Perjanjian MAS, AirAsia batal?

Tan Sri, who is your "winner" in the secret share swap?

Updates: 12-03-2012 @ 9:15 pm:  TV3 prime time news at 8:00 pm also gave a lengthy report with regards to the news of “reversing or cancellation” of the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap and CCF. Of course, Khazanah headed by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, the ex founder of BianFikir Sdn Bhd refused to comments on the news. Tan Sri Tony Fernandes of AirAsia Bhd, AirAsia X Sdn Bhd and Tune Air Sdn Bhd has tweeted to say that he was not aware of the said news.

Yours truly has read an interesting article in Utusan today at page 18 with the headline “Perjanjian MAS, AirAsia batal?”. It said “sebelum ini, pertukaran saham antara syarikat penerbangan itu menimbulkan banyak polemik sehingga Suruhanjaya Sekuriti (SC) dan Bursa Malaysia terpaksa menjalankan siasatan.” The most interesting of all is “… bahawa kerjasama hanya memberi keuntungan besar kepada AirAsia.” (“… that the said co-operation only benefited AirAsia.”). Please read  in HERE, HEREHERE, HERE & HERE

For a start, the original main objective of Firefly was changed by a stroke of a pen by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s crony and ex business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny.

Firefly was set up by YB Senator idris Jala to complement MAS in competing with low cost carriers like AirAsia Bhd and AriAsia X Sdn Bhd.  Hence, the first few things Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s crony, Rahsdan, did were the cancellation of Firefly full load flights during the recent Raya season, termination of its profitable routes from JB to KK and Kuching on 25-8-2011 (2 weeks after the secret MAS-AirAsai share swap was inked by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar). Then came the termination of MAS profitable route to Bandung leaving only AirAsia to operate from KL, termination of MAS routes to KK and Kuching, grounded the Firefly jets and so on. Please read HERE.

Less than 7 days after the said secret share swap was inked, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s crony, Rahsdan, rushed to London to sponsor QPR home jersey for RM18 million for 2 years.  This was done at the time when according Rashdan and his master, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, MAS was bleeding and needed help badly!  During the press conference, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s crony, Rashdan, was flanked by AirAsia’s stewardess in red uniform. None of MAS stewardess was seen at all. This was how Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s crony, Rashdan, was promoting MAS! May be he thought that it was the main spirit of the secret share swap and CCF that he had to promote only AirAsia and/or what are connected to Tan Sri Tony Fernandes. Incidentally, after signing the QPR sponsorship, Khaznah under Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar hailed the sponsorship as a brilliant move by TAn Sri Azman Mokhtar’s crony, Rashdan.  Please read HERE, HERE & HERE.

For your information, Genting sponsored Aston Villa, which is a better team, for home and away jersey for only RM17 million for the same 2 years period. Of course, Tan Sri Tony Fernades is the co-owner of QPR. So now we should understand why Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s crony, Rashdan, has been doing so far.

Despite Firefly has been doing well and its staff have been paid up to 8 months bonus during YM Tengku Azmil’s time, the newly crowned Group CEO, En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ) has the cheek to inform the Parliamentary Public Account Committee (PAC) in November 2011 that Firefly was making losses to the tune of RM89 million. Was this the new creative accounting technique hatched out by MAS advisors that AJ has acquired after joining MAS?

On 29-2-2012, the TRIO is also trying to mislead members of the public and the Government by inflating the losses by MAS to RM2.5 billion to justify what they have been doing and their agenda to sell “NON-CORE ASSETS” of MAS like WAU-1, the pet project of Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan where they were both in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd. In WAU1, MAS sold 70% of MAS Catering Sdn Bhd to Tun Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi’s bother company, Gubahan Saujana Sdn Bhd. Soon after that MAS, of course, signed a 25 years one sided catering and other services contract with MAS Catering. MAS Catering Sdn Bhd was a non-core asset to MAS then!  Penultimately, the TRIO hope to show profits at the end of 2012. Please read in HEREHERE & HERE.  

The Sabah Government was very upset by the move by Rashdan to terminate the services by MAS and Firefly to Sabah. Please read HERE.  This has prompted YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, the Prime Minister,  to step in to instruct MAS to resume the KK and Kuching routes.

Yours truly would like to ask the Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and his crony, why was there a necessity for MAS to employ ex AirAsia high ranking officers like En Azhari Dhalan to head MAS Engineering and En Rozman Omar the CFO of MAS. Hopefully MasKargo will be spared.  Please read HERE.

Why MAS Engineering? Why Chief Finance Officer?  We all know what are the game plans of the cronies.  Yours truly will leave this subject matter and more about WAU1 for the next posting.

Please read an interesting article by A Voice, “Collaboration Collapse?” in HERE.

56 thoughts on “Perjanjian MAS, AirAsia batal?

  1. Olek Skilgannon

    YB Wee

    Are you privy to information about which routes are profitable for MAS and which routes are loss-making for it?

    Question: is MAS making profits on the KL-Singapore route, seeing as how SIA has pulled out of flying to Malaysian domestic destinations and handed them over to it’s “hybrid” unit, SilkAir?

    I am not persuaded, given the knowledge that I have of SIA’s operations, that MAS has a cost advantage over SIA on regional and international routes.

    Some months ago, I referred you to an analysis by CAPA of costs and revenues per ASK for MAS and a number of it’s competitors.

    As far as I know, no one has rebutted these figures.

    Yet Utusan Malaysia has the gall to represent itself as experts on the aviation industry, in the interests of what passes for investigative reporting in it’s editors’ minds.

    I note that Utusan has steered well clear of commenting on the Tajudin Ramll issue. I wonder why? A fear of being found “sub judice”?

    1. Anonymous

      SQ handed over the Malaysian routes and many regional routes to Silk Air, not because it was not making money, but more out the need to make more money.

  2. Khinzirnah

    Perjanjian MAS-AA batal. Danny, AJ dan kuncu2 boleh berambus dari MAS. Azman Mokhtar sila letak jawatan dengan segera.

  3. adam

    YB once again I cant help my self to say how proud I m of you.

    I hope Mr Najib will open his both eyes. He or his behalf should REALLY look into KHAZANAH especially this Azman fella. Mind telling me if Mr Najib is afraid of Azman? Very interesting story to hear Sir.

  4. Johari MAS

    Hope that Utusan story will material quickly. Then we can see where all the cronies, Rasdhan, AJ, Rozman and Azhari are going to hide themselves. Of course, that Amok should face the music for hatching the sure swap without due diligence. YB please put the final nail in the share suap and CCF coffin in Parliament. MAS staff and the nation look for you to help. Thank you for helping MAS against those culprits.

  5. Samsul MAS

    The Pariah must be running with his tail between his leg now. His cronies in MAS must be shitting bricks by now. Hooray!!!!

    YB, a job well done. Please don’t stop to expose them further. They should be stripped together with their CON-sultants. I am sure that Pariah’s crony and supporters will still try to justify in writing all the nonsense here but at the same time silence on the airport tax debts, RAS subsidies of RM250 million and others that are not favorable to the Pariah.

    1. Anonymous

      it’s Khazanah stupid idea to sell to Toni. Any businessman would jump at the deal for the benefit of his own. Gomen need to change the direction of Khazanah or all our treasures will surely dried up!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Olek Skilgannon,

    I have read with interest all your comments that you have posted in YB Wee’s blog over the last few months. Let me rebutt all your arguments with a simple all encompassing answer.

    Despite all the facts that you may have presented and assuming it is all true, the fundamental fact that you have missed is the fact that no entrepreneur should own a national strategic asset. What ever you point out, if true, is for the officer of the company or CEO representing MAS to tackle in his duties to strengthen, reposition or address as part of his role and responsibility to the company.

    This is what irks most of the people commenting. The screw ups in MAS is partly their own fault and also contributed by leakages that favor certain personalities or individuals.

    If they got the right person for the job and there is no meddling in the operations of the company leading to leakages, then MAS is already half way to solviing their problems. Don’t forget they generate approximatley RM 13 billion in revenue. If they can get their act together without opportunistic elements surrounding them, then I believe they have a good chance of turning around.

    You should go to and you can see some solutions and proposals from people who are truly knowledgeable about the aviation industry.

  7. Kunyit Hidup

    YB Wee,

    Just be carefull with any unverified news, particularly Utusan the pro-govt spinner. Putrajaya may use it to tone you down in parliament. Whatever it may be, sponsorship of QPR and the secret share-suap investigations must be continued. I think some elements of ‘misconduct’ can be established in both occasions. Hopefully MACC will not copy Zarinah who said – No time frame in SC investigation.

    You are well aware of delayed justice………..

  8. Anonymous

    Hopefully this news is true. At least, the cannibalization of MAS will be stopped temporarily. The WAU2 will be stopped by the cronies. The “non-core assets” like MAS Engineering, MasKargo, Simulator and others will remain as core assets with MAS.

    Next move is get rid of the 4th Floor elements in the Najib’s administration.

  9. Fuad

    This is the time for PM Najib to show Malaysians of his policy of transformation by reversing the share swap and CCF. Plus the removal of Danny boy, the crony, Rozman and Azhari the two AirAsia eager beavers from MAS. Finally the removal of the main culprit Amok from Khazanah. When that are done, then we are very near to the transformation of our corporate society.

    PM, please shows us you are serious in your transformation policy by taking action on the share swap now.

  10. Malaysian

    You will be hailed as my hero YB. I’m a Malay but honestly, I dont see any Malay politicians, be it from the Gov and the Opp, have or had given any damn of this, but yet you have put a lot of great efforts of energy and time to uncover the dirty deal of AK to MAS. I hope all Malaysia’s politicians can be as transparent and hardworking as you are. Ive been reading every single thing here, this is definitely your masterpiece YB! Hope you will have the energy and courages to unravel every future deal for the benefits of rakyat in general. Keep up the good work. May God bless you and your family.

    I’ll support you. Youre definitely a true leader. Stay strong and true.

  11. Anonymous

    Hah! AirAsia X Sdn Bhd formerly known as Fly Asian Express SdnBhd (FAX) during its RAS days axed its Christchurch route. It is just another one after London. So we are told by its management that it was axed due to fuel costs. London< Paris and India have also been axed due to fuel cost. Fuel cost have been on the rise before this and yet it has announced huge profit.

    Hello TF! Oasis and other low cost in America all koyak. Now Kingfisher is also koyak. So passenger must take note in booking advance ticket for many months may find themselves in the shit. There will be more routes that will be axed.

    Since so many route have been axed. What is AA X plane going to do. Lying in KLIA for show? How about another 200 airbuses that TF has announced? With Roxman in MAS, then it shouldn't be a problems because MAS will be more than happy to take up all the passengers and may be buy up the airbuses.

    The question is how is the payment of fares to MAS? Can owe mah! it is part of the share swap and CCF. It is just like airport tax, AA can owe mah! wha is the problem?

    Service of aircraft can also owe mah!

    Yet MAS has been told to follow AA's model. By the way AA was supposed to save MAS from the brink. With the current state of affairs I am not to sure who is helping who. MAs heaping AA or Aa helping MAS. So far it is evident that MAS is helping AA. Taking over its 30,000 passenger.

    Ha! Ha! Ha! MAs must be the samaritan. CCF means can owe first and ay later. When God knows!

  12. Yb Wee..
    Utusan report cakap pembatalan akan beri implikasi kos kepada MAS. To me this is bullshit. Please make sure those who put this CCF idea, planned and implement it THAT take up whatever cost implied on the cancellation..
    Also make sure the New MAS management after they inked the deal be responsible of their decision and be questioned on issues such as QPR 18 million sponsorship… the gov and public wants them to be sued for irresponsibily making decision which burden MAS financials!!!
    Gua tengah panas ni YB.. please Sir .. all the best in Parlimen…

    You can view some of my pasar type blog on this at

  13. Charles F Moreira

    YB Wee, I hope this report is true. Whatever, continue to be vigilant, don’t take anything for granted and keep up your excellent work.

  14. Thank you for your compliments, Anon 9:07.
    Yes, too many reasons have been discussed on why MAS has failed to turnaround for the last 18 years. What our PM badly needs now are solutions.

    We have discussed at length here

    We had much earlier proposed three step solutions to unwind this mess.
    1. Reverse the share swap decision.
    2. Put the right team in charge
    3. Take MAS private

    Next step is triple-pronged management approach i.e.
    1. Leadership Management
    2. People Management
    3. Cost Management

    More to come in our next article.

  15. Olek Skilgannon

    Anonymous 9:07 PM

    “No entrepreneur should own a strategic national asset”????

    Is that the best that you can come up with?

    Are you even up to speed with the realities of the global aviation industry? I have asked this question several times in this blog, but neither YB Wee or any of the other people who wax eloquent over “pariahs” et al have bothered to answer this one simple question.

    Ok, what is a “strategic national asset”?

    Next question – is MAS a “strategic national asset”?

    Third question – why should MAS be treated as a “strategic national asset”?

    Is the survival or demise of MAS going to affect the fundamentals of the Malaysian Federation?

    Does being a “strategic national asset” allow the mismanagement of the said asset, with consequent draining of the public purse?

    In which countries are their national “flag carrier” airlines treated as “strategic national assets” with immunity from competition, cost pressures, profitability issues etc? Australia? Britain? The US? The EU? Japan? Singapore? Indonesia? Thailand? India?

    I am reminded of the fact that Singapore’s Temasek Holdings sold off all it’s power stations to the private sector (and garnered several billion dollars as a result of the divestment). In fact, Malaysia’s YTL Group owns Power Seraya in Singapore.

    Aren’t power stations a “strategic national asset”?

  16. Olek Skilgannon

    Malaysian 10:59 PM

    What’s being Malay, Chinese or Indian have to do with the issue of MAS?

    Is the hoo-ha over MAS and AirAsia simply another manifestation of the ever-present racial realities in Malaysia?

  17. Olek Skilgannon

    Samsul MAS 8:43 PM

    Au contraire, Sir.

    Why not comment on MAS’s profit and loss record from the time it was set up, how much the federal government has injected into it in the form of bailouts, restructuring etc and where and how the purported “leakages” took place?

    Perhaps the ability to digest hard facts and to extract the relevant conclusions is too taxing, leaving the posting of easily whipped-up emotions as a convenient substitute!

  18. a voice

    Hope it is not too premature to blow the trumpet, but congratulations in order to you, YB.

    We blog about it also here.

    Now that we’ve chased the villain away, how are we to turn around MAS?

    1. weechookeong

      Bro, it was ll due to our joint relentless efforts.

      I have the privilege to read your piece on the subject mater. I must say a brilliant piece. I shall put a link to your article. We all must put an end to the the raping of MAS by the conies. The share suap and the CCF must be stopped at all costs.

      All the best and selamat berjuang demi negara.

      with kindest regards

      wee choo keong

    2. Namza

      Let’s all put up our hands and support YB name as one of MAS Chairman. Only someone with YB integrity and fighting spirit can turn MAS around.

  19. The Pariah & share suap

    Only a Pariah will do such a thing. Spinning all the times. Churning out publicity to fool the public.

    SC, Bursa Malaysia and MYCC what the hell you all are doing. Dragging your feet in the investigations. We want actions against what head happened in MAS. Get the cronies/culprit and stop the abused.

  20. Namza

    YB, if and when these goons are finally kicked out of MAS, I reckon MAS BOD should be the ideal position. You will then be able to oversee and ensure all MAS transformation takes place positively and provide valuable input where necessary. As a winnable candidate, I am certain BN will put you as their candidate and hopefully, our future cabinet minister. But if you are a footballer, all BPL top teams would want to buy you up!

  21. Razak of MAS


    Please tell us which other private airlines being given such special treatments of being able to owe airport taxes for so many year, given subsidy and not able to perform and at the same time keep the subsidy of RM250 million. Despite not paying airport taxes the 4th floor government built LCCT and within 2 year renovated again. Total cost RM250 million. cannibalized plane for spare parts and unable to perform as airliner and was allowed to keep Air Operation Certificate (AoC) and giving more routes at the expense of MAS. Now only fly 8 routes and yet you are telling us AA X is doing well. Please go and work for the Pariah ok or you are now working for the Pariah already!

    Try to dictate terms to your beloved country Singapore and you will see them showing two fingers to your Pariah. Just try to owe airport taxes in Singapore for a month and see for yourself whether the Pariah’s airline can land there.

    Your Pariah house of cards is in trouble thus needed the share suap to survive.

    a Pariah is always a Pariah even the name is changed!

  22. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    BRAVO!!! YB, you are truly my HERO. I totally agreed with what Malaysian 10:59pm, you are one MP who is fighting and uncover all the dirty deal of MAS/AK CCF and Share Swap piece by piece.

    Of course AMOK can’t comment cause all his dirty work have been revealed and Pariah TF could not be not aware. Now all this robbers and thiefs are walking with their tail in between their legs.

    So now the thing to do is….to see that the Pariah TF, his croonies and those Panamera Deadwood be removed from MAS. These leeches have been leeching on MAS far too long. So now let see whether that STUPID BINA TAK FIKIR (Danny Boy) guy, AMOK, AJ, can still grin and smile with his bloody f**kin9 face or not?

    YB, why they put that guy Azhari Dhalan in Engineering….well so that the bloody Pariah TF could send his AA aircraft for FOC service cause most of AA aircraft is due for maintenance check and service. So where could be a better place to send other than MAS Engineering. So this bloody Azhari came back as Head of Engineering and act like he knows a lot. He forgot where he came from and how MAS nurture him to be an engineer….Azhari…kau ni tak bermaruah…tak kenang budi…you ba*ta*d….you forgot your roots.

    Then this a**ho*e Rozman Omar came in to manupilate with the accounts, so that when those croonies announced it…it will show MAS lost is so much that it will have to closed shop. Let’s ask ourselves why was the financial announcement been delayed for more than 1 week and the announcement was made 1 week after they brought in this celaka Rozman Omar.

    YB, please continue to whack all these celaka, sial in the Parliment. We will standby you YB. Hope you will win in the next GE13 and continue to be the MP we Malaysian will always be proud of.

    To the rest of the MPs….this is what we want in the MP, a person who can fight and stand-up for the RAKYAT, TAK KIRA BANGSA ATAU UGAMA.

  23. Jala of Khazanah

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Great news! But it is still not official. We need to see AJ, Rahsdan, Rozman, Azhari, Shane nolan and other Panamera Deadwood out of MAS.

    YB, you must keep a close tap on the movements of the parasites. They are good for nothing. AJ talked cock all the time. Dia cakap we must work together. Tetapai he never consulted before decisions are made. Perhaps he only consult the Pariah and gang.

    8 months have elapsed ever since these idiots are on board, what have they done to MAS. They only screwed up MAS further with more expenses incurred for their “shook sender actions” and to please the Pariah business model.

    MAS dianaktirikan oleh mereka. YB don’t stop now because those parasites are still in MAS. Remember Omar Ong, an AirAsia board member is still in PMO. Azman Yahya is another one, he sit on AA and MAS. Please hantum these two also. Don’t that Mat Salleh, Shane Nolan from PlaneConsult too. These are all the Panamera deadwood in MAS.

  24. mnizzam

    Why MAS Engineering? Why Chief Finance Officer?….AA is cutting few routes meaning that less aircraft been use & how about the 200 new aircrafts that AA have ordered?? Its too obvious right??!

  25. MAS Boy

    It was a con job from the time when Amok signed the share suap and CCF. It was a case of saving AA not MAS. All low cost airliners in the world have collapsed. Don’t tell me that AA and the Pariah are so great that it has no problems. o we see that its AA X had already cutting routes to Europe and Christchurch. It is high time that potential buying ticket in advance of many months be on caution before the musical chair stop.

    YB please look at the Nazir also. The guy from CIMB that put the deal together. He is no angel. Now that we can see that WAU2 is coming. Please tell us more about Amok and Rashdan WAU 1. These two idiots with no maruah. Ptui! Ptui! Ptui!

  26. Anonymous


    You are right! Why Engineering? Why Chief Finance Officer? AA cutting routes and preordered 200 airbuses. Fly to where? From KLIA to Damansara or KLCC?

    Trouble looming for AA. So beware. We must watch every move of the cronies in MAS. Especially Rashdan, Amok’s crony. That Rashdan is filled with ego but just an idiot. He can be only proud of the failed WAU disposing of MAS property to turn around. Such act was just for temporary measure only. This is what a CON-Sultant will do and get their fees. Then Maybank was so stupid to buy it for RM8 million. ANother TIngkat Empat project.

    YB why are you leaving Tan Sri Nor Yakop out of the picture. He was the master mind for ally he nonsense under WAU and BinaFikir.

  27. Anonymous

    Dear Olek,

    when an asset has to do with economic multipliers like tourism, connecting the rakyat through social and economic routes that bring geo political stability and connectivity, and when a country is small like Malaysia that cannot afford all out competition like the Americas or the EU, should the country’s airline be runned by entrepreneurs.

    That’s why it’s a strategic national asset.

    I never said that entrepreneurs should not try to run their own airlines but use your own money. They just have no right in trying to take over the national airline.

    Small countries like Singapore own their own airlines because they understand the importance and the capital intensity of owning such an asset.

    Never said we should cordone any wrong doings. We should not try to solve the MAS problem via the share swap.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone

      I am curious.

      Australia has Qantas and it’s Jetstar LCC unit competing vigorously against both Australian-domiciled airlines (Virgin Blue and Tiger Airways Australia) and foreign airlines (SIA, MAS, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, AirAsia etc)

      Although the iconic Flying Kangaroo symbol of Qantas has been one of the defacto national symbols of Australia, the Aussie government has never bailed out Qantas or shielded it against competition.

    2. Jasper Bloodstone

      Interesting that you should mention Singapore.

      Although SIA is majority-owned by Temasek Holdings, the Singapore government has never protected SIA against competition.

      Just compare the number of airlines flying to Changi Airport against the number of airlines serving KLIA.

      In fact, former Singapore PM Lee Kuan Yew is on record as saying that between maintaining Changi Airport’s regional hub status and protecting SIA, the government would give priority to Changi Airport.

      So, which is the “strategic national asset” – SIA or Changi Airport – as far as Singapore is concerned?

  28. Guna of MAS

    Anonymous 11:24 am

    You are spot on. Problems cannot be resolved with such share SUAP. You should not waste your time with the Pariah’s apologist. He is wearing blinkers and for all we know he is a “budak upahan” of the pariah.

    Share swap and CCF are for Installations of Trojan horses into MAS. Putting Rozman as CFO and Azhari in Engineering. Other cronies in specific places. No proper company will ever do this.

    What happened after the share SUAP? Nothing. Announcement of huge losses not base on proper accounting standard but creative accounting. The announcement was to show that the cronies did well in MAS. In actual facts, they are a bunch of egoistic idiots. Only good in taking instructions.

    Please tell us how much MAS is charging AA X for all the 30,000 passengers. To Rozman: can owe mah. Pay later. After all this is how the CCF works. MAS pay first and when AA has money then pay back lot. What is the problem? Airport tax also can owe. This 30,000 is a small matter.

    The problems is when they can pay! Then Rozman will say ok lag I will resign and goes back to AA if AA is still around.

    MAS staff must keep a close watch on the movements of the cronies. Scrutinise them and expose them in YB’s blog, our only avenue.

  29. Suara Mas

    Anak Malaysia Tulen

    Aku harap apa yang dilapurkan oleh Utusan akan menjadi kenyataan. Cukup la dengan macam-macam benda yang berlaku dalam negara kita. Harap PM akan buat keputusan cepat..lagi cepat lagi bagus. Semua orang boleh fokus pada kerja.

    Tapi si Amok dan Kuncu-kuncu pun mesti di hantar ke Sg Buluh..supaya tiada lagi kerosakan disebabkan oleh mereka!!!

  30. Kamal

    The one side SHARE SWAP and CCF must be stopped. It was like Bina Tak Fikir’s WAU done by Amok and Rashdan. MAS catering sudah habits dan MAS dap at 25 tahun perjanjian yang tidal a dil kepada MAS. WAU was about stripping of assets. Now Rashdan the crony is talking of disposing non-core assets.

    Lets dispose of the crony to save MAS. He is just another Panamera Deadood as rightly put by YB. Good for nothing beside stripping of assets.

  31. angkasaraya

    Dear Olek n jasper,berhentilah menegakkn benang yg basah. Its amused me to read up on ur comments,really. Your arguments stinks.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone


      My arguments stinks(sic)?

      Really, ah?

      Then be so kind as to refute them, point by point.

      Starting from Malaysian Airline System came into being after the break-up of Malaysia-Singapore Airlines, through the name change to Malaysia Airlines

      1. Jasper Bloodstone

        The key years: 1972 when Malaysian Airline System came into existence; 1987 when it’s name was changed to Malaysia Airlines.

        1972 till now – that’s 39 years of existence.

        How much had MAS accumulated in losses before AirAsia was set up?

        Simple enough questions, yes?

  32. Bye Bye Pariah


    MAS is our national airlines with national duties. AirAsia is what? especially AA X Sdn Bhd. why should they be given subsidy of RM250 million and prematurely terminated the RAS agreement with RM35 million liability for refurbishing the un-airworthy planes. WHy Tan SriAzman Mokhtar didn’t get MAS to take actions to recover/ Why the Tingkat 4 administration didn’t take action to recover the reamaining subsidy?

    Please answer the above. And which country in the world would build special LCCT for a private airlines? Only country ran by Sleepy Head and 4th Floor will do that.

    Do you need a share swap and CCF to revive a company? There are so many collaborations in the world like Star Alliance and Oneworld and there was no requirement of share swap!

    If your AA operates from Singapore from day one, it would gone under long time ago. Because cannot owe airport tax. Cannot dictate terms to the airport authority. Most of all, no subsidy will be given as a leg on ok.

    Please try harder to support the Pariah and his outfits. Just wondering where
    is he going to fly his 200 aribuses when it is cutting routes. May be you should advise the Pariah to fly from LCCT to Bangi, kuala Selangor, KLCC, Ulu Langat otherwise there in no route to fly soon.

    On the way to koyak is the answer for the Pariah. Once the share swap is screwed for good that end will be very very near.

    So MAS staff we must be very vigilant and make public what the TRIO are doing to our MAS. Screw them in YB’s blog. This is our only avenue for now. We must make sure the Pariah and the TRIO failed in their attempt to crew MAS.

  33. merry x-mas

    Olek loosecannon or whatever

    This the problem in Malaysia.

    When a person like Danny or you who is not an expert in aviation industry trying to be a jack of all trade and talk cock.

    what we discussing here is finding the best solution.

    If you want to talk about the problem happening in MAS, the bangla working in KLIA knows better than you.

  34. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    Suara MAS 12:21

    Saya setuju apa yang awak cakap tu. Harap apa yang dilapurkan oleh Utusan itu adalah benar dan bukan untuk melariskan penjualan suratkhabar mereka.

    Sekarang cuma PM saja la yang dapat hentikan segala CCF/Share Suap tu. Pilihan raya dah dekat, harap-harap PM faham akan maksud ni. Selama pekerja MAS berkerja dengan hati yang tak tenteram sebab periuk nasi mereka dah hampir dipecahkan oleh Pariah TF dan croonies dia. Tak kalau celaka ni semua bila dihantar ke bangalow Sg. Buluh, mereka akan cuba buat CCF/Share Suap yang lain pula…dengan siapa agaknya???

    Guna of MAS 11:37am

    Well actually all these asshole are good for creating shit and mess-up people’s home and life.

    The pariah TF said that “Employees come number one, Customers come number two. If you have a happy workforce, they will look after your customers anyway”

    Ptui…ptui…ptui. what sorts of saying is this…in any service industry…everyone knows….Customers comes first and Customers are always RIGHT. Wonder how many of AA staffs are actually happy at where they are?

  35. Anak Malaysia Tulen

    Bye Bye Pariah 2:49pm

    Bravo to you for coming out with new routes for 200 new AA airbuses. That is a pretty good idea of flying from LCCT to Bangi, kuala Selangor, KLCC, Ulu Langat and Pariah TF don’t forget to fly to Seremban, Kajang, Ijok…oh not forgetting KL Tower too. You really tickle my funny bone. So…wowo Bangi, Kuala Selangor, KLCC, Ulu Langat, Seremban, Ijok, Kajang…folks you all are so fortunate coz AA is going to fly from LCCT to your place for as low as ????? (cheap cheap) and dont forget those hidden charges too.

    When AA fly to Kuala Selangor they can then promoted TUNE Hotel there to watch “Firefly” which they are trying to kill, then can also do 3D/2N Kajang satay tour….kahkahkahkah….kantoi Pariah TF…Kantoi.

    merry x-mas 3:11pm

    You are so right, wonder why this idiots keep digging into the history wherelse everyone is talking and blogging about the present issue. Everyone is trying to help by giving ideas and solution but he/she is talking and keep repeating on the problem but not solution. GOSH….didn’t know that this asshole is really BANGGANG. Well what can we say more when they are a bunch of SOUR GRAPES.

  36. MAS staff against the TRIO

    Dear PM,

    Stopping the share SUAP and CCF is good but someone must be responsible hatching this idea in the first place. Azman Mokhtar and his crony Rashdan must take full responsibility for all the nonsense. Azman must be sacked from khazanah and Rashdan must also be removed. Rozman, Azhari and Shane Connoly of PlaneCon sult, the acting Commercial Director, must also be removed immediately.

    This will give some hope to MAS for a start. Remove, Remove and Remove them immediately then there is some hope for MAS.

    What they have been doing so far were too glaring and not in the best interest of MAS. Full of conflict with AirAsia.

    Thank you Mr PM

  37. Malaysian

    Olek Skilgannon 8.24am

    I was stating that even Im a Malay, I feel proud of the efforts that have been put by YB Wee to unravel every detail in the share swap. Stating my race, of course, has nothing to do with the problem. It;s just that I was declaring that, I will support anyone who work for the intersets of rakyat with honesty, rather than supporting blindly. In simple words, Im stating that on my side, I feel proud of the efforts done by YB Wee.

    I think you think too much. To be honest, enough with the Malay shits, see what happens to every GLC out there. I will reject the ideas of every GLCs’ top managements must be Malays, despite Im a Malay myself. This is not about putting Malay aside. You want a company to succeed, let it be lead by those who are competent in a particular field, be it Malays, Chinese, Indians or other races in Malaysia. You gotta accept the fact that, there’s no point of having so many Malays in the top management while the company itself is going down the drain. Those employees are trying to earn some money for family while some are chasing the wealth for themselves, hence comes the bribery, cronies-related shits etc. I rather support somebody who works for the rakyat rather than listening them talking bullshits at ceramah, be it from both sides. Who has been doing that all these times? Other than the Malay politicians who themselves, are to be blamed for the ‘assabiyah’ (separation) of us Malays?

    MAS themselves had never been that ‘transparent’ in selecting their employees. All must be connected, all must have somebody big inside, oh how irony that this ‘crony’ shits are now happening in MAS. This problem is a Godsend, a bloody wake up call to all of us. How many of deserving candidates have they rejected in the past, and prioritising their own ‘relatives’? Dont deny all of these wrongdoings. Not just in MAS alone, but in every other company as well. Now eat this and change! It’s never too late to change your mentality. All people, regardless of race, need to have true conducts of themselves, honesty in life itself. Then we all can be united, under the 1Malaysia or Malaysians United or whatever crap you want it to be called. If not, this problem will be in cycle like a woman’s period cycle. PMS to all Malays everytime shit happens. Every year, no worries, it’s be the same if you yourself dont change. Well, Im writing this in general, not to point at you alone.

    1. Anon66

      You raise some good points and indeed, if the so called share swap is reversed, who is going to pay for all the unraveling that needs to be done? Do you think that Firefly will return with Jet aircraft? I doubt it. Will someone grow exceedingly large testicles and say how it is and actually deal with it, for example,chronic over-staffing. People have to realize that by having family everywhere, its harder to discipline the lazy ones! At the end of the day, everyone agrees that MAS is in a hole, with or without Tony and his friends, the main reason everyone is shouting ‘Blue Murder” is because both sides have not been transparent to the workers or the public. Legacy airlines are from the old school and it shows in MAS

      1. Malaysian

        Old folks’ saying, you gotta clean your own shit after crapping. No doubt it’s a mess but if you are taking everything and try to solve them in one go, it’d be difficult. How? It’s not within my power to tell you how it’s gonna be done. But one thing for sure, let MAS be handled with someone who knows what to do and expect in the aviation industry as told by some of the knowledgeable people on this blog. Those old legends know some worthy shits to run an airline, well, I believe they are better than the current board of directors. And karma’s a b*tch, aint it? When you were in power, you treated people like shit, now it’s your time to be treated like one. Hey no offense, perhaps its time for some of them in MAS to get the chance to taste the knock in their heads now and realise what the mistakes that had been done, for the sake of a better future for them too right? But sadly, Malays always think they are the champs of this land whereas in reality, they are being outdone by other races economically. And perhaps after this, after this is all over if God forbids it, perhaps a round or two of checks on your own staff backgrounds would show all of us why MAS has been in shitty condition for so long. You might not be fair, but God is. Who are you, slaves to outsmart the power of a God? Be my guess and see where you might end up. And everything I write, I write it in general and as honest as I could.

  38. Khinzirnah

    Yo Danny boi, lu boleh start suruh lu punya secretary pack barang lu di MAS. Otherwise, gua rasa ramai orang lama MAS yang tak sabar nak volunteer to cempak barang lu keluar secepat yang mungkin.

  39. Yaacob

    YB please expose the TRIO further. They had to be posed until PM can see through their masks. The pariah is doing everything to screw up MAS. The TRIO is doing whatever is instructed by the pariah. Hence the important posts are held by AIrAsia or people who are indirectly related to it.

    We are also watching them. They can block all information from getting out but we will ensure that Yb will get them. Please kasih the TRIO especially Rashdan and Azman Mokhtar, the main culprit for the share swap and CCF.

    Please kasih NAzir of CIMB too.

  40. Kunyit Hidup

    “At this time, the ministry, has yet to receive any firm decision or information on the said report,” – MoT Kong Cho Ha, while he is fully awake.

    Then, AJ was calling (haiya, not merely puppet & pretending) govt appointed sleeping directors in MAS not to tell the minister. Except TF and KM, other directors are sleeping anyway!


    He,he, well done, Uncle Kong for giving TF a tight slap!

    “On the cancellation of routes by airlines, he said, they have to inform the ministry each time there was a decision to cancel or add any routes to services. “Airlines must also settle all issues, including ticket sales first, before cancelling routes.
    “Where they want to fly and how many times, additional destinations and routes cancellation, is a business decision of an airline. But each time they stop or add any routes, they have to inform us,” he added.”

  42. Anonymous

    what happened la to this 2 airlines…………
    if u r not capable to run this business, better dont continue to make trouble…
    enough is enough…..pls pay attention to this airline staff and pls be fare to everybody….

  43. 13th GE Fence Sitter

    So called budget airlines like Air Asia cannot survive under increasingly high fuel cost and so we the rakyat see the share-swap deal of MAS and Air Asia as a strategy for air asia to lean on MAS, milking its assets funded by Malaysian tax payers. As to why PM Najib is letting this daylight robbery to happen right before his eyes is a mystery to many of us.

    Looks like Najib is not going to do anything about aborting this deal as I think he is scared of Tony Fernandes for some reasons only he knows. Mark my words- there will be no review of the deal!

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