MAS 12:26 am e-mail on the Re-Accommodation Agreement with AirAsia X

AJ: Has the famous MH (Malaysian Hospitality) been changed by CCF to "Maruah Hilang" & "Musnah Harapan"?

On 15-3-2012 yours truly has highlighted the uplifting of AirAsia X Sdn Bhd (AA X)‘s passengers where MAS ticket showed that NO FARE was charged. On 17-3-2012 yours truly has also lodged a police report over this matter.

Out of a sudden MAS management saw it fit to send out an e-mail on 28-3-2012 at 12:26 am! WAU! MAS management was working on overdrive so much so that e-mail was sent out at 12:26 am. Now we know why En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), the Group CEO of MAS told MPs during the “Briefing of MPs Session” on 26-3-2012 that MAS staffs are of low productivity.

Obviously MAS staffs need not burn mid night oil to do what the top management staff had to do! They had to do special project to protect the “special interest” of the company! You should know what I meant lah!  They should be rewarded with higher salary, better car, allowance and their maids be granted with special privilege of automatic upgrading from Economy Class to First Class if travel on MAS. After all, Amok’s crony, Rashdan, has already set the standard while traveling on MH 122 on 1-1-2012. Please read in HERE and HERE.

Lets read the said e-mail below:

—–Original Message—–


Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 12:26 AM

Subject: Malaysia Airlines enters into re-Accommodation Agreement with AirAsia X

28 March 2012

Malaysia Airlines enters into Re-Accommodation Agreement with AirAsia X

Malaysia Airlines has entered into a Re-Accommodation Agreement (“RA”) with AirAsia X effective 27 March 2012 to re-accommodate the latter airline’s passengers on four routes cancelled using excess capacity on Malaysia Airlines flights. The four routes involve Mumbai, Delhi, London and Paris.

 Economy and premium class passengers holding confirmed AirAsia X tickets issued before 13 January 2012 on the four routes would be transferred for travel on Malaysia Airlines between 28 March and 27 October 2012.

Under the terms of the RA, Malaysia Airlines would receive upfront cash payments or pre-payments on tickets for the re-accommodated passengers before departure. To date, Malaysia Airlines has received a prepayment of RM20 million in cash.

 Malaysia Airlines benefits as it is able to achieve higher passenger numbers on its flights which would be incremental to its normal load patterns. Hence, the related revenue from this arrangement is pure incremental revenue for the airline and would significantly contribute to the profitability of Malaysia Airlines.

Re-accommodation of passengers is an industry practice whereby airlines support each other to minimise disruption to passenger travel arrangements. In the past, Malaysia Airlines has upon request and on an ad-hoc basis provided uplift and re-accommodation of passengers of other airlines.

These arrangements were provided with regard to excess seats available and agreed costs involved. In all cases of re-accommodation, Malaysia Airlines would charge the airline concerned for the re-accommodation. Recent reports that Malaysia Airlines may have re-accommodated AirAsia X passengers without payment or at rates unfavourable to the national airline are unfounded and untrue.

Malaysia Airlines would also like to put on record that it continues to respect and abide by all governance requirements in the execution of this transaction.


The above e-mail sounded great for MAS.  We must congratulate the famous TRIO for a job well done. Of course, the congratulation must also be extended to Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult, who by coincidence was appointed as the Acting Commercial Director. Mr Shane Nollan must be very high paid by MAS because of his rare talent! Yours truly has asked the Ministry of Finance of his salary plus allowance for month but no answer has been forthcoming. Yours truly, will press on with the same question next week in Parliament. 

Based on the above e-mail, if there are more termination of international long haul routes by AA X due to “high cost fuel” (don’t laugh please this was what we are told) then it should be “an incremental revenue” for MAS!. Obviously this must be one of the main objectives of CCF.  

To yours truly, this “incremental of revenue” is definitely a windfall for MAS. No wonder, Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof, AJ, Amok’s crony, Rashdan, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, the MD of Khazanah, are backing the MAS – AirAsia share swap and, more importantly, CCF to the hilt.  Please don’t laugh this is a serious matter. We must give “credit” where credit is due!

AA X has announced that there are 30,000 affected passengers due to cancellation of routes to London, Paris, Mumbai and New Delhi. Yours truly believe that total number stand at 35,000.

 Now lets examine the carefully drafted said e-mail. Lets start with the first paragraph:

 Malaysia Airlines has entered into a Re-Accommodation Agreement (“RA”) with AirAsia X effective 27 March 2012 to re-accommodate …”

 It conspicuously omitted the date on which the said agreement was entered into. It only state the said Re-Accommodation agreement was effective as from 27-3-2012.

Please take note that yours truly has published an article showing the online ticket for a passenger from KL to Mumbai with ZERO fare, in HERE, and had also lodged a police report on this subject matter on 17-3-2012, in HERE. From 15-3-2012 to 27-3-2012 before12 mid-night, there was no briefing or e-mail to members of staff.

Perhaps the top management and their staffs became extremely hardworking over their norm from 15-3-2012 to 28-3-2012, hence the e-mail sent out at 12:26 am!

Next week MPS will be debating the Supplementary Supply Bill, yours truly will ask the Minister of Finance when was the said Re-Accommodation agreement was signed. MAS staffs and the MAS unions should also demand for an answer to the same question. The reason being that if it was entered well before 3-3-2012 then the ticket for the affected AA X passenger, to Mumbai on 3-3-2012 should not show ZERO fare but it did. Please see below:

This is one of the MAS e-tickets for the AA X passenger traveled on 3-3-2012 to Bombay/Mumbai

Reliable sources in MAS said there was no such an agreement entered into before 28-3-2012 and the so-called agreement was entered into was an afterthought. But yours truly didn’t believe the said source. Therefore, yours truly will have to ask for answer in Parliament and MAS staffs should ask Md Nor, AJ, Amok’s crony, Rashdan, Rozman Omar, the former PM Tun Abdullah Badawi, the MAS Advisor.

But you must not forget Mr Shane Nollan, the Mat Salleh of PlaneConsult, whom MAS staff should be familiar with, is the specially handpicked by MAS management and appointed as the Acting Commercial Director with wide powers. Just to recap, PlaneConsult is also the consultant of AirAsia and AA X. On such matter on FARE Mr Shane Nollan must be fully apprised of this particular SPECIAL transaction.  

The 3rd paragraph of the said e-mail

“Under the terms of the RA, Malaysia Airlines would receive upfront cash payments or pre-payments on tickets for the re-accommodated passengers before departure. To date, Malaysia Airlines has received a prepayment of RM20 million in cash.”

If AA X is an IATA airline then there is no problem in term of payment because it will go through BSP (Bank Settlement Plan). But AA X is not an IATA airlines. Under such circumstances, it has been MAS policy/rule to ask for “Bank Guarantee” from AA X as part of this Re-Accommodation agreement.   

From the said e-mail, it would appeared that there was no such Bank Guarantee to cover for the cost of fare for the said 35,000 passengers. Again reliable sources in MAS told yours truly that “the low productivity MAS staffs” did insist of a Bank Guarantee from AA X but the person with power over such matter said no need. May be that was the reason why the said early hour e-mail did not mention it.

Again yours truly has been informed by reliable sources in MAS that the total cost of the fares for the affected AA X passengers is more than RM50 million.

Of course, yours truly did not believe these two were true.

Yours truly will of course ask the Minister of Finance what is the total cost and why there was no such Bank Guarantee being given in this case.  MAS staffs and MAS Union leaders should also ask the same group of top management guys about it. Again you must not forget about Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult because of his portfolio and the wide powers.

The 6th paragraph of the said e-mail

“These arrangements were provided with regard to excess seats available and agreed costs involved. In all cases of re-accommodation, Malaysia Airlines would charge the airline concerned for the re-accommodation. Recent reports that Malaysia Airlines may have re-accommodated AirAsia X passengers without payment or at rates unfavourable to the national airline are unfounded and untrue. Malaysia Airlines would also like to put on record that it continues to respect and abide by all governance requirements in the execution of this transaction.”

The key words here are “excess seats available” and “agreed costs involved”.

In the said e-mail, there was no mention of what were the “AGREED COSTS INVOLVED” on the fares for the said AA X passengers.  

Again yours truly has been informed that most, if not all, the seats for this affected AA X passengers have been pre-booked/reserved on MAS flight and the AGREED COST INVOLVED” for the said fares were much lower than the lowest fare charged by MAS for the destinations. 

As for the London and Paris routes, MAS had to pay for the Emission Tax. Yours truly is not sure whether MAS is paying for this tax.

Last but not least, let look at this part of the 6th paragraph:

 “Recent reports that Malaysia Airlines may have re-accommodated AirAsia X passengers without payment or at rates unfavourable to the national airline are unfounded and untrue.”

This gives the impression that this early hour e-mail was in respond to the exposure in yours truly blog and the said police report.  However, yours truly stands to be corrected if these matters have been published before 15-3-2011.

Yours truly will also ask the Minister of Finance to tell Parliament whether there was any proper due diligence and study done by the Khazanah’s top officials including YB Tan Sri Mohamed Nor Yakop, the former powerful Minister of Finance II, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof, and the MAS Chairman, Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof before the MAS – AirAsia share swap and CCF were inked on 9-8-2011.

60 thoughts on “MAS 12:26 am e-mail on the Re-Accommodation Agreement with AirAsia X

  1. salvator

    YB. ..the trio case is just like an onion.The more we peel it off the stronger smell we get and iritate our eyes…but these trio idiot…they smell more shit

  2. Ilham Putera


    Many thanks for this effort of yours.

    I am very excited to wait for Danny’s crony to write here that Danny was right when he swear that he did not do as accused. Then we can wait for MAS to take disciplinary action against the crew and also the Commander of the flight for raising a false Voyage Report. We could then watch from the sideline as the inquiry process is prolonged and that would then make the “man who swore innocence” feel the heat and get lost from MAS. But no worries for him as the pariah can sacrificed the AA X CEO to make way for Danny to come in. After all has put his neck on the chopping block for the pariah, surely the pariah can accommodate him.

    After all who are you and I to comment when we know very little of running an airline as compared to few hundred years experience the pariah and his crony has, with the help of Plane-conmen.

    Lets recline our seat and keep observing their next move. Am sure the expert strategic communications lady is able to handle throw her lies all over MAS.

    Good luck AJ & Danny. Let the games begin.

  3. Teh

    Much as i admire your efforts MP WEE, we all know as always everyone will get away with it. But at least we can take comfort that God has the best punishment for all those who abuse public trust and funds. When they die, (which they seem to think they won’t, because money and luxury makes you forget), the maggots will be happily waiting for them. Then all the money stolen and embezzled by everyone in public office, (anyonelah, siapa makan cili, dialah cirit) will do them no good.

    I wait eagerly for that day. All the scandals over the years have never been more than just revelations but no one is brought to account…or if so, only sham trials..but certainly they cannot escape God.

    Some may retire in ranches, some may go umrah, some may migrate and now become religious speakers, some may become leaders, but in the end, they are just maggot shit.


  4. Antigajibuta

    For now, i think the best person to run this Airlines is a person who has the heart for the Airline like Dr Don.
    Thanks for all your efforts. All the best to you and if only you can get a Portfolio in MOF or MOT, MAS will be back to its glorious days.


    A very good morning YB , praise to allah for giving people like YB the courage to fight for people like us mas staffs , may allah reward YB with good health n the mean to go on fighting , AA X SHUD BE CHARGE FULL FARE INSTEAD F DISCOUNTED FARE FOR THE SECTORS , NOW JUST WAIT FOR FOR THE PRU 13 , just a sugesstion YB SHUD BE IN SEPANG FOR THE PRU 13
    what goes around come around these people never learn , we are not going to stay in this world forever , plain stupid for them to appoint the CONMEN wiz connection to AAX N AIRASIA ,

  6. Economist Kampong

    YB CK Wee

    I am grateful for your efforts in exposing the MAS – AA share ‘suap’. The more you expose the more precious little the other side had to respond. Little by little the veil of secrecy and deception is being lifted.

    IT was interesting to read that Slumberjack came to Parliament to help make the case for the share suap. Too bad the meeting was only given 30 minutes. Some MP should have Slumberjack to account for the sale of MAS catering to one of his family members.

    We are grateful that you are a one-man opposition team (in Parliament) asking question and reporting to us the RAKYA, on the MAS-AA share suap. We have a very good idea on how frustrating it had been for you to get some decent answers.

    BUT please take comfort in the fact that Tun Mahathir was aslo a one-man opposition team in exposing the shenanigans of Slumberjack and his team.
    Tun Mahathir succeeded. Slumberjack had to step down and thus ended one of the saddest chapter in the political history or Malaysia.

    We are confident, YB, you too will be successful, as Tun Mahathir. We cannot wait to see the day when the MAS-AA share suap is revoked by the Government.

    If by the time we have the next general election, the MAS-AA share suap is still not terminated, and the so-called TRIO is still in MAS doing their ‘business rapes’ of MAS, we will find it very very difficult to continue giving our votes to BN.

    I am certain there are many voters all over Malaysia who are baffled, confused, incredulous and thus very ANGRY over this MAS-AA share suap saga.

    The question is if this MAS-AA share suap can happen, and the sale of MAS Catering to a family member had happened, what else is not possible to the rest of the Government owned (therefore RAKYAT PUNYA) assets, particularly the GLC.

    In this light, we are very grateful that you are doggedly asking the Finance Minister / PM all these questions on our behalf.

    Thank you YB.

  7. No to AA

    Half past six ideas! Result of the rule of a half past six government for 50+ years! Enough said. This country is going to the dogs. Look at the little red dot down south and what they can offer. Case in point. Try booking SCOOT for a return trip to Sydney from Singapore . For comparison try booking on the same day AirAsix X (KUL-SYD and return) for a family of 2 adults and 1 child. The difference in prices will shock you! SCOOT offers S$1,605.25 with meals and 15kg luggage per pax (flybageat package) while D7’s best offer is S$2,931.57 (without luggage and meal)! We are living in a country where we are ripped off every which way we turn! Now everyone can fly (and cry as well)!

    Good work, MP Wee, keep the heat on these buggers who think they can continue with the plundering!

  8. jack1960



    Well2, holly molly….. no amount of declaration nor spin can get round this one, unless condoned by the the govt period. This “LITTLE” RA issue is symptomatic to the haste of bulldozing the REAL INTENTIONS of the CCF.

    Now 2 things, firstly, stop all this CCF nonsense but secondly, to do it in-time to save MAS before it’s too late. There has to be funds raised to ensure short-term survivability but not as mooted by the parties acting concert with the CCF through the capital markets, what with the fallout from a cancelled CCF.

    My fear is that, a compromised deal will be hatched soon which would be too late to save MAS & its employees.

    Tighten the noose harder YB, I may not be a MAS employee but as a Malaysian, I’m with them.

  9. Angry Grandma

    I have been watching from the sidelines, but I am compelled to point out that, after seeing the TRIO’s response to the Danny upgrading saga and now this
    email in response to the NO FARE saga, the first person who should be sacked and thrown out for incompetency and bad advice is the Strategic Communications Head! You see, all the responses ,OR lack of, to all the”noises” (as they claim) is either too little, too late or ill designed , so much so that very communique gives rise to even MORE backlash!
    What is this? Isn’t the STRATEGIC communications function supposed to strategise to minimise damage to the image of the Company and the powers-that-be, and to increase believeability and credibility amongst the staff?
    Aisay man, what can we expect if you parachute a girl in to do a woman’s job?
    Now, now, now, this would certainly give the TRIO reason to go out and hire yet ANOTHER CONsultant, to specialise in SPIN.
    Haven’t this people heard, that truth is its own best defence? You tell one lie, you got to tell another, and another , and another and another………the day they decide to tell the truth , it will be waaayyy too late.

  10. Anonymous

    To think, these people, the superior beings were brought in to show MH staff how to run an airline because according to them MAS staff can learn a thing or two from them. They wont take any advise or recommendation from MAS Staff. They walk around like a bunch of gangsters.

    A bunch of incompetent idiots is what I see.

  11. MAS Manager

    The cronies running MAS as though MAS is their grandpa company. Perhaps this is what the share swap ND CCF are all about.

    Never knew that the idiot in whichever department is working so hard. Sending out e-mail after mid-night. It was clear that the cronies were on damage control exercise. why the agreement took effect from 27 March and not earlier. It should be before the 3-3-2012 when the Mumbai bound AA X passenger board the plane. Bloody idiots that are running MAS now.

    PM it is your duty to get MACC and the police to move into MAS to investigate this matter before MAS faced more losses not due to MAS staff but the incompetency of the top management.

    MAS staffs expose them all the time. Fear not. Stand out to be counted if you love MAS. Don’t let the cronies kill MAS. Lets kill them by exposing them and expose them now.

  12. Sham

    Ay! Cronies whose interests are you looking after? MAS or AirAsia? By the look of things, you are looking after AirAsia interest at the expense of MAS.

    Under such case, no discount should be given to AirAsia X. MAS should charge full fare.

    I know that AirAsia X has asked for fare quotations from other Airlines but MAS charges lower than others. Why must CCF means concession after concession by AirAsia.

    We must fight such incompetent management who is bent to screw MAS.

    Md Nor, Aj, Rashdan, Rozman Omar and Nor Zalida please get out of MAS before we get you out.

    Rahsdan the no 1 crony, if you want to swear that you are innocent please hold the Holy Quaran in your hand and do it. You, your wife and children are cursed for what you are doing to MAS.You have no consideration to MAS and our future.

  13. Azmin

    The e-male is a clear evidence of Nor Zalida churning out rubbish to defend the indefensible.

    MYCC must ask for the special fare agreement from MAS. We are sure that it was backdated. MACC should also come in to investigate what these cronies are doing in MAS.

    Why is Shane NoLAN is so quiet these days? The Mat Salleh idiots and the cronies must be kicked out of MAS before it is too late.

    Bit by bit PlaneConsult is exposed.

  14. Mat Salleh Con Men

    YAB PM, the MAS and Khazanah idiots are pulling wool over your eyes. They are taking you and the nation for a ride with the CCF. It is AirAsia that needed the help more than MAS.

    If MAS staff have productivity how the idiot WAU expert Md Nor told the staffs that our OTP is high up to more than 90%. So AJ was lying through his teeth.

    MAS will be saved when the Pariah’s cronies are removed by the Government or by MAS staffs. There is no two ways about it.

  15. Scout

    Angry Grandma
    100% agree. But , if the Strategic Comms Head is incompetent, doesn’t it make the Chairman, AJ and Danny even MORE incompetent that they cannot differentiate between good and bad advice?
    At the Townhall, meant to “ENGAGE” staff, to appeal to staff to regroup and focus, both the Chairman and AJ failed miserably. In fact it was a total waste of time for more than 200 staff. Talk about productivity!. Staff walked in and walked out none the wiser when all questions asked were either NOT answered or answered in very vague terms. As for Danny, he should change his profession and take up acting, that was some high drama he injected into the proceedings, swearing and all. I can safely say that at least 50 people, maybe more, in the audience had already seen the Voyage Report, and yet he dared to swear that it did not happen!
    Mas Manager
    The Comms team has one guy who has retired and now on indefinite extention, (leakages?) his KPI is to read and monitor all that we are blogging here and on Facebook etc etc. What a thankless job, how can you salvage anything if ALL that is out there in the virtual sphere is ALL TRUE! Being unmarried, he can work round the clock , no problem.

    1. I am behind you Danny + the rest of MAS Management

      You must be an employee of MAS…what the hell are you doing here….that is why productivity is very low………go work

      1. JJTension

        Wei beruk donkey, you have nothing to do ka… State your point or facts Lo. We don’t work over night just to write stupid email… You better don’t waste your time to read the replies… I don’t think AA staff dare to read or comment the facts coz species like you are chicken… Penakut!

  16. Pariah Tan Sri

    MAS staffs lets expose until the cronies have no place to hide except lubang cacing. manusia yag tiada mauah. Manusia yang yang tak tahu malu.

    apa guna dengan gelaran tan Sri tetapi tingkah laku seperti pariah. Letak jawatan dan lari keluar dai MAS aje. Tiada ruang dalam MAS untuk semua kroni di MAS.

  17. anonStew

    1 If they really want to be close to the baby,travel business class(no restrictions on child/infant).Trouble is they want GAYA and STATUS so chose to fly First Class and let Nanny take care of baby in EY.But then again this cheapskate is not willing to pay for maids Business class fare.

  18. MAS Steward


    Don’t you see that Amok’s crony Rashdan was swearing to his innocence by reading a verse from his handphone instead of holding the Holy Quaran. Now the whole world has seen the Voyage Report not 50 people.

    The incompetent Aj and gaji Buta Md nor should initiate a Disciplinary Inquiry into Rashdan’s abused of power and violating of MAS policy by unilaterally upgrading his maid and bring his son to First Class Cabin.

    Rashdan you better leave and join your preferred airlines, AirAsia and AirAsia X if they can last that long.

    A pariah is always a pariah no matter where you get your degree from. Cambridge or no Cambridge, he is still a pariah.

  19. rainbow

    now when this new co doesnt happen. i heard that fireflyz pilot (boeing 738) maybe retrenched. some of them will return to ATR. due to enough pilot in ATR. the excess pilot might be retrenched soon.

    god help them.

    1. Anon66

      That’s what I said in another posting, Firefly staff have been hung out to dry and lets face it, a lot of folk in MAS including their fabled cabin crew, don’t care about Firefly. For some reason, a lot of people in MAS see Firefly as the enemy and not as colleagues who are all working for the same company. Like I said, I hope YB will be as tenacious in trying to protect jobs at Firefly as he has been with MAS.

    2. I am behind you Danny + the rest of MAS Management

      Good on you guys…stupid fools working for MAS…When they want to set up the new co bising2 like you own MAS….now that this thing is cancelled what do you expect…..where got job meh… time pakai otak sikit la…be careful of what you wish… you have to accept reality….RETRENCH….

      Those guys were brought in for a reason……..

      1. JJTension

        They were brought in for a reason… To kill MAS…. The actionsas stated in this blog… Retrench not really

      2. Anti Khazanah and MASEU organization!

        i am behind you DONKEY!,

        who the hell are you to stand behind this donkey gangs!? let me tell you something, Firefly is one of MAS subsidiary company and the question here, why you as a donkey monkey idiot in their management stop firefly operation which is suppose to become low cost carrier in MALAYSIAN TAX PAYER company. Firefly already did a good job in term of competition with Air Asia co and the service is better than your pariah boss company. Let me tell you idiot puppet, Low productivity of MAS citizen isnt come from the staff who being loyal to MAS for long time without any bonus but this word come from your stupid idiot management leader who dont know how the staff give their full commitment into their task given in MAS. so they have their very right to complaint and expose your top management wrong doing in MAS. please read this blog carefully if you dont know!

        YB, please bring back this firefly low cost operation to sabah, sarawak and Malaysian as a whole benefits because there are no strong reason why this routes terminated. if u do some survey, i believe they love to fly with firefly compare to AIR ASIA because they still can use aerobridge, seat comfort, cabin cleanliness and the cabin crew still can smile eventhough they are in LOW COST CARRIER SERVICE AIRLINES. Anyway, firefly still maintain as a good paymaster to MAHB. Good thing is, this airlines disembark and board their pax in main terminal for turbo jet operation, NOT LCCT! and they dont even ask BN leader to build FIREFLY LUXURY AIRPORT.

        YB, I swear to ALLAH and my Mother name, im not under Firefly employment but when i look at few point of view, Firefly operation still relevance in Malaysia especially into sabah and sarawak.

        so mr. I am behind Donkey, dont be so cocky to accuse MAS staff low productivity! but call them demoralised by your idiotic management team and stupidity plan from your Boss. if you dare, step forward infront of YB WCK answer all the questions raised by him. Dont be so doggy barking but nothing!

      3. JJTension

        I think this donkey is one of the cronies geng or probably being paid to become beruk of the cronies….

  20. Tumor Damage

    Sack them out from company, credit to all MAS staff which dare to reveal the truth story of miss conduct of high ranking trios and top stupid management. What happen to anti thrust which not prevent the leakage of information. Using anti virus or anti thrust cannot prevent virus to spread anymore. More information will be out day by day. Thanks to YB Wee to bring this matter to parliament ,PRU13 will be coming right a way , . May Allah also give you strength ( even u are not muslim ) but i believe in god will help u too. Tq

  21. INK

    YB Wee,
    Thank you for highlighting all these facts. However, I would like to bring to your attention of a (90% true) rumour that is going around that TF’s Caterham Jets will be named E-Mas with MAS having 50% equity. Apparently this set up will be running 16-seater Business jets out of Subang. Can anyone confirm this?
    If MAS, is the one that needs ‘saving’ and is in ‘crisis’; why would it invest in such a market? I believe concentrating on its ‘core’ business should be the name of the game….

  22. Anti Khazanah and MASEU organization!

    i dont understand why firefly have to surrender their business? firefly subsidiary to MAS means that they are still belong to Malaysian Tax Payer, Not even PM can touch public belonging and who is the PARIAH want to stop firefly from operate the business in world aviation? PM? you dont even protect national belonging, how you want to protect Malaysian and the country. your credibility is question by every malaysian in MAS especially. the question here, why they terminate Firefly operation? they have their load for pax and their cargo in the 1st place.. and where is pioneer Eddy Leong who run FF very well. Mr. Eddy take the challange to bring back MAS Fokker-50 aircraft operation after the aircraft cannibalized by Mr. TONY FERNANDES in RURAL AREA SERVICES (FAX). now GLC become GLM. Government Link Money!

  23. WTF is going on?

    From the outside looking in, I am appalled by the goings-on in MAS as a result of plundering by a competitor airline. Basic logic like clear conflict of interest is deliberately overlooked, for how else can one explain the placement of AA-connected people in high and influential positions that would have direct bearing on MAS business? But the one that really takes the cake (in cruder language: up yours) is the appointment of PlaneConsult as Strategic Business Director in MAS! What a joke, except for the fact that only that Shane guy is laughing all the way to the (CIMB?) bank! Oh and the Comms team too is hilarious in its pathetic attempts to right several spins or half-truths can contain the damage so may as well eat humble pie and be apologetic for once.

    I seriously dont see a way out of this…the PM is damned if he does, damned if he does not. Well, there IS a way out, actually…when the changing of the guards happens in Putrajaya.

  24. Malaysian

    Najib, he should have solved this mess but where is he now? In Myanmar. The F is he doing? PM please have a look at this blog and see the big picture of this situation instead of relying on your right hand men to relay the news to you. We keep on rambling around here, yet he seems to delay this thing as long as he can while those robbers are trying to F us around. The unions are proven to be useless already and should be deemed unfit to represent the workers of MAS. Perhaps it is the right effort by Tony to abolish the stupid unions. Sitting around comfortably while the lower ranks people are being bullied around. I pity you all man. What to do? In Boleh Land lah this thing can occur. Better YB Wee jadi PM daa. And dont get me wrong. As much as I hate the Gov for covering Air Asia’s ass up, I dont think Anwar would be any better. Better be like YB Wee. Other politicians only know how to talk cock only. Talk talk talk. Thats all they can do. Shitting the rakyat and earn good money. I rather eat grass rather than eating haram money. If i can curse, I’d curse already here to my heart’s content. YB Wee, can i curse or not? Would u approve my comment if use vulgar words? They who have cheated and are still doing so deserve it lorr…

  25. MAS manager

    Well, Danny little baby should not have invoked God’s name. So this little baby come crony must accept all the criticisms that come along with it.

    But he deserved because he doesn’t care about people and their families. Just too bad. He should face DI as simple as that. Had he been the normal MAS staff he would have been sacked. But I am sure the other idiots/cronies will protect him.

    Please f.. out of MAS now. He just a Gaji Buta guy.

  26. Shamsudin

    When you have no regards for other people and their family, what do you expect respond form the victims, MAS staffs.

    That Danny is a disgrace to MAS and Cambridge Uni for producing such a crap that fit to be in hell.

  27. Stewardess of MAS

    When you invoked God’s name and told a lie then you will have to face, Danny boy. Please get help from your boss, Azman Mokhtar. I think that he also cannot help. Please ask your wife to swear as well that the Voyage Report all false. Please swear again with your wife that all that were written in the Voyage Report were false.

    MAS staffs are all laughing at your idiotic swearing because we all have seen and read the Voyage Report. I hope that YB has a more detail report. We, in MAS know that it was true. Only the idiots like Md Nor, AJ, Rozman and Shane Nollan will say not true and no need to have a DI to investigate.

    Danny boy you can lie to the world and God but you can lie to yourself and your wife. We rest our case.

    Please don’t let me speak up. If you dare please initiate DI on the person who sign the report and that will be the best present you will ever get. You are just an “intellectual fraud”.

  28. Kunyit Hidup

    A simple task for the new Human Capital lady boss, conduct the usual DI to:

    1. Cabin crew for ‘false’ Voyage Report, or
    2. Danny for infant and maid ‘upgrade’ from economy to first class.

    As a new comer, Yusuf Uban and Security Department should assist her. Dr Wafi may be around to observe ‘integrity’ aspect during DI. Add other Panamera if you like.

    Zaharah, justice must be seen to be done. Otherwise you will be DI’ed by staff and rakyat!


      Yusof uban, ha ha another deadwood from Md nor MD era. Md nor , AJ n Danny were humiliated big time at townhall yesterday. Never in corporate history Malaysia or even in the world , the top management were ridiculed and made to look stupid. Well done, MESA esp Matdiah. You are exemplary Malaysian indeed.

    2. JJTension

      Kunyit Hidup,
      I bet you that she don’t dare to take action on the cronies gang. Takkan geng nak makan geng… Paling kuat she will said no valid case…. Ni Semua geng yang dah diajar spin…

  29. kapak halus

    Well done, YB WCK. You expanded and reinforced what I and others comments in your many blogs on MAS. RA which MH and AA been parading is not a standard IATA agreements and practices for transferring passengers. Airlines would either pay the carrying airline the fares agreed in the SPA and ICA or pay full sector fares. And AA and AAX are not IATA airline members. It rtainly a “a wrap under the sheet” when RA is conviniently signed days after too many high intensity spotlights beam over the irregularities.

    Where were the respects the top management cynically claimed on the governance gone to? Not only bookings were made in advance of reallocations, tickets were issued with NOFARE. Top mamagement claimed that revenues collected from AAX for carrying AAX 30,000 passengers are coming totally from non-airline background hot shots. Even the hired shinnigan Shane the Shameless of Plane Con-man which firm is a consultant for AA failed to consult but succeed in conning both AA and MH. And both airlines broke their banks to pay these con-men.

    With all the off the calf and upperhand dealings in MAS BOD which AA’s W’TF’ and Kamaruddin Maranum sit with other rubber stamping puppet Directors collaborated on which routes to maintain and sw’uap, what fares to market and how much to charge (fare fixing) AA for AAX stranded passengers. Are not all these plots and shabby dealings at the Board level sufficient enough to warrant for more aggressive investigations by the SC, MACC and MyCC? If these had happenned in S Korea and Japan despite the widespread briberies and dirty politicians, their watchdogs would have raided the offices and seized “evidences”. Even thier justice systems have charged and jailed bilionaires, ex-Presidents or Prime Ministers or Kingmakers. If these had happened in Australia, the wind of them would bring the Anti trsust and Consumer watchdogs knocking on the hanky panky corporate’s doors. Perhaps the New Zealand’s consumer authority can look into AAX handling of stranded passengers.

    SC to introduce a more stringent Corporate Governance is a sham and disgrace to the companies practicing good governance. SC, MACC and MyCC are bootleggers who got paid handsomely by the Rakyats to safeguard their private and national interests. Then again, whats new in Malaysia?

  30. Accountant

    What did Danny Yusof achieved in real terms? When he was in PwC as a con sultant, he used his 50% malay parentage to help himself to a director post as PwC had hardly any Malays then (even now is the same). And then he resigned to partner with Amok to c.. even more companies. He WAUed n WAUed MAS of its valuable assets including crafting a one sided catering agreement. And then he went to Maybank n parted with more millions with the help of A…k again. Now he surface in MAS again to continue to WAU. Danny, u have no shame?

  31. kapak halus

    Did the Trio (opposite of Hindi movie, The Three Idiots), Md Nor, AJ and Danny (the cry baby) and Shane the Shameless of Plane Con-man or What The F..k (W Tony F aka WTF aka Pariah) understand correctly what Incremental Revenue actually mean? Incremental revenues from lifting AAX stranded passengers? Seriously?

    Did MAS flights carry or to be carrying reached higher than each flight’s breakeven load factor and costs before AAX passengers were booked? Did MAS launge additional flights to help fly AAX stranded passengers and these flights generated revenues beyond the costs to operate them? Did MAS by carrying AAX passengers being deprived higher revenues from genuine paying customers? After all, the customary summer vacation goers coincided with the AAX cancelled flights which AAX passengers have made plans and bookings on AAX to go for Summer vacations very much in advance.

    Very intriguing indeed to read from these media how MAS top management represented by AJ, the Group CEO, defined and explained about incremental revenue? These groups from MAS and AA represent Malaysia’s brightest in aviation. What a mockery to the Nation. How sad is for Malysia!

  32. MAS manager

    Never before MAS staffs morale are so low. We have had so many MDs but they have never done such things to MAS. They have never brought in AA’s aresholes into MAS. AA / Tony are always our competitors and /or enemies. Now we are to take instructions from Rozman, Azhari, Nor Zalida, TF and Kamarudin Meranun.

    The biggest problems are that we know that their actions are done in the best interest of AA/AA X and to help AA/AAX all the ways. Hence this e-mail to cover up on the easy scheme provided to AA X to assist AA X uplifting its passengers with the lowest possible costs and easy payments. May be at the end of the day all will be forgotten.

    The ways in which the uplifting of AA X passengers are appalling.

    The MOF should cause an immediate audit investigations into what the idiots AJ, Md Nor and that little areshole Rashdan have done so far. Then MOF will know what the hell they have done to MAS.

    MAS staffs, lets keep on exposing and see what thy can do. See how long they can withstand the public exposure of their stupid decisions. Let us strip them naked in public.

  33. Pascal

    If these idiots leave now, I can bet that for years to come they will say that they left because the MAS Staff are resistant to the change that needs to happen. They will blame the staff. The staff are too militant. They were also say that the situation is too untenable.

    They will omit to say that they were forced to leave because they are incompetent and unsuitable to managing the business. They have zero knowledge of the industry and are poor at managing the resources to turn around the company. They are the ones that failed miserably.

    In managing a business, a manager has to be good in the subject matter and/or good at managing his team to produce results. A combination of both is best. But these guys are neither. The decision they make are detrimental to the company and the team. Yet they refuse to admit it and try and defend it with silly arguments. There are several Malay saying that fits them, and I ahve combined them to “Tikus Bodoh Sombong Mebaiki Labu”.

    I also think that some of them see MAS as still having nuggets of gold that they can plunder to for their own personal benefits.

    But in the final analysis, it is better if these guys are given the boot because the destruction the are reeking may be irreverseable if they are allowed to continue any further.

    Stop the rot and kick out the rotter.

  34. Razak of MAS

    YB’s analysis of this e-mail is very clear to us in MAS. This was contrary to previous policy and practice. The idiots/cronies bent the MAS policy and rules to save AA X from trouble.

    We know that AA X did ask for quotation from other airlines like Qatar Air, Emirates and others but, of course, AA X cannot owe even if the fares are lowest. But the fares from Emirates and Qatar were higher.

    MOF must send in an external audit or the Auditor General to audit the accounts and see what these idiots have been doing on this matters and other matters before it is too late.

    Enough is enough.

  35. kapak halus

    Its not enough to get rid the Three Idiots. Their installed puppets in the BOD and top management must be rid off. The head of Khazanah National and his cohoots also must roll.

    For all AA and AAX passengers who have been screwed, you all need to rally to get rid of the flamboyant WTF and Kamarudin. Do you ever they will ever lack of money? From a 2 ringgit company, they already personally ac… millions if not billion from selling large blocks of thier AA and soon to be AAX and affilliates AA across ASEAN countries. AA business model which was acceptable but greed overcome the founders and their high ranking collaborators. These AA and its affilliate airlines are hugely burdened with debts and soon to be suits from anti trust and consumer watchdogs around the world and their aging aircrafts’ engines. CIMB is dragged down with the RM50billion loans. Why? Duped by personal greed and AA creative accounting and business plans.

    While all the people mentioned are arrogant, selfish, short sighted, insincere and cheaters, the blames for all these also lies on Najib. He has the final say. The MDs or CEOs who the PMs consented to steer MAS after TS Aziz good at selling assets and spending despite all of them call for cost cutting at working and operational levels. That is how it works in Malaysia. When the Executive branch signs the orders, the watchdogs will start barking. Not sure they will start sniffing and biting all the idiots because CIMB can bust. Pity and pray for Tun Abdul Razak. This great man was a patriot and the Father of Development. His heart and soul were focused on bringing the Malaysians out of the dooldrum, poverty and inferiority.

    Can’t say much for the present and future politicians and “champions” of industries. What a misery Malaysia has been and is in since the passing of people leaders.

  36. Pecah Tembelang


    Voluntary retirement? Why don’t we start with the “last in, first out” principle first? Then we can say goodbye to the AA imports, the TRIO, the new Board
    and with them , take along the CONsultants as well. But the new HC Head must stay, she is needed to then implement a planned, structured “attrition” programme based on actual manpower requirements to complement the business plan, starting of course, with trimming her own bloated Division first!

    Then, people retained must have the competencies necessary to drive MAS forward, so the kaki bodek, the gaji buta, all must go as well. I have long maintained, MAS cannot be cured structurally as long as the HC Division is not thoroughly overhauled, and correct HR programmes,. policies and practices are instituted – training and development, talent identification and retention, fair and equitable compensation and benefits, career pathing, succession planning, uncompromising enforcement of discipline etc etc. The new HC Head has the credentials, but if she still continues to do what her predecessor did, which is to “recycle old wine, in new bottles” but the wine is already rancid, then she will be equally doomed! Which brings me to –

    Kunyit Hidup

    The new HC head, Zahrah, should now walk the talk where Danny’s saga is concerned. Either take action against Danny boy without fear or favour OR take action against the Crew if the VR is “false”. MAS will NEVER change, and staff will continue to be cynical of all management “noises” if this one is swept under the carpet, or worse, the Crew is victimised. Long serving staff will remember a staff circular in the 80s where staff are reminded how to behave when travelling in First Class after the then Director of Personnel and 3 of his Managers , all from Personnel, actually spread a blanket on the cabin floor and played cards! Needless to say, NO action was taken against them! So you see, the rot had started way back then, and as with all things rotten in MAS, it begins with HC (or what was known as Personnel, back then).


    Aha! you provided the little last piece of the puzzle why AJ and gang are so so adamant about moving staff OUT of Subang to KLIA! Hmmm wonder where the Caterham jets, called E-mas you say?, will be operating from??


    pecah tembelang,
    Agreed, we must do the LIFO on these new imports including BOD and bring in orang lama to clean the mess.

  38. Khazanah Insider

    I bet no action will be taken against “good boy” Danny (to use Azman’s Mokhtar’s word ) for the misused of his position in upgrading his nanny to FC simply because the board itself is full of people with personal interest to protect.If I were proven to be wronged and Danny was sacked by 10th April 2012, I will pay for the first taker cost to upgrade their nanny to first class to return to their own country.

  39. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    Heard the latest news that crew Joyce Tan been removed from her roster. What the hell…just because staff are telling the truth and wrote what happened in the VR, now she been taken off.

    Maseu….you guys talk so much about being there for the staffs, so how come you guys let management take joyce off her roster? You guys in Maseu better do something to reinstate Joyce’s duty. Pauline…since you such a BIG FAT mouth then you better start doing your job as a Union Exco. For your info, TOO MUCH BALLS AND COCK IN YOUR MOUTH IS BAD FOR HEALTH.

    Pariah aka idiot aka asshole Danny, what you did on board are so shameful and because of your doing the staff been taken off her roster. Danny boy aka Rashdan you ni memang celaka…sial…banggang…..lebih baik kau mampus dan berambus dari MAS.


    1. Anonymous

      Lets not overreact to the grounding of Joyce Tan.

      I am sure that she is removed from the flying roster to facilitate the investigations. This is to ensure that she is in KUL so that she can be easily called in to help with the inquiry.

      Chill. But it would not be bad if she is also accompanied by a representative of the union during the interview.

  40. Anti Khazanah and MASEU

    this is what happen in MAS, when something happen they remove them from roster before they found guilty. for public information, cabin crew salary base on their flying allowances. this is what we call unfair and this what already been apply to cabin crew for ages and Maseu dont even have any attention to change this thing. why must Joyce Tan Suspended or removed from roster? if they want her to be in KUL for investigation purpose, do they compensate Joyce Tan or pay back the allowances tht she suppose to get from the roster..? she only do wht suppose she asked from the company . i believe when all the cabin crew read this, they will get more angry to the BAST.RDs.

  41. AL

    I also wonder why and why there were no logical explanation given.
    How can competitors share the same bed, what is happening to the anti competition law,

  42. Articles with informative written content like your own certainly are a breath of outdoors. I extensively liked every imagined you have made within your substance. I’m together with you on your own unique opinions and different articles. Many thanks.

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