MAS staffs must stand up against abused of power by Rashdan

On 8-2-2010 there was a clear directive from MAS management that no infant allowed in the First Class cabin. Thank you JJTension for sharing your information with the readers of this Blog. All MAS knew about this standing directive except the “INFILTRATORS”, who knowingly abused it and the others went all the way to CONDONE the abused.Thank you JJTension for your constructive engagements.

Yours truly hopes that MAS staffs and others will continue to engage in this Blog and share informations with other MAS staffs and other readers for the sake of really saving our national carrier and icon, MAS. MAS shall always be a true dark blue and red.

Although the cronies have changed the livery on the new A380 with new logo with pale funeral blue. It is the unquestionable culture of MAS since 1970s when it was created with the hearts and minds of former MAS staffs then and continuously to be developed and strengthen by current MAS staffs until the infamous secret MAS-AirAsia share swap and the said notorious CCF crept into MAS after 9-8-2011. But both have failed to break the resistance to break the loyalty of MAS staffs but intact it has been strengthen.

They have united the MAS staffs against the top management and a handful of disloyal union leaders, who have secretly signed the Collective Agreement without consulting its members and other MAS Unions. 

Yours truly believes that MAS staffs will always remain loyal with the famous dark blue and red logo based on “WAU BULAN” from Kelantan, yours truly kampung,  despite the poor attempts made by the cronies to change it. The cronies changed of the said livery to funeral blue has cost MAS money. Rumours have it that the designing bill cost MAS RM8 million! Hope this was not true otherwise it will be another QPR’s episode of wasting 18 mil Pounds  i.e spending MAS money recklessly when the cronies has been screaming that MAS was BLEEDING.

The MAS cultures shall remain and be maintained forever. MAS cultures shall not be painted in RED by the pen pushers cum cronies. MAS shall compete with all airlines including AirAsia and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd.

The top management and Panamera Dead Woods come and go but MAS culture shall remain as the MAS that we know. Of course, it is not the culture of allowing and encouraging LEAKAGES by top management.

When there is a political will to plug the LEAKAGES, MAS shall be back to its GLORIOUS day again like when at one time it has won many international AWARDS, which other airlines could only dream about them. Just as a reminders to Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (Amok), Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof (Md Nor) and En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ):

  • 2001 – 2006     “WORLD BEST CABIN  CREW”   

  • 2001 – 2006      “BEST CABIN ECONOMY SERVICE”

  • 2001 – 2006      “BEST FIRST CLASS SERVICE” 

That goes for the declaration by En Ahamd Jauhari Yahya (AJ), the MAS Group CEO, during the “Briefing of MPs” at Parliament House on 26-3-2012.

A pertinent question had to be asked why MAS perforamnce begins to slack after 2006: Was it due to no or little support given to MAS from Khaznah after 2006?    

Anyway Thank God MAS that MAS didn’t win “The Best Low Cost Carrier” because the competition was amongst a few non-IATA airlines where many have already gone BURST leaving behind a handful to compete! The latest good example of low cost carrier in deep financial trouble is Kingfisher. Please read HERE & HERE.

At least when Kingfisher cut its overseas routes, it was widely reported in the press in their home land and overseas that it was due to their huge debts unlike certain airlines. No press reported the actual state of affairs but instead publishing propaganda by stressing it was all due to ‘HIGH COST FUEL” as though for short haul flight are using “LOW COST FUEL”! It was due to sub-standard journalism and motivated by advertising revenue. 

To MAS staffs especially the cabin crews, pilots, ground staffs and front lines staffs other, in the hearts and minds of Malaysians we know that you are still our BEST AMBASSADOR and will always be the BEST in carrying our national flag worldwide.  

Forget about what the top management has said recently that your productivity were low. We know that the productivities of top management of MAS, the appointed consultant PlaneConsult and recent imports fromAirAsia are not only negligilble but very suspect.

MAS staffs don’t allow the comments and actions affect your MAS cultures and courage. It is during this time that each and every single MAS staff must show your courage and commitment to our national carrier and icon, MAS, to stand up against any destructive acts of unscrupulous persons.  If MASEUS is no longer incapable of standing up for you, there are other MAS unions like MESA, MAPA and NUFAM and others.

The time to stand up and be counted is NOW or never.  MAS Staffs, it is your duty and other Malaysians to stand up for our national carrier and icon, MAS. Of course, MAS has problems with LEAKAGES, which cannot be solved by the said secure share swap and definitely not with CCF, which was one sided in favor of AirAsia and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd as cane clearly seen so far. No difference to the sale of MAS Catering Sdn Bhd and the one sided 25 years catering contract under WAU, the BRAINCHILD of Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof and BinaFikir Sdn Bhd (the co-founders were Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny.

Next week Parliament will be debating on the Supplementary Budget, yours truly and other MPs shall definitely speak up for MAS staffs and MAS. Yours truly shall press MOF to tell Parliament how much did MAS pay BinaFikir Sdn Bhd for WAU. Yours truly believes that the fees must be very high that’s why until today this issue has been conspicuosly avoided by the MOF Deputy Minister Datuk Awang Adik recently.  

Below is the directive on the “Infants Ban” in First Class cabin.   


TO : All MAS Pilots
All Senior General Managers
All General Managers
All Assistant General Managers
All Managers
All Station Managers

REF : SGMHR 007/10
Date : 08 Feb 2010


We wish to reiterate that no infant will be allowed to travel on First Class (FY) in all our B747-400 series aircraft.

This restriction has been imposed due to the fact that all our B747-400 series aircraft First Class cabin are not equipped with bassinet seat/facility. All our ground employees as well as ground handling agents world wide have been informed to adhere to the Ground Operations Manual – Passenger & Baggage, Chapter 19 (Handling of Infants) Page 19-2 Clause 3.6 & 3.10 which states ‘No seat sale for infant in FRCL cabin for new B747 aircraft type, therefore there is no bassinet seat and passenger are not permitted to bring and use IRD or car type seat in new B747 FRCL seat” & ‘ The new design B747-400 (Passenger) retrofitted aircraft do not accept any infants on FRCL as no facility (bassinet seat) is provided. We are also no longer offering bassinet placed on the floor”.

Kindly note that all applications for Annual Privilege Travel will automatically be made on Business Class for infant and one (1) accompanying adult.

We have been informed that many are not aware of this restriction and as a result there were a lot of inconveniences caused to both staff and our check-in personnel. We seek your co-operation in this matter.


c.c. Senior General Manager Airport Operations
AGM Distributions

Lets see what AJ, Md Nor and the recently appointed Board of Directors comprising of DATUK AZMAN YAHYA, also AirAsia and SCOMI director, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Datuk Kamarudin Meranun both of AIrAsia, Datuk Rohaya of Astro, Datuk Krishan Tan of IJM and Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah.  

If there is still no actions taken against Amok’s corny Rashdan by Monday, 2nd April 2012, yours truly shall call upon the Government ton remove them as they are no longer capable to looking after the interests of MAS and that they are too infested with too many elements of  CONFLICT OF INTEREST.  

Please read the interesting article by ABITW entitled “As long as MAS is here, have no fear”

37 thoughts on “MAS staffs must stand up against abused of power by Rashdan

  1. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    YB, thank you so much for all your efforts in exposing the dirty job of all these Panamera Deadwood. Yes YB, MAS will always be “DARK BLUE & RED” and the “FUNERAL BLUE”, well those idiots (AJ, Md Nor, Danny Boy, AMOK, Pariah TF and his croonies) can keep for their FUNERAL which is coming soon.

    Idiot Danny think that since he is the Deputy CEO, he can do as he like. HC, what are you guys waiting for? You guys in HC is always so good in sending the Low Prodcutivity staffs for DI when they commit an offence, so now you guys better start to do you work, DI that bastard Danny boy because he had commit an offence. Don’ tell us that since he is the Deputy CEO, you guys can’t and dare not DI him? Don’t create a double standard thing and dont’ forget all eyes are now watching you guys in HC. Don’t just pick on Low Productivity staffs only because even people in top management also commit offence and even bigger one which most of the time is been covered by HC.

    Now let’s see which verse in the Quran will idiot Danny recite now. Idiot Danny think before you recite any verse cause you might recite the wrong verse. Can you really recite or you just plain stupid cause you sworn using Allah name. Hey banggang, sial…jangan sumpah sebarangan sebab nanti dimakan dumpah sendiri…..tahu tak bahalul.


  2. KhazanahInsider

    1. Let carry a placard at MAS first class checking in counter highlighting MAS new promotional campaign ” Malaysians Hospitality – free upgrade to the accompanying nanny”. 2. I bet the board will not sacked Danny “the good boy” ( to use Azman Mokhtar’ own word) for misusing his position to protect their self interest. If Danny quit or to be fired before 10th April 2012 for the abuse of his position, I am willing to pay for the first taker’s nanny upgrading cost to FC to return to their own country. Any taker?

  3. MAS supporter.

    On the verge of collapsing. AirAsia cancelled flight to London, Paris and India (now Christchurch) due to fuel cost, my foot. The Pariah fought so hard for the London route and etc. Fought and got 37 routes only flew 13 after the cancellation left with 8 only. Soon it will be zero.

    Good ridden to bad rubbish. The Pariah, Kamarudin, Azman Yahya, Rohana and of course Rashdan must go and go immediately.

    Md Nor and AJ send to java long kong or tarmac.

  4. Shan

    Rashdan can no longer stay on for even another minute in the light of the directive in 2010 as posted by YB.

    Rashdan no point in reciting Quaranic verse from your handphone. You should have done it from the Quaran idiot. amat memalukan bangsar Melayu. Ptui!

    Only Amok. Md Nor, AJ, Rozman,the other cronies Pariah, Kamarudin, Azman Yahya, Datauk Rohaya and Datuk Krishnan Tan can condone Rashdan and his abuses.

    Sack the f..king lots. They are all not fit to get near MAS gate let alone to be on the Board. The Disgusting lot.

  5. jack1960

    Leadership by Example……MAS BOD!


    Good to have a united BOD but being united to defend and thus, condone a wrongful act by a fellow member sends a wrong signal to the entire organization. So, now everyone can do wrongful acts because BOD members can do it, free of DIs.

    Minority shareholders of MAS, not good reading here and don’t forget the Re-Accomodation Agreement, even more suspect reading.

    Questionable leadership by the BOD, and still the govt supports the CCF. Amazing stuff.

    Still……the clocks ticking on the other more important issues of MH survivability.

    1. orangkecik

      I’m a VERY upset minority shareholder.

      When is their AGM? Where is MSWG? How come they never say anything when so much has happened here that affect the company to our peril??

    2. Anonymous

      Leadership by example.

      There was once an incident in JKT some years back when a check-in staff raised an issue with a certain board member that his jeans was in breach of the company dress code for duty travel. The check-in staff was rudely told off by this board member.

      That’s example for you.

      In the western world, the check-in staff would have been within his authority to refuse the board member and the law would have been on his side.

      This incident resulted in the relaxation of the dress code and the whole incident was hushed.

  6. mas sweeper


    Everyday in the news we see you talking to the Felda settlers but not us.

    we know MAS is not making money unlike Felda, but its not our fault.

    Please dont leave us in the hand of those deadwood panamera.

  7. kapakhalus

    YB, the memo was issued for the internal staff who are entitled to travel on first class. Distribution’s standard and procedures have the same policy issued to all MAS reservation and ticketing for the commercial passengers with infants booking on first class. Danny, the cry baby, and outsiders who romped MAS in high places do not bother to know all these standard procedures and policy which not only MAS has in place but also other IATA airline members.

    As the idiotic collaborators from the Power background, Khazanah Nasional, and last but not the least the Bina Tak Tahu Fikit aims are to break MAS into pieces so the Pariahs from AA and AAX can “own” MAS in-house talents like Pilots (Flight Simulator), Engineers (Engineering), Trainers (MAA) and Cargo operator (MASgo) through dubious and manipulative third party companies. Through these companies, the Pariahs who bought AA at RM1.00 can “own” MAS profit subsidiaries almost free. MAS which has been building the award winning and most sought talents (by other airlines even SQ, CX, KE and even the airlines from China and Middle East) internally and erected the facilities in Subang, Kelana Jaya and KLIA worth billions of ringgit malaysia are easy preys for the Pariahs and the Idiots who are sitting on MAS BOD and Top management to “spin (siphon) off” to their sides. With a stroke of a pen by the collaborators who are colluding behind close doors at the highest hierarchy, MAS will be further stripped of the assets. The assets which were built, constructed or purchased by the previous MAS management under the leadership of TS Aziz and his immediate successors before the infamous takeover by TS TR and later successors.

    The later appointees of the Government failed miserably to grow MAS internal talents despite the implementation of PMS. Many MAS internal talents were sidelined when the successors from the time of Mohd Nor and Danny, the cry baby, brought in low level talents from Qantas like Paul Mooney, Kim Clark and Danny Kondic to head high offices of Revenue Management and Sales and those from the disgraced Arthur Anderson (AA) Consultant to be their eyes and ears in MAS; then by Idris Jala who brought more ex-consultants and set up TMO which one of them known as Moz-man screwed up MAS further; and now again by the returned of Mohd Nor and Danny into MAS. These external talents are again promoted in Revenue Management, Finance, Airport Operation and Sales.

    None of them sincerely and truly recognized the many genuine talents within MAS. They trusted and hired or promoted many externals to Managers and VPs and SPVs posts and were paid handsomely. These externals are young people who can certainly talk and present better which not that the internal grown talents are lacking. But these external talents are mostly beautifully packaged but unfortunately only at the outside. However, they seriously lack the soul of airlines’ skills and knowledge. They did not go through the rigorous trainings and working from the bottom before assuming the high posts. They bull-dozed their own “understanding of airline” businesses wherever they are assigned or promoted. Most of them were not loyal to MAS. They used their limited experiences and posts in MAS to negotiate for better pays and higher posts outside MAS. Most of their projects failed or half cooked but surprisingly and amazingly they somehow were still paid performance bonuses.

    Anyway MAS has been long established and observed the stringent IATA and local aviation authorities’ regulations, policies and procedures. MAS won many awards and many internal talents particularly MAS engineers and pilots were sought after. MAS on time performance, engineering, piloting records were impeccable. MAS standard and procedures talents were also well respected. Yes, WERE. MAS internal talents are still good but can do better. However, the successors appointed by the Government and Khazanah Nasional failed to continue develop and further grow internal talents. They trust outsiders more than the insiders. They sold or spin off MAS properties and plan to further strip MAS of its assets and internal talents. Sold or selling MAS assets instead of selling seats to generate more cash to fund MAS operation and new aircraft purchase. Aircraft which they can again trigger another WAU exercise. While the earlier generation of MAS BOD and top management were accumulating wealth and assets for MAS through sound and structured short and long strategies. the later and present generations of MAS leadership only know how to sell off or strip off or spin off or rip off MAS of its assets.

    Cannot blame them though. AA and AAX do not have the soul of true airline operators and certainly not customer centric business organization. They formed and grew their airline businesses on the basis of dece.t, and greed. They have more planes crashed landed in a year than MAS in 5 decades. Their OTP and in-flight services are not to be envied. AA and AAX used creative accounting. If continues to be unchecked rigorously and transparently by honest regulators and zealous auditors, the AA and AAX creative accounting can abruptly turn into regional unprecedented scandals and financial melt downs like what happened to Arthur Andersen (AA which once was one of the big 5 accounting firms), Ponzi scheme, Enron, Worldcom, Satyam Systems (India) and Olympus (Japan) due to financial frauds. The BOD and top executives doct…d the accounts to show higher revenues therefore still resulting in profits hence the companies’ EPS, ROI, and share prices are cosmetically maintained higher than they actually are in the Audited Reports and on the first or second board.

    CIMB is shaking nervously as it stands to lose RM50 billion if AA and AAX fold. Nazir Razak who is the Group CEO of CIMB and the younger brother of Malaysia PM may be having sleepless nights because of the high profile dramas taking places in MAS, the Parliament, Sabah & Sarawak brought about by the high handed AA/AAX pariahs. Although CIMB RM50 billions “investment” in AA/AAX is small, Nazir Razak must knew that the Lehman Brothers went bankrupt due to “unsecured” loans and mortgages. Ernst and Young (E&Y), the other 5 big accounting firms hired to audit and sign off MAS 2011 financial report, must think deeply before they ink the E&Y’s name on the financial report. E&Y can become the next big accounting firm to dwindle if they condone by hiding or closing one eye the malpractices and irregularities in the financial and accounting practices of the BOD or Management team or both. A.. ceased to exist as a result of fraudulent auditing on Enron.

    MAS loyal employees will continue their efforts to have the CCF repealed. MAS participation on an alliance as reported by AJ is in a way a form of collaboration between participating airlines. This alliance is totally different than the so-called MAS and AA/AAX collaboration through the secretive CCF. MAS alliance with the OneWorld airlines sounded like it will not cause invasion or restriction of management and operation of a participating airline by the airline partners. The CCF is a disguise to deceive and unscrupulously strip MAS off its remaining assets and “hand over” them to AA/AAX big headed and arrogant WTF and his pariahs and cronies at almost no cost to them.

    MAS must pay membership fees to the alliance. AA and AAX did not inject a single cent into MAS. Instead, WTF and Kamarudin’s Tune Air got some millions from Khazanah Nasional for “suap”ing AA shares with MAS shares. Do a simple calculation when Khazanah Nasional swapped 20.5% of its MAS shares worth RM1.41 per share for 10% of AA shares from Tune Air valued at RM3.78 or RM4.14 per share. The alliance does not place a single executive to head a MAS department or division or subsidiary but WTF AA brought in their choice of executives and cronies into MAS. MAS and OneWorld airlines will observe the standard policies and agreements in passengers transfer unlike the RA which MAS top management sealed with AA after the fact and was not a standard IATA practice. What a stark different in the two collaborations.

    The CCF is the core and the cause of MAS employees dissatisfaction and low morale because in the CCF, Khazanah Nasional and their appointees to MAS BOD and top management are in cohoot with AA WTF, Kamar…in and their appointees to execute their hidden agenda like (1)Short Haul operation, (2)Migration to KLIA (as they want to lease or sell MAS properties or rights to Subang areas for RM1.3 billion plus plus money), (3)dissolution of Unions, and (4)Spinning Off MAS remaining assets.

    What MAS and the 20,000 strong employees require are sincere and sound airline business minded leaders to resuscitate MAS and bring MAS back to operating profits, recognize and grow internal talents and accumulate physical assets and at the same raise the national flag and service the customers with quality, pride and honor.

    Now, will the Prime Minister of Malaysia listen?

  8. Anonymous

    Come on people, get real. Enough with the pressuring of HC to DI Danny.

    There is natural order. One do not initiate an inquiry on one’s superior unless one is given the mandate from an authority that is higher than one superior. Or one has a death wish.

    Because of his level, HC cannot conduct a DI on Danny unless instructed by the Board or the CEO. There are procedures to follow. You all know this.

    It is the Board and AJ that needs to order the DI and in any case, the DI should be conducted by the HC under the authority of the Board, and the outcome and sentencing be presented to the Board. It is the Board that has to punish Danny.

    Given the members of the Board, even AJ will not initiate a DI on Danny. I often suspect that AJ takes his orders from Danny.

    MAS Staff have been dismissed for less, so justice must to be done, pressure TS Md Nor, the Board and AJ.

  9. Thanks YB for the link.

    However the title should read: “As long as MAS is here, HAVE no fear” with have.

    It expresses confidence on MAS.

    For all the staff of MAS, we at ABITW have been with you since the slimy Airline Rationalisation Plan in 2005.

    And we will continue to be with you irrespective of party line.

    We certainly appreciated YB’s presence to provide the leadership and your dedication to the cause.

    This cause is a noble one to ensure that the Malaysian flag still fly up there in the stratosphere.

    Beranikan Diri Mu Kerana Kami Bersama Mu!

    1. weechookeong

      Thank you bro

      I have corrected the title accordingly. Thank you so much for the link too. It is a duty of all Malaysians to stand with the national carrier and national flag bearer. When we travelled we can see how hard the stewards and stewards and others worked to ensure MAS give the passengers the best with their Malaysian Hospitality.

      Your comments will definitely be very assuring for MAS staff during this difficult time. MAS staffs you are not alone.

      Your ending with “Beranikan Diri Mu keranana Kami Bersama Mu” is most appropriate under the circumstances.

      Thank you

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  10. Mastrabaiduri

    YB, MS is still BLUE and RED. BLUE in the logo and RED in the accounting. Joke aside, there have been few cases of staff being made to pay – either monetarily or punished – for upgrading. Danny should not be an exception. Indeed there are many conflict of interest in the Air Asia/MAS Collaboration. I hope YB and help push for the CCF to be dismantle. Th CCF clearly benefits Air Asia and Air Asia X. LCC is only viable for short to medium haul but not Long haul flights. Look at what happen to Oasis (Hong Kong).. it went bust. And look at Air Asia X. It has cancelled all its long haul flights – London, Paris and Christchurch. Perth, Melbourne and Sydney are medium haul. My biggest concern is Air Asia and Asia X will take free ride from MAS on the petex of “collaboration” and “shared services”. MAS has a good engineering facilities. Air Asia’s A320’s are due for major checks. Already I heard Air Asia’s aircraft getting higher priority than MAS aircraft in MAS own hangar.

    Another issue that you should raise is Firefly jet, some dry leased from foreign carrier and some from MAS are now wet leased to MAS. Both MAS and Fiefly now have excess crew and airplanes. All because of AA/MAS CCF.

  11. MASEU


    Hi..YB Wee, we are trying to get a copy of the VR for MH122. Was told someone has started to find who’s the leak. Do you think you could send us the copy? This is for us to pressure the Blind Man (Chairman) to take action upon the irresponsible act by D.R.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Sincerely yours,
    Pauline Lim
    MASEU Exco

    1. weechookeong


      I thought that you have stated in one of the comments that you want my e-mail address which I have given to you. So that you can send to me evidence of crews having some “arrangements with TF”. To date there is nothing forthcoming from you.

      Anyway the evidence is the one that I have posted in the blog and you can always pick it from there if MASEUS is already interested in taking actions. What had happened to the picket that was planned for September 15 last year and then postponed to December? Has it being postponed indefinitely?

      Thank you.

      with kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  12. Rashdan the bullshiter

    There is only one way ticket for Rashdan that is to get lost from MAS. then his boss can send him to any where he likes provided he will be accepted. The best place is AirAsia. That is where he belongs. He has no standard to head a premier airlines. When in AirAsia then he can upgrade his maid to the cockpit and no one will give a damn.

    1. wee choo keong

      Hi kapak halus

      Sorry for the delay. I have also e-mail my reasons to you. I really am sorry for the delay.

      Thank you so much for your valuable contribution. Most appreciated.

      Thank you

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  13. MASEU

    Hi YB,

    The VR that you published is only half portion. It’s not even clear of what was written in it except for names of IFSS and Captain and certain wordings can be guessed only.

    Hope you could re-send and as far as your email is concerned, nothing was received from your side.

    We appreciate your work.

    Yours sincerely,
    Pauline Lim
    MASEU Exco

    1. Anonymous


      It looks to me that you are here to post your own opposing opinions on the issue using the lame cover of trying to show an interest in finding the truth.

      I wonder if your actions are sanctioned by the MASEU Exco for you to post under the authority of the Exco.

  14. Scout


    I am AMAZED you are asking YB for the VR? Hallooo? You are in Maseu AND you are in Cabin Crew and YOU are asking YB for the VR? No wonder your members are soooo upset with you and the other Maseu leaders!
    If you are concerned that the Crew may be called up for “clarifications” (as I heard) by NOW you should have told the Crew to NEVER go to the office to be grilled by Management ALONE. The Crew MUST be accompanied by a Workers rep, I don’t suppose its MASEU?
    AND , HALLOO, Cabin Crew management, a lot of people are watching you – first, when the VR was submitted on 3rd January, why did you not follow normal procedures to initiate an investigation into the incident, and to take “corrective action” as you rightly should? Or were you all too STUMPED to do anything because this involves a “big shot”? Double standards from Cabin Crew management too!
    Next, Cabin Crew Manager, we are also watching if you DARE to haul up the Crew of MH122 for “clarifications” or if you try to “persuade” them to admit they were wrong. It is not that easy. YOU may be in deeep trouble if you think you can get away with it. NUFAM , take note. Forget Maseu, it is laughable that a MASEU official is actually asking YB for the VR!!!

  15. Anonymous


    PAULINE-SHAME on u to asked copy of VR from MR YB WCK..u r insider staff n asking outside people for copy…u r joker yet im not laughing…and this is how MASEU doing their JOB…end of the day its mr yb wck represent the staff ..

  16. Anti CCF

    Danny is one arrogant sick mental It’s puzzling how can someone who is so incapable such as him could still remain in MAS after all this controversy episode.

    He knew shit about airline and still thought that he could manage the business. Danny, if you are reading this, I’m sure that your parents is too ashamed to call you their son. If you are a gentlemen, do all of us in MAS a favour and please step down voluntarily when you still have the time and chance to do so. Damage caused by you is too deep and nobody in MAS has any respect left for you. Danny, you are a liaibility to Malaysia Airlines and an excess baggage to the company. Again I repeat, please resign while you have the time and chance to do so. Everything that you do every single day is being watched and recorded by all the staff.

    I’ll give you hell everytime you travel on MAS flight. Just watch and observe things around you from now on. You won’t believe such bizarre thing that we have given you as present. We are SO SICK of your face.

  17. viper1909


    PAULINE/MASEU-SHAME ON U…..u r insider/crew n yet asking copy VR from mr Yb WCK that will be outsider…and this is how u do ur job as rep to your MEMBERS.u r JOKER n yet im not laughing..end of the day its MR YB WCK represent the staff mas…

  18. Sam Liew

    YB Wee,thank you for exposing these issues and named the few but I’m surprised MASEU rep Pauline have lost her bearings and the integrity of her story here.First she claimed all sorts about NUFAM and MAFAA, then she could not retrieve a document VR to proof anything.

    So what is she yiping about all these? She is the actual perpetrator but without facts and evidence.

    Be careful of this woman as she is well known to be a big liar in MAS and with swinging, this woman is on the verge of committing suicide.

    Best we hold back and watch this woman! Thanks YB.

  19. Antigajibuta

    Theres nothing to be amaze about when it comes to Maseu leaders and Excos, They are only good at NOTHING!! Till today, what have this people done to Cabin Crew?? almost ZERO!! They are bunch of useless selfish people!! Talk about the recently signed CA, what so great about that?? What so great about having rm100+ basic increment when u lost rm500 – rm1000 allowance? Im sure there are alot of crew agree that our take home pay was much more than what we get now! When asked Dato’Saleh ‘not so berani’ during turun padang, what excuse do u get?? most of the time, ask us to go and talk to Maseus reps. When asked the reps, they said we have to understand the company not making money? But is the kind of leaders in Maseu that u need? Even for a copy of VR they have to ask from YB Wee. I guess they were more excited about getting another 2 yrs extensions especially for those GILAKUASA like Malek and OFSS Pauline Lim.


    If u guys really care abou the company, i dare u to for a very least email to all the staffs/members about your stand on:
    1. The CCF and Share Swap
    2. The issue about Danny the stupid boy upgrading the nanny & baby
    3. The statement that the f..king MD made about the non productives staffs
    4. Changed of MAS logo & the cost involved.
    5. Sponsorship for that Pariah’s losing team of QPR
    6. Changed of Crew’s uniforms and then cancelled for female crews and the
    amount of money wasted.

    Pauline, its ok if u dont wanna post or reply in this blog coz somehow i know


  20. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    Scout & antigajibuta…..WELL SAID. Shame on the Maseu buggers, can’t even get a copy of VR and you called yourselves Representative of staffs.

    Btw, antigajibuta……think you need to rephrase your sentence “YOU DONT HAVE BALLS!!……well sad to inform you, Pauline is a BITCH and she DONT HAVE BALLS!!! Wonder what she does she have??????

  21. Sukanan Majid

    Since when ever have MAS crew collaborated with Tony?Prove your evidence Pauline Lim of MASEU.Being a pariah dog for MASEU won’t get you far as there are tons of court cases against them now specially on their RM1million sunglap duit ahli…so be careful and don’t become a bitch as you are already the highest one on the planet!

  22. Pauline is a snake, she was almost running on empty ,until she was given a lifeline by the extension. She is a carbon copy of the Maseu secretary, both would sell their mother to enable their cause. For all of those colleagues who knew her, she is bad news. Believe me. she is a real stooge for the management, sold her soul to the devil long time ago.
    LISTEN TO ME PAULINE, EVERYBODY HATES YOU, Go get married and get a life.

  23. Mahes

    Pauline, YB Wee will soon know of you as you sold your own staffs and crew at the end.Lying on one hand and on left, signing a CA? Someone posted of MASEU’s arrogance to show they are kings, since when did they allow the crew to be sold? Where were you or your Crew reps during the time when MASEU handed their Memorandum? What’s rubbish are you? Stop claiming all sorts with your mouth as your mouth stinks already.

    You come to YB to seek help and now you are running all over to champion whose cause – yours and Malek of MASEU?

    Go and jump in the sea as you are just another waste baggage to the MAS crew!

  24. Mas Boy

    Pauline has at long last vanished from here. Great news! She has finally lost her “balls” and the “balls” got stuck in her big whilst …. But knowing her, she will be back with other names. Please beware YB. She has been hated by members. She needs a good .. you all know what?

    She will be better off to look for that than messing around in this blog where we are discussing the going on in MAS and the CCF. And, of course, the abused of power by Rashdan and the attempt to cover up.

  25. Anti Khazanah and MASEU

    Maseu Joker a.k.a Pauline Lim

    Please dont be so stupid lah, im sure you have the VR copy. if the VR not clear why you ask YB to send back the copy to you idiot gamer! Just send the whole VR to YB or pass it by hand. What the F..K in your mind actually? try to save your PUS.Y isnt? Please go back and dig your own grave.

    What so good about MASEU towards Cabin Crew?
    1. They always attend crew matters.
    2. Before Negotiate the CA content, they will discuss/survey/meeting with all the Members.
    3. The President very well verse about The FTL implimentation and agree with FTL sectors.
    4. Always help the company to reduce the cost and improve cabin crew benefit!
    5. Always be with crew in D.I session.

    Fu.k you Pauline! you and the gang did Nothing to Cabin Crew! Go find your Gigolo. upsss you already scandal with Malek right? sorry if i were wrong but your slutty act to Malek like scandalous.. Now the only thing for you to survive is step down from MASEU and resign from MAS because people will curse you everyday. Where is your secret saying cabin crew going to sink down MAS?

    So, i dare you to step forward and tell the members, MASEU the only UNION negotiate cabin crew matters. But too late Pauline, after secret CA signed, people really hates you and your Gangs. The CA matter suppose to be postpone until everything settle not during difficult time.

  26. Anonymous

    This is all a con job n it was all prepared a long time ago. Just like Proton, I believe, MAS will also be sold.

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