“Rashdan to exit gracefully!” said MESA of MAS

Left: Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and his trusted crony, Rashdan, the Deputy Group CEO of MAS that has been caught upgrading his maid and baby to First Class Cabin in MH 122 on 1-1-2012

Updates @ 2 pm 15-4-2012: “Danny-Nanny scandal turn into Reign of Terror” a must read article by ABITW in HERE.

Yesterday (13-4-2012) MESA Union of MAS has sent an e-mail to Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof (Md Nor), the MAS  Chairman and also one of  the brains behind the project known as “Widespread Assets un-Bundling” ( “WAU”) in 2002 / 2003 when he was the MD of MAS. It was under WAU that on 25-9-2003 Md Nor caused MAS Catering Sdn Bhd to be sold to the former PM, YB Tun Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi, brother’s (Datuk HJ Ibrahi Hj Ahmad Badawi) company and on the same day Md Nor secretly signed a ONE SIDED catering and other services agreement with MAS Catering Sdn Bhd for 25 years costing MAS RM6.25 BILLION!  The name of MAS Catering Sdn Bhd, which was set up in the 1970‘s, has been changed to LSG Skychef Brahim’s Sdn Bhd, in HERE.

Just for the record, YB Tun Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi is now the Advisor for MAS and the Chairman of the  Advisory Panel, which is supposed to ensure that all parties involved in the CCF, would operate in the interests of the public and reflects the aspirations of all consumers”, in HERE.


Md Nor after being the MD of MAS he was later appointed by the former PM,YB Tun Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi as the Security Commission Chairman from April 2004 to March 2006, in HEREand Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar was also appointed the MD of Khaznah Nasional Bhd in June 2004 until now, in HERE. YB Tun Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi resigned as PM 0n 3-4- 2009.

The consultant for “WAU” was none other that BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, which was incorporated by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (now MD of Khazanah) and his crony, En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny (Rashdan).  Yours truly believes that Amok must have handpicked his trusted crony, Rashdan,to initially be the Commander-in-Chief of MAS and that was when Rashdan flew to London to commit MAS to pay 18 Million Pounds to Sponsor QPR, which Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and his partner in AirAsia, Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, collectively own a 75% stake in Tune QPR Sdn Bhd, which in turn owns 66% of QPR Holdings Ltd.  It can be said that Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun are  the majority owners of QPR Football Club, in HERE.  This sponsorship was made at the time when MAS is “BLEEDING” and a “SICK PATIENT” according to Md Nor, in HERE.

It was around this period that PlaneConsult, the consultant for AirAsia Bhd and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd,  was appointed to do an initiall review on MAS. PlaneConsult was formally appointed by Aj and Rashdan on 16-1-2012, in HERE.

Yours truly heard that recently a Mat Salleh of PlaneConsult commissioned a trial run for loading of baggages in KLIA using half the number of existing MAS staff and one of the drivers, who has no experience in this job, was seriously injured. Can anyone in MAS help with the information on this?

It was also during this time that Rashdan ran “AMOK” in MAS and by a stroke of a pen he terminated the Firefly jet service and the JB/Kuching and Kota Kinabalu routes. Of course, the MAS Board (consisting of Datuk Azman Yahya of SCOMI fame, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun of AirAsia, Datuk Rohana of Astro, Datuk Krishnan Tan of IJM and Tan Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah) must be of the same wave length with Amok’s crony and in tandem with the objectives of  the infamous “Comprehensive Collaborative Framework” (CCF).

After AJ was appointed as Group CEO of MAS on 16-9-2011, Amok’s crony was appointed the Deputy Group CEO of MAS in charge of SHORT HAUL, which is supposed to be in competition with AirAsia. Now you can see clearly that Rashdan is desperately needed by MAS to head the section to “compete” with AirAsia. Just for the background.

On 24-3-2012 yours truly has exposed Rashdan of abusing his power as Deputy Group CEO of MAS by upgrading his baby and maid to the First Class Cabin in the flight MH 122 on 1-1-2012 Sydney to KL, in HERE. On 28-3-2012 during the MAS Town Hall meeting, Rashdan invoked His Almighty’s name (Demi Allah …) and read out from his hand phone verses from Quaran (a curious behavior of a GOD FEARING man) that he didn’t upgrade his maid and baby to the First Class Cabin, in HERE.

Yours truly would have thought that Rashdan and/or the other members of the TRIO namely Md Nor and AJ would have came out to openly deny yours truly said allegations but none of them have the courage to do so despite Rashdan having invoked HIS ALMIGHTY‘s sacred name.

Yours truly believes that MAS staffs and concerned Malaysians are all waiting for Rashdan’s public denial of the disgraceful incident that has brought MAS into disrepute. Some twenty days have elapsed, the other members of the TRIO are still keeping their elegantly silence in the hope that this disgraceful behaviors of Rashdan will be swept under the carpet.

However, unlike the MASEUS leaders, on 4-2012 MESSA confidently took the bull by the horn and wrote an e-mail to the “Chief Architect of WAU”, MD Nor, indirectly demanding Rashdan to leave MAS due to his said disgraceful behavior on MH 122.

In the said e-mail, En Matdiah bin Mohammad, the Secretary of Messa, parting shot to Md Nor was ” …  his (Rashdan) best recourse is to leave MAS immediately as his continued presence is untenable and would further impede organizational recovery in HERE. Below is En Matdiah Mohammad’s damning e-mail of 13-4-2102 to the “Chief Architect of WAU”, Md Nor:

From: matdiah5758@gmail.com <matdiah5758@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 11:20 AM
Subject: MH122 Followup
To: Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof <mny@khazanah.com.my>
Cc: aj.yahya@malaysiaairlines.com, zahra.zaid@malaysiaairlines.com, Ab Halim Said <abhalim@malaysiaairlines.com>, chanvscm <chanvscm@malaysiaairlines.com>, jamals <jamals@malaysiaairlines.com>, Izwan Ismail <izwann@malaysiaairlines.com>, emir@malaysiaairlines.com, najmirm@malaysiaairlines.com, kzsaisi <kzsaisi@malaysiaairlines.com>, chaick@malaysiaairlines.com, hussha <hussha@malaysiaairlines.com>, ymtengku@malaysiaairlines.com, dinza <dinza@mapa.org.my>, ahmadz@mapa.org.my, captlamck@gmail.com, alizamkusrin@yahoo.com, alias@malaysiaairlines.com, MASEU@malaysiaairlines.com, Aluyah Hj Morshidi <ally@malaysiaairlines.com>, amusa@malaysiaairlines.com, saleem@malaysiaairlines.com, ismaizam@malaysiaairlines.com, haswandy@malaysiaairlines.com, tlee@malaysiaairlines.com, yusofam@malaysiaairlines.com, fauzi.mahayuddin@malaysiaairlines.com, hayati@malaysiaairlines.com, norabd@malaysiaairlines.com, pleebc@malaysiaairlines.com, 14692@malaysiaairlines.com

Salaam Tan Sri, copy rest
Based on our enquiries over the MH122 First Class Cabin in-flight incident of 1st January 2012, we were made to understand that investigations carried out by the Integrity Unit has established that there is a strong basis to implicate the DCEO with a gross breach of discipline in respect of the unwarranted presence of an infant and a nanny in the first class cabin of the subject aircraft whilst it was enroute from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur.


You would recall that I had immediately made known to you of our concern over the related crew being called in for an investigation by the Company. I had then implicitly informed you that the crew must not be unnecessarily inconvenienced or subjected to any form of reprimand or retribution for merely performing their job dutifully as required. In return, you had responded with a hope that “the proper authorities will discharge their function promptly in the expected manner”.

Alhamdullilah, from our enquiries, we learned that the investigation this time was done quite professionally by the Integrity Unit with minimal distress, unlike other investigations done by the other arms of the Administration that were more akin to those that I had previously intimated to you, where it has even become the norm for certain parties to fabricate evidence(s) in furtherence of their own agenda.


In respect of the case against the DCEO, I would believe that you have been informed of the Integrity Unit’s findings and/or its progress. I feel that there is no need to remind you that the allegation of indiscretion is very serious in nature and that somehow, have been aggravated when the Almighty was invoked by a certain individual in public.


It is high time that the responsible person stand up and exit gracefully…. NOW, as our beloved MAS have been dragged into odium and public contempt. Procrastination is unacceptable as too much is at stake. The longer we wait or delay action would do more harm than good to MAS’ recovery towards our national aspiration.

Matdiah Bin Mohammad

Secretary, MESA”

26 thoughts on ““Rashdan to exit gracefully!” said MESA of MAS

  1. European

    Bravo Mesa… get the ro.bers out …step by step.. more of these gangsters must go..all staff:make it public..stand up against all the cro.ks and save MAS.
    then lets get Firefly back to strengh and fight back.. we all know, we can do it..
    ” We are MH”…

  2. Scout

    Danny has long overstayed his welcome. Anyone with basic manners will know when to leave when the party is over, don’t have to wait for the host to tell you to go home. How can the TRIO even imagine that the Business Plan can move ? The fundamental Critical Success Factor needed is the buy-in and support of the staff. There is absolutely NO way they can get this CSF, not because of Unions or that staff is simply resistant to change. Staff have experienced so many ups and downs in MAS’s history, and have always given their support for turnaround plans. BUT NOT THIS TIME. Staff are totally sick and tired of this new regime, the TRIO have ZERO credibilty and ZERO capability where we are concerned..
    PM Najib, do something NOW. Get the CCF off! Get the TRIO and the AA goons out! Do it now before the national airline becomes a footnote in history.

  3. rosaini

    A copy of the Voyage Report would have recorded the event of that fateful flight and there is no need to invoke the Almighty<

  4. Fence Sitter Voter

    1. If he has lied and cheated in that meeting, that makes him a liar and a cheat…..right? And you’re wondering if he would lie to protect his “lifestyle”? Of course he would!!

    2. Do not consider it proof just because he is swearing in God name, for a liar who will deceive with his tongue will not hesitate to do the same with his pen and many more.

    3. The trouble with lying and deceiving is that their efficiency depends entirely upon a clear notion of the truth that the liar and deceiver wishes to hide.

    4. The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!

  5. Dolly

    Danny boy, after screwing up BIG TIME in Maybank, you should at least learn from your past mistakes. But somehow, your head gets biggers, and you treated MAS as if your mak bapak punya company. Time for you leave MAS.

    p/s pity your family, if you continue with your BIG attitude, i’m not surprised one day, you will end up alone. mark my word!

  6. Razak of MAS

    Danny aka Amok’s crony, what the f..k are you still hanging on to your post when you have show that you are not fit to be an office boy of MAS. Go back to your Master, Azman Mokhtar and there are many GLCs that he can out you there with big fat salary like Tengku Azmil now.

    Tg Azmil is so quiet. What happen to you Tengku? Hope you are feeling good in Khazanah. Can’t you see that what you have tried to build when you were the MD have been dismantled by Amok’s crony Danny boy and his Mat Salleh Pariah of PlaneConnsult.

    If he is not willing then get your puppet master the Pariah and join his “profit making” airlines.

    If I were to be Danny boy, AJ, the WAu boy Tan Sri Md Nor, Rozman Omar, Nor Zalida Ahmad and that Botak Azhari, I will use this opportunity to run because the situation in MAS will be so unbearable!

  7. con job

    The crony Rashdan is still trying very hard to hand on to his gaji buta job Since MAS has a Panamera dead Wood Department, Md Nor can be appointed Chairman, AJ ceo, Danny the crony Deputy ceo, Rozman Omar CFO.nor zalida, azhari head of polishers and Dr Wafi ordinary member.

    Badawi remains as the head of Sleeping Department.

  8. rakyat malaysia yang perihatin

    Syabas Mat Diah….

    MASEU….apa lagi takkan DUDUK DIAM AJE…


    ahli2 Union tiap2 bulan bayar yuran .

    1. Anti Khazanah and MASEU


      Bro, MASEU tengah main telur dan gentel bijik bro. nothing they can be done by the idiot in MASEU. Now they are busy to hold the cabin crew as their member when NUFAM is registered to get all the crew become NUFAM member. At the moment Nufam cant do much since lack of member MAS crew. Hopefully the cabin crew start to think their future with different UNION since MASEU just ignored cabin crew welfare and pull few important benefits. there’s few traitors in cabin crew who really BODEK type for their on self interest.

      Pauline and Gerald Quinten, i pray for your early dead. Now i ask those in MASEU please do reply my comment over here regarding cabin crew matters. but make sure all the question from me are answered in order to change my perception towards your idiotic!

      Readers, please check on you tube, Malek conversation, he just concern about loss of member if new co initiated. when their member become less, the fee money also less. for public information MASEU never distribute annual financial report to members. if they have 7000 members x rm 8 x 12 month. MASEU u are nothing as UNION. Go to hell.

  9. Mohamed

    That ex Con Sultant and crony of Amok, bad Danny boy, is seemed to have been cornered. If only Md Nor had left with an iota of integrity himself, he would definetly abandon that liar Danny. Let’s see what happens next and kudos to those union leaders and integrity unit who stood their ground this time.

  10. con job

    Danny the maid upgrader, you have no way out now.
    You are pratically screwed this time. Just pack your bag and upgrade your maid to your master bedroom together with f..king wife.

    The whole MAS hates you, botak Azhari, Md Nor and AF another liar.

  11. Anonymous

    Thick skin Danny is a laughing stock in the arilines industry.

    We in MAS are ashamed of this Danny the maid upgrader but md Nor and Aj are condoning the misbeahiour of the worst kind fro the top management.

    I hope that he and his wife will go to a Masjid and swear withthe Holy Quaran since he has the habits of invoking God’s name to his advantage. What an indiot to invoke God’s name and then reading verses from his handphone.

    I hope that this Danny boy will have the balls to come out in the open to deny it!

  12. Con man Md Nor

    Md Nor please explain why did yu sign teh 25 years contract with MAS Catering worth RM62.5 billion. If it is your own ompany you wouldn’t have signe it. But you have a good boy that’s why you have been rewarded by Badawi to be the Chairman of Security Commission. I am sure that you ust have appointed a few consultatns to think for you like what you did not to WAU with Bina tak Fikir idiots (Amok and Rashdan).

    You also like Mat Salleh like Kim Clarke and Paul. How much have you wasted on CONsultant fees when you were the MD of MAS from 2001 to 2004?

  13. Jamal MAS

    Thank you YB for exposing these bast.rds who try to kill MAS.

    MAS staffs must start a campaign to expose the TRIO together with Rozman Omar, Azhari Dahlan dan Nor Zalida Ahmad.

    YB please punlish the “Now Every One Cna Fly MAS with Low Cost Fare” part 2. Let the Government know what they ahve been doing to help the Pariah’s AAx at the expense of MAS.

    The TRIO is doing all they can with Shane Nollan to absorb all the cost that AAX had to pay. Why should MAS be treated as a Cash Cow when that WAU fella has said in the Star that MAS is bleeding and sick patient.

    That Wbloody WAu bugger Md Nor also said that “Judge us by the result”. For 8 months what have they done? they are screwing MAS. So the fPart 2 should be published if YB has the evidence. Once that is out, then they willbe exposed. THen all of htem had to go including Rozman Omar. We don’t need low cost idiots to run Premier Airline. Their loyalty is to the Pariah not to MAS.

  14. blue sky

    Look around folks. CONsultants are running the GLCs. The mother of all CONsultants is Khazanah. GLCs do not value industry experience anymore. When Arthur Andersen Msia bungkus all of them joined MAS. Now Accenture is screwing MAS for hundreds of millions of ringgit for the failed ERP project

  15. Anonymous

    Md Nor is also the champion in appointing consultants and Mat Salleh when he was the MD of MAS. The trouble with these parachuted f..kers was because they are incompetence and they had to appoint Mat Salleh to think for them. Rashdan and AJ are no different. Just think for ourselves for the moment, Rashdan himself is a consultant where MAS paid him and Amok many million of RM. Based on this Rashdan must be an expert and yet when he is running MAS, he had to get PlaneConsult, which is also the consultant for AirAsia and AirAsia X. That show that he has no clue in running an airlines then or now. He is just an “intellectual” fraud that playing with big word like “Widespread Assets Un-bundling” (WAU).

    Now he swore under the Almighty’s name that he didn’t upgrade his maid to First Class. He shouldn’t abuse the Almighty name but his own father and mother name would be ore appropriate. If he is thinking again of selling “non-core assets” of MAS again, please sell his wife first and daughter if he has one.

    This Amok’s crony is causing problems in whichever company he is in. In Maybank he didn’t last. Once he is out of MAS, hopefully soon, then let the Pariah try him.

    It is high time that they all get out of MAS asap.

    The longer they stay the worse it is for MAS. For bloody 8 months what they did. They have been coming out with 3 organisationla charts most probably drawn out by the CONsultatns.

    There si no way that they can turn MAS around. Forget about them. Get a real professinal aviation man and not those with consulltatn mentality. They need consultant because they are brainless.

  16. Anonymous


    Who are really in control of this situation actually? Najib, R..mah, Azman, Pak Lah, Tony, Patail? Total skeleton has been exposed from the closet and yet, no single action taken so far.

    From Azman, Tony, Rashdan, Mat Nor, Jauhari and all clowns/monyet involve in the making of the “Falls of MAS” and other GLCs, nobody held responsible for the damages.

    I don’t think Azman can decide everything like it is his father’s and grandmother’s business.

    Takkan la Tony Paria holds Najib balls threatening this and that to benefit AirAsia, where he is the PM and decision is his, he can picit and jentik telur Tony what!

    I am very sure there is a shadow behind him giving order what to do.

    We need to guess who!


  17. lululala

    Dear YB,
    due to firefly turbojet operation ceased by the stroke of the pen of the new management.
    a few aircraft are now on “long term parking”. these aircraft are leased aircraft.
    hence payment must be made to the lessor, whether the aircraft is flying or not.
    this is unacceptable, hundreds of thousands of dollars are being put to wastage, be it, ringgit or dollars. <— bleeding / leakage they say. more like punching another whole to an already sinking Titanic.

    what cost cutting are these trio doing? i have no idea.

  18. nagaman

    YB , you have raved and rant for so long and not much action is coming from MAS , Air ASIA or GOVT. In any problematic set up, seize the bull by the horns. The govt must ASAP effect change at the BOARD oF DIRECTORS level. These are the people entrusted to supervise good governance and they have failed because they are cronies of person/persons stand accused of improper conduct.
    SO please direct your missile to effect change on board itself first ,as they are the most powerful decision makers who are sitting and hiding comfortably knowing what you have said are true. They are crouching low to protect their position for allowing the damaged done to MAS indirectly covering up the wrong doings .


  19. Razak of MAS


    You are right that the Board must take responsibility of what had happened. They are also keeping quiet because they are condoning what the TRIO is

    What do you expect when they are also incompetence. Just look at who they are: Datuk Azman Yahya from SCOMI, Tony and Kamarudin Meranun from AA, Datuk Rohana form Astro, Datuk Krishnan Tan from IJm, Tan Sri Wan Azmi Land & General. What the F..k do they know about aviation except the Pariah and Kamarudin. Do you expect these two to question about the very low fare charged by MAS for AAX passengers? of course not.

    Beside Tony and Kamarudin, the person to watch is that quiet Datuk Azman Yahya of SCOMI! Is he one of the unseen hands? This fella must be also exposed.

    It is about time that MOF must initiate an investigation into what they and the TRIO have done especially the extremely low fares charge for the uplifting of the AAX passengers. Perhaps MACC should also step into the picture to investigate.

  20. XMAS

    The board can be devided into 3 groups of people.

    1. The real power – TF, KM and their Budak suruhan Danny.

    2. The survivors – TSMN, Datuk Azman Yahya ( soon to be the longest serving board member, the only one to survive the last round of change). Enjoys the perks too much.

    3. The rubber stampers – The rest, no real knowledge and experience and to lend legitimacy to all of Grp 1 decisions. Too afraid to rock the boat and lose their perks.

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