AJ & Rashdan: “What cost cutting?” Part 6 – PlaneConsult fees RM2.8 mil!

Mr Connors McCarthy, the co-founder of AirAsia and Chairman/MD of PlaneConsult - the glaring evidence of CONFLICT of INTEREST

Updates @ 7:00 pm 9-4-2012: Parliament will only end at 10:30 pm tonight. YB Datuk Bung Moktar, MP for Kinabatangan told yours truly at 4:05 pm that he said “The Briefing of MP by MAS on 26-3-2012, he said that if the turning around Business Plan is genuine then he will salute AJ and the others and that he strongly opposed the CCF and the way it was implemented by the TRIO. He also asked for another briefing for AJ to bring along Tan Sri Tony Fernandes to brief the MPs. He hopes that AJ will organise a anther briefing as soon as possible”  YB Datuk Bung Moktar has asked yours truly to inform MAS staffs and put on record accordingly. Thus this updates.

A new posting will be posted later tonight regarding what had happened in Parliament where several MPs have spoken up against the CCF, the procurement contract between MAS and LSG Sky Chef Brahim Sdn Bhd, ex and present DCA Inspectors doing part time piloting work for AA without APTL License or with Honorary APTL License,  En Azhari position without Nominated Post Holder and etc. Yours truly held a press conference regarding the conflict of interest on the part of PlaneConsult, Mr Shane Nollan and Connor McCarthy. Stay tune.  

En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ) and En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny (Rashdan) have jointly appointed PlaneConsult as the consultant of MAS effective from 16-1-2012 to 30-4-2012.  Please read in HERE.

If a due diligence has been carried before the appointment of PlaneConsult, both of them ought to have known the glaring facts below:

  • PlaneConsult is the consultant mainly for low cost airlines;

  • PlaneConsult is the consultant for AirAsia Bhd and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd; 

  • Mr Shane Nollan is an employee of PlaneConsult; and

  • Mr Connor McCarthy is the Chairman/MD of PlaneConsult and he is also a co-founder and director of AirAsia Bhd. 

The above glaring facts were enough for any manager of modicum intelligence to know that PlaneConsult was definitely not a suitable consultant for MAS, as MAS is a premier airline.  The above glaring facts pointing to PlaneConsult would not be able to provide independent viewpoints due to its position of the conflict of interests.

Both AJ and Rashdan, the known Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (Amok)‘s crony and ex-business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, DEFIED all logic and management standards with the appointment of  PlaneConsult as consultant that cost MAS more than RM2.5 million.  Was the said appointment one of the agendas to facilitate the quick implementations of the notorious CCF?  To date we have not seen any positive results coming out of MAS ever since the said appointment except that AJ came out with three organisational structures within eight months as the MD of MAS. This is the greatest achievement of AJ in MAS!

The appointment of PlaneConsult and Mr Shame Nollan of PlaneConsult, as the MAS Acting Commercial Director, have clearly shown that AJ and Amok’s crony, Rashdan, do not have the basic understanding of such “CONFLICTS OF INTEREST” that are contrary to good corporate governance. It was highly inappropriate for a company to appoint an employee of a consultant firm to such a position with full executive powers.

 Under the circumstances, perhaps both of them should have also appointed Mr Connor McCarthy as the Acting CFO of MAS instead of En Rozman Omar, ex-AirAsia. Then it would been a more complete exercise under the notorious CCF!

Yours truly has been asking the Ministry of Finance and MAS top management what is the all in monthly salary for this Mr Shane Nollan but all kept silence. Yours truly heard from reliable sources that it cost MAS more than RM100,000 a month to maintain this Irish man! It is hoped that this is not true.

Mr Shane Nollan, the Acting Commercial Director, is tainted with conflicts of interest as can be seen from the recent  uplifting of the AA X Sdn Bhd‘s passengers due to the termination of its routes to London, Paris and India in HERE, HERE, HERE and the claims for expenses by PlaneConsult to MAS.    

Let us look at the professional fees and all the charges that PlaneConsult is now claiming from MAS below. From these charges, we will be able to see that Mr Shane Nollan has compromised his position as a full time Acting Commercial Director of MAS and a staff of PlaneConsult.

Below are all the PlaneConsult’s claims for their professional charges and expenses:       

Claim for Professional fees in March 2012:

  1. Engineering & Maintenance      Euro135,000

  2. Airline Engineering Group           Euro54,000

  3. Commercial                                   Euro204,000

  4. Network Planning / Schedule       Euro48,000

  5. Fleet Planning                                 Euro30,000

  6. Operations                                      Euro180,000

         Total                                                  Euro651,000

Claims for Expenses in February 2012:

Include: Costs of flight from Ireland to Heathrow, taxi fares in UK & Malaysia, Tune Talk mobile top up & etc   Euro 6,560.26

Under this claim includes Mr Shane Nollan’s expenses.


Claims for Expenses in March 2012

Include: Cost of taxi fare, Rail card & top-up, Tune Talk top-up, costs of flights in UK, petrol, car park & etc    Euro 10, 691.38

Under this claim includes Mr Shane Nollan’s expenses.


Claims in March 2012

For services provided by “INSPIRED MINDS” for Airport Operations Manpower Planning offsite MAS on 6, 7, 9, 15, 16, 17, 28 & 29 Feb 2, 3, 7 & 21 March 2012 – Onsite MAS on 20 & 24 March    Total:   Euro 4,917.00

No one in MAS seem to know who are the “INSPIRED MINDS” and what have they don’t for MAS on those dates? One would thought that PlaneConsult should be doing all the works.  Who are the “Inspired Minds”? Can anyone help with more information on this?


Claims in April 2012

“MAS implementation support – March 2012 “INTEREST CHARGES”.  PlaneConsult sounded like an Irish BANK!

MAS Fleet & Engineering Review – Andy Holmes              Euro10

MAS Fleet & Engineering Review Mr Connor McCarthy Eruo564

MAS implementation Support Q1 Jan 2012                 Euro 4,340

MAS implementation Support Q1 Feb 2012                 Euro 4,340

                                               Total:                                            Euro 9, 254

As at this date, the total consultancy fees inclusive of expenses is Euro682, 422.64 (equivalent to RM2.8 million) excluding the cost of air fares from London to KLIA.

All the above five claims were sent to MAS for the attention of Rashdan, the Amok’s crony.


The above expenses sounded like the AirAsia’s hidden charges [Manual check-in fees, Online booking fees, Convenience fees, Telephone Call fees (for non Toll Free calls), Baggage size fees and etc] in HERE.  These hidden charges are now points of contention in the Court in Australia instituted by ACCC in HERE.

If you were to go to the website of PlaneConsult you will no doubt see the picture of Mr Connor McCarthy and four categories, Introduction, Airport, Airlines and Regulatory Bodies with very little detail in HERE

Yours truly has been reliably informed that in the documents presented by PlaneConsult to AJ and Amok’s crony Rahsdan showed that PlaneConsult’s clients include: AirOne, Aerlingus, Qantas, AirAsia, Alitalia, Deccan, Aero, Spanair, Copa Airlines, Jet, Easy Jet, AsiaAsia X, Vivaaerobus and Pluna. Yours truly would have thought that such big IATA clients like QANTAS, ALITALIA and COPA AIRLINES deserve some mentioning in the website of PlaneConsult.  But none of the said airlines names are stated in the PlaneConsult’s websute.

Is PlaneConsult shy about their great aviation consultancy achievements that worthy of more than RM2.8 million to MAS? Can someone help with the details of the consultancy work that PlaneConsult did for the said three big IATA airlines?

Yours truly calls upon the Ministry of Finance to immediately institute a thorough investigation into the followings:

  • how was the appointment of PlaneConsult made i.e was there a due diligence carried out before the said appointment;

  • the CONFLICT OF INTEREST on the part of Mr Shane Nollan and PlaneConsult;

  • the credentials of PlaneConsult as presented to AJ and Amok’s crony Rashdan; 

  • all decisions made by the said Mr Shane Nollan as MAS Acting Commercial Director including the uplifting of AA X Sdn Bhd’s passengers by MAS; and

  • all recommendations made by PlaneConsult to MAS whether they were made in the best interests of MAS.

Khazanah is not fit to carry out the above investigations as the issue of “Conflict of Interest” may also be a point of major contention due to the glaring facts that Amok, being the MD of Khazanah, has a very close relationship with Rashdan. They were also ex-business partners in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd.

In the interim, yours truly hopes that the TRIO will come clean to clarify the questions posted above. Silence is no longer an option because MAS involved public fund and Malaysians have the right to know.

Yours truly has been reliably informed that the top management team of MAS was on a “Special Retreat” some where serene during this weekend presumably  to brain storm how to “turn around” MAS. It is hoped that it was not a futile exercise of “Damage Control” as it will be a waste of public fund when MAS is BLEEDING!

29 thoughts on “AJ & Rashdan: “What cost cutting?” Part 6 – PlaneConsult fees RM2.8 mil!

  1. jack1960

    SC & MSWG wake up, a mockery of corporate governance in Malaysia


    Based on your numerous & public expose’, its mind boggling that both these bodies have kept quiet. The Bursa the same. At best, trivialization from DMOF.

    If MAS can do it, so can the rest. Corporate Governance statements in annual reports….questionable. In addition, the auditors…..too.

    Maybe its not good being a minority shareholder in companies listed on the Bursa….period.


    Currently the staff morale is very low and action should be taken to improve the situation quickly. The new management has FAILED in the fundamental duty of any corporate initiative, which is to galvanize support and get the buy-in from the workforce. They have FAILED to realize that it takes a large workforce to successful run an airline business and therefore cannot be high handed in the approach to turnaround the company especially since MAS has a workforce of 20,000. It also contravenes the 1Malaysia aspiration of people first, performance now.

    As the sentiment for the share swap and the CCF is negative, no amount of plans and implementation rolled out from Management from this point onwards will bring positive results as the productivity and loyalty to the programme is already flawed and damaged.

    Therefore, the membership of the Board and the senior management must be examined and reconstituted with a view to rally the entire organization to common objectives for the good of MAS. People with high integrity, the right knowledge, experience and with the national interest at heart, should provide the leadership of the organization as soon as possible.

  3. Anonymous

    This is an insult to us the Malaysian. Why monkeys at the top of MAS and chimpanzees in Khazanah simply being placed to handle our GLCs, spent our taxes money like mak bapak depa yang punya!

    Mr. Prime Minister Najib.. act now please!! Your LHDN hunt us the rakyat to pay taxes like there is no tomorrow, made us live in hell if we missed to pay!

    But your pencacai in the GLCs simply give it away to the Mat Salleh for the sake of the pariah WhatTF & K.Melanun.

    If not, you’ll definitely be loosing my vote, my father’s vote, my mother’s vote, my wife’s vote, my inlaw’s vote and my 12 siblings vote. Count these and count on me!

    Mr Wee, kudos to you, release all infos, and I think through your investigation, it has suffficient evidence to make a police report. Let the monkeys, chimpanzees and their Master put behind bars.

  4. Razak of MAS

    MAS is bleeding! MAS is a sick patient said Tan Sri WAU Md Nor. Please look at the appointment of Shane Nollan and PlaneConsult. The WAU master must be a damn sick patient and should be sent to mental hospital or Sungei Buloh.

    Look at the charges and the clear case of conflict of interest.

    MESA, AMAELE, MAPA and others (excluding MASEUS): What are you all going to do about this? Are you all going to keep quiet about this? Forget about MASEUS they are still on “Sleeping Pills”, Malek is looking for another CA to sign to extend retirement age to 100 years and Pauline is still looking for you know what lah?

    As a MAS staff, I am sick and want to vomit when I read about PlaneConsult. The TRIo just spent our money and telling us that our benefits should be cut due to cost cutting exercise.

    Why are they not canceling all the one sided contract with LSG Sky Chef that last 25 years and non negotiable prices? How about other procurement contract?

    The TRIO must be thrown from NY OF MAS flight in order to save MAS from their lavish spending on consultants. How much is MAS paying other consultants like PriceWaterHosue and Ernst & Young who sonly sent sweet young thing to the office and we are helping them to do their job. Bloody shit! I can no longer stomach the cost of PlaneConsult that is filled with Conflict of Interest.

    PM Najib, is this not clear enough for you that MAS has a bunch of idiot running AMOK in MAS. Please step in and stop it immediately.

    1. Accountant

      The RM2.8 million to Plane Consult shd be peanut. I am sure that there are more hidden costs or subsequent projects through which they would charge more to fleece MAS. Of course, we cannot leave out our local con sultants like Ernst & Young and Pricewaterhouse. These too will be happy to suck the bones left behind by MAS. So questions must be asked how much these local con sultants were paid n whether the fees paid impaired auditors independence ( which they always say NO). These consultants modus operandi is to ask confusing n irrelevant questions and this confuses MAS staff n they sometimes get overwhelmed by the ‘intelligence’ of these young con sultants due to their bizzare questioning technics. In reality, MAS staff know more than these con sultants n probably lack the communication style these con men use but then since the Senior Management places more trust on these con sultants, MAS staff had no choice but to feel inferior to these cons.

      The culture of trusting the cons more than their own staff has reached an alarming level in all GLCs no thank to the Great Amok who himself spearhead the splashing of billions to blue eyed con sultants from overseas.

  5. Jala MAS

    It is incredible the TRIO could appoint PlaneConsult when it is also the consultant for AirAsia. Tan Sri Md Nor, AJ and Nanny Rashdan, how could you do this?

    On one hand you said MAS is bleeding on the other hand you idiots are appointing CONsultant at this price. Had to pay interest again. Is it a bank?

    MOF must instigate into this. Real bast..rds at work.

  6. Kenny

    More and more shits are coming out about the TRIO. Good heaven! what the hell the bloody Tan Sri Md Nor, AJ and Rashdan are doing in MAS?

    It is elementary that yu don’t appoint PlaneConsult because of the conflict of interest. You definitely do not employ people like Shane Nollan to be Acting Commercial Director and at the same time he is making claim under PlaneConsult.

    Very interesting posting. Why must the claims sent for the attention of Rashdan? This Rashdan Danny the Nanny must provide answer why attention to him. It should go to the Finance Department.

    The shits have obviously hit the fan!

    If this is true then heads must role.

    Tan Sir Md Nor, Aj and Rashdan aka Nanny Danny must explain the appointment of PlaneConsult and what the f..k are they doing in MAS? what are those claims all about?

    Remembers ares..oles, MAS is bleeding!

  7. kapak halus

    8 months passed but the Inspired Minds are excellent in claiming millions worh of expenses from MAS. Obviously a rip off. It leads us to ponder whether the consultation works for AA AAX like setting up the JV companies to absorb MAS revenue contributing units were charged to MAS, could these be?

  8. viper1909

    Hello semua…
    After reading all this news..understood n logical..who is MOF?KHAZANAH directive from whom ?and MAS is GLC,Goverment Leaks Company and GE is very near..need moneylah..stop asking Mr Pm to act on this surely he knew all this nonsense and share SUAP bcoz he claim before “PM”for all people n races..by doing your part on next GE n show ur anger on ballot paper surely action speak louder…united as one malaysia,enuf is enuf…

  9. The Pumkiner

    No matter how cash strapped MAS is, what ever cash left, they will be released as and when the mat sallehs demanded them.

    Bagi Danny boy, kentut mat salleh pun dia cakap wangi belaka.

  10. shankarprasad

    As i had mentioned very very early before…. at the end there will be “kes tutup” government will save MAS again all the cronies and pariahs “lepas bebas”. Guys wonder why oppositions so quiet and seems only us so “sibuk” . This is Malaysia ma… “boleh” land and master of cover-up land

  11. Zulkifly

    It is now time for Tan Sri Md Nor, AJ and Danny the maid up-grader tto come out to explain what have been exposed re the appointment of PlaneConsult and Shane Nollan. The issues of conflict of interest and suitability of PlaneConsult for such job are a serous.

    The TRIO stop pretending to be stupid. Things are getting very bad for you. I agree that silence is no longer an option for the TRIO. MAS staffs are getting angry with the senseless spending by the 3 clowns.

    By not coming out to clarify or deny will be construed as what have been exposed are truth.

    If you cannot answer please get your appointed consultants like PlaneConsult, PriceWaterHouse and Enrst & Young to think for you how to spin your answer or for that matter get help for Nor Zalida your Strategy Com Head.

    We are all waiting CLOWNS with high salaries and perks.

  12. Anonymous

    The new management forces cost savings saying that it is for MAS survival and there are too many leakages. Many MAS managers have been threatened with being fired if they do not produce savings of 30% over their current expenditure. The cuts include reduction in manpower for resource intensive areas. The MAS managers bend over backwards, and manages to get their vendors to cutback on the services delivered pushing the risk to the max.

    The irony is that all the savings produced are now being put into another pocket thru are leak that these new management create. And this time, the hole is even bigger – Their Fat Pay, Consultant Fees, Discounts on reaccomodation of AAX passengers, maintenance of AK/AAX planes at greatly reduced prices, selling of simulators etc.

  13. Junaidi

    It is crystal clear that there are conflicts of interest every where in appointing PlaneConsult as consultatn and Shane Nollan. Connor McCarthy is the co-founder of AA and AA X, director of AA and chairman of PlaneConsult, then Shane Nollan being appointed as Acting Commercial Director.

    How to clarify? please lah give chance to the 3 idiots. they ccannot even handle the abused of power by Rahsdan in upgrading his maid to First Class and thereafter be promoted to look after Aircraft Finance. Rashdan should be promoted to look after the upgrading of his maid to his bedroom or his own office in MAS to do what is necessary.

    Real bodoh. No standard. Malu. Tiada maruah. Letak jawatan sahaja. Ketiga-tiga tiada apa pilihan yang lain.

    PM perlu mengambil tindakan dengan segera.

  14. Joshua MAS

    Hi Dunggu, still unable to provide answers to the questions. With all the dead wood nor Zalida and the team and the 3 dunggu are still scratching their heads until botak and still keeping silence. Just admit that you have done a screw up job as top managers in MAS and terminate the services of the mat Salleh PlaneConsult and ask them to balik kampung to Ireland to bullshit there.

    Then you 3 dunggu can pack up your back and join the Pariah’s companies and do what you like. Please get lost quick. MAS doesn’t need dunggu to run it. We need professional aviation professionals like in other companies (like SIA, Thai, Cathay, BA, Lufthansa).

    Don’t wait until you are chased out from MAS where your own family will be so embarrass of you that they will in turn throw you out too.

  15. concern staff

    kudos YB and thanks a lot for everything .Something you need to know , a stick of satay cost MAS RM10…this news is from the horses mouth itself…our EX MD.. and the sad thing is only RM5k is given as a gratuity when u retire.Imagine being in the airline for 35-40 years, thats how MAS say thank you

    Wangsa Maju will get my family votes (Taman Melati)

  16. Razak of MAS

    Yb thank you. i am glad to watch you have exposed the two of the TRIO in Parliament regarding PlaneConsult, Shane Nollan and Conor McCarthy. The conflict of interest was too glaring sampai sakit matalah!

    this is what you call mismanagement. The TRIO where are you going to run? your mask have been torn down! MAS staffs have all agreed to keep quiet if TRIO were to buy Economy Class and upgraded yourselves to First Class provided it was for one way ticket from MAS office to your any where you all want to run to but of course, PERMANENTLY!

    Please consider this PROMOTION is valid for 48 hours so that you three can have another retreat to brain storm!

    Bloody scoundrels! Get lost.

  17. Consultants in MAS:

    They’re there to CON and INSULT you in the process. That’s the modus operandi. Oh, and in the process they rack in millions. Thanks to MAS’ top management who can’t get their team together, can’t even get business units to furnish them with reports (of which they use PWC consisting of young cikus who think they know the world but know so little about the airline business that it takes hours of staff time teaching them starting from A to B to C to …. you know the drill).

    That’s so stupid that it makes us all puke! Top management these days do not know sh*t about consultants and what they really add to an organisation. They look to consultants like they are gods that know everything. They say pee sitting, you pee sitting, no questions asked. To add salt to wound they are paid millions if not billions to tell us what to do.

    Whoever started this thought of consultants being mr. know-it-all should have been shot in the head! MAS’ top management seem to take the easy way out by having as many consultants as possible to run the show and tell the MAS’ team what to do. They pay them millions in the process. They go to business units with clubbing-like attire with noses up in the air, open their mouth as if to tell staff the word-of-god BUT in the end staff finds that they know sh*t!!!!!

    Yes, they use various jargons and come up with complicated hypothesis-es but once we see through that MESS, the staff see nothing but plain NOTHING-NESS at worse! At best, we see 20% value BUT at what cost? Hundred millions?!

    Next on the agreement between MAS and the con-slut-ants, these young cikus who’ve so ‘skillfully’ leached onto seasoned staff are presented as the new VPs or EVPs etc. Talking about adding more garam to the already dying wound.

    Everyday in the cafeteria staff are talking about anything and everything under the sun to do with consultants and the top management etc. AJ and Danny-d-boy and team, please come to the ground i.e. cafeterias and open a REAL townhall there and you’ll see how much support we offer you now… how much we really ‘look-up’ to you now… how much we want to puke in your faces!

    And some might ask, why do staff not do anything about it? Simple, “Saya yang menurut perintah lah!” Layan con-slut-ants, “Sure boss”. After all, staff of 20,000, most of whom have been through successful and failed management are nothing but UN-PRODUCTIVE staff…….. yes AJ?!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks man, you really know how to garner support. Yours and our ‘beloved’ kerusi-man’s RANDOM mass-emails that are nothing but lack-luster efforts just are nothing but toilet reads!

    Top management’s excessive and idiotic witch-hunting tactics shows staff how far they are willing to cover the elite’s mistakes and utter incompetence; instead focusing on VICTIMISING staff! Mind you, it is Top management versus 20,000 staff and from the looks of it it’s -100 to +100 for staff. Stop the BS about working as one towards the common objective bla bla bla, cause you’re singing the broken record. The source of the problem is not and never is on the agenda. in fact, YOU are the source of the problem! ‘KUDOS’ to you.

  18. The Con Man

    The Mat Salleh must be shitting bricks! Don’t the Pariah will protect you. But for how long. The MAS staff will show you Mat Salleh then you shall know. You have 20 days left in MAS from today. You either make amend and behave like an independent CON-sultant and not a Con-sultant for AirAsia. This is MAS. if you think your mindset is still AirAsia please send all your claims as published in YB’s blog to the Pariah for payment.

    Hope the minister of Finance will commend an thorough investigation into appointment of PlaneConsult, Shane NoLAN and Conor McCarthy (bloody Irish). Hope also drastic actions be taken against whom that appointed the PlaneCONsult.

    Mat Salleh “on your bid”, which we believe you are familiar with in your country. Stop f..king around in MAs or Malaysia. Do it in UK if you dare!

  19. Staff Tension


    Now the vendors are complaining. No payment coz no more money. So weird. This happened when Danny Boy is in charge of Finance and Aircraft Trading Finance. Probably coincident but I think it is planned.

    Today vendors are complaining for no payment. End of the month, staff start complaining no salary…

    This is the outcome of their business recovery plan to stop bleeding by creating leakages. And as a result of their honeymoon for 8 months robbing and raping MAS.

    I can only pray that The Almighty will help us…

  20. Pariah Danny

    You don’t have to go to Cambridge to see that PlaneConsult under Conor McCarthy is a clear case of conflict of interest. Everybody could see that except Danny the Nanny. By the way have you upgraded your Nanny to your master bedroom?

    Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, are you condoning what your macai is doing in MAS? or He was doing the same thing as you do in Khazanah keep appointing CONsultants to think for him.

    Gaji buta!


    orang melayu kata kalau tak kena kat mak bapak dia insyallah kena kat anak cucu dia pulok
    cukup sampai dia sini

  22. European

    the situation seems to lead to no move forward… pls let´s all spread the news by linking to as much as possible other blogs..let´s attract the attention of the press as the true power of the RAKYAT is still blocked by the government and its cronies..print the true logo and fix it to every wall, every place where people can read it “WE are MH”….all have to do their part now to start moving the robbers out and to save MH..no more screaming about “PM please help”…as he will not help unless you..the people and employees of MH, vote him off.
    Politicians and their cronies only listen to powerfull voices, never ever to oh.please help or please support us… Votes…thats what counts….
    A few honourable MP´s like YB and some other honest MP´s and supporters can not do all the work for YOU… you are MH… (should you use the MH-system ..be careful as all is logged and the cronies are still on witchhount for those not supporting their daylight robberies)
    Lets attract as much public attention as possible as this is our weapon to defeat ignorance and the very famous ” brushing under the carpet”
    No more “never mind” someone will correct it…
    Nobody will correct it except YOU… the true soul of MH and a few of your friends in Europe… lets stand united and show the world ” WE are MH”
    no more moaning and hoping for the support of unions.. (are you guys still alive ??? You should be the voice of the staff , right..?? so do we need to send you some medicaments to improve your voice??? Why so damned silent?? not enough funds to print the “WE are MH” stickers to show you do not agree to all the criminal crap by a few so called “leaders”
    come on …..rrrrrrrrrrring wakeup call to all…….
    stop moaning…start fighting…

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