WAU! “Open Tender is no Push Fully in this country”

"MAS staffs are low productivity" said AJ. This MAS known logo has been around for many years and around the world. Has been changed to pale blue to "SAVE" MAS.

Updates @ 4:30 pm on 28-3-2012: Tonight the Ministry of Finance (MOF) will be replying to the issues raised on the MAS-AirAsia share swap and CCF in yours truly’s speech “Pengkhianat dan Pengkhianat Negara” in HERE & HERE. Parliamentary session will be on until MOF finishes its reply. It could be as late as 11:30 pm! The MOF’s replies on the MAS-AirAsia share swap and CCF will be posted as soon as possible.

In the interim please read an interesting piece in THE MOLE, HERE & HERE.

At 1:30 pm on 26-3-2012 MAS management came to Parliament to brief MPs. MAS Management team was represented by En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof (Md Nor) and Tun Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi, as MAS Advisor. Another person from MAS, whom yours truly is not familiar with.  It could be En Rozman Omar. Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (Amok) represented Khazanah  Nasional Bhd (khazanah). Yours truly was told that Amok’s crony Rashdan was there but could not be seen. The briefing was chaired by YB Dato’ Seri Hj Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, Minister of Finance II. YB Datuk Kong Chong Ha, the Minister of Transport, was also present.

 MAS Financial Results 2011: CCF& Share Swap did not result in 2011 Losses of RM2.52 – Due to legacy issues, operational challenges & provisions for impairment. Provision made in Q 11 totalling RM1.09 billion for:

  • Redelivery of aircraft RM602 million

  • Impairment of freighters RM314 million

  • Stock obsolescence RM179 million

Route Rationalisation:

Connectivity Maintained to Penisular Malaysia -Sabah -Sarawak

Suspension of MAS international routes does not benefit AirAsia (AA).


  • MAS suspended Dubai, Dammam, Karaci, Cape Town, Johanesburg, Buenos Aires & Rome.  AA still does not fly to these destinations.

  • MAS suspended KK hub – Osaka, Haneda (Tokyo), Seoul, Perth.  AA still does not fly to these destinations.

  • AA suspended Paris, London, Mumbai, New Delhi.  Sole MAS carrier flying there.

MAS for no apparent reason suspended its Bandung and Surabaya, Indonesia, routes.  AA flies there! Just to name one example. So AJ: What have you got to say about this?

Recovery Plan: To win Back customers

  • Branded Customer Experience

  • Increase corporate sales & front-end sales

How? By Amok’s crony, Rashdan, Deputy Group CEO, flagrant breach of MAS policy on “NO BABY IN FIRST CLASS”.  Abusing his power as Deputy Group CEO highhandedly upgraded his baby and nanny to First Class cabin. What disciplinary actions taken by MAS on  this matter? Answer is an obvious “NO”.  Please read HERE.    

AJ was, as usual, bragging about their stale “Business Plan”.  Under this, “Recovery Plan” consisting of: “Smaller yet profitable network. Win back customers. Relentless cost focus. Keep it simple. Bridge the funding gap.  Then “Games Changers” Launch new regional premium airline. Alliance & Partnership. Collaboration with AirAsia & AirAsia X. Ancillary business spin-off.”

Of course, AJ can’t wait to stress on the joint procurement with AirAsia for services, food and others. Most probably that will include buying of aircraft too. After all there are 200 units of Airbus up for “grabbed”! This is one of the best features of “Comprehensive Collaboration Framework” (CCF).

All the big words that were only used by consultant! They were so difficult to understand. The most easiest and obvious of all was the stressing of “Collaboration with AirAsia & AirAsia X”!  That we all knew from day one of the secret share swap!

AJ’s favourite was to repeat the heavy losses of RM2.5 billion, which was un-audited and includes fuel cost, obsolete spare parts and etc. How could these items be considered as part of the losses? Read HERE.

AJ also spoke about “People Issue” i.e. over staffing and low productivity. Options: “Normal employee attrition. Transfer to new growth Strategic Business Units. Secondment and/or other growth airlines.”

AJ, oblivious to the facts MAS staff, in particular the crews, have received many awards for many years like “World Best Cabin Crew” award and etc.  Why blame the low ranking staff!

MAS organization is just TOP too heavy. Can you imagine if the MAS aircraft is TOP heavy? It will nose dive!  AJ, please look around near your office, they are too many “Panamera Dead Woods” lurking around that ought to be sacked. But parasites are there to be kept so that they can be “YES, I AM, SIR, YOUR OBEDIENT SERVANTS”!  It is for this reason that many good people in the top management have left MAS leaving a Department filled with Panamera Dead Woods.

Of course, AJ may have been advised by the Mat Salleh consultant, PlaneConsult, and others that to make a point that MAS Unions are with the MAS management.

As expected AJ proudly declared that on 2-3-2012 MASEU and Airline Workers Union Sarawak (AWUS), Air Transport Workers Union Sabah (ATWUS) have signed the Collective Agreement (CA).

Despite Company’s loss position, Unions will receive salary increment from April 2011 onwards.  Continuous engagement on-going with other unions & associations to conclude other CA.


  • To improve business efficiency & employee productivity

  • Enable Malaysia Airlines to be more agile & Responsive to customer needs.

The salient items agreed in the CA: “5% adjustment effective September 2011. Increase maximum salary range by 5%. Increase retirement age to 60 years. Implement productivity initiatives. AGREE TO TRANSFER CREW TO THE SHORT HAUL AIRLINE”. It must be MAS SDN BHD that was referred to by Amok’s crony as “My Airlines”

How to operate when it has not obtained the Air Operation Certificate (AOC)? Perhaps this is a case of presenting verbiage to the MPs.

Perhaps some of you might want to comment how MASEUS union official signed this CA? 

The MP’s reactions:

 YB Hajah Nancy binti Hj Shukri, MP for Batang Sadon, was the first to object the secret MAS – AirAsia share swap.  She said that the said share swap was to be of benefit to AirAsia and not MAS. She has received too many public complaints about the share swap and CCF. 

Then came YB Datuk Bung Mokhtar, MP for Kinabatangan, also spoke strongly against the said secret share swap. He could only see the invasion of AirAsia people into MAS like En Rozman Omar and En Azhari Dhalan. He also called for the Government to immediately stop the said share swap before it is too late. He was also critical of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.   

YB Datuk Azmi Khaled, MP for Padang Besar and also Chairman of PAC, YB Datuk Wira Ahmad for Jasin and YB Dato Abdul Rahman Dhalan, MP for Kota Belud and also a member of PAC joined in to demand to know why Collaboration had to be done via share swap?

Yours truly also spoke at length about the problems in MAS. It all started from the BinaFikir Sdn Bhd’s under the project “Widespread Assets Un-bundling” (WAU), which was also about assets stripping. Under WAU, MAS Catering Sdn Bhd was disposed to Gubahan Saujana Sdn Bhd and MAS Komplek in Sepang without “Open Tender”.

Eight years after WAU, MAS was back to square one. As the MD of Khazanah, Amok should take full responsibility of the problems in MAS. Yes, Amok did put up his hand and said he took full responsibility for the secret share swap and CCF! Yours truly respect him for that.  

On the question of no “Open Tender” for the said disposal of MAS Catering Sdn Bhd and MAS Komplek, Amok was quick to defend by stating “OPEN TENDER IS NO PUSH FULLY” in this country. Yours truly is learning everyday of new slogan! It is normal to go by “direct nego”! This statement speaks volume of Khazanah deals. Presumably the same modus operandi applied to the secret share swap and CCF too! Upon hearing this statement, the MPs were very upset and registered their disapprovals!

When asked about MAS uplifted AirAsia X Sdn Bhd passengers with no fare, AJ was quick to answer that AirAisa X Sdn Bhd has paid a deposit of RM20 million to MAS. MAS gained business because MAS is charging full fare for uplifting the passengers. Do you believe that MAS is charging full fare?  When AJ was informed that it is the standing policy for MAS that it will ask for a bank guarantee to cover fare for such passengers. It was “silence is golden” for AJ after that. That is AJ for you!

Yours truly also asked AJ, how much was the designing fees paid by MAS for the new logo and livery of MAS with pale blue? Of course, he didn’t answer. Rumours have it that it costs RM8 million. Hope this is not true. If it is true then MAS is definitely in the pink of health!

All MPs present were upset with the said share swap and CCF. They demanded for the reversal. MAS staffs and Malaysians will be pleased to note that no MPs came up in support let alone defend the said share swap!  The situation in the Briefing Room would have been more explosive if the former PM Tun Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi was not present. However those MPs that have spoken just now spoke with a bit of constrain but they did not mince their words though! The question and answers session lasted for slightly more than half hour. 

MAS staff, the MPs have spoken out loud for MAS and all Malaysians. It is now time for you to ensure that your own respective union stands up for you, MAS and the nation.  

Quite frankly, AJ’s briefing today was just a “REPLAY OF AN OLD BROKEN RECORD”!

P/s Yours truly took a picture of the panel but forgot to insert the memory card. Will look for a nice picture for the picture story.  

58 thoughts on “WAU! “Open Tender is no Push Fully in this country”

  1. Antigajibuta

    To all MAS staff, all the MPs regardless their Party have spoken and defended MAS, if the Union cant do their part, lets vote for the 2 ‘KEPALA” out….its about time for them to go too cause they are also PARIAH in their own way…

  2. jack1960

    Presence of MOF II & MOT…….. WAU2 is condoned by Govt?


    Unfortunately, another lip service from the powers that be. All the WAUs & Share Swap untouchable! No check & balance…

    Who else but the PM cum MOF fully accountable & responsible. Kudos to him if it succeeds to strenghthen the nation’s civil aviation sector, be it local airlines, MAHB, supporting industries, tourism & business travellers….etc. But what if it fails….then what? WAU3….or just step down & retire

    All these merry-go-round will affect us wee Malaysians, both directly & indirectly.

    The absence of alternatives lies behind the seemingly powerful WAU…. initiative…experiment… PLUS the grave financial predicament of MAS….all because NO BAILOUT FOR MAS as stated by the MAS advisor when he was PM.

  3. :




    there has never been a phrase ever used in

    bisnis circle. This is the first time I am

    hearing this. The Bloomberg on my tv is running

    24/7 and as I type this piece I would pick up bits

    of info that i might want to use and never ever

    have I heard of that meaningless phrase p-f.



    wtf is the 1 malaysia duffer trying to pull?

    Maybe he can tell his ps-writer to write in this

    blog to explain what it means.





    the application of such a phrase simply confirmed

    that amok is and has been the duffer that the

    simpletons dolah- mat- mata- layu and now

    the simpletons- of- 1 malaysia, ros-najib employed

    to asset- strip the nation’s glc- s for the make-benefit

    of cronies and themselves possibly…



    transforming shakespeare’s -a rose by any other name

    is a rose to apply in this case:


    . shit is shit


    indah-water does not transform shit into gold..



    asset unbundling is asset stripping shit


    where have the duffer amok and his macai dani-kelate

    learn of this –


    Ans. slater walker’s adventures in the uk’ s bisnis?



    lessons from singapore




    yb have to remind them creative transformation like this

    does not cut in singapore!

    singapore jailed slater walker for creative accounting


    backward transformation





    it looks like the nation ‘s obsession with butt-fu.king politikal

    persona has now moved to butt-fu.king the glc-s!!

    do not assume the populace does not listen to

    bloomberg or some reuters live feed

    yb-give the sob-s hell

  4. Kunyit Hidup

    To YB Wee and all YBs championing the national interest,

    Thank you very much indeed. I said it sincerely. I said it once. But I will say it again and the next generations will say it again and again. It will be recorded as the true 1 Malaysia when all YBs of different symbol standing united. It is very rare occasion, uncontrollably eyeballs getting wet …………

    Sadly no news from MASEU ………… all of a sudden eyeballs getting red!

  5. Mastura Baiduri

    To YB Wee and the other YB’s. Thank you for taking up the case. STOP CCF between MAS/AIr Asia.Con, now everyone can lie!

  6. Mastrabaiduri

    YB, it is strongly rumoured that the AOC for MAS Sdn Bhd is Firefly’s AOC. Firefly will change its name to MAS Sdn Bhd… just like FAX AOC transformed to Air Asia X. They have more or less put in place the various key prsonnel in Firefly in preparation for the change.

  7. The Pumkiner

    I wonder how much is MAS paying the former PM as its adviser, whether the airline can afford it and whether his advices, if any, commensurate with the Rinngit or perks he is getting, if any.

  8. Stan

    YB, don’t really understand how would secondment to other business units and airlines will work. Which airline or new company will take under performing staff as mentioned by the MAS MD. Moreover most airlines are downsizing. Even the mighty SIA is currently requesting their pilots to take extended leave.

    I think it is best to offer these staff VSS and make sure this time no rehires.

  9. Scout

    YB and all MAS staff

    It is now CONFIRMED that AJ has become one of those who speak with FORKED tongue! In an interview when MAS won the Best Asian Airline award, AJ clearly said that the award was due to the efforts of all the staff!
    Now, when it is convenient (to fulfil their own sinister agendas) , AJ says the SAME staff that help to win MAS so many awards, and the SAME staff who deliver On Time Performance (OTP) of over 90%, are now “LOW IN PRODUCTIVITY”!
    How can we trust such a person, let alone believe anything he says?
    Will all staff and the Unions take note, and we should all now help to PROVE AJ RIGHT, that we are LOW in productivity……………..

  10. amir

    MAS wants to cater to the premium market and this will
    require huge capital investments on products which without
    “open tender” will burn a bigger hole in MAS’s bottomless pocket.
    What kinda premium airline does AJ plan to have and how would
    it measure up to the big players like Qatar,Emirates and Spore?
    Why not cater for both premium and budget markets cos
    not everyone can afford to fly premium.
    Remember Md Nor’s time of Going Beyond Expectations
    tags line made MAS a laughing stock.
    AJ be humble, don’t be blinded by your advisors.
    To overpromise and underdeliver will bite u in the a..

  11. Anak Malaysia Tulen


    Yes, you are RIGHT, MAS Sdn Bhd is using the AOC of Firefly, just like how they transfer FAX AOC to AAX. They have in fact got the kep personnel lined up for MAS Sdn Bhd and they are all from Firelfy and some of them are from MAS who are seconded to MAS Sdn Bhd.

    AJ memang cannot be trusted and he whatever said are actually the words of the Pariah TF. AJ is just a dummy and wonder what happen to the “turun padang” today. could anyone out there share the AJ “turun padang” session in YB blog here. think a lot of people is interested to know the outcome of it.

  12. Premium Pax

    Isn’t Malaysia Airlines is already a full fair airline providing premium service such as first & business class? Why do they need to create ANOTHER airline for premium service?

    Btw MAS also canceled Surabaya, which AirAsia is still flying there too.

  13. chong

    Since they are so bent in wanting to screw MAS and help AA. Public should boycott AA and AA x from now on. Lets see how the cronies can help MAS by the boycott. Then you will “NOW EVERY AIRLINES CAN DIE”.

    Lets start a boycott campaign against AA.

  14. Anonymous




  15. Razak of MAS

    Didn’t know that AJ can behave like that. Brainless. Just a mouth piece for the pariah. AJ is no longer fit to hold any position in any public companies as he is seen to be twisting facts and also lied.

  16. Pak Tua

    Everything is as clear as daylight now. The whole process will go on no matter how vehement is the protest even from MPs from both sides of the divide. That means the powerful hands that are pulling the strings are so powerful that not even the current PM can stop it.





  18. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    GENERAL 1:52 & 1:56

    Yes, Agreed with you 1000%, YB Wee CK, we the RAKYAT will support you in the coming GE13. What happen to UMNO/MIC/MCA??? All keeping so wuite and not utter a word at all about this CCF/Share Swap.

    AJ car plate “666”…means SIX SIX SIX and SICK SICK SICK too, son of the DEVIL.

  19. Anonymous

    well Done!!! The reall MP who care and concern about country and people…Not like other MPs who only care about popular and glamour issues…

  20. f de g

    For info, it is not that AA don’t wanna fly to Dubai, or whatsoever MAS has cancelled, because some of these coutry only issued those landing right and slots to MAS only, non tranferable… AX cancelled all their EUROPE sectors because is too costly for them.

  21. ThirdDevil

    Why Danny wants to create any airline? This another way to save TF. Regional route required medium size aircraft – those with sitting capacity of between 150 pax to 220 pax. And the 220 so Airbus order by TF also has the same seat capacity. TF has smell this opportunity as most of MAS current fleet will be returned to Penerbangan Malaysia Bhd very soon. That also explained the additional provision made in MAS book of more $650M for redelivery of ” the fleet”. And if this happen, we the taxpayers will be screwed front and back as Penerbangan Malaysia is owned by MoF Inc. Can Khazanah figure out this? Our they really out of touch with ordinary people like us? By the way YB, did our parliamentarians raised the issue about Danny’s misused of his position in moving his maid | infant to First Class? Malaysia must be a blessed country – first we have cows living in condo and drive Mercedes and now we have maid flying first class.

  22. Johari MAS

    The ROBBERS must be brought to book to face judgement on what they have done and what they are trying to do. What AJ told the MPs in Parliaments were lies or were misleading statement.

    PM what are you waiting for to take actions against AJ and Amok’s crony and Amok himself to have said “Open Tender is not push full in Malaysia”! Amok’s statement was most irresponsible or damning evidence of the adminsitration.

  23. Alisa not from MASEUS

    Knowing Tun Dol ang going by his track records, he must be asleep during the meeting. I heard from my friend, who attended the meeting as rep to certain oerganisation, that he was fast asleep. This nothing new.

    He is another gaji buta in MAS. When MAS is in turmoil and he is still keeping quiet as though he endorsed what the robbers are doing. Even sleeping is being handsomely paid in MAS.

    How are the Panamera Dead Woods in MAS who have been pretending to work while also sleeping on the jobs. Let throw out all these dead woods. They are all good for nothing and only contributing to the LEAKAGES.

  24. Zul of MAS

    MASEUS and other union leaders, the MPs have spoken for us and YB have been doing everything within his power to help us. Beside signing CA wihtout consulting your members, are you blind to what are happening in MAS now????

    Please stop your “sleeping pills” adictions. Soon MAS will be finished and there will be no more “Sleeping Pills” for you all. Please touch your hearts and think of your own members who are facing futre of uncertainties. Where is your consscience?

    AJ has said that MAS staffs are of low productivity despite the fact that we have been working so hard but all the revenue generated have been wasted by the cronies in MAS. Like spending 18 million Pounds to sponsor the Pariah football team QPR when we have been reminded by the cronies that MAS is bleeeding day in day out.

    Union leaders please think of MAS and your members during this diffcult time. We don’t need any Collective Agreement at this moment as the futre of MAS is full of uncertainties. Ptui! to Malek and gang to have signed the CA. Lets also kick him out from the Union before he indirectly kick us out from MAS.


    To Zul of MAS,

    Despite the increment received via MALEK’s negotiation, is this what you as cabin crew showing your gratitude? You must be kicked out instead of the unions. You are the traitor who does not know your job and rights but only know how to curse people.


    Securing CA and gotten the increment were the priority for MASEU to save jobs for many. What you do? You sleep and curse people without contributing your effort and yet cursing people who had contributed their time to the union.

    You would not want to be exposed of your shitting inside MAS.

    YB, what is your email address? I have some interesting facts about MAS Cabin Crew’s dirty planning with Tony Fernnadez.

    Please revert via email to the said address. TQ.

    1. Wee Choo Keong


      You have stated that you have interesting facts about MAS Cabin Crew “dirty planning” to be sent to me. You have asked for my e-mail address. I have sent to you my e-mail address. I am still waiting for your e-mail.

      Thank you.

      wee choo keong

      1. weechookeong


        Thank you for your comments.

        I have contacted GENERAL and informed her of my e-mail address but nothing forthcoming. I would love to hear it and if there is a basis i will not hesitate to publish it.

        Thank you

        wee choo keong

  26. Razak of MAS

    Aj said “MAS staff are with low productivity” – meaning useless. Aj you and the other cronies are useless thats why MAS is in such state. Never before MAS is in such terrible situation. It Rashdan, you, Roxman, Azhari, TF, Datuk kamarudin from AA that put MAS in such a station. Please get out before the staffs going for you and your gang. You and your gang cannot be here because we have no more respect for you as our CEO.

    You all are a lump os shit.

    Misleading and lying all the time. Say one thing to the staff an another the world outside MAS. Now you disappeared overseas and left with the WAU expert Md Nor to face the music. I doubt if he has the balls to face us.

  27. Zul of MAS


    Bollocks to you and the MASEUS Malek and gang. If you have the staff interests at heart, you should call for a general meeting to discuss such an important issue. Until now there is no general meeting after the share swap and CCF. What the f,,k have Malek and gang doing. Malek and gang were sucking up to the management licking their balls so to speak.

    This is not the tie to talk about increment and extension of retirement age. We know that bloody Malek is going to hit 58 so he need the two years to get more “Sleeping Pills” You know what I meant by this.

    Now Aj is using this to say that the Union is in support of the nonsense that are going on in MAS. For heaven sake, please call for an EGM to discuss what MASEUS has done and i am sure Malek and gang will get screwed until his mother cannot recognise.

    But I doubt if anyone in MASEUS dare to call for General meeting becasue they knew the staffs are very unhappy with their bullshit of picketing now, then postpone, then again then postpone from September until this very day. Ptui! PTUI! Ptui to Malek and gang.

  28. James of MAS

    Too many robbers in MAS including the MASEUS leaders.

    By now we already knew that AJ and Rashdan are with forked tongue so we better stop hearing what he had got to say. We will have to f..k them in whatever ways we can. Exposed them of their nonsense like upgrading their maid and other things. Exposed and keep on exposing them until PM realised that they are no go for MAS.

    YAB PM Najib what are you doing about what AJ, Rashdan and Mad Nor, and their CONsultatn PlaneConsuult have been doing. Plus that MAt Salleh idiot Shane Nollan. Their present in MAS will only provide negative result. Get rid of that Mat Salleh Shane Nollan, the good for nothing Mat Salleh, who is just a crony to the Pariah.

  29. Daljit

    AJ is damn fast learner. Now he is like the Pariah. He knew how to spin and lie through his teeth. useless fellow. He show ed the routes cancelled by MAS where AA did not fly. But he hid the Surabaya and Bandung profitable routes where MAS terminated but AA is flying.

    Aj budak suruhana. How dare to misled and lied to MPs. You can lie to the MPs. You have no qualm in lying and mosleading to the MAS staff.

    please get out of MAS. You are a real bullshitter in town. Your bloody wife and children must be ashamed of you.

  30. Jalil

    The bloody great pretender and WAu expert is meeting only VPs and Heads of Department. The union leaders too. Why? No balls to face the low productive staffs? I hope that goon Malek will not be there otherwise he will say what a great meeting.

    All the TRIO should come and face us the low productive staff if you dare. He has no balls to face us. Pandai ambil gaji MAS sahaja. Useless bugger just get lost from MAS.

    Anyway I was told that the great pretender, AJ and Amok being screwed kaw2 by the MPs especially from YB Wee. Thank you for screwing them on our behalf. Screw them more. They are the decisions makers that screw up MAS. We slog like hell and they enjoy the fat salaries and perks and the upgrading of their maid to 1st Class with immunity. If we did that we are finished – buang kerja. Double standard.

  31. Kunyit Hidup

    Jalil, Zul & James of MAS,
    I’m with you and with all staff against MASEU’s wayang kulit. Doing little efforts then expecting members to praise them. Suggestions and critics are not welcomed. Critical decisions are made in secrecy. Information is limited around EXCOs. Members bayar dan diam. What can we do to force MASEU listen to members? Hope someone knowledgeable can lead the way.

    Are you one of the EXCO? If yes, a part of your duty is to be informative (to members) instead of protective (for EXCO) as a result of MASEU miserable achievement. Do not be proud of the five percent pay scale increase, it is actually another record of failure of failures.

    1. Have you ever think of how much the real inflation rates in Klang Valley since last 6 years? Below five percent?

    2. A curry-puff is now 50cents each, no more 40cents or 3 seringgit. Similarly, a small cup of teh tarik in our canteen is RM1.20 not RM1.00. How many percent increases?

    3. Don’t you feel awkward if someone gets 7% of RM10000 while you only get 5% of RM1500 yearly? Have you ever heard of compounding interest? Yet still proud and happy?

    4. If we take utility charges, fuel, rice etc we will find that with 5% increment, in reality we will struggle to pay for the same items next year. Taking a bigger picture, MAS graded staff will never achieve manageable income in the year 2020. Have you tell that to Najib?

    Just for OUR information, how much MASEU pays Jabar the CONsultant?

    Again, syabas to CUEPACS.

  32. Anti Khazanah and MASEU organization!


    let me ask you something mr. General, do you think MASEU really done very good job to the members? please list down MASEU very good job towards your members. But I wonder why there are still very big percentage that MASEU members hate their Maseu Leaders and their group of exco. i challange you to set date for your AGM and answer all the questions from your Members! where is the annual report regarding MASEU account paid by your members?

    Again, why MASEU against MAFAA and new union for cabin crew NUFAM? what happen to you MASEU? MAFAA is only association like MAPA. is there any different? ohh because cabin crew is graded staff and pilot is what? their job risk is the same you idiot! You know why Nufam created in the 1st place? because the cabin crew feel your presentation for cabin crew is all about squeezing. you give something and allow company to take something which is suppose to be enhancement. Good Example FOREX! now i want to ask you, do u ever discuss/research/meeting/survey the content of negotiation with not only cabin crew but all the MEMBERS in every MALAYSIA AIRLINES SYSTEM BERHAD department and out of sudden the agreement signed. Is that we call Collective Agreement? without acknowledment from your members? Now I want to ask you, What good thing you have done for cabin crew? do you think by transfer 5 star cabin crew to the new airlines or Golden Lounge is a good thing or good negotiation? do you think to allow the Bastards initiate new airlines is a good thing? thats the best you can do for you members? please think about the cost rising when you start new shop! Mr. idiot narrow minded Malek, is that hard to you if you really concern about your members in the cabin crew why dont you work together hand to hand with MAFAA and NUFAM to protect and enhance cabin crew right! who are you not to recognise NUFAM when MINISTER approved about it? now i want to ask you will MASEU dare to debate with NUFAM and MAFAA regarding cabin crew matters? cabin crew getting sick about you. you want to do survey how the cabin crew questions about your organization? please do so!

    As Maseu Leader, exco or what so ever, you have to work together hand to hand with all your members and others in this current situation. your decision is not always right. please accept others opinion before ‘Melenting’. Dont just focus on your own interest. see! after CA signed you people just keep quite and indirectly start to agree with Share Suap by sending the email via MAS mail. Dont simply melenting when people advise you. and please be transparent to all the members!

  33. Little Bird

    How come Danny yang so pandai cakap/think he is so bagus suddenly lost his balls and tak berani face the MP’s? If he is so sure of himself and his planning he should also be willing to take all the comments the lawmakers have to make and the questions they wish to pose. After all, he was the co-creator of WAU and the CEO-designate of MAS Sdn Bhd!

  34. Antigajibuta

    Danny got no balls to face the Mps, Union got no balls to do the AGM, now General got no balls to reply….hahaha
    What so great about 5% increment when u are depending on your flying allowances but there’s no flight for you. To Malek, Alias, and other Exco no matter who the F you are, you guys failed!! Theres no place for u too in the next election…
    My advise, step down now coz the longer you stay, the more cursing you and your family will get!!
    btw just checked and my balls still intact!!!

  35. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    Anyone out there, do you think MAS would make profit by a mere RM20 million? Think the cost for carrying AAX 30,000 passengers are worth more than RM20 million. Why only after YB lodge a police report and bringing this up in the Parliment then only Pariah TF and his croonies come up this Re-Accommodation Agreement (Read article below).

    Malaysia Airlines has entered into a Re-Accommodation Agreement (“RA”) with AirAsia X effective 27 March 2012 to re-accommodate the latter airline’s passengers on four routes cancelled using excess capacity on Malaysia Airlines flights. The four routes involve Mumbai, Delhi, London and Paris.

    Economy and premium class passengers holding confirmed AirAsia X tickets issued before 13 January 2012 on the four routes would be transferred for travel on Malaysia Airlines between 28 March and 27 October 2012.
    Under the terms of the RA, Malaysia Airlines would receive upfront cash payments or pre-payments on tickets for the re-accommodated passengers before departure. To date, Malaysia Airlines has received a prepayment of RM20 million in cash.

    Malaysia Airlines benefits as it is able to achieve higher passenger numbers on its flights which would be incremental to its normal load patterns. Hence, the related revenue from this arrangement is pure incremental revenue for the airline and would significantly contribute to the profitability of Malaysia Airlines.
    Re-accommodation of passengers is an industry practice whereby airlines support each other to minimise disruption to passenger travel arrangements. In the past, Malaysia Airlines has upon request and on an ad-hoc basis provided uplift and re-accommodation of passengers of other airlines.

    These arrangements were provided with regard to excess seats available and agreed costs involved. In all cases of re-accommodation, Malaysia Airlines would charge the airline concerned for the re-accommodation. Recent reports that Malaysia Airlines may have re-accommodated AirAsia X passengers without payment or at rates unfavourable to the national airline are unfounded and untrue.

    Malaysia Airlines would also like to put on record that it continues to respect and abide by all governance requirements in the execution of this transaction.

    YB, BRAVO for a job well done and you must have scared the shit out of them. The Croonies dare not even published saying there is a townhall today and only 3 people from each department are allowed to attend and its only for Executivfe and above to attend.

    1. kapak halus

      If WTF and the balls droppers from both AA and MH were so respectful of the governance and transparency, WHY did MH tickets show NOFARE? They got so screwed up in their minds and balls that they no longer think straight.

  36. rainbow

    after all the pembongkaran done by YB, baru the management nak inform the employees and public

    Malaysia Airlines enters into Re-Accommodation Agreement with AirAsia X

    Malaysia Airlines has entered into a Re-Accommodation Agreement (“RA”) with AirAsia X effective 27 March 2012 to re-accommodate the latter airline’s passengers on four routes cancelled using excess capacity on Malaysia Airlines flights. The four routes involve Mumbai, Delhi, London and Paris.
    Economy and premium class passengers holding confirmed AirAsia X tickets issued before 13 January 2012 on the four routes would be transferred for travel on Malaysia Airlines between 28 March and 27 October 2012.
    Under the terms of the RA, Malaysia Airlines would receive upfront cash payments or pre-payments on tickets for the re-accommodated passengers before departure. To date, Malaysia Airlines has received a prepayment of RM20 million in cash.
    Malaysia Airlines benefits as it is able to achieve higher passenger numbers on its flights which would be incremental to its normal load patterns. Hence, the related revenue from this arrangement is pure incremental revenue for the airline and would significantly contribute to the profitability of Malaysia Airlines.
    Re-accommodation of passengers is an industry practice whereby airlines support each other to minimise disruption to passenger travel arrangements. In the past, Malaysia Airlines has upon request and on an ad-hoc basis provided uplift and re-accommodation of passengers of other airlines.
    These arrangements were provided with regard to excess seats available and agreed costs involved. In all cases of re-accommodation, Malaysia Airlines would charge the airline concerned for the re-accommodation. Recent reports that Malaysia Airlines may have re-accommodated AirAsia X passengers without payment or at rates unfavourable to the national airline are unfounded and untrue.
    Malaysia Airlines would also like to put on record that it continues to respect and abide by all governance requirements in the execution of this transaction.

    thank you very much for your concern about MAS YB

  37. dragonlord

    RM20 million… ha!ha! what a JOKE!!!! Returned cheapest fare on MH between 1- 9 April 2012 ( base on todays offer in MH web) as per details below:

    1. KUL – PAR = RM 4,000.00 x 5,000 pax =. RM20,000,000.00
    2. KUL – LON = RM 5,300.00 x 5,000 pax = RM26,500,000.00
    3. KUL – BOM = RM 2,000.00 x 20,000 pax = RM 40,000,000.00

    TOTAL AMOUNT = RM 86,000,000.00

    This is base on lowest fare where by only limited seats are available.

    AAX supposed to give MAS at least a RM 100 million taking into consideration of limited number of lowest fare available.

    Is AAX will pay the balance to MAS ? doubtful… The RM35 Million cost to repair the aircraft return to MAS by AAX (FAX) still no proof whether it has been paid….

    die lah MAS like this….

    1. kapak halus

      Now “EVERYBODY CAN COUNT”. Fares from MH website as gross indication. But EVERYONE in MyCC and MACC is BLIND and HEAVY ASSES coz they caanot see FARE Fixing and ABUSE of positions at MAS BoD where W TF and deadwoods calls the shots….

  38. MH-J

    FEELING THE HEAT….Latest circular from the Chairman….”This morning, I shared with the team the Board’s decision to keep long haul (LH) and short haul (SH) operations intact, as one, under Malaysia Airlines. The short haul will be a Division on its own, and we will re-look the business model to see how we can harness the strengths of SH and fortify our LH operation.”…………
    So no new set-up but a totally new Division to cater the short-haul, hopefully the terms and conditions of employment does come into play here…

  39. Pemandu Panamera

    Itu setakat fare aje. yang lain-lain fee ada kira sekali tak?
    dengar cerita duit berjuta untuk aircraft yg FAX pakai tu, MOT yang bayarkan… can someone verify? YB, apa kata kita tanya kat MOT in Parliment?

  40. JJTension

    If there is MAS Union exco or leaders in this forum, I am very interested their views and comments on AJ statement MAS staff low productivity…. And if there is any MAS management in this forum, I am very much interested to know how the movement to KLIA will increase the productivity… Any percentage and study of this…. And also need to know how this will increase our revenue and reduce cost and bring us back to BLACK…

    Why not to cancel the £18M sponsorship to QPR? Shouldn’t that all MAS contract do have the clause of termination of convenience?

    Why and who agree on RM20M To uplift 30k AAX passengers? On what basis? How this payment being made? Knowing AA, they will delay the payment and ask for discount the same that they did to MAHB. Is this also adviced by the CON.en from PlaneConsult?

    I am very interested to know where they enrol the lie-course from. Perhaps from TF training centre. Everyone from the same camp do have the same tone.

    May Allah be with us to protect us and save the MH product and brand….

  41. JJTension

    Commendable OTP – Terima Kasih, Everyone

    In recent weeks, there has been so much noise about our organization. With emotions high, it is difficult to tell what is fact and what is fiction. Amidst all this upheaval, I am truly gratified that our operations remain strong such as shown in the daily tracking of On Time Performance (OTP). Yesterday’s system-wide OTP was 91.04%, Year-To-Date (YTD) is at 91.41%. These are impressive numbers that demonstrate our ability to deliver a safe and efficient operation to customers across the network.
    All this can only happen because everyone who is involved in mounting an aircraft, whether customer-facing or support staff, is able to deliver towards this common objective of ensuring on time performance. I sincerely thank each one of you for doing your part, no matter how big or small your role.

    Questions: Are you saying MAS staff low productivity? Chairman says something, Group CEO (AJ) say something and Deputy GCEO (Danny Boy) don’t care do anything…. All these due to the outcome from lie-course from Pariah TF…

    1. kapak halus

      Part of collaboration is on Airport services. There have been studies and efforts made to reduce MAS airport staff to model AA where lesser staff strength can turnaround the aircraft faster than MAS. Check it out with Level One at Admin One. …the many external ex-consultants hired on higher posts in MAS….yesmen to top management strategic planning and decisions…

  42. JJTension

    Time to Regroup

    Many of you have worked with Malaysia Airlines for almost a lifetime, personally witnessing cycles of crisis this Company has had to go through. Today, not only do we face another global economic cycle and escalating fuel prices but also natural disasters, viruses, political uncertainties, upheavals, etc. All these require that we dig into our reserves so that we can continue to deliver to our customers.

    Malaysia Airlines is in crisis. For our survival, we must regain our composure as a Team. Each one of us needs to defend and protect our Company. In the urgency to address the crisis, perhaps we rushed and did not consult enough. At the same time, we must face the reality that our processes have to change to keep up with others, to face competition.

    Another area of challenge is our Balance Sheet which I feel does not support our operations. As a national airline, we have a dual challenge to fulfill the Government’s policies as well as recognise the legitimate interest of shareholders, including private investors for profitability. We are working hard with the Government to address this. 

    Going forward, we want to have more direct engagement with staff. Group CEO, Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, Deputy Group CEO, Mohamed Rashdan, and I have listened to staff sentiments and comments expressed at today’s session. These were said with much passion, a reflection of the true concern for the Company. I appreciate this.

    It is equally important that each of us keep an open mind. Not only do we have to master the current situation, we also need to prepare for the future by looking at alternatives and make that shift. This requires us to be open to new ways of doing our business. To be relevant and remain in the industry, we have to move on as the world and the aviation industry has changed.

    We need to work together now to get through these cycles of crisis.

    1. If you knew the BS is not supporting our operations, why the hell MH continue with £18M, Change Logo (approx. RM8M), the con.en PlaneConsult service, import AA people (not utilizing the current workforce), agree on RM20M to uplift 30k AAX passengers, cancel FireFly plan to Sabah & Sarawak, etc.
    2. MH staff are in spirit of OneMH as we are now and always in the same team. Only the AMOK cronies view it differently.
    3. Why now you realize to hear us? What it makes differences?
    4. We are open minded and collaborate even in different geographical location. Unlike the AMOK cronies.

    1. Kunyit Hidup

      “Economy and premium class passengers holding confirmed AirAsia X tickets issued before Jan 13 2012 on the four routes would be transferred for travel on MAS between March 28 and Oct 27 2012,” said MAS.

      – Yang dah terbang? The police report is just one example.

      “MAS had, in the past, upon request, on an ad-hoc basis provided uplift and re-accommodation of passengers of other airlines including AirAsia X, in line with normal industry practice. These ad-hoc uplift and re-accommodation were provided subject to the availability of excess seats on MAS flights and to MAS’ commercial benefit,” it told Bursa Malaysia yesterday.

      – In the past with AAX a non-IATA member? Common, settlement using which clearing house?

  43. Kunyit Hidup

    When there will be no more premium long-haul and short-haul, the low-cost segment is exclusively for AirAsia. The newborn Scoot is in the market to complement full-service SQ, shall we revive FireFly?

    Unfortunately 3 MAS directors will say no – at the same time directing AirAsia to dominate the market.

  44. Antigajibuta

    I guess all the MAS Union Excos and leaders are still on sleeping pills…thats y nothing come from their side…
    Btw Malek, u on the other hand have made a great achievement, for yourself!! U just earned another two years of cursings by the staffs!!

  45. kapak halus

    Respectable TS Chairman can be conned by the Bina Tapi Tak Tahu Fikir…but sadly singing the same tune as them and WTF AA… They know how to sell MAS assets and hardbuilt brains and experts from Engineering, Catering, MAS complexes at KLIA and soon to be Subang. Then declare Profit like no other Malaysians studied accounting and finance orr certified public accountants who do not know what they are hiding or camoufladged in the Audited and unAudited Accounts. Wonder when will the 2011 unaudited accounts can be signed.

    They still cannot figure out how to get funders for the new aircrafts and they still could not come out to share and explain the detail strategies for MAS to generate revenues from operation and in particular from seats. That Kutty guy who they brought in from the Middle East was no Revenue guy but a Pricing lead. Oh! Yes, seats sold to uplift transferred AAX passengers to MH. Great revenues! What a bull! MH tickets showed NOFARE. Why did they not want to be transparent right from the beginning? Like a bad C-grade movies, they came out to say that there were a RA signed. Not a standard modus operandi between airlines! What a joke!

    Their scripts still being written although the producers and directorsfrom Tune Music Air and their goons have been cohoot since late 2010 or early 2011 about the Share Suap. They never expected strong critics and oppositions on the CCF which obviously benefit AA the most. Even the MPs close ranks beyond the party lines.

    Not a single cent was poured by Khazanah National but the money went into AA WTF! So was it a bail out for MH or WTF AA did not pump in a single cent into MH but have been pumping in more miseries since the fated dat. Routes SUaping, spin off MAS money making business units, and more sales on MAS remaining properties. WTF and AA received preferential treatments from the politicians and MAHB which even MAS did not.

    AJ has tarnished his excellent reputations by being WTF and his goons’ pariah. AJ is in the deep shits that he could not pull himself out clean. Except if he wants to testify voluntarily and truthfully under oath to the MPs, MACC and MyCC about CCF and all that come after. But does he has the balls left?

    How sad has the situation become for MAS and the Nation. Najib, the balls are at your foot now. Either undo or else at GE13.

  46. Pak Pandir

    While we want the TRIO of Chairman, AJ and Danny to LISTEN to us, we also must be listening very very very carefully to what they said yesterday, and what they did NOT say when so many questions were asked.
    On the ShortHaul, Chairman said, it is put off FOR NOW, the airline will not be split, it will remain intact bla bla bla. Hey, just 2 days before that they proudly told the MPs that 850 staff applied for positions in ShortHaul?
    Next AJ said, ShortHaul will now be a “DIVISION” , whereby “attractive terms will be offered.” Shorthaul will also have a separate P&L. So, everyone, please connect the dots on this one and you have the picture.

    On the subject of the forced relocation / migration from Subang to KLIA, you heard so many questions and comments on this yesterday. What were the Chairman’s and AJ’s responses? Did they demonstrate they were LISTENING to us? NO WAY. On productivity, the TRIO have their own interpretation and measurement of ‘what is productivity’, DEPENDING on which angle they want to spin to their advantage (so they think) at that moment in time. Chairman tried to suck up to us by showing the OTP and “saluting” us, when just 2 days ago, they told MPs we are “low in productivity”. AJ’S intepretation of productivity is ratio of aircraft to number of staff. But his arithmetic must be poor because when asked for exact numbers, he could not answer either!
    Danny boys intepretation can be deduced from what his “balachi” PlaneConsult is doing via the “challenge” sessions – that we are like 25% – 30% overstaffed , like from 18 managers in AO to 8, out of which 4 are coming from AA.

    With these incompetent, conniving people in MAS, beholden to many “external masters” is it any wonder that no-one can even remember what business we are in??

    1. Izah

      That General is also a pariah for maseu and malek and his cronies ie Alias (Manager KB Airport), Jabarullah ( Pariah HR D.g for Maseu and HR Tuan Hj Yusof) Ally ( a new pariah breeding in HR) and the list goes on…some crew members have become PARIAS for Maseu as they are safe and can hide between their balla when there are problems arising for them.

      As far as i know that these pariahs are all working as spies against the employees and crew members.

      Those maseu kakis kena tangkap and charged for misconduct escape punishment! So what are they for? Sucking their balls??

      Please check all these pariahs and exposed their names -: ie Pauline ( a pros..ute for malek) Gerald Loudspeaker Big Mother f..ker who is the mouth piece of maseu ), a pariah and a dog who have got anti Malay sentiment, Ungku Yuzaph ( a pariah m..lay who lost his balls between union and management) who are likes of the Napoleans who is well known to sneak behind his wife and “project” ste…desses on board, and the list goes on….

      Lets not just kill the company pros but make a meal of these few when you see them! These are culprits who talks shit and wears a different hat when they are with the crew or their members!

      So maseu pariahs! Talk less and lets see what and who u are, see if u have balls to answer to the queries your members have got against you.

      Your misappropriation of RM1million members funds is still beyond unanswered and u dare say that you are fighters for mas workers?

      Puuuiii puuuiiii Shit on ur face and see if u dare face the members! Pariah dogs!

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