Md Nor: Are you condoning Rashdan’s abused of powers?


Updates @ 11:00 am on 3-4-2012: AJ has just sent out another new organization chart for MAS effective today.   AJ said in the e-mail that the new management chart “will continue to strengthen his foundation to successfully implement the Recovery plans and the Game Changers as contained in the Business Plan”. This is the third management chart for AJ ever since he was appointed MAS Group CEO!  Just wondering, how many more of such chart to come?

Under this new structure,  Amok’s crony Rashdan is still the Deputy Group CEO in charge of  “Group Finance together with Aircraft Finance & Management and also to assist AJ with overseeing all the divisions and subsidiaries”.

AJ & Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof: What about the scandals regarding the upgrading of Rashdan’s maid to First Class that has been highlighted in this blog and in Parliament. Are you going to take actions against the abused of power by Amok’s crony?

By the way AJ, have you read about the scandals involving Caterham where a member of MAS Board of Director was involved in, in HERE.


Today (2-4-2012) MESA Union of MAS has sent an e-mail to Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof (Md Nor), MAS  Chairman and also one of  the brains behind the project known as “Widespread Assets un-Bundling” ( WAU) in 2002 / 2003 when he was the MD of MAS.

WAU was a BinaFikir Sdn Bhd‘s project which saw the selling of MAS Catering Sdn Bhd, in HERE, HERE & HERE to Gubahan Saujana Sdn Bhd, which was owned by the former PM’s brother, Datuk Ibrahim bin Ahmad Badawi and 32 buildings known as “Komplek MAS”, in HERE. By the way after a few months after the disposal of MAS Catering Sdn Bhd, its name was changed to LSG Sky Chef Brahim’s Sdn Bhd.

After the disposal, Md Nor then signed another 25 years one sided agreement to commit MAS to purchase of catering and cabin services and supplies from MAS Catering Sdn Bhd and 57 years lease agreement for the said Komplek MAS at the currently annual rent of RM75 million with an increment of 5% annually. By 2059 the said annual rental stands at RM123 million! Just for the backgrounds of WAU. The total sum involved under said 25 years and 57 years agreement may form the major parts of the LEAKAGES in MAS.

Below is MESA’s e-mail to Md Nor, copied to AJ for actions:

——-Original Message——-

“From: Matdiah Mohammad
Date: 4/2/2012 7:48:43 AM
To: Md Nor Yusof
Cc: Nor Hayati Idris; Mohamed Yusof Ahmad Muhaiyuddin; Ismaizam Ismail; Norlina Abdullah @ Renata Liporado; Alias Aziz; Mohamad Alizam Kusrin; Philip Lee Beng Chuan; Abdul Rahman Hassan; Lee Min Ken; Haswandy Morshidi; Awang Musa Awang Kassim; MASEU – Graded Union; Ahmad Jauhari Yahya;; Hizamuddin Zainal Abidin; Ab Halim Said; Chai Chee Kong; Chandran Sekhran; Amir Ihsan Abdul Latif; Hussin Shamsudin; Izwan Ismail; Jamaludin Sanusi; Kamarul Zaman Saisi; Najmi Rahimi Muzni; Tengku Fachruddin Tengku Suleiman
Subject: DCEO MH122 SYD-KUL Controversy

Salaam Tan Sri copy AJ, MESA Council and rest,

I wish to reiterate that as much as we would like to believe otherwise, the evidence is overwhelming to indicate that the DCEO was not telling the full truth about what actually transpired during the his flight MH122 SYD-KUL 01Jan12.

As intimated to you previously, I was personally shown a photocopy of the original hand-written Cabin Crew Voyage Report (VR) which indicates that the DCEO’s baby and maid did remained in the First Class Cabin of the B747-400 aircraft for the rest of the flight duration. I am convinced that at the point when I was shown the said VR, there were at least fifty others who may have already seen the same report. I was made to understand that till to date many more staff have seen the widely circulated document.

I understand that the initial circulation of such sensitive information was purely operation-driven, however it was leaked due a manifestation of utter disbelief and frustration among staff who saw the matter was an outright abuse and the perseption of inequality in treatment for gross disrespect of published in-house rules among the elite. As such, I sincerely hope that no attempt is made to vilify or attribute blame to any particular staff that just happens to be doing their job or were privy of the normal distribution trail.

The fact that Danny had chosen to override your imposed restraint during the Q&A session, and that he had voluntarily invoked the Almighty in his quest to convince the audience of his ‘innocence’, did not make the matter any easier or palatable as it served to further erode any remaining vestige of integrity in the eyes of staff and the general public.

Under the circumstances, I believe that his best recourse is to leave MAS immediately as his continued presence is untenable and would further impede organizational recovery.

I pray that you act accordingly.

Matdiah Bin Mohammad
Secretary, MESA”

Please read a news report by UK Daily Mail Online entitled “Fernandes spy row: Caterham could be kicked out of F1 in new scandal” in HEREBy the way, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes is also a member of the Board of Directors of MAS.


81 thoughts on “Md Nor: Are you condoning Rashdan’s abused of powers?

  1. Mas Boy

    Thump up to MESA. What about the other Unions like MAPA? Forget about Maseus headed by Alias, Malek, Pauline and the like. Maseus is only good for signing CA on the quiet!

  2. Suara Sumbang

    Over to you TS Md Nor. MAS staff and x staff like me is waiting anxiously for your decision. The least you could do to save your pride and honor if u still have any, is to do the right thing this time around after you screw MAS with your WAU.

    Kudos to you Mat Diah (MESA) for having the balls to speak up unlike Alias (MASEU).

  3. It is time the puppets make way for the truth! This MAS and Air Asia issue is getting out of hand. Who really is behind this whole mess? Will this whole sh*t lead to more uncovering of unscrupulous SH*T of the “elite” in the country or government? This is timely as it falls just before the general election.

    I believe this is only the surface to what Khazanah and the rest have done to yours and my hard-earned money. It’s not only this generation that stands to suffer; the past and the future will too.

    In Malaysia, some of elected (a majority) stand as kings, arrogant ‘masters’ who play the rakyat to their tune of divide and conquer! We indeed have been payed for far too long. Those who don’t see this I pity you. They’ve forgotten that it is the millions who have put them up there, not to be our kings but to HUMBLY serve us the rakyats.

    Since when it’s ever been about them?! As long as they have been up there and using the rakyat’s money for god knows what, it takes only seconds for the rakyats to strip them of whatever’s left of their honour. When that day comes they’ll only see SPIT in their faces!

    Thank you YB for doing your part in rallying the troops. It’s time we stood up for what’s right!

    MESA and the unions, our prayers are with you. Do the right thing. The wrong thing I’ve done so far is to buy MAS’ shares!!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    I am told that the inquiry being conducted right now involving the crew concerned was not o determine whether the incident happened but rather to find the source of the leak.

    MAS Staff should rise up to protecttheir rank instead of allowing MAs to stoop so low.

  5. Conn Men

    Anonymous @ 10:14 pm

    If what you have said were true then All union leaders must cone to the forefront to stop the witch hunting. If it was true then Md Nor, AJ and of course, Rashdan are not fit to lead MAS. We must staff must stand up against them for victimization of the crew who was merely carrying out her duty to report whatever happened on the flight.

  6. kapak halus

    Bravo, MESA.

    But this awful fruit came from the tree. MAS needs to cut off the tree and dig the roots out from the ground. The rest of the plantation or farm should be safe. Only that some rotten bushes like some Exco from MASEU and NUFAM whose names were mentioned may also need to be removed. The company and staff welfare, survival and success are paramount than some minority personal agenda regardless of their positions in the hierarchy of the company or unions.

    There are a number of unions and associations in MAS which have not signed the CA. There are MAS employees who are still very considerate of MAS bottomline unlike some employees in between and high flying hotshots in high offices.

  7. Fence Sitter Voter!

    Dear YB,

    As a minority shareholder & a voter, I felt so angry, cheated, disgusted & frustrated by the lack of immediate actions from the BODs. Are they condoning his actions? Or maybe it’s already a culture in MAS for the top management to do so? Today you upgrade your maid, tomorrow your maid mayl be under MAS paycheck! And this is the guy to turn around MAS? My god!

    Perhaps somebody can publish the BODs email address here so that any unhappy & disgruntled shareholders & the rakyat can forward their unhappiness to the BODs directly and cc to PM and YB.

    Fence Sitter Voter.

    1. wee choo keong

      Will try to find out. Can someone help Fence Sitter Voters with the e-mail address of the members of the Board of Director of MAS? thank you

      wee choo keong

  8. memalukan tahap yg terendah… dahlah danny buat salah yg sgt memalukan dan sanggup menipu.. kalau tansri back up pulak… lagi lah tahap terrendah…
    very sad day for MAS… bosses hv no DIGNITY…

  9. European

    As published in Europe today:
    Apr 2, 2012
    AirAsia X flies from Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and now Sydney
    AirAsia X can finally call Sydney as one of its key destinations city after flight D7222 landed at the Kingsford Smith International Airport, Sydney. The arrival of AirAsia X into Sydney further expands its reach across Australasia and opens new possibilities for travel, trade and tourism between Australia and Malaysia.
    what a bunch of r…bers…..
    and if they find out that fuel is not for free, they will stop flying like its done for Mumbai,London paris and so on….and MAS carries all the passenegers back for almost free at the expense of the taxpayers.
    this is again an example for Anti-Trust and a breach of the Anti-competition laws

  10. Balls to the TRIO

    Any form of making life difficult for the crews MH 122 on 1-1-2012 cannot be tolerated by MAS staff. if it is true that the crew have been called for questioning whether they have leaked the Voyage Report, then it is definitely a cause of immediate actions by the unions and all MAS staff.

    The cronies cannot be allowed to treat the staff in such a highhanded manner when they were carrying their duties properly and in accordance with the rules.

    The person who was in breach of MAS rule was Danny boy. Now the condoning of this should be also treated as an offence and should be called up for DI.

    Danny boy, Md Nor and AJ, you TRIO need not try to do this treat. It was game over for Danny boy and his short and long haul bull shit.

  11. Guna of MAS

    Aj and TS Md Nor what hell are both of you doing in MAS? Why are you condoning Danny boy abused of power in upgrading his maid to First Class. Had it been done by the staff, he or she will be summarily sacked.

    Are you two practising double standard here? Is condoning or covering-up of acts done by crony is part of the CCF? Disgusting two or TRIO.

  12. Anti CCF

    Bravo !!! Bravo !!! to Matdiah.

    It is our believe that in the best interest of the company, Danny the Arrogant MUST resigned immediately. He has now the golden chance to do so and still keep whatever dignity that he has left. At least he can claimed that he resigned on his own free will instead of being sacked.

    To Danny, piece of advise from us in the company, please go back to wherever you come from. I heard Azran the Bald is getting tired of managing AAX and T…. the Pariah is looking for a suitable replacement, now is your time to show to all Malaysia citizen and especially MAS staff that you are indeed capable of managing an airline. Whatever you want to do, please do it but make sure it has nothing to do with Malaysia Airlines. We will support you when you are in Air Asia X.

    To Shane the Ugly Irish, you are next to go. Make sure you go by end of this month in accordance to your contract. Otherwise, more info will leak out in a public. Bring along your bald assistance as he is only good in asking MAS staff to do his coffee in the office. Your service is much more needed in Belfast instead of here in Kuala Lumpur.

  13. kapak halus

    Instead of inculcating good governance, professionalism and ethical code of conducts across MAS, Danny the cry baby and his condoning Trio and Amuk and the Pariahs from AA and AAX are deploying bullying tactic. Danny may have done the same when he was at Maybank which got him thrown out back into the Amok’s open arms in Khazanah Nasional.

    Hey SC and Min of Human Resource, where are the Good Governance for the BOD and Top Management and the protection for the bullied employees? Where are the Wistle Blower policy and law? MAS staff morale is in its lowest, the company’s bottomline may have not hit rock bottom yet and the weak and fuzzy directions from the top are formulas for worst yet to come.

    They are too hafap or focus on selling and breaking up MAS which they fail and loose sight to formulate and steer MAS to return to profitability through doing real business, airline businesses. Device and implement quality, sound and professional management and industrial harmony, strong and aggressive strategic and tactical business plans not only from the core business (seats and cargo) but from the ancillary revenues like engineering, catering, ground operation and training too, and rewarding and grooming the right talents from within.

    Very bad for MAS and Malaysia when the people who claim as leaders are short sighted for short term gain but they think they can live forever in peace with the ill gotten gains. May Allah curse these groups of so called human if they fail to repent sincerely and right the wrongs which they committed.

    1. jack1960

      Kapak Halus,

      Hear2, unfortunately their “splitting into more manageable units” strategy had another agenda attached to it, an option to o$$load, incongruous to steering MAS back on track!

  14. One of the MAS Watchers

    Victimisation of MAS staff will only exacerbate the situation. It will make thing worse than what it is now. There is no need for Danny boy to hide any more. the noose is getting tighter by the minute.

    I agree with kapak halus that it is better for Danny boy to run ang get out and hide himself behind Azman Mokhtar in Khazanah. This will be a safest place on earth.

    Danny boy with your string of degrees, you are not getting any where because we in MAS are not impressed by your Bina No Fikir attitude. Please FO as soon as possible and seek refuge in Azman Mokhtar’s arm.


    HR should throw the book to Danny as it clearly states that the
    authority to upgrade by CEO or MD is solely for “commercial”
    reasons. Danny, your maid bringing revenue to MAS ?
    And your biggest sin is to swear in the name of Almighty Allah S.A.W.
    how could you lie when its already in the report witnessed by
    the captain and the staff on board.
    If they cooked up this story and falsely accuse you then by all means sack them but if its true then the liar must resign !!

  16. tengku omar

    Its already April and Danny is still unable to come up
    with the much talked about Short Haul Premium Airline module.
    Why does MAS need a premium airline when at this
    point of time the airline is bleeding.
    What it needs now is revenue and it does not take a rocket scientist
    to tell you that AirAsia is enjoying this when its main competitor
    Firefly is now forced to downsize and operate from Subang
    with no connectivity from MAS international flights from KLIA.
    Come on Danny, even large corperations MD and its executives
    fly economy for flights under 3hours. Do you really need a premium airline? Not everyone is as priviledged as your maid who gets to fly First Class all the time.

  17. Anonymous

    Where is MASEU President to defend his union members?
    Tak kan you don’t know or pretend you didn’t hear anything.
    Grateful for the 2 year extension that you now practice
    selective hearing? Malik your credibilty is at stake for
    not voicing your support for MESA and ensure justice
    for all MASEU members.

  18. KhazanahInsider

    In the newly set airline, Danny will rename all stewardess as “my maid”. Steward will be renamed “my nanny”.
    Azman Mokhtar, where is you so called Red Book, Green book and various other books that you engaged Consultants to prepare on conflict of interest etc. Oh I forget, when it comes to your “good boy” Danny , those rules do not applies. What a hypocrite. Walk the talk. If you can’t , please walk out from Khazanah.

  19. Pecah Tembelang

    All MAS staff, take note. All Malaysians, take note.

    Joyce Tan, the crew in charge on MH122 was removed from the roster and was “interviewed” yesterday for 2 hours by a Shamsul from the so-called “Integrity Unit” of MAS. Trust me the “integrity” of this Integrity Unit is questionable as they have a record of “selective prosecution” which in turn has made the Whistleblower programme a mockery! Joyce was alone during this session. Sources say, today, she will again be hauled in to give a STATEMENT on what happened on MH122 or to state how the VR was leaked!

    At the same time, ALL THE OTHER Crew on that flight will also be called up for their statements to be recorded! What an abuse of the process! Why is Danny NOT hauled up to get his statement taken? In fact, sources say that Danny used his position to instruct some Unit Heads to find out how and who leaked the VR to YB Wee!

    Union leaders, please make sure all these Crew are accompanied by a worker’s representative at the statement-taking sessions conducted by the Integrity Unit. I am sure the Integrity Unit, if left unchecked, will try to browbeat and influence the Crew to “amend” what was said in the VR.

    Going back to the integrity of the Integrity Unit, staff are quite amused and amazed and cynical that the former MAS Head in Jeddah (and covering the Middle East) is now heading the Unit. Tales are abundant as to her incompetency in Jeddah, finally resulting in MAS withdrawing from the lucrative Middle East market!. What can we expect, she got the posting due to who-you-know, so MAS sends her, an accountant with NOT a single day’s experience in Sales, to do a Sales and Marketing job, and had to send up another “business analyst” to assist her, and in the end it was botched, and MAS has no more presence in the Middle East. So, this year, during the Arab summer season, guess who will carry the aniticipated thousands of Arabs to Malaysia? Certainly NOT MAS. With all her “achievements”, was there any investigation into the accountability of such a miserable performance? Of course NOT.
    In MAS, it’s who you know. So, this lady comes back and gets a plum job as the Chief Internal Auditor for MAS, which includes the “Integrity Unit”.!! What did I say about “selective prosecution”?

    Back to this Danny saga, staff have had enough of his arrogance and high-handedness and his running-dog agendas for TF!! Do not push staff over the TIPPING POINT!.

  20. Anonymous

    Whether we forced you to go, or the situation made you go, or you had to go cos someone’s sick and you need to seek treatment, or you are going for further studies to add to your already impressive list of degrees, or you are going to study the Quran in a sekolah pondok, or you are going to take up an even more challenging role in Khazanah,


    You are useless to MAS, to Khazanah and to yourself.

  21. MAS Manager

    Danny you better FO now. stop victimising the staff on MH 122. Md Nor and AJ where are your integrity to allow the crews of MH 122 being victimised.

    Where is your sense of justice justice?

    The Board members what are you doing? Tony you are now implicated in the Caterham F! scandals as reported in the Daily Mail in UK. what have you got to say. Your integrity too is at stake.

    Please read this link to Daily Mail in England:

    PM what are you doing about the nonsense in MAS? Please do something before it is too late.

  22. The Pumkiner

    LSG Sky Chef Ibrahim is a proud creation of Md Nor and Danny boy. They still are. Just ask them – and they will say that is the best thing that happened to Malaysia Airlines.

    Years from now, when they will get really old, and when asked by their grand children of their finest work, they will without fail, mentioned about the divestment of MAS Catering.

    Even now, they are brimming with pride knowing that their masterpiece is mentioned in corporate case studies.

    Those thing alone is enough to justify Danny boy’s acting like a king in the first class cabin.

  23. MASEUS Member

    Alias, Malek, Pauline and the rest of MASEUS Exco what are you doing when your staff have been called up by the management for DI and they are not represented? Are you only interested in signing CA wihtout consulting your members? Until now the CA is still a secret documents known to a few of you.

    Disgusting lots. Manusia yang tak malu. These TRIO should also be out from MASEUS. They belong to the Dead Wood category.

  24. wee choo keong

    Fence Sitter Voter

    Below are the e-mail add of the directors of MAS.

    Tan Sri Md. Nor Md. Yusof:

    Ahmad Jauhari Yahya:

    Mohammed Rashdan Mohd Yusof:

    Dato’ Mohamed Azman Yahya:

    Tan Sri Datuk Seri Dr. Wan Abdul Aziz:

    Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng @ Krishnan:

    Dato’ Rohana Rozhan:

    David Lau Nai Pek:

    Tan Sri Anthony Francis Fernanadez: not available

    Dato Kamarudin Meranun:

    Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan

    Datuk Dr. Rahamat Bivi Yusoff:

    Thank you

    with kindest regards

    wee choo keong

  25. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    Why must MAS called the MH122 crew for questioning? They should question that bloody idiot Danny instead of victimizing the crew. They are just performing their duty and there are lots of way and mean the VR could have leak out.

    What is MASEU doing? Aren’t you guys in Maseu surposed to standby the staffs? Maseu specially that BITCH Pauline, you are also a crew and you talk so much, so now is the time for you to act and not just keep quite. We the Cabin Crews are watching you. So don’t just BITCH and BARK around like a mad dog, do your job now as an Union Exco.

    Calling all MAS staffs, we must come together to and support the crew of MH122 because they are been victimised by the company.

  26. Jala MAS

    TS Md Nor, you talked so ugh that we must work together but at the same time you have little or no understanding about JUSTICE and integrity. MH 122 crews are being victimized and what are you doing about it. TF has been reported in the daily Mail of involving in a spy scandal regarding F! car and what are you doing about it.

    Are you going to tell us that the spy scandal in F1 is a personal matter? Come on Mr WAU, your integrity are equally at stake.

    YB have you seen the full Voyage Report regarding the flight MH 122? If you have please publish it. Lets see what the TRIO is going to do about it. Expose them more. That is what they need. A bunch of idiots trying to run an airlines!

    Frankly speaking, they cannot even run a mamak stall! Just the Gaji Buta lot! Wasting MAS money. They are causing more problems for MAS. Get out of MAS.

  27. Broken Winglet

    Well Done MESA..!!
    Thumbs Up to Mat Diah coz hv balls to speak out..

    For MASEU..esp Malik & Alias..maybe both of u still bz diggin in which contract can sapu from MAS and what benefit for Cabin Crew can sell out..Well Done for quitely signing our CA which doesn’t benefit us at all..
    Hope by newly formed NUFAM..our Crew benefit will be taken care..AMIN..!!!

    Its sick & sad to see what happen in MAS..MAS is a ‘Gold Mine’ for some people to make $$$ out of it..and what i don’t understand y the Government never & ever appoint private auditors to audit MAS…

    And what i can bet..if this things didn’t change..for this coming election..definetely MAS STAFF vote will goes to OPPOSITIONS..that’s for SURE..!!!

  28. Mazlan

    Pariah, what have you got to say about the F1 spying scandals? Have you been doing the same thing in MAS that you have done in the Caterham’s case? you are not fit to be on any board of directors of public company.

    Aj and Md Nor what are you going to do about this? Another company chart to solve it. Both of you are jokers.

  29. Anonymous

    The CCF planned has ruined the future of MAS & FY staffs and families. A meeting for FireFly KCH staffs will be held this afternoon at 3 pm at KIA. Both FY Human Resource rep and FY leader is coming today for the meeting. After the closure of KCH base, FY staffs are given an option for a transfer or special half paid salary. Due to family commitment 5 of them sacrifices to be transfered to Subang & Langkawi respectively and in fact they have been promised to be back to based i.e KCH by end of March 2012 but based on sources they have been extended to another 2 months. These has demoralize staffs and heard a few of them planning to resign. Please, please & please do something to stop this STUP*D collaboration and switch back all transactions. We want FY Orange jet soaring the skies and compete with the RED

  30. Anti Khazanah and MASEU

    Broken Winglet,

    But it depend on cabin crew, either they want to improve or not. NUFAM not yet recognise in MAS because of the lack percentage of 50 + 1 (COLLECTIVE BARGAINING) from cabin crew. There still have few big obstacle from MASEU who love to spread the rumors that MASEU are the only union organization can represent CABIN CREW.

    To All Mas Staff, why Rashdan still in BOD? he already under investigation if im not mistaken, but why he still in group OF finance for MALAYSIA AIRLINES? How about Joyce Tan roster removal? I dont think Malaysia Airlines need this Idiot who already gave bad example to MUSLIM by HUMILATING ISLAM with his action to swear using ALLAH S.W.T name denying his wrong doing. This is what we call disgrace to Malaysia as Islamic country and to DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertuan Agong as Islamic Leader in this country. Now we can call them Traitor, Pengkhianat and Derhaka! After this, All MAS Staff you can do what ever thing you want if Rashdan excluded from disciplinary action in his wrong doing.

    To cabin crew and all the members please abort new CA secretly signed which i believe unfair and base on self interest. MASEU still relevance to MAS staff if current president, secretary general and all the exco step down or resigned! Please, if u think about members benefits and welfare, step down because most of your members dont trust you anymore.

  31. The Pariah

    Tan Sri WAU and AJ, you have Rashdan’s abused of power and now another character, TF, who has been reported in Daily Mail in UK that his F1 team was caught spying on other F1 competitor, on MAS Board of Directors.

    How many more scandals do both of you need before you take actions? If this is your management style then MAS will never recover under your leadership. It is a case of non leadership. I think you should quickly find an exit as soon as possible before your reputation will be koyak altogether.

    How can a human with such thick skin?

  32. anti-angkuh

    It’s divine intervention that willed this leakage. There must be a reason that the Almighty caused this to happen – the God fearing DCEO who has sworn his innocence by the Quran should now humbly accept what the Almighty has willed. HC or the Integrity Unit can cover and plug the leakages all they want, but if God wills that certain truths must be out, they will be out. Management staff should do what you are paid to do – ie save the airline. Dont waste precious time looking for faults because when the mas staff band together everyone among them will claim “I am Spartacus”. And speaking of leakages, this is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

  33. Nazri from MAS

    AJ your new structure albeit the THIRD ONE was a non-starter. Company structure cannot help the company if you have no clue to run airlines. Malakof is not an airlines. So please go back to Malakof and companies like Malakof. You are fit for running Mamak Stalls as stated by one of the readers here.

    How can you condone such clear abused by Rashdan from whatever angles you want to appraoch? All pointed to a clear abused of power by this idiot Rashdan, who abused Allah name for his own wrong doings. It will sure “Makan Diri” at last! You and TS Md Nor will also face Judgement Day if you condone Rashdan’s abused of power and the name of Almighty! Trust me, as a Muslim. Both of you will face the power of Almighty if you carry on to be in the state of denial.

    Rashdan is now in charge of Aircraft Finance. Sure when is MAS buying the 200 airbuses from the Pariah? When is Rashdan going to do a Wau-2 BY SELLING THE mas SUBANG land?

    We in MAS are watching you like a hawk!

  34. Time Traveller

    Isn’t it already clear the CFO and Head of Engineering MAS, both from Airasia, are spies of TF? And also the people from PlaneConsult? Same modus operandi for Caterham, as in MAS, only different mechanism. As for Danny, he should better resign, I bet there is a place for him in AK or AAX. See what he can sell or cannibalise there. As for the AJ and Chairman Md Nor, if no DI or disciplinary action is taken against Danny, then if other staff did the same, no action should be taken as well. No double standard please. So all MAS staff, you can upgrade your maid or baby and no action will be taken against you, don’t worry.

    1. Anonymous

      @Time Traveller,

      I beg to differ, they are not spies, for spies merely collect secrets and pass them back to their masters.

      These people are implants, an extension of the power of TF. They are there not to improve MAS, they are there to look after the interest and the enrichment of their master/s. Not only must MAS not do anything to hurt Air Asia but MAS must also benefit AK, AAX, TF and KM. Their decisions have so far purely benefited the other side and to the detriment of MAS. If all else fail, they will act as saboteurs and destroy MAS so that MAd will never pose a challenge to them.

  35. Samsul dari MAS

    YB cilli kasih taruk cukup2 kepada puak2 TRIO di parlimen. jangan kasih merka perluang untuk menafas. Kuburkan mereka aje. Mreka tiada hak dan kewibawaan untuk mengurus MAS lagi. Mereka boleh melepaskan si kroni Rashdan dan menyusah krew MH 122. Amin

  36. Time Traveller

    Poor Joyce Tan (The MH122 crew) for she is now the victim. Let us all support her. Let’s have banners, badge, caps, etc in her support. Maybe MASEU members can support this cause since they have got their increment approved, unlike the other unions/assocs members.

    1. I am behind you Danny + the rest of MAS Management

      Why poor Joyce Tan…..leaking confidential document is far worst than what Danny had done…..She too has no integrity……she should be questioned and if found guilty she should go……

      1. Anonymous

        But lets start with Danny going cos, not only did he breach Company rules but also lied in his official capacity in front of a huge crowd.

        I think that is worse than leaking a document.

        But then again, this is so like you. Keep it up. You provide some comic relief.

      2. Anti CCF

        Is that you Danny talking ? Coz it sounds exactly like you. Just 2 words… Get lost !!!

        If anything happened to Joyce Tan, we will organized a big damn rally in front of Admin 1 building with or without union support. We’ll make a living hell for those idiots like you Danny, AJ and Mohd Nor. You mess with us, you will have to pay for it.

      3. Shame on you Danny. You really have no class what-so-ever. It’s no wonder these people call you danny BOY!

        It’s not wrong for some to even consider you a PEST of society!

  37. Half Past 6 management

    The 3 Stooges look great in the pictures. They look like from the same breed that’s why they are covering for one another. All three must be out from MAS. Enough is enough. Company for what, Another bullshit to pull wool over the eyes of MAS staffs. No way. Too late in the day. You all have started the ball rolling to destroy MAS. MAS staffs will destroy before you destroy us and our family.


    Greeting YB , this what we call ORANG ISLAM TAK SEDAR DIRI
    DISGRACE TO RELIGION OF ISLAM , i think their mother n father is not teaching them the right way to behave , what is wrong n what is wright
    pitty their mother n father raising this so call golden child that trying to help other soul , saya tahu TSMDNOR , AJ , DANNY N AMOK is on this blog too , an dvice from fellow muslim brother n sister , BERTAUBAT SEBELUM TERLAMBAT , HARTA N PANGKAT ADALAH UJIAN BAGI KITA SMUA , KITA SEMUA AKAN DIPERTANGUNJAWABKAN TERHADAP APA YG KITA BUAT , SANGGUP KAH TSMDNOR , AJ DANNY N AMOK BERDEPAN DGN ALLAH DI MASYHAR NANTI , MAY ALLAH GIVE TAUFIK DAN HIDAYAT TO ALL OF YOU , AMIN

  39. Anonymous

    Bravo, This what we call Berani kerana Benar….

    Everyone love Malaysia Airlines, closed to our heart…but sometime some guys think they are the smartest…..The knowledge and experience that MAS staffs have are things that they never tought in Harvard School.

  40. Mastrabaiduri

    It reminds me of George Owell’s Animal Farm… All animals are equal but anmal pigs are more equal than other. In typical BN/UMNO cukture.. the elites have different set of rules… the ruling elites can say, “Don’t do like what I do”.

  41. haji_ibrahim

    I hope and pray that the innocent will be
    protected by the Almighty for carrying out their duties diligently.
    I also hope that the union would engage a credible lawyer
    to serve and protect its members from this high handedness.
    HR will try to psycho and employ their dirty tricks in getting
    the crew to withdraw their statements and suspending them
    is already a punishment lashed out as they now are unable
    to fly and thus deprived of their salary and allowances.
    Stand united union members and staff of MAS, its time like this
    where we see the true colours of your leaders.

  42. Hanafiah MAS

    Good show MESA. Syabas to Matdiah. You have the guts to stand for us, MAS staffs. That will put the MASEUS leaders like Alisa, Malek and Pauline Lim to shame. They are still sleeping on overdose of “pills” or mabok with the contracts from MAS. Not a word from them.

    Now their member Joyce was subjected to hell by the Non Integrity Department in MAS and MASEUS is still keeping silence. Please wake up. The house is on fire and you will be burnt to hell if you carry on in your sleeping mode.

    What is the point of Pauline asking for Voyage Report? To find out where was the leak from? I am sure that YB is alert enough to smell your dirty tricks.

    Thank you MAtdiah for the good work. Please follow up with the WAU expert and Budak Suruhan on DI against Danny boy. We demand actions against Danny boy otherwise close down the Non-Integrity Department for good because they have no right to take disciplinary actions against any of the staff after this.

  43. TheKhazanahInsiders

    Finance function needs to be headed by a very ethical people. When you let Danny managed the function, it like you harapkan pagar , pagar makan padi. Danny – get loss. You do not have the ethic to run the Finance function.

  44. Anonymous

    Firefly staff Kuching & Sabah based are requested to be transfered to West Malaysia or VSS. Thanx a lot Tan Sri and cronies. U have ruined their future and will prayed the same for your future.

  45. Now Every Maid Can Fly First Class in MAS

    Hooray! Matdiah. A job well done. Mesa has made MAS staffs proud. Mesa was right that Danny boy (the ex-Bina tak Fikir boy) position in MAS is untenable and the only way is GET LOST from MAS.

    MAS does not need the “Bina tak Fikir” or WAU people in MAS. Sudah cukup! the most polite for Danny boy is FO! We don’t the “My Airlines” for short haul or long or whatever haul. please go to AA or AA X to do it. I am sure that the pariah will take you with open arms like what Amok did for you after you “GOT OUT” of Maybank.You should thank your lucky star that you got a whooping RM8 million for BinaFikir Sdn Bhd. I wouldn’t pay half a Sen after what I have seen your behaviour in MAS and the upgrading of your maid.

    Before you go, please start a new promotion for MAS known as “Now Every Maid Can Fly First Class In MAS”.

  46. Time Traveller

    I bet most of AJ’s time is spent on changing the org chart. It shows how fickle the management is and they don’t even have confidence in their own doing. So how are the staff supposed to have confidence in the management? By the way AJ, if you are planning to change the org chart again, please consider removing the panamera deadwoods for the benefits of everyone.

  47. The Mad Mad Nor

    TS Mad Nor, you did WAU-1 in 2003. When is your WAU-2 coming to save MAS? Tell us what other MAS assets, if there are any left, are you going to sell? Because I would like to buy it then please help me by signing a lop sided agreement for 24 years. I am not greedy. Not need 25 or 57 years!

    Thank you TS Mad Nor.

  48. anti air asia


    To : All Staff System-wide

    Date : 03 April 2012

    Ref : GCEO/CIR015/12

    Dear Colleagues,

    Malaysia Airlines Organisation Structure – Effective 3 April 2012

    I am pleased to announce the Malaysia Airlines revised organization structure effective 3 April 2012.

    Basically, the highlights on the revised organization structure are as follows:

    1. Operating areas and subsidiaries will report to me as the Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO). This means, Commercial, Short Haul, Strategy and Firefly will also report directly to me.

    2. Group Finance together with Aircraft Finance & Management continues to be under Mohammed Rashdan’s purview as Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer (DGCEO) while we pursue our efforts to bridge the funding gap as part of our immediate recovery plan. At the same time DGCEO will continue to assist me with overseeing all the divisions and the subsidiaries.

    I am confident that the revised organization structure will continue to strengthen our Foundations to successfully implement the Recovery Plans and the Game Changers as contained in the Business Plan.

    With all your support, we will achieve the Business Plan’s objectives which will ultimately benefit Malaysia Airlines and all of us.

    Thank you.



    Kepada : Semua Kakitangan

    Tarikh : 3 April 2012

    Rujukan : GCEO/CIR 015/12


    Struktur Organisasi Malaysia Airlines – Berkuatkuasa 3 April 2012

    Dengan sukacitanya saya mengumumkan semakan semula struktur organisasi Malaysia Airlines berkuatkuasa 3 April 2012.

    Pada dasarnya, sorotan penting semakan semula struktur organisasi adalah seperti berikut:

    1. Bahagian operasi dan semua anak syarikat akan melapor terus kepada saya sebagai Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Kumpulan (GCEO). Ini bermakna, Bahagian Komersil, Penerbangan Jarak Dekat, Strategi dan Firefly juga akan melapor terus kepada saya.

    2. Kumpulan Kewangan bersama Pengurusan & Kewangan Pesawat akan terus berada di bawah bidang kuasa Mohammed Rashdan sebagai Timbalan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Kumpulan (DGCEO) di dalam usaha kita untuk merapatkan jurang pembiayaan sebagai sebahagian daripada rancangan pemulihan segera kita. Pada masa yang sama, DGCEO akan terus membantu saya menyelia semua bahagian dan anak-anak syarikat.

    Saya yakin yang semakan semula struktur organisasi ini akan terus memperkukuhkan lagi Tapak kita untuk melaksanakan Rancangan Pemulihan dan Perubahan Strategi dengan jayanya seperti yang terkandung di dalam Rancangan Perniagaan.

    Dengan sokongan anda, kita akan mencapai objektif Rancangan Perniagaan yang pada akhirnya akan menguntungkan Malaysia Airlines dan kita semua.

    Terima kasih.


  49. Anti Khazanah and Maseu

    Pity to our friends in Sarawak and Sabah… they forced to transfer or take MSS. The question is, why they close Firefly turbo jet engine operation? due to what reason? hopefully YB will bring this thing to State government in order to protect their Sarawakian and Sabahan. FIREFLY DID VERY GOOD JOB! Just because of the interest of RED SKIRT you terminate THE ORANGE.

    May God bless all my firefly friend in Sabah And Sarawak. To Tony and the gangs, everyday people will curse you and pray that something bad will happen to you. what goes around comes around!

  50. JJTension

    In best practice, you should have the right business plan or recovery plan first and then to have the structure to support the plans. If you have 3 times or versions of org structure, means that you don’t have the plans at the first plan. Remember that you are appointed to MAS is to stop bleeding.

    Where is the plan? Hope YB can ask this to PM, MOF, MOT and AMOK…

    Surprisingly, when they do share-swap (or suap) with CCF, they don’t have this ready? Pelik…

    During IJ time, I remember that the company BP is no longer secret documents. Everyone as MAS staff is mandatory to understand the plan. This is together to support the company.


  51. shareholderkecik

    Let’s see now:
    (1) Danny abused his position to MAS’ financial and reputational detriment;
    (2) Danny lies using God’s name, to claim innocence;
    (3) Evidence is shown that Danny lied.

    And now the same fler is entrusted to manage the FINANCE function of MAS?

    (1) He has proven by his own undoing that he is unworthy of trust;
    (2) His conduct thus far has proven his allegiance is NOT to MAS, but more to Air Asia;
    (3) Aircraft Trading is now under him, and AA has at least 200 aircraft in their system at risk of being idle and obviously needs saving;

    WHOSE INTEREST will Danny be acting in? WHERE IS HIS INTEGRITY?????

    He has done EVERYTHING AGAINST what a director and officer of a company is supposed to de : act IN THE INTEREST OF THE COMPANY.
    As a director he has a fiduciary duty. UNDER LAW.

    As MANAGEMENT, he has a responsibility to safeguard the interests of the company, and it includes staff morale, company performance and its direction.
    So far, the airline has shown NOTHING to make us believe that anything they plan can work in the long run! NOTHING AT ALL!!

    So far, we can see that they have ZERO fruitful engagement with the workforce of MAS. All we see are witch hunts and secret arrangements, just like the share swap! It looks like the union leaders (except Matdiah so far), are just as sneaky as the top management!

    Is there a corporate lawyer here who can help us?
    Is there any way MINORITY SHAREHOLDERS can have the management removed? At the very least, the DIRECTORS, primarily these executive directors who have done nothing but create MORE DAMAGE to our beloved airline?????

      1. shareholderkecik

        lodge police report also no makna. They won’t interfere in corporate matters.

        any lawyers who can help?
        if even parliament also don’t wanna listen, so better just sue them to change management! all this make us so sakit hati.

  52. John of MAS

    Danny boy is in no position to be in charge of any department not even the toilet. He is not fit to un any company except his own like Bina Tak Fikir Sdn Bhd. After all his swearing in the Almighty name but he has been caught lying. He is finished. He should gladly retired and take care of his baby and beloved wife, who wa also told that baby is not allowed in Firs Class but she ignored.

    So face the music and get lost.

  53. Anti Khazanah and MASEU

    what ever it is we dont want you, Danny, AJ and all the BOD to be our top management. MAS going to bring in 200 Airbus if Danny still in Finance.

  54. Thoroughly disgusted

    I am behind you Danny +

    Danny must be very PROUD of you because you are just his clone in the way your thought process is soooo skewed… there is NO evidence that Joyce leaked the VR, in fact, if you had any brains, the VR is NOT a confidential document. It is distributed to a few departments, especially in this case since there is an unhappy passenger involved, and there is a breach of Policy at the same time.
    The VR would have gone to at least 2 other departments for “further action”, only difference here is that the departments concerned were STUMPED because this involves the DCEO.
    You must be Danny’s stooge and running dog. Instead of facing the issue like a MAN, you choose, lie Danny, to go on a witch-hunt instead. Stupid. This will only cause more disgust among the staff. So, typical of people with no integrity and honour, now the strategy is to try and intimidate the Crew and to split hairs by trying to convince (unsuccessfully) staff that the VR was inaccurate – the FC was already full, so no issue of upgrade, the baby was only brought to its mother for feeding, the maid just stayed awhile in FC then left with the baby… hey, wait a minute, in all that whitewash, a few facts remain – the baby WAS in FC, the baby caused a commotion that annoyed a premium paying passenger, the baby’s parents were alerted to the premium passenger’s annoyance but chose to ignore it.
    No amount of spin will never be able to whitewash this away.
    Shame on you!!

  55. IDB - Idiot Danny Boy

    Guys, this person “I am behind you Danny + the rest of MAS Management” is

    1. Danny himself
    2. One of the cronies
    3. Beruk Danny – being paid to review and analyse

    I know there a few people being paid to be BERUK with task to review, analyse and report the bloggers and replies about anything related to this topic…

  56. Plane Crazy

    YB Wee, thank you for carrying the cause, honourably. I suggest you to write to business papers like WSJ, Bloomberg and Reuters about how business is being carried out in Malaysia. That custodians of a company in Malaysia would allow its enemy to usurp total control. If this how a goverment holding company behaves, investors would not even do business in Malaysia, much less touch with a thousand foot barge pole.
    This is very much akin to my oft-spoken analogy to anyone who asked what is happening in MAS. That MAS’s parent (Khazanah) is now cohabiting with her new spouse, then knowingly lets the new spouse rape the beautiful (read asset rich) daughter.
    [Come to think of it, MAS have always had bad parents – unprotected, pillaged, robbed, and raped multiple times in the past. This should merit a chapter to be taught in business schools. As if Danny himself is trying to finish his own doctorate thesis at his alma mater, Cambridge, entitled “How to F… my own airline”.]

  57. If it is indeed Danny commenting here, he is at the lowest point of his life probably. To stoop this low is just reflective of him being just a little boy who’ll soon be crying for his mummy!

    Deep down I bet he knows he’s so wrong, insecure and scared of what’s to come. What legacy can this idiot bring to his family but just plain NOTHINGNESS

  58. Ilham Putera


    Wow you make this blog so much in demand and it is gonna be overheated soon. But its for a good cause in the national interest and our National Airlines.

    As for Joyce, keep your spirit there. Can some one gives her assurance that she is not alone? Perhaps she should meet up with YB and then lodge a police report that she is being victimised. Lets take this matter out of MAS boundaries now and hope that the unions/association can be united and lead Joyce to walk towards the Industrial Relations Department at the Min. of Human Resources.

    Since the chairman and md so decide to be puppet, let us move-on.

    All of us here, lets give our sincere support to Joyce, her team and all MAS staff who are against the pariah.


  59. Lee

    MAS staffs must be up in arms to stop the victimisation of Joyce and other crews in MH 122. Such victimisation cnnot be accepted by all Malaysian. Disgusting TRIO.

  60. Tumor Damage

    Let’s backup Joyce and watch what management do to her… Please give moral support to Joyce. She are part of dedicated crew wiz Malaysia Airlines. Bring this matter to parliament YB if management sacking her from company due to VR report. Let’s play our role to support MAS staff..MAS is a public company. We’ MALAYSIAN need to stand together to save MAS and together it’s staff. Thumbs Up

    1. weechookeong

      Tumor Damage

      If Ms Joyce is victimised in any way all right think people should rise up to the occasion to take on the incompetence infiltrators.We must all tell them “Enough is enough!”.

      I hope that the MAS Unions will give her full support for carrying out her job. This is a situation a police who caught a thief and the thief is freed and the police is disciplined for carrying his duty. How can MAS be saved with such mentalities running amok in MAS?

      Until today, Rashdan aka Danny has not denied the allegation of abusing his powers as DGCEO of MAS for upgrading his maid to First Class. This matter has been raised in Parliament. If it is not true, then he should call for a press conference to deny it and clear his “good” name.

      MAS staffs must stand together behind Ms Joyce. Fear not, there is still God. Those who invoke the name of ALMIGHTY will face judgement day soon.

      Thank you

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  61. Pingback: Its time for rakyat to voice their discontent for MAS-AirAsia CCF, on the streets « The "thirteen million plus Ringgit" guy rambles….

  62. Azmi MAS

    We the staffs must go all out of the the WAU man (Md Nor), Rashdan (maid upgrader cum abused of pwoer and former WAU boy) and AJ (the blind man taking directive from the Pariah). Of course, those gaji buta directors like Datuk Azman yahya (repressenting SCOMI and AIrAsia), Datuk Rohana (representing ASTRO) Datuk Krishnan tyan (representing IJM), TF and Datuk Kamarudin (representing AA).

    ALl athese must go because they have “KOSONG” knowledge about aviaiton or due to conflict of interests.

    Please get lost as long as possible.e is no room for you all in MAS.

  63. kapakhalus

    AJ’s third corporate structure in 6 months? AJ has earned his place in Malaysia Guinness Book of Record as the CEO of a Malaysian MNC with the most number of corporate structure. Kudos to AJ, MAS BOD(oh) and Top(less) Management. They were true to AJ and Md Nor claims that MAS staff has low productivity. RA between MAS and AAX came after bookings were made and some of AAX’s cancelled flights’ passengers were flown by MAS.

    They worked late night to produce the mechanism and issued media releases.

    They worked restlessly to design and come up with three corporate structures but still without solid direction and business plans which are salable to potential financiers and to MAS 20,000 strong employees without loosing sights to MAS remaining properties (like in Subang and few real estates abroad) and money making business subsidiaries (like Engineering, Flight Simulators, Insurance premiums, Training).

    They are working endlessly to turn around the crew of MH122’s statement and story lines..Well they are the cronies of media spin doctors for AA and AAX WTF and KM. Joyce is still subject to MAS No Integrity team to intimidate her integrity and professionalism which she has been true to throughout her career as MAS stewardess (perhaps when Danny was actually the cry baby) and the leading IFS. Joyce and the crew were not accompanied by any MASEUS Union rep during the interviews. The No Integrity team is waiting to take statement from the captain of the infamous cry baby’s flight. Instead of doing the right thing, the multi million paid top(less) management and tens of Malaysia unproductive employees are making moves to victimize the professional MAS award winning crew team to make Danny the cry baby came out victorious and innocent.

    But Danny, one of the key architects of WAU (no brainer to sell assets instead of making real business to generate money) was very quick to sign a MoU with WTF to sponsor QPR jerseys at 18million few days after the Share Swuap deal. Danny overstep MAS corporate process governing the approval authority stated in Corporate Approval Authority Manual. To cover Danny’s excitement to please his CCF master, WTF, they changed the CAAM. This however did not release him from the fact that he was not complying to the corporate governance when the commitment of sponsorship was made. So getting the VR statement turned over and to witch hunt.

    So Danny is not new to overstepping good corporate governance and the high paying BOD(oh) and Top(less) Management continue to cover up Danny, the cry baby and the WTF dog).

    Government appointees to the BOD and MAS management failed MAS and the Rakyat and wasting public money. Present management team continue to fail but the ultimate plans are to bail WTF and KM using the Share Swuap and to enrich them and other selfish members by dismantling MAS disguising in the form of recovery plan.

    What a screw up MAS is in since the Share Swuap. The government and the authorities are still dragging their feet in doing the right thing.


    Dear YB,

    Just for your info,Due to merged MH and AK,all of FIREFLY staff from SABAH and SARAWAK have been giving option to transfer to semenanjung or accept the MSS from FIREFLY management.It to drastic,they just recv it this weekto make decision by 13 April 2012 and its not fair!!
    Just imagine if they take transfer,its cause a lots of problem especially those who have family.and some more pay that they recv is not enough to cover their expenses in semananjung.
    about MSS,as u know if they take this MSS means FINISH!!The MSS only given 2 mth salary thats it!!the question is where to fine a JOB,its not easy to fine a job at this time.They going to jobless,how to live like that especially those who got family.What to eat??hw to pay a bill??
    Their concern is someone who can speak on behalf of them to fight for their right.For your info FIREFLY does’nt have UNION like MAS staff.
    Please do something to help them.before 13 april.The option they given is not worth it al all, at least like the staff can observed to MASWING or MAS.The number of staff is less then 30 staff.
    Please YB help them…….

    Thank you


    Hope for Miracle.

  65. Anonymous

    Just watched CNN “Quest means business”.
    It says that MAS A380 will ban babies in their Business Class
    upperdeck cabin. Danny is this a joke ?

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