26 thoughts on “Pick the Malaysians’ logo of MAS or new MAS logo of TRIO?

  1. MH-J

    I mentioned to you before that they were planning to change the uniforms of cabin crew….well, some of the crew have been told to collect their new uniforms…so much for “the airline is bleeding”…
    Please try to dig out the uniforms contract was given to whom…if I’m not mistaken a commentator once mentioned that T… Air has opened a new subsidiary, supplying uniforms….would be interesting to know why the need to change uniforms given the current situation…another avenue to line the pockets, maybe….??

    It saddens me tremendously to think that the colours and direction of the Wau will be changed…the Wau with red and blue is synonymous with Malaysia Airlines, they are killing the identity….

  2. Suparman

    The old Wau had everything right, the color, the position etc… But MAS was going downhill.

    If the current one is bad and representing bad management, can I say the old management got it right…. But it didn’t work out?

    It’s a design. It’s not the best, but it’s a freaking design.


  3. kapak halus

    When I was studying abroad and upon returning to Malaysia either for summer breaks and then for good, I felt a tremendeous pride and a sense of belonging that a Malaysian aircraft draped with a Malaysian flag and a Malaysian very unique and own tradition, WAU, with a very bright and superior Red and Blue parked at the bay waiting to bring home Malaysian home.

    Strong and solid Blue and Red WAU thrusting MALAYSIA forward and NOT a grey, pale and deathlike Blue which is dragging Malaysia from the rear. Yrs, I and thoudamds of MAS employees remembered TS Aziz and Chairman Raja Tun Mohar very fondly. The pair took over from their predecessors and thrusted MAS forward. They planned to train and boost MAS growth not only commercially but technically and replaced almost all Mat Sallehs who back then worked as Engineers, Pilots, Flight Engineers and Management with home grown Malaysians. There were Malaysians heading and managing MAS stations networkwide. Almost in every aspect of engineering, piloting, market research and development were planned and executed internally. Nor consultants or Mat Sallehs required. What were TS Aziz and Raja Tun Mohar background? There were lawyer and administrators.

    But their commitment, passion and love including in the service to their nation and the citizens of Malaysia, they not only expanded the bridges between East and West Malaysians but also grew MAS reaches to at least 5 continents and MAS Engineering and pilots and management to World Class. MAS assets and cash reserves worth billions of Ringgit were the envy of major players. Even though MAS was still smallet compared to SQ but MAS footing were solid and balanced between national obligations and business commitment. Did MAS during their time require frequent capital injection from the Govt? Did not during their time there were no competition, fuel increase and aircraft obsoletion?

    What happened since were mockeries to the efforts, ingenuity, hard work and sweats
    a. Malaysians leaders like Tun Abdul Razak
    b. MAS pioneers like TS Aziz, Tun Mohar and not forgeting past leaders like TS Saw Huat Lai
    They grew MAS for the nation with great personal sacrifices and selflessly. They built MAS to become the national pride, icon and jewel.

    The different between the generations were like earth and heaven:
    1. The generations who helmed the Govt and MAS were and no match or equal to them.

    2. They have more personal agenda and very very selfish.

    3. Their business models and direction were very cosmetic, window dressing, rhetoric and less substance.

    4. Whilst the predecessors accumulated wealth for the company and nation. But the successors amassed wealth for themselves and their cronies.

    Alas, MAS is still not lacking with internal talents who still hold very strongly to the MAS original Charter of existence which continue to serve the country, the people and nation building and can still make money to grow and expand.This the MAS which I and many genuine MAS employees and supporters envision to become and back as one of the major global player with integrity, professional and profit- forces to be reckoned with.

  4. Mohd

    The new logo was unveiled to staff on 8th March 2012 at MAS Academy in conjunction with the A380 upcoming delivery to MAS.

    Generally, the only people in the auditorium who seem to be loudly “WAUED” and jubilating with the Trio;s logo and its dull color were the young chickos who were absolute strangers in the hall to us. Presumably, they were from the external design house commissioned by for the design.

    Every other true blue and red MAS staff in the auditorium were aghast towards the Trio’s choice of new colour scheme shown incorporated on an A380 model. Our Chinese workmates and those aware of the dull blue colour significance to the community spontaneously voiced our concern but it seems to fall on deaf ears. I wont be surprised that all my Chinese friends and customer would stay away from airplanes with the new color scheme. I am sure TF and KM is giggling that they were able to dupe the Trio into speeding up MAS demise

    1. kapak halus

      The young chickos who were parachuted into MAS from outside and failed consultant and accounting firm, Arthur Andersen, shot up to Managers, VPs and COO. Some of them like Brian at the TMO, Proteek planted in Revenue Management and Ignatius Ong the COO of short lived short haul premium airline and MD of Firefly.

      They were from the disgraced Arthur Andersen whose loyalty to MAS is as thin as the the breakaway iceberg. Their assignments
      a. Brian, VP TMO, are evaluating MAS businesses like Airport Operation and E&M, to reduce resources, merge and replace with “superior and talented” AA resources and prepare for spin off

      b. Proteek, VP Revenue Management, cohoot in the RA between MAS and AA AAX

      c. Ignatius Ong, MD Firefly and COO Short Haul, continues behind close doors to continue reducing Firefly importance and converting Short Haul division to a subsidiary for potential spin off

      No one who are genuine MAS must put their guards down. It looks like the Trio faces setback in their plans but they never stated that the plans are disbanned, forgotten, shelved and dead. They have people and supporters planted in places and higher posts still continue working on their selfish, treacherous and evil plans that will strip MAS off its assets and skilled employees. AA and AAX WTF and their dogs are setting up companies and ready to absorb and take in MAS businesses with open arms and at no cost when MAS employees think that they have succeeded and felt at ease. WTF goons and the national traitors will never sleep until they succeed.

      The share swuap and CCF must be repealed. The TRIO and all planted WTF paid goons must be removed and charged with CBT. MAS assets like properties and resources must be intact. Talents with real airline and aviation background to steer MAS and MAS itself is not short of them.

  5. Kunyit Hidup

    1. Even if AJ said ‘designer fee’ for the new logo is 5 kupang, placing it on corporate items will surely cost millions. The ‘fee’ is what he meant by cost-cutting.

    2. But I heard it will be exclusively for A380 after abandoning Sapphire project that supposedly carrying the red colour (same with AA & Qantas). Funeral colour-scheme is suited for flying coffins (Tan Sri Aziz said, MAS should not order A380 just because others are buying). MAS is planning to maximize A380 utilisation to other money-making destinations, very unfortunate Chinese govt is not allowing that type of aircraft. For now the giant is only to London, Sydney and lying on tarmac in Kuala Lumpur. It will be very expensive affairs; one engine is about 100mln or more than half-billion-ringgit (of spare engines for six A380) will be frozen on ground, plus the remaining unusable aircraft too. Idris took the late delivery compensation to declare profits instead of taking the opportunity to cancel it.

    YB, my take is the vibrant red-and-blue.

  6. Danny's Nanny

    The new logo looks like a work of a lazy people. Not impressive – poor man job. Now I more convinced more than ever Danny should be assigned to Kidzania – Khazanah’s latest investment at One Utama. He can be whatever he like over there – doctors, pilots, entrepreneur etc without destroying the business. Do they have any business sense?

  7. the watchER

    Hi YB
    this is my first comment on your blog, so excuse me for my naivety.

    i have no facts or proves in what i am going to write it will linger around ‘what is the big picture’ and ‘conspiracy theories’.

    i belief mas is always been used by ‘responsibility party’ for their benefits
    quietly all the while- BUT this time the ‘responsibility party’ has become very
    daring and very loud in doing what they doing best- m.a.s
    Malaysiaairlines Assets Stripping…….

    either desperation or blatantly arrogant, only god knows…….

    i looked up highly towards 1 visionary businessman who once said aviation business is a big cake for everyone to share a piece of it- and i am proud to say, i did congratulate n compliment him in person for his vision n success.

    it was a wake up call for mas-a good challenge n a cold shower giving birth to ‘firefly’.

    unfortunately now the big cake is too small for every1 to share a piece of it.
    hhmmmmmmmmmmm…….cakap tak serupa bikin!!!

    being human-giving the visionary benefit of the doubts- question him why he bother to get himself into mas.
    i was given an answer for the sake to answer my question. But now i can see clearer answer…………sad.

    giving him a chance to talk you can agree that he has a passion about aviation.

    BUT not how the way he handle n doing his aviation ways….

    to tell you the truth i am still yet to see what is the big picture that khazanah want to do since tan sri amok admitted that the ccf is his doing.

    i belief nothing has been done in addressing the real issues.

    a check-in staff at the counter will face the music if they waive too many excess baggage…….or forget to show a friendly smile

    a cabin crew will be called to the office to explain a drink spillage or when a pax claimed he is rude.

    a pilot will be answerable for the 1 minute late for the schedule departure.

    an engineer will have to answer the repair job that was sign off by him if not up to the mark.

    same goes to everybody else…………….

    unfortunately any fail project or any bad plan done by the highly educated well school handpick top management that will bring the mas to the red was blame to world fuel pricing….never ever their fault.

    i wonder if mas has crook fuel supplier charge more than it suppose to be – we should ask tips from other airlines about their fuel supplier.

    p/s. the conspiracy theory-
    the mas mess was delayed from 2008.
    it is now or never.
    sleep peace at night or whenever you had a chance to doze off….be aware a lot of L.I.P (low in productivity) staff will humbly curse you.

    if you done no wrong- then peace be with you………..


  8. soon zoo


  9. Kamarudin

    Don’t tell me that the logo changed was part of the recommendation of that Mat Salleh PlaneConsult, the Con-Sultant for AirAsia and AirAsia X.

    After almost 8 months, the TRIO is still groping in the dark. Thy are only good in paper shuffling and coming up with organizational structures – 3 in 8 months. That is achievement to them. They are a bunch of idiots. They said MAS is bleeding but at the same time the TRIO are spending money on PlaneConsult, changing logo, letterhead, signage and etc.

    It seems to us that they are trying to change the identity of MAS. Hello! dunggu, COSMETIC exercise will not help MAS in anyway. GETTING US of you THREE plus the ex-AA arseh..les will definitely help MAS to recover.

    Danny, hos is your nanny? Have you upgraded your nanny into your master bedroom. Don’t worry your wife will definitely ignore it like her respond on MH 122!

  10. Allan Lee

    Track & tail every move the TRIO & WTF goons make. Gather evidence. Keep these for the opportune time to strike. We’ll get them charged in courts of law when ALLAH will come through…….very soon. ARMAGEDDON…….it is closer than u think ! ! ! Insya’ALLAH. For MUSLIM readers, do the Solat Hajat. KM has a charlatan “imam” called Fu’ad {more like “FART”} who he thinks can cover his arse. We must fix “that” too.
    CHANGE THE GOVT THIS ELECTION…….IT’S THE BEST CHANCE TO FIX THE COUNTRY !!!!!!! DON’T FORGET MAS & FAMILIES HAS AT LEAST 64,000 VOTES FROM IMMEDIATE FAMILY & MORE THAN 300,000/400,000 VOTES IN TOTAL. THIS does not include outside MAS supporters. We reckon at least 1 million votes !!!!!!!

  11. Hafiz MAS

    The color of the TRIO’s new logo is the color for funeral. My be they are trying to familiarize with the color for their own family funeral. Brainless idiots. Can’t even sun a mamak stalls and yet want to run a big conglomerate like MAS.

    You have all the WAU experts: Md Nor and Rashdan in MAS and Amok in Khazanah. What is the problem? Just asset stripping. That’s why that Nanny Danny talked about selling non-core assets of MAS. Let as tell Nanny Danny, sell your non-core asset, your wife and upgrade your nanny to become your core asset.

    MAS staffs have gone through so many MDs and change of management style but never felt this easy. We just hate the TRIO. They are there for the Pariah and not MAS.

  12. The Pariah's cronies

    The TRIO said MAS is a sick patient! MAS staffs said Md nOr, AJ and Danny the Nanny are mental patients. Their retirement home is in Tanjung Rambuta. We must all help them to go quickly.

  13. kapak halus

    You will be seeing a ghostly vessel, a very huge one, draped in deathly blue color flying in your skyline, instead of the vibrant and steely Red and Blue thrusting Malaysia and Malaysians. Instead of the vibrant Red and Blue flying Malaysian flag all over the world, the new color code and logo feels like a funeral metal hovering to pick and collect the wondering souls starting from the Trio, Azman, Tony Fernandez, KM, Plane Conmen and their picks as head of key posts in MAS.

    The deathly funeral like Blue is a fitting color representing the state of MAS has been in since the time of TR til now. ICU, CCU and CCF. Its like the body and the soul of this great entity called MAS are ever willing to get resurrected and waken up with the body having the right parts to continue living but the mind is brain dead. Govt has sent in the claimed elites to resuscitate the brain but these expert required many smaller brains hooked outside the head to help or boost their dimunitive brain power. They have failed and continue to fail to kick start and re ignite the neurons and pull them together to reenergize the vital organs, sensors and the rest of the body.

    However, instead of putting the right and professional brain and neuro surgions, the Govt and Khazanah brought in the Morticians, the funeral parlor experts who have no soul, passion and love for the living but only for the deads.

  14. MAS Observer

    What do we expect from the brainless TRIO? Looking for “non-core” assets to sell. Typical of the BinaFikir idiots in MAS and Khazanah.

    It has been proven after 8 months that the TRIO are unable to manage MAS. MD Nor and Rashdan are failures from WAU days. AJ is just a budak suruhan who totally relied on consultant to think for him.

    Datuk Ahmad Talib was right to say that there must be hearts in running an airlines. Rashdan doesn’t even has a brain let alone heart. He upgraded his maid to First Class and his kids were causing commotion in the First Class cabin and the paying passenger complained, Rashdan and his wife just ignored.

    These are the so-called few good men left to manage MAS. They are lump of shit.

    PM just kick the TRIO out now before MAS is destroyed by these idiots.

  15. Jerung

    Why don’t the TRIO change their names as well. Tan Sri Md Nor WAU, Rashdan WAU and AJ CCF.

    MAS problems are not about the logo about the mismanagement by the top management like the TRIO and the Board. Why blame the logo when you mother f..kers are the main cause. TRIO is the other of all problems in MAS today.

    No attempt to stop leakages in one sided contracts, contract given to their cronies and spillages. Instead the TRIO is after the staffs.

    When their own kind like Nany Rashdan and Azhari have problems, they were busy looking for leak. If the leaks are true take actions. But ehy cover up instead.

    Ptui! to the TRIO. You have been cursed daily by the staffs and their families. Let see how long more you can last. Now that we have YB’s blog to air our frustration. I am sure that more shit about the TRIO will hit the fan.


    Currently the staff morale is very low and action should be taken to improve the situation quickly. The new management has FAILED in the fundamental duty of any corporate initiative, which is to galvanize support and get the buy-in from the workforce. They have FAILED to realize that it takes a large workforce to successful run an airline business and therefore cannot be high handed in the approach to turnaround the company especially since MAS has a workforce of 20,000. It also contravenes the 1Malaysia aspiration of people first, performance now.

    As the sentiment for the share swap and the CCF is negative, no amount of plans and implementation rolled out from Management from this point onwards will bring positive results as the productivity and loyalty to the programme is already flawed and damaged.

    Therefore, the membership of the Board and the senior management must be examined and reconstituted with a view to rally the entire organization to common objectives for the good of MAS. People with high integrity, the right knowledge, experience and with the national interest at heart, should provide the leadership of the organization as soon as possible.

  17. Abdullah

    Wake up stupid TRIO! IT IS NOT THE LOGO. It is all due to the mismanagement by the top management. Stop blaming the staff. The plane left a\on time. Our OTP is good (90%) according Mr WAU Md Nor. Then whose fault?

    The staffs didn’t upgrade their maid to First Class. It was Nany Rashdan. The staff didn’t do the WAU. It was Md nOr and Nany Rashdan. The staff didn’t want the CCF. Who wasnt the CCF, azman Mokhtar, Rashdan, the pariah and melanun. Too many Melanun in the top management.

    You are going to be exposed one by one. We have been tolerating you TRIO for far too long.

    SIA, THAI, BA, Emiates never blamed their logo. only the stupid TRIO looking for excuses for their incompetence.

    Please go back to Khazanah and draw your salary and protected by your MASTER.

  18. Musnah Harapan

    “Somewhere within the national airline, there must be a heart. There must be a few good men who also have the welfare of its loyal, paying passengers at heart. Otherwise, there’s nothing to stop them from boarding Emirates, KLM or Singapore Airlines.” said Yg Bhg Datuk Ahmad Talib, Executive Director of News and Editorial of Media Prima

    Yeah right, this Ahmad Talib shoud tell that to his boss, the PM who promised MAS Unions that he will response to Union request within 2 weeks but it is more than 5 weeks now.

  19. anonymous

    Well done Malaysia!
    You now have an airline whose logo faces the opposite direction of the airplane’s flight.
    Plus, the colour absolutely stinks
    The ‘BIG’ flight promotion is similar to AA’s
    It speaks volumes for the country’s lack of direction.

  20. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    I will make it short and easy. The Malaysians’ logo are bold, colours are bright, full of confident.and most important…..its flying forward.

    Well sad to say The “TRIO” logo…..look so flimsy, dull funeral colour, no confident at all and the worse is…it’s flying backward.

    The logo imgaine is very important in business and company. If this is the new logo which is going to be on the old & new aircraft of MAS then again sorry and sad to say, you will make the passengers look like they are traveling in a hearse flying in the sky.

    By the way, Assh.le Danny…..thank you for signing the RM80 million sponsorship for QPR of the Pariah’s team. Last night QPR looses to MU. So now isn’t that STUPID of you. Anyway last night game is the away game for QPR and they are wearing the MAS Sponsor jersey.

    Just to let you idiots know this…..NO matter whether QPR wear the MAS Sponsor jersey on home ground or away, there is one thing which will never change and that is the trust and hatred of all MAS staffs towards the Pariah and all his croonies/panamera deadwood.,


  21. sulaiman enstek

    The logo looks unbalanced and its colour scheme is totally unattractive. Bad feng shui if you ask a fs master.
    $8 million for this crap is utter nonsense and unjustifiable.
    Could the management explain why/how this logo was chosen?
    If only the management of MAS was using their correct head then they could have easily organised a logo design contest
    open to our local and budding talents here.
    A cash prize of only $1 mil would see thousands of entries.
    Enough said…

  22. Insider

    When I was training as a First Class steward years ago, I did ask my instructor (local ex-crew not consultant – we don’t need them then and still are World Best Cabin Crew), “why must I align the plates and saucers with Wau logo facing towards the left? We Malaysian are very superstitious starting off by going to the left direction, right?” here is a logical and where thoughts have being given when our logo was created – our aircraft move forwards, not backwards. If the Wau is on the different direction of the plane, doesn’t it look silly? Can you fly a kite backwards? It is a simple logic applying to how or where the kite should be oriented on the plane. It looks now that the Wau is against on whatever MAS is going. Always on the opposite side. I don’t know if the designers see these. If you put this to our local or international Advert competition, we will failed and ridiculed.

  23. Chosap

    Really sad Its been change that way… I always admire and feel proud with previous logo, seems like we had our own identity but now its been change just like that… its really good to know if any chance to turn it to the old one… just my two cent only…

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