14-03-2012 Questions Time: MYCC is investigating into MAS-AirAsia share swap & CCF

Updates @ 6:50 pm on 15-3-2011: blue sky has informed yours truly that Puan Nor Zalida Ahmad is the niece of Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, the Deputy CEO of AirAsia and after the secret MAS AirAsia share swap was inked by Tan Sri Mokhtar he was appointed  a director of MAS. By the way, she is also the sister of Zaman, AirAsia Customer Experience an Technology Officer.   

After the said secret share swap, Puan Nor Zalida Ahmad was employed by MAS. In a short span of time she was promoted to be the Head, strategic communication of MAS. Another recruit from AirAsia. Hopefully it was not coincidental again that she is one of the local individuals that have been handpicked by PlaneConsult, whose CEO, Conor McCarthy again by coincidence is also the founder and director of AirAsia Bhd. It seems that PlaneConsult has the only capability of identifying “good and capable” individuals from AirAsia! WHY? WHY? WHY? Mr YAB PM please take immediate actions before it is too late!

Updates @ 12:55 pm on 15-3-2012: MAS union officials and members of staff are in Parliament House to distribute letter to YAB PM to the PAS MPs. Syabas! It is high time that all the MAS unions and MAS staff must all stand up against the ill thought out policies and decisions made by AJ and Rashdan, Amok’s crony and ex-business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd. Of course, En Rozman Omar, the new CFO of MAS, and En Azhari Dhalan, the new Head for MAS Engineering, who are both from AirAsia, are included. Now Rashdan is hiding behind the MAS board for all the decisions he has made. Presumably the arbitrary decision to pay RM18 million to sponsor QPR and the appointment of the mat salleh consultant firm, PlaneConsult, were also not his but MAS Board in HERE. Grow up crony, if you cannot stand the heat please leave the kitchen! MAS does not need its top executive to appoint mat salleh consultant to think for them!  

Puan Nor Zalida Ahmad, Acting Head, strategic communications of MAS wrote a letter to the Star today in an attempt to defend Amok’s crony in HERE. Is Puan Nor Zalida Ahmad related to any of the top guy in MAS or AirAsia?  Can anyone help? 

YB Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju]meminta Menteri Hal Ehwal Pengguna menyatakan status siasatan oleh MYCC terhadap pertukaran saham di antara MAS-AirAsia / CCF, yang jelas bertentangan dengan kepentingan negara, dan sama ada MYCC juga mengambil tindakan terhadap AirAsia yang menerbitkan tambang mengelirukan dalam laman webnya dengan caj-caj terserlindung seperti Pertanyaan Telefon RM1.99 setiap minit, Bayaran Mudah RM8, Yuran Tempahan RM30, Fuel Surcharge RM90Bagasi (Supersize) sehingga RM150,  Infant Seat Service Fees RM125, Peralatan Sukan sehingga 20 kg RM75 dan sebagainya dimana Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) telah memfailkan tindakan mahkamah terhadap AirAsia di Australia?
YB Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju] ask the Minister of Consumer Affairs to state what is the progress of the investigations by MYCC into the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap / CCF, which clearly was against national interest, and whether MYCC is also taking actions against AirAsia for publishing misleading fares in its website with hidden charges like Telephone Enquires RM1.99 per minute, Convenience Fees RM8, Booking Fees RM30, Fuel Surcharge RM90,  Supersize Baggage up to RM150, Infant Seat Service Fees RM125, Sport Equipment up to 20 kg RM75 and etc which the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) has filed a court action against AirAsia in Australia?


 Tuan Yang di-Pertua,

Suruhanjaya Persidangan Malaysia (MyCC) sedang meneliti rugutan orang ramai dan aduan mengenai penggabungan MAS-AIRASIA yang dikatakan mempunyai unsur-unsur anti-persaingan. MyCC juga sedang mengkaji dengan lebih mendalam samada amalan kedua-dua pihak tersebut melanggar peruntukkan Akta Persaingan 2010 baik menerusi perjanjian Comprehensive Collaborative Framework (CCF) atau sebaliknya.

 MyCC tidak akan mengambil tindakan terhadap AIRASIA semata-mata kerana menerbitkan tambang yang mengelirukan sebab ianya bukan suatu kesalahan dibawah Akta Persaingan 2010.

29 thoughts on “14-03-2012 Questions Time: MYCC is investigating into MAS-AirAsia share swap & CCF

  1. Jalaludin

    Will it be another cover up like the SC and Bursa KL investigations into the share swap?

    MYCC must also look into the PlaneConsult appointment posted in YB’s Blog. The appointment of Rozman Omar and Azhari Dallan is another issue for MYCC. PlaneConsult appointment where Conor McCarthy, the head of PlaneConsult and AirAsia co-founder and AirAsia director is another point for MYCC.

    The public is looking at MYCC to do justice.

  2. jack1960

    Lip Service

    YB, standard official response, aimed at buying time and hoping ……. Keep at it YB, we are all watching & waiting.

  3. Anonymous

    YB, Nor Zalida Ahmad was actually brought in by Danny himself. When the share suap took place, Raja Zamilia was the Head of Comms but Danny didn’t liker her and and so he bring in Nor Zalida from Khazanah or perhaps from another co. initially as another VP in Comms Dept. But as we all know, the whole idea is to replace Raja Zamilia by putting in his own people.

    True enough, few months after Nor Zalida came in, Raja Zamilia was forced to resign along with many other MAS Senior Management. If you want a list, here is the name of MAS Senior Management who has resigned or forced to resigned :-

    1. Dato Bernard Francis – EVP Sales & Marketing
    2. Raja Zamilia – EVP Communication
    3. Dato Eddy Leong – MD Firefly
    4. Dato Amin Khan – EVP Network Planning
    5. Sharifah Salwa – SVP Revenue Management
    6. Raja Azura – EVP Human Capital
    7. Shahari Sulaiman – MD MASkargo
    8. Roslan Ismail – Head of MAS Engineering
    9. Azha Jalil – Chief Financial Officer

    Total revamp at Senior Management level and plot to put in their own people so that nobody can question their decision in a move to destroy MAS.

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous, guess who replaced all the sacked Senior Management ?

    Bernard Francis replaced by Irish Shane Nolan (Plane Consult)
    Raja Zamilia replaced by Nor Zalida (Danny boy lover)
    Amin Khan replaced by Hugh Donleavy (Canadian idiot)
    Sharifah Salwa replaced by Shihaj Kutty (former Etihad Pricing Manager)
    Raja Azura replaced by Zaharah (formerly from Danone)
    Roslan Ismail replaced by Air Asia Azhari Dahlan
    Azha Jalil replaced by Air Asia Rozman

    Eddy Leong —> no replacement as the idea is to kill Firefly
    Shahari Sulaiman —> no replacement as the idea is to sell MASkargo to TF.

    1. Mastrabaiduri

      They have purposely put two Air Asia guys as Head of Engineering (Azhari Dahlan) and CFO (Rozman) so that MAS will overhaul Air Asa Aircraft for Free… and/or sell MAS Engineering to Air Asia for nominal fee. After that MAS will send its aircraft to Air Asia owned engineering for exhorbitant fee. (Same game plan as selling MAS Catering to Brahim-LSG)

  5. Jim of MAS

    MYCC must be sleeping all these while. 3 months have elapsed and it is still asleep. Another SC and KL Bursa.

    ACCC in Australia already filed action and yet MYCC is still asleep.

    MACC should also moved in to investigate On AJ, Rashdan, Rozman and Azhari Dhalan. Of purse must include Shane Nollan too from PlaneConsult bcasue he is now in charge of Commercial Division of MAS giving special treatment to the 30,000 AA X passengers.

    1. weechookeong

      blue sky

      Thank you for sharing the valuable info with yours truly and the other refers. Another inflation into MAS by ex-AirAsia officer. Now there are three ex-AIrAsia staff have been placed in important positions in MAS.

      With kindest regards

      Thank you

      Wee Choo keong

  6. Kunyit Hidup

    “We wish to also clarify that at Malaysia Airlines group, the business directions are NEVER made unilaterally by any single person. Instead, the decisions are made only after agreement by the company’s board.” – Nor Zalida, Acting Head Strategic Communication.

    If Danny was not alone, then:

    1. The company’s board must have agreed on QPR sponsorship just days after the share suap. WHEN and who were on the board meeting? TF and KM? How about advertising/marketing analysis on QPR prior to the 18m ‘investment’? And, please tell stake holders the limitation of approval amount by Acting CEO.

    2. WHEN and who were in the board decided to cancel Firefly services during fully booked Raya holiday?

    3. Similarly, who were on the board that approved utilization of AAX ticket on MAS services or authorized reissuance onto other airlines?

    Is our MACC is not doing anything (police style – no report no action) or silently digging for more concrete evidence?

  7. Anonymous

    Instead of hiding behind the statement that investigating Air Asia for misleading fares and advertising is outside the purvue of the MYCC, I would like to question the role of the “Kementrian Hal Ehwal Pengguna”. This is not a anti-competitive issue. This is a Consumer issue.

    What is the ministry doing about it?

    Or should the Ministry name b changed to Ministry of Impotency.

  8. Anonymous

    Instead of slamming MyCC, first understand what jurisdiction is the misleading fares and advertising are under. ACCC’s jurisdictions include consumer and competition, MyCC’s does not include consumer protection.

    Jurisdictions of competition commissions differ from country to country.

    And most obviously, misleading fares and advertising is not even a anti-competitive issue, it is a consumer rights issue. And under whose purview is consumer rights? Please think first…..

    1. Anonymous


      In this case there are two issues.

      The resultant of the collusion between MAS and Air Asia or rather in this case more towrads Air Asia, is definitely within the purvue of the MyCC to investigate.

      The misleading fare is an issue within the purvue of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs to investigate.

  9. Anonymous

    On the response by Pn Nor Zalida in the press yesterday, I would like to say the following:

    1. You can take all the exception you want on the complaints leveled against Rashdan’s management style. He is an incompetent moron. Period. The complaints are justified.

    2. You describing the staff fears as speculative, well their fears are real. Come out and allay their fears instead of attacking them for raising their concerns.

    3. You also described it as interfering, well lady, you betcha. When their fears are not allayed, you cant blame them for doing something about it whereas MAS has chosen to keep mum about it.

    4. All decisions are made with full agreemen of the Board is an utter lie. there was no Board meeting convened to decide on the QPR spnsorship, there was insufficient time. And I now hear there is dissention in the Board.

    I have no issues if one is related to another being employed in the same company but I do have an issue about having the most competent person to do the job. In this case, the response is just sheer pompousness and ill-advised especially at this time when there is so much industrial disharmony, the market is watching you and the eyes of the nation is on you. This just shows your lack of maturity.

    1. Anonymous

      On your statement of decisions made by Danny was made in with Board approval, I would like to add and echo Kunyit Hidup’s earlier points on the cancellation of Firefly Hari Raya full load flights and the acceptance of AAX passengers on zero fare. I would like to see the Board approval for these.

  10. SAM

    Dear YB,

    I heard that azhari dahlan and rozman are still airsia employee. They are being seconded to MAS. Can you please investigate whether this is true or just a rumors. If it is true, is it allowed? Obviously there are conflict of interest.

  11. to YB Wee.. keep it up and good that polis repot is made… just to inform YB, i come here sometimes collect info to share at my blog.. hope u dont mind.


    1. weechookeong

      Don’t worry sir. WHy not sharing for good cause and our national carrier. Most of all to stop MAS from being cannibalized under WAU 1 and now WAU 2 by almost the same people. We all must tell them enough is enough.

      Thank you so much for your contributions in whatever way you have in stop these shameful acts of a few.

      Thank you


      wee choo keong

  12. Kunyit Hidup

    The chairman has finally spoken, proudly says – WAU2 is on!
    If the share-suap continues then selling of the ‘non-core’ business to take place, below are possible ‘returns’ for MAS;

    1. Engineering (or Ground Operations etc) will be sold at very much lower than the actual value to someone’s cousin, niece, classmate, neighbor or son in law. No MAS ‘real representatives’ in those Newcos. MAS is expected to pay not say.

    2. If sold at market price, MAS buy back of services will be more than current cost.

    3. If sold at market price, it will be resell to other company at higher price then MAS will pay ‘nasi lemak 250’.

    4. Buy back of services is subject to long term contracts. No other option.

    5. Serving pale-BLUE aircraft is not the priority, instead the attention will be given to anything joy-RED.

    6. WAU3 will take place soon after MAS balance sheet is again showing ‘crisis’ or whenever unsettle/owe to the Newcos. No worry, nothing else to sell at that time. Just repaint the logo RED.

    Do not blame any individual but ………. jet-fuel!

  13. Black mamba

    Who the hell is this Chairman?
    He was the MD who declared MAS profits by taking out the maintenance reserves and now he is the Chairman that declared MAS losses by taking in provisions for the delivery of aircraft.

    The real culprit has spoken!

    YB, please publish the affidavit,

  14. why not somebody lodge police report or other relevant authorities on 18mil qpr cos definitely something fishy,more like rotten fish,that you can smell from the distance is goinig on.

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