The “sit-in” protest in the office of MAS Italy

MAS office in Italy. There is a sit-in protest by MAS employees.

Updates @ 10:30 pm on 20-3-2012: As at 8:00 pm tonight, the Hansard for the Parliamentary proceedings of yesterday (19-3-2012) has yet to be tabled in Parliament. It should be tabled by tomorrow. Once it is tabled yours truly will publish it here.

Yours truly, has been informed that the “sit-in” protest by MAS employees in Italy is still on. Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof was quick to issue press statement to defend Amok’s crony, Rashdan, and AJ but until today he is keeping very quiet about the appointment of PlaneConsult and what Mr Shane Nollan has been doing as Acting Commercial Director of MAS.

Yours truly would have thought that he would make another statement and published, of course, in the Star, to defend the “sacking” of the MAS employees in Italy, Mat Salleh, Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult, AJ and Amok’s crony, Rahsdan, for they doing the “right thing” by not charging fare for the AA X Sdn Bhd’s passengers when they were uplifted by MAS to Mumbai.  Tan Sri Md Nor should also tell Malaysians that helping AirAsia X Sdn Bhd and bring in AirAsia staff into MAS to hold key positions are the two main pillars of the secret share swap and CCF. Yours truly is still waiting to hear from him with regard to the selling of MAS assets under WAU when he was the MD then.

On the different note, instead of plugging the massive LEAKAGES (KEBOCORAN) in MAS, its top management is more interested in witch hunting i.e. looking for people leaking out information or rather their MALPRACTICES. They have instructed the poor heads of department to do the dirty job for them. This is one form of the LEAKAGES in MAS – instructing staff to do unproductive jobs. Tan Sri Md Nor, AJ and Rashdan: All of you are real jokers of Malaysia!

Updates @ 7:30 pm 0n 19-3-2012: Dear Fellow Malaysians (especially MAS staff) and the Italian MAS staff, yours truly spoke at length about the secret MAS – AirAsia share swap and CCF that have caused big problems in MAS and for MAS staff and their families. The subject matters in the speech include Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusof, Amok’s crony, Rashdan,  Amok himself, AJ, En Rozman Omar, Puan Nor Zalidah Ahmad, En Azhari Dhallan, Mr Shane Nollan, Mr Andy Holmes, Mr Conor McCarthy (all three from PlaneConsult), MAS Sdn Bhd, MAS Kargo, MAS Engineering, MAS Academy,WAU, and the disposal of the 70% share in MAS Catering Sdn Bhd and MAS Komplek.

Yours truly also spoke about the plight of the Italians. The verbatim speech will be published as soon as yours truly received the Hansard.  Unfortunately for the Italians,  you all will have yo get it translated as it is in Bahasa Malaysia.  

Updates @ 9:40 am on 19-3-2012: On 16-3-2012 at 9:30 pm Puan Nor Zalida Ahmad, Head of Strategic Communication of MAS, sent out the full text of the statement of Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusof (MD Nor), MAS Chairman and the chief architect of the failed “Widespread Assets Un-Bundling” aka WAU in 2002/2003, supporting the Amok’s crony, Rashdan and AJ. WAU was about “saving” MAS through “ASSETS STRIPPING”. The statement appeared prominently in, of course, The Star. MD Nor was in great pain to justify what Amok’s crony has been doing. MD now was trying to undermine YAB PM when PM said that he will look into the secret MAS – AirAia share swap and CCF.

By the way, Puan Zalida Ahmad is the niece of Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, AirAsia Deputy CEO and sister of En Zaman Ahmad of AirAsia, the Head of Passenger Experience of AirAsia. It seems that no one else in MAS that is capable of doing the jobs.  Is it part of the secret share swap and CCF to transfer AirAsia staff or person, who are related the top managers of AirAsia into MAS top management? MAS Unions, your views on the transfer of Puan Nor Zalida Ahmad (new Head Strategic communication),  En Rozman Omar (new CFO of MAS) and En Azhari Dhalan (new Head of MAS Engineering), please?    

Updates at 1:40 am 19-3-2012: Yours truly has been informed by reliable sources that the recruit of the Rashdan’s “new airlines”, MAS Sdn Bhd, has begun in earnest. Most probably this must have been “recommended” by his preferred Mat Salleh consultant, PlaneConsult, which is also the consultant for AirAsia and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd.  If MAS staff do not exercise their option by 16-4-2012, they will be terminated with 3 months salary as compensation. Just wondering whether this decision is palatable to the leaders of the several MAS unions?

Yours truly has been informed by the employees of MAS in Italy that since 13-3-2012 they have been in a “sit-in” protest against MAS management headed by En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ) and En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof, the ex business partner and crony of Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar (Amok), the MD of Khazanah Nasional Bhd .

MAS Italy has 17 employees. One of them will be terminated in June 2012 and the remaining 16 will be terminated 0n 1-4-2012. Some of them have been working for MAS for the past 18 years. They are extremely unhappy with the way in which they have been treated. They have alleged that the MAS management has broken the promises made to them. Yours truly have been informed that the sit-in protest commenced on 13-3-2012 and will NOT give in. The 17 employees are now represented by their union Filt CGIL in Italy. 

Yours truly hopes that the MAS staff in particular the MAS union leaders will take note of the plight of the their colleagues in Italy and will act in solidarity with their Italian colleagues during this difficult time.

AJ and Amok’s crony, Rashdan, can always say that this was one of the recommendations of PlaneConsult, which is also the consultant for AirAsia and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd, and the said consultant has been given wide powers to act on behalf of MAS.  For more details of PlaneConsult, please read in HERE.

Yours truly  has been informed by MASEUS members that some 2 weeks ago MASEUS leaders have signed a Collective Agreement on behalf of its members where MAS staff retirement age has been extended by two years and there will be a salary increment of 5%.

Syabas MASEUS leaders! What an achievement during this particular time and the morale of your members must have been upifted upon hearing this fantastic news! But what will be the future of your members comes 1-5-2012 if Amok’s crony, Rashdan, succeeded in bulldozing through “my airlines” (this was how he has been bragging about it in front of the staff) called “MAS Sdn Bhd”. Hope MAS staff will ask their respective MAS Union leaders, what is going to happen to them comes 1-5-2012 if they do not join “MAS Sdn Bhd”

Dear MAS Union leaders, 16 April or May 1st, 2012 are at the corner!

Below is the press statement of the MAS employees in Italy.


After 18 years of consolidated presence in the Italian market, on 16 December 2011 Malaysia Airlines announces the suspension of the flights from Italy to Malaysia and vv., effective 31 January 2012.

We, employees of Malaysia Airlines Italy, would like to provide our version and views on the whole matter, coming from our in depth knowledge of both the Company and the market.

The value and the potential, which the Company unquestionably showed in the last few years, has brought us to believe that this decision is hasty and not thought through.
Last November the 27th, during an internal meeting, an increase in frequencies from the current three to five weekly, effective November 2012, was discussed. After only 15 days, these intentions were reversed by a communication from the Company announcing the termination of Italy-Malaysia vv. route.

In the past, grave moments of crisis (bird flu, SARS, tsunami in Indonesia) have hit the influx of Italian traffic towards the Asian region. These were overcome thanks to the initiatives of the Italian management, strongly supported by both the European Regional office and the Central Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

In order to face the heavy effects on the air transport industry of the last 3 years of economic crisis, Malaysia Airlines Italy has proposed innumerable sales and pricing initiatives to support and consolidate its presence in the local market. These initiatives were NEVER listened to, NOR considered, NOR evaluated by the Regional and Central managements, which remained totally blind to the needs of the Italian market.

On the contrary, strategies and policies have been imposed, which were completely alien to the reality of the Italian market and based on reasoning that contrasts with the local peculiarities. The failure of these strategies determined a significant drop in productivity and the progressive loss of market shares for Malaysia Airlines Italy.

The Regional office in Amsterdam abused its position by forcing Malaysia Airlines Italy to implement these inappropriate strategies, designed to streamline Italy into unsuitable European models, despite frequent indications from the Italian office.

We believe that the Regional office in Amsterdam failed in its duty to distinguish and coordinate the European offices and mediate their differing needs to Kuala Lumpur. Instead, they limited themselves to a rigid control administered with arrogance towards the Italian market, that led the Company to its inevitable estrangement from the local market.

From the 31st of March, our GSA for reservations and ticketing (ATT, Asian Tour Travel) will cease all activities. As of yet, the Company, whilst keeping the operations from other European gateways (Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris and London), did not show any opening towards maintaining a possible offline office, which has happened in other European locations such as Zurich, Zagreb, Brussels and Madrid, all manned with Malaysia Airlines personnel.

At this time, there is no evidence of any appointed European representative to guarantee continuation of business and service to Italian agents and passengers, thus confirming a total disinterest in the Italian branch.

With deep regret, we have to note that even the “internal clients” of the Company were given no consideration.

The Company’s only consideration was collective redundancy, which will be effective after suspension of work, which started on the 29th of February. This decision was irrevocable and did not even follow the offer of extraordinary measures such as cost cutting campaigns or special employee contracts (e.g. “contratto di solidarietà”).

Neither did the Company pick up the opportunity offered by the State Redundancy Scheme (“Cassa Integrazione Straordinaria-CIGS-“), which would have cost them nothing, remaining stubborn in their decisions.

We, employees of Malaysia Airlines Italy, do not align with the Company position, which we believe is detrimental to the image of Malaysia in Italy, and take this occasion to thank the market for the support shown in all these years.


The emphasis above is yours truly.

Please read an interesting article by Another Brick In The Wall on how the WAU’s expert, Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof, the new Chairman of MAS, who is trying to do a WAU no. 2 after he had failed in WAU no. 1 when he was the MD of MAS in 2002, in HERE.

48 thoughts on “The “sit-in” protest in the office of MAS Italy

  1. MAS Boy

    MASEUS what CA you are talking about now? during this time we should be protesting against the ways our company has been cannibalized by the Pariah’s cronies. Alias and Malek, please don’t tell us you don’t know what the Pariah’s cronies were trying to do to MAS?

    The MAS office only has 18 staff and they dare to take actions to protect themselves. We have 18,000 strong members and yet we only hear picketing, picketing, picketing, picketing ….. no wearing badges “against share suap” but nothing happen! Kena Sleeping Pills already lah! Must get DR MACCC to diagnose all your sickness otherwise you will keep on signing CA after CA of no relevance when we are all going to be screwed. No original MAS, the CA is worse than the toilet papers ok. Wake up sleeping pills addicts??

    Tak malu to our Italian colleagues?

  2. viper1909

    What is najib waiting for…when come the issue with regards maid salary n new term of maid,he point out his anger but when come to glc losses over 2 billion no comment from PMO..g e is soon n i know my destiny r U

  3. Giva

    Good for you Italians. Please exposed the incompetence of the cronies in MAS. They are a bunch of idiots running amok in MAS. Relying on Mat Salleh, PlaneConsullt who knows next nothing about premier airlines. Of course, PlaneConsult is extremely capable to the cronies because it is also the AIrAsia and AirAsia X consultant. Oconor McCarthy is the owner of PlaneConsult and he is also the co-founder and director of AirAsia. So glaring isn’t it?Conflict of interests all over the place. Only the idiots like MD Nor (the WAU expert for asset stripping), Rashdan (another WAU expert), Aj (the Mr Blur), Rozman and Azhari (both are the Pariah’s cronies) coudln’t see it.

    At least the Itlay have spoken about the incompetent of the MAS management under Rasdan the crony of Ak and AJ. Please resign because you all have been exposed enough.

  4. Shameless AMOK

    What have been stated by the Italians were about the incompetency of the three stooges in MAS namely Tan Sri Md Nor, Rashdan and AJ. It was all due to idea hatched by the former BinaFikir boys Tan Sri Azman and Rahsdan. They have done once to MAS and now they did it again this name with Tan Sri Azman in Khazanah and Rashdan seconded to MAS. This will be another WAU to asset stripped MAS. Watch out MAS staff. MAS staff must be in full alert to watch out what the three stooges are doing in MAS and exposed each and every time so that they have no where to hide. Sabotage their hidden agenda so that MAS will be save.

    This Tan Sri Md Nor has done so much damage to MAS under WAU and yet he was trying to defend Rashdan and AJ. When they had to rely on PlaneConsult to chart their course what hope has MAS go under them. PlaneConsult MD is Conor McCarthy and he is also the co-founder of AirAsia and a director of AirAsia. Need I tell you more? MAS will be cannibalized until nothing in a few months time if not weeks.

  5. Kunyit Hidup

    “MASEU leaders have signed a Collective Agreement on behalf of its members where MAS staff retirement age has been extended by two years and there will be a salary increment of 5%.”

    The facts:

    1. The secretly signed CA just in time to extend the service in MAS for MASEU leader himself. Success to con-sultant of MASEU (union pun ada secret agreement and a con-sultant!).

    2. FIVE percent of RM1000, SEVEN percent of RM5000 and TEN percent of RM10000. Lowest rank gets less percentage and higher pay gets higher percentage. Sounds similar to the defunct government pay scheme?

    3. Without anything in exchange? Say, cut annual leave again…….

    Real syabas to CUEPACS!

  6. Atticus

    Kunyit Hidup
    Please allow me to make a few corrections to your post:
    1. The CA was signed hastily after the Long Service Award dinner WITHOUT the Maseu President who was on MC. The extention of the retirement age was to benefit the Sec-Gen, Malek, who already got a one year extention to age 59. It was not to benefit the Maseu President. Yes, it was done in a less-than-transparent manner as usual, in cahoots with the not-trustworthy HC people, who wanted to conclude all CAs quickly as part of their KPI. The half-signed CA was later brought to Kota Bharu for the President’s signature!.
    A reliable Maseu insider told me that the clause for the deduction of 4 days annual leave was inserted without the knowledge of all the Maseu Exco too.

    2. The Sec-Gen of Maseu is aligned to a recently hired Consultant, Jabar,
    and these two are pushing their respective personal agendas, under the Maseu umbrella. High time the members did something about this.

    3. The 5% salary adjustment is across the board, not in stages and by pay grade as you mentioned.

    1. Kunyit Hidup

      Atticus & Flyguy,

      I guess you are managers who dare to speak your mind, your staff must be joyful working with you.

      Thankyou very much indeed.

  7. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    Your right who is this chairman, Tan Sri Mat Nor? He was the main culprit that appointed Bina tak Fikir Sdn Bhd (with Amok and his crony, Rashdan) in there and Bina tak Fikir did the WAU-1 where MAS sold a lot of its assets like MAS Catering to Badawi’s brother to make money and a few other important asset like MAS Komplek in KLIA. Remember Mat Nor and Rashdan and your master Amok. What you did after selling the Komplek you got MAS to sign a lease for 57 years and MAS had to pay more than RM100 million or so yearly. Like what you did by getting MAS to sign the agreement for 25 years with MAS Catering now known as LSG Sky Chef.

    So Mr pretender, Mat Nor, you are no angel. You will be exposed soon. Some one should pass more information on the WAU 1 to YB. To expose Mat Nor in Parliament again.

    After what Mat Nor, Rashdan and Amok did to MAS under WAU 1, the two idiots came back to do another WAU 2 to MAS. Mat Nor and Rashdan who is your actual master, the Red Indian or the son of the Sleeping Buddha in MAS? I think that I have given enough hint already here.

    Datuk Azman Yahya is another man too watch. Another architect under WAU 1. I believe that he was also the director in MAS when WAU took place. Please check folk. Now he is a director in AirAsia and MAS. Another hint.

    Watch these guys, Tan Sri Mat Nor, the great pretender, Rahsdan, Amok’s crony, Datuk Azman Yahya, the hidden hand, and AJ, a budak suruhan. MAS staff must start to watch them like a hawk. Don’t let them hide behind the Mat Salleh PlaneConsult. PlaneConsult is a smoke screen.

    So please MAS staff closely watch these personalities otherwise MAS will be chopped to pieces and there will be no WAU 3 left! Mark my words.”

  8. MAS Staff Against Con Man

    MAS Union leaders, what are you ll waiting now after all the evidence have been posted in YB blog about the way these goons and cronies are screwing up MAS? What type of sleeping pills are you all been taking that it is so effective?

    It is now the staff that must stand up and expose what the Tan Sri MD Nor, AJ, Rashdan and Shane Nollan and other consultants are doing in MAS.

    PM are the evidence posted in YB’s blog not enough for you to act? What transformation your government is talking about? Transforming MAS into a Pariah’s airlines?

  9. Xplorer

    Dear yb ,

    I love my company , but with all these issue on conflict of interest n mismanagement i feel that the pride of working in MAS is no more . The deafening silence on issue brought up by YB doesn’t help also .in fact , matter had become from bad to worst and then subsequently it had become unbearable.MAS is facing a brain drain , i could see a lot of my colleague leaving the company and most of them are talented lot.Initially MAS is bleeding , but now it started to rotting . The stench had become unbearable that the only sensible decision to make is to leave the company. Just ask any staff on the ground and most of them would agree on my statement

  10. MAS Manager

    Anak Malaysia Tulen

    You hit the nail in the coffin! Tan Sri Md Nor and the BinaFikir boys including Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and his crony Rahsdan were the real culprits behind WAU.

    Tan Sri Md Nor, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan please tell us how did you do assets stripping?

    Please tell us the details of the 25 years agreement with MAS Catering and why you sold MAS Catering to Badawi’s brother company without Open Tender.

    Please tell us the details of the 57 years lease that MAS signed with Assets Global Networks for renting MAS Komplek, which MAS built with its own money.

    Stop playing stupid. We know three of you idiots are responsible for assets stripping. Idiots please hide yourself and stop issuing stupid press statement for the Star to carry. We know that Star has been doing the Pariah good service to propagate his agendas.

  11. Razak of MAS

    Look at the daily advertisement appearing in the Star showing MAS logo in one color, BLUE. I am told by my Chinese friends hat BLUE is the funeral color for the Chinese. May be Tan Sri Md Nor, AJ and Rashdan knew that their actions will no doubt bring MAS along that path – DEATH. So the blue color must be their dream color. Hopefully for them and their family too.They should know that MAS staff and the public are cursing them for all their misdeeds done to MAS side August 2011.

    MAS staff must not only watch AJ, Md Nor and Rashdan. They must also watch Rozman Omar (CF), Azhari Dhlan head of Engineering, Nor Zalida Ahmad and more importantly Datuk Azman Yahya, the board member in MAS and AirAsia. This Azman Yahya is one of the key player to watch.

    The IT section in MAS should reveal what IT contracts have been given out to whom???? This is another scandal. Perhaps Azman Yahya can help to shed some light on the matter.

  12. Ahmad of MAS

    Share swap and CCF were con jobs from the start. using the media especially the Star to hook wink the nation that MAS is in trouble and AirAsia is healthy. Bullshit.

    It is AirAsia and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd that are in trouble. Hence the infiltrations of AirAsia staff into MAS. Clear examples: Rozman Omar as CFO, Azhari Dhallan as head of Engineering and Nor Zalida Ahamd as head of Strategic Com. These are all idiots whoe will later join the Panamera Deadwood in MAS.

    PM must step in now and I mean now to stop the rot created by Amok’s crony Rashdan, Tan Sri Md Nor the man behind WAU and AJ the chair warmer. Sack these idiots and MAS will be saved.

    We know better in MAS. So PM please act and act now. TIme is not on the said of MAS because the idiots and the Red Indian are using PlaneConsult to screw up MAS.

  13. muzaky

    kedai kak asia melabur rm20,000 dalam kedai kak Mas, selepas melabur, kak Asia masuk campur dalam urusan jual menjual kak MAS dengan melelong brg kak Mas dengan harga MURAH. lepas Kak MAS bankrap kak Asia dapat jadi monopoli dalam pasaran. Kak Asia cuma rugi rm 20,000 tapi lepas melingkupkan kak MAS dengan brg2 penting dalam kedai Kak Mas, Kak Asia akan lebih untung berlipat ganda. so itu lah cerita nya…. takan itu pun tak nampak lagi… duit MAS untuk qpr, engineering dah kena rompak… Narrow body Mas nak tutup ganti Rashdan bangsat Short Haul new co definitely is indirectly for AirAsia full service Airlines dan paling penting sekali MAS asset stripping. sapa punya kerja ni? bukan MONOPOLY lagi ke tu? Govt! apa yg korang buat untuk rakyat? harap MACC ke, Polis dalam jenayah perdagangan ke sila lakukan siasatan. Tony? what is your plan B? nak lari ke Jakarta atau Cebu? jangan jadi Bodoh wahai org yg di gelar bijak pandai dan kepada org yg makan garam dulu, sila dengar pendapat… YB, kenapa diorang ni belum kena siasat lagi? kena govt tak put on hold the business plan until the investigation done by who ever qualified? sorry just recently i dont trust any government dept already. Khazanah juga perlu disiasat. YB, tolong tengok MAS ex chairman dengan tengku azmil, mana diorang kerja sekarang… simple, i tak boleh buat kerja, mesti kena buang kan? so tengku azmil dengan chairman tu betul2 tak boleh buat kerja atau banyak simpan rahsia Khazanah? lepas siasat khazanah baru boleh siasat siapa dalang dalam kemusnahan MAS?

  14. One X Rakyat

    Basing on your updates today “If MAS staff do not exercise their option by 16-4-2012, they will be terminated with 3 months salary as compensation”. This is equivalent to “you accept or be terminated”. This is not good to the practice of what the Malaysian Industrial Relation Act is trying to achieve isn’t ?

    Has the Union/Association Leaders seek advise/consult their legal practitioners familiar with the Malaysian Industrial Act? A bit strange that the union leaders signed collective agreement at this time. Are you sure it is not “sendiwara” after a plateful of marijuana (not sleeping pills)?

  15. Hisham from Khazanah

    YB I heard from my source in Parliament that you have described them as Pengkianak dan Perompak Negara. IS this true? if it is true then most accurate description for them. YB, When are you going to post your speech in Parliament?

    1. weechookeong

      Yes i did mention the words Pengkianak dan Perompak Negara in Parliament today. Will post the verbatim speech from Hansard tomorrow. When it is posted than you will know who I was referring to. Please be patient. Thank you.

      with kindest regards

      Wee choo keong

    2. The best way to deal with people who steal when they are so well off is to execute them when proven guilty. It is a pity those who had to steal just to
      have one less than decent meal a day get lengthy sentences

  16. Malaysian

    It’s funny, despite the police report had been made regarding the robbery by AK for the transferred flights of Air Asia X to MAS (yes i call it as a robbery), none of the common medias like The Star, Bernama and the rest of others published it. Are MAS that worthy to be slaughtered just for the sake of Air Asia?

    PM, PM, why can’t you give an hour of your time reading this? This is going nowhere. Those employees and their unions must unite now or else….

  17. LowerrankMAS

    Im proud to work at mas,but after all this.tomorow i will submit my resume to other sad…even i want to serve mas that trained me until what i become today..but i need to cnsider my future…sad…i am mas,but do mas is me:(

  18. MAS Hantu

    They Italians MAS Staff said this in their press statement:

    “In order to face the heavy effects on the air transport industry of the last 3 years of economic crisis, Malaysia Airlines Italy has proposed innumerable sales and pricing initiatives to support and consolidate its presence in the local market. These initiatives were NEVER listened to, NOR considered, NOR evaluated by the Regional and Central managements, which remained totally blind to the needs of the Italian market.

    On the contrary, strategies and policies have been imposed, which were completely alien to the reality of the Italian market and based on reasoning that contrasts with the local peculiarities. The failure of these strategies determined a significant drop in productivity and the progressive loss of market shares for Malaysia Airlines Italy.”

    This has clearly shown that the three idiot managing MAS never consulted the staff regarding cutting MAS routes in particular the Italian route. Yet their credential show that they are a bunch idiots.

    Look AJ: he was in Malakov and Malakov is totally different from MAS, an airlines. What doe she know about aviation industry? ZERO.

    Look at Rahsdan the crony. He was involved in MAS by virtue of his appointment of BinaFikir Sdn Bhd by Tan Sri MD Nor MD yusof (when he was the MD of MAS) to provide solutions for MAS. So came the failed WAU where it hinged solely on “Widespread Asset Un-Bundling” (WAU). The slogan by the BinaFikir was to make “MAS an asset light airlines”. What they (Azman Mokhtar Rashdan and Tan Sri Md Nor) WERE ON OVERDRIVE TO DISPOSED OF ASSETS OF MAS. They disposed of 70% share in MAS Catering and then sold MAS Komplek. Thereafter, MAS signed another one sided agreement with MAS Catering and committed MAS for 25 year! THE case of MAS Komplex, MAS signed a lease agreement with Asset Global Network Sdn Bhd for 57 years and the rental of this date is about RM76 millions.

    Tan Sri Md Nor, Rashdan and Amok:

    should explain how much did Khazanah pay BinaFikir as consultancy fees in 2002?

    why was there a necessity for MAS to sell its catering to Badawi’s brother without open tender and entered into a one side agreement for 25 years?

    Why sell MAS Komplek and then lease it back for 57 years at such high rental?

    These are my immediate questions to Amok, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and Amok crony Rashdan.

  19. MAS bystander

    Can’t wait to see how YB whacked these AJ, MD Nor, Rashan, Rozman, Azhari and Nor Zalida. Must teach them a lesson that MAS is no easy meat after all. Bloody Malek, the Sleepy Pills addict should be crucify for sucking up to the management for signing the C agreement on its own. We all must take step to get rid of this bast.rd.

    YB please up load your speech as soon as you got it. We want to tea and laugh at those cronies and see where are they going to hide their faces. How are they going to sit in their big car paid by MAS?

    Did you whack that Azman Yahya? one of the quiet culprit her? Please don’t spare him. he is a director in AA as well as in MAS. He is also another!

  20. Flyguy

    MAS Hantu

    a very simple reason.. for certain individuals, MAS is just a pot of eMAS for them to enjoy…


    while fully awared u r busy with the sitting, we will be very grateful if u cld update all the Q&A session pertaining to MAS from all MP as mainstream newspaper will not provide coverage on MAS issue but did saw u in TV3 news…

    once again, million thanks from deep of our heart…MAS HEART

    1. weechookeong


      MAS is our national carrier with our national flag on it. We must not allow a few people to screw it up for resin bet known to them. If MAS is badly managed then we get to the bottom of it and plug the leakages.MAS problems are about LEAKAGES like the one sided contract and other questionable agreements. But the are not interested in plugging the leakages. Without fail MAS revenue is above RM14 – 16 billion yearly. Assuming we take RM14 bil a year as revenue. If we were to plug 10% of the lakes MAS would have made RM140 mil already. I know that the staff are working very hard. look at he cabin crews how they work. But the Panamera Deadwood is another form of leakages. Paid high salaries, big and they always need to outsource to consultant to think for them and to do their job.

      It is my pleasure to stand for the staff but not the Panamera deadwood.

      Lets fight on against the injustice done to MAS and its staff.

      Thank you

      with kindest regards

      wee choo koeng

      1. KAMAHL

        Dear YB,

        I beg to differ.
        Even a Superman cannot fix the problems in MAS.
        The staff themselves must start to STAND and DELIVER (NOT!)

        So YB, don’t waste your time, let them sink!

        He, he, he, padan muka.

      2. Average Joe

        @ KAMAHL

        Padan muka kepala atok kau. If all MAS staff NEVER deliver, then how come MAS has been certified 5-star (plus various other awards) for several consecutive years until recently? Skytrax and their trusted respondences (and other leading rating bodies) are way, way smarter than you idiot. You must have been working for the Red Pariah that’s why you really want MAS to die. You consummate idiot, can’t even slightly camouflage your true intention.

      3. Luv MAS

        Dear Average Joe, hang kena pikir yg hang dok cakap Pariah ni apa hal? Tak puas hati pasal boss AA adalah India? Mangkok, ingat kat MAS pun ada ramai India, so jangan engko pakai perkataan macam itu … Cerita pasal Skytrax … Tu cerita lama lah … Itu pun dah tak dak lagi … So conclusion … PADAN MUKA KORANG … Untung takde, tapi mau cakap banyak … 10 tahun asyik rugi saja … Sekarang korang cakap semua pasal AMOK lah … AA lah … Tengok muka korang tue sendiri dulu …

  21. UNION! UNOIN! UNION! Do you know that the union president was promoted from a measelyclerk to an executive in charge of a station and he has a contract cleaning aircraft interiors? And the good for nothing union secretary
    puts his pen to anything that the company counter proposes. Then there is the missing RM1 million from the union coffers which was reported but case seems to be in cold storage for a number of years. These .. crooks were part of the sham and I am sure they want a piece of the pie too.!!!

  22. khalid mas

    WE MAS must start a campaign by work to rule. Like we have to work from 9 to 5. Let start 9 sharp and leave on the dot at 5.

    Whatever we do, we must not sign the agreement to join “Amok Crony Rashdan airlines”. We must all resist him AJ and Md Nor. There is no law to force us that we must sign to join the crony Rashdan airline. It is a new entity in law. Tell Rashdan to go fly kite and take his wife and children to go to hell. Mother fu.ker!

    MAS has been raped now! Does Rashdan like his wife to be raped too.


    here’s the Italian staff, we would like to take a moment to thank YOURS TRULY for all the support. we will find a way to get your verbatim speech translated in Italian or English. The Italian press is showing some attention to our plight, same can not be said for MAS, as of now we have not heard from anybody. We stand our ground, we will not give up our fight!

    1. weechookeong


      I am sure that are sharing the same feeling with you all in Italy. I believe that they will support you. I mean the MAS staff. As you already have my e-mail: Please feel free to e-mail me whatever you have that you would like to share them with other readers.

      All the best and hope that you all will win against …

      Thank you.


      wee choo keong

  24. MAS Manager

    YB tweeted yesterday that he spoke about “Perompak Negara” and “Pengkianak Negara”. Can’t wait to read what was it about. Please publish the full text of your speech in Parliament yesterday. MAS staff and members of he public would like to know what was the speech all about.

    But if I am a crony i will hiding in the toilet bowl.

  25. Shamsudin

    Malek of MASEUS, you must be happy now that you have on your own behalf committed MASEUS to the new Collective Agreement that you have signed to extend retirement age for another 2 years and the increment of 5%. you will now be able to carry on working in the Panamera Deadwood Department of MAS.

    By the way what did you get from the cronies after you have signed the CA. Bloody sell out. During this time when MAS staff is fighting for MAS and their future, you are bent to join the cronies. Please resign and formerly join the Panamera Deadwood department. Hope other remaining MAS union leaders will not do this stupid act.

    Why are the other union leaders very quiet about the plight of their colleagues in Italy? Where is the spirit of solidarity?

    MAS staff must be alert from now on. Expose the actions of Shane Nollan and everyone connected with PlaneConsult the AirAsia consultant and the cronies. We must also be alert of our union leaders too, some of them may be another Malek, the sell out.

  26. Inside MAS

    Saving MAS with the appointment of PlaneConsult Mat Salleh idiots, you got to be joking. PlaneConsult is AirAsia and AirAsia X consultant. This will definitely be open to conflict of interest. SO we can now see. PlaneConsult only identify the individuals in AIrAsia to head MAS. Rozman Omar, Nor Zalida Ahmad and Azhari. How many more are coming to MAS? Mr Crony Rashdan please tell us.

    After you all joined MAS what have you achieved in term of increasing revenue? Nothing accept creating anger from MAS staff. No point for you all to stay on the job because you are all exposed. The staff are now aware of all of your stupid actions done in the interest of the Pariah and not MAS. So it is better for you to pack up otherwise you will have to leave MAS gate in disgrace! This is not a threat but an advice from another human being. AJ please think for your self stop being a crony.

  27. Quiet Man in MAS

    Inside MAS

    You are 100% correct.

    Before the cronies damage our future let damage them by exposing all their bullshit and agendas in YB’s blog. Fear not. If majority of MAS staff start to stand up against them there is nothing they can do and the people like AJ, Rashdan, Md Nor, Rozman Omar, Nor Zalida and Azhari cannot do anything. The engineering department please expose why are the deals that Azhari has carved out for AirAsia.

    We must also watch out for Datuk Azman Yahya who is also the AirAsia director in MAS board. That shameless guy.

    I know these cronies are on a witch hunt and they are trying to find out how information leaked out. This is what they are interested in. If they have MAS interest in their heart, they should be taking action against who uplifted AirAsia X passengers with ZERO fare and not following normal company procedures. But they couldn’t because mereka BERSEKONGKOL.

    Let screw the cronies before they screw us and the future of our families. F them properly.

    PTUI PTUI! PTUI! to all of them.

  28. Depressed Soul

    I pray that all of these useless board of directors, its kronies along with their families, burn in Hell for eternity and never be forgiven. Our hard earned money are robbed by these heartless monster. The Jews and Israelis have a better heart than this thieves. Ruining hard working staffs’ lives. Pray with me People

  29. Bloody Cronies

    If I am not mistaken YB you have published that PriceWaterHouse is one of the Con-sultant appointed by the existing idiots/cronies in MAS.

    Please read this posting by JUST READ Yb please read it and air it in Parliament. We must stop all these Consultants.

    PlaneConsult is already damaged by eh various posting here. I am waiting to read what has been said by YB about PlaneConsult in parliament yesterday.

    When it is published, the cronies better run boy because we will circulate it to all MAS staff for them to read.

  30. The Bull shit Md Nor

    The Pariah’s cronies, what the f..k you all are doing to MAS and MAS staff? It is clear from what have been posted by YB and until this day no clarification from the idiots that have been drawing big salaries and perks from MAS. Tan Sri Md Nor dare to give a press statement that Board supported the share swap and CCF. Of course, they do. Look at the idiots sitting on the Board: Tan Sri Md Nor himself, Aj, TF, Datuk kamaarudin Meranum (the uncle of Nor Zalida Ahamd, Datuk Azman Yahya (also AirAsia director), Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan hamzah, Datuk Krishnan Tan & Datuk Rohaya (Astro). These are all good for nothing lots. What do they know about aviation industry. They were appointed with the help of Azman Mokhtar, who is one of the architects of WAU (assets stripping) and share suap.

    TAn Sri Md Nor if you dare, please explain why you and the idiot appointed PlaneConsult, the Mat Salleh idiots, when you knew very well that PlaneConsult is also the AirAsia and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd consultant.

    Md Nor please stop your bullshit. I saw and heard YB spoke about what you and your gang have done re MAS Catering, MAS Komplek and etc. WHen it is published please call your press conference and explain. We would like to hear form you what actually happened when you were the MAS MD then. by the wya please tell us how much did MAS pay Bina tak Fikir Sdn Bhd in consultant fees.

  31. suara mas


    Aku amat setuju dengan ko..tak susah nak baca perancangan busuk si T.. n kuncu-kuncu mereka.

    Patutnya macam sprm ke, mycc ke apa lagi masuk la siasat..nak tunggu apa lagi? aku nak tengok si amok n Rashdan mane dia orang lari..

  32. All the Cronies in MAS

    That bloody Tan Sri Md Nor is no angel. As has been posted here so many times that he was responsible for what MAS is today because of WAU, Azman Mokhtar and his crony, Danny, of course were very much involved too. Now two of the bloody idiots were back in MAs and worse of all, Azman Mokhtar is the ultimate boss in Khazanah calling the shot.

    MAS can only be safe when Azman Mokhtar, Danny and Md nor are thrown into the drain. Rozman, Azari Dhalan and Nor Zalida Ahmad will die a natural death because they no longer have backing from Azman Mokhtar. To think of it, by throwing Azman Mokhtar to hell, all the cronies like Md Nor, Rozman, Rashdan, Azhari and Nor Zalida will run for heir life.

    Staff must stand up to fight them in our own little. Don’t do thing easy for them> Don’t join Rshdan’s new company, MAS Sdn Bhd, and keep posting their misdeeds in YB’s blog. Then they cannot function.

  33. mh cabin crew wb

    all those pengkhianat from maseu got their rewards w d extention of retirement age, namely malek, alias, fss pauline penjilat maseu etc! we from d cabin crew shall say, may Allah balas them sooner or later! anyway MH is a lubok emas for umnoputras (jz look at how madey n diam robbed MH via ..R w d loss of rm8 billions)! n now TF ( d boneka of ak again mamak firaun madey) is trying to do what .R has done for mamak firaun madey n diam! come on pm (…), u r not blind n deaf, aren’t u?

  34. Kunyit Hidup

    Rome is not the only station, similar fate for staffs in other bungkus stations too. Pity them very loyal to MAS though non-Malaysian. Many of them clocked more than 10 years. Suddenly – here is your 3 months Pay & Go!

    Current sifus are inadvertently claiming that the previous managements were useless by showing the unbalance book by minus nine-to-ten zeros. As a result of that, let us choose who is the victim of mismanagement:

    A. Former MD – graduated as MAS Chairman, Md Noor
    B. Former MD – transformed as a Malaysian Minister, Idris Jala
    C. Former MD – promoted as one of Khazanah CEO, Tg Azmil
    D. Current staff – cut to the bones or take Pay & Go.

  35. Anonymous

    To ALL MAS Staff,

    The main reason why the union office bearers have been able to reap the rewards is because the MAS management feels the office bearers command the support of the union members. The MAS management can push thru what they want because they know that the office bearers can be bought and the union members are too divided to stand up on their own. This is the power that the office bearers can count on.

    If the union members dont like what have been done to them or feel that they have not been well represented, then call for an EGM and vote these guys out. Take their strength away from them.

    There is nothing to stop you from taking industrial action without the support of the office bearers, like your brothers in Italy.

    What have you got to lose? If you dont you lose, if you do, then at the very least there is a chance that MAS will rethink your plan of actions.

    Forget the union office bearers.

  36. Xplorer

    Kunyit hidup – i agree with you all the previous big bosses had been rewarded handsomely .it’s the downline like us who will suffer the most .

  37. JJTension

    i saw the banner of NO SHARE-SUAP and CCF today… Bravo to MAS Staff especially MAS Unions for the start… hope to see more…

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