TRIO’s actions endorsed by Khazanah & Tune AIr

As suggested by one of the readers and contributors, Time Traveler, the above is the page 12 of the slide show that was presented during the Special Briefing by the famous TRIO, En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), MAS Group  CEO, En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny (Rashdan) (Group Deputy CEO and Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s ex-business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd and crony, and En Rozman Omar (Rozman), Group CFO), the newly crowned CFO of MAS and ex-AirAsia high ranking officer. The said page 12 of the slide show clearly indicated that whatever PLANS of the TRIO, in particular Rashdan, to so-called strengthen the Balance Sheet of MAS have been endorsed by Khazanah and Tune Air.

So far the TRIO’s known Plan was to cancel flights, terminate profitable routes, sponsor QPR, employ ex-AirAsia top managers to MAS, change MAS corporate colour, staff uniforms, letterhead, name cards, signage and move office from Subang to KLIA. Such exercises cost money to MAS and will not in any way improve the performance and, more importantly, the revenue of MAS. It will , no doubt, put MAS into deeper financial problems.  After 8 months of AJ and Rashdan taken over MAS, MAS was in worse financial situation than when it was under YM Tengku Azmil! The recent Briefing on the 4th Quarter Result has proven their miserable failure!

Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s crony, Rashdan, is more interested in selling “NON-CORE ASSETS” of MAS to show profit. Typical consultant with shallow knowledge of running a company. No wonder Rashdan didn’t last long in Maybank after BinaFikir Sdn Bhd was sold to Maybank for RM8 million in 2008.  Rashdan have not learn from the failed WAU, that’s why he is still talking about selling of “non-core assets” of MAS to show profits. If showing profits by selling assets of MAS, MAS does not need to spend million of RM in salaries and perks to employ the TRIO. A standard six student can just do the job without having to waste good money for such an exercise known as “STRIPPING OF ASSETS” in the business world. Read HERE.

To be frank, MAS has no “non-core asset” worth selling except the TRIO if each of them is still marketable after what they have done to date. The assets that are worth selling are MAS Engineering, MasKargo, MAS Academy and the lease of the land in Subang which MAS office is situated. To yours truly, these are core assets to MAS for without which how could MAS operates like any IATA airlines unless it is looking forward to be relegated to a low cost airline like QPR football club!  It is hoped that Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s crony, Rashdan, was not referring to these three arms of MAS as non-core assets that he intends to dispose.

If these three arms of MAS are to be disposed to show profit for 2012 to justify the TRIO existence in MAS, yours truly is sure that there is one “vulture’ in the waiting to purchase it. When this happened, it can be called WAU 2, another pet project under Rahsdan, the ex-BinaFikir consultant boy, and MAS will no longer be called a premier airlines but just another low cost if it is still in existence then.

WAU was the first pet project of BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, which it was first incorporated in 2002 by non other than Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and his crony Rashdan. It was under famous WAU that 70% share of  MAS Catering Sdn Bhd, an essential arm of MAS, was sold to former PM Tun Abdullah Badawi’s brother (Datuk Hj Ibrahim Hj Ahmad Badawi) company, Gubahan Saujana Sdn Bhd. To Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and his crony Rashdan, MAS Catering Bhd was definitely a non-core asset of MAS!  Yet after MAS Catering Sdn Bhd was disposed, MAS had to blindly sign a one sided catering agreement with it for 25 years.

Only incompetent and clueless managers with consultant mentality and/or relying blindly on consultant recommendations or advice would have signed such a long term agreement with very little or no room for negotiating on the services and food supplied. If one care to check, no other IATA airlines in the world has entered into such a long period of 25 years one sided agreement except MAS. Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and his crony, Rashdan, care to explain this?

Your truly has been informed that the same beverages supplied for economy class, business class and first class are charged at different prices to MAS for all these years and more years to come. Surely, we can’t expect Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar or his crony Rashdan or AJ and Rozman, whose appointment got the blessing of Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, to lift their fingers to touch that 25 years agreement let alone to find ways and means to terminate this unfair one sided agreement that have contributed so much to the LEAKAGES in MAS. One of the main problems that MAS faces is LEAKAGES.

MAS has consistently chalked up constant revenue averaging RM1.3 billion yearly. If and only if, MAS top management were to plug 10% of the LEAKAGES, MAS would have immediately make RM130 million without having to cut its routes, changing its corporate colour, letterhead, signage or livery of ts plane and most of all, to enter into the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap and CCF, appointing ex-AirAsia top executive to MAS. Yours truly has brought this up in the last session of Parliament. Read HERE. But of course, plugging LEAKAGES is a tedious exercise for incompetent managers and crony because it will entail stepping on foot of important personalities that put them in their position of power. It will also be too much to expect from the incompetent TRIO!

Please look at what the TRIO has recently done in their cosmetic exercise. Changing of the corporate colour and the livery on the aircraft. No company will ever thought of changing its corporate colour or logo unless it is necessary as it has offended members of the public or very good reason dictates so doing. Only incompetent or clueless manager will do such a thing! Just look at the new livery of the MAS A 380, which will be launched on 1-7-2012. MAS corporate colour has been changed drastically. MAS has taken out a full page advertisement of this new corporate colour on its A 380 in Star Biz Week page 5.  It looks so horrible and no live in the livery. Such senseless advertisement cost money to MAS and such cost is a direct contribution to the LEAKAGES.

Just imagine how much cost MAS had to incur in respraying its existing fleet of aircraft! Only incompetent managers will act so senselessly without considering the unnecessary cost incurred during a time when MAS is bleeding (to borrow AJ’s famous empty quote). If the TRIO has their way, they would have change the colour and design of our national flag on the aircraft in their desperate hope of improving the performance of MAS.

The TRIO new idea of  improving the performance and image of MAS!

What have been done and to be done by the TRIO have been endorsed by Khazanah under Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar of BinaFikir fame and of course, Tune Air Sdn Bhd, the recent share holder of MAS under the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap and CCF, another pet project of Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and his boy, Rashdan.

It is now the right time for YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Prime Minister, to step into the picture to take positive action to stop the rot in MAS and remove the new cancerous elements in MAS and Khazanah immediately failing which the future is not hard to determine.

From this Monday, 12-3-2012, onwards, yours truly is sure that MAS-AirAsia share swap, CCF, the actions of the TRIO will be a much talk about issue in Parliament unless YAB PM steps in to revisit the said secret share swap, CCF and the appointment of the TRIO with drastic actions.

OutSyedTheBox has posted an interesting article. He was asking for the the much talk secret MAS-AirAsia share suap to be unwound and at the same advising the Khazanah “Dungggus” of how to do business in HERE.

23 thoughts on “TRIO’s actions endorsed by Khazanah & Tune AIr

  1. Budak MAS

    Rashdan, Rashdan, Rashdan.
    Aj, Aj, Aj.
    Rozman, Rozman, Rozman.
    Amok, Amok, Amok
    Kesiannya mereka kena hantum lagi. Kalau ada maruah letak jawatna aja. Tak malu kah?

    Bro YB saya!

  2. The No Otak Man

    WAU! That colour is fit for funeral parlour. AJ, Rashdan and Rozman should keep the colour exclusively for their own funeral! so stupid. Paying million of consultant fees only to come up with such sub- standard design. anther Bian Tak Fikir attempt!

  3. ThirdDevil

    Salam YB. One clarifications. Typically companies will do the quarterly briefing based on unaudited Financial Statements as the Bursa requires the public to be informed on the previous quarter results no later than 60 days after the end of the quarter. At this time, external auditors normally will yet to complete their audit. Whatever, to publish such a qualifications shows two things (1) the top management does not give a damp about the public and do not feel obligated to ensure the figures are correct (2) they don’t want what those numbers represents . Either ways, I will questions their fiduciaries duties towards the company and the public. Once you been paid big money , you have a duty to correctly informed your stakeholders include the Public. Probably these three guys is the Malaysians version of the famous film ” The Three Idiots”

  4. Anonymous

    YB, for your info, the new livery and colours of Malaysia Airlines is only meant for the new A380. The other aircraft will be in a NEW different colour under the new short haul airlines.

    In the making, soon the TRIO will close another route ie FRA, AMS, etc. plus the whole of Australia will be closed and will be replaced by Qantas operated flight using Malaysia Airlines aircraft. Wonderful isn’t it when high level raping session to our very own National Airlines and is happening right under the nose of the very own people of Malaysia.

    Not meant to sound offensive or racist, if this practice is happening to other developing nation like Myanmar or Bangladesh then I would give no hoot, BUT how on earth the Government of Malaysia is allowing this to happened ???

    This share suap is clearly against the law of the country. The intention from beginning is to screw Malaysia Airlines. In fact, the day TF took over the 20% share in MAS, he declared that “Today is the day I killed Firefly”.

    True enough, Firefly jet operation was scrapped in the pretext of losing money. The true reason is that Air Asia is losing money due to competiton with Firefly.

    The last thing you want to do to turnaround a company is to employ a consultant or business advisory. These consultant bastard is like leeches sucking blood till dry.

    May God forgive all these criminals. They are toying around with the “ricebowl” of about 20,000 human being which is the employee of this once proud company.

    1. MAS Guy


      It doesn’t matter whether the new funeral parlour colour is for A380. That stupid crony Rashdan should have known better what is the corporate colour of MAS. This crony should stop receiving any salary from MAS as he doesn’t understand what is MAS. it was due to his ignorance that he is creating problems for MAS daily.

      Another gaji buta idiot. He has no self respect. Before he could any good for MAS, he spend money lavishly and at the same time screw up MAS.

  5. Pak Pandir

    Actually, what happened under WAU 1 is no secret, including the lop-sided 25 year contract that MAS signed after “divesting” a non-core business that is MAS Catering. What many do not know is another piece of WAU1 which I am going to now expose which will make the Catering deal look very very tame.
    Under Wau 1, the whole of the MAS Offices in KLIA (the one that staff call
    Mas Campus or South Support Zone) including the administration building, Hangar 5, the PMIM and MasKargo complex was “bundled” up and sold to a government SPV called Asset Global Network (AGN) for RM1.1billion and MAS now RENTS the same premises for rental of RM75million a year increasing to RM140million a year for 57 (FIFTY SEVEN) years. Yes, lima puloh tujuh tahun, in case you missed it in English! The same is now planned for the Subang premises, London and Singapore offices etc. This time, don’t know for how many years to raise RM1.5billion to “finance operations”! So, like it or not, staff have to relocate from Subang to KLIA. The spin to staff when explaining this forced relocation is : this is business critical for our (MAS) survival!.

    Don’t know if it is too late for you to bring up another development. There is already a news report that Tune Money is buying Oriental Capiltal Assurance (OCA). This is the first step for Tune (ie Tony Fernandes) to hog all insurance
    undertakings of MAS. Same like the Chendasari episode under Tajudin Ramli.
    More details to follow.

    Anonymous 1:12
    Exactly, brilliant “branding” strategy by these goons. Blue like funeral colour for
    the PRIDE OF THE NATION! What a joke!

    1. weechookeong

      Pak Pandir

      Thank you so much for the info on what had happened under WAU.

      It is not too late to bring up in Parliament with regards to the 57 year contract on MAS offices in KLIA and Oriental Capital Assurance. Please feel free to e-mail to me more details of these two matters. I shall kept your identity confidential. My e-mail address:

      Thank you

      with kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  6. John Lam

    Pak Pandir

    Thank you for exposing and sharing the info on these BinaFikir fu.ker. The two must be shot. One in Khazanah and the other one now in MAS. Lets WAU them in the open. So that the whole world will know about their nonsense. This is what that crony is trying to do in MAS now. Lets expose them more so that so that they have to hide all the time.

    This is what the Sleepy Head/Tingkat 4 did to MAS. This is how they have been cannibalizing MAS under the pretext of saving MAS. Unfortunately, MAS union leaders have been sleeping due to overdose of sleeping pills. They too should be exposed because some of them have been working hand in gloves with those culprits.

    YB please expose them in Parliament.

  7. Najib

    Pak Pandir

    Jangan bimbang. Saya percaya YB kita akan bawa perkara ini ke Parlimen minggu depan. Hantum saja orang yang tiada maruah. Pekianak kepada bangsa dan negara.

  8. Subra MAS

    what the three idiots have done to MAS are cosmetic. No substance. They are destroying MAS slowly and surely.

    Look at the colour of the new A 380. Rahsdan should use the colour for his and his family funeral. Brainless. paying consultant fees by the million and came up with such thoughtless design. MAS has never changed its logo from its inception until the Bina Tak Fikir idiot came into the picture. Ptui!

  9. Kunyit Hidup

    Pak Pandir,
    1. Under WAU, they sold our strategically located London apartment.
    2. However, halted to retain the current office building because of the title registered under a name related to former CEO. I heard one of the istana was willing to ‘save’ it for Malaysia if it can be lelong in the market (please verify it). Wonder how they are going to do it this time.

    John Lam,
    MASEU signed the new CA just in time to make one of the EXCO become eligible to work till age 60. I heard that tarik-tali scene during oddly long service award was in exchange of staff annual leave……..must be in accordance to advice of the newly appointed MASEU consultant (ex-HR).

  10. The Khazanah"s Dunggu

    YB please ask in Parliament that under WAU what non-core assets (the crony’s term) have been sold and to whom? These two BinaFikir idots are the bullshitters. They should now explain after selling all the non-core assets why MAS is still in the shit.

    The Bina Tak Fikir idiot sitting on the top job in Khazanah must explain why no actions have been taken re-open he 25 years catering contract with Datuk Hj Ibrahim, the Bodohwi’s brother.

    How can we expect Amok to open this when he was very much involved?

  11. Thhe Khazanah"s Dunggu

    MAS has been raped by the Pariah. All the important positions have been filed by ex AirAsia people or people conncected with AirAsia:

    Rozman Omar, CFO – Easy deal for AA like the 30,000 AA passsenges for London
    Azahari Head of Engineering – AA planes will have easy treatments for service
    Shane Nolan – Acting Commercial Director – PlaneConsult

    Please look at AA side

    Conor McCarthy is the Managing Director of PlaneConsult and Director and Co-Founder of AirAsia

    So wake up guys especially the PM and the Khazanah Dunggus. If no actions is taken now MAS is as good as finished.

  12. Anonymous

    mohd ali

    Just wondering, can’t the MPs push for RCI into the misdeeds of the TRIO on all activities of Khazanah. Can;t the PCA audit Khazanah since its an actually a GLC.

  13. Anonymous

    MAS has been infiltrated by AirAsia. But non of MAS people in AirAsia. Is this called collaboration or infiltration. Forget about that crony Rashdan. he will dance to the tune of the Pariah. I cannot believe that AJ is also dancing to the tune of the Pariah. The Dunggu Azman in Khazanah is enjoying himself to see MAS being slowly cannibalized by the Pariah. So this is the state of affairs in MAS now. The whole share swap and CCF exercise was to save AirAsia rather than MAS. Believe me Malaysians.

  14. MAS observer

    Anonymous 2.26

    You are absolutely right. The MACC should also be looking at all the decisions made by Rashdan, Rozman and Azhari in MAS. PM Najib must do the right things quickly and stop the vulture from doing further damage to the national airlines.

  15. Anonymous

    The infiltration is across all levels of strategic position starting at the Board.

    The positioning of AA personnels or AA-friendly people into the MAS Snr Management positions is not about MAS learning from AA. It has more to do with positioning of people that who owe their allegience to TF so that TF can control the outcome. His control is almost complete.

  16. Hafiz MAS

    YB you must round up other MPs to speak against the share suap and what the Trio and that pariah are doing to MAS. This is the best time to think him a lesson. We have enough of his nonsense of spinning and publicity stance.

    Press MYCC, SC and Bursa KL for actions. If Australian authority can take such quick action why can’t MYCC and the rest. Kasih si Pariah cukup2 YB. Terima kasih banyak-bnayak sebab menyuara bagi semua perkerja MAS.

  17. Time Traveller

    Dear YB, refering to the first sentence of your article, can’t recall if it was me of made the suggestion. But never mind.

    1. weechookeong

      Time Traveller

      I am sorry to have got it wrong. Please rest assured that no ill thought intended. As long as it is for good cause it should be ok.

      Thank you for your understanding.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  18. malaysia maju kerana RAKYAT

    Dear yb,
    Gud luck for tomoro battle.majority rakyat n staff counting on u.orang yg teraniaya pasti akan dilindungi..

  19. Scout

    Pak Pandir

    Referring to Pak Pandir’s comment about Tune Money buying Oriental Capital
    Assurance and in due time, by September I hear, to “bolot” all the insurance undertakings of MAS, let me point out that NAZIR RAZAK, the PM’s brother owns like 20% of Tune Money? So, whichever way you look Nazir and CIMB has their fingerprints everywhere and their fingers in every pie. Broker the CCF, get brokerage RM184million. If got to undo CCF, who knows , maybe double that – after all it is harder to undo than to do, right? Cronies and bloodsuckers, all of them.

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