How MAS was “WAU-ed” under Tan Sri Md Nor

The Happy family. Tan Sri Md Nor, 4th from left in pic. Look how happy he was. He must be thinking of WAU-2!

Updates @ 6:45 pm on 21-3-2012: On 26-3-2012 at 1 pm A few of the members of the top management of MAS are coming to Parliament House to brief the BN Backbenchers Club (BN MPs) on the status of the MAS Business Plan. First and foremost, what Business Plans? It was a plan to import more and more AsiaAsia staff into MAS and to make life difficult for MAS Staff and etc. 

Md Nor and the other cronies should have a Town Hall meeting with the stakeholders i.e. the MAS staff to explain what they have been doing and what PlaneConsult and Mr Shane Nollan have been doing in MAS. They should tell MAS staff how many AirAisa X Sdn Bhd passengers have been lifted by MAS with “ZERO FARE”

How much consultancy fees that MAS paid to BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, which was owned by Amok and his crony, Rashdan, at the time of “WAU”? Md Nor should provide details of how MAS sold MAS Catering Sdn Bhd to a company owned by the brother of Tun Abdullah Badawi when he was the PM and MAS Komplek in Sepang was sold to Assets Global Network Sdn Bhd? Md Nor should also provide detail costings of the 25 years agreement and 57 lease agreement? 

It is too late to do damage control now because the MPs are all aware of the nonsense in MAS. Last session there were more than 50 MPs who spoke about this dirty share swap and CCF. There are more MPs speaking against it this time. Yours truly has been informed that Minister of Finance II, YB Datuk Husni was the Minister that help them to organsie this meeting to brief the MPs.

Yours truly would not have written this piece had Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof (Md Nor) didn’t try to be show that he is after all a crony by jumping in to blindly defend Tan Sri Azam Mokhtar (Amok) crony, Rashdan and En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ) in HERE.

Md Nor seemed to be oblivious to what have taken place before his very eyes in MAS under Amok’s, Rahsdan, AJ and PlaneConsult. The full details of the “TRANSFORMATIONS” in MAS are  HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE that have taken place in MAS. The “transformations” have no doubt threatened the existence of MAS and its 17,000 loyal staff and their respective families with great uncertainties. Even the logo of MAS has been changed with no apparent reason. The problems in MAS were not caused by the MAS logo but the failures of the top management to plug the LEAKAGES / KEBOCORAN or due to their encouragement for more LEAKAGES /KEBOCORAN!

Let us look at what have been said in a joint statement on that famous “D” Day for MAS on 9-8-2011 by Amok as the MD of Khazanah Nasional Bhd, Md Nor, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun that have been posted prominently in Khazanah’s website in HERE.

Amok’s crony, Rashdan, must be thanking his lucky star that he, being a crony, didn’t have a say or what he had said was not be quoted.

Let us look at Md Nor’s statement on the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap and CCF. He made the said statement when he was only 9 days old as MAS new Chairman where he took over from Tan Sri Munir Majid on 1-8-2011. Yes, he sounded like an expert in the aviation industry. To yours truly, his ONLY expertise lies in the project called “Widespread Assets Un-Bundling” aka “WAU”.

Lets start with Md Nor, the current MAS Chairman. He was the MAS MD from 14-2-2001 to 31-3-2004 where he completed his greatest “achievement in saving MAS” under the infamous “WAU”.  Yours truly is sure that many MAS staff remember Md Nor’s “WAU” days, where Amok and his crony, Rashdan, were confined in a small office in Menara MAS, which was a landmark in Jalan Sultan Ismail. However, this landmark has been disappeared by a stroke of a pen. Md Nor didn’t sell it but if his “WAU” was effective and a real exercise to save MAS, the real WAU logo would still be standing tall in Jalan Sultan Ismail today. It was a sad history for MAS.

Yours truly had to digress a little bit here, by looking at the special relationship between Md Nor, Amok and his crony, Rashdan otherwise you may not be able to understand the modus operandi of how they have “SAVED” MAS through the infamous “WAU”.

Almost 9 years later, Md Nor, Amok’s crony, Rashdan, are back to “SAVE” MAS again but without Amok in MAS. But Amok is one of the major key players in this new scheme to “SAVE” MAS with the secret share swap and CCF. But Amok is in a very powerful position as MD of MAS where he was able to call all the shots presumably in the appointment of PlaneConsult too. Amok’s crony sits in the powerful Joint Collaboration C0mmittee (JCC) with Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Datuk Kamarudin Meranun both from AirAsia and headed by none other than Datuk Azman Yahya, who is also the the newly appointed director of AirAsia. Yours truly is not sure whether Amok’s crony Rashdan also  sit on the Advisory Panel headed by Tun Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi, which was specifically set up “To ensure that all parties in CCF operate in the INTERESTS of ALL PARTIES and reflect the aspiration of the customers.” Is this Advisory panel still awake check on the going-on in MAS? Yours truly hope so!

The state of affairs have changed in a big way, now that Amok’s crony, Rashdan, is a big man in MAS. He sits on many important committees in MAS. After a week when the said secret share swap was inked by Amok, Rashdan can’t wait to rush to London to sign an agreement to sponsor QPR Home jersey for RM18 million at the time when MAS was supposed to be BLEEDING. It was as though under the said secret share swap and CCF, MAS is “contractually” bound to spend the money to help QPR because Tan Sri Tony Fernandes of AirAsia personally owned 51% of QPR.

Who said MAS is bleeding? MAS is only BLEEDING when it comes to staff benefits, welfare and services to its customers.  

Let us now look at Md Nor’s “greatest achievement” as MD of MAS from 2001 to 2003. Of course, it had to be “WAU” and “WAU” only! Within two year of Md Nor’s tenure as MD he had done tremendous disservice to MAS!

“WAU” is a very familiar “bitter” word, yours truly believes that Md Nor, Amok and his crony, Rashdan would like all Malaysians to forget for good because they all knew that WAU will be back to haunt them.

But now they have started a new chapter in MAS with the secret share swap and CCF.   

WAU was the pet project of BinaFikir Sdn Bhd and Md Nor.  At the material time, Amok and his crony, Rashdan, were founders of the infamous BinaFikir Sdn Bhd.  By now, Maybank Bhd must have regretted for buying it for RM8 million in 2008. Not a bad big transaction for Rashdan. A consultant just knows how to make money for himself. We had to learn from Amok’s crony, Rashdan. BinaFikir was in existence for only 6 years when it was sold to Maybank. It was worth RM1.3 million a year. WAU! BinaFikir must have added value that we didn’t know.      

Yours truly is very certain that Amok must have divested his interest in BinaFikir before he joined Khazanah as MD in June 2006 and has no hand in the said sale of BinaFikir to Maybank Bhd.  

On 15-3-2012 yours truly ask the Minister of Finance during Questions Time in Parliament a specific question, how much did MAS pay consultant fees to BinaFikir SdnBhd for their great job known as WAU, where MAS was supposed to have been SAVED” for good! Of course, there was no answer to this part of the question. Well let us see how long can MAS hide the total payment to BinaFikir Sdn Bhd,

WAU was also about selling of MAS assets. From the available records yours truly could not find the term “non-core assets” used by BinaFikir, when “WAU “was hatched. Why?  Under “WAU” BinaFikir used the term “an asset light airline”. It was a damn smart move!

The question is: How did Md Nor, Amok and his crony, Rashdan, make MAS into “an asset light airline”?  

It was very simple and yet Md Nor needed consultants to think for him. Even an idiot could have done it. Under “WAU”, MAS quietly sold 70% of MAS Catering Sdn Bhd to a company belongs to Datuk Hj Ibrahim bin Hj Ahmad Badawi, the 32 buildings known as MAS Kompplek in Sepang, which was built by MAS costing at least a few hundred of million RM in 1998, was sold in 2003 to Asset Global Network Sdn Bhd. Was this effort to save MAS or assets stripping? You all are the better judge than yours truly.

Thereafter, MAS signed a one sided agreement with MAS Catering Sdn Bhd for 25 years costing MAS few hundred millions RM yearly and a lease agreement with Asset Global Network Sdn Bhd for 57 years at current rental of RM75,049,774.79 per year with 5% increment every 5 years, by 2013 RM78,878,067.57 and by 2059 RM123,429,247.85!

Md Nor please come clean and tell us how many more of such one sided agreements MAS has entered into when you were the MD. Please make another statement in The Star.

With these two items alone MAS had to pay at least more than RM600 million yearly as fixed cost. This is what Md Nor’s greatest achievement as MD of MAS! All the hard works by the 17,000 MAS workers have been drained by these LEAKAGES. 

If MAS workers are bad as what the cronies are saying and that they have caused MAS to BLEED. Please look at their previous achievements:

2001 – 2006  “WORLD BEST CABIN CREW”



The workers are the pillars of MAS that made MAS to accumulate all the assets.  At one time, MAS owned Menara MAS, MAS Komplek, prime properties in London and Singapore to name a few. Now MAS has been stripped naked by the Panamera Deadwood! Even the MAS logo has been left. The cronies rapped the MAS logo with funeral colour – BLUE.  Now the cronies are treating them like slaves. Kicking them around as they like. Appointing consultants to belittle them. Giving the staff notice to sign up with new company called MAS Sdn Bhd by 16-4-2012 failing which they will be terminated with three month salaries as compensation. Is this how you treat your staff and hope they will be productive. These cronies must be thrown out of MAS as soon as possible before MAS is finished.

Let us all hope that Md Nor will issue another statement, of course, in The Star, to provide full details of the 25 years, 57 years agreements and other similar agreements under his pet project WAU. If he doesn’t clarify the above, yours truly will provide full details of the 57 years lease agreement for a start.

This was what Md Nor said on the “D” Day for MAS on 9-8-2011:

“The signing of the Collaboration Agreement heralds an exciting new era of cooperation whereby the airlines involved will stand to gain significantly by tapping the benefits of working together. We believe that the joint collaboration will help MAS focus on our strengths in our core markets and work towards deriving higher loads and more efficient resource utilization. We will also be able to offer services in engineering and other areas to both AirAsia and AirAsia X. Firefly’s resources would be refocused to launch a new regional full service airline operation.”

You and MAS staff are the best persons to judge whether what Md Nor has said has been reflected in MAS and by the appointment of the consultant PlaneConsult, who is also the consultant to AirAsia Bhd and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd. Plead read HERE.

Up to this date, the “identified individuals” as per the terms of the consultancy contract under “Working Method” so far  the “identification” exercises were restricted  from individual  AirAsia namely, En Rozman (CFO), Puan Nor Zalida Ahmad (Head Strategic Communication) and En Azhari Dhalan (Head of Engineering). It looks like an invasion by AirAsia staff into MAS. But to Md Nor and PlaneConsult, it was “tapping benefits” of working together between MAS and AirAsia!  Yours truly is sure that MAS staff must have been very appreciative of Md above statement and his latest statement in the Star.  

Don’t tell us that that out of the 18,000 employees PlaneConsult and/or MD Nor, AJ and Amok’s crony Rashdan cannot find three suitable loyal MAS employees to fill these posts!

Was this a case that Md Nor, AJ and Amok’s crony, Rashdan, had to “kow tow” to the Mat Salleh consultant PlaneConsult when MAS had to pay over RM2.5 million (651,000 Euro) in consultancy fees excluding salaries, taxes, duties and all expenses? Was this not a form of LEAKAGES at a time when MAS is BLEEDING?

Until this day, PlaneConsult and/or Md Nor, AJ and Amok’s crony, Rashdan, was still unable to identify individual in MAS that can fill the post of its Commercial Director. Yours thought that many ex-MAS employees have been employed in high office in other airlines like Korean Air and other.

Don’t tell us that good top management staff have left leaving only Panamera Deadwood that was the reaso Md Nor, Aj and Amok’s crony, Rahsdna, had no choice but to employed Mr Shane Nollan as its Acting Commercial Director? Or there is an hidden agenda in this appointment and other employment of AirAsia top management staff?

Yours truly is just curious to find out who is this Mat Salleh from PlaneConsult by the name of Mr Shane Nollan. From the available record he is an Irish man, a consultant in PlaneConsult and a friend of the chairman of PlaneConsult, Mr Conor McCarthy, who is a co-founder of AirAsia and also a director of AirAsia. Was it on this strength that he was picked to be ACTING Commercial Director with massive powers?

Wasn’t it strange that MAS had to employ a consultant to be its Acting Commercial Director? Why was it so? Was it a case of Mr Shane Nollan was given a “special task” to perform under the so-called CCF?

Of late, Md Nor has proven that he is a real BIG MAN and that he could take on the YAB PM in his latest press statement in the Star by screaming so loudly about the goodness of CCF for MAS and the CCF must go on when the YAB PM has said that he will revisit the secret share swap and CCF. Please read HERE.

Bearing in mind that MAS is BLEEDING and Md Nor’s new found bravery, yours truly call upon him to tell us all especially MAS staff, what is the monthly salary and other expenses of Mr Shane Nollan for acting and the details of the 25 years one sided agreement with MAS Catering Sdn Bhd now known as LSG Sky Chef Brahim’s Sdn bhd and 57 years lease agreement with Assets Global Network Sdn Bhd

If Md Nor chose to remain deaf and dumb over these questions, the 25 years one sided agreement and 57 lease agreement then Yours truly will be compelled to seek help from Parliament for the answers.

Please read two interesting articles by Rockybru, “MAS has arrived” and Another Brick In The Wall, “Media take side”. Please also read “Woes keep piling up on T F”.

21 thoughts on “How MAS was “WAU-ed” under Tan Sri Md Nor

  1. MAS on track to ...........!!!

    Notice how well the new Blue and White livery for the MAS planes blend so well with a particular EPL team jersey?

  2. Yunus MAS

    Tan Sri md Nor kenapa nak buka mulut nak tahan puak2 kroni seperti Rashdna dan AJ. Sekarag kena hantum buta2 sahaja. Apa terjadi dengan WA!

    Tan Sri terima gaji buta dengan perks sahaja jangan dok nak carry ball pulak. Bila belajar angkat bo;a? Nak jadi goal keeper kah?

    Kamu pun tak malu dan tiada maruah. Malu kepada bangsar dan agama kita. Keturunan kamu akan menerima apa2 yagn kamu buat dalam MAS kerana ia terlibat 17,000 pekerja dan kelaurga mereka.

  3. Khazanah Mole

    Of course, Tan Sri Md nor is a crony of the highest order. He did WAu and after that he was rewarded by his boss Badawi to be the Chairman of Security Commission. He is pretending to quiet in MAS. Should remainn quiet and take gaji buta. Follow lah Wafi style just keep quiet then no one will notice.

    Tan Sri Md Nor is fit to be the chairman of he Panamera Deadwood Department in MAS.

    The Star is churning out propaganda for the cronies and the pariah,. So is the MalysianInsider. Please read Another Brick in the Wall.

  4. kuche

    IF i can recall clearly, we were told by Dr M, SHOULD be able to run our own companies without employing these mat sallehs. Are the present MAS MD, CEO ( supposedly churned out of one of the best unis in UK ) of sub standard brain that they have to go back to “colonial” mindset that without mat sallehs, our companies will fail ? ( which looks like it due to poor melayus brain bird )

  5. viper1909

    U did it again..expose n all the fact are reveal but WHY n WHY action by respective authority n so called goverment “SATU MALAYSIA” are taking slow walking or worse than “OKU” to put an END to this sad story…the more story the more damage to all staff n people in malaysia.

    How can the best airline and” world best cabin crew” for many years once upon a time to look forward on their daily routine?,that they know ferry aax pax to mas without paying fare in other term” charity flt”.
    when every year end others company n worker are calculating their bonuses,guess what do mas staff get?

  6. viper1909

    U did it again..expose n all the fact are reveal but WHY n WHY action by respective authority n so called goverment “SATU MALAYSIA” are taking slow walking or worse than “OKU” to put an END to this sad story…the more story the more damage to all staff n people in malaysia.

    How can the best airline and” world best cabin crew” for many years once upon a time to look forward on their daily routine?when they know ferry aax pax to mas without paying
    fare in other term” charity flt”.
    Miracles are the only hope for staff and nation..hopefully with more secret deal reveal by your truly will change the direction of one of ur million fans thank you in advance for ur effort and charisma.may god bless u n ppl arround u.

  7. Sulaiman in MAS

    Ptui! Md Nor you are a disgrace. WAU was about assets stripping. You are the worst bas..ard in MAS. You dare to come back to MAS after what you, Azman Mokhtar and his crony bloody Rashdan have done under WAU.

    MAS staff what are you all doing. Stand up against these crooks. Get them out of MAS. They are the main cause of MAS bleeding today. They sell MAS properties. We must defend MAS from being cannibalsied one more time. This will be the last time and nothing will be left. Even our LOGO WAU tahey cannibalised as pointed by YB.

    Asset stippings of MAS has been their ways to save MAS. It is high time htat we all stop this exercise. THe staff must all stand up against this MD and gang, Rashdan, Shane Nollan that bloody Mat Salleh, AJ, Rozman, Azhari, Nor Zalida and more.

    MAS staff let stand up. YB gave us aplatform in his blog. Lets make full use of YB Blog to protect the interest of MAS and our interests.

    Thank you YB for all your helps from the past few months. Thank you gain for another good piece.

  8. Pekerja MAS

    It was all about asset stripping MAS. Not saving MAS. Tan Sri Md Nor, aren’t you ashamed of your self and your family?

    You sold MAS Catering to Badawi’s brother. This was MAS asset and not your f..king family comnpany ok. Then you sold off MAS Komplek with 32 buildings. Why don’t you sell your wife adn daughters?

    Tak Malu! Tak dak maruah! Bodh sombong. Buat staement yang menunjuk bagaimana bodoh awak.

  9. Johari MAS

    He look so slimy! Another shameless idiot. More than gaji buta! If i am your family members i will be ashamed of you Md Nor. You have conned MAS and MAS staff. Please get out from MAS premises. You are too dirty to soil our property. You didn’t help MAS but sucki the workers blood and at teh same you treat like shit.

    We shall give you and gang od cronies like Rashdan, Aj and the other AirAsai basta..ds hell. You and your gang are not going to get your way easy. If you think that you can cannibalise MAS, you have mistaken. We will terlanjan you and your gang. Your scandal is coming bit by bit.

    YB where is the speech on Perombak? Please post it.

  10. Johnson

    Please for heaven sake look at that Md Nor. What a pretender. Sucking the blood of MAS staff for himself and cronies. Now you want to get rid of us. You, the other cronies and all your family be cursed by each and every staff. Se whether you and your family can leave in peace.

    Peole like Md nor, Rashdan, AJ, Roxman, Azhari and Nor Zalida the bniece of kmarudin Meranun should stay in Sungai Buluh!

  11. Shukri

    Tak malukah gunakan gelaran Tan Sri dan tingakah laku seperti Pariah. Sekarang ada satu Pariah lagi di dalam MAS. PTUI! PTUI!

  12. Malaysian

    its no point if we talk a lot here, without the Government themselves make the move. but this has at least put a pressure on them to start a move, but still it’s like taking forever for em, even the MyCC

  13. Hassan

    Just look at who is chairman of the Advisory Panel that Sleepy Head . What do you expect from him. Just like the country has been screwed up. He cannot even advise himself.

    That’s why Amok put him there.

    Then the Joint Collaboration Committee (JCC) chairm by Datuk Azman Yahya also a SCOMI director. Also AirAsia Director. MAS staff must watch this guy. Very quiet but he may be one of the key players too. This a dangerous guy. Can anyone help on the info on this Azman Yahya. We know he was from Danharta. symphony House. Let know about this fella. Heard he is also very close ot Kalimullah, the 4th floor and the Kamaludin. .

  14. Antigajibuta

    Ptui..the Sleepy Head Bodohlah Bodohwi…another useless asshole….

    Dear Mas staffs, lets unite and figure out a way to stand for our right….
    With the support or YB Wee and hopefully all of the BN Backbenchers Club members, we can bring back the glorious red colour to MAS..

    Lets show them what Malaysian Hospitality is all about….

    Md Nor and Amok, we gonna curse u and ur family for the next 747 generations, to the rest of the cronies, u’ll get 380 generations of cursing!!

  15. Kunyit Hidup

    “……reports speculated that the PM’s office may consider setting up a SPV to acquire shares from the main shareholders of MAS. Such as politically-motivated move will trigger a MGO for the remaining shares of MAS, which could then be viewed as a bailout using taxpayers’ money and consequently, draw more intense public criticism.”

    Alternatively, proceed suing former MDs (yes, more than one) enough to buy-back 20% shares from TuneAir. Dispose Khazanah shares in AA at market price. No more suap-swap.

  16. Anonymous

    Md Nor what have you got to say about what have been published about you and the WAU. I doubt you can say anything. You shouldn’t waste your time and reputation, if you still have any left, to allow Pariah to make use of you. Of course the Star will facilitate it bcos of all the advertisements and certain personalities in there. Please read the Blog: Another Brick In the Wall then you will understand the grand agenda.

    Lets see how many more stories the Star going to come up to blindly support the share SUAP and the CON-prehensive Collaborative Framework.

    Now the Mat Salleh CONsultant PlaneConsult please go back to Ireland and join the Ira. There is no room for you to bullshit anymore. You have bee exposed big time. Shane NolLAN what the F you are trying to do to MAS. We will fight you fu..king Mat Salleh areshole who are trying to push us Malaysians around.

    Conor McCarthy the airlines hat you said PlaneConsult have represented closed shop. Just stay with AirAsia and don’t fu,k around in MAS ok. This is a warning to you bloody Mat Salleh.

  17. jack1960

    MOF still mum…..buying time…..


    Its truly amazing that after all your efforts (including those by other bloggers), the rife comments from us wee Malaysians et al, no matter for or against, and the impending elections just over the horizon, the MOF cum PM, is still threading water, with the various relevent authorities under his purvue seemingly dragging their feet. Now, more time seems to be given to MAS top management to meet backbenchers &/or whoever else after 26Mar.

    Meanwhile, MAS itself, may run out of time as the perceived damage to the well-being of the company may reach a point of no return. By then, all the arguements for or against WAU2 pursuant to the clandestine Share Swap will be irrelevent and we Malaysians would have lost a national brand.. flying our flag & carrying our name…not forgetting the billions of taxpayers money to build this key national infrastructure for the last 50+ years.

    BTW, this strategic rot started from TR through WAU plus now WAU 2 had little to do with MAS employees, current or past, who are or were just following orders, just like NOW.

  18. The Sleeping Pill Addict

    Pemimpin MAS Union masih “MABOK” dengan Memorandum (Februari) mereka sahaja. MAS terbakar mereka masih dalam keadaan MABOK. Malek dengan Alias memang mabok dengan perlanjutan retirement age 2 tahun dan CLEANING KONTRAK termasuk telan terlampau banyak SLEEPING PILL. Jadi sentiasa tak menyedari!

    Please look at the Italian employees of MAS, they have made their stand. In KL Malek denagan Alias sibuk dengan nak menandatangani CA untuk nak extend retirement age untuk dia sendiri. APA guna extension itu jika MAS telah hancur oleh puak kroni si Pariah.

    Wake up up MAS Union leaders, it is better late than never. Please remember otherwise you are no different to those cronies in the management.

  19. Crusader 7

    It is amazing how much influence TF and AA has over the Government. It appears that they are able to do anything they want and get away with it. TF is only exploiting whatever is available to him and he is relentless in his pursuits.
    TF would not have been able to get his way if he did not get the backing from certain “key individuals” who were formerly in the Government but still play a much influential role whilst being outside.

    The abuse keeps going on and it is only with your persistance YB that changes is the only alternative.

    Malaysia has had enough with the “bullshit” and the truth must prevail.

  20. Pingback: Wheeling & Dealing In MCMC? Part 2 – The dormant Orenda Kuantum Digital

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