AJ & Rashdan: “What Cost Cutting?” Part 5 – MAS uplifted Firefly passengers with Zero Fare

Firefly ticket

Updates @ 8:30 pm 26-3-2012: TV 3 News at 8: “SC said there is a basis to investigate into MAS for insiders trading related to the MAS – AirAsia share swap. But SC cleared AirAsia for it.” Next posting will be on what AJ and Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar briefed the MPs in Parliament in Parliament House this afternoon..

In November 2010  Firefly commenced its commercial jets for domestic routes and begin with crossover routes, e.g. Kota Kinabalu and Kuching, on Jan 15. Asean will be its next stop. Firefly started to operate new routes with is jets to compete with AirAsia. Competition is, of course, good for consumers/travelers. AirAsia and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd began to feel the heat. Read HERE.

Of course, both AirAsia and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd during its Rural Air Service [RAS] days in East Malaysia and was given RM250 million by the Badawi’s Administration) were reporting making HUGE PROFITS, which include “UNREALISED FOREX GAIN”, for years.

In 2010 Firefly started to operates new routes from JB to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu, and other routes. Of course, members of the public preferred Firefly as there was no hidden charges and flights were punctual. Firefly was doing very well and its staffs were paid bonuses as high as 8 months salary. Firefly was expanding and expanding until the secret MAS – AirrAsia share swap was inked on 9-8-2011. This also marked the beginning on the stifling of the growth of Firefly. Read HERE.

The two happy friends. The "Golden Hand shake" after having signed and CCF.

Out of a sudden Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (Amok), MD of Khazanah Nasional Bhd (Khazanah), signed the MAS-AirAsia share swap involving Khazanah an Tune Air Sdn Bhd. As part of the said secret share swap deal,  Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin of AirAsia and Tune Air Sdn Bhd sat on MAS Board, which was never in their wildest dream that came through. Of course, to appease Malaysians, Amok handpicked Datuk Azman Yahya, a former director of MAS to sit on AirAsia Board. By CO-INCIDENT, Datuk Azman Yhaya is also a director of Symphony House and, of course, SCOMI!  SCOMI becomes a household name in Malaysia in a short span of 4 years during the reign of former PM Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. By the way Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is the Advisor to MAS.

On 24-8-2011 (after two week Tan Sri Mokhtar (Amok) inked the secret MAS – AirAsia share swap and CCF),  Soon after there was an announcement to terminate the Firefly jet service. Amok’s crony En Mohamed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny (Rashdan) decided that Firefly will terminate all its profitable routes from JB to Kota Kinabalu and Kuching effective on 15-9-2011.

MAS ticket for the uplifted passenger

From the above online tickets from Firefly and MAS, you will no doubt see how MAS had to fork out the expenses of having to uplift the passenger and deprived of revenue of RM1,258-00.  Had Firefly was allowed to operate as it were and expand, Firefly would have made more money for MAS. MAS needs not have to bear the burden of uplifting Firefly passengers for free and at the same time burden with all the expenses. It would be be interesting to know how many of this type of passengers that MAS had to uplift. It must be by the thousands.

Of course, AJ told PAC in November 2011 based on again undated account that Firefly was making loses of RM89 million in order to justify the stopping of Firefly jet service and routes. Read HERE. If Firefly has made such losses how could Firefly and MAS management approved the bonuses as high as 8 months salary.

The Ministry of Finance should conduct a thorough audit by professional to get to the bottom of this. If what AJ said was true that Firefly was making huge losses to the tune of RM89 million then the previous MAS and Firefly Management must be brought to book. If it turns out otherwise then the RM89 million losses was part of “Creative Accounting” and the present MAS maanagement should also be brought to book and appropriate actions should also be taken against them.

16 thoughts on “AJ & Rashdan: “What Cost Cutting?” Part 5 – MAS uplifted Firefly passengers with Zero Fare

  1. adam

    Najib : Dear Rakyat. I will and only able to table your request to look into MAS -AA matters after this PRU 13. Hokay!!

    Rakyat : Dear Najib. We will an only able to vote for your current led government if and only if you book all those bastard as mentioned by YB Wee.

  2. Redzuan

    Yang Berkhidmat,
    Just wanted to say that your quest for truth, accountability and fairness is held dear by us rakyat than you would ever know (even though we do not voice them regularly).
    Pls continue with what you’re doing and not to abandon the cause.
    With my utmost sincerity, Thank You, sir.

  3. MAS Manager

    For the sake of the Pariah, MAS must alway scarify some where. At the end of the name must have to bear the finical burden by the actions of the crony. The PlaneConsult the the red Pariahs invasion into MAS headed the Finance, Engineering and the Commercial department using that Mat Salleh Shane Nollan. It is so clear that MAS is there for them to take a rid.

    Mr PM, are you awake or asleep? Please move in and stop all the nonsense in MAS now. It is getting from bad to worse. The cronies are making good people to leave,

    1. JJTension

      At least MH tak guna discounted airport tax as revenue. And tak berhutang macam lu hutang MAHB. Kalau tak der AMOK, Lu got no place to land…

  4. ganesh_nair33@gmail.com

    What other proof does the police need to charge the guilty party?
    Why the police can act so swiftly in the N…’s son assult case?
    Don’t practice double standards !!
    TQVM YB for exposing (with proof) what these rouges are up to.
    Collaborate to rob MAS instead ! :(

  5. Scout

    This must be the best deal in town, pay RM58 for your flight, when it is cancelled, it is replaced with a ticket worth RM1358! So, logic tells me that Firefly , by having its flights cancelled, now have to fork out the difference between RM58 and RM1358 to pay to its parent Company, MAS? There must be thousands of such tickets, since for Kuala Lumpur- Kuching alone, Firefly had 6 (six) flights DAILY!! And AJ has the cheek to say Firefly is LOSING money! So, this is double jeopardy, isn’t it? Firefly loses revenue, MAS also loses revenue.
    So who wins?
    On top of that, I am sure this passenger could have collected Enrich (frequent flyer) points as well, looking at the ticket printed here. If this is what the CCF is all about, hey, wake up everybody, where is the “benefit” to MAS or Firefly?

  6. Karaoke

    Dear YB,

    Azman Mokhtar has planted his trusted lieutenant into Najib’s office. That’s why no action by Najib despite all your good efforts. The main culprit that has been feeding wrong information to Najib is no other than Dato A, who used to work for Azman Mokhtar at TNB (Investor Relation). As long as Dato A is still in Najib’s office (in charged of GLC/Investment/Economy), Azman and the homos will remain untouchable.

    1. jack1960




      These parties acting in concert …. power web…..whatever…. too entrenched in the halls of power …… media….. maybe they can promise PM better showing in GE13 …….. what if we can instill some severe doubt?

  7. mazlan

    Dear YB, i wonder if AAX terminated flight to Christchurch, which airlines will transport AAX passengers from Auckland (AKL) to Christchurch (CHC), as everybody know Malaysia Airlines will do the “charity” work for AAX and AA but MH only have KUL-AKL route but no KUL-CHC. which airlines will bear the extra cost?

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