AJ & Rashdan: “What Costing cutting?” Part 4 – Rashdan abused of Power

Amok & his crony, Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny

Updates @ 2:30 pm on 25-3-2012: The cronies are on witch hunting in MAS. Heads of Department have been instructed to investigate who leaked out the information on the abused of power by the Deputy Group CEO of MAS, the Amok’s crony Rashdan, during the flight MH 122 on 1-1-2012. Instead of taking disciplinary actions against one of the cronies, they are only interested in victimizing MAS staff.

It is about time that MAS unions must all come out to protest against the VICTIMISATION of its members by the cronies in  MAS. MAS is a GLC and therefore, it belongs to all Malaysians. The cronies should stop terrorizing MAS staffs to COVER UP their own misdeeds. 

Updates @ 12:45 on 25-3-2012: Additional questions for Tan Sri Md, Yusof, AJ and Amok’s crony, Rashdan: Who decide to change the Logo of MAS to pale blue color? (It should have been changed to greay color!) Which advertising firm did the designing work for it and how much was the design fees? Rumours have it that it costs MAS RM8 million!!! I hope that it remains as just rummours.  Can someone help on the designing fees issue? Thank you 

Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (Amok)’s crony and ex-business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny (Rashdan), has no respect for company long established policies and the MAS Fist Class passengers, who are paying top Ringgit for their travel time.

What do you expect from the clueless Amok’s crony, Rashdan, who has been handpicked by Amok to immediately head MAS after the said secret MAS – AirAsia share swap and CCF was inked.  That was the beginning of disaster for MAS.

The MAS logo that Malaysians are so familiar with. We were so proud of MAS logo. The clueless management of MAS wanted to change history.
The new MAS logo and its getting-up by this clueless management. They thought by changing the colour of MAS logo they could save MAS. Pale BLUE fits for Chinese funeral. Such change will only cost money to MAS. At the same time they said MAS is bleeding.

Amok’s crony has no respect for MAS logo and its long established policy of “NO infants in First Class”.  No wonder even MAS logo has been splashed with blue, the funeral colour. Please read the press reports of what the ex-MD of MAS, YM Tengku Azmil Zahruddin had said on numerous occasions via tweeter in HERE HERE.

On 1-1-2012 Amok’s crony, Rashdan, his wife, baby and nanny/maid were flying from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur via MAS flight MH 122. Amok’s crony must have gone for his needed holiday due to the “STRESS” that he had to undergo due to the planning and scheming of how to “SAVE MAS from BLEEDING and “TURN AROUND” MAS in accordance with the “AGENDAS” of the current management’s so-called “Business Plan”. Poor fella! Please read HERE & HERE.

Amok’s crony, being a more than “UPRIGHT” Deputy Group CEO of MAS, he booked his baby, nanny/maid in the Economy Class.  Of course, Amok Crony and his wife were booked for First Class, which was a “well deserved” privilege and also commensurate with his high office as Deputy Group CEO of MAS.  Beside his fat salary and perks, it is also a form of reward for the “GREAT JOB” he had done for MAS which could be easily seen from above and in other postings in this Blog in HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE.

Amok’s crony behavior for his Sydney trip were most commendable. It was a case of “KEPIMPINAN MELALUI TAULADAN” or “Leadership by Example”. But it was a short live EXAMPLE!

At the check-in counter for MH122, a First Class passenger, Mr Hii, has requested for his two daughters to be upgraded to First Class but it was turned down.  Mr Hii was upset by the refusal because he knew there were two vacant seats in the First Class cabin.

However,  Amok’s crony, did not make the same request as Mr Hii. If he were to ask for his baby and nanny/maid to be upgraded, the ground staff would have to oblige by virtue of his position. The ground staff must be very impressed by Amok’s crony exemplary behavior then.  Yours truly is sure that other MAS staff must be equally impressed by such an exemplary behavior of their Deputy Group CEO with BinaFikir’s WAU background.

After having boarded flight MH 122, Amok’s crony and his beloved wife were seated in the First Class cabin and his baby and nanny/maid were in Economy Class.  At this stage Amok’s crony was still showing his exemplary behavior as Deputy Group CEO of MAS.  The cabin crew must also be equally impressed with him and his beloved wife. As yours truly have said earlier, it was a short live impression.  Amok’s crony is good in putting a good front.

After MH 122 took off and stabled in the air, Amok’s crony showed his true colour and his innate arrogance.  HOW?

WITHOUT informing the Chief Steward/Stewardess in Charge (CIC) of MH 122, Amok’s crony just upgraded his baby and nanny/maid to the First Class cabin.  It was as though MAS belongs to his family! Mr Hii saw this but didn’t make any comment.

There was a lot of “stress and commotion” in the First Class cabin after the said upgrading because the baby of Amok’s crony was screaming until Mr Hii was woken up from his sleep. Mr Hii was very upset and asked the CIC whether infant is allowed in the First Class cabin.  The CIC just smiled and told Mr Hii “YES” in order to avoid an awful scene there.

The CIC then informed Amok’s crony and his beloved wife about Mr Hii’s complaint. Amok’s crony and his beloved wife just noted and ignored about the said complaint by Mr Hii, who was a paying passenger unlike Amok’s crony and his wife. The baby and nanny/maid of Amok’s crony continued to remain in the First Class cabin until MH 122 landed in KL. What a powerful Deputy Group CEO of MAS!

That was a clear arrogance and abused of power of Amok’s crony and his wife.  It was an unbecoming of a Deputy Group CEO of an airlines.   His behaviour has brought disrepute to MAS.  This must be one of the way in which Amok’s crony was trying to “SAVE” and “TURN AROUND” MAS under the “BUSINESS PLAN”.

Lets see whether the PlaneConsult, also the consultant for AirAsia, will advise the clueless MAS management to take disciplinary action against Amok’s crony. Obviously not. “Dua kali lima, lima kali dua.”  This is the clueless management style of the present regime who is bent to restructure MAS as advise by PlaneConsult. Please read HERE.

Amok’s crony, how are you going to save and turn around MAS with your arrogance of power and flagrantly breach MAS policy in front of the members of staff, whom you are supposed to lead. Your innate arrogance has no doubt alienated Mr Hii.

Your action to upgrade your baby’s nanny/maid without permission is a living proof of your disregards for MAS policy and MAS staff, who are under constant fear of disciplinary actions will be taken against them for not adhering to MAS policies or rules.

AJ and Md Nor will, of course, condone Amok’s crony intolerable behavior and no actions will be taken against him.

Furthermore, the clueless management team has been talking about “COST CUTTING” under the Business Plan.  MAS Chairman, Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof (Md Nor) has recently said in the Star that “JUDGE US BY THE RESULT, NOT BY CHOICE OF PRESCRIPTION”. What a big joke!

Quite frankly, Amok’s crony arrogance and abused of power, will no doubt cause MAS to lose most a First Class passenger known as Mr Hii,. He will doubt spread the incident of baby screaming in MAS First Class cabin to his friends and business associates. Soon   only MAS high-ranking officers, their family members and MAIDS will fill up MAS First Class cabin under the ill thought out “Business Plan”, which was probably hatched out by CON-sultants.

 Until this date, AJ, Md  Nor and Amok’s crony are still unable to tell MAS staffs what are the direction of MAS underthe so-called Business plan. There was no sign that their actions so far has generated revenues for MAS. On the contrary, their actions has generated more losses for MAS.  It seems that generating more losses is their ultimate objective from day one of the said secret share swap and CC ?

 Md Nor: MAS staff, members of public and many MPs have made their informed JUDGEMENT that the “PRESCRIPTION” of the creative accounting when you announced the RM2.5 billion losses, “invasion” of AirAsia staffs into key positions in MAS, paying RM18 million Pounds to sponsor QPR, the clear abused of power of Amok’s crony, setting up MAS Sdn Bhd with no AOC, cutting profitable routes, appointing PlaneConsult as MAS consultant, appointing Mr Shane Nollan as the Acting Commercial director and, most of all, selling of “non-core assets” will make MAS a real “asset light airlines”.  It has been clearly demonstrated by your pet project WAU.

 If the “SICK” and clueless MAS management is allowed to carry on to administer the said ill thought out “PRESCRIPTION”, MAS will soon vanish in thin air!

The government must step in now to immediately stop the ill thought CCF, the arrogance/abused of power of Amok’s crony, which are a CLEAR PRESCRIPTION to bring DISASTER to MAS.  MAS needs real professionals with proven aviation credentials to manage and not by clueless cronies, who rely totally on consultant to think and operate for them.  These cronies are the shameless lots.

Next Change/Akan Datang: After the cancellation of Firefly jet services/profitable routes by Amok’s crony, Firefly passengers have been upgraded to MAS with ZERO FARE.

60 thoughts on “AJ & Rashdan: “What Costing cutting?” Part 4 – Rashdan abused of Power

  1. Old Man

    True to his form, bapak dia punya airline.

    I can only guess that Nr Hii’s request for upgrading (with a willingness to pay), has been purposely declined to accomodate the upgrading of his baby and maid, indicating that there was some external help, probably from his cousin. I still feel if MAS staff were sincere, they would not have “blocked” seat cos they have never done this before. Come on MAS Staff, if you dont help yourself, whay shoudl other do, YB included.

    If Mr Hii is willing to pay for the upgrade, then wouldn’t this help MAS in its time of need. MAS highest yield is First Class.

    This is one of the leakages that have to be prevented. Its like, all MAS staff must strive to cust cost but not him.

    If no action is taken against this person, MAS is doomed.

  2. jurious@gmail.com

    Dear YB,

    Please ask Mr. Hii to have the above written to the Press and Malaysia Airlines CEO AJ ASAP. In MAS, no upgrading policy is allowed unless otherwise approved by the Commander. The case against Danny can be charged and even Aj can be charged for covering up and hopefully the complaint can be copied to all MAS unions/associations.

    Email for MAS unions/associations can be retrieved from website.

    Take care and TQ.

  3. Economist Kampong

    YB WCK

    If this incident were to happen in Quantas, or BA, or Air India, the man you referred to in your article, would be out of his job so fast, he would not had a chance to even say “sorry”.

    Mr Hii would have also received an APOLOGY from the airline. Would MAS issue one to him?

    Let us see what would happen in MAS. If no action is taken within the next few days, let us create a hundred thousand online signatures and send it to the PM for his kind attention.

    Thank you YB. Keep up the good work.

    Terima kaseh.

  4. jack1960

    Double standards …..


    On the proviso that this incident can be proven to have occurred, it is not merely arrogance but a case of double standards and an absence of integrity by a very senior member of the management. Integrity is the cornerstone of good corporate governance.

    However, if this sort of behaviour is condoned by the BOD of MAS, Khazanah & the government, then all 3 do not have integrity.

    Furthermore, for a very senior member of the management to force staff members to cover his behaviour indicates a weak personality of questionable pedigree with absolutely no regard to the impact of his actions upon the good name of his staff (which he’s suppose to lead) and in the end, the good name of Malaysia Airlines.

    1. weechookeong


      Sdr please trust me. This is 1000% true. Lets wait for Tan Sri Md Nor or Aj and the other cronies to deny if they dare.

      But Amok’s crony is the Deputy Group CEo and a former business partner of Amok in BinaFikir so the crony can do no wrong.

      Thank you for your contributions to yours truly blog. Will try to post how MAS had to uplift Firefly passengers with ZERO fare tomorrow.

      Good night.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  5. Kamal MAS

    He is damn arrogant and thats why was thrown out from MAybank. He is still arrogant. Referring the new co MAS Sdn Bhd as “My Airline’> F.. u F..king Rashdan. You are just an Amok’s crony that has been put in MAS to do a job for the pariah, who is a friend of the Pariah.

    Action must be taken by MAS management to sack this Bast.rd, mother f,,ker. Pleae et out of MAS you bloody cronies. Aj if you don’t have balls to take action against Amok’s crony then you better also f..k off from MAS. We will get rid of you, Md Nor, Rozman, Azhari and Nr Zalida plus a few more panamera deadwood in MAS.

    PM what are you still waiting. Get rid of all the cronies including Aj and Md Nor. They are good for nothing. Just atking Gaji buta and taking instructions from the pariah.

    Enough is enough. We have read enough. Another piece is coming out again according t YB’s posting about how Firefly passenger being uplifted by MAS at ZERo cost. Just because of this mother f..ker Rashdan who was carrying out the Pariah’s agenda. i.e. Killing the Firely. This f..king AJ can tell us that FIrefly making losses RM89 million. Aj which accounting school did you come from? Must be the Pariah Accounting College.

    Firefly was paying 8 months salary as bonus. If Firefly was not doing well, why did Tengku Azmil approve the 8 months bonus. AJ aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Do you have self respect? If you are not, your wife and children must be ashame of you being called all sorts of name including Pengkhianat Negara!

  6. Kunyit Hidup

    1. Ranks RSVP, EVP and above may upgrade anyone on commercial discretions. In this case, Danny Fernandes might be exercising his authority to upgrade his ‘commercial maid’ and ‘commercial infant’. According to a student of Oxbridge, commercial discretions are not limited to selling of cargo, sport sponsorships, consultant fees, transfer on zero-fare and appointing cronies. My airline, so what?

    2. Similar to QPR sponsorship, the no-infant policy in first class cabin will be amended retrospectively. RM18m is not under MACC investigation, then what a few thousands?

    AJay Fernandes or MN Fernandes will make a statement to support Danny Fernandes. What Fernandes are for?

    Note: A boss of Thai Airways resigned after the unpaid excess baggage issue………..

  7. Stan

    Dear YB,

    Any news on the Special purpose vehicle (“SPV”) the government is planning to set if it reverses the share swap and CCF? Has MAS management managed to persuade the PM from doing so?

  8. Ganesh MAS

    MASEUS union leaders especially Malek and Alias are both of you still on “sleeping pills”? Hear Alias was hospital why? overdose of sleeping pills. Too much sleeping pills are back for your health. But it can cured. We will get Dr MACC to attend to you soon.

    Malek so yu can work another 2 more years because of he CA that you secretly signed. You are really an idiot allowing the cronies to treat you like pariah dog. Tak malukah? You are no different to Amok’s crony the areshole Dan.

    If you can no longer lead staff in this fight against those cronies like AJ, Md Nor, Rashdan, Rozman, Azhari and Norlida, please resign and enjoy your sleeping pills. Malek, if you stay on too long then Dr MACC may come to diagnose and then send you to Sungei Buluh hospital for treatments. No so good there there. Ptui!

  9. norshid PJ

    This very action shows why we need someone with airline
    experience to run MAS. Not an oilman nor someone with vast
    accounting know hows. What MAS needs is a man with a
    “heart” who knows how an airline operates and value its
    employees and customers cos an airline is all about people.
    Etihad or Spore Airlines may have the best equipped and
    state of the art aircraft but their flight attendants have
    zero warmth and friendliness.
    MAS has won numerous awards as world’s best cabin attendants
    so the company must recognise these strength and capitalise
    on this. I am a frequent traveller and I am speaking from my
    experience flying with numerous airlines and for many2x years.

  10. hanana bt abdulla


    we have seen how the sprm

    pursue tbh on an alleged

    misdemeanour on a rm 2k .

    now yb you should get the

    mr hii to make a police report

    on the abuse of power by a

    an executive of a glc- a crime

    under the pca!

    there is a financial

    implication when mat kelate danny

    willy nilly upgraded his maid and baby into

    first class. mas could have made a

    sale of the available seat to mr hii

    and the free upgrades [to maid and baby]

    deprive mas of income . Mas officers can

    compute the extra income mas would have got had the

    ticket been sold to mr hii.

    And what about the talk of cost saving and the

    saving of mas [ or is it the saving mat kelate danny ?]

    let us see how the sprm respond to this



  11. Pak Tua

    With the current Pee Em who is unable to raise a finger on any wrong doings of his people, don’t expect anything to happen. Only a change of government can bring such changes.

  12. maswilldie

    bukan saja bawa infant, anak2 owner MAS, Danny,pun ada , 2 ekor lagi… buat first class diaorang punya playground. tanya la crew2 dalam flight tu..
    kot2 dia bawa inlaws dia sama …. nak impress .. my airline kan ..bapak dia yg punya …

  13. Con Men in MAS

    That is MH’s hospitality under these f..king bast..d cronie in MAS.

    AJ, Tan Sri Md Nor, Shane Nollan, Rozman, Azhari, Nor Zalida and Hayati (Crony’s relative) get out of MAS. Your mere existence is one of the major pars of the Leakages. Please get lost from MAS. you mother f..kers.

    You all have been too much.

  14. Zain MAS

    That bloody WAU expert, Md Nor Yusof. not fit to be a Tan Sri. Not fit to hold the post of tukang sapu in MAS let alone Chairman of MAS. “Judge us by the result not the prescription.”

    What have been published in YB’s blog is the RESULTS. Latest scandal the upgrading of Amok’s crony maid to first class.

    heard Md Nor’s house got robbed a few days ago by a group of robbers. Serve you right Md Nor. This was one of the results of your prescription. Hope your own family members will also get the result since you want to torture our family members.

  15. Stan


    I believe that consumers are not really that interested in Malaysian hospitality or warmnest of its staff. MAS has constantly won awards in this category but it is still a loss making airline that cannot pay bonuses to it’s staff on a yearly basis. In fact in MAS, bonus is something that is Alien to them

  16. Foo in MAS

    Pariah Rashdan I didn’t know that you are such a cheap skate. You sold BinaFikir Sdn Bhd to MayBank for RM8 million after 7 years in operation. You must have made a fortune out of it. Maybank was a sucker. Don’t tell e you cannot afford to pay for the ticket. You must be a real pariah.

    Md Nor, the WAU expert. AJ the budak suruhan expert. Rozman the creative accountant. Please tell us what you all are going to do about what the Pariah Rashdan’s upgrading of his maid to 1st Class. You all are not fit to even gaji buta in MAS.

    Pleae FO from MAS now before it is too late.

  17. Tony the Con Man

    Staff benefits and welfares are the lowest of their priorities. To Aj, Md Nor, Rashdan and Rozman, their own salaries, perks and Panamera deadwood special benefits are of primary importance. Even their maid had to travel First Class. Just imagine.

    From this alone that you know their Business Plan was churned out by that Mat Salleh Consultant PlaneConsult. it is also AirAsia consultant. Just go to the website of PlaneConsult, nothing in there.

    It is just a con job from the moment that Azman Mokhtar signed the share swap. It is a SUAP all the way.

  18. malaysian

    This is the glimpse of why and how MAS is in the state it is in.

    I fly MAS twice a month for the past 8 years, in Business Class and economy class. I have seen and met similar indiscretions and abuses by government officials and MAS officials, multiple of times. Here are some examples:

    1. A minister with a full entourage of 5 travelling from Tokyo to KL. There were an equal number of people sending the Minister of at Tokyo airport. The party of course all flew first class and I could not help the ammount of luggage…. There were at least 12 huge LV trunks and boxes of Noritake. Not sure if excess baggage were charged.

    2. A brother of a PM was travelling in MAS with his business team, also from Tokyo, and you will roll your eyes many times looking at the fuss and attention MAS station manager officers gave him. While the Manager attends to people of interest like this, another deserving and business critical matter takes a back seat. And this type of incidents are rampant.

    3. Once at the LA airport, a MAS officer waited and attended to a son of some VIP for a long time at the arrival hall. Just waiting for the lad’s luggage and keeping him company (he looked almost an adult) while the rest of the passengers were getting restless with missing luggage.

    4. At the KLIA a few times I saw the pat MAS chairman (the one with penchant for paintings) being attended to by MAS officers. But this type of behaviour is not just at MAS. Just look at the send off and welcome party for PM and ministers at the airports. It is obscene and menyampah.

    5. Another time I flew from Shanghai to KLIA in Business Class. As the door of the aircraft opens, there was a Tan Sri, a former senior minister, tersengih waiting for his wife! What did he do during her absence that he had to appear so eager to see her? And what was MAS and MAB security thinking?

    6. And YB and MAS Union please look at how MAS buys fuel. Talk to the pilots — I understand there are many ways to be cost effective but MAS are not willing to for some unexplained reasons. This I do not see personally but learn about it from talking to the Crew.

    I have more but these are sufficient to show MAS problems are caused by abuses from people outside of the power of MAS employees. Unless the abuses are stopped, it is hard for MAS to excel.

    Thank you YB and we support you to right the wrongdoing.

  19. Anonymous

    I really think you guys have to get the attention of the PM on this and pressure him into some actions. Otherwise all the ramblings and hoo-hah here will remain just that.

    1. Malaysian

      ya, MAS workers need to be united and go all out against them. If not, this will remain as ramblings only here. They wouldnt be scared if we only talk cock behind them.

      And if this story is true, Mr Hii could be as an important witness for this accusation and could as well be used to kick the cronies out of MAS. Use the airline like his bapak punye company. F-ing angry man. Why the F the Gov still on the silent side?!

  20. Pak Idris

    Kebinatangan mereka ini mesti dihentikan dan mereka dihalau keluar dari MAS dengan serta merta. Jika tidk MAS akan dihancurkan oleh mereka. Perkerja dan keluarga kita akan jadi mangsa kerana mereka.


  21. Anonymous

    Dear YB Wee

    I have read somewhere in blogosphere that the actual owners of Air Asia are TDM and Ananda Krishnan. How true is this?

    And I feel only you would know the truth.


    1. weechookeong

      Anonymous @ 12:12 pm

      This is not true at all all. It is just a spin by certain quarters to distract attention. The real person behind is related to the a current and high ranking ex-politician.

      Sorry i am feeling a bit SLEEPY now.

      Thank you.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  22. MAS Manager

    The crew on flight MH 122 1st January 2012 should provide more details about AMok’s crony excesses. Please can anyone help. this is the time to expose all the wrong doings of AJ, md Nor, Rozman, Azhari and Nor Zalida. Opps! forgotten, there is another Datuk Hayati, Rashdan’s aunty.

    These are the cronies that we need to get rid off in MAS as soon as possible. Give them as much hell as possible.

    MAS unión please organize a picket on 27 Jan when Aj or Md are going to have a “pet talks” with staffs. Don’t allow them to stage manage the show. F..k them if necessary. Exposed them naked.

    Lets start to defy them as they have been proven to work against he interests of MAS.
    Go Go and Go and do it. MAS staff. Lets be united and fight these bast..ds and now is the time. YB has already exposed them in parliament. It is now our turn to expose them.

  23. Pascal

    I once flew on business in MAS business class to London, on the flight was a certain minister and his family.

    I was truely impressed with him because the Minister’s flew in 1st class whilst his wife and children flew in business class with me. Although there were empty seats in first class, he did not attempt to ask the crew to have his wife upgraded to sit beside him. The crew offered to allow his wife to be seated next to him in first but they both declined saying that his wife would rather be with his children. I thot the teenage children were old enough to sleep throughout the journey by themselves. Throughout the journey he did pop back into business class to look in on his family a few times and even had time to chat with me.

    I also once travelled with a CEO of MAS. He could have easily used his authority to have his wife and daughter sit in first class with him but he chose to seat them in business class. His reason for this is – first class was full of fare paying passengers. I believe many true airline and MAS people have experienced this. They will give up their seat for a fare paying passenger.

    A full minister and the MAS CEO can behave like this but not Danny.

    This shows how immature and power crazy he is. He needs to be brought back to the ground.

  24. adam

    Yang Di Hormati YB Wee

    Saya percaya Najib akan mengambil tindakan selepas pilihanraya umum 13. Ia itu ketika beliau akan ditempatkan sebagai Ketua Pembangkang. Kenyataan MAAF kepada rakyat akan dibuat pada PRU 14 pada tahun 2016 nanti. Percayalah.

    Najib tidak pernah mendengar pepatah melayu ” YANG DIKEJAR TAK DAPAT DAN YANG DIKENDONG BERCICIRAN

    1. Kunyit Hidup

      Dengan ‘rasuah’ pada tahap 1Malaysia, bolehkan BN tewas?

      Antara Skim Rasuah 1 Malaysia (SR1M):
      1. RM500 untuk setiap keluarga yang tidak layak membayar cukai.
      2. RM3000 bekas ahli keselamatan sejak sebelum merdeka.
      3. RMjuta skim rumah pertama di Lembah Kelang dipinjamkan dari KWSP
      4. RM200/100 setiap pelajar
      5. RM500 warga emas
      6. RM5000 seorang untuk Saham Amanah Rakyat 1Malaysia
      7. RMjuta pada setiap sesi turun padang di mana-mana hampir setiap hari.

      Hutang Malaysia berjumlah lebih RM362billion manakala penurunan international reserve yang paling teruk di Asia (2011). Dari mana BN hendak dapatkan lagi duit untuk tujuan menang pilihanraya?

  25. Ruslan

    Think everyone here is missing the point.

    As you can clearly see,Dany does not possess a simple problem solving instrument residing in upper chamber of his skull….like mere mortals that we are.
    His is of Oxford tuning and certainly needing a better refine enviroment for all major decisions ,that MAS desperately needs,to be computed and express out through his divine mouth.

    I am kind of disappointed the way the ground staff handled Mr Dany and his entourage. This is the brain of MAS turnaround,WAU masterplanner and QPR masterstroke decision maker we are talking about dear mortals!! .

    The very least they could have done was to shower flower petals on his red carpet , but true to his humble nature ,none was uttered or asked by him.You cannot say that you are not impressed by almost human potrayal of such a divine being in the form of Mr Dany.

    The mere displeasure of one Mr Hii ,a paying a bomb first class passenger, must be compensated if it needs be,but to do otherwise and in the process depriving MrDany the calming effect of his screaming baby and soothing Amah lullaby in the first class would certainly jeorperdize the very existence of MAS.He cant make make major decisions when his mind is not at peace.

    Imagine the chaotic state of affair of QPR be if at the very moment before the signing RM18million cheque, his mind is not at peace .Dont even try !!! as you and me wont have the capacity to deduce such a complex permutation that only Oxford mind can solve. Neither should you try to connect the dots between QPR jersey and the wellbeing of poor Pak Abu in kg Kijal through
    this sponsorship. If Dany say its relevant to Pak Abu wellbeing ,we must accept it as to say it otherwise ,make one feel stupid !!

    As you can see, Mr Dany is at home when he is in the sky.This is the domain of divine being,the sort of habitat Zeus,Appollo ,Rhea ,Thea and unforgettable Uranus call home.

    Upsetting Mr Dany when he is in the sky would have endangered the plane loads of people…..thank God to farsightedness and selfless attitude of one
    Mr Hiss for not upsetting the air that MrDany breath on that day !!

    If Dany is divine ,wait till you meet his superiors !! The last I heard they walk on water at Putrajaya lake.And you heard it first from me at this very blog.

    dr Potong

  26. Antigajibuta

    Pls let everyone in this blog know on the outcome of the meeting between the Pariah cronies and the Backbenchers…..

    1. weechookeong


      Thank you for your comments. Yours truly will definitely post about the briefing to BN MPs tomorrow.

      Have a nice weekend.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  27. Razak of MAS

    The cronies thought that they are the owners of the airlines to behave this way. We will not care if MAS is known as AJ, Md Nor or Rashdan Sdn Bhd. I believe YB too will not bother. But MAS involved public money. Therefore we all must care. Take actions against the cronies.

    Fear not fellow staff of MAS. Se how many they can sack if we take concerted actions. The MAS unions must now call for a picket and I am sure hundred if not thousand will turn up. Call their bluff and take on the management because they are trying to kill MAS. Lets kill them first.

  28. Sam Aisaria

    Dear YB WCK,
    Pls ask “THEM” also about the rm27 million spent annually on peanuts served in MAS economy class..

    and FYI the QPR sponsorship is not RM18millions but 18 millions pounds( multiply that wt RM to get the actually number)

      1. weechookeong

        Pascal and Sam

        Sorry I have made a mistake to use Malaysian Ringgit. It should be Pound Sterling. I will try to amend when I have the time. Now I am preparing another posting on Firefly to be posted tonight. Another stupid and scandalous acts of the cronies.

        Have a nice weekend.

        With kindest regards

        wee choo keong

  29. MAS Manager

    WAU!!! It was not RM18 mil but 18 million Pounds almost RM100,000 after all. AJ, Rashdan and Md Nor what have you got to say about this.

    Someone please help YB regarding the advertising/designing fees for the new mas blue logo. YB heard it was RM8 million. MAS staff should check and expose this. If it is RM8 mil then the cronies must be sent to Sungei Buluh for their permanent holidays.

  30. hanana bt abdulla



    the mat-simpel ros-najib’s transformation

    should read read like this:

    ‘…..kerana- kroni-dan-me-kami-kasi..’


    this is what bn does and ‘glokal’ the konsep

    as a transformation.


    This is akin to a burglar dato X stealing from the house

    of mas kerusi , mat nor barua [ mnb] and then simply calling it

    an ownership transformation from mnb to X !



    the nation-wide asset unbundling transformation




    so our ‘great’ bn leaders and the respective component

    chiefs- madey, dolah and oxfart pirate of a sil,

    ling- ling, sami and lai-lai tiong have all been in the

    asset transformation bisnis like the dato X-


    ;unlike what shakepeare said of the rose,

    shit by any other perfumed name is still shit..

    .. inda water.. shit is shit .


    sampah mat

  31. Little Bird

    with all the nonsense that this fler gets to do because he is TF’s crony, i wonder – if Danny is out of a job, will TF trust him enough to get his to lead any of his businesses? I THINK NOT!

    Come to think of it, the same applies for all the other jokers oso…

  32. Mahadi dari MAS

    Ay! bloody cronies, tell us what was the designing fees for the blue MAS logo.

    YB said rumor has it that it cost RM8 mil.

    More often than not when YB said that it was a rumor. It turn out to be true. YB please post it as soon as possible because we want to crucify that Mr Pretender, Md Nor the WAU expert and the other crony especially Amok’s crony that Rashdan bullshitter. I really hope that he and the other crony will pay through their families and next generations for what they have done to MAS.

  33. Saharudin MAS

    No wonder Amok’s crony was thrown out from Maybank in 2010 then taken in into Khazanah by his master. Now he is literally running AAMOk in MAS. Trying to kill MAS asap. No wonder MAS first class is always empty but fill ed u with MAS cronies and Maid.

    How can MAS be save by such inconsiderate consultant idiot. The Bina tiada otak nak Fikir. PTUI! to you and your family. So is Amok for creating all the nonsense in MAS.

  34. Mohamed

    It is indeed nauseating hearing all these con jobs perpetrated by cronies n their con sultans. Unless MAS really looks into operational changes by technical people in airlines operations, the con jobs of Amok & co will never succeed in turning around MAS!

  35. Kunyit Hidup

    Malaysian long-haul budget carrier AirAsia X said its decision to scrap unprofitable routes to Europe will not affect its orders of 10 Airbus A350 passenger planes, Chief executive Azran Osman Rani said. AAX is trying to lease out the grounded A340. (Reuters)

    – Coincidentally MAS is replacing ageing aircraft

    “It’s not just us,” said Azran Osman-Rani, chief executive of AirAsia X, the long-haul arm of Malaysia-based AirAsia. “Even the full-service model is not working right now. It’s not about the low-cost model.” (The Straits Times)

    – Should MAS proceed to emulate the failing low-cost model operations? If no, why MAS is paying PlaneConsult?

  36. I strongly feel the government is very much behind all this unsavoury moves.
    The sandiwara goes on and on. All of us have been fooled.
    All this “CREATIVE” manouvres were tailored to benefit the ruling quarters as
    huge amount of cash would have been generated with each and every decision that is passed. The PM’s brother is also in the thickst of this action. This whole episode is about saving everybody else except MAS.
    When Tony “acquired” AIRASIA, he first “Bought” all the the right people so as to be able to get his way around everything.

  37. ganesh_nair33@gmail.com

    MAS is very good at recovery so instead of
    reprimanding Danny , the crew working in First Class will now be answerable and will be made to appologise to
    Mr.Hii instead for lying!!
    MAS will also offer Mr.Hii and his children 3 First Class return tickets
    and hoping that Mr.Hii will forget and forgive.
    Why afraid cos this is Danny’s grandfather’s airline !!
    Case close NFA !!

  38. Pak Pandir

    Jack 1960
    Well said, there is a total absence of integrity here. True to form, instead of taking appropriate action to “punish” the rule(policy)breaker, the big guns are gunning their sights on who leaked the info to YB. Staff are watching all these heightened activity on all fronts to locate the “culprit”. Staff are wondering whether any action will be taken against the Demi-God Danny, because if the same was committed by a staff, we are 1000% sure that staff will be severely disciplined. So, back to the Chairman – we are watching and waiting to see what the Board is going to do.
    After all, even the Heads of Flight Operations and Inflight Services , who must have seen the Voyage Report way back in January, also did not have the guts to do anything. Talk about leading by example! Right from the Chairman down, the leadership is downright pathetic.
    Kunyit Hidup
    Thank you for the laugh of the day – email Dr Wafi through the Whistleblower program? Hahahahaha

  39. Anonymous

    that is sad reality…

    top mgmt clear violation of company policy will not warrant any punishment but if cabin crew take 1 paket of kacang from aircraft, he/she will be subject to DI and punishable by discard from the job… if we return the kacang to LSG, LSG will keep that same kacang and will sell the same kacang to MAS on the next flight..so LSG will charge more and more on the kacang. this is the clear case “kulit lupakan kacang”

    moral of the story, to get promoted, always do biggest blunder possible, then u will get promoted… if u do small mistake, then u r out of job…


    know u really tired… just take a rest and we will patiently wait ur next posting on the parliment Q&A session btw MAS kepala besar and backbencher

    1. weechookeong


      Thank you so much for your kind understanding. I do very much appreciate it.

      I am now in the midst of writing the posting with regard to today “Briefing”. Should be able to post in half hours time. I took a picture of the panel but only to discover that I have forgotten to insert a memory card. You are right just too tired. But for he sake of our national carrier that carries our “Jalur Gembilang” fight on, we must.

      Thank you so much for your contributions.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  40. Atticus

    Anonymous 11:25

    You are 100% correct. The double standards is shocking. Not too long ago, HC , in a rare fit of zealousness, sacked many staff, mostly from the lower grades for submitting flasified Medical certificates, even if the MC for just ONE day!! Reason being , this is tantamount to dishonesty and untrustworthiness, and cannot, ABSOLUTELY cannot, be condoned.
    Now , will the new Head of HC demonstrate the same non-tolerance for the DCEO who blatantly broke the Company’s POLICY, at the same time compromising the “premium” service that MAS has strived so hard to establish over the years and alienating a First Class customer? Or, is this, as they say, “beyond your salary scale” to handle? If that is so, I urge you to read the Acts of Misconduct book published by HC carefully, I am sure you will find the relevant paragraph to enable you to take “appropriate” action against this blatant Act of Misconduct committed by the DCEO.

  41. amir

    There was once a supervisor suspended prior to DI for not
    upgrading a Sultan’s entourage and also a senior pilot
    was asked to pay the differences for upgrading his friend
    to business class.
    So what is HR’s stance in this clear cut case of abuse of authority?
    So overzealous when it comes to penalising their staff but
    “silent” when it involves management.

  42. Pak Pandir


    It is insane to think that HC will take any action. HC has been known to practice “selective prosecution” for years and years, that is why the double standards continue. Even within HC itself, they will be very slow to take action against one of their own, or not take any action at all, just sweep under the carpet.
    In this case, we can all clearly see the calibre and true character of the DCEO, who until now, is extremely quiet, Does he think staff will forget? No way.
    Unfortunately, this is the kind of low-life person that PM and Khazanah sees fit to parachute into MAS. Danny has done nothing worthy in his entire life – unless bullshitting people is considered a worthy profession- and now he is entrusted, along with the puppet AJ, to “turnaround” MAS?
    It is result of his questionable pedigree that Danny does not have the word
    “sorry” in his vocabulary. It is also the result of an Oxbridge education system that failed to instil in him the understanding of the word “honour”. Pathetic.

    Note: Sdr Atticus just a minor amendment to avoid unnecessary problems.

  43. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    Action must be taken on this bloddy idiot Danny. He thinks that he is the deputy CEO, he can do as he like? if HC been sacking lower rank for the false MC reporting then Danny shuold be throw out of MAS for breaking the company rules and policy. He being the Deputy CEO knows very well the company rules/policy and yet break it, shame on you Danny.

    Kalau tak mampu nak bayar your family members and maid to travel First class, jangan berlagak macam sial celaka yang tak tahu malu…kau ni memang pe…k dan pen…t negara. Kalau saya adalah anak/isteri awak….saya akan rasa malu sebab dapat bapa/suami macam you.

    Don’t forget that HC or AJ, Danny, AMOK, Pariah TF, Md Nor and all the rest of the Pariah AA Croonies….you guys don’t pay the salary of all MAS staffs. The pay master of all MAS Staffs are the customers and also the RAKYAT who flew on MAS. All MS staffs will come together to fight and throw you idiots off you throne. JUST WAIT and WATCH!!!!!!!

    Note: jus a minor amendment to avoid unnecessary complication.

  44. Dont be surprised if you hear HC personnel and Unoin officials plus families travel on “INCENTIVE” vacations together, they are seriously in cohorts. That has happened everytime an agreement was signed. Almost everytime MASEU bulldoze through the signings without the consent and knowledge of the various depapartments they are representing. HC has abused their powers on too many occassions, just like the selective judiciary system that we have in this country: one for the rich and powerful the other for the lesser beings.
    Almost every staff member could testify on this. As for Danny boy, he is so self centered that the first thing he did when he came in was to force someone with a company email address that he insists on having , to assume another address.

  45. Zorro

    There is a MAS Townhall in progress right now.
    Danny has just been asked to clarify whether he actually upgraded his maid on the said flight. Guess what? Chairman asked Danny not to respond to that query claiming that Ïts personal”. Ït IS a valid question!!! And the Chairman should have allowed to Danny to respond. Plus as Chairman, he should not have interfered!!!
    What a load of rubbish!!!!!

  46. Mastrabaiduri

    YB. Cabin Crew in-Charge MH 122 1/1/2012 has been summoned to appear before high powered internal audit to explain about upgrading.

    Another thing that YB ought to know is what happened to Firefly B737 and crew. After cancellation of Firefly jet service, Firefly B737s have been wet-leased to MAS. Ironically, some of the aircraft are actually dry-leased from MAS. Bth Firefly and MAS are now experiencing excess crew after cacellation of several services that appeared to be for continued survival of Air Asia.

    Keep up the good job YB.


    Many have asked whether did he or did he not upgrade his nanny and kids.

    Maybe when the internal inquiry is done by the top level HR management against him, we will see some truth.

    In all respect to our bloggers, there seem to be more crucifications against this Danny boy. He is young and virgin perhaps in MAS, just learning his way in this company. This is his worst bitter lesson with MAS.

    Although its good to have him learnt the hard way, let the corporate policy take it’s place.

    If he is guilty, then the truth will prevail.There seem to be so much anger on this blog, which as Malaysians,we should never incite hatred against once another. Lets not become judge and jury to this case.

    It’s not like he has murdered someone, just perhaps plain ignorant and stupid.

    To Danny, this is MAS and MAS is me. Now perhaps you know what is MAS all about.

    We don’t entertain high handed management and those who hold their nose high in the air. If this happens to Tony AA, the whole army will perhaps come down on him.

    Time for you to seek humbleness and soul searching with the all Mighty. A bitter lesson learnt.

  48. Razak of MAS


    I am not too sure that Danny is young, virgin and learning his way in MAS. MAS is not a training ground for this intelectual fraud, who is trying to show that he is powerful and smart when he is just an idiot back by his master Amok.

    If he is a virgin and learning then how could BinaFikir was commission to do the WAU which ended up in the disposal of Mas Catring and the RM6.5 billion catering contract?

    MAS cannot afford to provide Danny maid upgrader as a training ground for him and at the same time pays him fat salary and perks and power to upgrade his maid to first class.

    MAS staffs and other Malaysians got angry and fed up with the TRIO because of their attitude and kow towing to the Pariah like hte appointment of Rozman, Azhari and Nor Zalida Ahmad. These are incompetence creatures. Upligting AAX passngers with special Low Low fares which causing lost of revenue for MAS. At the same time they are telling the world that MAS is bleeding and a sick patient. They running down MAS to jsutify their senseless actions to kill MAS to save AA/AAX.

    The TRIO and hteir cronies like Rozman, Azhari and Nor Zalida must be out of MAS.


    Dear’s all blogers , enough of all the saying n posting of all comment in net
    what we malaysian shud have do is to vote them out from the their posh office
    n to freese their asset

    all of us make a mistake to vote for them last time







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