TRIO: Is En Azhari Mohd Dahlan a NOMINATED POST HOLDER approved by DCA?


Azhari Mohd Dahlan (Azhari), a highly experienced engineering professional with a sound knowledge of the aviation industry, joins MAS Aerospace Engineering (MAE) as chief executive officer effective Feb 1, 2012.” in The Star HERE.

Presumably Azhari must be one of “the special individuals” that has been identified by PlaneConsult to head the MAE.

Yours truly is extremely impressed by MAS top management’s announcement in the said Star report.

Lets have a good look at Azhari’s CREDENTIALS as published in AirAsia Bhd Annual Report 2008:

Azhari has been Regional Director of Engineering since 2004 overseeing the Group’s airlines engineering functions in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Prior to that, Azhari was the Manager,

Planning and Logistic for 1996 to 2004. He started his career in aviation with Malaysian Airlines as LICENSED AIRCRAFT ENGINEER 1981 – 1992, Aircraft Check Foreman from 1992 to 1994

and Production Inspector from 1994  to 1995. In 1995 to 1996, he was with Transmile Air initially as a LICENSED AIRCRAFT ENGINEER and subsequently as Quality Assurance Engineer.

Azhari is a LICENSED AIRCRAFT ENGINEER by profession, and has undergone training at Leonard Isitt Training School, Christchurch, New Zealand and MAS Training School, Subang, Selangor.”

Bloomberg Bussines Week Report of Azhari’s CREDENTIALS in HERE. Yours truly is sure that MAS staffs and those in the aviation industry must be also impressed with Azhari’s CREDENTIALS.

Azhari's prfoile in AA Annual Report 2008

Did Azhari chair any of the Divisional Safety Meetings?  Perhaps AMALE and/or MESA could help on this subject matter.

With his vast experience and sound knowledge of the aviation industry” and his current appointment as the HEAD of MAE, Azhari must be a NOMINATED POST HOLDER under AIC approved by Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCA). Azhari was from a low cost carrier and MAS is a premier airlines. The two set up may be different if one were to look at the terms and conditions as set out in the AIC below. 

However, yours truly is just curious and would like to ask the famous TRIO, namely Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof, AJ, Rashdan to clarify whether the said Azhari is a Nominated Post Holder approved by DCA under the AIC and EASA (the European Authorities). This is an important matter as it involves SAETY.

Below is the extract of the relevant sections of the AIC

The CONDITIONS to be satisfied under the said AIC for Nominated Post Holder

4. Nominated Post Holders should have:

4.1  Practical experience and expertise in the application of aviation safety standards and safe operating practices;

4.2  Comprehensive knowledge of:

(a)  Civil Aviation Act 1969;

(b)  Civil Aviation Regulations 1996 and any associated requirements and procedures;

(c)  The AOC holder’s Operations Specifications;

(d)  The AOC holder’s Operations Manual or Maintenance Management Manual where applicable;

4.3  Appropriate management experience in a comparable organisation; and

4.4  Five (5) years relevant work experience of which at least two years should be from the aeronautical industry in an appropriate position.

6. Engineering Maintenance System. The nominated post holder should possess the following:

6.1  Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s Licence or relevant engineering degree in aviation/ aerospace studies.

6.2  Familiar with the organisation’s Maintenance Management Manual.

6.3  Knowledge of the relevant type(s) of aircraft operated by the AOC holder.

6.4  Quality experience in engineering maintenance of aircraft.

The above AIC was signed by the then DCA Director-General, Dato’ IR KOK SOO CHON 0n 21st July 2005.

AIC is issued in the exercise of the power conferred under Section 24 O  of the Civil Aviation Act, 1969, which provides as follows:

AIC Publication of notices, etc.

24O. (1) Every notice, circular, directive and information issued under this Act or under any subsidiary legislation made under this Act shall be published by the Director General in such manner as in his opinion will ensure that the notice, circular, directive and information is brought to the attention of the person who has to comply with such notice, circular, directive and information.

(2) Any person who fails to comply with such notices, circulars, directives and information shall be guilty of an offence and shall on conviction be liable

  1. (a)  where such person is an individual, to a fine not exceeding fifty thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or to both; or

  2. (b)  where such person is a body corporate, to a fine not exceeding one hundred thousand ringgit.

We all forward forward for the confirmation that Azhari is a Nominated Post Holder  from the TRIO and, of course, the Mat Salleh Consultant, the “world renown” PLANECONSULT, whom MAS had to pay more than RM2.5 million (650 Euro) plus expenses for its invaluable services for the restructuring of MAS.

Yours truly also call upon the Director-General of DCA to confirm that at ALL MATERIAL TIMES the said Azhari is a Nominated Post Holder for his appointment as approved by DCA and EASA.

76 thoughts on “TRIO: Is En Azhari Mohd Dahlan a NOMINATED POST HOLDER approved by DCA?

  1. MAS Boy

    The TRIO got WAUed again! One after another. If this is true which I heard amy be true then it goes to show that they are not fit to manage an airline. Appointing someone who is not an approved Nominated Post Holder by DCA and the European Authorities. MAMPUS to the TRIO!

    1. Guna MAS

      If no problem then the TRIO can just announce that Azahri is a Nominated Post Holders approved by DCA. As simple as that. No need to wait. No need to sent e-mail at 12:26 in the early morning when MAS staffs were sleeping.

      No need to invoke the name of Almighty also. No need to recite Quaranic verses from the hand phone! Shame on the maid up-grader still holding on to the post. Tak malu kah>.

      Anyway we would like what the TRIO going to say about Azhari another pariah crony being placed in MAS. We all know why!

  2. Mohd MAS

    Ha Ha Ha! Kena WAued pulak1 Padan muka. Sudah tiada pekerja yang baik dari MAS. Bawa saja dari syarikat Pariah. Pekerja MAS aka mengajar puak2 kroni. Nanti tengok!

  3. Zain

    kak kak kak! TopLess idiots running the company? One blunder after another. 3 organization structures in 6 months. Maid upgrader can still be Deputy Group CEO.

    Get lost before you screw up MAS. Najib please wake up! The TRIO will crew up MAS faster than expected.

  4. XMAS


    I am not entering into the discussion of the justifiability of Azahari’s appointment as head of MAS Engineering, but I feel I need to clarify his early training.

    Azahari was one of the MAS Apprentice Aircraft Maintenance Engineers that was sent to Air New Zealand for ab initio training in 1975. The Air New Zealand training school was called the Leonard Issit Training School after the late Sir Leonard Issit, Air Vice Marshal of the RNZAF. The training school is now called Leonard Issit Aviation Training Institute. You can find information on the institute here

    The MAS engineering apprenticeship was a 5 year program. In the early years, the initial training usually takes 2-3 years and is conducted outside of MAS. Having completed their initial training outside of MAS, apprentices return to MAS to continue their training which include classrom training on the Aircraft Type to which they are assigned and practical training in the hangar. Having completed the required classroom and practical training hours, apprentices are tested by the Airworthiness Unit of the Department of Civil Aviation and if they are successful, they are certified by the DCA as Licence Aircraft Engineers. The licence is issued by the revlevant airworthiness authority of the country. All apprentices and the apprenticeship program is managed by the MAS Engineering Training Department that was then located at the MAS Training School in Subang. It is popularly accepted that the MAS Training School is the home of MAS apprentices because that is where the lectures are conducted. Pratical training is done in the hangar.

    The MAS training has since been split, where Engineering Training is now located in Hangar 2 Subang, Pilot Training is at the Simulator Building in Subang and all other training including Crew Training at the Malaysia Airlines Academy in Kelana Jaya. The original MAS Training School building is now renamed MAS Admin Building 3 where the Human Capital Department is located.

    I hope this clarifies.

    1. weechookeong


      Thank you so much for your clarification. I tried to Googles the Leonard Issit Training School but to no avail. I did a search via WikipediA and the result showed no such name. Now that you have clarified it. I shall amend the article accordingly.

      Once again thank you.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  5. anonymous

    Dear YB,

    Pls investigate also the proposed plans on the “rumors” of the intention of selling off MAS Engg Training dept & all workshops, which are all essential for our MRO, but now ruthlessly scavenged for the benefit of a few wicked people. Keep digging sir, more & more sick wrongdoings will be exposed!

  6. Anonymous

    The problems with the Topless management is the do not know what they are doing. Until today there is no clear directions. They are dreaming about CCF only. The suit the Pariah. What have MAs got out of CCF. Uplifting AA X passenger below the published fares of MAS.

    Taking in people from AA as though there is no single person that is suitable in MAS.

    If that is the case then the consultant should work on their own without any help from MAS staffs.

    If the Topless management know their job then Rashdan wold not upgraded his maid and bring his baby into the first Class Cabin. They are just a bunch of incompetence fools. Day dreaming about CCF!

  7. member of MASEUS

    We have had enough of this half past six management. The TRIO has no directions at all. The morale of the staff at its lowest. We have been able to work with the previous management even though we were not happy with them. At least they do know to a certain extent what they were.

    Liek have been said here many times that a good management will not change its organistion structure 3 times within the last few months.

    No mangement will ever condone what Rashdan did because it was a serious offence. If it was the normal staff or Captain of the flight for that matter, they would have summarily sacked.

    But when it involved one of their kind then they will go all out to protect. Instead of taking action they are more interested in with hunting.

    Whatever the case, please tell us whether or not Azhari got the DCA approved Nominated Post Holder permit. Stop bullshitting.

  8. Anonymous

    There are hundreds other Licensed Aircraft Engineer in MAS too. I am also one of them, starting as an appretice in 1975 till 1979. Been in Quality Assurance since the eighties, was a Senior Production Inspector overseeing the construction of two Boeing 747-400 and about a dozen B737-400/500 in Seattle Washington.

    There are too many in MAS who are more qualified than the crony but they are true BLUE and not the Pariah Red. So not qualified because PlaneConsult has already identified the individual for the RESTRUCTURED MAS. The key word is “RESTRUCTURED”.

    In that situation you had to be a crony to be able to fit into the restructured MAS. Hence, the long and short haul bullshit.

    The first thing Rashdan came in, he got MAS paid 18 Million Pounds to sponsor QPR. Then killing of Firefly. Cutting routes. It is so clear that the objective is to kill MAS. Now special fares to uplight AirAsia X passenger when the MAS policy is to charge full fares less 5% – 10%. But discount given higher than 40%. This was how they turn around MAS.

    They better turn themselves into hell.If it is true that Azhari is not a Nominated Post Holder, it will be a serious matter as there are penalty clause in the Civil Aviation Act. It will also show that these cronies have no respect for rules, policies and etc. Can be seen from the maid upgrading fool who is still hanging around to contribute to the Panamera Dead Wood and bleed MAS.

    Please join AA an dyou will have peace and call it (in your own word) “MY Airlines”!

    MAS is our national airlines. That is the different between the cronies and us.

    1. TTA

      what kind of animals making such a wolf cries. man !!!, from bottoms to top management, either croonies, yes men, lick balls men all these years, milking MAS dried year in year out, and you fuckers has the fucking cheek to make all the hulubala noises.
      dei ! public money in EPF etc, are being pump in to finance your dubious overtime claims, work two hours but claim 10 hours for the small people on the floors, while the higher up, cooking up manpower shortage, by promoting useless fuckers and making side deals with vendors for contractors with kick backs of every hourly charges, at time in USD. then as you go higher up, the biggest and man at the helm, get massive kick back, from probably “own vendors” overcharging MAS for shit jobs, all having huge bungalows ” Mat Toyo” style, complete with swimming pool. All thats are call CHEATING, STEALING, LYING… some of the biggest sins in major religions…
      why no one making noises all these years…
      wake up and repent guys !!! salvation is long overdues… dont blurr your GREED with living the right way, so when you die, at least you will be at peace….

  9. Sam MAS

    Can’t agree more that they was a grand design to kill MAS. Just look at what the TRIO have been ding. At one hand they have proudly been telling the world that MAS is a losing concern and it is a “sick patient”.

    If this is the true state of affairs then Rahsdan wouldn’t have spent MAS money like water by paying Tony’s QPR 18 million Pounds.termination of Firefly jet service when Firefly was making money and getting stronger and stronger. Cutting MAS profitable routes to Bandung and Surabaya so that AA have a monopoly. A a result, the AA fares have been increased by several hundred RM.

    Please get out now and you will save a lot of face. Surely you don’t ant to be chucked from MAS like maid being thrown out!

    Like what Matdiah has said in his email to Md Nor, Rashdan’s position is untenable! Need I say more?

  10. sani

    2X5 5X2 = sama sama lah.
    Now you know why TF gets things done his way
    when even DCA is also under him.
    This is another point why the CCF btw MAS & AirAsia
    is in conflict of interest since day 1.
    Its like putting SAF in charge of both Man U & Man City.
    For sure the first thing he’ll do is to sack all those
    who were against / oppose him.
    ie: Look at where Eddie Leong is ? Sent to the cold room!!
    24 hours resignation the moment the deal was struck
    and TF was thick skinned enough to attended his farewell dinner to celebrate this achievement!!

  11. Hi YB,
    From the way the MAS people comment I can conclude that they
    a) Only know how to complain
    b) Are ‘bodoh sombong’. They have the same mentality like Bung Mokhtar in only seeing through skin colour.
    c) No sense of responsibility. Earn high salary but always lose money.

    We hope MAS will get bankrupt soon. Fed up with this superiority mentality.

    Thank You

    1. Observer - Chimpanzee TRIO

      You are not truly Observer… You as good as BERUK Danny Boy or Chimpanzee TRIO… Observed like blind man…

    2. TTA

      bro you are so damn right… MAS staffs has been living in dream world milking the company dry and loosing billions, expecting the rest of country citizens EPF money to pump in….

  12. Mastrabaiduri

    YB, Talking about licence… I would appreciate if you can raised the issue of ex-Dept of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCAM) pilots now flying with Air Asia and Air Asia X. These pilots were ex-TUDM and had joined DCAM. Upon leaving TUDM they were given civilian CPL. Rightfully they should sit for ATPL (Airline Transport Pilots’ Licence) before they can fly with the airline. But what had happened, these people awarded themselves with Honorary ATPL to enable them to do their job as inspector while working with DCA. They conviniently maintained these honorary licence to fly for Air Asia and Air Asia X. There could be some breach of legality here. I doubt if Honorary licence meets reciprocity agreement on pilot licence with other ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). Reciprocity of equivalent licence is a prerequisite for flying into each others contracting state airspace.

    Some DCA inspectors of Airmen are also abusing their position. Instead of merely doing audit flights, they are actually flying for Air Asia almost on full time basis. So the get DCA pay and Air Asia productivity allowance.

    1. wee choo keong


      I will do it next week. This is a clear case of conflict of interests to say the least. Under such circumstances, enforcement becomes slack.

      Thank you for the alert.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  13. Mesa Member

    May be Azhari shoulld learn from Rashdan and swear that he got the Nominated Post Holder by reading the Holy verse from his hand phone. Then everybody will believe him. After that AJ will come out with another organisational structure (this time the 4th one) to promote him.

  14. Anonymous

    Azhari good in talking n bullshitting, n kaki kipas, ask the engineer in Mas why he left? Kerja tak tau buat, tapi pandai bodekkkkkkk1000% . Pls dont’t destroy our Engineering future, this asshole if only trio puppet….so many of experience n capable senior engineer that qualified…yet still need Pariah people to lead….

  15. MAS Guy

    He was installed as head of MAS Engineering so that special discount be given to the pariah. C Check and other engineering services at a very discount. That is his main job. In terms of qualification and capabilities MAS has many more qualified engineers to handle such job.

    Now that he cannot do any work as he has not an approved Nominated Post holder, it was the other MAS engineers that are doing the job. isn’t clear that he was put there for a specific role.

    if this is CCF then MAS will koyak. Up to now AA needed MAS. MAS got nothing back from AA except had to telan the AA pariah like Rozman Omar, Nor Zalida Ahmad and this idiot. The had to uplift AA X passengers at a special rate.

    Sudahlah please get out. For 8 months what have you done beside appointing that Mat Salleh PlaneConsult to waste money. As long as incompetence are put in charge of MAS important division like Engineering, Commercial, Finance and may be soon Cargo, it will be the end of MAS under this CF/ WAU 2.

    MAS staffs shall fight in whatever we can.You can make all the stupid decisions but we will go on protesting and expose your nonsense. Thank you YB for all the help in exposing the CRONIES.

  16. Ilham Putera

    Hi guys,

    I bet you, Zalida is in the midst of preparing something to deny all of the above. Plane cons will draft the text for her and get clearance from pariah and KM then presto, by 12.27am tonite an email from strategic comm will be broadcasted to all staff. Lets wait for it.

    The reply will say YB. MAB, DCA and the rest of you are wrong. Only AA’s people knows how to run airline in this country.

    Got bless you.

  17. Zahrain

    Ilham Putera

    Absolutely correct! The e-mail will go out tonight at 12:28 am because Nor Zalida is taking instructions from the Pariah how to spin the story. So simple: no or yes. Of course, the TRIO knew that they are total incompetence. That’s wahy so many problems after they came in. They thought that MAS staffs are easy preys for them.

    Instead of running MAS, the TRIO, Nor Zlida and the bloody Mat Salleh are doing fire fighting by witch hunting and spinning. They are so stupid to even trying to control the access to the internet. Stupid there is such a thing call external moden. Bodoh. You can’t stop us but we can stop you by exposing you nated.

  18. Kim

    If this is true that this crony holds the post with the th approved Nominated Post Holder then he should be charged as provided under section 240 O of Civil Aviation Act. I am sure that YB will press for him to be charged.Such crony shouldn’t be allowed to run away scot free. Charged him and tell him to get lost.

    The other should be charged also becos they have failed in their duties.

  19. Stan

    Why does the public still think that anyone can run MAS like a normal company?

    Anyone who takes over MAS must be content with the following

    1. Lopsided contracts
    e.g LSG Sky chef
    IGN tennacy contracts with MAS
    2. CEOs that only stay 4 years or less. There is no such thing as fulfilment of long term plans
    3. The industry itself is costly
    4. Public safety records. Honestly if MAS was not a GLC it will probably have one of the worst safety records.

    It’s also given that employees working there virtually have no bonuses and must survive solely on annual increment and salary adjustments. Outside employees actually earn more over their working lifetime. The wrong type of people in MAS get promoted and so on.

    So in all honesty if these company does run like a commercial company it will have to drop Malaysia in its name. Is that acceptable?

    1. Anonymous

      I can’t comment on others but MAS has one of the best aviation safety record. In fact it probably could win the World’s Safest Airline, it there is such an award.

  20. Sham MAS

    YB I heard that the the bast.. d TRIO wants to sign a Code Share agreement with that Pariah airlines. How stupid can they be. Low cost code share with premier. That bloody good for nothing AJ with no productivity and good for bringing dead wood like that FAT biscuit maid.

    Please bring it to Parliament to expose such nonsense. To them this is CCF. This is a one sided CCF, idiot AJ.

  21. The F..king Trio

    I don’t understand what of human beings they are. No sense of shame. people like Rashdan, Azhari, Rozman, Nor Zalida, AJ and Md Nor. The champion is, of course, that Rashdan and his maid.

    He must have been upgrading his maid to his bedroom when his wife is not around. Semua yang tak malu. People are laughing at them and they still think that MAS staff. Will keep quiet. Most shits are coming.

  22. Pariah Airlines

    AJ and Tan Sri Md Nor what COCK sharing are you talking about? You have no other airline to do COCK sharing with except that Pariiah’s airlines. Another 80% discount case like uplifing AAX passengers.. After you said we are un-productive.

    Never knew that you are just as spineless and brainless like the Danny boy running around with diapers.

    You all are having been cursed daily because you are all have no shame at all.

    Don’t deal with those who owe airport tax and all its vendors. Let them do the CCF amongst themselves.

  23. Danny's Nanny

    If the allegation by Mastrabaidura is true about ex-DCA employees are working for AA after their retirement , that showed a serious conflict of interest and requires further investigations. We don’t want to have a situation of our airlines been banned from entering European airspace like the did to all Indonesian Airlines. This also show that the testicles ( ops I means tentacles ) of TF and AA are all over the important places in Malaysia – PM office ( Mustapha Ong) , CIMB ( Nazir ) , Khazanah ( Azman Mokhtar and Good Boy Danny). This situation is dangerous and need immediate rectification . Najib, are you ready for upgrade to Tunship ?

    1. wee choo keong

      Danny’s nanny

      Are you the nanny that was upgraded by the Deputy CEO of MAS? You must one of the few lucky nanny in the world. Since the Deputy CEO is still very much in command, the crews will see you more often and they will have sometime nice to write about you.

      On a serious note I shall bring up the issue about ex-DCA officers being granted licenses without proper training. Monday MPs are debating on the Ministry of Transport. I shall press for action on this. I shall also press actions to be taken against Azhari since there is no denial from the TRIO.

      Thank you

      with kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  24. Anti-cronies

    Why are we leaving Rozman Omar out? We should expose this dead wood from AirAsia too? Lets do a CCF on AIrAsia by stripping them naked. That is what they deserve. I am sure that someone here can help something on Rozman! Lets give him a Kopi O kaw 2 also!

  25. Stan

    Dear Mr Wee,

    Is it possible for you to do a land registration check on whether a transfer of land title was done on the plot of land currently occupied by MAS which is on the same side as Terminal 3 Subang Airport?

    There are indications that this plot of land has been sold to TF.

    1. weechookeong


      Yes, it is possible to do it. But need the Land Title No, Mukim and a few more particulars. You meant the MAS land on the left hand side as one is traveling towards Terminal Three?

      Thank you

      wee choo keong

  26. kapak halus

    MAS Guy, not only that Azhari was recruited to make certain that when the collaboration on aircraft maintenance starts, AA AAX will get first class maintenance jobs by competent and highly professional MAS engineers but will screw MAS to give huge discounts. These puppets of WTF AA AAX will craft scripts to show that everything is done as per market rate and so on and on and on. Like the Reaccomodation Agreement, it was only a drama, a show but hardly compensating MAS to break even and far from the Incremental Revenue which AJ proudly announced.

    Anothet screw up which will take place in MAS is in IT projects. MAS E&M MRO was part of a huge Entreprise project worth millions of ringgit. Azhari, the WTF AA AAX planted goon, who came in less than 3 months, decided to abandon the ERP component for E&M. Later in the ERP SC meeting on 3 April 2012 chaired by AJ and attended by Azhari, Kaldip Singh, and key members of ERP projects, it was decided not to continue with the E&M MRO part of the ERP.

    The Engineers have been briefed and are looking forward to use the new integrated system. Many internal talents within MAS E&M worth thousands of man hours have been gathered for three years to work to make the new system happen but now wasted. The Project Manager, Mr Kaldip Singh, a VP, was concerned about his position that stops him from going against Azhari. Going against WTF puppet means out you go!

    The new system is used by premium airlines like SQ. Instead, ignoring the cost leakage of millions of ringgit as if those millions mean nothing, Azhari will work to source for cheaper technology, meaning inferior and not integrated to MAS systems. If he is not loking for a new system, it means that MAS E&M wil continue obsolete and multiple systems.

    The direction towards preparing E&M for spinning off which has been the WTF team intents disguised as initiatives to turnaround the money loosing MAS. Bull S…! MAS built all the E&M facilities in Subang, KLIA and India and train world class License Aircraft Engineers but on a strike of a pen, WTF AA AAX can have thier dirty hands almost at no cost. Masterminded by AA AAX paid directors, Negotiated by AA AAX paid employees and Approved by ex AA AAX staff.

    YB, please raise this wastage because abandoning of project in progress in the Parliament. The TRIO claims that MAS is bleeding very badly and they have difficulty to get financiers to finance new MAS aircraft. But they least bothered about abandoning an ongoing project which milions have been spent to pay the system provider.

    1. weechookeong

      kapak halus

      thank you for your comments.

      These are the form of LEAKAGES that I have been talking about. I will do my best to bring up this IT matters to Parliament this coming week. I will also demand for actions by DCA against him. It would appear that Azhari has no authority to act as the Head of Engineering in connection with engineering works.

      The TRIO has no regards for rules and continuity. They are more interested in bringing in their cronies, who are incompetent to be head of Department. In their minds, this is pat of CCF.

      Thank you


      wee choo keong

  27. Stan

    Dear Mr Wee,

    Yes I meant the land on the same side of Terminal 3. I understand that land belongs to the government and MAS owns the two buildings there (Admin 3 & 4). It is rumoured that these two bulidings are under consideration ( to be sold) or have been sold to a party that is friendly to TF. If TF is smart, he will leave the land title intact. However if he is stupid and greedy he will also try to swallow the land and hence the change of title.

    I have no access to the Land title no. Wondering whether you have contacts in land office?

    1. weechookeong

      Dear Stan

      I will try to find out. In any event, I shall bring this Land issue to the attention of the Minster of Finance this Monday during the debate on MOF.

      There is a commentator who wrote that MAS is going to enter into a Code sharing Agreement with AAX. Do you know anything about this?

      Thank you

      wee choo keong

      1. Kunyit Hidup

        Not sure about code-share but very sure there was a study on baggage and cargo interline agreement.

    2. XMAS

      If I recall, the land does belong to the government which has been gazetted to the DCA. With the incorporation MAB, I think the land ownership has been transferred to MAB.

      MAS leased the land and under the leasing agreement, MAS cannot sell the building. Should MAS terminate the lease, the ownership of the land and all unremovable property, which includes buildings will fall back to the owner either DCA or MAB. This fallback clause is quite normal.

      I stand corrected.

  28. Anti-cronies

    What the point of paying this crony fat salary and perk when he has nominated Post Holder? This is the type of stupid management we are having. They are paying dead wood for doing nothing.
    Disguting. tak malu. Tiada maruah.

  29. Kunyit Hidup

    Get well soon …………

    Alias and Malek, please take care of your health. When both of you on medical leave (diagnosed terkena sumpahan?), it may infect the whole MASEU. So my advice is………..;

    Get out soon!

  30. Dino Azman

    Dear YB,while the stew is simmering,lets raise the issues in Parliament:

    1. Why is MAS Admin Subang office is being kicked out of Subang as far away to KLIA by September 2012?

    2. 10,000 or more MAS staffs are affected by this shifting as they have to shuttle everyday to KLIA without mode of transport or allowances provided to the employees

    3. Heard MAS Subang is making way for Air Asia Tune Hotels at the same spot where MAS Admin office is today

    4. Who approved of the land sale? And how much will it cost MAS to move its entire operations to KLIA? The last one it cost them several millions to move their Subang logistics in 2000 to KLIA.

    5. Why place the burden on the 10,000 MAS staffs who will shuttle to KLIA – an ulu zone which MAS is located? These people lived within the Klang Valley and for them to shuttle to KLIA, thats absurd! Who is undertaking their cost of living?

    Please raise this questions in Parliament and watch who will answer these questions?

    Checked with the land office today, the land which MAS Admin office is located now belongs to MAB and YAYASAN Selangor. Are they selling this land to Air Asia or Air Asia is leasing / buying cheap from them?

    Who is the broker of this deal? I smell a fish here somewhere.

  31. Jala Mas

    The Pariah, those with Scomi connection and the maid upgrader are very much behind the going on. We must get rid of the cronies especially the maid upgrader Rashdan and the Board of directors namely the Pariah Kamarudin Meranun and that slimy Datuk Azman Yahya, the proxy of you know who.

    The bloody WAU chairman as well must be gone.

  32. Con Man Tony

    Azhari picture makes me want to vomit! Bloody crony. Tak kayak nap duduk kerusi tu lagi. Tak Malukah? Tiada maruahkah?

    I hate you cronies. you are trying to destroy MAS, your national airlines. Dherhaka Negara!!! Balik India aja kalau nak berasama dgn si pariah tu.

  33. Anonymous

    All that will be left after the CCF runs it’s course, will be total ruin for Malaysia’s once promising MRO industry & the destruction of the country’s iconic airline.
    This will be remebered in aviation circles as one of the most despicable, shameful episodes of a government’s total lack of knowledge to run a pragmatic aviation policy.
    Our regional neighbours & the whole world must be following in utter disbelief at all the incompetence happening right here, right now

    1. Yong MAS

      Anonymous 11:42 am

      I cannot agree with you more. The TRIO are incompetence that’s why they need consultants for them to hide behind when things went very wrong.

      Now we know why the maid upgrader Rashdan had to appoint Shane Nollan, another useless Irish to be the Acting Commercial Director.

      PM Najib has only one acceptable way that is to get rid of these bast..ds (AJ, Md nor, Rozman, Nor Zalida, Azhari) from MAS. Appoint a real professional to head then MAS will have a very good chance of surviving.

  34. Hisham MAS

    How come Nor Zalida of Strategy Com Department is still unable to churn out another e-mail to inform staffs that Azhari has already got his approved Nominated Post Holders but he couldn’t find it as he kept it at home in his maid’s room. He has not been chairing Safety Divisional Meetings because he is over qualified. Further, he is looking into the way in which to cannibalize MAS Engineering and others for WAU2.

    Incompetence idiot that has been put there to do dirty job for the TRIO and its Masters the Pariah and those heading Khazanah.

  35. Anonymous

    This guy is one of the dead wood that left MAS. His brother is the former MD of MAS – Datuk Duad Dahlan. Now you can see. All the Dead Woods are those who are related to former top executive of MAS or relatives of someone in power like Dr Wafi. Now you have Rashdan, Amok’s crony, Md Nor, Zalida Ahmad, that biscuit woman and Rozman the newly added Dead wood members.

    How can MAS be ok with these idiots running MAS?

  36. Azhari the crony

    It is a fact that Azhari has not been granted the status of Nominated Post Holder by DCA and EASA. Aj and Rahsdan must be held responsible for parachuting crony from AirAsia for their CCF agenda.

    It is now the duty of MAS unions to formally send a protest letter against the appointment of Azhari and see what Amok’s crony Rashdan, ex-Malakof “budak suruhan” AJ and the WAU expert Md Nor are going to do about it?

    We must keep on exposing their agenda for YB to bring to the public and government attention. We must not spare them the embarrassment any longer until they are thrown out in disgrace from MAS.

  37. Cancerous Cronies

    The next to be exposed is Rozman Omar, Nor Zalida, Zahara Zaid (the AJ corny). Expose them until they are out. The Gaji buta. Their salaries will be a contributions to the leakages.

    Start our protest be working to rule. DOn’t execute an order by words of mouth which the cronies are practicing. They want to avoid the paper trail. We should not be made the scape goat of their decisions. They will not protect us at the end of the day. Our ultimate objective must be to get rid of the undesirable elements/cronies in MAS.

    Do anything that will expose them so that the their boss Azman Mokhtar cannot protect them. Rashdan is like a mouse now. That is not enough must step up the campaign to get rid of the cancer in MAS.

  38. Pecah Tembelang

    Referring to your posting of April 6th where you gave YB a lesson in Apprentice training, you mentioned that the apprentice programme is a 5 year programme. What you FORGOT (conveniently?) to mention is that Azahari took 7 (seven) years to complete a 5 year programme!! This means that Azahari is certainly NOT the sharpest tool in the toolbox. When he left MAS he was only certified to handle the Fokker aircraft. By the way, can someone please recall WHY he left MAS 15 years ago? There is a “case” , and I know many remember what he did to make him exit MAS and also what he did to exit Transmile after only 2 years there?? PlaneConsult has certainly identified the MOST SUITABLE candidate for the job! See, he doesn’t need to be sharp or qualified, he just needs to be cunning enough and use his “derived power” from his masters in AA to bully Mas staff to get his way. As for the Nominated Post Holder, MAS has one in the form of Khairudin Hamzah, the man that Azahari replaced!!
    But never mind all that. What AMAZES me is that MAS has a few hundred highly trained ,qualified engineers with a string of approvals, yet they keep quiet like mice with no when this very-mediocre Azahari is parachuted in to ‘manage’ all of you? Where is all your maruah? This includes the Managers, VPs and SVPs in Engineering who all have no b…ls to stand up and protest You all meekly accept this half-past-six self-proclaimed so-called highly experienced’ mangkok from AA to ‘manage’all of you? Not to mention some VPs like Kaldip Singh who will lick anyone’s ass to keep his position. Shame on all of you!

    1. XMAS

      @Pecah Tembelang,

      Please read and understand my posting carefully.

      In the first place, I was clarifying the 2 Schools mentioned by YB so that there will be no arguments against what he has posted. I feel YB has done the noble thing to correct his posting.

      I stated very clearly that I do not wish to get into the argument whether Azahari is suitable for the job that he is given. I am not defending nor denigrating him. Notice that the only thing I have stated about Azahari is the fact that he was one of the ANZ batch.

      Thank you for bringing up his background in MAS.

      I did not forget anything out of convenience, so please do not accuse me of it. I am unaware of Azahari’s history in MAS other that what I have stated. My statements reflect accurately (other than the typos) what I know. I will also not fitnah another human being unless I am sure of and I can substantiate the facts.

      Thank you again for having the belief that we MAS Engineers (me included) have the calibre to rise and have risen within the organization to become VPs, SVPs and EVPs.

    2. XMAS

      At this stage of the game, (to pull a page from my Guru’s handbook), precision is key. I know emotions are high, but we need to keep it in check. If we allow our emotions to take over, then YBs blog would be seen as nothing more than emotional outburst, ravings and rants containing unsubstianted claims and accusations. There are many others out there watching us and many more who either don’t care or don’t believe us. We need to maintain our creditability to garner their support.

      In any case, we are on the same side. Yes I agree that there are many who will jaga their periok nasi first. I dont blame them. If some of the mighty can fall because of too much balls, who are these people.

  39. Botak The Crony

    In view of what have transpired in the comments, what MESA and AMALE going to do about Azhari Dahlan, who is a brother of the former MAS MD (Datuk Fuad Dahlan) case?

    How can Azhari Dahlan, the ex-AirAsia, be followed to be the head of MAS Engineering when he doesn’t even posses the main requirement of his job i.e. Nominated Post Holder?

    Why are the cronies (Md Nor, AJ and the maid man Rashdan) are keeping silence? I would have thought that Nor Zalida will be instructed to burn mid night oil and to come out an an email at 1:26 am (a bit later because this is a difficult spinning job) to cover this up?

    MESA and AMALE you are duty bound to take this up with Tan Sri WAU M Nor, AJ and Nanny Rashdan because of the serious safety issue here. Please don’t follow the foot steps of Malek and Pauline the “tak dapat” of MASEUS.

    YB please bring this to the attention of Parliament because the DCA of Ministry of Transport and PM Najib must act because we do not want to see any loss of life. The cronies in MAS don’t care but MAS staffs care.

  40. Tanya

    Azahari took 7 (seven) years to complete a 5 year programme!! It is true, He was he was only certified to handle the Fokker aircraft. only. Why he left MAS because there was case. What he did to exit Transmile after two years?
    Tan Sri Nor Please check

    Khairudin Hamzah is a Nominated Post Holder, Top man for Engineerin, Senior Instructor, beside other qualites he has, THE MAN was replaced by Azahari!!!!

    We have big aircrafts, can this Fokker man Azhari go and repair and signed off for BIG aircraft. What does he knows about safety?

    Azhari, AJ, Rashdah, Zalida and Rozman. You have to earn Respect, you are not going to get any from us. You can’t bully us into respecting you. CCf must not take place. 40,000 eyes are watching exculding the world’s.

    I hope your children won’t learn about your ways. Remember what ever you do, God is watching you, you may not be punished but children will pay for the sins you have earned in your life. What goes round and it will come back to you.
    Tony F and Croines, are you reading the holy book?

    Safety Eyes

  41. Stan

    Dear Wee,

    I have not heard about the code sharing agreement with AAX. Is it even possible to have one between an IATA and non IATA airline?

    Considerations need to be in placed for

    1. Settlement processes
    2. Pricing conditions. It really bothers me at what price is MAS charging. Being a premium airline ticket prices are really going to be restrictive for MAS. Again I believe it will be the losing party.

    Commenting on the current stewardship of MAS.

    The new management team has been in MAS for the past 6 months. They have proven to be highly ineffective

    1. Did not gain DCA approval. If the consultants have any knowledge of the Airline industry they should know what processes it needs to make in order to secure one. Clearly this shows they have no idea what is going on.
    2. Launching a premium airline in this economic climate is suicide. Take a que from SQ they are launching a budget airline.
    3. The plan sale off strategic units, again at this time when financing is difficult to obtain and artificially distorting the results by impairing losses on the freighters before operations even begin for the new freighters, will likely be at a steep discount. The Cargo unit (freighter plane flights) has never ever made money in the past. The reported profits are entirely dependent on profits from the Belly (passenger plane) end. So I suspect that if this unit is sold there will again be another lopsided agreement ( be there to extract profits from the Belly side). All passenger planes belong to MAS. Currently Cargo has 4 freighters with 2 coming on this year.
    4. If what is said is true on the new contracts with Air Asia and AAX on the service contracts to maintain their planes, again the new management is bleeding the company.
    5. Fail to restructure agreements to make the bleeding less. The agreements in mind are obviously the LSG and IGN tenancy agreement. Given that the chief architects are around to proof they are any use this must be their first priority.

    So when commenting that current employees are the reason for the losses, the main stream press should take this into account. The new management are also as equally lousy.

  42. PC Tan

    YB, the good guys are leaving MAS engineering one by one. Are you aware of this? Better do something before we are left with nothing.
    Concerned citizen


    Ha ha ha, spot on Pecah Tembelang, I like “This includes the Managers, VPs and SVPs in Engineering who all have no b…ls to stand up and protest You all meekly accept this half-past-six self-proclaimed so-called highly experienced’ mangkok from AA to ‘manage’all of you?”

    These people are all yes man and kaki bodek, they are not supposed to be there in the first place, including Khairudiin hamzah who nearly destroyed MIAT. Ask MIAT and the MARA people.

    Anyway, do not fret. There is another group who is planning to kick out TF and the cronies but you must continue exposing these cr**ks.

    MAS Unions has won the first battle and God willing, we shall win the war. TF is worried shit and he is making his exit, leaving his cronies to fend themselves, he, he, he.

  44. Anonymous

    Dear YB, is PM aware about this? Pls mention n ask him about the un hapiness of Mas staff towards this Pariah Trio!!! If no action by him, i’m sure BN will suffered during this PRU….if He Cares..

    1. weechookeong

      Anonymous 10:05 pm

      I believe that YAB PM has many Political Secretaries at his disposal and they are monitoring the pulse of the nation including MAS staffs. I also believe that YAB PM must have intervened resulting in the long and short and MAS Sdn Bhd being shelved. This NEw Co is the integral part of the CCF and the PlaneConsult’s plans.
      Lets hope for the best.

      Thank you

      with kindest regards

      Wee choo keong

  45. anonymous

    Wake up Malaysia!
    Pretty soon the world’s #3 leading MRO will be history & a tragic episode recounted to aspiring engineers in the future
    Something we had but so stupidly discarded for the low life mentally stupid A&@#+*ES to profit!
    We will have nothing & have to grin & bear this shame while our neighours down south continue dominating the Asian MRO market via SIAEC
    And worse still, Indonesia will progress further with their MRO, Garuda maint facility (GMF)
    Even they can figure out the absolute viability of the MRO business
    KLIA will be plundered by all the foreign MROs if this sham CCF continues
    Wake up AMALAE! MESA!
    Is this the legacy you want your kids to have?

  46. Mohd

    The new logo was unveiled to staff on 8th March 2012 at MAS Academy in conjunction with the A380 upcoming delivery to MAS.

    Generally, the only people in the auditorium who seem to be loudly “WAUED” and jubilating with the Trio;s logo and its dull color were the young chickos who were absolute strangers in the hall to us. Presumably, they were from the external design house commissioned by for the design.

    Every other true blue and red MAS staff in the auditorium were aghast towards the Trio’s choice of new colour scheme shown incorporated on an A380 model. Our Chinese workmates and those aware of the dull blue colour significance to the community spontaneously voiced our concern but it seems to fall on deaf ears. I wont be surprised that all my Chinese friends and customer would stay away from airplanes with the new color scheme. I am sure TF and KM is giggling that they were able to dupe the Trio into speeding up MAS demise

  47. kapak halus

    Mohd, the TRIO are not duped. They are willing parties and conspirators to make things happen in MAS as enshrined in the CCF hidden agenda. But as reported that the stupid SC exonerated WTF and KM AA AAX from the shares manipulation before the CCF, the Trio, will be the scapegoats and not Khazanah or Tune Air or WTF and KM when the CCF is repealed.

    As Directors of MAS BOD(OH) and Top(less) Management, they must be subject to the fullest extent that the Laws have provided on CBT, Inside Trading, incompetency and dubious decisions on the capacity of Directorship and Anti Competition for Price and Routes Fixing. But are our authorities have the guts and will power to execute their jobs without fear or favor? Track records, however, showed that XXX?

  48. Edward

    Azhari, tak malukah? sudah terlanjan bogel! Your incompetence and real credentials, if yu call them credentials, have been exposed. Looking forward to DCA taking action to charge you!

    One by one you all will be having a holiday in Sungei Buloh!

  49. Orang MAS

    The vocabulary of this botak fella and that maid up-grader Rashdan is only restricted to the 4 letter word “f..k”. Let us tell both of them to FO then. Go to AIrAsia that’s where you belong. The maid up-grader Rashdan can start “my Ailine” and the Botak can start his F..king Engineering Department nad be its head without the Nominated Post Holder. Nobody will bother because safety is not a priority there because safety cost money. We don’t want bead wood in MAS. We have in excess of dead wood in MAS as it were.

  50. Mastura Baiduri

    Dear YB, I would like to clarify about Malaysian DCA inspectors or check airmen. (1) Conflict of interest for current MDCA check airmen flying for Air Asia. (2) Possible breach of licensing procedures by ex-MDCA check airmen flying for Air Asia (by joining them) but continuing to use Honorary Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (ATPL). The Honorary ATPL were given to them to enable them to do inpectorate job while at MDCA… But not for the purpose of flying as professional pilots. To do that they must sit for ATPL exams, just like everyone else.
    Thank you YB

    1. weechookeong

      Mastura Baiduri

      Thank you for your comments.

      Tomorrow there Ministry of Transport will be coming up for debate in Parliament. DCA is under this Ministry. I will definitely raise this issue with the Ministry.

      Thank you for your alert. I really am grateful for your help for the said of our nation.

      Good night.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  51. brokenwing

    SAP system is an enterprise solution which will integrate Finance and Procurement, Human Resource and MRO Engineering. During the tenure of the ousted MAS MD, Tengku Azmil, he approved about RM400mil budget over 8 years to replace the obsolete systems in those areas. The ERP Project kicked off on the 9 November 2009. The new SAP system aims to manage and monitor expenses and minimize wastages and leakages across the company including on aircraft maintenance history and schedule and spare parts inventory.

    The MRO is the third component in the SAP system. When the SAP MRO completes, it will replace 16 separate and independent systems within MRO. Only 7 sub systems are integrated within the SAP for MRO. Before the Head of Engineering, Azhari Mohd Dahlan, put a break on the ERP MRO, 61% mandays were already utilized and approximately RM40mil or 42% were spent. The ERP MRO was targeted to complete in a year but can be less if no interferences from the head of engineering and the external forces. Terminating the works on the MRO components will subject MAS to very stiff penalty. Abandoning this part of the ERP means that millions of spent expenses and on the penalty charges will sink down the drain.

    We look forward YB raising this fund leakage issue when MAS top management claims that the airline is bleeding badly but decided to abandon a viable ERP MRO project.

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