The architects of the MAS-AirAsia share swap and CCF

Updates 2 11:30 am 12-4-2012: Apparently the Special Rate Fare charged to AAX is ALL inclusive of the Airport Tax, Emission Tax for London and Paris sectors and Fuel Surcharge.  After the deductions for the taxes and Fuel Surcharge, the fare KL – London will be left with RM500  for MAS to cover its fuel cost!  It is definitely a rewarding deal to some! But losses to MAS. 

In Utusan on 12-4-2012, MAS latest promotions in to Hong Kong fare at RM809, Jakarta RM609 and Ho Chi Minh City RM709. Just compare them to the Special Rate Fare to London that MAS only received a mere pittance of RM500 for up-lifting AAX passengers.

 AJ has proudly told the MPs during the briefing on 26-3-2012 that AAX has paid RM20 Million to MAS as deposit. The RM20 million only covers an average cost of about RM570 per AAX passengers!  


The share swap deal between Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and AirAsia has been a rewarding experience to date with good progress achieved in respect of collaboration, says AirAsia Bhd Group Chief Executive Officer, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.  “We have managed to set aside our differences and work together towards achieving the common goal of success and I am happy with the transaction,” he added. However, he declined to elaborate further on the matter, despite being pressed to do so here today. Read in HERE.

It would be a more complete statement had Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (TF) told the mass media that the “Beside CCF, the 18 Million Pound sponsorship by MAS to QPR, appointments of PlaneConsult as the consultant of MAS, En Rozman Omar as CFO of MAS and En Azhari Dahlan as CEO of MAS Engineering, his unlimited accessed to the trade secrets of MAS as a Member of the EXCO/ Board of Director and friendly and accommodating top management of MAS have been been a very rewarding experience to date with excellent progress achieved in respect of collaboration.”

Yours truly would have thought that the above will be the experiences that TF would not dare to even dream of before the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap and CCF were inked by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (Amok), who is a great believer that in Malaysia “Open Tender is no Push Fully”.  Of course, Amok has said that most transactions were done by  “Direct Negotiation”. Yours truly salute Amok for his honesty in this respect. Therefore, we all can assume that all contracts related to GLCs under the control of Khaznah were all by “Direct Negotiation”. Amok also told MPs that he took full responsibility for the said secret share swap and CCF, and it was a Judgment Call. Read in HERE.

Any director of ailing company would have spun the same way as TF. The spinning has not ceased. For back ground information please read in HERE, HERE & HERE.


In monetary terms, the 18 million Pounds sponsorship of QPR Home Jersey, termination of Firefly’s jet services and the recent uplifting of AirAsia X Sdn Bhd (AAX)’s passengers for the cancelled routes to London, Paris and India would be more than rewarding!

Uplifting of AAX’s passengers

Under MAS policy, MAS will only uplift another airlines passengers based on its published prices and seats availability basis. It would also a standing condition that non-IATA airlines concerned would have to provide bank guarantee or some form of banking facilities to cover the total cost of the passengers to be lifted. If there is a Hard Block Booking MAS will insist upon full payment upfront regardless of whether passengers traveled or not. Soft Block Booking then it will be on seat availability basis. This has been the long trade practice for MAS. A prudent one too.

In the case of AAX, the top management of MAS and the Acting Commercial Director, Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult, proceeded to uplift AAX‘s passengers without any banking facilities as security. AAX was also allowed to do Block Booking of seats for all the dates of its passengers with ZERO fares as shown in the online tickets. It was exposed in HERE, HERE & HERE.

As an exercise for damage control, at 12:06 am MAS HQ desperately sent out e-mail to MAS staff at 12:06 am on 28-3-2012 which state amongst other things as follows:

“Malaysia Airlines has entered into a Re-Accommodation Agreement (“RA”) with AirAsia X effective 27 March 2012 to re-accommodate the latter airline’s passengers on four routes cancelled using excess capacity on Malaysia Airlines flights. The four routes involve Mumbai, Delhi, London and Paris. … These arrangements were provided with regard to excess seats available and agreed costs involved.”  Please read in HERE.

The said e-mail was an afterthought and exercise for damage control and to fool MAS staffs, Malaysians and the Government. The uplifting of the AAX passengers were dutifully carried out by MAS well before the 28-3-2012 with ZERO FARES as can be seen from the evidence of the online tickets as published in the Blog of yours truly. The said 12:06 am e-mail of 28-3-2012 was most misleading as it was not the true reflection of the actual situation. In actual fact, the so-called “Re-accommodation Agreement” was only executed on 28-3-2012. It would be most incredible that the said Agreement was executed between the wee hour from 12 midnight to 12:06 am on 28-3-2012!  A clear evidence of their incompetence! Most probably the top management and Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult didn’t have sufficient time to seek the “professional assistance” of PlaneConsult and the other consultants to think for them before they embarked on sending out the e-mail..

This is the agreed Economy Class settlement rate by MAS and AirAsia for the said AAX’s 35,000 passengers.

KUL-LHR RM1,111  RM1,493

BOM-KUL RM372  RM674

The above Special Rates represent more than 40% discount given to AAX!  The said BIG DISCOUNTS and with the “Hard Block Booking” will not be an incremental revenue for MAS as stated in the said 12:06 am e-mail but a LOSS OF REVENUE for MAS. These Special Rates are depriving MAS of real revenue from MAS own loyal passengers because the seats have been taken up by AAX passengers. By right the top management of MAS and its Acting Commercial Director, Mr Shane Nollan, who is also of PlaneConsult, must specify how many seats are allowed for AAX passenger per flight for any given sector. There was no such restrictions at all. This was a serous clear derelictions of duties by the TRIO and Mr Shane Nollan.

Was this the “COLLABORATION” that TF was raving about in his statement to NST? If it is then TF should ask the TRIO to discard “Malaysian Hospitality” and replaces it with “NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY MAS WITH LOW COST FARE” as MAS new slogan!

The TRIO must come clean and make known to the Malaysians and the Government what are the Special Rates granted to AAX for other sectors like Australia, Asean, London and beyond and others. SILENCE IS NO LONGER AN OPTION TO THE INCOMPETENCE TRIO.

Yours truly calls upon the Ministry of Finance to institute an immediate investigation into these Special Rates of fare for AAX and what were the actual fares billed to AAX, if any, for these 35,000 AAX passengers.

MYCC: What is happening to your investigation into the said secret MAS-AirAsia share swap and CCF?


  1. TrioStupid

    Rewarding to Pariah TF and well job done to Trio.

    The RM20M for 30k AAX uplift passengers not paid yet.
    More AA airbus is coming for servicing. Another cost to MAS with high discount. Another loss revenue. We expect not less than 40% discount.
    MAS is bleeding but with discounts given to uplift AA 30k passengers has caused more leakages. Again MAS to absorb the loss revenue.
    Given the Pariah cronies at the strategic management level, all decisions will in favor to AA. This is as good as MAS being robbed and raped publicly.

    The Tsunami in MAS should be put to STOP. Is PM doing or planning something? I don’t see anything but I am hoping so much he will turnaround this nonsense. If none, we see huge gaps in next GE result.

    May Allah save MAS and stop this public raping… Everyday MAS being raped!

  2. European

    hahahahaha absolutely unbelievable as its a clear breach of antitrust and a breach of competition law… some other LCC´s must be laughing their bud`s off
    what more does it take to get this nice ” Malaysian Mafia” to the place they belong…a jail ??? thank you for publishing this picture.. we have been waiting for a while to get a new target for our dartboard… no chance to miss…hahaha
    this is so rediculous and dirty that its just bearable by laughing like madman.
    time to fight these robbers … or is there no justice ???
    Now everyone can rob MH??” fight this guys….

  3. Danny's Nanny

    My good boy Danny: MAS immediate problem is to solve it cash flow. Hence dealing with Air Asia regardless how much additional revenue it may brings will not achieved that for a simple fact that AA is a lousy paymaster. It account payable on average is not more than 120 days. And with TF on your board, you probably not getting your cash until after a minimum of one year. That also if MAS willing to give a discount. Hence for the next one year , how is you to finance your operations? Common sense Danny, you don’t need to go to Cambridge to figure out that one. In addition with you taking the advantage of upgrading your maid to first class, that available seat cannot be sold to me. Hence, MAS will not get additional revenue which will translate into cash. This is a simple explanation to help you understand the basic of business. You may get a better experience if you willing go spend sometime at Kidzania – they allow you to play act on how to run a business over there. Do spend sometime over there as mistake make they will not cause substantial damage to anyone.

  4. European

    the situation seems to lead to no move forward… pls let´s all spread the news by linking to as much as possible other blogs..let´s attract the attention of the press as the true power of the RAKYAT is still blocked by the government and its cronies..print the true logo and fix it to every wall, every place where people can read it “WE are MH”….all have to do their part now to start moving the robbers out and to save MH..no more screaming about “PM please help”…as he will not help unless you..the people and employees of MH, vote him off.
    Politicians and their cronies only listen to powerfull voices, never ever to oh.please help or please support us… Votes…thats what counts….
    A few honourable MP´s like YB and some other honest MP´s and supporters can not do all the work for YOU… you are MH… (should you use the MH-system ..be careful as all is logged and the cronies are still on witchhount for those not supporting their daylight robberies)
    Lets attract as much public attention as possible as this is our weapon to defeat ignorance and the very famous ” brushing under the carpet”
    No more “never mind” someone will correct it…
    Nobody will correct it except YOU… the true soul of MH and a few of your friends in Europe… lets stand united and show the world ” WE are MH”
    no more moaning and hoping for the support of unions.. (are you guys still alive ??? You should be the voice of the staff , right..?? so do we need to send you some medicaments to improve your voice??? Why so damned silent?? not enough funds to print the “WE are MH” stickers to show you do not agree to all the criminal crap by a few so called “leaders”
    come on …..rrrrrrrrrrring wakeup call to all…….
    stop moaning…start fighting…” WE are MH”…

  5. hanana bt abdulla


    Having gone through the stories in MAs

    in your past blogs I cannot wonder why the

    Melayus in these episodes did not perform

    well in the prestigious task given to the

    despite their impressive cambridge/oxford

    backgrounds. Perhaps the writing of sakmongkol

    today can explain the psyche of these melayus.

    The Melayu Chevening Scholars

    Interestingly many of the personalties

    mentioned in your notes were chevening scholars.

    The Chevening is a British Government scholarship to

    foster some kind of network between British

    politicians and up and coming natives

    from a commonwealth dominion like Malaysia.

    Notice I used the word natives. The arrogant englishman

    have the idea that we are all natives here in Malaysia.

    though the melayus in these episodes drive around

    in panameras, they cannot run away from their native

    mentality-much like having monkeys in mercedes!

    The list of scholars include-

    >SIL [ master development studies -oxford, bsc london]

    >azman mokhtar [master development studies -cambridge, acca ]

    >wafi nazrin [master of laws -cambridge, llb (UIA)]

    Other Melayus From Cambridge

    Nazir Razak BSc(Bristol),Master of development studies [Cambridge]

    The current sec gen Treasury also has a Master in development Studies
    from Sussex

    The British Gomen through Tony Blair is so generous that they make

    available a master in development studies to Saif gadafi at the LSE.

    It would appear that development studies is a powerful subject

    in the 1-malaysia corridors of power!!

    Dani the bumbling mat kelate has a bachelor degree from Cambridge.

    I would suspect that he too is in the loop- development economics

    and mat wafi [ I expect this mutt waiting for emel from staff ?) was doing

    development law?

    Melayus have no self respect , no shame, no self worth

    The melayus have no self respect . The article

    by sakmongkol on the view of pendita zaaba on the melayus who

    were hopelessly enslaved in mind and probably body too by the

    rulers of the day .

    Look at our crooked shameless accountants.

    One overpaid for a Bank that was loosing money in Indonesia

    [amirsham]; Another sold Mv Augusta for 1 euro! [azlan hashim]; one

    sold the profitable mas catering and then do an unheard of binding

    contract for incredible billions over 25 years [ md nor,incumbent mas chair]

    Last listed here but certainly not the last – nor mohamed yakcop

    -the boss who lost billions in money market gambling and responsible

    for bringing the cambridge guys with all the hype into khazanah and


    No wonder mas is fu*ked. A more thorough expose

    and a mention on these sad stories will bring the

    parliament into some sense of propriety .

    Pl raise this in Parliament and the ‘development

    mafias ‘ can be revealed. I suspect the characters

    listed above are macais of some hidden politicos

    amassing wealth while the sun is still shining

    an english professor would refer to us]

    1. Mohamed

      This explain why these oxbridge and calfbridge graduates failed miserably. They r not smart but made out to be smart by this master of ‘divide n rule policy’, OmPuteh and Malaysians r paying dearly for these foolish scholars’ antics at those High Offices….

  6. the 7 Dwarfs

    ohhhhh now we know the real idendity of the 7 dwarfs aka
    “The architects of the MAS-AirAsia share swap and CCF”
    this is the real WOOOOOOW
    make an educated guess.. who is who..
    Doc, Bashful, Happy ,Grumpy, Sleepy, Dopey,Sneezy
    These jokers are the “dartboard of the year”…
    Brush them off MH, guys.. no need for mercy to daylight robbers…

  7. John Man

    Trio are highly paid stupid, playing dumb to rob the taxpayers money. Their political masters also playing dumb as they empty the barrels into their pockets. No one in the system that we had entrusted them to take of our money is doing anything. These penyamun should shot dead.

  8. Pak Tua

    MAS is doomed under the CCF. Only AA will benefit because right from day 1 it was meant to save AA at the expense of MAS. Don’t expect the PM to do anything as his banker brother’s business is tied up to the survival of AA. AA is stuck with 200 Airbus 320 Neo on order, MAS is the only likely buyer for the Neos. Will MAS have to pay penalty on the Boeing 737 800 planes on order that it has to cancel? That alone will cost MAS some money. Poor MAS. Change the Government and we will have a chance of saving Malaysia and it’s national airlines.

  9. Insider

    I just came back from CDG and gosh on the way up the flight was FULL with AAX pax. They behave truly Low Cost Pax as when we serve them food, they declined, but when being told it is complimentary, wooshhh, order keep on coming. They really make their money worth here!!! I interviewed one pax who are chatty enough to tell, “HEY I WILL ALWAYS BUY AAX TICKET CAUSE WHO KNOWS I WILL BE SEND TO MH AGAIN! WOW GREAT STUFF HERE AND I AM GOING TO TELL THE WHOLE WORLD!!!” – So that goes our ticket sales. So why on earth AAX not happy with the transaction. The money they gave us not enough to buy fuel to fly their paxs, and uplift of Expensive airline food from you know who. MAS the loser and are rob in daylight but Government is okay with it. Rest assure we won’t be voting them coming election. Hushhhh

      1. Insider

        That is why we are call MH = Malaysia Hospitality. We worked with Pariah salary and expected world best service. In abroad other airlines crew eats in restaurant, MH Crew cook Maggie mee in the room. No wonder every month there’s news on crew being sick and some died of heart attack. Parents beware if you want to send your children to work as MAS crew.

    1. Broken Winglet

      AAX pax also behave like AAX Owner..wallup everything that can grab..really behave like Pariah..!!!

      I think MAS CEO & Minister just closed 1 Eye eventhou they know what’s goin on in MAS….

  10. Fence Sitter Voter

    YB, MOF should get MAS to provide a detail breakdown price of each pax for the 35,000 paxs in order to justify the payment of Rm20mil for the Re-Accommodation Agreement (“RA”) with AirAsia X .

    A rough calculation;- Rm20m divide by 35,000 paxs = Rm571.40 per pax. Wow, is this a scam or a one sided agreement favoring AAX?

    Keep up the good work, YB!

    1. Pascal

      @Fence Sitter Voter

      After all these demands for transparency, I doubt very much if they are ever going to reval the detailed breakdown price of each passengers. This is because they have a lot to hide and not because of some principle of not discussing corporate affairs in public.

      Yes, RM20M or RM571.40/pax should be just enough to cover airport tax, pax service tax, fuel surcharge and insurance. The fare is still ZERO.

      Rewarding alright, for TF.

  11. The Idiots

    The TRIO and SHane Nollan must be sacked for giving low cost fare to AAX. MAS is not their grand father company. Please get out of MAS.

    Azman Mokhtar you have said you are responsible for the sahre sup and CCF then you must now get rid of Rashdan your crony first then Shane Nollan, Md Nor and AJ. They are not fit to run a brothel.

  12. The diotic TRIO

    Hey! Mother f..kers! Is MAS your company for you to do as what you like? What a shocking revealations! Great stuffs YB.Thank you for keeping us informed.

    What the F is MYCC doing about all the nonsnse in MAS? MAS belongs to the tax payers. The TRIO must account to the Rakyat. I thought the days of Sleepy Head are over over. It would appear that the government is also sleeping.

    Rashdan the maid up-grader what the f..k are you still runnning Amok in MAS?

    You should be put in charge of the maids passengers for AA or in charge of your master Amok’s maid. Have you upgraded your maid to your master bedroom??

    The MAS unions what is happening the leaders? Malek and Pauline from MASEUS are still asleep due to overdoose of Sleeping Pills. Don’t tell us all of the others are also asleep under the same prescription. Dr MACC should come in to help them.

    1. Broken Winglet

      Bro Trio..
      Pauline & Ungku Yuzaph is not Maseu leader..they just act as Malek’s honking-dog only..not more than that..!!!..their duties just bark..bark..bark & bark..untill our CA silently signed and agreed by them..without consult & discuss with their fellow Cabin Crew.
      Malek & Alias just kept quite as they already got what they want..extension for another 2 more years.which means..more rewards & contract for them by selling Mas Crew perks & benefits.

  13. Anak MAS

    Hey AJ, Bung Moktar has clarified that his salute to you is conditional, I guess you will not be getting that salute from him any time soon.

    So here you are in replacement, I salute you for your audacity to try and lie to us.

    1. Insider

      If you have seen AJ, he do not have balls to speak publicly. Danny boy is itched to hold the mike. WTF trying hard to hide his innocent guilty face. Let start a chain reaction curse on all the bastards!!!!!

      1. Anak MAS

        I do note that public speaking is not one of AJ’s strength, if he had any, other than his iron-man race participation. The few times he did, he was too general, leaving the audience wanting more. This is simply because he was completely out of his depth on the subject matter. I do not believe he understand let alone own the turnaround plan. So it is not about not having balls.

        I imagine that he would avoid speaking at an IATA conference as the CEO of MH.

        Danny is a attention whore! He has to say something and show off. I felt like puking the first time I met him many years ago where he was obviously trying to impress all those within earshot of his mobile phone conversation. When he spoke, it was obvious to the audience that he had no substance.

  14. Razak MAS

    We all all waiting for Part 2 for the Procurement Contracts and “Now Everybody Can Fly MAS with Low Cost Fare’. Please publish you and we would like to see how the monkies in MAS going to jump.

    The rule of the thump is: Don’t allow any monkey to be in a place where there are plenty of bananas!

    Rashdan, where are you hiding. I don’t think your master Azman Mokhtar can protect you anymore. Better ask the pariah to appoint you any where in AA or AAX. But in view of your situation I doubt if the Pariah wants you anymore. He will dump you anytime. You have outlive your usefulness. The place for refuge for idiot like you is still in Khazanah under your master whilst he is still there.

    Md Nor, can go to old folk home because CIMB also may not want because you have caused enough problems for Jay. You know who I meant.

    For AJ, can still try to hold on because the pariah still need you to hand on while he is trying to salvage the situation. Malakof no way now because no vacancy. Pity Aj, he thought as a Budak Suruhan he will be ok. How to be ok when you are Budak Suruhan to an outcast like the Pariah. Better resign while all shits have yet to hit the fan.

  15. Hafiz MAS

    The TRIO should be brave enough to deny or admit> The TRIO has been keeping extremely quiet all these while in the hope that all will be well. All will not be well because every body in MAS and Malaysia already knew about the nonsense done by the stupid TRIO.

    No wonder MAS is in the shit house. The TRIO conveniently put them blame on the “Unproductive” MAS staffs when the top management that made all the stupid decisions and failed.

    The time has come for you all to get out. Sudah cukup. Tiada maruahkah Md Nor, AJ dan Rashdan.

    Please resign and get lost. All of you three positions in MAS are no longer tenable.

  16. Hanafiah MAS

    What are the Dunggu in MYCC, SC and Bursa Kl are doing about all these nonsense of the bullshits of the TRIO?

    These Special Fares should be of big interest for MYCC in Malaysia and the the Anti-Trust Commissions in UK, PARIS and AUSTRALIA! The MYCC can cover up for them here but not in UK, Paris and Australia. Someone should report to them.

    MYCC please wake up and don’t take so much “Sleeping Pills” and they are bad for health.

  17. Mohamed

    Disgusting scene around MAS but no credible explanation coming from the people responsible. Tony Fernandes once proudly trumpeted that he believed in organic growth of a company than growing through mergers n acquisition but what happened to his proclaimed mantra?

    I can only conclude that when a back door opportunity knocked on his door, he forgot about that mantra and decided he could easily eat the dumb malays like Amok, Danny and md nor but never expected the reaction of ferocious Malays in MAS n the true anak jantan n anak kelantan YB Wee Choo Keong

  18. The Con Man


    The disgusting TRIO are too busy witch hunting rather than managing MAS. The thought that if they succeeded in their witch hunt that all will be well for them. Like what YB said, they are a bunch of incompetence idiots running Amok in MAS. The TRIo is part of the national wastage and is their salaries and perks are parts of the leakages in MAS.

    Therefore, we must get them out before MAS fund is depleted to ZERO by these idiots.

  19. Just found out that AAx had clogged MAS flights out of Paris with massive overbookings. For each passenger denied boarding by the overbooking , MAS pays 600 Euros not inclusive of app 175 Euros for hotel and transport.Most of these passengers are AAx ‘s. Now MAS even takes care of AAx passenger expenses should they fail to secure a seat on the flight to KL

  20. YB, have heard that the crew who wrote about danny boy has been grounded by the management.If this is true then this is truly witch hunting to save one lousy top management staff. Please if you could confirm this,would you highlight it to the rakyat.MAs staff,please do something quick otherwise you may be out of job in the not too distant future.

  21. Stan

    So is anyone here planning to vote for BN in the coming GE? Tony is just a front and is easily replaceable. What makes you thing that even if the PM reverses the CCF now, after he wins the election, he does not do something worse?

    Vote wisely!

  22. economis kampong

    Dear YB WCK

    You are doing an ecxellent job at exposing how the trio and WTF is raping MAS. So the Rakyat NOW know who is doing what. It is just too bad that the Government of the day is not interested in DOING anything to stop the rape.

    This makes the Government complicit. In Islam – the Government is in ‘subahat’.

    Will we vote for a Government that is in SUBAHAT?

    Let me think ………………

    YB. WCK, please start a web signature campaign — to gauge how many voters are thinking over – of their votes for the coming general election.

  23. Anti Khazanah and MASEU

    all of them in trio gangs really BASTARDS! we dont want you to be in here MAS. Perosak, perompak, penipu, BODOH dan semua yang buruk untuk kau. Aku harap kau akan jadi manusia yg paling jijik dalam MAS. PM, aku rasa kaulah yg dalang dalam conspiracy MAS share swap ni…

    Pengerusi Khazanah, takan tak tau dalam hal ni? Pilihanraya kali ni aku harap kau jatuh dan tidak memegang negara ni lagi. bini kau dengan kau sama je. cepat2 lah terima balasan sumpahan oleh rakyat. Aku akan terus sebarkan BLOG YB ni kepada semua rakyat untuk tatapan. BN dan UMNO ada parti yang bagus dan baik kalau semua pengkhianat dan rasuah ni hilang dari parti.

    rakyat mas, tolong tukar atau undi parti lain. biar kerajaan lain yg memerintah. kita dah takde pemimpin yg telus berjiwa rakyat seperti YB Wee bekerja keras memperjuangkan hak2 rakyat dan harta negara. terima kasih YB.

  24. The F..king Trio


    If it is reversed then it will be extremely difficult to start again. Now that the NewCo has been terminated and that must have derailed the Pariah’s agenda quite a bit.

    We must just go on to expose the TRIO until they are naked and no where to hide. That must be the objective of MAS staff.

    The Union leaders except MASEUS had to take a lead in this matter. MESA should follow up with their task on Nanny Danny boy upgrading his amid and baby to first class cabin. This is serious.

  25. Stan

    Any agreement can be reversed! What is certain is MAS facing a funding problem. If it is taken private by the government it can still be broken up into pieces and sold to parties that are deemed fit by the government in power.

    I believe this is one of the avenues currently being thought off by the government.

  26. Like i said before, protest with your votes during GE, but start now and remove all your money from cimb, dont wait for GE. The longer you wait, the more they siphon from and damage mas.
    TF got mas to stop DXB and JNB-EZE, cause he wanted to fly there but UAE and SA goverment stop him as they dont want low cost screw up their operation. In the end mas lost that biz there.
    Damm-im and Kutty are the ones pulling the string, not PM.
    Make this friday prayer day for mas against these evil people. after prayer go Q up at cimb and take out all your money and cancel your credit card with cimb too.

    1. Anonymous


      Please give us the full details on this, it will be an interesting issue should it be confirmed that the low class airline was denied DXB, JNE, EZE routes by their respective authorities. The news must be spreading now of the diseased rot that prevails here in M’sian aviation.

      1. mas might relaunch DXB, JNB/CPT/EZE……
        news will be out soon as AA-x not allowed to fly there.
        these idiots should have checked before they cancel mas routes. now when relaunch the flights, additional unnecessary cost to mas.
        dont know yet what is up with rome???
        who is going to be responsible for this screw up…danny or TF….

  27. Anti Khazanah and MASEU

    who said new co not implemented? indirectly with 2division operating long haul and short haul the new co already on their way to accomplished the bast..ds dream because the short haul still under Danny Babi! With danny supervision, MAS short haul going to have very limited routes (non-profit) because the rest of the routes (profitable) leak to AA or AAX. so what the f..k all related ministry doing right now? enjoying all the SUAP money DENGAN IZIN. if not please do your job. Ministry of finance and ministry of transport leader don’t act like MONKEY in PARLIAMENT! and dont be MONKEY OF PARIAH.

  28. MA Boy

    Now Every Body Can Take Over Routes from MAS. We can see tht MAS gave in on the siver platter to the pariah. Look at the Middle East routes like Dubai. A profitable route that MAS gave up for AA. But the authority in Dubai didn’t allow the Pariah airline to fly there. Padan muka!

    The Kuty must also be out.

  29. Najib MAS

    Silence is no longer an option. Why you TRIO is still keeping silence. YB must be stating fact here. MAS is charging AAX fares below market rate. Is this how you save MAS idiots.

    Tiada maruahkah? Tak malukah terima gaji buta dari MAS? Letak jawatan sahaja.

    Si Danny bila nak upgrade maid kamu lagi? Upgrade maid ke master bedroom kamu bersama dengan isteri kamu sahaja. Itu baru best untuk kamu yang tidak ada aruah.

  30. PM

    @Insider 12Apr 2:29pm

    Please lah, crew cooking Maggie in the room has nothing to do with their pay.

    It is a choise the crew makes. It is an Asian thing. Instant mee is a favorite with ALL Asian airlines. There is only so much we Asians can stomache the western food.

    Furthermore, many of the crew have been accustomed to accumulating their daily allowance (which is meant for food) as their pay at the end of the month around which they have built their lifestyles.

    I remember jokes by UK and Australian Customs when checking the bags of incoming Malaysians, “Malaysian Crew loves their rice, sambal belacan, serunding and rendangs.” Even these people knows these dishes.

    To entice the crew away form cooking in their rooms, hotels offer crew lounge facilities, discounts on food and also relatively inexpensive “crew special” breakfast.

    In the late 80’s Sheraton Roma refused to renew or resubmit their bid for a certain renowned highflying neighboring Asian airline because of the damage to their rooms as a result of their crew cooking. Theer were burn marks on their carpets, the rooms smells of grease, on several ocassions, the smoke detectors went off, sinks are clogged and almost all the shaver sockets in the bathrooms are burnt and shorted.

    I have also seen crews eating in restaurants in London, Paris, Cape Town, LA. I can even name these restaurants.

    Lets face it, Maggie and Brahim is a much more welcome alternative to dressing up to go downstairs or outside for a bite to eat after a long hard day.

    Dont get me wrong, the crew deserves more than what they are getting now, we all do.

    1. Insider

      Dear PM, I am a crew and I resent what you wrote. I have been in the airlines more than 20 years. I believe you know what is inflation and currency exchange. I earn 20% lesser than I earn 10-15 yrs ago due to what is happening to MAS today. Is it our fault? Paxs are flying MH because of us, nothing else. 10 years ago, I’m single, no kids at home, no commitment. Today I’ve all these commitments, earn much lesser, won’t you think it is by no choice that we have to eat in the room. What you saw maybe those new crew who still have no commitment in life. They can afford to eat in the restaurants. Oh ya, why don’t you try the meal they serves in the hotel restaurant. If dont know, don’t comment. By the way I’m a Chinese and I eat anything that crawl. I loves food but I need to think of my future to save if things get worst.

    2. Broken Winglet

      Brader PM..
      I been flying for MAS for nearly 20yrs..and YES..we do cooked and eat Maggie mee while nite-stopping overseas..WHY..?? Its because what we earn last 10-15yrs are more than what we earn now..with living cost sky-up and just imagine after kena main with MASEU..we are only RM8 crew..World Best Cabin Crew 6 yrs in a row ARE PAID JUST RM8 PER HOUR..
      Now..u tell me..with RM8..what u can sumbat ur mouth for a descent meal in London or Europe..??its not even £2 or €2..that’s not include breakfast/lunch/dinner .You think its enough..??with that RM8..MAS still squeezed their crew with a lots of ‘volunteer’ unnecessaries duties like collect Can/Bottle/Plastic Cups for recycle (3R)..
      With hi living cost in KL and burden with commitment, Crew are prefer to tapau their own home cook meal/maggie to save the cost..AFTERALL..MAS CABIN CREW ARE NOT DESERVED TO BE TREATED LIKE SHITTTTT…

  31. Ragu in MAS

    There is an elegant silence on the part of the three idiots. Tan Sri Md Nor why are you not making any statement in the Star. You mean you have just realized that you have been seen as a WAU fool now. Of course you are the infamous WAU expert.

    Every one in MAS laughing at 3 of you who have no clue in what you are doing. You are saving MAS with such ridiculous special fares for the Pariah AAX. I am sure that majority in the airlines industry are laughing at 3 of you.

    Shame is not a word that you understand. You are to be thrown out of MAS. We will do it by exposit the 3 of you until your ow family will be ashamed of you.

  32. Chong

    No wonder it was rewarding! Who wouldn’t if one can dump all its problems to MAS. The three fools in MAS allowing themselves to be taken for a ride by that Pariah. They are still doing it. How are they going to save MAS with their mentality?

    They are either stupid or fixed with certain agendas to help the dying airlines. The question is: Who is a sick patient? To me it is AA and/or AAx is the sick patient.

    Md nor what the f..k are you doing about all the going on in MAS? Are you trying to tutu mata with all that have been imposed.

    It is just sickening to know what you all have done to MAS! My vote is against the government for not taking actions against the 3 idiots>

  33. Siva of MAS

    YB since they are still keeping their silence on the SPecial Fare for AA-X. Please publish the Part 2 and we would like to see how long can the TRIO and the Government keep quiet.

    I am looking forward to the Part 2. I want to see how the bast..rds have screwed MAS all these while.

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