Now Everyone in AirAsia can join MAS

En Rozman Omar, formerly from AirAsia Bhd.

On 1-12-2012 En Azahari Dahlan who was the Regional Head, Engineering of AirAsia Bhd for about 6 years, was appointed new CEO of MAE of MAS. Prior to joining AirAsia Bhd he was with MAS  Another shocking new appointment effective from 14-2-2012 is En Rozman bin Omar as the new Group Chief Finance Officer of MAS. He is the current Regional Finance Officer of AirAsia Bhd.

From the recent trend of  the new appointment of top positions in MAS under En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ) and Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s ex-Binafikir Sdn Bhd business partner and crony, En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof a.k.a Danny, there were no good members of staff in MAS at all that were capable of filling up the vacant positions. Yet many ex-MAS staff have been employed in top management positions in other big airlines like Korean Air and etc.

Puan Zaharah Zaid, formerly from Danone biscuit company

When Raja Azura Mahayudin resigned as the Head of Human Capital of MAS, Puan Zaharah Zaid was appointed to take over the position. She was from Danone, a company producing biscuits.

Quite frankly, this cannot be the case. Appointing people from outside MAS is no good for continuity and also for the morale of the existing staff. No good because there is no incentive for them to work hard and loyal o MAS.  Perhaps AJ and Rashdan have other agendas under its New Business Plan that we do not know. From what we can see so far with regards to the said New Business Plan were cutting profitable routes, restricting Firefly to domestic routes within Peninsular Malaysia and appointing top management staff from AirAsia Bhd. The cutting of routes to Sabah and Sarawak have caused outcry from Sabahan and Sarawak government. This has prompted PM YAB Datuk Seri Najib to intervene. Perhaps these were all parts of the spirit of the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap and the Comprehensive Collaborative Framework (CCF). When AJ and Rashdan, the crony, finished with the implementation of the CCF, MH will be just a MARUAH HILANG or MUSNAH HARAPANcompany!

Below is the latest circular from AJ.


To        : All Staff System-wide

Date     : 10 February 2012

Ref       : GCEO/CIR 008/12


Dear Colleagues,


I am pleased to announce the appointment of Encik Rozman bin Omar as Malaysia Airlines’ new Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with effect from 14 February 2012.

Rozman, age 50, joins our leadership team after serving Air Asia Group for the last 8 years. From spearheading the flotation of AirAsia Berhad on Bursa Malaysia, involvement in the formation of AirAsia’s joint ventures in Thailand and Indonesia, and holding the position of CFO of PT Indonesia AirAsia, Rozman’s last position in Air Asia was as Regional Head of Finance.

Rozman has extensive corporate finance and project advisory experience including group restructuring, initial public offerings (IPO), acquisitions and disposals, and business development. He is also a Fellow Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Upon completion of his ACCA Level 3 in 1984, Rozman joined Arab-Malaysian Merchant Bank Berhad for six years and became Corporate Finance Manager. He then joined Bumiputra Merchant Bankers Berhad for three years, and Kumpulan Fima Berhad as Senior Vice President of Corporate Services. By 1994, Rozman returned to Arab-Malaysian Merchant Bank Berhad for two years as General Manager in Corporate Finance. He then became Managing Director of Innosabah Corporate Services Sdn Bhd until 1999 before venturing out as a consultant with InCAM Consulting Sdn Bhd until 2003.

I am happy to welcome Rozman to Malaysia Airlines. We believe that his professional financial input and experience will be valuable to our efforts to implement the Business Plan towards profitability for our Group. Please extend to Rozman your fullest support.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mohd Sukri Husin for holding the fort as Acting Head of Group Finance following the resignation of our previous Group CFO at the end of December 2011.

Thank you.

Warmest regards,


45 thoughts on “Now Everyone in AirAsia can join MAS

  1. Manager in MAS

    Another coup by the pariah. AJ why are you allowing all this nonsensical appointment. No one in MAS that is good enough for the job. You might as well remove all the top management in MAs and replaced them with AirAsia including yourself. AJ please resign now and let the Red Indian to be MD of MAS will be better. You just another Panamera deadwood contributing to the leakages in MAS.

  2. Kroni Rashdan

    Si Kroni Rashdan dan Aj: janganlah anggapkkan perkerja di MAS adalah semua bodoh seperti kamu. Kamu berdua budak suruhan si TF dan Azman Mokhtar aja. Jangan terlampau. Sekarang apa di AirAsia adalah baik semua. Aj dan Rahsdan pergilah kerja di AirAsia. Bodoh!

  3. Lee

    MAS is finished with Aj and that bloody Rashdan. Both of you and your puppet master Azman Mokhtar will be cursed. The whole generation!

    You all are destroying MAS slowly and surely.

  4. jala

    YB, why is the MYCC is dragging its get in its investigation into the MAS-AirAsia share suap and the CCF? Please put a question into Parliament and ask for an explanation. Don’t let these two idiots AJ and Rahsdan sleep well. They must be punished for what they have been doing.

  5. zari

    This what we call “changing blood”. This is also happening in banking sector.
    Normally it’ll affect top management positions only. Lower rank staff tak perlu bimbang.

  6. Kamarul

    All the problems in MAS are started from Khazanah under Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar. He is the main culprit. Now he put his crony Rashdan in MAS to destroy it faster.

  7. kamarudin of Khazanah


    Why don’t we change the blood in Khazanah which is is contaminated under Azman Mokhtar. Azman is good in appointing consultant to do his job for him. Remember what Azman said about AirAsia X: It is a dogy deal. But Khazanah still proceed with the dirty deal. He is a dodgy man.

  8. hanana bt abdulla


    the sampah-minded mat kelate is at his

    ‘creative best’ supporting a half past six

    semi-pro accounting executive to the cfo post.

    This is ultimate stupidity.

    There must be some crediblity when the cfo

    signs the company report , he must be seen to be


    The paper professional accountant is a standard

    which a big company like mas must be seen to

    operate with. The operative word is integrity.

    Yeah, this appointed mat can do all the accounting work.

    It reminded me the story of a government workshop in

    the 1970’s where all the cost accounting work was

    undertaken by a senior experience finance clerk.

    This goes to show if a mere graduate from oxfart

    like mat kelate can be a member of top management

    he appoint a sun accountant as cfo -as if malaysia is

    short of accountant

    as a parting shot , one must always take the job and

    duties of a professional accountant with a bit of salt

    as seen in the outsatanding fiasco-

    > proton headed by an accountant azlan hashim

    sold the proton subsidiary mv agusta to a small jalan

    ipoh chingkie outfit for 1 euro, And the company

    later recovered almost rm 1 billion from the

    sale of mv agusta to BMW and Indian motor Cycle [USA]

    So much for the application of professional accountant, eh

    So what has happened, since Dolah had denigrate the

    image of malaysian professional to a pariah, it does not matter who

    is the cfo of mas. Hooray 1- malaysia sundalised to

    1 -malaysia pariah


  9. Ramli Khazanah

    To solve any problems in MAS, we must get rid of tan Sri Azman and his crony, Rashdan. These are the Bina tak Fikir idiots that are causing all the problems in GLCs.

  10. Keneth of MAS

    Aj & Rashdan are dancing to the tune of the Pariah. There is no else in MAS or in Malaysia to be the CFO of MAS except from that Pariah airlines, where safety never a priority. AJ better change MAS to be subsidiary of AirAsia.

    These two fools in MAS tak malu. They had to recruit people from AirAsia. YB you are right. MAS under Aj and the crony Rahsdan made MAS “MARUAH HILANG”.

  11. Nik

    hanan bt abdullah

    I cannot agree with you more. AJ is becoming a joker. He has reduced himself to be a “budak suruhan” of the Pariah.

  12. Hafiz

    Feel sorry for MAS staff below the top management. They have worked so hard with undivided loyalty to MAS but never being appreciated. Outsiders especially from AirAsia have been parachuted in and given good positions with high pay. Not surprising why good MAS staff left MAS to join other airlines like SIA and Emirates.

    AJ should resign now and let TF to take over as MD. So it would be a complete implementation of CCF. Bloody stupid AJ.

  13. Gabriel

    Lack of talents in MAS. What talents have Aj and Rashdan got? Zero talent. Only good in appointing mat salleh consultants and appointing AA people into MAS so that MAS can go down the drain faster.

    AJ and Rashdan: Please tell us when MAS is going to buy planes from TF/AirAsia? TF already booked 300 Airbuses so MAS needs to buy otherwise how? Buying planes from TF must also be part of the CCF!

  14. Time Traveller

    So the succession planning in MAS is just an academic exercise. All those training are useless because at the end of the day, internal talents are dianaktirikan. The new HR boss should just close down the talent management department. When they chose the new head of engineering and cfo from airasia, were the internal people considered? Were their CVs brought to the board as well for consideration. Hope unions and association leaders will ask this and also see this as a serious problem in MAS, as the internal talent hanya dipandang sebelah mata dan dianaktirikan. About time some serious actions are taken by union leaders to show the management what the REAL internal talents can do……..

  15. Parameswara

    Ah, but in politics there is a clamour for ‘reformasi’ and change from BN to Pakatan. Itu boleh, but such changes in MAS tak boleh! What is this lah?

  16. Corrupted Union Leaders

    Time Traveller

    Forget about the union leaders majority of them are still on “Sleeping Pills”! They will pretend to call for a picket in September then postpone to December then no news until now. So many things had happened that were detrimental to MAS especially the staff. They pretend not to know because being given sleeping pills. They have forgotten that once MAS is finished then they will be finished too. Perhaps they are quite happy with the Sleeping Pills that they have taken. These union leaders should be thrown out to the sea or they need a a doctor from MACC to diagnose them.

    How on earth could the union leaders from MASEuS, MESA, MAPA and the like remained quiet as though all is well in MAS. Even a blind man can see that the pariah is canabalising MAS bit by bit.

    The staff should write to them and make their letter public. Write comments and expose them in YB’s blog. make their life uneasy by giving them hell.

  17. Hazman of MAS

    These Union leaders should be shot. They are part of the Panamera Deadwood in MAS. No wonder MAS is in such shit. They are no ashamed of themselves to hold on to their posts and pretend all is well. the staff are looking for them and they cannot be found. Staff should stop paying the subscriptions after all they are good for nothing except going for meetings overseas with no result. They should ask themselves what they have been doing since August 2011 after that bloody Azman Mokhtar sign the share swap deal with that pariah.

    Alias of MASEUS threatened picketing and postpone until MAS is going down the drain. MESA no different. MAPA the same. Semua sudah makan sleeping pills!

  18. Kroni Rashdan

    The only credential Rozman Omar has is he is from AirAsia. That is his greatest assets for Rashdan the crony. Other than that kosong. Lebih bank AJ letak jawatan dengan serta merta lantik itu Pariah jadi MD MAS. Lagi best. Puak2 yang tiada maruah dan tak tabu nap mall. Gaji buta. The real bast..ds.

  19. Razak of MAS

    The appointment of Rozman omar from AirAsia is a clear indication that there are more things to come in the near future. It is like the camel in the Arab’s tent. it will not be too long that MAS will be overwhelmed with AirAsia staff in the top management. MAS staff better get themselves prepared the pariah is moving into MAS with key people.

    AJ and Rashdan when are both of you appointing Tony and Kamarudin to take over your jobs as MD and Deputy MD of MAS?

  20. Razak from MAS

    Aj and the crony Rashdan should be removed immediately from MAS for the appointment of Rozman from AirAsia. It was as though there is no better person in the world to do the job. I think there are more to it than the mere appointment of Rozman. Is this the beginning of the agenda to save AirAsia?

    I will not be surprised that later we will see MAS will be buying air plane from AirAsia or to put in bluntly to save AirAsia. Beware MAS staff. The union leaders please wake up and stop taking the Sleeping Pills.

  21. Kunyit Hidup

    Dear YB and Tax Payers,

    Anyone aware that our SPRM is NOT investigating the share suap? Neither the inappropriate approval process for QPR sponsorship?

    Please go to SPRM website and search for Khazanah, Tune Air, Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia – you will find nothing about the issues.

    If true, should we escalate to the Agung?

    (Almost clear that PM is not exhibiting walk-the-talk, People First…..err last?)

  22. MAS Supporter

    AJ, when are you going to appoint Tony Fernades as the new MD in place of you? When is MAs going to buy the planes from Tony? When are you going to change MAS to AirAsia?

    Never knew you are such a spineless person?

  23. Rashidi of MAS

    How about the cancellation of AirAsia X flights to London, Paris and others involving 30,000 passenger? Hope Rashdan and AJ will not “tutup mata” and accept them at the rate charged by AirAsia.

    Hope it is not part of CCF to eat all the shit from AirAsia.

    Azman Mokhtar and his crony Rashdan must go otherwise MAS will forever in such shit.

  24. Recalcitrant


    MAS is lucky if it can even get paid by AA for the 30,000 pax. A reliable source said that at a meeting to discuss this, when MAS asked for a Bank Guarantee (BG)to cover the costs, the acting Commercial Director( who happens to be the Commercial advisor to Plane consult, which happens to have Conor McCarthy as its MD, and Conor is a co-founder of AA and currently director of AA) said, “I will speak to…so-and-so, no need to ask for a BG” . Fortunately someone dug up a policy from somewhere which says that these kind of decisions must be made by the Board. So a paper is now to be presented to the Board for decision on how much (pricing) AA has to pay MAS for the uplift
    of the 30,000 pax. Alamak, now guess who is sitting in the MAS Board? Check mate.


    Guess how many AA pilots have left AA? Almost 100 to date. Where do you think AA is trying to get pilots from? From MAS la. Cut up MAS into Short haul/ Long haul and those joining the Short Haul must first resign from their current MAS jobs and go under new terms and conditions of service. With the Long Haul network shrinkage, hey, MAS is gonna have plenty pilots to spare, right?

    For all those reading this, and if you have any conscience at all, go to the link supplied by Kunyit Hidup and sign the petition. Get as many upright citizens of Malaysia to sign the petition. This is the time for the conscience of the silent majority to be heard.

  25. Lokman

    I agree with Recalcitrant. It is the duty of all Malaysians to sign the Petition against what had happened to MAS. We all know that the MAS – AirAsia share swap and CCF were to save AirAsia and not MAS. MAS was doing reasonably well when tengku Azmil was heading it. It was moving in the right directions but this bloody Azman Mokhtar kill MAS with a stroke of his pen.

  26. EX747

    MAS aircrafts use jet fuel..(nery expensive)
    other airlines aircrafts in these world use water…(cheaper loh)
    thats why MAS cannot make money mah..

  27. Anak Malaysia

    Thank you Razak of MAS & Recalcitrant for you support. Wish all Malaysian will sign the petition to save MAS from the Pariah and his gangsters.

    Enough is enough, we should all do our part being Malaysian to help save the National Pride and our National Carrier “Malaysian Airlines”. We must all standby each other and strive forward to fight the blood sucking idiots.

    That Pariah does not deserved to be a Malaysian….Pariah tak sedar diri…ingat dia tu Mat salleh…ke…..ha.ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..
    Hey Pariah TF…don’t forget you are just a “MAT SALLEH BUNTUT HITAM”

    So do our part as true Malaysian and please sign the petition to save MAS from the bloody sucker pariah TF and his croonies.

  28. Atticus

    Corrupted Union leaders
    Razak of Mas
    Hazman of Mas

    So you think the Unions are ‘sleeping’? I beg to differ. I think it is you guys who are sleeping and lost to the reality of what is happening. You still have your jobs today because TF and gang cannot just cut MAS up into little pieces and sell the pieces off for cash for the one and only reason, which is, MAS is unionised. Without the Unions, the lot of you will either be jobless or almost jobless by now, with compensation of just 3 month’s salary at the most.
    So, what does TF and gang try to do? Simple, form a new company for Short haul, you must resign from MAS if you want to join Shorthaul, with new terms and conditions. So, no more union to protect you, no rights, no seniority (in case they want to retrench you later, they pay you peanuts). And they will form a new subsidiary for Airport Operations and Ground Handling, same modus operandi. Engineering is one division TF and gang (this includes Danny Rashdan) would love to sell off, there are ready buyers, but the only thing stopping this plan for now is the Union factor. Which is why the Unions have been advising everybody, do NOT sign anything or accept any “offer” without checking with them first. And which is also why TF and gang are trying at all costs to bust the Unions.
    So, if you think the Unions are sleeping, what do you suggest they should do now? Go for a picket or a strike? Isn’t that stupid, like shooting yourself in the
    foot? MAS grinds to a halt, who will laugh all the way to the bank? MAS is not the enemy, AA/AAX is. So, if you want action, then the action should be anything and everything that should not give them any advantage. Faham?
    If you are from Engineering, guess where AA will be sending their 10-year old aircraft for HMVs? Right. And so, if you are in Engineering, are you going to work your butt off to get those aircraft going? Sure, they parachute in an AA man to head Engineering. So what? He cannot do anything IF the staff do not want to do it. Faham? Or, you should all look around you, observe what is happening, gather relevant information and pass it to the Unions, so this can be used to help all of you. Instead of sitting around and griping and complaining and pointing fingers at everybody else. Faham?
    So, instead of criticising and cursing the Unions, why don’t you contribute some constructive ideas? Or, like I said in another posting, why don’t you step up and offer yourself to head the Union?

  29. Mastrabaiduri Ahmad

    Rashdan was never an operation man and he knows nothing about running an airline. He has nothing to bring to MAS except BIG EGO!

  30. Recalcitrant


    Not only big EGO, but plenty of consultants! He relies on them especially PlaneConsult. They call the shots and people like the Kutty will also run around in circles at PlaneConsult’s command. “Performance data” that is highly sensitive commercial info is requested for on a daily basis, even on weekends, to be passed to PlaneConsult. Note that since PlaneConsult is also consulting to AA (their MD is on AA’s Board), serious questions should be asked about whether this contravenes anti-competition rules. MyCC seems to be sleeping on this one, or are they being asked to “go slow” on their investigations until “after the elections”?

  31. Anonymous

    u guys all above and YB are typical minded old version of motherboard which shoud be throw into the river.

    apa daaa korang semua ni.Kalau x tukar mas lagi rugi.Suruh YB jadi MD atau bagi business mesti said ok sbb dpt you guys all idiot.

  32. Mastrabaiduri

    YB… over the weekend someone from MAS said that MAS Engineering is being geared up to undertake overhaul of AA A320 aircraft. Apparently AA A320s are due for heavy maintenace – D Check. Is take payers going to pay for AA A320’s overhaul … via MAS.

  33. Barge

    I believe AJ is just another victim in the whole scam. Can’t really blame TF on this whole episode coz he’s doing what is best for his business. The main culprit is obviously the people in Khazanah. They are supposed to protect MAS being the national carrier but look what they’re doing now. MAS is being chopped to pieces, left right centre…everywhere.

    Amok and TF certainly discussed this at length, and that stupid Danny…well, nothing much I can say about him other than pure dumb and clueless a**hole. No principle at all, always sucking up to TF like a leech.

    Then again, shall we press on and ask whether there are any unseen hands above Khazanah controlling the show here? Hmm…

    At the end of the day, it is MAS and its loyal staff who gets the brunt of it all. Poor you people.

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