TRIO: What are the “SPECIAL FARES” under “Re-Accomodation Agreement”?

MAS uplifted AA X passengers to London with ZERO fare

MAS uplifted AA X's Business Class passengers with ZERO fare to Charles De Gaule, Paris
MAS uplifted AA X passenger with ZERO fare to Charles De Gaule, Paris

Updates @ 9:30 pm 5-4-2012: Please read Rocky’s Bru’s “Walk for MAS?” in HERE.

En Ahamd Jauhari Ahamd (AJ) was so proud to announce on 26-3-2012 during the “Briefing of MPs” that MAS was facing losses to the tune of RM2.5 billion! It would appear to everybody that the TRIO and the “Bina tak Fikir” Deputy Minister Senator Datuk Awang Adek, has also been harping on the losses to justify the MAS-AirAsia share swap and CCF.

But none of them ever reminded that this RM2.5 billion figure was UN-AUDITED and the actual content of CCF except CCF is “GOOD” for MAS and AirAsia. Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof, the WAU expert referred to MAS as a “sick patient” in an interview with, of course, The Star.  Was he trying to say that MAS needed to be “WAU-ed” again that’s why he is now the Chairman of MAS? The TRIO and the said “Bina tak Fikir” Deputy Minister of Finance couldn’t provide a single decision by the MAS top management that was beneficial to MAS.

Granted that for the moment that MAS suffered losses of RM2.5 billion. AJ was proud to tell MPs that AirAsia X Sdn Bhd (AA X) has paid to MAS RM20 million to uplift its passengers and this was an additional revenue to MAS. Was that really the case? But AJ, of course, didn’t tell the MPs that this RM20 million only covers less than half of the “SPECIAL FARES” charged for the said AA X’s passengers.

What AJ didn’t tell the MPs was that as on 26-3-2012 there was no proper documentation on the “SPECIAL FARES” to be charged to AA X. Thus that early hour e-mail from top management was sent out at 1:26 am on 28-3-2012 to pacify MAS staff that thee was a “Special Arrangement” via the so-called “Re-Accodmmodation Agreement”.

When uplifting other airlines passengers, the long established policy of MAS is to charge full-published fares to uplift other airlines passengers and the other airlines will have to also provide a Bank Guarantee or some form of Banking Facilities before MAS uplift any of its passengers.

 Yours truly has been informed by reliable sources in MAS:

  •  That as on 4-5-2012 the so-called “Re-Accommodation Agreement” between AA X and MAS has not been properly signed;   

  • That as it were, based on the “Special Fares” that was “agreed upon”, AA X had to pay MAS another RM30 million on 31-3-2012 and until this date the said RM31 million has not been paid; and

  • That the normal discount given to friendly airlines or under Code Sharing is between 5% to 15% but in this case the “Special Fares” given to AA X was between 30% – 40%.

This clearly shows that MAS is losing good revenue! The said AA X passengers must be laughing to the bank. For a start, paid low cost fares and travelled on premier airlines without having to pay for foods, drinks and other hidden charges like in AA X. Not a bad deal for AA X passengers but it is unfair to MAS passengers. “EVERYONE CAN FLYING WITH LOW COST FARE” and “NOW EVERY MAID CAN ALSO BE UPGRADED TO FIRST CLASS”

Further, if this also formed part of CCF and the TRIO’s “Business Plan” then MAS will never recover and will be in further financial mess.   

MAS staffs should ask their respective MAS union to demand from the top management to come clean to reveal the so-called “SPECIAL FARES” for AA X passengers when the “Re-Accommodation Agreement” was actually signed by MAS and AA X.

Please read ABITW in HERE and Big Dog in HERE.

34 thoughts on “TRIO: What are the “SPECIAL FARES” under “Re-Accomodation Agreement”?

  1. MH-J

    Y.B Wee…hats off to you on your relentless pursuit on this MAS/AA saga…tackling every possible angle. I sincerely hope for positive outcome from all your time and efforts put in. I wished half if not all the Wakil Rakyat of this country berjiwa rakyat like you….

  2. Hafiz MAS

    MAS staffs, WHY WAS ROZMAN OMAR appointed as CFO of MAS? Why was Shane No-Lan appointed as ACTING COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR of MAS?

    These two and Rashdan must be thrown out immediately if we want to save MAS.

  3. Razak of MAS

    I also know that the Re-accommodation agreement has not been executed as of yesterday. One of the “unproductive staff” was asked to sign but “being unproductive” he refused. Good for him to stand up against the brainless top management.

    YB your posting will again make them busy in witch hunting instead of putting right the matter to protect MAS. They are more interested in stopping the leak instead of looking after MAS interests.

    The idiots must realise that they are working for MAS and not the Pariah’s company. If you want to protect the Pariah, please leave MAS now and draw the pariah co’s salaries. MAS staffs will have a major celebration becos it will be the beginning of our recovery.

    Rashdan, you swearing “demi Allah” please come out in the open and deny that you have upgraded your maid and she what the “Almighty” will do to you. Then you will see the real thing coming out to show that you did upgrade your maid. Perhaps you have been used to upgrading because you may have upgraded your maid to your master bedroom also!

    Get out of MAS is the clear message for Rashdan and his gang!

  4. Anonymous

    Dear YB,

    Thank you for your ever supportive fight for the truth. You are not just fighting for MAS staff but for the nation as well. We cannot let tyrant run our country/GLC as they wish.

    YB, i’m not sure if you are aware but there is a rumor that the cronies are starting a Flight Simulator company. The deal is a collaboration with AirAsia and another company(unknown) whereby the profit from this joint collaboration is loop sided. Another profitable section of MAS is being ripped off. Can you confirm about the authenticity of this rumor?

    P/s: COngratulations on the 1Million mark on your blog.


    1. Save AirAsia

      You mean MAS selling their 9 simulators and getting 10% of profit, while AirAsia sells their 3 simulators and getting 40%. The other 50% goes to CAE.

  5. Commercial Man in MAS

    From what I know the “special Fares” granted by the idiotic TRIO were well below the lowest published price of MAS. YB you are right that more than 30% discount and it some cases almost 50%.

    This is the TRIO’s business plan and Amok’s CCF.

    All evidence pointed to helping AA and the Pariah to relieve financial burden and MAS took over all under the dirty words “CCF”. Stop bullshit anymore. You are just “musuh dalam selimut”. The honourable way is to get out now before it is far too late.

  6. Mastrabaiduri

    YB. The whole purpose of AA/MAS CCF appears to be to rip off MAS to support Air Asia and Air AsiaX. Not only Air Asia & Asia X is ripping off by paying MAS ridiculously low fare for passenger transfer, it is now sending its A320 for maintenance at MAS at ridiculously low price of USD33 per hour. Even so, there is no certainty that Air Asia will pay MAS either for passenger uplift or aircraft maintenance.

    1. XMAS

      MH will get raped many times over. Below will be te scenario on maintenance.

      MH is so benevolent in giving AK such a low price that barely cover threir cost let alone market charges.

      AK will low ball the price during negotiations.

      Then during the maintenance visit, the AK rep will ask MH to do more and refuse to allow MH to charge.

      When invoiced after the work in done, after a prolong period of no response, AK will start by wanting to scrutinise the work done.

      Then will begin a round of disputes where the MH rep will agree to take out the disputed items.

      AK agrees on the final invoice amount but will still withold payment for a long period of time.

      When Mh attempts to collect (which is highly unlikely), AK will offer to settle if MH agrees to discount the invoice by half. Which MH will be forced to agree and AK will ask for the payment to be contra with other things.

      If AK ever pays, it will be a fraction of what is invoiced let alone what should have been charged in the first place.

      Havn’t we been thru this before.

    2. anonymous

      dear sir,

      it is more like usd6 per hour or FREE!
      chk out with friends at petronas airside or mahb, AA bast…ds are the most cekik darah negotiators during meetings & treat everyone like shit!

  7. XMAS

    I am not going to pre-empt the disclosure of the details of the RA, but I do hope that MAS will receive significantly more than the RM20 Million mentioned in the release.

    By my calculations the RM20Million is barely enough to pay the Airport Taxes, Passenger Service Fees and surcharges of the 35,000 passengers affected. It doesn’t evn cover a single sen of the fare component.

    If I were AJ, I wouldn’t be so quick to shout about it, cos an idiot can do the sums.

  8. Anonymous

    Dream on if you expect AAsia to pay MAS and AJ don’t
    be hoodwinked as you and your team will be taken for a ride!!
    Even the airport landing fees totalling 110 mil was not
    paid to Malaysian Airports since 2002 and TF has the cheek to demand for a discount and only settled like half the amount after 10 years. MAS is being plundered and the buck has to stop here.
    As a shareholder of MAS I demand that there is transparency
    with regards to the actual payment made to MAS for uplifting
    these AAsia passangers.
    30 mil is just an amount plucked from the sky. I believe it should be more as the uplifted flights is until October 2012.
    An Airasia plane can accomodate 365 passangers so to get a mere
    30mil is very wrong.

  9. Razak of MAS


    Please don’t tell us the obvious lah. We all know the “ceri-ceri” of the Parriah. Just look at he airport tax that has been fixed MAHB and paid by other airline but the Pariah’s airlines can owe for years on end and MAHB dared not act for many years. MAHB under Khazanah, even Azman Mokhtar also “tiada bola” to act. May be he was asleep liek his then boss, the Sleepy Head, who is still sleeping in the beautiful office at the expense of MAS.

    If can owe MAB for over RM120 million from inception where it has already collected the airport tax from the passengers, what do you expect on such fees of a few hundred thousand RM. No sweat lah. After all Azhari Dhalan will “kao tim” mah! What do think that Azhari is put as head of Engineering Dept.

    By the Pariah’s normal standard, owing is the way of life and the Star and MalaysiaInsider will help to spin that MAS is in deep shit. In actual fact, we all know that the Pariah is in deep shit! The delivery of few hundred of Airbuses is going to give them problem. Suddenly the maid upgrader Rashdan is now put in charge of aircraft financing.

    Come Xmas. You know right. All the above are the integral parts of CCF and share SUAP!

    We the MAs staff must resist the CCF all the way. If the MASEUS’ Malek and Pauline are still asleep because still in celebration of their achievement of the signing the CA, we shall move toward civil obedience by working to rules, expose the top mangement bullshit at all times and organise for a one day self declared holidays for all stafff. So that the TRIO will know that who is the back bone of MAS, the TRIO with Rozman and Azahari or MAS staff.

    1. XMAS

      Just like YB, we need to keep telling it to whoever and whenever.

      It may be obvious to you but there are still other who are not aware, even in MAS.

      1. Razak of MAS

        Thank you Xmas. Luckily you tak marah saya. We all know what the hell are going on in the top management and they are cronies of whom. Sorry “TOPless” management as put by kapak halus.

        It was because of they are TOPless that’s why they are behaving like this. No other airlines will uplift passengers on such basis without proper documentation and security of payment. It does not involve 20 0r 30 thousand RM but more than RM50 millions.

        If they are not TOPless they wouldn’t have done it this way. If hey are not Topless they wouldn’t have put himself in such shit.

        If they are not TOPless MAS staff wouldn’t have been so angry with them.

        If they are not TOPless, they will not behave and act like cronies to such extend.

        If they are not TOPless they would not have gone on a witch hunt.

        If they are not TOpless they wouldn’t have kow tow to the Pariah.

        Then, if they are not TOPless they wouldn’t be sitting there in the first place.

        It is because they are TOPless that’s why they are finito and waiting for time to get lost!

        Lets all help the TOPless to FO from MAS asap. The TOPless including Rozman Omar and Azhari Dhlan, the brother of former MD, Fuad Dhalan. He was parachuted into MAS and so hopeless that he had to go to the Pariah’s airlines and now “seconded” back to do engineering works for the Pariah airlines with massive discount. MAS engineering staff please don’t forget to tighten the screws because it may cause lost of life. We don’t want that to happen!

  10. I agree with “Bongek” in “”
    ” Bro, the decision is being made at CIMB…they stand to make millions from this deal. Similar to synergy drive and felda. Jay need big deals to maintain growth in roe. The outcome may not interest them at all. Aim your anger to the right target. CIMB will not pursue this if it will damage their reputation.”

    I for one have stopped all transaction with CIMB. If we all show our protest it will start to hurt………

  11. NannyGate

    In other ethical organization, junior staff who highlighted management indiscretion will be rewarded and protected from victimization. But look like MAS is in the opposite directions. Khazanah must fix the problem. If I were Dato’ Najib , I will tell Azman Mokhtar to clean the shit. Dato Najib should be more interested to protect his premiership than saving Azman Mokhtar or CIMB. Otherwise he will become like his predecessor – got Tunship earlier than expected. General masses are angry with this transaction and he must have the gut to reverse it. Otherwise why do you think PKR is very quite about the issue – they are seeing BN destroying themselves. I am a voter and have voted BN in all the election except the last one. in other word, I am proud to say than I help Sleepyhead to get his Tunship early and I am not hesitate to do the same thing to the current PM if he did not take the corrective action.

    1. Allan Lee

      Don’t worry, i will join u in voting Bencana Negara out of govt & into jail where they all belong. Further, i will help to deliver 2,500-3,000 votes to PR {although i’m very pissed with PKR} in the Parlimentary district where i live. Let’s organize QUICKLY the 64,000 or so votes from MAS immediate families & push this to snowball to around 1 million votes that MAS could get from supporters. Let’s end this shitbags once & for all. Then SEND all the TRIO & their group into KAMUNTING under the “Ikut Suka Aku” for economic sabotage. Don’t forget Tony Fcuker, Kama MeLANUN & all the other kaki-ampus. Even the 2 karTuns & their appendages.
      For Muslims, u all shud do the Solat Hajat & ….

      1. Allan Lee

        …….& ask ALLAH to TAKE these “harams” off the face of the earth, how u say…..insya’ALLAH.

  12. European

    all staff of MAS and all Malaysians must make all this public before MAS is completely plundered. all this needs more publicity and more exposure.
    Sad enough that the Press of this wonderfull country is full of backhanders and crooks as well and hides all these crimes.
    A complaint has been logged now at the European Commision to start investigations on the AAX deal and anticompetitive actions.
    let the goverment get under international pressure to start action against this
    Chapeau, YB and congrats for over 1 Mio hits…… Malysia needs more of such MP´s rather than criminals with Tan Sri and Dato titels… as those do not give pride to the title and the country… gods blessings and Happy Easter to those celebrating

      1. European

        it will be logged after the Easter Holidays, as i was made aware today
        It seems that some other Airlines also have heard about unfair practice and now asking for investigation.
        It will take some time until it shows on the page to avoid prealerts to parties under investigation.
        thank you

  13. kapak halus

    AA and AAX’s owners W TF & KM only “owned” 20.5% shares of MAS but the PARIAHS are behaving like BRAHMINS. Came into MAS and sat in the Townhall like Saints but of course they (and their political backups with selfish interests) from Son In Law, Rafidah Aziz, many Ministers Deputy Ministers of Transports and until recently Che Det have jumped into the band wagon) are truly and solidly certified Che Det must remember that he and his govt appointed TR til Md Nor to helm MAS.

    They have been c…ning and ch…ting large number of passengers (dubious advertising and non refundable for higher fares, denying late check ins, canceling flights, late departures), MAHB (more than RM100m Airport Tax), MAS (service charges for maintenance), Sabah Sarawak states govts and people (FAX and Rakyat money subsidizing FAX), Johor govt (Sinai Airport), and domestic destinations (loss of tourism and traders). Welcome to Malaysia where WTF and his goons get filthy rich and protected from prosecution! Even Kingfisher Airline got its accounts freeze by Indian authorities for owing millions of fees. Kudos to India despite the rampant bribery and abuse of power. That is why AAX is a failure and it burdens WTF and his financiers. WTF businesses cannot flourish in strong enforcement countries who wont give a wink or a hood or a shit about who the fuck is TF! (WTF). Even his Caterham is in a shit for spying and the QPR is sliding down the League.

    AA and AAX are now plundering and cannibalizing MAS. They have good practices cannibalizing Fokker aircraft during FAX short lived operation. They are capable being professional c…men. They spin off bad media. The Star, The Edge and are their tongue. As a blogger rightly mentioned “decisions by AA AAX owners and rats, negotiation by AA AAX paid employees and approved and executed by exAA AAX employees.

    MAS staff, do not give up. Keep the heat on and up!

  14. PM holds the wallets to this country and he does not care sh*t about MAS or this AirAsia saga, so what’s left to do?

    The top management especially Danny are just puppets. Puppets are disposable and without their masters are lifeless.

  15. kapak halus

    It is amazing that AAX passengers can fly almost free on Malaysia premium airline. Book AAX airline, no food no drink allowed and minimal baggage allowance but fly on MAS on NOFARE but get food, free flow of drink and carry more souvenirs away. What a deal!
    How about those strandard MAS passengers when the BOD(oh) and Top(less) Managent of MAS decided to cease operations and close stations? How much are MAS paying to certainly not AA AAX carriers? How the no brain topless mgt treated loyal MAS staff at these stations? But heard now that they have to licked their decisions. They have to reopen Rome and BUE.

    Time and time again, the eagerly new management team that MAS has social and trade obligation to the country to Malaysia and the people at large. And not to few selfish assholes to play kings, brahmins or opportunist bustards. Even the eager critics of MAS must remember that! MAS may have lost RM1.5billion but Malaysian economy and tourism are making 100%+++ fold revenues and profiits. Even the politicians love flying first class on MAS. Heck! Some of them married MAS beautiful and hospitable stewardess. However, it does not mean that MAS must not be making efforts to conduct real business and real profits.

    Malaysians, rally behind your national carrier and icon! MAS has been and must continue to be your ambassador flying the Malaysian flag around the world. May Allah

  16. CON AIR

    PM is giving TF an elegance silence by telling all MSM not to post TF photos in any main media. But not good enough. He should be hanged.

  17. kapak halus

    Symbolic gesture, PM? Not good enough! Repeal CCF! Fast! All WTF and Amok cronies and dogs must go! Must be charged with embazelment, CBT and penalize with hefty fines. If not PM will be seen as condoning these traitors and will give the Oppositions ammo to spread.

    Get lost WTF, KM, Md Nor, Danny the cry baby (he will cry in prison every night), Axman and AJ. Not to forget the dogs they place in top-less key-less posts-CFO Rozman, Mechanic Azhari, Acting CD Shane Noland, HR Zaharah. The conspirators must join the masterminds in the joint. All of them like to have pep talks at bars, so put them together very closely behind bars.

    PM, do you have the guts?

  18. MAS Boy

    First Rahsdan & gang, and PlaneConsult must go. Rozman, Nor Zalida Ahmad and Azhari must be in the package. That Irish clown from PlaneConsult, Shane No Lan must also go. TF, Kamarudin Meranun and Azman Yahya must follow suit. Then CCF be thrown out of the window.

    Coming back to the Re-accommodation agreement, AJ and Md Nor come clean. Tell us what are the special fares charged to AA X for uplifting its passengers to Mumbai, Delhi, London and Paris. 40% discount on Business class to London is a lot of money. We want to know the numbers involved for E and Y Class for all the sectors. If this is also secret then AJ and Md nor should be WAU-ed out from MAS too.

    MAS staffs and Unions must exert all pressures for the full disclosure of the figures otherwise they have something to hide.then should should be out.

    For Rashdan there is no compromise. The only way is get out period

  19. rakyat malaysia

    – put your hand together and pray…. those trio and cronies has suffered (hopefully die) for what they did to beloved malaysia carrier… amin

  20. Antigajibuta

    Rashdan Boboi Boy must go, AJ must go, Md Nor must go, Rozman must go, Zalida Ahmad must go, Azhari must go, Kamarudin Meranun must go, Awang punya Adek must go, Azman Mokhtar must go, the Irish clown must go, The Pariah must go, Alias must go, Malek must go, last but not least Pauline also must go!
    But whether or not these people go or stay its up to the PM..if he keeps this silence treatment as his best solution, then we as the tax payers, MAS staffs and all Malaysians must do our part, to make he himself and his government GO!!!

  21. Anonymous

    Bravo……Mas staff pls share about the wrong doing of Pariah n the gang in this blog, spread the news to our frens on all department, let them know about our protest

  22. kapak halus

    It is magnificent the approach that CCF (Curi Curi Fare) has benefited WTF AAX.

    How they turnaround MAS upside down and further down into the abyss. AAX routes from 38 are down to 7. If CCF (Cantas Cantas MAS Flight) is not about colluding illegally, why MAS must stop flying Bandung, Padang and handover second frequency to AAX, resultimg in higher fares for AAX AA and leading to customers being deprived of their choice of airline services. If the argument is because of MAS incurs losses, it is totally BS and nonsense.

    If bringing more tourists and exchanges are good for the economy, why did Firefly Jets being scrapped and Firefly services even to East Malaysia were terminated or scaled down? Were the decisions purely commercial? My gut said all these CCF (Cari cari FAsal) are crafted to bail AA and AAX which bottomline is thinning with many of their aircrafts are due for heavy maintenance. Their financiers particularly CIMB are nervous bcos they can kiss their RM50bil loan TA TA.

  23. Airhead

    Salam 1 dunia..
    Take a look on the 2nd and 3rd tickets. For the 2nd ticket, there’re 2 flights from London to KL and KL to Perth..and 3rd ticket, Paris to KL and KL to Paris,and both tickets are on Bussiness class with no’s really WOW!!

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