Dear Warga Wangsa Maju/Readers/Supporters

Thank you, all Warga Wangsa Maju and readers, so much for your supports, contributions and encouragement since 2008. Without your supports yours truly’s Blog will not be able to reach 1 million hits under The old bloodspot has 149, 216 hits. Yours truly would also like to thank the designer of the banner of yours truly’s blog.

For now, lets us all join hands to save MAS and MAS staffs from the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap and the notorious “Comprehensive Collaborative Framework” (CCF), which no one knew what was it all about except the “Bina tak Fikir” people in Khazanah and top management of MAS.

MAS is our national airlines and pride. The problems lie with the top management and not MAS staffs. They are the human capital of MAS. Of course, they are many Panamera Deadwood in MAS that must be got rid off. In the interim, it is the duty of all Malaysians to stop the cannibalization of MAS like what AirAsia X Sdn Bhd, when its name was Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd aka FAX, did to the Rural Air Service (RAS) aircraft in Sabah and Sarawak! The cannibalization exercises under CCF must be stopped and stop NOW!

MAS staffs, rest assured that you are not alone. They are many Malaysians, Bloggers and MPs from all divides are with you. MAS staffs, you have won many international Awards namely, “World Best Cabin Crew”, “World Best Economy Class” and “Best First Class Service” for six consecutive years! Yes, MAS staffs, KAMU BOLEH!

Please read this article “Thinking of A Nanny Revolution” by ABITW.

19 thoughts on “THANK YOU! ITS 1 MILLION HITS!

    1. Malaysian

      What do you mean by this? Care to elaborate more? Give as many details as possible on how they are gonna scrap off the staff of MAS rather than scraping off their useless top management people.

      To YB Wee, congrats on reaching the 1 million milestone. I have said this before, this blog was gonna be a hit and it is now and the most important thing is, it acts as a platform for all of us to reveal/find out the dirty deeds done by the top management in MAS.

      I’m always behind you to fight for this corruption in MAS.

    2. XMAS

      This is not new. It was the same thing that was offerred during Idris Jala’s tenure.

      Staff are allowed to go on voluntary no pay leave for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 2 years. Their jobs will be there when the complete the leave period but they may be reassigned to another area depending on the needs at that time.

      This is good for both sides. For the staff, this will give the staff the opportunity to explore other opportunities like starting a new business ventures or to take up further studies. During this period, the Company is relieved of paying the staff salary. I believe the pervious offer allowed the staff to still enjoy some of their benefits during the leave period.

      There were takers in the pervious offer.

  1. Zain MAS

    Thank you YB for not forgetting MS and MAS staffs. You are real 1Malaysian. You are right. The main cause of all the problems is the useless top management. You have two former wailed, shave been proven to be failure. Md Nor Yusof and the maid upgraded to 1st Class. Then you have Aj who know nut about aviation and let that Rashdan and the Pariah pull him by the nose.

    Rahsdan must go now. The Pariah and anyone from AirAsia like Kamarudin Meranun , Rozman Omar, Nor Zalida Ahamd and Azhari Dhalan must also go.

    Of course, that Scomi director, Azman Yahya must also go.

  2. kapak halus

    YB, yes. Be the people champion. People who are weak and being victimized by org2 tak sedar diri. They believe they are immune or do not die and be accountable in front of The Al Mighty and The Judge.

    YB, do not stray from the right cause. Be sincere and true to the cause and you will gain more support. God bless!

  3. AJ the Devil

    YB, it’s true. Effective 1st May, there will be many staff to be made redundant. I can’t reveal the details as yet as it is easy to identify the leak source.

    WTF…. useless Ahmad Jauhari, all he knew is to terminate staff service. The most unproductive so called staff is right under his nose aka Danny Boy the Idiot but he was given another important portfolio to take care of aircraft financing. I can bet for sure that AK aircraft which the Pariah ordered in big volume will be passed to MH as AK obviously don’t have the moolah to pay for it. It’s easy to do this since Pariah’s dog aka Danny the doggy idiot is there to facilitate it.

    AJ has made it clear that he will close down the company step by step if he can’t have his own way.

    So to all MAS staff, sooner or later most of you will have to go. If you are planning of doing the Shock and Awe campaign, you guys better do it now.

  4. Citizen Rules

    Congratulations ……Thank you for being the saviour for MAS staffs….
    keep up the pressure ….keep up the fight….people power will win ultimately…

  5. Mohamed

    Congratulations YB,

    While I have doubts about ur other colleagues in Konsesus Bebas, you seem to be truly independent!

    Take care of yourself…

  6. ThirdDevil

    Dear YB: taniah. Malaysia is a great country. Together we can make it better for our children and future generation.

  7. mas

    Congrats YB …..Tun M was the first to hit that no when he was not happy with the ‘ sleepy Dol’. Now you with same vigor and courage will achieve helping MAS staffs overcome this blatant conniving deal . If it wasn’t a dodgy deal many will notoppose to it. By the way, the man who uttered ‘ it’s a dodgy deal ‘ also seem to get away scot free …wau ( wow ) !! must be invincible thus able to protect young bro ..Danny boy …

  8. Anonymous

    Cograts, Yang Berhormat!
    And… THANK YOU… for your hard works & efforts!
    YOU are the real MP that the Rakyat need.

  9. blue sky

    Thank you YB. You’re a dying breed.
    I hope PM will act soon. MAS is a natinal airline, engine of economic growth, agent of national integration and provider of employment, NOT NATIONAL COW CORPORATION. Some sense of urgency please PM !!

  10. EyeInSky

    Congrats YB! One million and counting! Thank you for championing this cause with such gusto and fever. MAS is our national pride and carrier. It must be saved from corruption, mismanagement and greed from those who “mudah lupa”? MPs’ like you gIve this country a tiny glimmer of hope.

  11. Scout


    On behalf of so many of us in MAS, a big CONGRATULATIONS on hitting the 1 million mark! Thank you for your unwavering support and care for MAS.
    May God Bless you and your family.

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