AJ & Rashdan: What “COST CUTTING”? – Part 1

Left: Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and his crony, Rashdan (both were ex- business partners in BianFikir Sdn Bhd)

En Ahamd Jauhari Yahya (AJ) and En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof (Rashdan), the known crony and ex-BinaFikir business partner of Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, have been highlighting to MAS staff and Malaysians that MAS needed to do “COST CUTTING” to improve its “bottom line” i.e. to reduce losses.  

This was the main principle under NEW BUSINESS PLAN launched by both AJ and Rashdan, Tan Sri Mokhtar’s crony, after the agreements for the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap and so-called “Comprehensive Collaborative Framework” (CCF) was inked by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, the MD of Khazanah and the ex-business partner of En-Mohammed Rashdan Yusoff (aka Danny) in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd.

Lets examine what their so-called “cost cutting” meant to all Malaysians except AJ and Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s crony, Rashdan.  Their New Business Plan was more of a spending spree and stifling the progress of MAS than improving the “bottom line” of MAS.  So far their so-called New Business Plan was all about:

  • Wasting good money amounting to RM18 million to sponsor QPR , a football club owned by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes;

  • Cancellation of full load Firefly flights during the recent Raya season has caused a lost of revenue;

  • Termination of Firefly’s profitable routes from JB to KK and Kuching has caused a lost of revenue;

  • Termination of MAS profitable route to Bandung has caused a lost of revenue;

  • Termination of Firefly routes from KK to Japan, Korea and etc caused a lost revenue;

  • Grounded Firefly jet aircraft escalating fixed cost with no revenue;

  • Re-spraying Firefly Jet aircraft and re-configure them unnecessary expense;

  • Termination of MAS routes to Dubai, Johanesburge, Beuno Aires and etc lost of connectivities;

  • Moving offices to KLIA incurred unnecessary costs;

  • Re-branding by way of changing colour to the MAS logo, letterheads, signage, uniform and etc incurred unnecessary costs;

  • By 1-5-2012 Firefly may cease operation altogether and all Firefly staff including the pilots will be given the option to join MAS Sdn Bhd, a totally new entity;

  • Employing several ex-AirAsia management staff to take over key positions in MAS like En Rozman Omar is the case in point; and

  • Appointing Mat Salleh concultants like Mr Martin Burrow, PlaneConsult and etc to think for both of them incurred unnecessary costs.

At a quick glance one could see from the above that AJ and Rashdan, the Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s crony, have been on a spending spree. They were not done in the best interest of MAS.  Most of the exercises done by Rahdan and AJ were mostly for cosmetic purposes and, most of all, to provide more opportunities for LEAKAGES in MAS.  One need not be a genuis to come to the conclusion that the ultimate objective of the so-called COST CUTTING was to stifle the progress of MAS and without realising that it will bring MAS to its knees.

Why both of them are not thinking of improving operating revenue which will in turn improve the profit positions of MAS and thereby reducing losses?  By cost cutting alone will not bring MAS back to its former glory or back on its feet again.

Why aren’t AJ and Rashdan, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s crony, think positively to improve the financial position and to bring MAS back to its former glory? After all both AJ and Rashdan have been paid fat salaries with all the perks.  Yet Rashdan needed the Mat Salleh consultants to think for him.

Have both AJ and Rashdan joined the infamous “Panamera Deadwood” in MAS?

To be continued in my next posting on the same subject matter from London.

127 thoughts on “AJ & Rashdan: What “COST CUTTING”? – Part 1

  1. abdul rahim ibrahim

    these people in most GLCs are a bunch of ‘figure juggler’, they don’t have real business acumen. They only know how play with figures in their books. Their role are more like brokers, that’s the reason most GLCs are rotten.

  2. jack1960

    Cost cutting whatever…

    Regardless of the real intentions behind this new initiative to save MAS, the appointed persons & those acting in concert, who now yeild authority must be held responsible by the government & the people of Malaysia. We must not repeat past history, whereby these govt appointees can just wipe their hands & walk away unscathed, if they fail. It has got to cost them because their decisions & strategies would have wider & deeper repurcussions on the country, not only the national carrier but also air transport network/connectivity, Malaysia Airports, tourism etc. This is more than national pride. They fail, they go to jail. By the way, after they go to jail, the country will have to rebuild again with more taxpayers money. Ultimately, its the current goverment who will have to bear responsibility. On that score, they got to get it right.

  3. Anonymous


    you are right. AJ, Rashdan and Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar must be personally held liable if what AJ and Rashdan have caused the collapsed of MAS. Now these two idiots, a crony (Rashdan) and a AJ (the budak suruhan and Mr Blur) have started a new company called MAS Sdn Bhd. What the hell they are doing?

    If anything goes wrong with MAS after MAS SDN BHD then these two idiots will point their finger to the CON-sultants that have wrongly advised them. Typical Bina TAk Fikir Con-sultant mentality. The Malaysians public must hold these three idiots Azman Mokhtar and his crony Rashdan and AJ FOR ALL THINGS HAPPENED IN MAS FATER THE SHARE SWAP. THey must not be allowed to walk away scot free after being drawing big salaries and perks from MAS.

  4. Sham of MAS

    Cost cutting is a term used by those con-sultants to justify their shallow understanding of the situation. What they have done was not about cost cutting but how to wipe out MAS so that they can start MAS Sdn Bhd.

    MAS is on the verge of being finished. So the staff better wake up and stand up to be counted. Forget about the MASEUS and the other MAS unions they are just incapable of looking about its members and MAS as a whole. They are addicted to Sleeping Pills.

  5. Keng

    I like the picture that showed Azman Mokhtar and his crony (Rashdan). The two must be sacked by Najib if MAS to be saved. For the immediate step to recovery, Rashdan must be sacked immediately because he has done nothing to save MAS. He in fact fu..ked it by the minutes. He is a real bast..rd. I hope that all members of MAS should curse Azman and his crony Rashdan and their respective family.

  6. Harris MAS

    The puppet master looks so slimy. That bloody crony Rashdan is screwing up MAS big time. AJ is totally blur and sign every thing that sent to him. He was like the Union leaders on sleeping pill. God save MAS from the puppet master and crony.

  7. Azlin Alias

    YB, it is too bad that the PM Office has instructed the mainstream media to go slow on Mas-AA deal. Amok and his allies managed to convince PM to give them some time to allow the deal to show some results.

    But we all know the deal is lopsided and doomed right from the start.

    Apart from the Mas-AA deal, could YB please ask the Speaker to summon Khazanah to Parliament to explain all their deals, eg. the Singapore Gleaneagels purchase, the KTM land development, the Iskandar Medini land deal with Arabs.

    Many of us are feeling that Khazanah is selling the country. We need to put a stop to this. Azman Mokhtar and his cohorts must be removed immediately.

  8. hanana bt abdulla

    The 2 simpletons ros-najib had taken the

    1- malaysia to the cleaners

    if you think the undoing of the simpletons

    is confined to the glcs alone. look at the

    country overall.

    A few days ago I saw a fleet of SSang Yongs

    4WD running to and fro in the Batu Caves

    area. Upon some inquiry at the nearest Teh

    Tarik , it appeared that they were gomen issued

    cars to the likes of generals and COs in the


    I said to myself: wtf ! the ros-najib simpletons have

    more stupidity to show?

    It is available material that Ssang Yong is based in

    korea. That sounds ok

    next q, who owns Ssang Yong Motors ?

    ans. mahindra n mahindra motors , India

    next q . Who owns mahindra n mahindra?

    ans . Temasik [ a singapore gomen investment company ]

    This is not ok. Wtf. Proton is bleeding to the hilt and the

    two nasional simpletons allow the mat generals buy jeeps

    from a Singapore -gomen run company?

    Melayus, are really stoooopidoh, eh. Bageroooh meh?

    And also after googling financial data on temasik , it appears

    that they make S$70 billion++ from an investment of S$170 ++ billion.

    Among their investments are Malaysian Plantations and I suspect they

    would target the Felda as a prime investment…

    So much for oxfart-trained bozos that we have in kazanah and mas.

    They only know how to bleed the country.

  9. Rosli

    hannan bt abdulla

    We need not have to look at the Temasek nonsense. Just look at the MAS -AirAsia Share swap and CCF were enough. An ikan bills makan ikan yu. Only Azman Mokhtar, Tan Sri Nor Yacob and Datuk Azman Yahya (Scomi and Symphony House) of Tingkat Empat connection can sanction it.

    YB in your old posting you said that Amok had said on 14-8-2011 when he met the blogger that the “option to purchase AirAsia X Sdn Bhd 10% share” was a dodgy deal. Yet this basta.d still use Khazanah to buy it. Bloody dishonest basrta.d. His crony Rashdan being removed from Maybank and recruited by him and now put into MAS to put the final nail into MAS.

    Both Amok and Rashdan were responsible for WAU (the BinaFikir project). It was actually assets stripping. One major asset of MAS was sold was the MAS Catering Sdn Bhd.

    Amok and Rashdan if you have pride please resign now and go and live in Singapore. I am sure that you can strive better there and Temasek will put you and Rashdan as the CEO and deputy CEO. Bloody jokers.

  10. mas rian


    Come to Sepang and Mas staff will surely vote for you come next GE.

    You are damn right.

    We dont need jokers like Amok, Danny, Aj, Mat Sabu and Khalid Gagap.

  11. dragonlord

    Dear YB Wee,

    Correction for the following: Termination of Firefly routes from KK to Japan, Korea and etc caused a lost revenue;

    Should be “Termination of MAS routes from KK ….”

  12. dragonlord

    Creating another airline is another good example of increasing cost rather than cutting cost. new airline need Managing Director, CEO, CFO, board of directors… Vice president this, vice president that… Etc… All need $$$ to pay their salary and allowance etc… Can make profit or not still in question? If can’t then get some Con- sultants as an adviser….

  13. Parameswara

    You guys dont simply accuse Danny of being a crony. What is your basis?

    Do you all know that he is working hard to ensure the equity from falling into the hands of crooks and cheats?

    Dont believe – click here to see actual records;


    Next time don’t open your mouth without evidence.

    YB Wee, please take a moment to check the weblink above, be enlightened and then review what you have been slandering about this person before.

    1. weechookeong


      Thank you for your comments.

      Whether Rashdan is a crony of Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar or not, please look at the facts that have been published. He was the ex-business partner of Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd. In 2002 after the inception of BinaFikir it was commission to do the WAU project, which was a failure. Then in 2008 BinaFikir was sold to Maybank for RM8 million. Rashdan was absorbed into the set up in Maybank. Subsequently he “LEFT” Maybank and his ex-partner parachuted him into Khazanah and he was appointed one of the director for investment. Immediately after the secret share swap, he was appointed to head MAS. Within a few days he rushed to London to sign the agreement to sponsor QPR for RM18 million when MAS was bleeding. We have been informed by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar that MAS was bleeding very badly and needed the secret share swap to survive .

      You mean no one else in MAS can head MAS except Rahsdan. You mean no one else in Khazanah except Rashdan is qualified to head MAS. You mean no other Malaysians except Rashdan outside Khazanah is qualified to head MAS at the material time.

      What does Rashdan know about airlines business except the WAU project and yet he was handpicked by his ex-business partner, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar.

      When the sponsorship of QPR broke out, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar defended the decision to sponsor QPR.

      With all the blunders that Rashdan has made in MAS before AJ came into the pictures, nothing has been said by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar.

      Please check all your facts before you post your comment to defend your idol, Rashdan. You have been seen to have shifting the goal posts as a when other readers posted comments against your argument.

      By the way, the link that you have provided shown that Rahsdan have made announcement about his several purchases of MAS share in December which he was obliged to announce under the law. The announcement did not mean anything to me and the readers except that Rahsdan is a rich man. I am sure that he has all the means to buy other airlines share too. Perhaps you might want to ask your idol which other airlines share that he has purchased if any.

      Thank you for reading my blog.


      wee choo keong

  14. salvatore.svs

    Congrat YB you r a true savior..ezpecially on the quest of MAS.AK issuea.You surely get me and my family vote.
    Not like the rest MP silent…. as the Italian says”the house is on fire lets us warm our self up”…
    MAS have similar fate like the Roman..
    TF already sent in his trojan horse into MAS to heist from inside out..You r right now everybody can join MAS..

  15. salvatore.svs

    Congrat YB you r a true savior..ezpecially on Q MAS.AK. ..you surely get me and my family vote.
    Not like the rest MP as the Italian say”the house on fire lets warm our self up”
    TF already send his trojan horse in MAS.they will kill inside out.

  16. Razak of MAS

    Of course, the facts show that Rashdanis more than a crony. He is also a budak suruhan. Please look at his track records as shown by the postings by YB.

    I will also say that Rashdan is just a crony. I am sure that every one will agree that he is just a bloody a brainless crony without maruah at all otherwise he will not be doing what he had done.

  17. merry x-mas

    Once upon a time, MAS used to be a GLC that employed family members and relatives or fellow school buddies..

    Except for the pilot and cabin crew post which either you need a qualification to fly the airplane or you’re presentable enough to be a cabin crew, the rest of the departments are full of inter related staffs.

    Then, when one did not follow rules at work, the other will just closed one eye as the money made or lost in MAS is not their problem.

    Wastage and abuse of power by MAS staff were rampant then, but with lesser competitor and lower operation cost then, they still break even.

    Remember then in the mid 90s when Aviation industry was a profit making business, Petronas has to pump in money to MAS,( being a national carrier) in order for them to be able to let their aircrafts fly.and save the face of the leaders. Later, a public listed company was asked to take over MAS and the saga continue.

    The rot was partly started by MAS staff themselves long time ago and they should not totally blame it on the others.

  18. jamaludin

    Rashdan is a crony. He will be cursed for generation for what he has been doing to MAS. He is just a Bina Tak Fikir idiot. His whole generation should be cursed.

  19. Old Man


    Lord Drewer wrote “Minds are like parachute, they work best when open”

    Evidence is aplenty atesting to:

    1. Relationship between Rashdan and Azman in Binafikir and now MAS.

    2. His utter incompetence in the failed WAU exercise, the ruckus he created in his stint at Maybank, now in the many wrong decisions made in such a short period of time in MAS, in the employment of an army of consultants to advise him on how to manage (or rather destroy) MAS.

    3. His clear disregard to corporate governance and his escape from any punishment for the breach in corporate governance in the QPR sponsorship.

    The evidence and basis are all there. The purchase of 0.036% of MAS shares does not in any way show that he is “working hard to ensure the equity from falling into the hands of crooks and cheats?”.

    I put it to you that it is you who is blind to the truth.

  20. jack1960

    YB, the opinions & concerns of the public is here for all to see. Whilst I admire your tireless effort to eek out the “truth”, all these comments & responses, including mine, may well end up as another fruitless exercise, intelectual or otherwise.

    The goverment thru Khazanah have decided on this present tact to “save MAS” and have allowed Tony Fernandez & parties acting in concert to dictate this effort. How long has this “team” got to turn around MAS or a derivitive of it? What is the “end product”?

    YB, how can we Malaysians hold this government, Khazanah, Tony Fernandez & parties acting in concert responsible for this chosen tact? What will the repurcussions on all of the above, if it fails?

    Remember, concurrently, our air public transport connectivity + the health of MAHB + the balanced development of both Peninsular & East Malaysia + all the ancillary industries connected to air transport is being affected. We can’t afford to get it wrong. All our neighbouring countries are looking after their national carriers for this very reason, because the private sector alone cannot take care of all these issues, for which a lot of us Malaysians have taken for granted for far too long.

  21. Time Traveller

    Please help me to understand…..
    1) Why AJ needs Martin Barrow as advisor where he already has consultants keliling pinggang. If an advisor is crucially required to advise the MD (in this case budak darjah 6 pun boleh jadi MD kalau ada advisor) then Tan Sri Aziz should be the one, since he has all the experience being the ex MD of MAS and being a prominent Malaysian figure, he definitely can use his position to meet and discuss with the government/authorities. What aviation exeprience does Mr MB have?
    2) Ada banyak SVP/GM in MAS, there is no one who could be the CFO and Head of engineering? No succession plan?
    3) and lastly please help me to understand, what are the staff doing about all this chaos in the company – people coming into our company and destroying everything. Maybe some has the tak kisah attitude, cos nak jaga periuk nasi, tapi jangan sampai nanti in the future, kita semua tak ada periuk nasi lagi sebab dah di wallop oleh sang pariah.

  22. Anonymous

    merry x-mas
    Not once upon a time, the hiring of cronies and saudara-mara continues, heard the new HR head is also related to Danny.

    Slander? Please don’t be so pathetic in your defence of someone so indefensible. we are all waiting for 1st May for the final number he is going to do on MAS.

    1. merry x-mas

      Anon 5.53

      So the MAS ( mesti ada saudara ) tradition still being practice today ?
      It shows how amateur they are.

      Lucky I has decided to leave my saudara long time ago but anyhow thanks MAS for giving me a platform to gain some experience and be what I am today.


    I have read this forum with great interest and agree with most of the observations. Many points raised by merry x-mas and time traveller are valid and REAL. MAS employees must not only take notice but act on it REAL FAST since mother ship is sinking very, very fast.

    The points raised verbatim are;
    1. Wastage and abuse of power by MAS staff were rampant then, but with lesser competitor and lower operation cost then, they still break even.
    2. The rot was partly started by MAS staff themselves long time ago and they should not totally blame it on the others.
    3. Ada banyak SVP/GM in MAS, there is no one who could be the CFO and Head of engineering? No succession plan?
    4. and lastly please help me to understand, what are the staff doing about all this chaos in the company – people coming into our company and destroying everything. Maybe some has the tak kisah attitude, cos nak jaga periuk nasi, tapi jangan sampai nanti in the future, kita semua tak ada periuk nasi lagi sebab dah di wallop oleh sang pariah.
    MAS problems are not new. It started way back during TR’s era, followed by MNY, AFD, IJ, TAZ and now AJ.

    My question is, as appropriately raised in point 1 and 2, why knowingly allowed rampant wastage and abuse of power by MAS staff. Why the hell the so called airline expert (airline management) in point 3 and 4 allowed themselves to be beleaguered by parachuted MD (except of course the clueless AFD).
    The answer is because of large majority of MAS Staff “tidak apa, tidak kisah and lu tolong wa, wa tolong lu” attitude. The Govt. could have put a Superman to be the MD but if majority staff them do not perform, do not expect the Superman to produce results. If majority had performed, MAS do not need outsiders, Supertony or even Superman.

    Anyway, I am glad that MASEU, MESA and MAPA are taking some actions. If they had done that 10 years ago, the chances of fixing MAS were 90%, 5 years ago were 50% and now it is 20%. Still not too late, but more staff needs to work, whack the bugger and plug the leakages.

    How? In my next comment, provided the staff themselves want to make things right.

    Who am I? A retired MAS professional who is ready to surface, has done many battles in MAS /NGO and currently working closely with Dr. Don and Tan Sri Abdul Aziz.

  24. AJ, a graduate of England’s Nottingham University like Prime Minister Najib, was trained in electrical or electronic engineering,. So do not expect him to be very adept at making business decisions. Running an independent power producer with contracts and subsidies with guaranteed profits does not make him a good businessman in the more challenging aviation industry.

  25. Parameswara

    So you guys say, that there is no conflict of interest when a principal office bearer buys up so many shares of the company he is helming – within 15 days, at around the same time EPF was also selling off the shares?

    No smell of a rat here?

    So many lawyers participating here but cannot find out if this is proper?

    And, why only after almost 2 months later – declare to Bursar?

    This is all OK?

  26. hanana bt abdulla


    pl explain how there is a conflict here. i am a bit blur as to how a conflict arises.

    What I suspect that u are trying to show that mas is worth buying if the
    bozo dani is buyiing up mas shares -a million of it.

    Common sense tells me mas is not worth v much if aa is rising . Mas must
    give way in value so that aa can rise. logical?

    The yoyo behavior betw mas and aa can be obcerved fr past history. unless this escape your bozo dani ha?

  27. Azmi


    YB was right to say that you are extremely capable of shifting the goal posts as the game is played. You just keep on changing your stand or subject matter.

    Another budak suruhan of the Pariah and Rashdan, the crony.

  28. Jazlan

    Rashdan is just a crony. So obvious. The facts are too clear. Only stupid people thinks otherwise. MAS is doomed headed by idiots like Rashdan and AJ.

    AJ will be a failed MD.

  29. Kamal in Khazanah

    AJ and Rasdan will be another failure for MAS. The only way to save MAS is to get rid of Azman Mokhtar the man who is responsible for the current problems in MAS. Once Azman Mokhtar is removed. THen his crony will be dead just as fast as he got into MAS. AJ is useless anyway and will fade away. Then there is some hope for MAS.

    Once Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan are gone then the Pariah will not have it easy in MAS.

  30. MAS staff

    All the MAS staff should cut crony Rahsdan into pieces and throw into the long kang. This bloody bugger is just a running boy for the pariah.

  31. Bloody crony

    All the cost cuttings were meant to help AirAsia and the Pariah. Cost cutting not in the best interest of MAS. ONly a crony can do such a thing to MAS which is paying his salary monthly.

  32. Average Joe

    Another pariah move:


    [i]KUALA LUMPUR 26 Feb. – Malaysian Airline System Bhd. (MAS) dipercayai sedang melakukan kajian terperinci untuk tidak menggunakan perkhidmatan jambatan aero dalam operasinya pada masa depan.

    Sumber berkata, penggunaan jambatan aero itu turut diteliti dalam pelan pemulihan MAS yang baharu itu bertujuan untuk meminimumkan kos, meskipun harga yang perlu dibayar bagi setiap kali penggunaan kemudahan itu hanya RM85.

    ”Mereka (MAS) sedang jalankan kajian, tetapi tidak pasti sama ada ia membabitkan penerbangan domestik atau antarabangsa atau kedua-duanya,” katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini.

    Menurut beliau, penjimatan kos kini begitu kritikal bagi MAS untuk memastikan pelan pemulihan yang sedang dilakukan dapat dilaksanakan mengikut sasaran yang ditetapkan.

    Berikutan itu, katanya, MAS sedaya upaya untuk melaksanakan langkah terbaik yang boleh mengurangkan kos operasinya termasuk penggunaan perkhidmatan jambatan aero.

    ”Mungkin bagi kita apalah sangat dengan RM85 tetapi bagi syarikat yang terjejas, ia adalah suatu kos yang perlu ditanggung,” tambahnya.

    Mengulas lanjut mengenai kajian itu, sumber tersebut berkata, biarpun MAS adalah syarikat penerbangan premium, tidak salah jika ia tidak mahu menggunakan perkhidmatan jambatan aero.

    ”Syarikat penerbangan premium di Amerika Syarikat dan negara-negara Timur Tengah ada yang tidak menggunakan perkhidmatan tersebut,” ujar beliau.

    Sementara itu, seorang lagi sumber rapat dengan MAS ketika diminta mengulas mengenai kesahihan dakwaan tersebut berkata: ”Anda perlu bertanya soalan itu kepada Timbalan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif MAS, Mohammed Rashdan Yusof”.

    MAS, bagaimanapun gagal dihubungi untuk mendapatkan penjelasan.[/i]

  33. THe Crony Rashdan

    MAS better change its name to Pariah Airline if it doesn’t want aero bridges. This Rashdan is just a crony as we all already knew. Dia dan sekeluarganya pun tiada maruah. That’s why he can think of cost cutting of this nature. But he has forgotten to cut cost for himself and the perks. Cut cost by stopping leakages. Bloody idiot. Rashdan should be a director of AirAsia as he is singing the same tune as the Pariah.

  34. Anak Malaysia

    All this about MAS not using the aero bridge is the doing of that Pariah and his croonies. They must be out nof their mind…how can by not using the aero bridge will help MAS recover from lost? Any primary school kids can tell you that won’t work.

    Wonder how that pariah announced that AA make profit of RM4 billion, when he hutang keliling pinggang? What profit is the pariah shouting about? Steal from the others and then announced profit for his company….what a shameful thing to do. Well what more can one says when pariah like him that does not have maruah and tak tahu malu.

    Now the MASEU is telling all the Union Staffs not to wear the NO CCF / SHARE SWAP because of some negotiation which will be re-open between MAS and MASEU. Here’s wishing MASEU all the best in the re-open negotiation. Don’t forget to bring up the issues of Tech/Cabin Crews, Airport Operations Staffs and few others who are told to join the new airlines or be seconded to another carrier, if not they are told to resign.

  35. Justin

    Crony Rashdan, premium airline not using the aerobridge. You got to damn stupid to follow the footstep of that bloody pariah who can even speak Bahasa Malaysia. Yet you can follow him. MAS will soon be a pariah low cost airlines. What is AJ doing? Sleeping on his job to let this crony to destroy MAS.

  36. kayzee

    Not using aerobridge ? This is not cutting cost mah.. this is being cheapskate.
    Can abuse RM18mil for football money but cannot pay MR85 for aerobridge for customers ?? In that case go the whole hog lah — start charging for drinks. food, blankets, toilets etc etc and forget about premium brand. Charge also for yr Inflt Entertainment, baby bassinet etc..Want to go really cheap, don’t do it in dribs and drabs – charge for everything and outdo AA…Pahh…! Go on ..!!Never think of loyal customer and stakeholder like me..What, QPR soccer fans more important aah?? And what returns have you all got so far from this RM18mil hardearned MAS $$$ invested in QPR ?? Habuk pun tadak.

  37. Old Man

    This shows 3 things:

    1. A complete lack of competency and appreciation of what makes a full service carrier.

    2. An attempt at trying to justify what is clearly an ill-informed initiative probably mooted by the onsultants (with a little persuasion fm TF).

    3. A attempt to further the vengence of his master against TS Bashir.

  38. ThirdDevil

    This proposal of not using the aerobridge shows MAS and AA have ganged up to bully Malaysia Airport . I bet this is indirect pressure from AA to get what they want from Malaysia Airport. We should not let them succeed in this. Only 3rd world countries do not have such facilities.

  39. Ismail

    This is how MAS has been managed by bloody Azman Mokhtar’s crony. So egoistic with an empty head. He can only manage the BinaFikir with the help of his political master Tan Sri Nor Yakop and the 4th floor.

    Najib must remove this crony and Azman in order to save MAS.

  40. hanana bt abdulla

    not using aerobridge

    can spend rm 18 million on domestic only games jersey for son-to-be

    div 2 football, but scrounge on basic civilised services.

    Now what have we here?

    moronic oxfart bozo dani kelate running inter-kelate airline

    melayu aj konpius on his role- do nothing and keep job or try to be

    a manager. So easy to be konpius kan aj……

  41. Time Traveller

    Not using aerobridge? Well, I guess when everyone else is moving forward, MAS is taking a step backwards. Bravo..bravo. What else after this? AJ,will be remembered for all the wrong reasons after this, trust me.

  42. Orang Tiada Maruah

    No aerobridge for MAS. Rashdan better make MAS a low cost airline and then merge AirAsia. just cannot believe what this bloody Rashdan could do.

    Rashdan why don’t you just change MAS to AirAsia once and for all. Then you can also move to be a deputy CEO of AirAsia.

  43. Anon66

    Off topic but thought I would share this with you. An interview with West Ham United Chairman, David Sullivan, on a variety of subjects, then this question came up :

    What happened with Tony Fernandes?

    David Sullivan : “He was trying to buy the club when we were trying to buy the club. He’s very tricky, Tony. I won’t say any more than that. He told a few pork pies to us. What he said this year, his offer was ridiculous. He wanted to put a little bit of money into the club – and I mean ‘a little bit’ – to take 51% of the club. We didn’t have 51% to sell really, as it would have left us with 13% between us. We’d have been giving him our shares. It was a ludicrous offer. But he’s certainly pumped some money into Queen’s Park Rangers. It will be interesting to see if they stay up or go down. Tony is a charming, charismatic man, a fantastic salesman, very good at talking.”

    Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/west-ham/9098536/West-Ham-United-co-chairman-David-Sullivan-opens-up-on-the-club-he-supports-and-now-part-owns.html

  44. Anonymous

    MAS can only be saved by removing Aman Mokhtar, Rashdan from Khazanah, TF, Kamarudin Meranun and Azman Yahya from the MAS Board. This is the first step. Otherwise forget about saving MAS. These useless degree holders will flash their degree around but do not know how to run an airline.

  45. Recalcitrant

    orang tiada maruah and rest

    The Communications lady at MAS has issued a statement DENYING that MAS was considering doing away with the areobridges, claiming that it would not be in line with the offerings of a “premium full-service carrier”. This is obviously damage control after looking at the reaction to the news when it first came out. What an MAS expect when the main CONsultant in the house specialises in low-cost carriers. They are transplanting a LCC business model to a full-service carrier, thinking one size fits all. Whilst they and the 2 top goons AJ and Danny tweak and experiment and theorize and ‘rationalize’, all echoing and toe-ing Plane Consult’s “advice” the bottom line still is this : MAS will go under.
    Tommorrow when the Q4 results are announced, analysts are predicting about a RM1.2 billion loss , a rather conservative figure actually, staff are prepared for the spin that’s going to come. See, they will say, how bad it is, that’s why we are here (we includes the ‘collaborators’), to SAVE MAS. Staff will have a hard time NOT laughing when that spin comes out.
    They will also use this horrendous loss to “justify” all the other ‘drastic’ and ‘harsh’ decisions they have to make, including the relocation of staff to KLIA and the ‘right-sizing’ once MAS is broken up into bits and peices and sold off,including whatever little is left after Danny’s WAU part 1. Typically, Danny will resort to the same tried, tested, and failed strategy of “asset unbundling” to raise cash. He is obssessed with making a success of his pet toy, the Short Haul premium carrier, called Newco for now although it is an open secret that this will be called MAS, ignoring the fact that this strategy, as attested to by so many analysts, is extremely risky.
    What really is sickening is the thought that this person, who enjoyed a world-class education at taxpayers expense, instead of now serving the society that facilitated his “education” , is now putting that so-called education to screw the taxpayers via his many “projects” most notably the bungling of MAS WAU Part 1, and now, soon- to- be MAS WAU Part 2.
    MAS is doomed.

  46. Razak of MAS


    Thank you for your insight info on this Rashdan, the crony. What you have stated are consistent with the mentality of a crony who does not know his job. He is dancing to the tune of that pariah. WAU 1 was a failure and MAS paid good money as fees to the Binat tai Fikir idiots. Now WAU 2 will be another failure and will see the end of MAS.

    Just don’t understand why are the Unions especially MASEUS is changing its stand from PICKET to wearing badges. Now wearing badges was put off because AJ and Rashdan give them a sob story. Useless Union equal useless management mean MAS is koyak. This is the main objective of Azman Mokhtar’s CCF.

  47. The Otak Udang


    I am not surprised at all that MAS was still akin losses and the losses were more than when it was under Tengku Azmil. The reason being that you have two fools, AJ and Rashdan (Azman’s crony), running MAS. These two fools are heavily relying on con-sultant, like PlaneConsult.

    I support the idea that MAS can only be saved if Azman mokhtar and Rashdan are sacked! Ptui!

  48. Anon66

    wah lah! RM2.5 billion in losses! That last quarter was seriously bad! But I’m sure that 18 million in QPR sponsorship will help claw it all back!

  49. Reny

    Rashdan should sponsorship QPR with more than RM18 mil as a way of cost cutting. Stupid consultant mentality. Bloody Bina Tak Fikir idiot. So is Azman his master.

  50. edward

    what is the point hiring consultants, when throughout their tenure with MAS, no positive significant changes towards the company has been done. That’s exactly the problem when you bina dulu baru fikir…it should be the other way round…fikir dulu baru bina…

  51. Sshsn

    So going by your logic MAS only got screwed post merger? But that ain’t the case ain’t it? What the he’ll happened to them before that? Got balls to write or theyre being held by your political masters? Typical dumno ass

  52. Flyguy

    based on today townhall when announcing full year 2011 result which MAS has broke its own record on the most losses of the year, it seem that MAS deserve grammy award for
    1. the clueless CEO of the year award
    2 the clueless CFO of the year award
    3. the creative accounting of the year award
    while MAS staff fully aware AJ is clueless, seem that our new CFO also clueless on the figure presented in the full year financial report. how come both CEO and CFO can’t even answer simple Q from the staff what made the diff on staff cost from year 2011 and 2010.
    we are doom…….

  53. Recalcitrant

    Wow, even the analysts’ “predictions” didn’t come close. The RM1.2billion loss is actually now twice that, at RM2.52biliion. This means a number of things –
    One, AJ, Danny and the consultants managed to lose, in one SINGLE quarter
    more than the total losses in the 3 quarters before that!
    But, let us look a little more closely at the numbers, which so many analysts, post-briefing, did not pick up, or did not think it worth reporting so that a CLEARER picture can emerge. See, in that huge loss,a total of RM1.1billion is due to “provisions”. To a simple person, this can be explained by saying, provisions are those expenses which have been incurred or committed to
    in that financial year, which is not totally paid off yet. But, how does one explain a provision of RM602million for “redelivery of aircraft” which is clearly to be done in FY2012. What does “redelivery of aircraft” mean? It means the returning of leased aircraft either due to end of lease or before end of lease. All leases will stipulate the conditions for the return of the aircraft, in layman’s terms, one must ‘make good’ the aircraft when you return them. For aircraft, ‘making good’ is an expensive exercise, which as the CEO says is going to cost RM602million. This redelivery of aircraft is scheduled for 2012, so why is RM602million provisioned for FY2011?
    This then means a second thing – is this designed to make the FY2011 losses look really frightening?. Why? The answer is already in the statements made by AJ – to justify the IMMEDIATE ACTION PLANS they must carry out including redeployment of staff (as a result of the spin-offs of core business units into
    subsidiaries), to divest business units by looking for strategic partners, to generate cash etc etc. Back to my earlier posting, they now have a legitimate excuse to make ‘harsh decisions’ including forced relocation of staff to KLIA even if it costs RM30million. Why? Well, it’s just a “one-off” cost, but the prime land in Subang can be used to “generate” cash. Part of WAU2 la.
    AJ could not explain either during the staff brieifing how come the staff costs rose by about RM1 billion from FY2010 , when he stated staff costs rose by just 7%? The new CFO was equally flummoxed and the question was dismissed. Could it be that another RM1 billion was also inadvertently included to further inflate the losses? Aj and the Chairman himself took great pains to tell staff that their ACTION PLANS are fully endorsed by the two main shareholders, Khazanah and Tune. Of course la. This is one real sandiwara.
    One wonders whether in the history of corporate Malaysia, there is a Board and management that took so much trouble to ensure that the losses are magnified with such tweaking of the numbers (legal, I am sure, but ethical – that’s questionable). The ends justifies the means, or, matlamat menghalalkan cara. Halal?
    Fellow Malaysians, wake up! Especially those who have been righteously condemning MAS for the flagrancy in the usage of taxpayers money – now is the time to ASK questions and scrutinize all the numbers. Do they add up??

  54. Anon66

    and where or why did those RM170 odd million worth of obsolete ‘items’ suddenly come from?
    “This redelivery of aircraft is scheduled for 2012, so why is RM602million provisioned for FY2011?” – to paint a much bleaker picture perhaps?

  55. Shamsudin

    It was an unaudited account. So AJ and Rasdan can bullshit their way around. The info were questionable. YB please question the account in Parliament. Please make sure that AJ, Rashdan and the main culprit Azam Mokhtar will not get away easily. Make them pay for what they have done to MAS.

  56. Time Traveller

    If you are the MD/CEO of a company, wouldn’t you have asked your management on the huge increase of staff cost? The number should have alarmed you as the MD that it warrants explanation. This shows to prove that the MAS MD did not see it as alarming and hence did not ask his people for an expanation and that’s why he was clueless himself yesterday. And surely there are monthly financial accounts that have alerted the company on the huge staff cost. There has been no significant increase in the number of staff and there was no payment of bonus too, so the huge staff cost is very surprising. Unless of course certain people appointed got a HUGE salary and employment package that we didnt know of. Or then again, the numbers are just made up…..
    Since MD said he would come back with an answer soon, hope the unions and associations can follow up on this and make public the explanation via email to all staff. And this should be done within 24 hours.

  57. SA Lam

    RM2.5 Billion lost after AJ & Dannyboy take over 6 months ago? What are the consultants & new top managers AJ & Dannyboy hired to do doing? Clearly show that they, AJ & Dannyboy dont know what they are doing! What I heard from friends in MAS is that what the consultants is doing is only shouting & scolding at the staff. Is that how a consultant behave when they are paid millions to help the staff in crisis? the staff are not the slaves. They are customers of the consultants. I think the consultants name Plane Consult really means Plainly Conartist! The new top managers Aj hired also cant come up with a business plan because they also dont know what to do & AJ said they come with experienced from many foreign airlines & big companies? What waste of money! The retired & curent MAS staff will know what to do better. Good Luck to Anti Suap, Dr. Don Juan & Tansri Abdol Aziz in your fight!

    Like Time Traveller said Why AJ needs Martin Barrow as adviser? What aviation exeprience does Mr MB have? All the facts show that MB was in MAS Board of Directors for 10 years until last year when he, Munir & his friends in Board of Directors was replaced by Tony, Dannyboy & more new faces without experience in airline business. If in the last 10 years MB didnt do his job (which contribute to RM1 Billion loss sometime last year) why does Aj think that MB can help make profits? It is so shameful that Aj cant do his job & didnt do a due diligence check on MB before appointing him as adviser! Taking MB as adviser for aircraft safety is rediculous when MAS already has very good air safety record for 50 years under the internal Air Safety Team boss Dr Ooi. Coming from London with only GCE certificate (like SPM) did MB helped MAS to get more slots or better parking area in Heathrow? I think Mb is only good if AJ is looking for adviser to buy for MAS some wheel-barrows!

    With all these new advisers & consultants giving wrong advise & conning MAS staff, PM & public, where is the comments from the government appointed adviser? Being a former PM he must be making statements & point out wrong doings. Just like the other government appointed adviser to a national car company. Or like what the MAS staff say is he adviser in name only? Or is TF & AJ ignoring him like what the previous boss of a national car company did to the other adviser?

    Wake up PM! If you are proud of what your father do to Felda then you must also proud your father started MAS when Malaysia Singapore Airlines broke-up. So if you can look at Felda (not because of voters), please look at MAS too (also not because of voters in Subang, Sepang, Shah Alam area). Do it because it is the 1Malaysia national flag carrier!

  58. Jasper Bloodstone

    The number of misinformed people commenting on this thread is mind-boggling.

    Elsewhere, airlines make losses. They suck it up, carry out remedial measures and move on.

    Like Japan Airlines went into bankruptcy, cut a large number of routes and empli

  59. Jasper Bloodstone

    The number of misinformed people commenting on this thread is mind-boggling.

    Elsewhere, airlines make losses. They suck it up, carry out remedial measures and move on.

    Like Japan Airlines went into bankruptcy, cut a large number of routes and employees and emerged stronger and leaner.

    Or how Qantas CEO Alan Joyce faced down his unions and is pushing through a major restructuring exercise that could see some 5,000 employees lose their jobs.

    Ditto for British Airlines, Air France-KLM, Lufthansa and airlines in the US.

    In short, wherever airlines are treated as commercial enterprises, subject to unfettered competition and the vicissitudes of the market.

    But in Malaysia? Oh, no. Here every issue takes on a nasty racist slant, the profit motive is openly denigrated and the logic of competition and free markets blissfully ignored.

  60. Flyguy

    Jasper bloodstone

    we MAS staff do admit that we break record of “rugi bersih” but do u read btw the line why staff did not support the current mgmt?

    back in 2005, MAS also loss RM 1.2B but we come back strong and make record profit of RM 800++ mil in 2007. however, MAS also hold world record for highest turnover of MD and each MD do their own plan. how on earth MAS to make profit/business ifd every 2-3 years new MD come if and change everything????????????? that yet to include “social/politic obligation” that MAS need to face

    is not cause of racist or we are not that stupid to understand the concept of P&L. if u are so informative, just tell us the info rather give general info like that….seem that u hv no idea what actually transpire in MAS right now…..

    the simple fact is as-to-date, the current mgmt yet to come clean with staff what is the business plan. the business plan must have certain target, way to achieve and timeline to achieve that target. what AJ presented to us just a general BP…yet never reveal to us what is the expected $$$ from these plan, how to achieve and when. this is the basis info yet we are still kept in the dark…. or AJ/danny still on “try-and-error” mode????? do u know that AJ never make solid decision and always flip-flop in decision making… say 1 thing today, another thing tomorrow.. how to work with this kind of boss??????

    if AJ want support of the staff, pls transparent with us…JUST THAT… is that too much to ask??????????????

    staff will definitely will support AJ if he has solid business plan as it involve our “periuk nasik”

    1. Jasper Bloodstone


      I admire your cavalier disregard for the realities of the global aviation industry.

      Have you, for example, tracked the price of jet fuel over the past 2 years?

      What are fuel costs as a percentage of MAS’s costs?

      How can other airlines eke out profits in the same jet fuel price environment, while MAS incurs a loss, even after stripping out the “kitchen sink” stuff?

      I read today that Changi Airport is going to demolish it’s Budget Terminal and replace it with a new Terminal 4 by 2017.

      Changi’s Terminal 4 will have a capacity of 16 million passengers per year. IT WILL NOT HAVE AEROBRIDGES.

      Yup, you read that right – no AEROBRIDGES!

      So much for the running battle between Malaysia Airports and AirAsia over the subject of AEROBRIDGES.

      How many more red herrings and obfuscations are the supporters of MAS going to come up with?

  61. Old Man

    As I see it, it is all convenient creative accounting.

    Take a hit in 2011. Charge provisions for 2012 expenses and some mysterious expenses in the 2011 books and:

    1. Justifies the illogical actions already taken.

    2. Justifies the harsh actions planned.

    3. When 2012 ends, a nice recovery (comparing to 2011) can easily be shown.

    Oldest trick in the books.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone

      Another aviation industry “expert”?

      Consider this: Singapore Airlines (SIA) said it will increase its fuel surcharge for tickets from March 8, citing continued high fuel prices. Jet fuel prices, it said, now accounts for 40 per cent of SIA Group expenditure. The new fuel surcharge levels, which will apply to SIA and SilkAir flights, represent an increase of between US$2 and US$28 per sector, depending on the distance and class of travel. For instance, the one-way fuel surcharge for an economy class ticket from Singapore to a South-east Asian destination will cost US$36 (The New Paper, March 3 2012)

      I suppose that, as per your logic, MAS is somehow magically immune to “continued high fuel prices”?

      I reoeat my question – jet fuel costs account for what percentage of MAS Group expenditure?

      1. Old Man

        Many financial analysts, accountants, and economist are agreeing with me on this.

        In any case, with more than 30 years in the airline industry would make me more than qualified to comment, and what about you?

  62. Anak Malaysia

    The lost is too heavy for them. I guess it’d be the end for those who have worked for so long for MAS. I feel for them. Hope that their future would be guaranteed too after staying loyal for so long to MAS, to some, the entire of their lives.

    I have a son too who has been put on hold after passing the final stage of the selection recently. It has been a year plus of energy and sweat for him. Heard they are going to cancel the intake now. Well it’s still in the rumour stage but based on the current situation, I guess I wont put that much of a hope though I still wont lose my faith. Cant you MAS boards at least take a peek at this blog and see the dissatisfaction here? Some of them, that is including my son and some of his friends, are just trying to earn honest bucks by getting in. I guess the jobless cadets would be worsen if things aren’t settled as proper as it should had done.

  63. Roland

    This Azman Mokhtar’s crony (Rashdan) is a real crony. Who knows nothing about airlines and yet he pretends that he is the expert. Now he is blindly following the Con-sultant, which is also the Con-sultant of AirAsia.

    How could one appoint the same consultant to advise on both airlines with different set up and objectives. Dunggu AJ and Rahsdan please wake up. We are sure that these both idiots do not want to go down in history to be one responsible for destroying MAS.

    The recent announcements by AJ on MAS accounts were bullshit and what we call creative accounting to justify what they have screwed up in MAS. This is not the way bloody fools. Your whole generation will be cursed by all the families of MAS staff, who have worked so hard for MAS.

    MAS has now been destroyed by the deadwood like AJ, Rahsdan and the new AirAsia’s recruits.

  64. MH-J

    Old Man: that IS the bottom line isn’t it….it’s a ‘jual minyak’ announcement if you ask me!! Now the ill informed will give their blessings for whatever crude actions taken, including laying off employees…..and after a little time they will announce a ‘bounce back’ figures to earn the much needed ‘pat on the back’….same old, same old….
    The insecurities they cause to employees irks me!!!

  65. Plane Crazy

    Quick check on Google, then LinkedIn, showed PlaneConsult’s Managing Director is Conor McCarthy. Director and Co-Founder of AirAsia. He was TF’s mentor while he was at Ryanair. Either these LCC guys really want to prove to the world that you can shove a square peg into a round hole by re-engineering a full service carrier, or they simply want to kill it parasitically.

  66. Razak of MAS

    Jasper Bloodstone

    Please state facts. Stop saying you heard that no aerobridges. You are trying to speak for that Pariah. It is only the aPariah and the Pariah airline do not want aerobridges in order to save money but at the same time have all the hidden costs incorporated in their fare structure.

    Hope that ACCC and MYCC will take the necessary actions to defend members of the traveling public. The Pariah airlines is in trouble but due to the creative accounting looks ok> lets see for how long. Hope that YB will press for real answer this coming Parliamentary session. I love the questions tabled by YB and awaiting for the bullshit from the Ministry of Transport and Finance. Please pursue YB . Don’t let the pariah get away with all the nonsense.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone

      Razak of MAS

      So, now you are stepping into the fray, seeing as how the Flyguy dude has gone quiet.

      And, yup, the new Terminal 4 at Changi Airport (that will replace the current Budget Terminal) will not have aerobridges.

      You are welcome to check this on the websites of the Singapore Straits Times or ChannelNewsAsia.

      Are you implying that the Changi Airport Group that manages Changi Airport hasn’t thought this through or consulted with it’s LCC customers?

      I might even argue that the Changi Airport Group is doing a better job than Malaysia Airports. But that’s another story for another day.

  67. Anonymous

    mr. wee, you can’t blame everything wholly on rasdan yusof like the hiring of consulktan like martin burrow from planconsulk. look at planconsulk, kornor mccarthy is the md of planconsulk and non-executif direktor of aerasia. since the share swap, and kamarudin and toni came on board of malysiaairline, planconsulk has been infiltrate malysiaairline. shan nolan, the commercial direktor of malysiaairline also from planconsulk. and apart from that, a guy called andihomes also in malysiaairline now. apart having contributing 18 million to qpr, toni also helps his cronies by giving consulkting work to them and they must hv paid millions of dollar. and these consulktan, they ran lcc before and not premium carrier.

  68. sexyboy

    wee, you shouldn’t blame everything or rasdan. like the consulktan from planconsulk. who is the md of planconsulk? kornor mckarthy who is also non-executiv direktor of aerasia. since toni and kama came on board, apart from spending 18 million to sponsor qpr, toni and kama also gave their cronies in aerasia a lot of benefits by drying the coffer of malysiaairline. suspek millions has been paid to planconsulk, right now, shan nolan from planconsulk is the commercial direktor of malaysiaairline, heard there is one guy called andihomes from planconsulk also in malysiaairline.so the whole orgnization are infiltrate with consulktan who has only experience on lcc.

  69. soon zoo


    1. Jasper Bloodstone

      blue sky

      36 per cent, eh?

      Then how can SIA , in the same environment of increased fuel prices, manage to make a profit (albeit reduced substantially) for the first 9 months of it’s current financial year?

      Would the MAS loyalists and Tony Fernandes critics care to explain this simple fact?

  70. Razak of MAS

    Jasper Bloodstone

    36% eh!

    You seemed to think that Tony and AirAsia is fantastic. MAS is doomed. Of course MAS is doomed when you have the Bina Tak Fikir boy and crony like Rashdan doing a WAU after WAU on MAS. Remember MAS Catering was cannibalised by the Bina Tak Fikir idiots and then MAS had to sign a 25 years contract.

    Now let move to your AirAsia and TF. Which airlines in SIngapore was ever allowed to owe airport taxes from the day of its inception so many many years to the tune of more than RM120 million.

    When was forced to pay up the Airport Tax debt, a 30% discount was given instead of charging interest. Despite airport tax debts AirAsia was given more than 90 routes from MAS. MAS was not allowed to reduce prices i.e. no floor price. This was during the Sleeping Head or 4th Floor period.

    How about the Rural Air Services in Sabah and Sarawak? Got RM250 miliion from Sleeping Head Administration and prematurely terminated. can keep the subsidy. canabalised an aircraft for spare parts. Can Airasia do that in Singapore?

    Please let us have your comments on the above whether AirAsia can do the above in Singapore. For that matter just owe Airport tax for 3 months will do?

    Care to comments

    1. Jasper Bloodstone

      Razak of MAS

      So much misplaced angst and woolly thinking, which is basically par for the course.

      I asked a simple question – how can SIA make profits under the same environmen of fuel prices?

      Shall we revisit thee negotiations that led to the splitting of Malaysia-Singapore Airlines into Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines

    2. Jasper Bloodstone

      Sorry, my post got partially chewed up by my smartphone.

      Anyway, back to the questions:

      – was MAS consistently profitable from the year it was set up until when AirAsia came into being?

      – why did the government ask Tajudin Ramli to take over MAS and subsequently buy him out, sue him and then settle out of court? I don’t seem to remember Pak Lah or Tony F being involved in these corporate prestidigations!

  71. Rotten Bina Fikir

    Jasper Bloodstone, TF/AirAsia supporters and ball carriers

    Care to support about the RM120 million airport tax, RM250 million Rural Air Service in East Malaysia, canibalisation of aircraft and thereafter AA rewarded with more routes taken from MAS.

    Good for you Razak. Put the TF’s ball carrier in their place. They talk so much about Singapore. A very simple question is: TF dare not expand to Singapore why? Because he cannot play games there. He cannot owe airport tax there. He cannot play other monkey business there.

    No other airlines in the world can owe airport tax except AA. No national airlines in the world will be asked to give up its routes to another private commercial airlines. No other government in the world will instruct its national airlines to have floor price for its fares. Only the country ran by Sleeping Head/4th floor as rightly put by Razak of MAS.

    Jasper Bloodstone, It was because of the “Malaysia Very Boleh” under Sleepy Head/4th Floor that your AA/TF survive well.

    Got it? If not there are loads of posting in YB’s blog that will show the above. So stop wearing your blinkers and wake up to reality. MAS has been a sacrificial lamb for too long. The bloody share swap / CCF are another nonsense that no other national airlines will be put into a subservient position to a pariah airlines. Imagine a company with more than RM7 billion debts and treating “unrealized forex gains” as part of its profits in its account and its share value is double of MAS! Resulting in its 20.5% share in MAS. Only the two BinaFikir idiots will support such a “DODGY” deal!

    Remember what Azman Mokhtar told the bloggers that “AirAsia X is a dodgy deal!”.

    Care to comment on all the above??????

    1. Jasper Bloodstone

      AirAsia did not expand into Singapore? What have you been smoking, dude, and what planet are you on?

      AirAsia Malaysia is one of the biggest LCCs, in terms of pax numbers, operating out of Changi Airport. This is not counting the pax numbers to Changi contributed by AirAsia’s Indonesian and Thai affiliates.

  72. Olek Skilgannon

    Razak of MAS

    If AirAsia owed RM120 million to Malaysia Airports (MAHB), why didn’t MAHB take them to court to recover the outstanding amount plus interest? It’s a simple enough decision, yes, and as a public-listed company, your shareholders would expect you to do so?

    Are you saying that MAHB, out of the kindness of their hearts, looked the other way or gave AirAsia the benefit of the doubt?

    Or played footsie with AirAsia to the detriment of their shareholders?

    You are right that AirAsia wouldn’t pull such a stunt in Singapore. But in Singapore, things are transparent and enforceable by a well-regarded judicial system!

  73. Anonymous

    Jasper Bloodstone

    What are rumbling on? MSA, Singapore, Changi and etc.

    Please tell us which country in the world including your chosen Singapore will allow an airlines to owe airport tax amounting to RM120 million over many years and upon payment got a discount of 30%. Which government in the world will take profitable routes away from its own national airlines?

    by the way do you know what is the role of the airlines or your chosen airlines AirAsia in the collection of airport tax? Let me tell you that AirAsia just like any airlines is just a collecting agent of airport tax and to pass on whatever amount collected to the airport authority. Airport tax was not meant to be used as working capital, due.

    Please answer the above questions on airport tax issue. We all want to hear your views on it.

  74. Razak of MAS

    Olek Skilganon

    Most ideal was for MAHB to take actions. But during the Sleepy Period ? 4th Floor, AirAsia was untouchable. On top of owing airport tax, the Sleepy Head government went ahead to build a warehouse style LCCT costing RM125 million and in a year or two later spend another RM100 million to renovate it. The contractor was Fajah Baru Rembau! So do you what is Rembau?

    If MAHB got a free hand I am sure that MAHB would have taken them to the cleaner. So we can compare Malaysia with Singapore. If we are like Singapore, AirAsia’s landing right would have been withdrawn until they pay up the airport tax.

    What don’t you also suggest that MAS should not have given up about 90 of its routes to AirAsia when instructed to do so?

    YB please check what happen to the 30,000 passengers to London on AIrAsia after it has cancellation its flight. If MAS had to take over, please check at what price and whether the fare have been paid to MAS.

  75. Time Traveller

    Airlines using the budget terminal in Singapore are Cebu, Tiger and Firefly. Airasia use Terminal 1, which has aerobridges. Correct me of I am wrong, but you can google these facts.

    1. Olek Skilgannon

      Time Traveller

      No need to educate me, bro – I use Changi Airport frequently.

      Why didn’t you mention that Qantas’ Jetstar LCC also uses Changi’s Terminal 1, eh?

      Also, are you privy to information about any possible discounts or special conditions that the Changi Airport Group (CAG) may have extended to AirAsia in return for commitments to maintain certain targetted pax volumes through Changi?

      It was also announced recently that the Changi’s Budget Terminal will be demolished and replaced by a new Terminal 4 which will cater for LCCs, but not exclusively. And, yes, this Terminal 4 will not have aerobridges as the LCCs have indicated to CAG that their priority is the quick turnaround of their aircraft so as to maximise utilisation.

      And in the interim, the LCCs will have to relocate to Changi’s Terminal 2, until the new Terminal 4 is up and running. That should be an interesting exercise for the current Budget Terminal LCCs!

      I am not making this up, by the way. You can access the info on the websites of Channel NewsAsia and the Singapore Straits Times.

  76. Flyguy


    why??? u miss me ka??

    just to refresh ur memory that back in 2007, AK go to G and promise to make rural services in Sabah/sarawak profitable without G subsidy but in reality just after 14 mths, faxx (mat saleh pronounce it F*CK) bungkus and surrender the service back to MAS after getting million of subsidy yet they also cannot making profit. that just back, only 7 F50 are serviceable which the rest lingkup and cost RM 20 mil to return all F50 back to services. do faxx pay for this repair work??? bullsh**…they don’t even pay single sen to MAS to do repair work. to make it worst, they are using the AOC for faxx and convert it into airasia X after they make blunder in sabah/sarawak. do u know how many sabahan and sarawakian after they know that MAS is taking back the services.

    i been informed informed that MAS, MAB and another company do plan to sue AK to recover the cost, but put to stop by G.

    worst case, in one of the MAS town office, in front of hundreds of MAS staff, TF make statement that “bribery do work in Msia”… no wonder that guys can get away with all the blunder he make and get 30% discount despite hutang G RM 120+mil in the airport tax. without the intervention from the highest authority, do u think AK will get 30% discount ka… lu pikir la sendiri???? pendek kata, TF is a excellent businessman but morally, he rooten to the bone…..

    what so fuss about terminal 4 changi no aerobridge? that terminal 4 will replace existing budget terminal and nothing surprise if changi decide x bridge…

    A problem with MAS is because there is always political intervention in our business. it take MAS years to get approval from G to stop flight to NY as G want MAS to fly there because of UN building is there, even the route bleeding like hell.

    just wait what ACCC to say about AK…


    any update on ACCC.

    another thing, appreciate if u cld ask 1 more time in the Parliment why AK was given 30% discount despite they owning airport tax RM 120 mil. who give the consent and WHY???? i know G already answer this Q in last year Parliment but they don’t tell the whole truth….

    1. Olek Skilgannon


      In which business school or book about airline management does it say that airlines have to operate routes that are not profitable (i.e. making losses)?

      Very simple concept, dude – make losses, cut. Make profits, maintain or increase.

      Market development costs? Maybe, but with a reasonable time frame to generate profits.

      Airlines are not sugar daddies. Governments are, especially those that can’t be weaned away from handouts and subsidies!

      1. Kunyit Hidup

        Perhaps MAS should learn from AA on operational matters (or agreeing with Mahathir on the need of share suap):

        1. Introduce convenience fees on necessities (e.g. check-in, credit cards etc).
        2. Make it difficult not to select optional items e.g. insurance.
        3. Book & pay your ticket & meal for next month flight but not refundable even if you cancel 5 minutes later.
        4. Cancel all long haul flights that will involve crew rest period. Save on crew hotel, allowances, transportation and aircraft parking. Blame it on environmental issues.
        5. Keep airport tax as long as you can to earn interest, eventually ask for discount.
        6. Introduce customer services charges e.g. calls to helpline, wheelchair etc.
        7. No aerobridge.
        8. Cancel any schedule flight at eleventh hour whenever not profitable and making it hard for refund.
        9. Fatigue is not in the dictionary so minimise the number of aircrew but maximise number of landing/takeoff with very short turnaround. TF said, Malaysian can compromise on safety.
        10. Sell anything onboard at inflated price
        After doing so, pay the media to publish ‘MAS is the best five-star airline’ and 4Q later – MAS bounce to profit of ten ringgit after successfully cut operational cost (don’t tell anyone that ten ringgit as a result of spin-off divisions/subsidiaries/properties to cronies at real ‘low-cost’).

        One or two readers of YB blog must be happy!

    2. wee choo keong


      Hearing of the case filed by ACCC against AirAsia has been fixed for 2-3-2012. I afraid that there is no updates on the said hearing. I am still checking on the matter. As soon as I received the news I shall post it here.

      Thank you.

      with kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  77. superman


    jangan layan jasper stonekoi…suruh jo Toni ngan dia berambus pi singapore sebab depa puja sangat singapore tu… suruh la Toni buat business kat sana… baru dia tau langit tu tinggi ka rendah…

    kalau airasia kat singapore boleh pakai earobridge, pasai pa kata malaysia dia tak boleh pakai…. tu nak untung lebih la tu…

    penipu besar punya orang….

  78. Rashdan the crony

    Kunyit Hidup

    you are right that MAS should follow all the tactics employed by AirAsia. For a start, MAS should do its best to mislead customers in its website. Confused the customers so that they will click every things in the website. Charge every customers for using toilet in the plane. Cancel unprofitable flights without notice. Withhold airport taxes for 10 years and ask for a discount when paid. Please do an eleventh hour cancellations. Charge everything that MAS can think of including any request made to the stewards should also be charged and so on. The list is in exhaustive. I sure that both Rashdan and AJ are very capable in doing following their mentor, TF.

    Then lets see whether MAS can recovery from the position as painted by AJ and Rashdan a week or so ago.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone


      I am curious – are AirAsia’s business and customer service policies any different from those adopted by other LCCs, e.g. Ryanair, Southwest Airlines, Jetstar, Tiger Airways, Lion Air, Cebu Pacific or Indigo?

      If they aren’t, then why make it a big issue?

      And on what bases are you comparing full service “premium” airlines against their LCC cousins?

      After all, I know exactly what I am getting if I choose to fly SIA, SilkAir or Tiger Airways.

      It’s “caveat emptor”, dude.

      1. Kunyit Hidup


        Sorry if you are one of the unhappy readers, I was trying to make people understand what MAS may be able to learn from AA (including AAX) in operational matters. You and the whole rakyat also ‘curious’ how different business model (LCC) could be adopted by MAS. I guess, operationally almost none! (Referring to the list 1 to 10 above and examples in chedet blog ).

        1. It is not an issue to ‘technical people’ but the very same curiosity should be directed to Mahathir. 99 wrongs and another 1 wrong does not mean all right. The issue is not 1 but 100, so it is big.

        2. Moral has no value in certain type of business. Ethically right is non comparable to ‘technically’ right. Premium is not LCC, agree not to compare?

        3. Caveat emptor is applicable whenever the seller is not actively conceal or continuously mislead things. I am suggesting AA must continue charging check-in fee for international flights, the Australians do not even know how to pronounce caveat emptor – make more money whenever technically possible. Likewise, charge Malaysians forever – they never heard of caveat emptor.

        Then, we should agree on actual issue in MAS is not the operations but management. The iniquitous share-suap is not necessary in the CCF. Selling (cheap sale) of properties/subsidiaries does not require managers with Oxbridge certificates but graded staffs with Sijil Rendah Pelajaran like me. It will be morally great if AA people in MAS giving lesson how to ‘manage a premium airline’ without spinoff anything!

  79. Flyguy


    if to cut route will be as simple as u say, rugi terus cut. MAS need to get approval from putrajaya before cut any route, simply cause we are national carrier and we do carry social and business obligation to Malaysian people, businessmen and govt.

    most of the time, it will take years to get approval to cut the route.

    if G can’t give us subsidy, G should give MAS free hand to decide where and when to fly. while it will be good if MAS got free hand to decide, u must also consider the social integration and loss of business opportunity/tourism/student overseas if MAS only fly to profitable route.

    G has given AK approval to fly nos of destination but they only take the profit one. they can do that because their decision is purely business decision but MAS can’t do that…….

    it not as simple as u say….but maybe if u work with AK…..

  80. Olek Skilgannon


    Please…you are trending into the realms of absurdity.

    “national carrier”, “social and business obligations”, blah blah. Fine-sounding phrases, but what exactly do they mean and imply?

    For example, does it mean the right to keep on incurring losses and going cap-in-hand to the government for bail-outs?

    Let’s see – British Airways is the national carrier of the UK. Does the British government require BA to operate unprofitable routes?

    Ditto for Australia and Qantas, Germany and Lufthansa, the Netherlands and KLM, France and Air France, Singapore and SIA – well, you get the picture, don’t you?

    I ask you this question – does Malaysia have a national aviation policy? If yes, what is it? Nothing that I have seen from a succession of Transport Ministers!

    Let me give you a concrete example. MAS currently flies to only 1 destination in the US – Los Angeles. Singapore Airlines, on the other hand, flies to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, New York (JFK) and New York (Newark).

    All of SIA’s US sectors are profitable, to the extent that it can run A380s to New York/JFK via Frankfurt.

    Is this a failure of MAS or a failure of the Malaysian government that US business and leisure travellers prefer to travel to Singapore and use Changi as a transit hub to connect to other regional destinations rather than use MAS and fly to KLIA?

    What it means is that MAS has already lost out on the US market and ceded it to SIA. Pure and simple.

    AirAsia X made a hard-headed business decision to stop unprofitable flights to London, Paris and Mumbai and to redeploy their medium- and long-haul aircraft to profitable regional routes. Why are you faulting them for this?

    If the Malaysian government keeps on micro-managing MAS and interfering in it’s business decisions, then the airline will forever be a loss-making basket case.

  81. Samsul of MAS


    What is so great about AA-X Sdn Bhd, formerly known as Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd (FAX)? Get them to pay back the subsidy of RM250 million on a pro-rata basis when the RAS contract was prematurely terminated.

    TF has been shouting that AA-X was making huge profit like AA. Why then stop the London and Paris routes? Because AA-X cannot afford to pay for the emission tax and it cannot owe the British airport authority like it can in Malaysia.

    Why was AA-X demanding more than 36 routes and got them but operating only 9 at present? Just bloody greedy isn’t it or for them to use it for its publicity stance! AA-X is a loosing company. The government shouldn’t bother about them as it is just another sdn bhd.

    I agree with Flyguy that MAS is not a normally airlines for it has social and national obligations to the country.

    If Malaysian government is like Singapore government, AA and AA-X would have been buried long time ago. No country will build a special airport LCCT for a private airline just to accommodate its business model with hidden costs all over the place and passengers were short change all the time.

    TF was right to have said that “If you put your fare low enough, Malaysians are prepared to risk their life”. So to AA and AA-X safety ay not be its priority but profits at all cost.

    please take note that all low cost carriers in the world has more or less collapsed without government help. So the government must stop all helps and lets see whether the pariah can still shout about AA or AA-X.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone

      Samsul of MAS

      Where were you when MAS stopped flying to Vancouver some years ago?

      Or when it stopped flying to New York, leaving Los Angeles as it’s only destination in the US?

      I don’t recall the MAS unions getting upset over these, which were business decisions.

      Yet, when AirAsia cuts routes, it gets pilloried with comments that are disgracefully racist and cowardly.

      I ask you – where were you during the Tajudin Ramli era in MAS?

      Talk is cheap. Especially from armchair generals and theoreticians!

  82. Jamil

    All the cost cuttings were just to help that Pariah. PM should sack Azman and Rashdan that will be a great help to MAS and Malaysia.

  83. Samsul of MAS

    Jasper Bloodstone

    MAS did not fight for Vancouver, New York, London, Paris, RAS in East Malaysia but AirAsia did. Why fight when you cannot do it except to cannibalize for spare parts only and greedy for subsidy. After that not even a word of Thank you.

    The Government should withdraw all routes that are not operated by AirAsia X Sdn Bhd as simple as that. Why should the Government bother by a company partly owned by foreigners. Why should we allow foreigners to benefits from the goodness of our government. Of course, the 4th floor government will give anything to AIrAsi lock, stock and barrels, Just wondering whether the 4th floor has any interest in the AirAsia set up?????

    Only the blind supporter or paid supporter will blindly support the Pariah and its set up.

    Now the Government must closely examine every move of Rashdan, the Amok and Pariah crony, Rozman, Azhari (these are the mole in MAS).

    YB please check whether AirAsia has paid for the 30,000 AIrAsia X Sdn Bhd passengers AIrAsia X has paid MAS for their fare as it is treating it like another case of Airport taxes – just writing on the wall. The key positions in MAS that are held by ex-AirAsia must be properly scrutinized by the Government otherwise it will be another case of airport tax debts that will take a long time to settle.

    So for the blind supporter or paid supporters of the Pariah, we can see through you all. Please try harder.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone

      Samsul of MAS

      Now you are talking absurdities!

      MAS did not fight for the rights to fly from KL to Vancouver and New York? Get your facts straight – MAS lobbied for these traffic rights with the Malaysian government, which then negotiated in bilaterals with the Canadian and US governments.

      Note that Canadian and US airlines did not find it viable then to fly to KL. A pure business decision. Still is now.

      So, when MAS stopped flying to Vancouver and New York, was it because the routes were unprofitable?

      Don’t dodge the question by making asinine remarks about “pariahs” and such. That may resonate with those who know no better, but would find no support from any knowledgeable airline industry analyst.

      Another question – where were you when British Airways and Qantas stopped flights.to KL? I don’t recall the MAS unions demonstrating in front of the British and Australian High Commissions in KL!

      1. Samsul of MAS

        Jasper Bloodstone

        The truth always hurt. more often than not, MAS routes to Vancouver, New York and others were decided by Government. I hope that you understand the word “bilateral”. Please don’t use it without the proper understanding of the word. Just in case you still do not understand because of your obsession for that Pariah or master, if you like, bilateral mean G to G.

        Why are you not addressing the issue of getting subsidy of RM250 million for RAS for a two period and prematurely terminated it. Don’t you think that the AirAsia X Sdn Bhd should pay back half of it to the Government. Unless the 4th floor Government said it was ok and it was meant for AirAsia X working capital.

        Was it not due to the emission tax that AA X cannot afford to pay and cannot owe like what AA owed to MAHB to the tune of RM10 million for years?

        Which Government in the world that will specially build an airport initially cost RM125 million for a private airlines? Only the 4th Floor government will do it. LCCT costing RM125 million but it was just a warehouse type of structure. Fajah Baru was the builder from a special place known as REMBAU ok. Do you know where is Rembau? If you don’t know please ask the SIL.

        Scout, you are try very right. MAHB could not take action because the Pariah and his set up were protected species. Hope that someone in MAHB could speak up and tell us who instructed them not to take action. Was it from Khazanah or the 4th Floor? MAHB under Khazanah and Khazanah is under the control of Amok. Perhaps Amok should tell us why MAHB didn’t take exaction to recover such a huge sum of RM120 million.

        Having received special treatment and concession and recently that person has the audacity to protest against MAHB on all kinds of things including aerobridges and airport taxes, when we are amongst the lowest in the world. A decent person would not have done that only a PARIAH would do such thing.

        YB please don’t forget to check on the 30 AA X passengers that MAS had to take over. Did AA X pay for all the passengers? This is an important question because this will contribute to the losses for MAS. Further, why should MAS do charity for them.

        The truth always hurt! The facts speak for itself. We all know the Pariah too well. Only the Khazanah Dunggu, to borrow the word from other readers, pretend not to know.

    2. Jasper Bloodstone

      Samsul of MAS

      Dude, stop raising red herrings and be so kind, if you can, as to answer the question I raised.

      If you are really a MAS staff, can you elucidate for us the following:

      – from the time MAS was set up (from the split-up of MSA), how many years was it profitable and how many years did it make losses?

      – from the time it was set up, how much in total in public funds has the government put into the airline under the guise of recapitalization, restructuring, bailouts etc?

      – how many international routes has MAS dropped from the time it was set up?

      – what is MAS’s productivity in terms of revenues and costs per ASK and revenues and profits per employee, compared with it’s competitors?

      Let’s see if you have the faintest idea of what it takes to run a full-service airline EFFICIENTLY and PROFITABLY.

  84. Recalcitrant

    Samsul of MAS

    By now surely we all can guess whose payroll Jasper is on, just like many more similar worms creeping around MAS.
    Talking about the 30,000 pax, we have seen tickets issued to pax uplifted from Mumbai to KUL, and it says NO FARE. Only a fuel surcharge of RM390 is seen on the ticket!
    As mentioned in an earlier posting, if not for the alertness of one of the senior finance managers who insisted on seeing a Bank guarantee, all of those 30,000 would have had the same NO FARE deal. Sources say that this was brought to the Board, and a very “attractive” rate has now been agreed upon.
    Well, at least it is something , or else AA will have a great ride on MAS again.
    Now they are puliing out of Christchurch, it will be interesting to see if they can get the same “attractive” deal on ANZ or not, or if they can worm their way out of the penalty imposed by the Christchurch airport authorities.
    Reminds me of Tajuddin Ramli’s time. He had no hesitation to remind us that,
    “for every ringgit, 32 sen is mine”! But as history has shown, he took more than 32 sen. Now this fella will say, “for every ringgit 21sen is mine”, only difference now is , 21 is followed by a decimal and many more zeroes AFTER it……..

  85. MAS Manager

    Recalcitrant & Musa

    What with both of you and the other readers. The fact that Azhari from AirAsia being handpicked to head MAS Engineering and that Rozman Omar from AirAsia to head Finance were enough evidence for everyone to know that MAS is now a toy for the Pariah and the Amok’s crony to play around.

    If you all are in doubt, Azhari was place to look after Engineering Department of MAS to serve AirAsia and AirAsia X planes and service them all the way including special treatments, rate and last but not least Azhari will apply the principle “Everyone Can Owe Airport Tax” mah!

    For the Finance side, Rozman will take care. Special treatment for financial obligations for AirAsia. So the first case is let the 30,000 AirAsia X Sdn Bhd’s passengers that have bought ticket but AAA X stop flying to London, Paris and India can fly MAS using the existing ticket booked on AA X. Most probably, he will apply the principle that “Now Everyone Can Fly Now on MAS and Pay Later” mah!

    This is how AirAsia is helping MAS so that MAS will be saved from the brink.

    Don’t you know that this is what the share SUAP and the CCF are all about.

    Aiyo! Please don’t complaint anymore. AJ and Amok crony, Rashdan, are doing their best to bring MAS into profits again by doing all the above and that’s why the TRIO had to make provision of RM1.277 billion as losses then 2012 MAS will be profitable. Just like Amok and Rahsdan did under WAU.

    Now is WAU 2. Selling more “NON CORE” assets like MAS Engineering, MAS simulator, MAS Academy, MAS other landed properties, if there are any, Then Rashdan and Amok will tell us this is WAU 2 mah! TO HELP MAS!

    I am fed up and sick of this country. Hw can such things can happen in daylight.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone

      Do go and talk to the ex-MAS pilots who now work for SIA, Emirates etc.

      You may be surprised to find that most of them have viewpoints that recognise the brutal realities of the global aviation industry.

      And it’s glaringly obvious that you, Samsul of MAS, recalcitrant etc have not had the benefit of dialoguing with the top guns of IATA.

      Pity that, when they were in the neighbourhood recently for the Singapore Air Show.

      But, then, narrow-minded parochialism, dressed up with a veneer of ersatz nationalism and what passes for patriotism has always been de rigueur for those with axes to grind and agendas to pursue!

  86. Olek Skilgannon

    Samsul of MAS

    Absolute rubbish is what you have posted.

    Ask the lawyers who specialise in the aviation industry what “bilateral” air services agreements mean, and don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes!

    As the word “bilateral” implies, air services agreements are negotiated G-to-G.

    It is then for each government to decide how the traffic rights are to be allocated to airlines domiciled in the country.

    In the case of MAS, it had the option of refusing to fly to Vancouver and New York, if it could make a business case for that decision.

    A strong-willed and independent MAS CEO would have done so.

    So, what happened? MAS started flights to both destinations, chalked up losses and decided to call it quits.

    That’s another business decision.

    As it so happens, Singapore Airlines, which also had flights to Vancouver, pulled the plug on these flights because it could not compete against Cathay Pacific which was operating full flights on the Hong Kong-Vancouver route. It was a business decision by SIA.

    (by the way, did you notice that SIA has stopped flying from Changi to KL, Penang, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu and handed these routes to it’s SilkAir unit, while still flying from Changi to Bangkok and Jakarta? Another business decision).

    You have deliberately ignored what Jasper has posted about British Airways and Qantas stopping flights to KL. At the time, this generated a considerable amount of angst from the Malaysian government, especially when both airlines decided to set up their regional hubs at Changi Airport.

    BA and QF made business decisions, motivated by poor loads and losses, to stop flights to KL. Were they criticised in their home countries for this?

    Airlines all over the world drop routes for business reasons. Japan Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, Swiss, KLM, United, Delta, Cathay Pacific etc have all done so.

    So, why, unless you have the basest of ulterior motives, are you picking on AirAsia X for stopping flights to London, Paris and other destinations which it finds are not profitable? It’s a business decision, and one which the minority shareholders of AirAsia can appreciate – that they own shares in an airline whose management is not blinded by cock-a-mamie notions of national airlines, national service etc.

    (incidentally, the Japanese government had the courage to let their national flag carrier, Japan Airlines, go into bankruptcy and undergo a court-supervised restructuring, from which it emerged leaner and profitable, after having shed thousands of jobs and dropping many ot it’s international routes. Do you think that the Malaysian government will have the guts to put MAS into bankruptcy?).

    We now come to the hallowed topic of Rural Air Services or “RAS”, which is one of the biggest crocks of them all.

    Let’s start from basics. Is RAS meant to be a profit-making operation or part of a “national service” obligation?

    If it’s meant to be profit-making, then any airline operating a RAS should have a free hand in deciding what services to operate and when to stop such services if they incur losses.

    (let’s not forget also that RAS was targetted primarily at Sabah and Sarawak and isolated communities in these states’ rural heartlands. One could ask why the federal government did not embark on a massive programme of building roads and rail networks into the interiors of Sabah and Sarawak, instead of opting for the opiate of a RAS? Surely, the natural resources of the two states could have paid for a network of roads and rail a few times over).

    If the government expects an airline to operate a RAS willy-nilly, even if it’s loss-making, then the government has to subsidise the airline to continue to operate a RAS.

    “Subsidies” – another concept that has been thoroughly misunderstood in Malaysia. One would argue that the government should only subsidise education and public health care and leave everything else to the free market.

    If the government, for political reasons, decides to pay a market-unfriendly subsidy to an airline to operate a RAS, then it should be totally open and transparent about it, since public funds are involved. The subsidy agreement between the government and the airline should be as legally water-tight as possible, with penalties clearly spelt out.

    Has anyone outside the government or AirAsia or MAS sighted this agreement?

    Why hasn’t the Attorney-General referred the matter to the courts for a decision? At least there will be some degree of openness and transparency if the issues are argued in the courts with both sides being allowed to make their case.

    Instead of which, we have trial by public media with the added connotaton of racist baggage being ventilated.

    For what, when the realities of the global aviation industry are conveniently overlooked in favour of cheap shots, half-baked opinions and racist diatribes?

    1. Jasper Bloodstone

      Hey, Samsul of MAS

      Olek has laid out the facts with brutal simplicity.

      Where are your ripostes and rebuttals?

      Go do some homework and read up on the CAPA analysis of MAS’s latest turnaround plans.

      Then we can debate.

  87. MAS Boy

    MAS manager

    I am with you.

    What you have stated are hard facts. There are what the share suap and CCF are all about. That is the real intention of the Pariah, Amok and Rashdan. Now that stupid AJ has just joined the band wagon. Perhaps AJ too is dying to be a crony to survive.

  88. Mastrabaiduri

    Do you want to know why MAS is moving its office from Subang to KLIA? So that Tony can takeover the land that is to be vacated by MAS… just watch it. Word has it that Tony already asked for the layout plan for MAS Complex in Sumang.

  89. Anonymous

    Who is this Danny? I cannot recall any achievement made or contirubuted by him to Malaysia? When he was a consultant to one of our domestic bank during his days at PwC, I think his advise did not bring the bank anywhere. Only after new CEO came on baord, the bank started to improve. I don’t know he has the skills required to manage ailing MAS. I expect the Government to appoint a formidable team led by proven business leader with strong past track record. Would give the opportunity to Tan Sri Hassan, ex Petronas CEO or any other proven business leaders to undertake this mammoth role. And who is this Azman Yahaya? He is dodgy and like MR X in the X file series.

  90. Speed 747

    Please know the facts that MAS employees and crew members are now already subjected to deployment and Secondment exercise, no thanks to the twisted agreement made by the union. We have strived all these years for the airline and the best people to be cut off will be the 4,000 crew members.Seriously,if anyone is interested to know – crew members and NOT the PILOTS or their management are always being treated as second class.Most management staffs take home double salaries and have double hatted posts.So isn’t all these wasteful? Why continue to pay them while they were the caused of poor planning? Look at all their big cars and drivers salaries – their FC expenses trips are maintained and the perks for them are becoming more obvious.Ask anyone in MAS – they will gladly tell you.I don’t blame the cronies but I blamed those decision makers who allow the free flowing of sheer incompetence and endless wastage – boils down to bad management all together. Picking the wrong people for the right company. We saw these crisis building for the last 10 years. For those earning meager salaries are not seeing thru their monthly expenses and they have to strive hard for the airlines.Now their jobs are on the line. What is left of the airline is a mere skeleton. The employees are all working zombies – who no longer have any morale left in them.Now people are commenting on who is good or who is bad – it all boils down to poor management, poor governance and the victims are the people in MAS! We are life time born suckers in MAS.

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