Aj & Rashdan: “WHAT COST CUTTING?” Part 3 – Zero Fare for uplifting 30,000 passengers of AirAsia X

The MAS online ticket for Mr Jain Abhihab that showed payment for fuel surcharge of RM390 only and fare Zero cost

Updates @2:40 pm 16-3-2012: The police report has been officially lodged at about 12 noon under Kg Baru Subang Report No: 1810 / 12. The detail of the said police report will be posted later.

Updates @ 9:30 am 16-3-2012: A police report will be lodged at 11:30 am at Jalan Bandar Police Station regarding this matter.

En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), the Group CEO of MAS and En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny (Rashdan), Deputy Group CEO of MAS and an Amok’s crony, have stressed on cost cutting under their New Business Plan to save MAS.  Are they seriously walking their talks or just a slogan for people with consultant mentality to fool the Government and the entire nation?Please look at the above online ticket of one Ms Noorezzati Matyacob Mr Jain Abhihab. He was one of the 30,000 of AirAsia x Sdn Bhd passengers that have been uplifted by MAS recently.  Please examine the above online ticket. This passenger travelled on 3-3-2012 from Kuala Lumpur to Munbai. The MAS internet fare for Kuala Lumpur – Mumbai on that date was RM618-00 excluding other charges like fuel surcharge, airport tax and etc.  MAS uplifted this AirAsia X Sdn Bhd passenger with the only payment of RM390 for fuel surcharge

From this passenger alone, MAS has incurred losses of at least RM618 without taking into account the airport tax, which MAS had to pay out and other cost.  Would this be a case of AirAsia X Sdn Bhd has the luxury of keeping the fare paid by this passenger and the other 30,000 passengers that MAS have to uplift due to the terminations of its routes to London, Paris and Mumbai? Not a bad business deal after all! “NOW EVERYONE CAN TAKE MAS FOR A RIDE!” No wonder AirAsia X Sdn Bhd officer announced with confidence that those affected 30,000 passengers can still travel to their destinations without having to pay extra charges in fare.

Now it is clear why Mr Shane Nollan, of PlaneConsult, was appointed as the Acting Commercial Director for MAS. What is he doing about this as the Acting Commercial Director? Knowingly sleeping on his job or he has been instructed to pretend to be stupid. This is what the handpicked Mat Salleh consultant by the Amok’s crony, Rashdan, for MAS.

It is always the policy of MAS to ask for a bank guarantee when it is uplifting passengers from other airlines. In this case,  although the MAS staff has asked for bank guarantee from AirAsia X Sdn Bhd, the notorious TRIO must have overruled the staff. Thus, no bank guarantee was given by AirAsia X Sdn Bhd for uplifting the 30,000 passenger. This was a very stupid way of doing business. Perhaps this has been advised by MAS consultant, PlaneConsult, which is also the consultant for AirAsia Bhd and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd. Further, the Executive Chairman and MD of Plane Consult is none other than Mr Conor McCarthy, who is also the co-founder of AirAsia and still is a director of AirAsia.

The appointment of PlaneConsult by Amok’s crony and AJ or by the MAS Board as Puan Nor Zalida Ahmad, the Head of strategic communication, has said in her letter to the Star today that it was not down by Amok’s crony Rashdan but by the Board of MAS, was a decision to encourage CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

AJ or Amok’s crony, Rashdan and/or the Board of Directors of MAS must take immediate actions to terminate the services of PlaneConsult as the said appointment was not in the best interest of MAS. The evidence are too glaringly.  All we need to show is the appointment of Nor Zalida Ahmad, who is the niece of Datuk kamarudin Meranun of AirAsia and sister to En Zaman Ahmad, who is the Head of Customer Experience and Technology of AirAsia, as Head of strategic communication, En Azhari Dhalan as Head of MAS Engineering Division and En Rozman Omar as the CFO of MAS. Please read in HERE.

Yours truly cannot believe that such losing business arrangement was part of the “COMPREHENSIVE COLLABORATIVE FRAMEWORK” (CCF) and the synergy between MAS and AirAsia as announced by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, the MD of Khazanah Nasional, after inking of the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap on 9-8-2011.

To AJ, Rashdan, the Amok’s crony, En Rozman Omar, the identified individual that has been handpicked by PlaneConsult to be the CFO of MAS and the Board of Directors of MAS: WHAT THE TRIO  HAVE BEEN DOING IN MAS?  WAS THIS THE WAY TO DO BUSINESS? WAS THIS PART OF YOUR SO-CALLED COST CUTTING UNDER THE NEW BUSINESS PLANS? WAS THIS DECISION PART OF THE CCF?

May I sincerely ask the notorious TRIO, Do you have any conscience as Malaysians dealing with public fund when you all did such a stupidest thing against the future of 20,000 human beings known as (perkerja-perkerja MAS) and our national interest?

AJ, you have said on 22-2-2012: “For his mission at Malaysia Airlines, he knows what his immediate priorities are: cut losses, weed out unprofitable routes, woo back premium customers, raise productivity among employees and boost their morale.”, in HERE. Do you honestly and with clear conscience believe that what you, Amok’s crony, Rashdan, En Rozman Omar and Mr Shane Nollan have done and are doing would “boost” the morale of MAS staff?

A formal complaint must be lodged with MyCC as this blatant act of not charging fare by MAS for uplifting the 30,000 passengers of AirAsia X Sdn Bhd is against the spirit of competition and therefore has contravened the Competition Act, 2010.  

What the notorious TRIO have done so far have no doubt inflicted more damage and losses to MAS.  The actions to stop had to be immediate before MAS is totally condemned by the notorious TRIO and the ineffective Board of Directors of MAS which consist of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (AirAsia), Datuk Kamarudin Meranun (AirAsia), Datuk Azman Yahya (also a director in AirAsia), Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah, Datuk Krishnan Tan, Datuk Rohana (Astro) and an officer of Ministry of Finance.

Yours truly has been informed by sources in MAS that a Panel was set up consisting of officers from PlaneConsult, Ernst & Young and representative of MAS Management to force upon Head of Department in MAS to reduce its staff in their department.  Is this a scheme to fit into the agenda of 1st May 2012 where MAS Sdn  Bhd will come into operation. The Amok’s crony, Rashdan, has been known to have constantly referred MAS Sdn Bhd as “my airline!  Well, not surprising to me as Rashdan’s ego is as high as KL Twin Towers!  It is hoped that this was not true. But rumors coming out from MAS these days seemed to be true.

Mr YAB PM, this is a crystal clear case of “HARAPKAN PAGAR, PAGAR MAKAN PADI!”  Mr YAB PM, do you still require more evidence to act than what have been produced in the Blog of yours truly?

Mr YAB PM, may yours truly plea to you to step in immediately in the light of this evidence to remove all the notorious TRIO and ex-AirAsia officers (Nor Zalida Ahamd and En Azhari Dhalan) in MAS and the Board of Directors of MAS for failing in their duties to look after the interests of MAS and, most of all, their inertia have contributed to the existing LEAKAGES, which is the main problem in MAS.  Yours truly also beseech YAB PM to call upon MACC and other Government agencies to move in to thoroughly investigate into what the TRIO and the Board of Directors of MAS have done and doing by rubber stamping what the notorious TRIO have done.

47 thoughts on “Aj & Rashdan: “WHAT COST CUTTING?” Part 3 – Zero Fare for uplifting 30,000 passengers of AirAsia X

  1. Khinzirnah

    Oh my god. This is so sickening. Good job YB for exposing the truth.Don’t just stop at MAS. Look also into Khazanah, especially Azman M (M for Mangkuk) and his cronies. More shits happening.

  2. Pak Pandir

    Great work, please keep exposing some more. Maybe PM will wake up. Come to think of it, he is no better than the previous PM. At least the last one didn’t bother to pretend that he was sleeping. This PM pretends to be AWAKE but actually sleeping with his eyes open. No wonder so many are fooled!.
    At this rate, what load factor (percentage of seats sold to cover cost of operating the flight) does MAS need to have on this sector to break even ?
    Probably 200%, strap passengers to the wings and tail of aircraft also cannot break even la macam ini. Poor Mas staff, you are operating charity flights for AAX ka?

  3. Stan

    YB, I understand when passengers are transferred from other airlines, MAS must follow the billing convention in the IATA rules as it is a member. By right MAS should be charging the lowest fare allowed under the convention if it intends to help Air Asia X and fellow Malaysians. Air Asia X must pay the difference between this zero fare immediately to MAS.

    Someone in this organisation needs to sacked immediately. I’m thinking the CEO should be sacked for allowing this to happen. No wonder MAS has a problem with it’s RASK. The abuse has to stop.

    For the other BOD members, Datuk Rohana and Datuk Krisnan Tan it is obvious the both of you are oblivious to what is happening right under your noses. Your engagement with MAS will mark your corporate downfall.

  4. Scout


    AAX is NOT an IATA member, so the billing convention does not apply. In this case, the fares have to be determined under a mutual agreement. In fact because AAX is not an IATA member, they cannot issue the tickets, which is why MAS issues the tickets for them. I am simplifying this for the sake of easy understanding. So, bottom line is, what is the agreed fare between MAS and
    AAX here? Looks like it is ZERO. Well, that’s what COLLABORATION is all about isn’t it?

  5. European

    We are following this with great interest and have all respect for the support given to MAS by such a honourable MP. …Chapeau, as the french would say.
    We all wonder what else must happen, until officials move in and stop such a obvious robbery (does it take openly carried firearms until officials wake up??)
    Not even the Mafia in Italy would dare to rob a company so openly.
    Considering MAS is owned by the public, what happens to your Press and TV..?? are they as corrupt too ??? The staff of MAS and the People of Malaysia should stand up against this obvious crime… Even the Press in Europe starts looking at it wich increasing interest.
    Attracting Tourist for a country that accepts open robbery ??? Attacting business and investment????I don´t think so..
    Stand up and bring these jokers to justice.. what more evidence is needed to get all those criminals to jail??? Laws, Corporate Governance… all unheard of?? good luck to those suffering…

  6. People in Corporate World

    AJ where are you going to hide your face from now on? If you have principle and see respect, please resign. You are no longer fit to hold the post of CEO for any public company except your own or companies belongs to Amok, Rashdan or the Pariah. You are definitely not fit to be CEO of a GLC involving public fund.

    The fact stated in this posting by YB is very serious. It is a strong evidence for MYCC and MACC to step in to investigate. Your integrity sudah jatuh longkang!

    Please take the honorable step to resign and resign now to save whatever little image that you may have.

  7. Malaysian

    It made me sick to my stomach reading the dirty deals that they trios and other fellas have done to MAS. Daylight robbery under our very own nose and yet the PM cant do nothing to F-ing speed it up? Hey PM, wake up!! Start workin ur ass off, you cant deny you have sickening figures in your government. Youre supposed to be the leader, dont be afraid if anyone for God’s sake!!

    Kick those bastards out of MAS once and for all! This daylight robbery is so sickening, it made me lost my faith in the Government. YB, this thing got to be leaked out through the mainstream medias. Those Government-controlled medias would cover up all of these shits like nothing had ever happened. Call up any media that can reveal all these to the public, without votes in the future GE they will have no power at all unless our PM acts now and changes!

    and F you Air Asia, I never hated you before until you are so afraid that your low-cost business model is gonna bust up and start doing this shit to other airlines. Only in Malaysia my friends, ONLY in Malaysia that this kind of thing could happen in front of our own eyes. To MAS employees who read this blog, do your part by revealing this blog to the wider and larger audiences. Stand up as one and fight out this fight together. Anyone, I said, anyone, shouldn’t underestimate the power of the people!

  8. Stan


    Although AAX is not an IATA member it is a member of ICAO which draws it’s guidelines from IATA. If I not mistaken both airlines are members of ICAO.

  9. Stan


    Collaboration or lopsided stewardship of an ailing company?

    What is happening in MAS looks like a repeat of the infamous agreement with LSG Sky chef where all benefits accrue to one party, in this case AAX. In this circumstance, the public does not lose as they are not requested to pay more. That does not mean that MAS must foot the bill!

    Wonder what is happening to the cash flow position in MAS? Heard it is running out soon.

  10. Jagjit

    AJ and Amok crony Rashdan have been talking cock and bullShitting to the MAS staff for too long. It is now time for AJ eat up those words and resign because he has already failed. He allowed himself to be a crony of the Pariah.

    How can a CEO of a company allowing such a thing to take place right under his eyes.

    AJ you are running a national airline not a subsidiary of AirAsia. So wake up and do your father and mother some pride. Just resign and fade away. This zero fare for uplifting AA X passengers is a damning evidence against you, Rsshdan, Rozman and the whole Board of Director.

    MACC please move in now to whack these anti-nationals.

    PM what are you waiting for. Sack the main culprit Azman Mokhtar. The cause of everything.

  11. Ron

    What a conspiracy among those in MAS top management and the Red Indian! If the PM still cannot see through this then GOD bless Malaysia. Where is the corporate governance in MAS. These 3 idiots will bring MAS to its knee faster than we can imagine.

  12. jack1960

    Internal Auditors….Audit Committee….Independent Directors

    YB, unless a plausible explanation based on arms-length principle can be extricated forthwith from MAS, then a fundamental failure of corporate governance has occurred. Well, time for our local bourse & its governing body to act. If proven correct, then some heads have to roll. The very integrity of this whole CCF deal has been compromised. Good lord heaven forbid!

  13. shankarprasad


    Wonder why the opposition has been very quite on this issue as well as members of the ruling party and why the press do not bother to highlight it more and also most bloggers seem not care to work on it. wonder, wonder,wonder

  14. Con Men at work

    It is a case involved conspirators. Shocking that AJ can allow such a thing to happen in MAS. Right: Harapkan pager, pager makan paid. Amat tepat, YB. Please do something to help us MAS staff. We have had enough of the ways decisions were shoved down our throats with no discussions. MAS interest has been put at the back like what they did to the logo on the new A 380.

  15. Scout


    I think it is fair to say whether it is IATA ka, ICAO ka, where these people are concerned the rules are made for others to follow, not for them because they think they are invincible. They may be correct, because with all the exposes of all the nonsense going on , NOBODY, be it the PM, MYCC or MACC has taken any action. They think the rakyat are not watching??
    Yes, the cash flow position is precarious. AJ and Danny take great pains to remind the staff about this, therefore, staff have to TRUST them and SUPPORT their Business Plan (which btw looks good on paper, but by and large staff have no clue how the Plan is going to be translated into action because only PlaneConsult seems to have the whole picture AND the blank cheque to execute it!)
    Ironically, while staff are being constantly reminded about the airline being “in crisis”, staff also see the spending spree and leakages continue. Unlike in the past, staff are not buying in to the business plan and morale has hit rock bottom. This is understandable. What would you feel if the Consultant comes to your work area and tells your Head of Department, I want to see a reduction of 30% of your headcount, show me the structure and plan! You see, not only the TRIO gaji buta, the Consultant also gaji buta – we the staff do the work for them. Worse, as in the case of Ground/Airport operations, the Consultant can say, we only require xxxx number of staff, and this number may not necessarily come from MAS, we will get AA staff also to man the operations! See, AA is in trouble, they are REDEPOLYING their staff to MAS, and what happens to MAS staff ? Well, since Tony and PlaneConsult think we are all lazy and unproductive, we will all get the marching orders la.

  16. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    Damn you Bloody Pariah TF, AJ, AMOK, Rashdan aka Danny Boy, Shane you all are a bunch of bast**d and asshole. Until today none of the idiots can tell the staffs of MAS what is the direction of the company and they talk so much about focusing on getting the company back on its feet and then on the other hand, robbing every dollar and cents from the company.

    Pariah TF, you are really a pariah of the 1st degree and AJ, Danny both of you are not only budak suruhan but b*lls sucking/licking bastard.

    What is YAB PM doing, talk and making promises but never fulfilled any at all. YAB PM are you going to let these worse than animals and worse than bloody sucking vampires to keep on robbing MAS till none is left at all and YAB PM are you going to let the NATIONAL PRIDE fall flat to the ground?

    YAB PM, you better step in now as the RAKYAT and MAS Staffs is depending on you to STOP these bloody robbing of the NATIONAL PRIDE by these group of Pariah/Syaitan/Bas**rd. Adakah “RAKYAT DIKEMUDIANKAN, NEGARA DIKEMUDIANKAN, PENCAPAIAN DIKEMUDIANKAN tetapi “CCF dan SHARE SWAp DIDAHULUKAN”

  17. MAS on track to ...........!!!

    Now we can see why so much (excessive) provisions required. They had already planned for “much” bigger operational losses.
    With the big provisions, they can still eventually show a company profit when some of these provisions are “reversed”. AJ would still look okay lah.

  18. Namza

    Looks like MAS is being robbed left, right, top, bottom all over by AA cronies and families. So, this so-called Head of strategic communication woman Nor Zalida Ahmad is the niece of Kamarudin Meranun and sister to Zaman Ahmad, the AA Customer Experience and Technology. Bet she won’t get the job on merit. Judging the way she responds, bet soon passengers will fly on other airlines besides MAS. Guess she was being head hunted too. Hehehe

  19. avtar singh

    Dear member of parliment,

    I can understand your anger about this but as an educated man and a representative of the people, shouldn’t you have contacted or written to MAS to find out about the nature of this transaction in the first place instead of jumping the gun, making allegations and threatning to report this to the police?

    Isn’t that the correct manner to handle a situation like this? Your style, judging from the way you blog seems to suggest everything is a conspiracy and everything is a scandal when it could very well be air asia x have agreed on a set price to transfer passengers via MAS who are stranded due to the cancellation of AAX flights to Mumbai…hence why there is a zero stated in the document above.

    I think a sensible person would have investigated the matter maturely first and waited for an answer. You are not giving the new management much time to do very much by hammering them the way you are.

    I neither work for mas nor air asia and can care less about politics, in case you are wondering who I am.

    I will however state that going about things your way doesn’t always produce results…the sort of results which actually have a proper answer to a question.

    avtar singh

    1. weechookeong

      Dear avtar singh

      There is not need for anger about the matters posted in my Blog. The details are there for everyone to read. Since August 8-8-2011 I have posted so many materials and there was no responds from the Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s crony or AJ.

      A few bloggers (OutSyed The Box, Anohter Brick in the wall, Big Dog, Apanama and Rockybru) and I have also met Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and his crony at the Hiilton Hotel. I have clearly explained the position to Tan Azman and brought several issue concerning MAS like the one sided agreement of MAS, the cannibalization of aircraft by AirAsia X Sdn Bhd during the RAS days costing MAS RM35 million to put right the RAS aircraft, the huge subsidy granted and etc. Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar has openely agreed that the 10% option to buy the AirAsia X Sdn Bhd was a “DODGY DEAL”! Khazanah still went ahead with the appointment of Investment banker Stanley Morgan to do a valuation of AirAsia X Sdn Bhd.

      So many issues regarding the secret share swap and CCF have been raised in and out of Parliament but not a word from MAS management. There was no transparency at all.

      There is nothing wrong for any one to lodge a police report asking the police to investigate as there are too many good reasons to do in the light of what I know and in possession of. I can only go by what I have seen from the document and am satisfied with the authenticity of it. If you care to read the many posting in my Blog then you can understand why I lodged the report unless you are wearing blinkers.

      Please look at my posting on “AJ & Rahsdan; ‘What cost cutting?” & PlaneConsult Part 2″ the you will understand the situation in MAS better. Please spend a bit of your time to read then comments.

      Thank you

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keonng

    2. Malaysian

      LOL bro. You are either didn’t read the whole journey written here by YB Wee or just purely judge him by reading a few posts. And hello bro, what made you think if MAS would be honest with YB Wee if he were to meet them when they themselves have been avoiding their own staff for months regarding what might the future be for them.

      “I think a sensible person would have investigated the matter maturely first and waited for an answer.”

      Waiting for an answer from them? You must be high. Waiting them is what costed the employees months of wondering and worrying. And waiting again for them to answer, you might not see MAS at all, gone, drown, burnt to the ground by the red evil co. Investigated maturely? How mature you want this to be dealt with when they rob MAS in front of our very own eyes? Talking is cheap bro. How about you take your own sweet time when some robbers rob your house in front of your very own eyes? Wanna wait? Then wait till you lose everything. I’m not ill-wishing you, just an analogy for the same situation which IS happening to MAS now.

      “I neither work for mas nor air asia and can care less about politics, in case you are wondering who I am.”

      If you don’t work for them even you clearly sound like the otherwise, shut the F up. This is not small matter. It will cost God knows how much, perhaps millions of ringgit or more of money wasting, and it shall be dealt with nothing but accurate and quick responses, but how sad, the Government themselves are slow as a man with no legs, always taking a stroll in the park even somebody wanna shoot them from behind, and guess where they might end up with?

      Write somethings with your brain and common sense, understand the whole situation 1st. They (MAS) have been avoiding all thse shits. Public need to know how evil that stupid low cost Air Asia boss who only think of his wealth, stupid EPL club and F1.

      Now does this make sense to you?

  20. The Pumkiner

    Leeches will always suck the blood of others in other to survive. When the host dies, they will prosper with all the blood of the victim. Then, time look for another host to leech on.

    Danny boy is now so pleased that he has done another great favour to his masters.

  21. Nik

    Well done YB, wonder who are them to change the logo of Malaysia airlines , if you see all this while the logo and colour always red and blue facing left, suddenly saw MAS website logo facing right

  22. Krishnan of MAS

    It was a clear case of infiltration by the Red Indian group and then take advantage of MAS. Then Azman Mokhtar will announce a need for WAU 10 and his crony Rashdan will head it. Until MAS is entirely finished then Azman adn his crony will be very satisfied.

    the Board of director of MAS consist of TF, Kamarudin Meranun, Azman Yahya (also a director in AirAsia) and crony Rashdan. Every will go through no problems. The rest are non starters and good for withdrawing salaries and allowances.

    1. weechookeong

      Sdr Anonymous

      I will post it at the appropriate time. Let them answer the Kul/Bom first.

      They have been keeping silence on a lot of things and at the same time bulldozing a lot of things. Will bring them out in Parliament next week.

      Thank you


      wee choo keong

  23. mamat

    O boy! I’ve just visited the MAS website. They have already changed the colour and the logo. Not only it looks yucky, but i think they also pocket out a lot of money for that!

  24. Yahya of MAS

    With all the emails that budak suruhan AJ has been sending out to MAS staff to be focused to turn around MAS and with the evidence of “NO FARE” being charged for AirAsia X passengers, I do not where he is going to hide his bloody face!

    It is always the standing policy of MAS that under such circumstances, before uplifting of AriAsia X passengers with such volume MAS will demand for a bank guarantee. In this case when staff asked for Bank Guarantee that bloody Ma Salleh Shane NoLAN say no need and he will sort it out with Rozman the TRIO.

    We didn’t know that this was how he sorted out. No wonder they were in such rush to place this crony Rozman as CFO of MAS. So now you all can see the move. Azhari in MAS ENgineering> So service of AirAsia planes can be kaotim and given special preference with some like “NO FARE” mah comparing the actual market rate charged by MAS. I am sure that you must have already got it YB. Please publish it for the world and PM to see.

    Thank you so much for lodging a polcie report on behalf of MAS staff and MAS against the TRIO and the kuncu2 of that Red Indian Pariah and Amok.

  25. Malaysian

    Glad somebody lodged a police report. It’s time for all of these to stop. Stop and compete. Why cant Tony understand this shit? He’d be a good fellow if he just did an honest business. If you know youre gonna burden your company with a hefty debt, stop the F-ing expansion. Expand with the knowledge that you can take that risk of debts on your own, not by sucking other’s money if youre in trouble.

    Come on PM, do something!!! Stop this madness and let MAS be operated without the involvement of TF and those know-nothing Malays!!

    1. avtar singh

      It’s bizzare…some very educated people on here, yet not person has the presence of mind to stop for a minute and to think rationally instead of following the rantings of a politician during an election year to ask, “have you actually written to the CEO of MAS to ask about this matter?”

      WCK, you’re bizzare.

  26. Anonymous

    This is the great work of the new Head of Strategic Communiactions of MAS.

    If there is a bilateral agreement on the fare to be charged by MAS to Air Asia X for uplifting these passengers, why hide it.

    Great assessment of the situation.

    Unless the reason why you think it is not adviseable to inform the staff and the public is because there is no bilateral agreement or the agreement is again not in MAS favor or horror of horrors, the agreement is that the fare is ZERO.

  27. MAS Manager

    Yb has done his parts. We in MAS must do our part to resist the outside barbarians now in MAS including the bloody PlaneConsult, which is hardly independent with Conor McCarthy is the head and he is also a co-founder of AirAsia and director of AirAsia. We must resist the bunch of Mat Salleh (filled with conflict of interest) running amok in MAS now.

    We must not make it easy for these guys to cannibalize MAS like what they have done with WAu, RAS and etc. We must not resign to make life easy for them. I am sure that the staff in MAS are smart enough to fight these bunch of cronies and bloody mat salleh especially Shane Nollan.

    Lets teach the crony Rashdan, Rozman, Azhari and Nor Zalida from AirAsia that it is not as easy as they thought to cannibalize MAS, the national carrier.

    Last but not least, thank you YB. We know you have fought hard for us and we shall stand by you to take them on.

  28. Just One Pusing

    avtar singh

    I am n crony of the Pariah and will never be his. Just ask your self when Azman Mokhtar said “AirAsia X deal is a dodgy deal” what does that mean. It meant in simple term let forget about the deal but he went ahead to conclude it. This is the type of people who appointed the idiots to sit there. Like Rashdan his crony. AJ the brainless follower. THe mat salleh part of the pariah’s outfit.

    Do we really need to talk to the idiots/cum cronies to understand what they had done? Their moves are so clear. Ask yourself “Why PlaneConsult only identified individuals from AirAsia only? please don’t tell me that no body in MAS is good enough to fill the post? Nobody in other airlines are better or good enough than ROzman, Azahri and Nor Zalida to fill those posts of CFO, MAS Engineering and Communication! Come on please.

    If what have been agreed or done pertaining to the uplifting of passengers from AirAsia X and in accordance with pat practice and policy of MAS, then AJ and Rashdan could have send out email to staff to inform after all AJ has the habit of sending our inconsequence email to staff “asking staff to be focussed or work together, don’t listen to rumors” in order to turn around MAS! But staff have never been consulted with all the decisions made. The appointment of useless Mat Salleh consultant PlaneConsult, the so-called expert on low cost airlines, the changing of structure of MAS, removing of good staff in MAS by putting pressure for them to leave, changing the logo, letterhead, name card, move to KLIA and more, were done without consultation.

    During Town Hall meetings when staff ask for what direction mAS is taking, AJ and Rashdan have no answer and more often than not avoiding to answers. This is the type of stupid management we have.

    YB should not bother to ask them. If they are not happy with the posting or the posting was not true, why both AJ and Rashdan can instruct Datuk Kamarudin(from AA) niece, Nor Zalida to reply via press statement an appoint out the wrong info posted by YB like what she did a few days ago to defend the crony Rashdan.

    For heaven sake please don’t try to defend the indefensible acts of those idiotic TRIO in MAS.

    I am no crony or not one that take instruction from the Pariah. I hope that you are not too.

    Thak you

  29. George

    One after another robing, MAS .Even Ahmad selling Nasi Lemak, Ah Chong selling fried Koay Teow and Muthu selling Roti Canai so call hock ker know how to calculate .
    But CEO CFO or CSO and can call sort of name that can be found in all the alphabet from A to Z does not know how to add 1+1=
    No wonder MAS is loosing Money and no bonuses for the staff This trusted people r robing them off their hard earned world no one.
    WAkeup wakeup all Kaki n hand of MAS . Do something b4 all of u r w/o a job.
    Kudos to the one who got this pc of

  30. viper1909

    To all,
    Just watching buletin just now SADLY the announcement by chairman MAS that share suap is ON n NO changes after all hard work done by MR YB….juz another sad days for malaysian..
    Wondering what is advisor MAS doing,his so silent before and after?!another gaji buta i guess.

  31. European

    Malaysia Airlines is a very sick patient, and its condition is quite critical. Indeed, there are a full range of prescriptions available. Judge us by the result, not by the choice of prescription.
    * The above is a statement from Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof, who is chairman of Malaysia Airlines
    Yes indeed it is certainly a good medicine to spend 19 MIO for a 3rd-class football team in the UK, 24.9 MIO for more than questionable consultance fees,
    carry almost 30.000 ex Air Asia-X passengers for just the surcharges and pay high salaries plus perks to so called Top Managers who have no clue how to get MAS back on track except they seem to know well, how to spend money.
    thought robbery is considered a criminal act in Malaysia too ?? how come the attorney does not step in ??? The government remains silent… no action on even obvious crimes???? Tourists and investors be warned….But Malaysia and his people deserve better…. we feel with you and hope MAS gets rid of this bunch of criminals soon.

  32. q0l0p

    Spot on YB.
    But I DON’T think YAB Najib dont know abt this. His style to keep any problem to die by it self such like “I got Lembu nak jaga” Senator’s term expired.
    But this MAS problem not dying it self… keep on YB, you must keep this issue ‘Marak’.

  33. jose manuel

    No point appealing to the YAB PM, he is a coward, with two .. with different sizes. He has been … heavely by Air Asia, to open his stupid mouth. If he open his mouth, he will be flip floping, and say everything in MAS is OK. Malaysia will be sucked dry with this stupid corrupt leaders.

  34. Black mamba

    Who the hell is this Chairman?
    He was the MD who declared MAS profits by taking out the maintenance reserves and now he is the Chairman that declared MAS losses by taking in provisions for the delivery of aircraft.

    The real culprit has spoken!

    YB, please publish the affidavit,

  35. Antigajibuta

    Good job YB.

    I am sure this is happening on other sectors too. No wonder most of my pax disembarked the airplane in CDG with smiling faces. They flew so called 5star premium airline with a low cost fare.

    To AJ,
    stop asking your staffs to focus if you and other Pariah crony cant stop focusing on robbing MAS. Go and swim, cycle and run far far away since that is what you are only good at.

    To YAB PM,

    “Pendek Kata” if you cannot protect the National Carrier, then how are you gonna protect the rest of the Malaysian.

    Election just around the corner.

  36. Kriscop

    I think those who have an interest in Air Asia thinks it was a setup when the Malaysian government purportedly changed. Or this is a conspiracy to derail the popularity of the ruling government. This is a dangerous action. Fix it before it all too late.

  37. MAS - Musuh Atas Selimut

    These are the facts.

    1. MAS is member of IATA. AAX is not. Even though it’s under mutual agreement, the fact is, MAS is still allocating 30,000 seats AAX pax instead of selling them and generating for full revenue for flights which, under normal circumstances are always full load. Why?!?!
    2. MAS pays out 18 million pounds to finance QPR (oh big surprise!… NOT!) when they’re trying to “cut cost”.
    3. MAS cuts down high profitable routes from KKIA to Orient routes (high profit) and from KLIA to high profit routes like Surabaya, Japan, etc. while AAX takes over the routes.
    4. The appointment of Nor Zalida Ahmad, who is the niece of Datuk kamarudin Meranun of AirAsia and sister to En Zaman Ahmad, who is the Head of Customer Experience and Technology of AirAsia, as Head of strategic communication, En Azhari Dhalan as Head of MAS Engineering Division and En Rozman Omar as the CFO of MAS.
    5. AAX now getting their planes serviced under MAS engineering under NO cost as well???
    6. Paying PlaneConsult thanks to BinaFikir Sdn. Bhd., the RM1 company.

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Do you see any of this in the media? I for sure as hell haven’t.

    For those so ignorant in their bliss and don’t want to believe what’s happening, then that’s just sad. Open your eyes and take your head out from the place where the sun doesn’t shine. MAS staff is behind you, YB. You’ve got their support. The Union can’t do anything for them right now.

    All these MAS robbers are not even musuh dalam selimut. They are atas selimut where everyone can see but no one is doing anything about it. Except you, YB. For that, we thank you.

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