion on B737 earlier on. Clearly the CCF – the work of Red Devil is very damaging.

  29. Hamid, we forgive you. I think you just want to be the black sheep here since everyone else is against the trio and you just want to be different.

    Why don’t you join the political parties lah, MAS is not your place. You are too good. Maybe join AirAsia and become TF’s dog.

    I know you want to be famous so congratulations, you really are a FAMOUS IDIOT! Air Asia has only 3,500 staff?! Your info memang bodoh la. Bodoh nye you nih. Maybe you are Danny in disguise, coward! – That explains the bodoh-ness!

  30. Insider

    FYI Shane Nolan was formerly also from Aero Lingus (Irish low-cost carrier)

    Conflict of interests? Yes definitely. Mr Shane Nolan has all this while attempted to adopt a LCC approach to MH and that’s often times involved drastic, absurd measures. Try as we might to accept these measures, they are in actual fact causing severe repercussions to our core businesses and also hurting relationships with other stakeholders eg travel agents etc. you cannot simply impose what’s worked in an LCC upon a full-service carrier like MH because our very core business operations are so different.

    I cannot see up to this point how his appointment has benefited MH, as well as the CCF. It’s like being in limbo every day, not knowing what awaits. Your guess is as good as mine.

    But with all due respect, MH is a good company to work for in terms of staff welfare and supportive colleagues . I speak as a junior staff who’s been learning the ropes from my patient and understanding team.

    It’s just unfortunate that the glaring decisions of the ones at the top are not aligned with both public and staff interests. How long more can this go on?

  31. Anonymous

    No Bolywood script can top this for sheer aucaciousness
    Malaysia Boleh!

    PM, surely you will leave behind a wonderful legacy onxe the full impact of this hits the country’s economy in years to come

  32. Keng MAS

    The maid up-grader Danny must be happy with the conflict of interest involving all the recent appointments of AA related people and consultant as designed by him, his master and Pariah.

    Never seen a thick any one more thick skin than Danny boy the maid up-grader. Then you have the WAU chief architect condoning and protecting him.

    Hopefuly the Danny boy’s wife is proud of her useless husband!

  33. Flyer

    Another leakage- i heard that MAS is renting MAS van for 8000 per month. Anyone know about this? With 8000 they might as well buy porsche..

    1. Musibat Sulung

      WOW…?? they renting a Van or a porche…?? hahaha.. better get your facts straight n right Flyer… or else, YB will be damn in parliament..

      Can you get your source investigate on this..?

      or anybody can justify this…?

      every citizen in Malaysia will love to know about this bl00dy stupid renting agreement… renting a van with a price of a porche…

  34. Malaysian

    just bloody do the picket la!! all talk cock sing songs lets gooo and lets picket peacefuly (not like Bersih 2.0)!! Just halt the flying for a while, let they know we mean business! the f-ing gov is still taking a stroll in the park while you guys barking at your own monitor here. YB has exposed a lot of things, then what are you guys waiting? your stupid unions arent helping either, so sometimes its best to take things on our own hands rather letting those incapable hands handle you. Dafuq you guys waiting? any second is wasted means more time for them to screw you up. stand up and be brave! after all these while, im amazed on how many keyboard warriors on this blog showing up, calling names to those trio yet in real life, they still can sit comfortably and laught at all of us. lets show em and the gov that we are really serious against this CCF that only benefits AK!


      Are you going to be the one who gets every one together?! You going to send a mass email using the company server to ask people to picket?????
      You going to be the one to put flyers around?????

      ARE YOU?! You pun sama, CAKAP MACAM PANDAI SANGAT, but the fact is this: if the unions do not initiate or there is nobody to organize the thing then forget the whole damn thing!

      You can piket by yourself and a group of 10 at most but who are you?! You seriously think it will draw attention? You and your group will be just nobody….. LIKE NOBODY CARES!

      You cakap kena pakai otak lah bukan main tembak-tembak saje. I nominate you, Malaysian whoever you are lah to stand up and organize a piket to start the ball rolling.

      FYI, there is a reason why at this point of time we the majority choose to remain this way for now. We must be smart also. There are many things that are going on behind the scenes i.e. general elections and that can play a major role too. ETc. Etc. Etc. You go blindly and you will be the first we will say SAYONARA to.

      So after that reasoning, you masih nak organize??? Be my guest, I support you, that is if you have the balls to do it also LAH

      1. Malaysian

        At group of 10 at most you said? then it means the majority of MAS do agree with the CCF then. You wanna wait for your unions then go ahead.

        General election? What general election? How general election in your opinion can set them out of this? It just aint Selangor that will contribute to their possible win in the next GE. Selangor doesn’t belong to them now. What makes you think they will stop if they lose Selangor again the next GE but still win other seats? The public dont know shit at all about all of behind-the-scenes things. You wanna know what they think? They think MAS has been the same, always the same, losing every year, thats what they know. And your rantings here alone wont convince those public not to vote for the Opposition lah brother, they are BN hardcores, just because of this one ‘small’ mistake by the Gov wont make them give their votes to the Opp unless its your own family members who are acknowledged of all these. They would think this blog as one of the Opp’s blog too, damaging the gov name like any other PR blogs. And you wanna convince the whole Malaysia not to vote for BN just because of what is happening in MAS? dont you think that would be much more harder than convincing your own mates in MAS?

        And who made all the noises before in the newspaper of wanting to picket? now where are they? why dont you have all the ‘disappointed’ MAS workers to gather at other place and discuss 1st. It’s hard yes, i dont say its easy either, but the hard truth is, most of them dont even give a shit either, as long as jobs are still theirs. Be comfy now nvm. It’s just a hard-to-accomplish suggestion. If you think you have something better then just shoot it here. I’d like to know as well your strategies. And ya, in fact I believe some of us would like to know as well what’s that one reason you mentioned that the majority of you guys wanna remain as it already is now? Who are the ‘we’ you mentioned? Why didnt everyone in MAS know? try to ask any random MAS workers why they would keep silence, their answers most of the time would be simple, to keep the jobs safe while they are butchering you from the top. and end up being like Fy in the end, God forbids. Well, all the best to all of us then. :)

      2. Malaysian – Enough said lah. You cakap macam tak tentu arah. In the end, are you going to start something since you say the rest only pandai komen no action?

        If not, shut up lah you. Stop calling other people ‘cowards’ when you are not better off.

    2. Malaysian

      with mentality like you, to ask people to shut up, lol, you’re the same like the trio. i wonder who you are. just trying to save ur job huh? perhaps everyone in MAS should be checked for their background, whether they deserve to be in there in the 1st place, not just the trio. just because people like me have different mentality from you, i need to shut up? you’re really the same as the trio, when asked, dodging instead of answering like a coward, and yes you are, even on the internet. you’re teh LOL of the so-called uprisers among us. and you dont have to shut up, some of us really LOL at you, just in case ure wondering.

      1. Brother

        Chill la bro. This is about MAS not you. To me (Malaysian) what you said just was uncalled for in the beginning “just bloody do the picket la!! all talk cock sing songs lets gooo and lets picket + while you guys barking at your own monitor here”. I do not see why you should blame and put the rest down. If you feel so strongly to do something just go do it. There is no need to tell ppl they are (useless) and then try to defend yourself as being different. Again it is not about you two but the company so chill. Nobody should be laughing at anyone especially at this turbulent time. :(

      2. Malaysian

        brother, if you’ve been here reading comments, you can see for yourself how many have actually wanted the picket, just because of me saying it in a cynical way, i deserve to get a personal attack by her? if she’s so smart, why couldnt she answer my simple questions? and of coz, when someone who is not holding any positions asking for something drastic like a picket, the supposed-to-be leaders would just tell go ahead and do it without them. cant you see? now it’s every man for himself now. what uncalled for? i have my own way in expressing my frustration as well, therefore when i said something which is different than all of you who keep on bashing and bashing the trios on here, i got flamed? i’d love to bash them as well, but ask yourself, what would we get if everything’s kept here only? everyone’s saying GE GE, i’ve told you what’s my opinion regarding the GE, it would be the same for us, they could still have Malaysia without Selangor. im just giving u my opinion on this matter, just dont be way too late in doin anything.

        but youre right. its not about me or her. it’s about MAS. therefore who is she to ask me to shut up too right? just like the gangster trio lol.

  35. Kunyit Hidup

    Reservations and staff from affected stations should provide information to YB Wee for Now Everybody Can Fly MAS with Low Cost Fare Part 2, particularly losses for MAS. Statement that AA passengers will be rebooked on MAS flights base on EXCESS CAPACITY is not adhered. It can be verified through date/time of rebooking in Reservations system and hardcopy of Departure Control System kept at departure station.

    1. Because of advance block bookings, deprive MAS to fill up with real revenue. How many registered ‘request status’ transactions by revenue passengers?

    2. The authorized block booking for AA till the extent of oversold. Therefore how much Denied Boarding Compensation (DBC) paid to passengers, accommodation cost, meals and ground transportation? DBC is not cheap, 600 euro each!

    If MACC is serious, the computer data (booking & check-in) that should last more than 2 years while the hardcopy at least 6 months are waiting to be investigated.

  36. Tony Musibat Kamjat Kalihamput

    I think this is what wil happen in the next PRU if :

    BN win = MAS bungkus

    Parti Pembangkang win = Tony f..ker will start a new business (jual babi kat indon)

  37. Anonymous

    The conspiracy to destroy MAS is evident with all the media attention givwn to the recent KUL-LHR flight disruption due to technical problem
    Do we see the same treatment for AA?

  38. I agree with Kana! WTH is wrong with Malaysia?! The Star is really out of whack. The AirAsia plane that skidded off the runway in Kuching was given low priority when the pictures say something different. Why this pilih kasih mentality by the media? Someone is behind this preferential treatment kot.

    Shame on Malaysian mainstream media.

  39. Anonymous

    Hamid, get lost, u don’t even know what is happening n somemore want to give ur stupid comment….hey are u Pariah n the 3 idiot trio fan? Wake up….. Sure if we knew who r you, we will send a lots of kick into ur ass

  40. Concerned Passenger

    Good Day YB,

    Thank you for your service to Malaysia. We appreciate it.

    It is public knowledge that the A380 suffers from cracks in its wings.

    EASA has issued an Airworthiness Directive on the matter.

    Click to access 2012-0013.pdf

    Is the A380 safe to fly ?

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