MAS PROCUREMENT CONTACTS (RM794.73 Million) – Part 1


After the MAS-AirAsia share swap and CCF have been inked by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (Amok), the MD for Khazanah,, MAS was managed by an Exco comprising of En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny, the Amok’s crony and Ex-business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun both from AirAsia Sdn Bhd representing Tune Air Sdn Bhd. That was the arrangement agreed to by Amok. Several days after the inking of the said secret share swap and CCF, Rashdan flew to London to commit MAS to sponsor QPR for 18 million Pounds, in HERE.   

After the said secret share swap was inked, many PROCUREMENT CONTRACTS were entered into by MAS at the time when MAS was said to be “BLEEDING” and “A SICK PATIENT”. They are listed below:

Ogilvy & Mather (CommercialMr Shane Nollan)

Total Contract:                             RM15.7 Million

Engagement Period:                   01-02-2012 to 31-01-2014

Starcomm (CommercialMr Shane Nollan)

Total Contract:                             RM16.303 Million

Engagement Period:                   01-01-2012 to 21-3-2012 (3 months)

PriceWaterHouse Coppers Advisory  (Group FinanceEn Rozman Omar)

Total Contract:                             RM10.88 Million

Engagement Period:                    01-11-2011 to 31-12-2012

Axon Solution Sdn Bhd (Group Finance – En Rozman Omar)

Total Contract:                            RM21.836 Million

Engagement Period:                   01-12-2011 to 01-12-2014

Kumpulan SF Powertech (Finance and MAS Cargo)

Total Contract:                            Not known

Annual Fees:                                RM10.833 Million  

Engagement Period:                  01-11-2011 to 31-10-2013

 Affin Investment Bank – For A330 cargo aircraft 1 (Finance and MAS Cargo)

Total Contract:                            RM248 Million

Engagement Period                    14-9-2011 until 14-9-2021

Affin Investment Bank – For A330 cargo aircraft 2 (Finance and MAS Cargo)

Total Contract:                            RM250 Million

Engagement Period                    14-11-2011 until 14-11-2021

DVB Group Merchant Bank – For A330 cargo aircraft 3 (Finance and MAS Cargo)

Total Contract:                            RM217 Million

Engagement Period:                   25-11-2012 until 25-7-2023

Chimera Brand Relation Sdn Bhd  (CommunicationNor Zalida Ahmad)

Total contract:                          RM450,000 (allowances RM5,000 per month charged to Group CEO office).

Engagement Period:                10-10-2011 to 10-04-2012

Formis Computer Sdn Bhd  (ITDato’ Salleh Tabrani)

Total Contract:                           RM3.7 Million

Engagement Period:                 01-01-2012 to 31-12-2014

Formis Computer Sdn Bhd  (IT Dato’ Salleh Tabrani)

Total Contract:                         RM68, 290.00

Engagement Period:               01-01-2012 to 17-05-2012

Are the above A330 aircraft from Airbus? MAS leased or bought from which source?

The total sum of the above procurement contracts amounted to a whooping RM794.73 Million! Allowances for MAS staffs were cut to the bone but the appointments of consultants like PlaneConsult, PriceWaterHouse, Ernst & Young and others went on unchecked at the time when MAS was BLEEDING!

It is hoped that the above transaction are not part of the LEAKAGES in MAS!

Yesterday yours truly told Parliament that the the MAS procurement contract for 25 years with LSG Sky Chef Brahim’s Sdn Bhd signed by Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof (When he was MAS MD in 2003) cost a whooping RM6.25 Billion (RM246.9 million a year)!  It was signed under the infamous project known as WAU that was hatched by BinaFikir Sdn Bhd when Amok and his crony Rashdan were partners. Now two of the “WAU architects” (Tan Sri Md Nor as Chairman and Rashdan as Deputy Group CEO) are back in MAS and Amok is now the MD of Khazanah. Amok was appointed MD of Khaznah in June 2004 by the former PM, Tun Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi and he is now the Advisor of MAS.

After being pressured, YB Senator Datuk Donald Lim promised Parliament that he will provide written answers within this week to your truly on the cost of consultancy fees paid to BinaFikir Sdn Bhd and the list of the twelve fuel hedging companies involved with the so-called “paper losses” of RM3.3 Billions. The information will be extremely valuable to all.

WAU was about making MAS an “ASSET LIGHT AIRLINE” that on 25-9-2003 Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof sold MAS Catering Sdn Bhd to Gubahan Saujana Sdn Bhd, a company controlled by Datujk Hj Ahmad Badawi. Simultaneously the said secret one sided 25 years catering contract that was entered into by Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof. Was WAU about making MAS an “Asset Light Airline” or “Assets Stripping” of MAS?

The contracts for the RM18 Million to QPR, the new pale blue MAS logo and other have not been included in the above transactions. Can anyone in MAS help with the details of the above transactions?

The TRIO, Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof, En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya and En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof, the Amok’s crony, must account for all the above transactions totaling RM794.73 Million.  Instead of being transparent about what the TRIO has been doing in MAS, they are running AMOK in “witch hunting”. Yours truly has been informed that instead of the TRIO spending their time in turning around MAS, they were planning to BAN Internet facilities in MAS, carrying of mobile phones and other IT devices.  Most probably the TRIO must be thinking of employing another CONSULTANT in the AirAsia portfolio for this mammoth task!

SILENCE is no longer an option. The TRIO must come clean to clarify the above transactions without further delay. The Ministry of Finance must immediately a thorough investigation into the above transactions in order to prevent more cases of  Conflict of Interest and, more importantly LEAKAGES.

For the TRIO: Seperti kata seniman agong Allayarham Tan Sri P Ramlee “INI COMPANY AKU YANG PUNYA!” …..

Please read FMT report regarding the appointment of PlaneConsult in HERE.

52 thoughts on “MAS PROCUREMENT CONTACTS (RM794.73 Million) – Part 1

  1. Stan

    The Axon, PWC & SF Powertech contracts were not entered during Rozman’s time. Rozman only came in March 2012. I believe this can be found in the local press.

    The Axon contract is due to the ERP project in MAS and was committed before the entry of the new management. Although you can fault them for not discontinuing the contract.

    The Powertech contract is a recurring contract.

    The first two freighters were committed by MASkargo long before the trio came in. Although the last two (on option) they could have excluded. What you see is the financing part of the deal to pay Airbus.

  2. Pariah of the Pariah

    Hi TRIO/3 Stooges, what the f..k are ou all doing? Appointing CONsultans after CONsultants. Now Olgivy& Mather? What the f..k for?

    Buying airbuses from the Pariah?

    You 3 mother f..kers please FO from MAS. Go to AirAsia whre you belongs.

    Now no moe room for you 3 f..kers to move in MAS. So are Rozman Omar, Azhari Dahlan and Nor Zalida. Shane Nollan & Conor McCarthy better FO to Ireland to join the IRA.

    Ihope that the 3 stooges will not pay PlaneConsult after thematters have been investigated.

  3. Citizen Rules

    The total sum of the above procurement contracts amounted to a whooping RM794.73 Million! Allowances for MAS staffs were cut to the bone but the appointments of consultants like PlaneConsult, PriceWaterHouse, Ernst & Young and others went on unchecked at the time when MAS was BLEEDING.

    Staff who have dedicated 20 to 30 years of their working lifes are the victims of these mismanagement …..when it comes to renewal of CA ( collective agreements ) the company has no money but look at the way they spend …. yes we were cut to the bone and its bleeding now….time for action guys….

  4. Cronies of the Pariah


    Thank you for being empeor’s apologist. It is for the 3 TRIo to clarify through an email at 2 am tonight with the help of that incompetent Nor Zalida prachuted from somewhere. She is hte sister of Zaman Ahamd of AriAsia by the way.

    “Silence is not golden in such cases of the appointment of PlaneConsult that filled with Conflict of Interest”.

    If the TRIO dare not meet the press then please get out and bring with yu Rozman Omar, Azhari Dahlan, Shane Nolan and Conor McCarthy that you were responsible for bringing into MAS.

    Bast..rds is the word to describe you TRIO. We watn you up.

    What is MESSA, MAPA and AMAElE doing about these procurement contract and the appointment of hte Con-sultant, PlaneConsult.

  5. Jamal MAS

    Cost cutting? F U cost cutting. The way the staffs were treated by the TRIo is just too much. Just get out. We shall not slog for you to splash for CONsultant at your whim and fancy.

    There is only one way for you TRIO. Just get out with whatever dignity tht is left. Don’t get out in total disgrace whereby you will have to fly AirAsia only because we will PTUI at you.

    Ptui to the TRIO especially the WAU expert Md Nor Yusof. His title Tan Sri Should be withdrawn for committing MAS to RM62.5BILLION catering contract with Badawi’s brother when Badawi was the PM. Now this Sleepy Head dare to sit as Advisor to MAS. Tak malu kah si tertidur!

  6. Lokman MAS

    “INI COMPANY AKU PUNYA”. MAS bukan company bapak kau si KRONI. MAS bukan si Pariah punya. MAS bukan si Nanny Danny punya. MAS adalah dimiliki oleh rakyat Malaysia.

    AJ, md Nor, Azman mokhtar, Azman Yahya dan Nanny Rashdan jika kau nak jual harta MAS, jualah bini2 nak ank perempuan kau dahulu!

  7. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    In MAS only those graded staffs earn the lowest salary compared to other airlines. VPs and above are the most highly paid group in MAS and some VPs can even afford to live in banglow houses and own nice expensive cars.

    Graded staffs…what do they get???? PEANUTS. What those asshole talking about MAS bleeding when so much is paid to engaging CON-sultant. Just ask any MAS staffs and they can be a better Consultant than of these Mat Salleh CON-sultant that you idiots brought in.

    Pariah TF, AJ, Itchy Dan, Md Nor and the rest of the Panamera Deadwood, STOP witch hunting. Don’t think by having the MHCE Anugerah Ceremony 2011 to recognize staff (individual & team) staffs will bow to you idiots. NO WAY!!!!!.

    1. Anonymous

      I seriously doubt a VP can afford to own nice expensive cars and live in bungalows on a VP salary alone.

      So I would very much suspect the ones who do.

  8. MAS Guy

    Md Nor and AJ, you have said numerous times in the press that MAS lsoss was RM2.5 billion to justify Azman Mokhtar and the Priah CCF. Now with the appointment of PlaneConsult and procurement contracts of RM795 million!. Who is the repsonsible fo rhte losses, the MAS staffs or the incompetence TRIO including yourself.

    How abotu the catering contract that you secretly signed on behalf of MAS costing RM62.5 billion??? You sold to that Sleepy Chairman of MAS’ brother. Another evidence of conflict of interest. Too glaring. Please resign now.nNo way out for you, AJ and Nanny Dany.

    Azman Mokhtar another WAu expert must also be out.

    PM what are you eaiting for? Get them out now. What evidence do you need to act. Are the evidence in YB’s blog not enough.

  9. viper1909

    Dear Yb
    Wat happen to the police report that u made before?any progress so far from PDRM..dont tell me they all part of the trio..

  10. The Pumkiner

    Aiseh YB Wee…., you just gave them the justification to spend more on CONsultants.

    To overcome the problem of spending RM794.73 million, the Trio will add the job scope of their consultants and pay them more.

  11. Kunyit Hidup

    1. MAS is not making money.
    2. Khazanah appoints consultant to identify the problem.
    3. Consultant says, external experts are needed to run MAS.
    4. MAS hiring external experts and give them all the perks, including their nanny.
    5. The experts then appoint consultants to do the job.
    6. Consultants say, MAS is loosing because of overstaff and/or unproductive.
    7. Announce a customary short-term business plan after the previous become obsolete.
    8. Another consultant is to be appointed just to find ways to trim number of staff and benefits.
    9. Neutralise MASEU and to form a new company. Graded staffs are to swallow unfavourable ultimatum.
    10. A different consultant says, spin-off something to restart. Give a fancy name e.g. Asset-Light or Virtual Airlines.
    11. The acquired capital will last while the current experts in the office.
    12. MAS in the red again soon after current experts promoted as a minister or a CEO of other GLC or at least received datukship. Their balaci stays in MAS and joining the exclusive group called PDW (Panamera………something, the group’s productivity is not to be measured).
    13. Repeat the cycle.

    Therefore, MAS business is giving business to consultants and external talents. Not to mentioned the in-house competitor!

  12. Jumbo Jet

    Dato Salleh “Tarak Berani” is the In Flight Cabin Customer Service and Cabin Services Senior Vice Preaident – no wonder he is sitting comfortably there.

    Please throw him out of MAS as he seen unreliable as well useless. He charms the crew while he encouraged one hand to lower their benefits and terms condition.He is known to be a tongue twister.

    From becoming MAS Wings MD, he was seconded to In Flight Services in 2009 as General Manager, taking over Hayati Dato Ali’s position.

    Is he credible enough to manage the airlines 4,000 Crew members of their welfare?

    He gives talks thru his ass and makes spinning statements to his crew members. He is no diff from that “fat lady who cant sing” Hayati.

    Both have their own agendas sitting as SVP’s with a monthly salary of 40k plus yearly bonuses of RM200k.

    No wonder the crew have lost their confidence on this fella. Since he came in, all they hear was blllaaaaa blaaaaa blaaaaaa…

    Dato Salleh!! Please watch ur back from now as u two timed face your own crew, gaining extra income from MAS while your people do all the hard work!! May I ask what do you get from this contract Formis Computer Sdn Bhd!

    No wonder u prefer MAS than MAS Wings as there u only handle ulu contracts which cud perhaps buy u only a Kancil!!

    Opportunist and loser deserved to be kicked out from MAS!

    1. Anti Khazanah and MASEU

      the tag word he want to twist crew mentality from asking the improvement in cabin crew benefit or perks are, ‘we dont invite you here so just do what ever the company ask you to do’ and ‘let all the degree/master holder handle SPM holder matters’. Salleh oh Salleh…. FO!

    2. Anak MAS

      I know for a fact that the SVP that rose up the ranks in MAS do not make anywhere near the figure quoted and certainly have never gotten that much bonus.

  13. Robert

    MAS is bleeding. Spending on Consultant as if there is no tomorow. It is a clear case of of misnagment using consutlatn as the reason.

    Ogilvy & mather for what? Chimera Brand Relation Sdn BHd costing RM450,000 and RM5k per day allowance payment charged to CEO office. Why?

    The 3 stooges just using the ecuse of RM2.5 billion as a reason to screw the staff and at the sam etime they spent as though MAS is ther own company.

    Why is the Government is still dragging heir feet? I just wonder.

  14. Nazim

    A bit too much of speculation it is. Yup, these contracts may look big, but without even knowing the background how could you all make the conclusion responsibly. YB, this postings do not hold water at all.

    1. Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly.

      Most of the contracts were signed too close to the portfolio being taken over by the new management.

      In the case of Salleh, the groundwork would have been initiated and completed by by IT months before IT came under Salleh. The process involving such a large amount would require Tender Committee and Board approvals, and these do take a loooooooong time. The same goes for some of the other contracts.

      Some I believe are financing and some are for services. But O&M and Starcomm contract are definitely for Advertising & Promotions which is a luxury MAS can do without at this time. In fact, when Idris Jala came in, one of the first things he slashed was the A&P budget.

      But the Chimera Brands Relations is purely on branding and the deal is highly suspicious to me because it is conveniently below RM500K mark, with any additional charges over and above the contractual value being born by the CEO’s office.

      The background of the contracts would help greatly clarify matters. But in the absence of this, we can only speculate the nature of the contracts. But the background of the contracted can shed some light.

      1. Kunyit Hidup

        Stan, Nazim & Anon 11:16,

        “The process involving such a large amount would require Tender Committee and Board approvals, and these do take a loooooooong time. The same goes for some of the other contracts.”

        Hoping the same process was done prior to QPR sponsorship.

      2. Anonymous

        The QPR sposorship is a clear breach of normal corporate governance and the rules that are in force in MAS. It is beyond the Danny’s approving authority limit and the Board approval was not obtain PRIOR to the inking of the deal.

        Itsn’t it obvious that these rules dont apply to Danny.

        If it were done by any other, the offender would have been dismissed and shamed. Staff have been dismissed for lesser.

  15. KrewKabinAlwayzKenaMain

    Dato’ Salleh Tabrani IS a very high ranking employee of MAS
    And he (Formis Computer S/B) was awarded a contract to supply IT stuffs???

    This is sooo EYE OPENER !!!

    1. Nazim

      Dear Krew,

      Dato Salleh looks after IT. It is only natural that he is the contract owner. That was the fact that i gathered. the more important questions should be what is the contracts all about, and why Formis was selected.

  16. European

    am just wondering on the engagement period for the A330 freighter Aircraft…
    it´s unique in this industry to finance brandnew aircraft over a period of just 10 years. Nobody with some finacial background would dare doing this an no Airline in the world I know of would be able to run them with some profit as the fixcost would be far too high… asumingly another smelly fish by MAS-Management… the amount of daylight robbery becomes bigger by the hour, jet the PM and the goverment remains patient and silent… maybe hoping the gunsmoke will disappear and the wallets remain stuffed…. poor MAS

  17. Con Man


    What speculations? What is the problem? The 3 stooges can always clarify for what purpose eacch of the contract?

    How about the cheief architect of WAU, Md Nor, who sold MAs Catering and thereafter signed a secret catering contract for 25 years total contract sum RM62.5 Billion as stated in YB’s Blog. During the rime of Sleepy Head.

    Don’t tell me this is also speculation! The stooges can alway come out to deny it

    We are waiting for the stooges to deny everything stated so far. but have they got the balls to stand? Obviously not because they were all true. I don’t believe that YB dares to publish false things here.

    Pleae try harder. Please go and learn from Nor Zalida how to bull shit your way around. A Good try.

    1. Nazim

      Dear Con Man

      My reply is within the context of this postings. I’ve been followings the other YB postings as well, and tend to agree with them most of the time. i would like to know more about the glaring LSG contracts instead of the other smaller new contracts. Having been in the IT, P&A industry for quite a number of years, i find the contract values of O&M, Formis and the likes are rather small compared to the size of this corporation.

  18. Hong in MAS

    No wonder MAS is still bleeding and getting worse with the 3 idiots/stooges! If they need cnsultatn then why should MAS employ them in the first place. They are not to be even a cuci kereta boy lah!!

  19. Accountant

    There are 20000 employees in MAS. But only around 10 or so bother to comment despite the hard work by YB Wee in sourcing the info and writing long articles. If you dont event want to express your displeasure over this robbing by the trio as well the local and foreign con sultants, u deserve to be in this position…Come on MAS guys, spread the word among your fellow colleagues and contribute to what YB is writing. If you got nothing to say, at least say thanks to YB for carrying on the battle on behalf of u n me (a shareholder of MAS by virtue of being a Malaysian citizen)

    1. Excuse me Accountant. Ii BEG TO DIFFER. Please read the comments and you will know just how many possible employees are commenting despite the great risks. DEFINITELY MORE THAN 10!

      Employees are under the knife every minute of the day and this idiotricity of witch hunting aims to seal our lips forever. You will not ever know unless you’re in it. Who pays the bills if one to be kicked out? You?!
      What you probably know about MAS is only the surface. This goes back years and is wrapped in political mess and layers of it!

      1. Ultraman Mebius

        Couldn’t agree more, but what to do, Malaysians are all plagued with ‘short term memory’ disease. You can reverse CCF, sack the Trio, or bring the best airlines CEO in this world, it will not solve MAS problem. the hole left during TR times was just too deep to cover and WAU just made it worst..What irks me most still some idiots placing their hopes to the current govt to make some change,despite they are the ones been masterminding and condoning all these from the very beginning!

  20. TRIO Bodoh

    Spending like their own family business. Now, vendor make noise no payment due to no money. Can pay salary this month ka? So start to remove staff…

    Now Danny Boy in charge of Finance, hancur ler… Anything he touch, more bala datang… Dia ni datang dari Neraka kot…

    If they decided to BAN Internet facilitity services, this is seriously stupid action and decision. Most of MAS staff do own smart mobile devices with data plan (thanks to Celcom and Maxis for special package to MAS staff). With this, they still can access Internet laa… So what is the point to BAN Internet service. Telekom Malaysia will be smiling as MAS buy more bandwidth with less utilization.

    Or the TRIO being adviced by so called expert people in IT. There you go why they spend RM3.8M to Formis. Another Panamera Deadwood department that spend all the times… Spend Millions… Never improved since 2003 – the first Full IT outsourcing project… Again, this Dato’ Salleh still in sleeping pills… Staff dia balon tapi depan management, pijak semut tak mati…

    And to my friends in MAS, do not use MAS Internet facility to post anything in any blog cause IT team is busy monitoring the activities and report to TRIO with the help from CyberSecurity and Telekom Malaysia. And the staff from Strategic Communication also eye balling the updates about the Share Suap and CCF…

    Be extra careful my friends….

  21. engineering candle

    can’t wait to gtfo from this shitty company. here go one brain to the drain, ermm actually to the sandpit. ehhe

  22. rakyat malaysia yang perihatin


    Thanks for justice.

    Look like harta Malaysia dah kena jual oleh orang2 yang tamak ….yang ingat dia akan hidup selama-lamanya. tak takut mati, tak takut dosa….

    malaysia airlines adalah duta…. wahai PM , jangan duduk diam …. ambil tindakan yang tegas….lapor pada BPR….kalau betul BPR itu telus dan adil….

  23. YB, I am actually fed up and tired to see this saga prolonged tilol now without any conclusive decision from the government be it the minister in charge or the PM. I was disappointed with the reply given by the deputy minister and even the PM on the questions raised by you in Parliament .So, YB where do we go from here? Do we still keep on going when it is obvious that the PM is not going to do anything? Anyway, I hope Mas Staff will do something to stop these stooges from killing the company

    1. shankarprasad

      agreed as what you said hamid. Pm and MPs as well are involved directly or indirectly that why no words from all of them. the answer from MPs was just lepas batuk ditangga only. just looked at the police report and numerous blogs on this issue they just silence. so what we should do now is to joint himpunan bersih 3.1 at KLIA what say u

  24. Time Traveller

    While we are discussing these matters, let us not forget the old matter : Danny upgrading his child and maid. What’s the latest on this? What’s the latest on Joyce the cabin crew who wrote the VR? What action has been taken against Danny after Mtdiah of MESA wrote the email to Chairman? Let us not forget this issues…maybe Danny is smiling now cos with a lot more new issues cropping up, people will forget about the maid upgrading issue.


    Greeting YB just like my comment yesterday , the heart is bleeding of what happen to my beloved company , i still remmenber those day when pay day time you have to queue at the old transport building , that is how time fly , the best is during TAN SRI AZIZ the grand old man WHO manage the airline with HONOR N RESPONSIBLITY because he knew that at the and of the day you have to ANSWER TO ALLAH in the after life BUKAN PM , JANGANLAH MENJADI SEPERTI HAMMAN DI ZAMAN FIRAUN DAHULU


    TAN SRI MAD NOR , AHMAD JAUHARI , RASHDAN , AZMAN MOKHTAR , N DATO SRI NAJIB N ALL THE CRONYS , hidup kita bukan selamanya menongkat langit , kematian pasti akan menjumput kita BILA-BILA MASA TAMPA LAMBAT ATAU CEPAT WALAU PUN SEMINIT ,

    SEMOGA ALLAH MEMBERI TAUFIK DAN HIDAYAT KEPADA YANG SEMUA TERLIBAT KERANA every day people is cursing us belive me it will happen , insyallah

    semoga allah memberi kekuatan kepada YB untuk meneruskan perjuangan ini , allah pasti membalasnya,

    PRU 13

  26. Straight talk, In MAS, every boss will listen to you but it doesn’t go beyond that.
    To be seeing doing their job, they get busy that way.Actually little no none have changed. There are always the same lame excuses,”when it comes to dollars and cents , we cannot commit” You should hear some of the bird brained ideas
    that the management had concocted over time and again. Leading the rot would be the HC or HR department, tons of deadwood there, the head, Yusof M
    is devoid of any constructive ideas. His department is the most single destructive section of the airline.If someone care to peruse its destructive path over the years . one will certainly see the devastation of staffs morale that they had caused irrepairably.Quick to act at their own interests.
    One could write a book about this,mind you , it is not about chiding the administration unjustly,credits were given whenever they are due; but those were during the glorious medieval period.
    For now, MAS is being turned into a mercenary body, plenty of scavengers no loyalty whatsoever.
    They will soon turn good honest loyal workers into mercenaries as well, working towards payday with no love and passion for the job inbetween.
    . It is extremely difficult to empower and inspire the current
    generation of workers with good ethics and exercising their rights when neccessary;times have changed,attitudes have changed and they are not neccessarily for the better!

  27. Nordin in MAS

    Time Traveller

    We must not be distracted from Nanny the Dany too. He is must go because he was pushing the CCF.He killed Firefly. He was the person appointing PlaneConsult. He has damaged the image of MAS.

    This bast..d must go. Dia tiada maruah lebih teruk dari pada binantang.

    He is looking for “non core asset” to sell. He want to do another WAU.

    Nanny Danny my advise to you is to sell your wife first kalau tak laku try your daughter if still no taker. Then you will to try your mother. Still no taker you can think about MAS assets but it is not going to be easy time because we know you, Md Nor and Azman Mokhtar too well. The 3 architects for WAU.

  28. MASEUS members against Malek & Pauline

    When it comes to MAS staffs benefits and allowances, the f,,king TIO will say MAS is bleeding. When it come to Nanny Danny upgrading his maid, and appointing CONsultants like Chimera Brand Relation cost RM450k and RM5k allowances daily to be charged to CEO office, MAS is ot bleeding.

    Enough said about the TRIO, the only way for them is to FO from MAS. For Nanny Danny he should thinking of selling his wife so that he can upgrade his maid to his master bedroom!

  29. Against WAU people

    Time Traveller

    We must also not forget to probe on the uplifting of the XX passengers. What are the special rate and whether AA X has fully paid for the air fares. If MAS charge AA X below market price then it will show that these crooks are not looking after theinterest of MAS but AA.

    Remember MAS is bleeding and sick according to that the WAU Md Nor.

    Md Nor must take the responsibility for WAU. He can no longer hide it. Catering Service cost MAS RM62.5 Billion for 25 years! Cannot believe he can MAS Catering Sdn Bhd to Badawi’s brother’s company. If he has any honour he should resign as the RM62.5 Billion is a form of leakage.

    Md Nor has no moral standing to speak to the staffs in MAS to cooperate with the TRIO because he is just a double head snake. As the then MD for MAS and had been paid very fat salary and perks, he should be grateful to MAS and look after the interest of MAS but he didn’t. Tak malu to come back as Chairman of MAS. PTUI! PTUI! PTUI!

    MD Nor you know where is the door, please get out. You are just a lump of shit.

  30. Suara Prehatin

    PRU 13
    Sdr, janganlah gundah dan gulana kerana setiap kejadian itu ada sebab dan hikmahnya..tuhan tidak akan jadikan sesuatu kejadian itu tanpa sebabnya.
    Macam tuhan jadikan siang dan malam..ada hujan ada panas..ada yang kaya, ada yang miskin..dan ada kematian..setiap yang hidup akan pasti merasai kematian

    Apa yang berlaku dalam MAS hanya secebis kecil kisah manusia yang tidak pernah membaca amaran-amaran tuhan seperti diatas…jadinya itulah akibatnya apabila manusia hanya memikirkan hanya sebahagian kejadian tuhan dan tidak melihat sebahagian lagi kehebatan tuhan.

    INGAT..hujan tidak pernah berpanjangan dan panas tidak semestinya terik..malam pula pasti akan menjelma dan si kaya jangan lupa dan bongkak sebahagian harta kamu ada hak untuk si miskin..kerana itu kita disuruh membayar zakat harta..

    Mujur ada Ahli Parlimen sanggup bersuara pertahankan hak perkerja MAS dan hak rakyat kerana MAS bukan milik Azman Mohktar atau TF atau sesiapa saja..terima kasih YB

    …tetapi MAS adalah lambang Negara kita..apa pentingnya keuntungan kalau MAS perlu terbang demi kebajikan rakyat jelata..siapa pun tak kisah tapi jangan dijadikan MAS seolah-olah ” INI HARTA MAS AKU YANG PUNNYAA”…”SATU UNTUK KAU…DUA UNTUK AKU”

    Kepada puak-puak trio yang dikatakan hebat belaka..masa masih ada dan belum terlambat untuk kamu membetulkan keadaan hentikan memperbodohkan rakyat Malaysia..hentikan sahaja perjanjian bodoh ini.

    Kembalikan Nasib MAS Pada Pekerja MAS
    Kejayaan MAS bukan kerana permainan PENUH MUSLIHAT
    Biarkan si Tony dengan ANGAN-ANGAN MAT JENINYA.

  31. Jala Mas

    Look at the picture of the TRIO/3 Sooges in the picture. Don’t they look evil. Look at the Nanny Rashdan/Amo’s crony. Still dsperately holding on his post as Deputy GCEO. The gaji must be damn good and also ccan upgrade his maid not only to his bedroom but First Class Cabin too.

  32. Kunyit Hidup

    The share swap deal between Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and AirAsia has been a REWARDING experience to date with good progress achieved in respect of collaboration, says AirAsia Bhd Group Chief Executive Officer, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.
    “We have managed to set aside our differences and work together towards achieving the common goal of success and I am happy with the transaction,” he added.
    However, he declined to elaborate further on the matter, despite being pressed to do so here today. (NST)

    Both TF and AJ (TV3 news) refused to elaborate on the matter e.g.

    1. Extremely low-fare for carriage of stranded AAX passengers. Even with that, no rush to pay MAS.

    2. Cheapest in the market for aircraft maintenance. Payment using ‘penalty clause’ verified by engineering boss and approved by Danny.

    3. MAS will lease or buy excess AA/AAX aircraft currently grounded and due to receive from Airbus. Terms cash only.

    4. AA/AAX to determine MAS fares on same routes while allowing AA/AAX monopolize on certain routes. In case of flight cancellation, MAS is obliged to uplift AA/AAX passengers. Payment can be discussed later or after someone makes a police report.

    5. Utilising MAS technical training centre and AA/AAX taking advantage of cargo facilities. No real money in exchange but ‘contra-payment’ for professional services done by AA/AAX personnel those are now in MAS.

    Guys, what else?

  33. The upgrading of the maid and baby was also in breach of the following circular from the customer services division:
    GEN-003-R01 dated 03-SEPT 2002.
    clearly stated on pg2 is: “On no account shall EY pax be Double upgraded into FRCL”

    PM planned the ccf to save CIMB and AA. (same ppl behind cimb and AA).
    if AA go down then cimb also go down. (cimb manages the financing for AA, and AA is losing money and cannot pay for the 200 aircraft)
    it is only a matter of time before AA and then cimb collapse.
    now he and top management is keeping quite- very quite
    we have to show our protest by our “votes” and our “life savings”!!!
    to safeguard our life savings, we should all stop using the services of cimb and tell that to all our friends and relatives and to pass on the message to others.

  34. Musnah Harapan

    “However, he declined to elaborate further on the matter, despite being pressed to do so here today.”

    (TF declined ? somebody must be joking!!!)

  35. MAS MAN

    That pariah Cambridge boy Nanny danny maid up-grader is so thick skin abused God’s name and Quaraniv verses but dare not publicly deny it. That was is standard. If a person can abused God’s name to get by his wrong doing what else he can do. He fear nothing, not God but only money. He is no different to that Red Indian Pariah.

    Get out of MAS before we get you out bloody Pariah NANNY DANNY MAID UP-GRADER!

  36. Suara Prehatin


    Sdr, jangan sedih jangan gulana kerana setiap kejadian tuhan ada sebab dan hikmahnya, sebagaimana tuhan jadikan siang dan malam, hujan dan panas…ada yang kaya dan ada yang miskin dan ada kematian…semua kita pasti akan merasakan kematian.

    Apa yang berlaku dalam MAS adalah secebis kecil kejadian supaya manusia tidak melihat hanya sebahagian sahaja kejadian dan melupakan sebahagian lagi kehebatan tuhan
    INGAT..hujan tidak berpanjangan dan panas tidak semestinya terik….malam pula pasti menjelma, yang kaya jangan lupa dan bongkak pada si miskin kerana sebahagian harta kamu juga milik si miskin…kerana itu tuhan adakan zakat!!!

    Sejujurnya kita bertuah masih punya Ahli Parlimen walaupun tak ramai yang sanggup berdepan dengan perompak dan pengkhianat berlesen…inilah ditakdirkan oleh tuhan yang esa..terima kasih YB.

    Apa kita perduli kalau MAS perlu terbang demi kebajikan rakyat jelata…biarlah rugi pun…dari membiarkan MAS dijadikan seperti ” INI MAS AKU YANG PUUNNYAAA”…”SATU UNTUK KAU..DUA UNTUK AKU”!!!

    Kepada trio yang dikatakan hebat..masa masih ada untuk kamu membetulkan keadaan walau pun perlu ke Sg Buluh…itu lebih baik dari kamu 7 keturunan di sumpah zaman berzaman!!

    Biar MAS di tentukan oleh perkerja MAS..
    Biar kejayaan MAS ditentukan tanpa permainan PENUH MUSLIHAT..
    Biar si TF dengan angan-angan mat jeninnya…

  37. monteror-even tough i left mas 2 decades ago but i still feel that mas is part of my home since it,s my first employer…… sad to say looks like mas is going to bungkus….one egg is charge at 1.50cents by the supplier.1 kg of charcoal for bakar satay is charged at 8rgt by the supplier…a packet of maggi mee cost mas 4 rgt…..all these cost hikes goes to the big swindller in mas….sume tu bakal dibakar api neraka.

  38. Anonymous

    Maseu ,,,,malek yang punya,,,mungkin didunia tertapi jangan lupa lupa mati….. tuan malek jangan pertangggung jawab kann
    dan tipu kami semua….. ingat mati sikit en cik malek dgn azman
    sbbb harta tak bawak ke kubur………….

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