Rashdan sworn in Allah’s name that he didn’t upgrade his maid to First Class

The VOYAGE REPORT on the Deputy Group CEO of MAS during flight MH122 on 1-1-2012. Md Nor, AJ, Rozman Omar, CFO, and Shane Nollan, the Acting Commercial Director of MAS, care to comment?

Updates on 30-3-2012: Please read an interesting article by ABITW entitled “As long as MAS is here, no fear”.

Updates @ 11:30 pm on 28-3-2012: Parliament ended at about 10:00 pm just now. Will post what YB Datuk Awang Adik, the Deputy Minister of Finance, has replied in Parliament as soon as yours truly got a copy of the Handsard. Of course, he didn’t answer all the pertinent questions raised by several MPs especially “why was there a need for CCF to couple with share swap?” and what yours truly have asked in HERE & HERE during the policy Debate on the Royal Address. He was skirting around.

Of course, he was in great pain to justify that CCF is good for both MAS and AirAsia. Like AAX Sdn Bhd stopped flying to London and MAS is the only airlines flying to London direct. MAS therefore, benefited from uplifting the passengers from AA X Sdn Bhd. He was so proud to state that MAS got paid RM20 million for it. Yours truly interjected and told him that it was not due to fuel cost that make AirAsia terminated its flight to Europe and India. The reason being that there is no such fuel called “LOW COST FUEL” and “HIGH COST FUEL”. And there are some other reason. Why other airlines could still fly to London despite the increased in fuel cost?

He was also trying to give the impression that all is well and the staffs are very happy. Hence, the Union signed a Collective Agreement (CA) and despite MAS is BLEEDING, MAS management still agreed to the 5% increment in salary. But he didn’t tell Parliament about the extension of the retirement age by two years and how the CA was signed. Yours truly told him how the CA was signed by En Malek of MASEUS without discussing the CA with its members and etc. Yours truly also told him that the total numbers of the affected AA X Sdn Bhd passengers are about 35,000 and not 30,000 as declared. The fare charged for these category of passengers was not based on full fare as what AJ told the MPs during the BRIEFING on 26-02-2012.

There was no bank guarantee provided by AirAsia X Sdn Bhd to MAS as a security to ensure  full payment. It is the long established policy of MAS to ask for Bank Guarantee under such circumstances. By the away, the Deputy Minister has admitted that during the said briefing the MPS were unhappy about the said share swap and CCF. Lastly, he chose to ignore the question: How much did MAS pay BinaFikir Sdn Bhd for the WAU project?  WAU was to make MAS “an asset light airline” in 2002/2003 when Md Nor was the MD of MAS. Full details of this part of the debate will be posted as soon as the Hansard is made available tomorrow or Monday.

Updates @ 9:15 pm on 28-3-2012 from Parliament: Yours truly just spoke about the lies by Rashdan and Md Nor, MAS Catering, payments of the uplifting of AA X passengers from its terminated routes, upgrading of Rashdan’s maid to First Class cabin and the appointment of PlaneConsult in Parliament. Now waiting for Deputy Minister of MOF to provide answers.

During the MAS Town Hall meeting today, MAS top management was represented by its Chairman, Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof (Md Nor), the chief architect of WAU, AJ and Rashdan, the Amok’s crony, also one of the architects of WAU when he was in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd.  It was also attended by  Heads of Department and leaders union in Theater 1, MAS Academy.

Yours truly has been told by reliable sources that during this morning meeting, Md Nor,  said that during the Briefing Session with MPs  on 16-3-2012 all the MPs now understand the Business Plan. He also said that YB Bung Mokhtar, MP for Kinabatangan said “I salaute you AJ!”. This was a white lie. None of the MPs present spoke out in support of MAS management. YB Bung Mokhtar condemned the MAS –  AirAsia share swap and CCF, and demanded the Government to cancel them immediately as it was against the interest of MAS.

Md Nor also told the said meeting that everything appeared in all the blogs about MAS are just “noises”. Unfortunately, Md Nor dare not call for a press conference to deny and/or refute what have been written in all the blogs about the incompetence of the top management of MAS.

Amok’s crony was asked about him upgrading of his maid and baby to First Class cabin.  Amok’s crony, of course, denied that there was such an upgrading made by him on 1-2-2012 flight MH122. He also said that what have appeared in yours truly ‘s blog, malaysiafamily, jebat must die and others are defamtory to his good name becasue not true.

Yours truly has been told that Amok’s crony also invoked God’s name (Demi Allah …) and recited phrases in the Quaran. Perhaps, it was an attempt to convince those present that he was telling the truth by invoking Allah’s name. Please look at the above posting of Amok’s crony VOYAGE REPORT of MH 122 under the care and control of Captain Mohd Yunus Ibrahim. The said report speaks for itself.

It is now left to all the MAS Unions and Heads of Department and others  to lodge an official complaint against Amok’s crony over this matter.

Whilst waiting for MOF to answer those matters raised in the said share swap and CCF in Parliament, yours truly posts this article for all to read and judge whether what have been written were “NOISES” and what have been said by Md Nor and Amok’s crony were the real noises and sworn statement under God’s name by Rashdan was a white lies. Got to end now YB Awang Adik is answering now.

77 thoughts on “Rashdan sworn in Allah’s name that he didn’t upgrade his maid to First Class

  1. Hj Azman

    YB, is Amok crony Rashdan going to sue all blogs that defamed him? Don‘t understand a person of Mohd Nor stature does not know how to find out the truth! Why don‘t he just verify it with crews in charge or maybe he doesn‘t trust any MAS employees. It is sad that such a person can be appointed to MAS management. I really hope PM resolve this problem immediately before the rakyat made their votes into reality

  2. European

    so the Captain and staff incl. several Firstclass-Passengers of flight 122
    are lying ?? is this what this Rashdan is saying. These Gentlemen, which are supposed to be leaders are not just a bunch of robbers, but also very obviously dirty liars, who lie to the Parliament, the staff of MH and last but not least to the Prime Minister. These are the leaders a company like MAS needs.
    Good Lord… what else must happen to get these crooks and their creepers sacked.

  3. Little Bird

    Lepas ini sure semua cabin and tech crew dah tak boleh buat report if it relates to the top management. nanti kantul lagi macam ni. I hope the staff wont lose their jobs for reporting this.

  4. JJTension

    Ada CCTV right? Why not reveal the video? The security team should be able to help.

    Or why not Danny Boy take action on the claimed false report? Get the Chief Internal Auditor to start investigate. The HC policy do have such provisioning to build the case. It is about the breach of policy. So action should be taken.

    Saman ler… Or take Disciplinary Action… Kalau berani…

    Tinggi aje jawatan, tapi pengecut… Dengan Tuhan berani tipu….

  5. Jalil of MAS

    No need for Rashdan to invoke the Good Name of Allah in vain. It is within his power to initiate an independent Disciplinary Inquiry (DI) into this “allegation” at this moment. The report has been published and all the name of the cabin crew or chief steward or stewardess are there. The captain’s name is also there.

    What is the problem Danny boy? with your Mat Salleh upbringing and the high regards for at Saleh’s consultant like PlaneConsult, I am sure that you will agree to do this. Come on Danny, show us that you have the balls to take on this challenge.

    Of course, no crony or handpicked officers to sit on the DI.

    Please don’t invoke Allah name in VAIN. You and your family will have to pay for it one way or another.

  6. Razak of MAS

    Hello Danny boy aka Bina tak Fikir boy! How lah? Your voyage report already posted here. Don’t the consultant will tell you that it was a fabrication. Then other cronies in MAS will echo it. The case is closed.

    Now is the tie for the MAS unions stand up and ensure that justice is done for all the “low productivity worker” (according to Aj) in MAS. Lodged a formal complaint to the Complaint Department and see what they are going to do with this Danny boy.

    My little you are now caught with your pants down! You better call your “beautiful” wife to be your alibi to say that both of you didn’t travel on that day. You were in the shit hole together. A clear case of abused of power by the No. 2 man in MAS. Shamful fella. Tetapi did memang tak malu at all.

  7. Old Man

    Danny, Danny Danny, I can only summarise that you are nothing more than a stubborn immature boy who has no business running a publically listed company.

    TS Md Nor already offerred you a way out by asking the audience to refrain from discussing what he described as a personal matter. You should have taken the que and exercise the same restriant.

    But your kepala is so besar and you have to win everytime. Whilst the others respected TS Md Nor wish, you could not contain your ego and you had to have the last say. It would have been wiser if you had just STFU and the situation would have been diffused. This has also shown your disrepect for TS Md Nor and now your broad statement is tantamount to accusing the Cabin Crew as liars. You can sue the bloggers but the crew can also sue you for calling them liars.

    This is a perfect example of the way you bully your way around in MAS and Maybank.

    Of course you will now say we and the crew misunderstood you because you made no reference to the upgrading incident. I anticipate that you will be coming out with a spin to exonerate yourself.

    Danny, Danny, Danny, if the charges are true, then you have used Allah’s name in vain. You will rot in hell but I guess your advance booking for a seat in hell have been confirmed 100 times over for your other dastardly deeds. Taubat lah.

    Another case of your ancestors rolling in their graves.

  8. Non Arabic

    Bertaubatlah Danny boy! Kau perasan nama kau “Arabic” ye, Nama aje bunyi macam Arabic, tapi perangai pun tak ubah macam penyangak arab yg lain. Orang2 macam kau memang byk disebut dlm hadis, bukan sebab nama kau macam Arabic lah, cuba kau Google hadis2 utk “orang munafik” kalau kau tak percaya.

  9. viper1909

    Dear Yb,
    Million of THANKS of your expose n concern towards MAS.every days my life wouldnt be complete if i dont read ur blog.before this hear say only but now ppl say it facts.juz wondering how this cronies can sleep at nite when majorities of malaysian talking n cursing towards them.How its gonna be when cronies outing with families and people looking n stare towards dem n curse..WHAT type of SKIN they MADE OF!!!!

    This not Your Company neither Your Parents Money,OK!!This Company belong to People of Malaysia that have pride plus dignity and responsibility.we care we love our product,thats what MALAYSIA TRULY ASIA all about.Do u?

  10. Antigajibuta

    Im puzzled on why the top ppl in Government like MOF still trying to cover up for the whole thing. Why cant they accept the fact that the RAKYAT especially staff from MAS have spoken their thoughts about the whole Share Suap and CCF thing. I guess they rather put the current Government at stake for the next election.
    PM Najib, i understand u may be busy with other important things but MAS issue is something to look at too.
    Me and i m sure thousands others out there eager to hear “Sepatah Dua Kata” from U!!
    Bukan PENDEK kata, tapi U kata!!

  11. jack1960

    Tighten the noose further……..accountability


    Despite the on-going official stance of buying more time, don’t let up in extricating accountability by MOF cum PM. The farcical townhall meeting had failed to douse the inflamed MAS staff reps.

    Question now, are the terms of the CCF irreversible? MAS is already in dire financial health but AK & D7 ……… btw, Lion Air, Cebu Pacific, Jetstar, Jetstar/China Southern, Tiger, Scoot…… just waiting their turn to …… turn on more heat on the award winning LCC!

    Without the CCF, the govt has absolutely no interest in the affairs of AK or D7, period. With the current fallibility of the capital markets, no amount of financial nor corporate engineering can be sought without some semblance of a sovereign guarantor.

  12. Joshua

    Kunyit Hidup @ 12:58 am

    This was the announcement to Bursa Kl by MAS yesterday.

    “MAS had, in the past, upon request, on an ad-hoc basis provided uplift and re-accommodation of passengers of other airlines including AirAsia X, in line with normal industry practice. These ad-hoc uplift and re-accommodation were provided subject to the availability of excess seats on MAS flights and to MAS’ commercial benefit,” it told Bursa Malaysia yesterday.”

    Those in charge of this should provide evidence of the seat allocated to AA X passengers not based on excess seats. We must expose this and not allow these cronies to get away with such things.

    Ay! CRONIES, AA X Sdn Bhd is not an IATA airlines ok. So there is no special arrangement via the system provided under IATA that guaranteed payment. AY idiots’ I agree with YB that it is the policy and rule in MAS that under such case like AA X passengers, a bank guarantee or facilities with the bank had to be provided before MAS uplift the passengers. It would normally be based on full published fare. But not in this case.

    The police, MYCC and MACC should step in to investigate into this “scheme”. By the way Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult must take full responsibility for this case because he is the Acting Commercial Director of MAS.

    So MAS staff and Malaysians, now you can see the picture a bit clearly why they need AA staff in MAS. That Rozman Omar as CFO and Shane Nolan of PlaneConsult. Who i she chairman and MD of PlaneConsult Conors McCarthy, who is also the co-founder of AirAsia and he is also the current director of AirAsia. What else can we say beside 1 plus 1 is TWO!

    The Government must step in immediately and get rid of this Rashdan, who was lying through his teeth. We cannot have liar to head MAS.

  13. Antigajibuta

    its ok for u too upgrade ur wife,baby, nanny or who else in your family to 1st class or any class u want since u think this is your Airline if not your father.
    A word of advice to you and the rest of Amok & CRONIES,the very next time u travel,no matter in what class u travel, its advisable to ‘TAPAU’ your own food coz the last thing u want to do is ‘TO MESS WITH PEOPLE WHO HANDLE YOUR FOOD’! Especially with the BEST in the WORLD!!

  14. Anti CCF

    YB, you are truly people champion. We in MAS is forever grateful to what you’ve done. May God bless you and your family for all the effort from your end.

    As for the reallocation of Air Asia to MAS, again everyone should know that AK is not an IATA registered members and therefore they are not governed by IATA rulings. Which means that they are also not part of airlines under ICH (IATA Clearing House). In normal circumstances, airline will not deal with another airlines who are not part of ICH as there is always risk of default. In this case, MAS has given special consideration to AK, Why ? Because the owner/CEO of AK also sit in MAS Board of Directors. If this is not conflict of interest, I don’t know what else is !

    The rampant abuse of authority by the management has gone towards unprecedented level never seen before in Malaysia. Now the Irish idiot Plane Consult is busy looking for people that they can lay off and he has a dateline by end of april to complete his dirty work. Let’s all of us now focus to remove this Irish bastards from MAS. I think I’ll spit on him if I see him tomorrow.

    TS Md Nor has also today issue a statement that the plan for short haul airlines has been scrapped ? All staff either under short haul and long haul will be under Malaysia Airlines… change of heart eh ! Good on you.

    YB, please don’t stop. I’ll make sure that all my family members, my relatives and my friends vote for you in the next election. Bravo !!!

    1. Anon66

      “TS Md Nor has also today issue a statement that the plan for short haul airlines has been scrapped ? All staff either under short haul and long haul will be under Malaysia Airlines… change of heart eh ! Good on you.”

      Except he didn’t mention anything regarding Firefly staff who appear to have been hung out to dry, will YB be as tenacious for those guys as he has been for those in MAS??

  15. Depak

    Rashdan where are you going to run now. You didn’t upgrade your maid and you didn’t bring your baby into the First class cabin!

    Please look at the Voyage report posted in YB’s blog. The low productivity staff of MAS (the Chief Steward and Captain) were all lying if we were to compare what Rashdan told the Heads of Department and Union leaders. Furthermore, he swore by using Allah.

    Well, who is telling the truth? Only God knows. I would rather believe the voyage report. If you Cambridge f..ker dare, initiate a thorough Investigation immediately. soon the Cambridge Ini must be mall with your behavior.

    No wonder you had to leave Maybank 3rd quarter of 2010. Soon we will hear 20000 MAS staffs celebrating your disappearance from MAS.

  16. Azizi

    Thank you YB for helping us to expose this smart Alex. Well done MAS staff. Lets fight them by exposing one by one. See what they can do to us. Without the workforce they can’t get any where. Now TS md Nor has announced that there will be no short hall. What type management suddenly yes suddenly? Well, what do you expect from such idiots running MAS now.

    MAS directors all very quiet. Gaji butakah? of course, we can expect Datuk Azman Yahya to do anything. You know why?

  17. Mastrabaiduri

    YB… You must also called for Malek to be nvestigated. Apparently his … has a contract for aircraft cabin cleaning. As for Danny, he actually made commitment to QPR without going to the board for approval. In both instances – Malek signng CA and Danny signing of QPR sponsorship were unilateral decision by the two respective persons concern.

  18. Pak Pandir

    Anti CCF
    The ShortHaul is not called off. Instead it is now “another” Division in MAS.Same difference la. Shorthaul “Division” will have its own P&L, who knows one day down the road, because it will be so “profitable”, it will become another “subsidiary” pulak. Do not trust all these “noises” coming from
    TS Md Nor, AJ and least of all Danny, who has now lost any ounce of credibility he ever had in MAS.
    For those who were not at the TownHall, when the question on Danny’s upgrading saga was first asked, TS Md Nor jumped in and said he was using his CHAIRMAN’s PREROGATIVE to not take that question, and told the staff who asked not to be “personal”. However, towards the end of the session, another staff posed the same question, saying , if the alleged incident is NOT true, then Danny should clear his name. This is when Danny decided to answer by way of swearing that “all that has been written about him (in the blogs etc) is NOT true. But he did not specifically say that the UPGRADING saga is not true. Splitting hairs la, typical of CONsultant mentality.
    Shame on him and what a waste of the OXFORD education that failed miserably to make a decent man out of Danny. I am beginning to wonder whether he really graduated from that esteemed institution?
    I really hope MAS will see the last of him soon, and he should take PlaneConsult with him when he leaves.

  19. blue sky

    Oh Danny boy, please do the honourable thing and resign. I am sure Bro Amok can find a place for you in Khazanah while he is still there.

  20. Sweeper

    Both top management are damn good liars…. Swept and sack out from company . This is public company , and always MAS being robbed everytime new management changed. Are we gonna look MAS sink like a TITANIC. Come on MALAYSIAN . Give support MAS and their hard work staff…. F,,,K Off Amoks cronys. You are make people and staff sick of you.

  21. Now Everyone Hates Danny

    Just for everyone’s info, the voyage report is by the cabin crew in charge. The crew is merely doing his/her job as stated in their responsibility. All flights will generate this ‘VR’. The report was made due to a complaint by an esteemed and ‘paying’ passenger – Mr. Hii. Obviously, Danny was ill advised (as per what normally happened to MAS top management) on what is and what’s not. In Bina Fikir, there was no requirement for such VR, therefore he didn’t know that whilst he was swearing, there was many among the audiences already knew that he was lying. It is unfortunate that a Muslim sees it befitting to use the name of Allah to justify their wrong doings. As for Tan Sri Md Noor, you have shown your unreliability as MAS leader by condoning this blatant abuse of power and position. Normally a misconduct such as this will requires a disciplinary inquiry but Chairman chose to defend him by saying that this is a personal matter. It’s not personal Tan Sri! This is how we do things in MAS. Discipline is the order of our everyday life. That is why despite what has happened and continues to happened, our aircraft still departs with over 90% on time departures. Please do not twist facts from fictions as what you have said yesterday. Facts – MAS staff loves MAS. Facts – MAS staff hates CCF. Facts – MAS staff hates Tony. Facts – MAS staff is productive. Fiction – You, Danny, AJ, Shane Nolan wants to turn around by cutting routes build over so many years, carrying AAX pax with token payment of 20mils effective today and all the lies and deceit by the imports – mostly from AA.

  22. xplorer

    danny , your reputation had gone down to the drain . The voyage report is the proof of your wrong doing and yet you still have the courage to swear in the name of allah . If the report is false please take legal action against the captain , if not the most honourable thing to do is to resign . The staff no longer need you , no point in navigating the ship alone as it won’t steer.

  23. Hell Yeah…!!!
    change the goverment…!!change the goverment ..!!change the goverment ..!! ppl in govt too corrupt..i’m not so sure why MPs like Wee Choo Keong,Bung Mokhtar make noise about MAS…is it because u guys dont get project in MAS such as supply tissue or blanket in airplane..
    Change everyting…we deserve a better MALAYSIA & better MAS…!!!

  24. Anonymous

    All these people, Rashdan, Shane, Rozman, Isha and gang walk in MAS like a bunch of arrogant gangsters. They bully. They threaten existing MAS staff with dismissal or removal. They think they know a lot. They have utter disrespect and disregard for people feelings and other sensitivities. They act like they are the only intelligent beings in this world. They are this master race that have come to rule and save the plannet. They can do no wrong.

    They treat MAS staff like dirt, good for nothing idiots. Many may not have come to face them but for those who have, they suffer in silence.

    God help MAS.

  25. Razak MAS

    With this expose by YB all the cronies in MAS must be kicked out now. Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult, PlaneConsult, Tan Sri Md Nor, Aj and the whole board as they are part of the current problems.

  26. MAS Manager

    This was a typical Bina tak Fikir idiot running Amok in MAS. f..king bas..rd. They all are the same. No short haul, newco and whatever.are just TS Md Nor bullshit. He is the main man behind WAU, the beginning of the demised of MAS. The whole Board downward must be out asap. Once they are out that in itself is the beginning process to save MAS. TF and Datuk Kamarudin must also go.

  27. The Pumkiner

    Danny boy is so clever.

    He knew that in this country, when you are cornered, just invoke the God’s name and everyone must believe you.

    We are now estopped from talking about the incident further.


  28. syed_borhanudeen@yahoo.com

    Black is black and white is white, There is no 2 ways about it.
    Md.Nor lost his credibility when he avoided the question on upgrading. What kinda “chairman prerogative” are you talking about when this is not even a AGM or EGM? Its just a meeting with your employees and if you put up a barrier then what would your employees think about your leadership.
    Why are you avoiding this simple straight forward question.
    Danny you dare swear in Allah’s name.
    Would you think a right thinking staff would
    put his/her head on the chopping board and make such false
    accusations? Allah will judge you….

  29. suara mas

    Wahai Si Rasdhan..

    Jangan lah kamu cuba-cuba mengelabui mata orang..ketahuai lah kamu seksaan allah adalah AMAT BERAT LAGI PEDIH….!! kerna allah akan memakbulkan doa orang-arang yang dizalimi oleh kamu…!!

    Jadinya tak perlulah kamu nak gunakan nama Allah demi nak menutup kesalahan yang kau lakukan.

    Tapi kalau benar nak bersumpah jangan hanya sebut nama Allah saja itu tak cukup..sebagai orang Islam kalau nak bersumpah…bersumpah dengan cara yang diajar oleh Islam..

    Mesti sebut..Wallahi….hingga habis, barulah betul!!

    Ini ke orang yang nak jadi pemimpin yang sanggup mengunakan perkataan-perkataan suci tapi hati penuh berkarat hanya untuk kepentingan diri sendiri…apa jenis orang kamu niiiii.

    Sepatutnya orang macam dia mesti dikenakan tindakan supaya dia sedar apa perbuatan dia selama ini yang YANG CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN…Md Nor dan AJ kalau berani mesti ambil tindakan pada si Rashdan, jangan nak tutup sebelah mata aje…

    MAS UNION pun mesti beri tekanan supaya tindakan mesti dikenakan pada si Rasdhan. Jangan syok sendiri guna nama EXCO UNION tapi habuk pun tarak!!!

    Ingat semua mata sentiasa melihat kerosakan yang sedang kamu lakukan dalam MAS!!!


  30. MAS Steward

    Md Nor thought that MAs staffs are idiot and may be also low productivity. Tell us how productive he is especially when he was the MD from 2001 to 2003. He has done nothing except selling MAS assets. MAS Catering and MAS Komplek just to name a few. Then committed MAS to 25 years lop sided agreement with MAS Catering and 57 years lease for RM75 mil a year.

    Md Nor please shut up and hid your f.king face. We don’t need you in MAS. You are part of the Paanmera Deadwood gang. You are a shame to MAS and the nation. You shouldn’t spoil the title Tan Sri because your actions show that you are not fit.

  31. The Corporate Objectives of MAS as laid down by the founding fathers were as follows:

    1. To provide the people of Malaysia with an efficient and proditable air transport system which enhances the standing of the Nation and policies of its Government.

    2. To develop an efficient domestic service within Malaysia which also directly links Sabah and Sarawak with Peninsular Malaysia and contributes to the economic and social integration of the country a a whole.

    3. To select, train and develop personnel using the most up-to-date and appropriate managerial techniques.

    4. To provide simultaneously competitive and profitable international services which support Malaysia’s trade, tourism and other activities.

    5. To contribute meaningfully to national aspirations and foster an organisation which is in harmony with the multi-racial objectives of Malaysia.

    I sometime wonder whether these Corporate Objectives are in the minds of the people in MAS today.

    The Pioneers of MAS embraced these Corporate Objectives with passion and commitment and treating them like a marathon with no end in sight. Implied in the Corporate Objectives, MAS belongs to the people of Malaysia and shall be managed by the people of Malaysia. Only Malaysians knows the national aspirations.So as not to deviate away from these Corporate Objectives, good corporate governance was put in place and strictly adhered to.

    Measured against these Corporate Objectives, it is obvious that MAS has lost its direction. Since 1994, MAS has not only changed in Form but also in Character.

    Voyage report is a must for every flight….events that are out of the ordinary are reported in the voyage report. Upgrading from economy class to higher classes after cabin doors are closed are reported in the voyage report and it is highly improbable that the Flight Crew of the flight would fabricate such report. Upgrading of passengers from lower class to higher class prior to a flight (pre-arranged) will not be reported in the voyage report.

    In so far as the transfer of AA passengers to MAS is concerned, I wonder what fare was charged when such passengers are uplifted. If there is no bilateral Agreement between two airlines, normal full published fare should be charged and if there is bilateral Agreement the mutually agreed fare (which may be lower than the published fare) will be charged. Other conditions in such bilateral Agreement may include the period of travel as determined by the receiving carrier. What about other terms and conditions of carriage? For example baggage allowance, meals on board (as it would not be appropriate for MAS Cabin Crew to serve inflight meals/refreshments to MAS genuine passengers and not the AA transferred passengers or charge them for inflight meals/refreshments).

    For what it is worth, my personal view is that in order for MAS to move forward is to REGROUP, adhere to good corporate governance, effectively manage cost, abhor acts of indiscipline, ahbor wastage, remain focused on National Aspirations and strongly supported by the relevant Government Agencies (like MOT, DCA, MAHB, CIQ), Hoteliers, Tours Operators and Ground Transporters etc…..National Interest above personal interest.

    What we do today will have an impact on the future generations. Let not future generations urinate on our graves.

  32. Concerned

    First of all, how certain is everyone rashdan did not pay for ALL 1st class tickets? As said before, he did not upgrade the nanny. A couple of concerned flight attendants offered to get the nanny from coach to help out with the kids. 18-month-old was seated with his mother in 1st, not coach. Why in the blazes would someone put their child in a different part of the plane? Especially since said child is still breastfeeding? Maybe some would but not this mother. Nanny came, helped and left. Unless those slicing Rashdan apart here were actually on the same flight and witnessed what happened in the cabin, I suggest we seek the truth first rather than shooting aimlessly and baselessly.


    1. Enrich Platinum

      How can the 18 month old baby fly in 1st class when children are not allowed to travel FC? That has always been MAS’ policy

    2. JJTension

      If it is true that he is being victimized, build a case la… Kalau dia berani… Jangan nak makan Nasi Briyani. I or we MH staff challenge him by the name of Allah to take action….

      It is not about the payment… It is about the policy of FC that children are not allowed in FC…

    3. f d g

      Then he always has a choice to travel in business/economy class if he wants to keep an eye on his babi n nanny. Please do more reading or research before writing this… balls licker.

    4. JJTension

      LCC ppl dont understand this coz they do not have such biz class or first class. As such, you don’t understand such policy.

      Or probably Danny boy and his family dah macam beruk tak pernah naik FC… Beruk pun tak macam tu….

    5. Anonymous

      After so many days discussing the issue, you still do not understand what is the real issue. It is not about free or paid ticket, it is about Rashdan having his baby in first class. BABIES ARE NOT ALLOWED IÑ FIRST CLÀSS.
      As explained by Dr.Don,it is improbable that VR be fabricated.
      Better refrain from commenting if you do not understand!

  33. To the Cronies in MAS

    Invoking Allah’s name in vain and to defend the indefensible will result in him having to pay for it. Sometime people say the next generation will pay for it. Like credit terms. Now it seems from all the example, God wants payment in CASH. NOW!

    So please take note all you cronies in MAS. MAS staffs are watching you closely and will do what we can to stop you with, of course, God’s HELPS!

    Now we want to see whether that Cambridge egoistic will pay in CASH or credit terms. Let see. I believe that it will be sooner than later.

  34. Pak Azman

    Hay! Puak2 Gaji Buta Pengurusan MAS nak bukti apa lagi untuk mengambil tindakan terhadap si Rashdan? voyage Report itu telah ada didalam blog YB. Tak cukup lagi. Kalau perkja biasa MAS sudah kena buang kerja tetapi pegawai atas akan dilindungi oleh puak2 gaji buta.

    Jangan bimbang perkerja MAS akan mengambil tindakan terhadap si Bina Tak Fikir Rashdan!

  35. Super Concerned

    Concerned……too little too late. Its a good try but you have fallen short. The truth prevails and we all know it now. Best move along and troll somewhere else. Danny has been caught by his blatant arrogance. A Danny can never change his spots. Check with his ex Maybank colleagues.

  36. The Pumkiner

    Danny boy will also swear that when he handed over the monies to QPR, MAS was flush with cash.

    Further swearing will justify the benefit of giving away such funds.

    Md Nor will then use his chairmanship to stop people from talking about the matters.

  37. Stupid Md Nor

    The MAS union leaders must lodge a formal complaint against Rashan for breaking the policy or rule of MAS for upgrading his maid and brought his baby to first class cabin. Never mind if there is no actions from the crony. In future actions we can bring this case as a precedent against the cronies if they still in MAS then. Hopefully they will be thrown out from MAS in disgrace.

    Please file the complaints MAPA, MESA, NUFAM and others. Let forget about MASEUS leaders because they are only good in signing CA on the quiet. Until now they are telling us the members that it is a secret document. Real jokers!

    Please get on the job to lodge a formal complaint since that WAU champion (Md Nor Yusof) was telling us it is a personal matter. So stupid how can something done to the company is a personal matter. If this is a personal matter than the other complaints can also be said to be personal. Stupid.

  38. Super Duper Concerned

    Please la, do not , as they say “menegakkan benang basah” or try to defend the indefensible. You are really encouraging staff who are super duper disgusted to dig up some more dirt. This VR is just the tip of the iceberg.
    What was witnessed in the cabin is what is ALREADY REPORTED in the Voyage Report, you duffer. That is why it is called a VOYAGE REPORT, understand?. Unless of course now you are accusing the Crew of lying, or having such poor English skills that the Voyage report is incomprehensible?
    Or are you describing ANOTHER flight that we are not aware of?
    But, good try la, we are giving away no prizes for guessing who you are working for.

  39. Suara Sumbang

    The only person who can put the final nail on Rashdan’s coffin is Mr Hii himself. Get him to lodge an official complaint and make it public to all staff of MAS. Pretty sure someone in MAS can provide Mr Hii’ contact details, probably those in the flt booking department.

    Wonder how will Rashdan react to it. I dare u Rashdan to swear again in the name of Allah SWT if Mr Hii step forward.

    Mr Hii where are you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Atticus

    Suara Sumbang

    Aiya, no need to put our esteemed premium traveller though all this,
    no need to involve his precious time to do what? To prove Danny was wrong in swearing it did NOT happen? We do not need to give Danny that kind of importance, man. It is demeaning to Mr Hii. As the Deputy CEO of MAS, Danny has failed miserably to demonstrate any kind of leadership or moral fibre that is required to motivate the staff to REGROUP and FOCUS on what needs to be done. He has squandered whatever little currency he had with staff with this single-minded act of arrogance. With or without Mr Hii’s testimony, Danny is already done for as far as the citizens of MAS (with the exception of a few desperate suckers) are concerned.

  41. Antigajibuta

    Just got a 1st hand info that most of the MPs do not agree with the share suap and infact the MP from Kinabatangan personally againts the idea of collabaration. The backbenchers will most probably have another session in order to stop this collabaration..
    So Md Nor, maybe after this its your turn to swear in the name of ALLAH SWT to tell everyone about what u said that the MPs understand about the Business Plan and MP from Kinabatangan saluted that stupid AJ.

  42. Antigajibuta

    Can anyone from respective department in MAS clarify what is the actual policy of MAS on infant in FCC (1st Class)? coz from what i read in the VR, when asked by Mr Hii, the CIC told him that infants are ‘ALLOWED’ in FCC. Does it applies to all infants or only infants from Pariah Cronies??

    1. the watchers


      Can anyone from respective department in MAS clarify what is the actual policy of MAS on infant in FCC (1st Class)? coz from what i read in the VR, when asked by Mr Hii, the CIC told him that infants are ‘ALLOWED’ in FCC. Does it applies to all infants or only infants from Pariah Cronies??

      ……..eventhough been oppressed, being a good subordinate is always the ccic priority…kata cam tu pasal nak tolong cover boss lah tu….

      boss aje tak aware anak2x buah punya susah….

  43. Pascal


    I believe what transpired whether it was a willful act on your part or not, showed your complete lack of appreciation of a premium full service airline.

    Here’s a little lesson for you:

    1. First class produces the highest yield for an airline.
    2. To the passenger, he pays a significant amount to travel in first.
    3. He demands the highest level of comfort and service from what he pays.
    4. Each airline presents their best to the customers who travels in this class.
    5. Each airlines invests a signiificant anount to up the game in first class.
    6. This is what signifies a full service airline.
    7. The level of service is what differentiate one FS airline to another.
    8. First class is what Business and Economy aspires to be in first.
    9. Airlines protects their first class image to the death.

    Many airlines, like MH, do not allow infants in first to ensure that Customers in first have a restful and undisturbed journey.

    Even if you did not “upgrade” your infant and nany, the fact that they were in first class that caused one of the passengers to be disturbed, as the Dy CEO, you should have taken steps to remedy the situation.

    The Customer complained.

    You have failed in your duty.

  44. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    Truly agreed with Rainbow. How the hell does this “Concerned” knew that they baby is still breast feeding? Not unless “Concerned” is none other than the idiot Danny himself. Why need the nanny to nurse the baby when the baby is with the mother? IS “Concerned” trying to say that the nanny is actually the mother of the baby? Cause knowing idiots like Danny…he can just go round screwing people and not surpirsed he screwed his maids too?

    Idiot Danny, don;t just swear on Allah name…..nanti makan sumpah sendiri. Now that the secret of you upgrading your baby and maids are busted, where do you want to hide your muka taik….none other than in the lubang jamban.

    All MAS STAFFS now must stand-up and some together to fight all these idiots and get them out MAS once and for all.

  45. kayzee

    YB, Pascal is right. I believe Mr Hii as a paying commercial passenger paid for a First Class product – he should get what he paid for. If there is non delivery by the airline through deprivation of his comfort, well being and exclusivity, wilful or not, the customer has been short changed. The honorable thing to do is refund his money.
    Another thing, subjecting the crew to this embarrassing predicament is unfair. The crew has to face the customer. The crew has to handle the recovery. If not done well the airline may even lose a repeat customer. I care, because I am an ex-employee. Though retired, my heart is still with the airline that paid my salary without fail for nearly 20 years. Yes, we earned only a fraction of what many of our ranks now earn in MAS, but money was secondary. We worked very hard and sacrificed our weekends and family for the airline. No regrets. We were proud of MAS. It used to be that you can take a person out of MAS, but you can never take MAS out of the person. Now, I wonder ??

  46. kapak halus

    Danny the baby is crying around his nannies, TS Mohd Nor, TS Azman and TS TF (ALL TSs), to save and breastfeed him from hunger being sacked…. uuwwaahhh… uuwwaahhh…

  47. Shamugam MAS

    From my experience in MAS, Rashdan has committed a very serious offense because he broke the all the rules and alienated a First Class paint passenger. He and his wife got the ticket for free and he caused discomfort to his own customers.

    If he is a responsible man then he would have resigned instead of swearing in Allah’s name. Now he and his wife put himself in deeper shit. if I am his wife and I know the truth I would be ashamed of this type of husband – like a lump of shit.

    Md Nor and AJ how both of you can condone such a person who has no integrity and a liar.

  48. JJTension

    This is the extraction of circular about infant in FC. It was issued on 8th Feb 2010 and I believe it is still valid. Happy reading.


    TO : All MAS Pilots
    All Senior General Managers
    All General Managers
    All Assistant General Managers
    All Managers
    All Station Managers

    REF : SGMHR 007/10
    Date : 08 Feb 2010


    We wish to reiterate that no infant will be allowed to travel on First Class (FY) in all our B747-400 series aircraft.

    This restriction has been imposed due to the fact that all our B747-400 series aircraft First Class cabin are not equipped with bassinet seat/facility. All our ground employees as well as ground handling agents world wide have been informed to adhere to the Ground Operations Manual – Passenger & Baggage, Chapter 19 (Handling of Infants) Page 19-2 Clause 3.6 & 3.10 which states ‘No seat sale for infant in FRCL cabin for new B747 aircraft type, therefore there is no bassinet seat and passenger are not permitted to bring and use IRD or car type seat in new B747 FRCL seat” & ‘ The new design B747-400 (Passenger) retrofitted aircraft do not accept any infants on FRCL as no facility (bassinet seat) is provided. We are also no longer offering bassinet placed on the floor”.

    Kindly note that all applications for Annual Privilege Travel will automatically be made on Business Class for infant and one (1) accompanying adult.

    We have been informed that many are not aware of this restriction and as a result there were a lot of inconveniences caused to both staff and our check-in personnel. We seek your co-operation in this matter.


    c.c. Senior General Manager Airport Operations
    AGM Distributions

  49. Antigajibuta

    YAB PM,
    I am sure if not u then there are some of your ‘BARUAH’ out there are following this blog. so if u dont do or say something about it, this issue gonna be highlight during your opposition’s campaign for next GE. i or rather we are sure that u do not want this issue of AMOK’s BARUAH jeopardize BN chances..If silence treatment is your way of handle this issue, then u can forget of winning back Selangor!! But bear in mind that there are MAS staffs all over MALAYSIA too. Jangan kerana CRONI DI DAHULUKAN, BARUAH DIUTAMAKAN, U regret for the rest of your life!!

  50. Anonymous

    The present MAS management is scandalous. After the exposure of the upgrading of the maid by Rashdan (Amok’s crony), his position is untenable. He no longer command any respect from MAS staff.

    To condone this act of abused of power by Rashdan, will also make AJ and Md Nor position equally untenable too.

    With such going on in MAS management, AJ and Md Nor are no longer fit to lead. The longer they wait to take the necessary actions against Amok’s crony will make the situation worst. It will also affect Amok’s position in Khazanah.

  51. Razak of MAS

    Shameful cronies in MAS. One rule for MAS staffs and another for top executives. If this is how the cronies are managing MAS, MAS will bungkus very soon. The the Pariah’s airlines can dominate the market and put in more hidden charges.

    May be the intentions/agendas of the CCF are to BUNGKUS MAS asap.

    Mr PM, can’t you see this? Rakyat diKEBELAKANGAN is your new way of transformation program.

  52. Eng of MAS

    We all in MAS demand actions be taken against that Danny boy or else forget about DISCIPLINE in MAS. We will not tolerate such abuse by top management. No DOuble Standard please.

    AJ and the WAU expert Md Nor walk the talk and behave yourself or else both of you will be sacked by MAS staffs also.

    You bloody cronies please look after the interests of MAS not your fellow cronies. We must start a campaign to get rid of them.

  53. Antigajibuta

    Saw afew ‘Bunting’ by MASEU on ANTI COLLABARATION. Wondering if there really mean it or sekadar lakunan semata.

  54. Chong form MAS

    First in last out or whatever principle one ant one wants to follow. Rashdan had to be thrown out of MAS for abusing his position as deputy groupCEO and power. Pleae FO Rashdan.

    The MD Nor, AJ and the whole Board of Directors including the two Pariahs from AirASIA had to also go for condoning such abuses. ONCE THIS HAPPENS , MAS IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING MAS INTHE REAL SENSE OF THE WORDS.

    AMS staffs let us all go for them. Start to push tour union leaders to take the necessary actions to picket againsnt them and CCF.

  55. KrewKabinSelaluKenaMain


    TO : All MAS Pilots
    All Senior General Managers
    All General Managers
    All Assistant General Managers
    All Managers
    All Station Managers

    REF : SGMHR 007/10
    Date : 08 Feb 2010


    We wish to reiterate that no infant will be allowed to travel on First Class (FC) in all our B747-400 series aircraft.

    This restriction has been imposed due to the fact that all our B747-400 series aircraft First Class cabin are not equipped with bassinet seat/facility. All our ground employees as well as ground handling agents world wide have been informed to adhere to the Ground Operations Manual – Passenger & Baggage, Chapter 19 (Handling of Infants) Page 19-2 Clause 3.6 & 3.10 which states ‘No seat sale for infant in FRCL cabin for new B747 aircraft type, therefore there is no bassinet seat and passenger are not permitted to bring and use IRD or car type seat in new B747 FRCL seat” & ‘ The new design B747-400 (Passenger) retrofitted aircraft do not accept any infants on FRCL as no facility (bassinet seat) is provided. We are also no longer offering bassinet placed on the floor”.

  56. Scout


    Don’t worry, all your good effort in sharing the said circular will all be futile because AJ will issue a new Circular tomorrow and BACKDATE it to last year,and the circular says ” all rules and regulations on First Class travel for staff only applies to staff, NOT applicable to demi-Gods like Danny, their maids, their babies and whoever in their entourage, including his neighbour’s aunty!”. Get it?
    Same la like coming up with the RA Agreement looonggg after many planeloads of AA transfer pax already flown.
    “You can fool some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time, but you can NEVER fol all the people all the time”. AJ please take note.

  57. KrewKabinSelaluKenaMain

    Voicing our thoughts direct to the Company has fallen on deaf ears umpteenth times. With a union aka MASEU as corrupted as the Top Management itself, we have no where to turn to for help and to be heard.

    And we have all been brainwashed aka ALWAYS been threatened that should we be vocal/visually show protest … ISA act is the answer

    Dear YB, please help us
    We have mouths to feed

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