The police report against MAS top management

Police report

Updates @ 9:00 pm 18-3-2012: Yours truly have been informed that there are 9 MAS employees in Italy who are protesting by way of sit-in in MAS Italy office against the high handedness of MAS Management. The story should be posted later tonight.

Updates @ 10:10 pm 17-3-2012: The police report on the “NO FARE” MAS ticket for the AirAsia X Sdn Bhd’s passengers has been reported in a news portal in HERE.

Kg Baru Subang Police Station Report No: 1810 / 2012  dated 16-03-2012

AirAsia X SdnBhd (AAX) has terminated its London, Paris and Mumbai routes in February 2012.  The said termination involved 30,000 passengers. On 13-3-2012 AAX terminated its Christchurch routes from May 30, 2012.

AAX did a block booking for its passengers with MAS for its European and India routes.

Booking Reference No:WQSEW was for the following passengers:

  1. Azdan Udin

  2. Enawati Matyacob

  3. Latifah Salleh

  4. Matayacob Abdullah

  5. Noorezazati Matyacob

  6. Noruakramiyah Matyacob

  7. SaifulAnuar Ahmad Shariff

 Two passengers from AAX namely, Ms Noorezatti Matyacob and Mr Jain Abhinav were both AAX passengers and both traveled on 3 March 2012 on MAS flight MH 194.

The MAS tickets numbers for both ex-AAX passengers are as follows:

Ms Noorezatti Matyacob                  2322416844159

Mr Jain Abhinav                                 2322416844150

Both tickets showed no fare and airport taxes has been charged by MAS except for fuel surcharge of RM390 for these two passengers. The MAS internet fare for Kuala Lumpur – Mumbai for 3-3-2012 was RM618 per passenger.

Under normal business practice of MAS, a corporate guarantee had to be given before MAS uplift any other airlines passengers but not in the case of AAX passengers. 

There was an obvious no corporate governance and possible criminal elements involved in the way in which these two tickets were issued which has caused financial loss to MAS. 

The key top managers in MAS are as follows:

En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, Group Chief Executive Officer

En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

En Rozman Omar is the Chief Finance Officer of MAS

Mr Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult is the Acting Commercial Division 

Note: A copy of the “No Fare” MAS ticket has been posted in HERE.

41 thoughts on “The police report against MAS top management

  1. tony fernandes-being a director of both companies, having a fiduciary duty to MAS ,and over-seeing a transaction that benefits his company?

  2. muzaky

    what happen to this report YB? why media never disclosed the report? bought all newspaper today but none of the report out. only chairman of MAS story… Mr. Chairmain, please answer the question from this blog…. why so defensive about your idiot BOD? what turn around and what the hell of time to give? we dont punished them yet but the evidence will bring them for punishment… to all MAS staff please bring more evidence.

  3. JJTension

    Kick out AMOK and everything will be in good hand.

    To MAS Muslim staff, buat Solat Hajat. If their plan is truly to save MAS, may GOD guide them. But if otherwise, may GOD hancurkan mereka…

  4. Pak Tua

    YB, Well done! You are fighting against people who are bent to take advantage of MAS. With all the senor positions filled by their own trojan, they will do anything to kill MAS.

  5. muzaky


    1. they dont care about MAS staff problem. if they really care they should step in to this company problem.
    2. our PM dont dare to question and disclose all the raise matter to the public regard share swap between MAS and the
    pariah company. and we assume somebody in BN and UMNO involved in this conspiracy.
    3. Our media knew the police report has been lodge regarding AAX and MAS but why none of the story published in our
    local newspaper and we have to assume the media in their (BN or UMNO) side.
    4. MAS company take the responsibilty to uplift all ex AAX pax without any charges and the chairman still defense the
    idiot BOD with stupid reason by saying ‘ they need time and dont punish them’. Mr. Chairman, no need to create new
    company so call regional short haul. MAS already have Widebody for Long Haul and Narrow Body for short haul.
    why you want to waste more MAS money ? and why you want to cut some major benefits from staff instead you can
    cut cost from another option such as per stated in this BLOG? All the staff being loyal to the company without any
    bonus for ages! after all the staff cut throating this is wht they get? YB, you may ask this to all the staff in MAS.
    Again, where is so call Rakyat di DAHULUKAN when report has been made? and None of them from BN or UMNO
    MP come forward to solve this problem. MAS people, ask yourself… you want the changes or remain abused by this

    Dear MAS staff… nobody can change this if you yourself dont change… judge yourself. which adun, menteri in BN and UMNO really have patriotism heart to stand for our right without discriminate culture, races and religion. last few decade we proud to have them but now. ….. sigh.

    1. Bro, I guess the best way for mas union to make a move to picket… Petition is to show how serious MAS concern and worried on this development.

      No media coverage due to YB is not from BN camp. If he is from BN camp, it will be in the front page.

      Hope Allah hear my pray… Please help Malaysia Airlines and MAS staff….

    2. Redzuan

      Dear Muzaky,
      I agree that from reading these expose, so many things are going wrong for MAS. Like you, I’m bitterly disappointed that this is taking too long, too blatant to ignore. But I also eagerly wait for MAS BoD and Amok to answer the questions (really answer them) BEFORE I can pass my judgment. Until then, to blanket all the blame onto one party is rather immature, don’t u think?
      It could be that the media/newspaper don’t want to lose one of the biggest advertiser so they didn’t print out negative publicity on that particular low cost airline. Even their planes skidding out of the runway (not just once) went unreported in the newspapers. What I mean to say is, let’s hear both sides THEN decide. What YB Wee is doing (raise this in Parlimen) is the right way to go. If they don’t respond or dilly dally, then in my book we have given them the chance to explain – and we’re free to form opinion. Let’s show Malaysians are still capable of thinking rationally, fairly rather than emotionally.

  6. One Old Man

    Dear MAS Staff,
    Going by what has been reported and if it is found to be true, then as a member of the public, who came to know about this site only recently, you have my sympathy and support. Now it can be seen very clearly that your top management who are suppose to work in the interest of MAS are the real problem rather the solution. They are placed in MAS to serve AirAsia’s interest. As long as they are in MAS and with TF on the board, it will be a matter of time before MAS is finished.
    You have several unions in MAS, don’t you? Sometimes it warrants reaction to suit accordingly to the action and with speed otherwise over time all will be conditioned to results of the action.

    By the way the public, like me, other than knowing the stock prices of AirAsia going up and MAS going down in such a short time without reason (obviously as a result of insiders trading), then followed by announcement of the collaboration which is a lop-sided deal, do not know much about what is going in MAS. Even some ex-MAS do not know about this site and their links. Looks like you need to do some PR work to get the public to be aware of what is actually going on. It must be something to wake them up but not inconvenience them. I am sure many member of the public will support you when they are aware. I will do my little bit by forwarding to as many of my friends as possible to inform them about this site.

    Best of Luck and if do survive we will screw you later.

    One Old Man

  7. Con Man Mat Noor

    That culprit Mohd Nor (the new idiot chairman of MAS) has he cheek to come in the Star, the pariah’s propaganda machinery) to defend Azman Mokhtar’s crony Rashdan. Of course he had to defend that crony Rashdna because he, Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan were all together under the failed WAU in 2002. Now the crony Rashdan and Md Nor are back to screw MAS again. If what they did really good, MAS will not be in such shit today. What they did in WAU was asset stripping under the slogan of making MAS “an asset light company”. What a bullshit. It was asset stripping in simple term. They were under behind the term used by CONsultatn.

    Md Nor please tell us what good to MAS to sponsor QPR for Rm18 million when MAS was bleeding? What good to MAS to appoint the idiots from AirAsia like Rozman as CFO, Azhari Dhalan as head of Engineering, Nor Zlaida Ahamd (Datuk Kamarudin’s niece) as Head of Com and AirAsia’s consultant called PlaneConsult and bloody Mat Salleh Shane NoLan of PlaneConsult as Acting Commercial Director. There are nothing in MAS or other airlines can do the job better than these four idiots. Md Nor please stop bullshitting. Just defend your own self first before you want to defend the crony Rashdan and that budak suruhan AJ.

    MD Nor you are good for asset stripping under WAU. You sold MAS Catering to the Sleepy Head’s brother’s company then you sold MAS Komplek. After you signed one sided agreements with MAS Catering for supply of food and other services and to rent MAS Komplek by ten of million RM a year. Then you were rewarded by the Sleepy Head to head SC. What have you contributed in SC KOSONG. Then You were back as director of Khaznah under Azman Mokhtar. Now rewarded again to come back to MAS to screw MAS.

    Please get out befor eit is too late for you. God is watching you and not MAS staff but you and your family for what you have done to MAS. Please remember thousand of MAS staff except the Panamera Deadwood are cursing him daily and berdoa daily too.

    1. wee choo keong

      Yes, blue sky. I have written quite a bit about FAX (Fly Asean Express Sdn Bhd). in 2006 / 2007 FAX fought very hard to get Rural Air Service (RAS) and Badawi’s administration granted it and gave a subsidy of RM250 million for 2 years. FAX prematurely terminated it and kept the RM250 mil subsidy. MAS was asked to resumed the RAS but couldn’t do so immediately because 6 aircraft were grounded and one was cannibalized for spare parts. MAS spent RM35 million to refurbished all the grounded aircraft. But Khaznah under Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar did not get MAS to pursue the claim from AirAsia X Sdn Bhd.

      A few months after the premature termination of RAS by FAX, FAX changed its name to AirAsia X Sdn Bhd. As usual Badawi’s administration did not withdraw the Air Operation Certicate (AOC).

      If you want to know more, please go to my blog. Perhaps you should start with this link first:

      Thank you

      1. blue sky

        YB I think the subsidy is only for 13 months. MAS demanded compensation from AAX but AAX refused to pay. Finally MOF paid on behalf of AAX. How the govt could allow this is baffling.

  8. muzaky

    im not easy jump to the conclusion before get all the fact. my first question, why do they take so long to answer all the question from YB Wee? simple 2nd question, why PM or anyone from BN and UMNO step forward as what YB Wee did to solve this problem? why there is no coverage from media regarding to ticket booking Police Report? where is Media credibilty and their intergrity to chanel all the information to the public? again i assume self interest within media and gangs camp.. so do we still have to trust them? hopefully after election new government will stop all the current newspaper and tv station operation. tell you what, lillahitaala i hate politic but we want changes since nobody listen to Rakyat. YB Wee, Thank to you for disclose and expose one of the big scandal in this country. please carry on with your research… and bring them the punishment. i believe all MAS staff count on you. Seorang YB yang berjiwa rakyat Mr. Wee Choo Keong.

    1. Old Man


      The true situation can only be one of the following:

      1. There is currently NO bilateral agreement on the fares between Air Asia and MAS.

      2. There IS a bilateral agreement on the fares between Air Asia and MAS but it is not in MAS favor or the fare is ZERO as shown. The fare is hidden and is thus shown as sero in the system so that it will not be leaked to anyone.

      3. There IS a bilateral agreement on the fares between Air Asia and MAS and the fare is according to the IATA guidelines or better.

      In any case, the police report will at least serve to put pressure on MAS to come clean with it. We would all like to know. I more inclined to believe it is 1 or 2 above because of the deathly silence.

      Even if an agreement is penned retrospectivly, then YB would have served the ultimate objective objective to put things right.

      There is a second concern, assuming that there is or will be a bilateral agreement, there is no guarantee that Air Asia will pay what it owes MAS promptly or not ask for a discount as a condition for payment sometime in the future.

      In any case, poor MAS is the victim.

  9. Flyguy


    it will be interesting to see what is the MAS com lady will answer this time? the BOD decision again perhaps…

    BTW, i been informed by very reliable source that TF did dictate most decision in MAS BOD meeting as he is the ONLY one with airline experience and the rest of the “cow” will follow him

    other shocking news is just few weeks ago, planeconsult do a presentation at AO (airport operation) on the new manpower to move forward. currently AO has 18 managers in the dept BUT under soo call brilliant CCF with AA, planeconsult has identify that only 8 managers needed to run AO BUT only 4 positions will be given to MAS staff WHILE other 4, guess what, from our stepfather AA la….

    unfortunately, planeconsult never circulate the presentation, only show to AO management. it will be very interesting IF somebody can give that presentation to YB to read thru…

    1. Kunyit Hidup

      After PlaneConsult presentation on AO, last Friday there was ‘trial run’ resulted one of the baggage handler collapse inside cargo hold (serious condition, rushed to NCI hospital).

      Things to think of:

      1. Are there any occupational health & safety assessments made prior to conduct trial run? (to copy the AA turnaround operations albeit less cargo). Unlike AA, a turnaround of MAS may involve 3000kgs offloading and 3000kgs onloading of cargo must be done within 40minutes for Boeing 737 by set of 4 staffs.

      2. If a set of MAS staff is assigned to do 4 turnarounds or approximately 24000kgs of baggage & cargo (squatting position, hot, dim and noisy), don’t you think Indonesian maids in better condition? Maid: RM700 nett, MAS Baggage Handler: RM1000 minus bills!

      3. If that particular staff in ICU for a month, operations, medications and follow-ups – hospital may cost him EPF savings. And, salary deduction will be the first ‘wishing card’ from Human Capital.

      Who are the deadwoods?

  10. Old Man

    If the MAS Strategic Comms person described the discussion on the unwinding th CCF as interfering with the authorities considerations and speculative, I see the PR of TS Md Noh as even worse.

    TS Md Nor as preempted the eagerly awaited decision of the PM. TS Md Nor has now put undue public pressure on the PM to decide in favor of the CCF. TS Md Nor has publically told the PM that he and the BOD are in favor of the CCF.

    By reviving hs plans to relocate Air Asia Grop to Indonesia, Tony Fernandez has also put the pressure on the PM. To put it bluntl, PM, you screw me, I leave Malaysia and take my business where he climate is more conducive to my style of business.

    Well, PM, for playig dumb and taking such a long time to do something decisive about this travesty, you have now landed yourself in hot soup.

    It damn if you do damn if you dont.

    But remember it is Selangor that is at stake.

  11. The Pumkiner

    This one is easy for Danny boy.

    Consulted his CONsultants already.

    They will put it down to computer glitch. A disease they gotten from the parachuted AA boys.

  12. Khazanah Mole

    This daylight robbery. Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, why are keeping quiet when your crony has been messing around in MASand spoiling whatever reputation that you left. Not much though after the share suap and CCF. Now the picture is very clear that who is your winner after all. Your good friend TF is the winner of course.

    We also know your the other in MAS and AirAsia is doing hell of a good job too. He is of course none other than another crony, Azman Yahya. He sits on board boards AA and MAS. What the f..k is he in MAS? What does he know about MAS beside waving his degree around like your crony Rashdan.

    If you are not going to stop them then you will definitely be dragged down into the shit hole joining Rashdan and MD nor who appointed BinaFikir and WAU was hatched. I hope you have not forgotten about that. .

  13. Atticus

    Old Man

    The truth is number 1 – there is currently NO bilaterlal/mutual agreement between MAS and AA on the transfer fares. After YB’s blog exposed the ‘no fare’ tickets, an emergency meeting was called by AJ on Friday at 2.30pm. Many senior managers were summoned, presumably to do ‘damage control’.
    Apparently they wanted to ‘finalise’ an agreement, and backdate it.
    Sources say that , after a lot of blogs mentioned the 30,000 pax and the alertness of one senior manager regarding the policy applicable, this issue was presented to the Board for a decision. We are told that the ‘agreed’ fare would be 35% less than the ‘lowest average fare’ on MAS on that date.
    That decision is also not reflected in any agreement to date.

    1. Old Man

      Thanks for sharing, if this is the case:

      Congratulations to YB.

      Shame on the MAS CEO and those involved.

      MAS is still stuck with collecting the payment.

    2. Old Man

      At a time when MAS is bleeding, giving 35% discount to a “financially stronger” Air Asia X semms like a stupid move. Ni kerja orang sombong.

      My suspicion is that AAX would want to negotiate for a higher discount, not sign anything but asks MAS to continue uplifting these passemgers. In the end, it is MAS that is screwed.

  14. Anon66

    Would be interesting to see what percentage of the 30,000 passengers have ended up being on MAS and what other airlines AAX have had to pay for. I can’t believe that 30,000 were re-routed onto MH flights from London, especially when most of them are nearly fully loaded to begin with, unless of course, MH added a few flights that we have not heard of yet….if Atticus is correct, then it just goes to show that AJ isn’t been told everything, apparently, this so called lack of communication is a rampant disease in MAS.I’m not sticking up for AJ but I can imagine the poisoned chalice he parachuted into…

  15. Flyguy


    what MAS can do when AK staff control the major MAS dept such as commercial, finance and engineering… AK already in control of MAS. either like it or not, that the fact but believe me, MAS mgmt will strongly deny this

    it really funny when read TS MD Nor statement that CCF is design to opportunity for both MAS and AK but what is see in front of my eye is AK parasit has infiltrate MAS and will drink the last blood of MAS. TS MD Nor is just a puppet like AJ……

  16. Little Man in MAS

    KAMAHL is just another cyber lap dog that Strategic Com employed to divert attention. We should just ignore them. Idiot like this does not know about MAS. It is the top management of MAS that screw up MAS because they made all the decisions. Just like what happened now. AJ and Rashdan have literally screwed up MAS and got us all angry. We will fight back. More shit is going to hit the fan. Trust us, AJ, Rashdan and the AA nominees. MAS staff can take the shit to a certain extend but when you have passed that invisible line we will fight you.

  17. Pak Pandir

    Little man
    You are 100% correct. The invisible line has already been crossed.
    We know how to fight. We will not use the pathetic mainstream media like the NST article which says “staff are fully motivated and committed” that’s why our OTP (on-time performance) is above 90%!! Hey, stupid crony journalist, our OTP has always been over 90% because that’s what we, the MAS, staff are capable of delivering, CONSISTENTLY, despite the fact that this new regime, run by TF and Planeconsult, think that we are all unproductive. It’s the AA OTP that’s pathetic. They call “delays”, retiming. What’s the difference, their planes don’t take off on time anyway!
    And this pathetic combination of AJ, Danny ,Rozman and the other lapdogs, including the Chairman, tries to alarm us with RM2.52BILLION losses, which doesn’t fool any of us. Can’t even answer how staff costs increased by RM1.2 biliion over the previous year! Wonder what hidden costs, could it be huge payouts to the former MD and Board members and consultants, that is parked here? The Chairman is arm-twisted to come up with a statement saying the Board supports AJ and gang and the CCF. It is better for him to shut-up, or his own worms from the WAU1 days will surface, one by one. We wait and see if the external auditors can be fooled as well, to sign off the accounts.

  18. kapakhalus

    The regimes after Tan Sri Aziz have never surpassed him. When Tan Sri Aziz sold and lease back few aircraft to generate some funds and to pay some bonuses to MAS staff, MAS maintained the ownership of its properties (buildings, offices, stations’ offices, holiday apartments so on) worldwide. The lease back scheme provided MAS with the option to own the aircraft again.

    However, when Mohd Nor and Rashdan came aboard, they unbundled MAS aircraft to SPM (Syarikat Penerbangan Malaysia) and “pawn” MAS areas at the KLIA to generate some multi-billion funds.

    But when Idris Jala and Azmil were at helm, they sold 90% MAS properties to generate a billion plus plus funds. They spent off the Government pay-off for surrendering MAS East Operations to pay many MAS staff who were less than two years to retire. They did not get the numbers they targeted and have bad forecasting as they hired more staff soon after.

    Now that Mohd Nor and Rashdan are back and brought in a poor AJ as the Group CEO, they collaborate with AA to spin off what are left with MAS:-
    (a) MAS owned profitable business units like Flight Simulator, MAS Academy, and the among the biggest – MAS Cargo and MAS Engineering. Once spin-off, MAS owned very little or nothing and for every services, MAS will be paying extra instead of at cost currently.
    (b) MAS major and mandatory expenditure disguised under procurement collaboration – Insurance which a de javu of TR’s Cenderawasih Sdn Bhd
    (c) among the last remaining MAS “properties” – MAS Complex A and B, MAS office in London for RM1 billion plus.
    (d) this team is waiting to sign off with AA JV companies to spin off MAS remaining assets.
    (e) to break MAS operations into short and long hauls which made no business sense at all.
    (e) the staff either in the air or on ground have given undivided supports not only to maintain their quality of works and prize performances which won many accolades. Malaysians are very proud of MAS achievements.

    ALL the brilliant minds at the helm of MAS after Tan Sri Aziz went on selling or lease back of MAS properties that MAS is unlikely to own them back. These “brilliant mind of Ivy Leagues” graduates are best at selling MAS properties but not on selling seats to generate more revenues to improve cash funds. ALL of them cried high and higher operating cost as if it was not the case in the past and not happening to other premier airlines. ALL of them making fancy presentations to WOW the audiences. ALL of them brought in many Consultants and ex-Consultants at top pays but fail to boost MAS core businesses.

    None of these brilliant minds really posted operating profits. The Board and the Top Management teams made and decided on strategic matters.

    If the Government fails to act fast, MAS is left with almost nothing. MAS will be stripped to the bone. Almost half of MAS existing workforce will lose their jobs and will impact directly on their dependents.

  19. I am MAS..

    Dear YB,
    Why Tony’s name less mentioned here? Who is the real puppet master here? WAU is just another opportunity for them to make extra money..
    The true intention here is the survival of AirAsia.. After he joined as BoD.. First thing to do.. Kill Fireflyz.. That was the main threat.. Then takeover some of MAS route.. Now we’re hearing about using MAS flight to fly their 30000 passenger.
    Next.. Make use of MAS Engineering to maintain their aircraft at cheap price or may even be for free! That is why he has position his man in MAS Engineering.. Just wait and see..

  20. Ahmad Jantan

    This is more than the work of Gestapo…our airline crew have to share rooms, go on forced deployment and take 2 years leave.Is this the cost cutting measures or cost cutting heads? The problems are piling in MAS and they used us as scapegoats…hello Mr PM…Are u reading this? Your people in MAS have to suffer for bad management and poor planning.

  21. Ahmad Jantan

    Khapakalus – MAS stands for MAS Always Swindle! We have only our asses if that we are lucky….all of them have swindled MAS…it’s worst than a broad daylight robbery!

  22. European

    fooling Bursa Malaysia too ??
    THE conversion of A330 passenger aircraft into a freighter aircraft will not affect the value of new A330 freighter aircraft, says Airbus vice-president of freighters.
    “Historically, there has always been new-build and converted freighters and these aircraft address different end-users and end-points of operations. There is no logical reason of why a new-build freighter loses in value because of a conversion programme,” Andreas Hermann told last week.
    Malaysia Airlines (MAS) cited losses at its cargo arm and the recent announcement by Airbus to develop the A330 Passenger-to-Freighter (P2F) conversion programme as reasons to make a RM314 million provision for impairment of freighter aircraft value.
    According to MAS, the introduction of the conversion programme for the A330 passenger aircraft had depressed the value of its newly delivered A330 freighter aircraft.
    After most of the MAS employees and a big bunch of the Malaysian taxpayers, the shareholders are next in line for being taken for a ride.
    In most of the other Countries in the world, the Attorney General would be on the scene already. Malpractice like this does not encourage foreign investment and Bursa Malaysia is not well consulted to keep quiet.
    The nation and the employees must stand up aginst these crooks.

    1. kapakhalus


      Right on the dot!
      Malaysian AG, MACC, MyCC or the Police are on either on sleeping or re-active mode and never pro-active mode. They just sit on the sideline like watchdogs waiting for the orders from the higher up to start strolling in. The CCF and many media releases from MAS and Air Asia showed blatant evidences of fare manipulation and routes division and allocation which do no benefit the consumers nor the tourism.

  23. steve kk

    Worst still…YB..evidence of cronyism surfacing MAS new group deputy CEO…Danny Rashdan is cousin to Hayati Dato Ali the EVP for Airport Operations who provided worst baggage services. Amongst the problems in AO under Hayati is the lost of baggage because she increases in vendor services.
    Now Hayati Dato Ali is promoted to Chief of MasKargo.
    MAS 100% company for family and friends.
    Good luck !!

  24. Scout

    Concerned and European

    I am also very very puzzled how the conversion can de-value four A330 freighters to the tune of RM314million as “impairment” provisions.
    Three of the aircraft are BRAND new and the fourth one is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION, not delivered yet. So asset not delivered also can ‘depreciate’ so fast? This must be some terrific accounting going on here.

  25. Anonymous

    YB, MAS is just a daylight robber, they rob the tax payer money by giving this perks to their top management and charge the rakyat with full cost of fare..
    Felt cheated..MAS 100% company for families and friends


    Why can’t anybody wait and see how it plays out than speculate all the cons? Talking, criticizing and judging are easier than actually doing the walking.. They are trying to do something better, anybody with a horse sense can see that.

    When AA starting their business, all gave the negative perspective, when they won awards, all call them cheaters and now when they are collaborating with MAS, all call them swindlers?

    Instead of helping and/or supporting our own fellow Malaysians to strengthen the Airline Industry, we try to crash and bring them down, what kind of people are we growing into?

    YB, you should know better, Airline Industry is a long term business, they might or might not giving MYR 0 fares but they are not looking at the turnover within these few months, I’m sure they are looking in terms of 5-10 years later.

  27. Why can’t anybody wait and see how it plays out than speculate all the cons? Talking, criticizing and judging are easier than actually doing the walking.. They are trying to do something better, anybody with a horse sense can see that.

    When AA starting their business, all gave the negative perspective, when they won awards, all call them cheaters and now when they are collaborating with MAS, all call them swindlers?

    Instead of helping and/or supporting our own fellow Malaysians to strengthen the Airline Industry, we try to crash and bring them down, what kind of people are we growing into?

    YB, you should know better, Airline Industry is a long term business, they might or might not giving MYR 0 fares but they are not looking at the turnover within these few months, I’m sure they are looking in terms of 5-10 years later.

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