Dr Don: MAS-AIRASIA share swap is a “NATIONAL TRAGEDY!”

Left: Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar & his crony, En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny. The two architects of the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap. Do both of you care to respond to Dr Don's comments?

Dr. Mohamadon Abdullah a.k.a. Dr Don, one of the pioneers of MAS wrote:

Malaysia Airlines grew from a small Domestic & Regional Carrier to a major player in Airline Premier League. Engineering developed from a Line Maintenance Facility to become a major Aircraft Overhaul Facility in the region (initially supported by expatriate staff but ultimately replaced by Malaysians, through a structured Nationalization programme). Flight Catering operated from a small flight kitchen and became a preferred Catering Supplier. Flight Operations has been recognized as one the best in the world and our Pilots are in great demand, due to a rigid technical training and human factors programmes. There are many more areas that we can really be proud of. Management Succession Plan was emplaced. All these were destroyed in 1994 as a result of the so called “restructuring” and the “virtual airline” concept. I recall 254 years of engineering “experience” were cast aside by just a stroke of a pen. Malaysia Airlines Academy was planned to be a Centre of excellence but now has become “Manipal University”.

Today, MAS has engaged many foreign expertises either through direct recruit or through “Consulting” services (which result in $$$$$ outflow).  Credit and recognition must be given to the pioneer Leaders who took the airline from operating BN2s, F27 and B737-200 to the modern fleet of B747s, B737s, B777s, DC-10s and Airbus series.

Now a foreigner who has no inkling of why MAS was established and has developed (and never gone through the pains of the early years) has been appointed an Advisor. Imagine, a foreign Company is providing Catering Services at Malaysia’s major Aviation Hub.What a JOKE after 55 Years of Independence! Where is that Malaysian Pride? It is indeed a NATIONAL TRAGEDY.

The emphasis was yours truly.

Yours truly has been alerted of the above in HERE, malaysiaairlinesfamilies

Mr Martin Barrow is a classic example of MAS management “kowtowing” to the Mat Salleh. The white man mentality!. Mr Barrow was in MAS for donkey years. Was he of any help?  By the way Mr Barrow resigned around the time when the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap was inked by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, MD of Khzanah. Rumours have it that he and his ex-business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd and crony, En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof a.k.a Danny, were the architects of the secret MAS-AirAsia share swap.  Yours truly believes that they are still many very talented people within MAS but they are never being appreciated by people like Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar. Hence, many outsiders were recruited to head departments in MAS and they have been rewarded with high pay and perks. Those who have been loyal and worked their guts out for MAS have been ignored or “dianaktirikan” by the management.

Well, AJ was in great pain to justify the reappointment of Mr Barrow as MAS’s advisor. Below is the AJ’s e-mail dated 19-01-2012:


To        : All Staff System-wide

Date     : 19 January 2012

Ref       : GCEO/CIR 006/12 

Dear colleagues

Martin Barrow – Advisor to Group CEO

Martin Barrow was an independent non-executive director of Malaysia Airlines for almost 10 years up to August 2011. During that time, he was instrumental in the formalisation of the Board Safety & Security Committee and  worked with the Operations team to set up the Corporate Safety Oversight Department.

I am pleased to inform you that Martin and I have agreed that he will continue to be associated with Malaysia Airlines as Advisor  to Group CEO reporting to me.

 He will sit on the Board Safety & Security Committee as an ex-officio member under the chairmanship of Tan Sri Krishnan Tan who is also our board member.

 In addition, Martin will advise us on global developments on a wide range of commercial issues, continuing his active links across the airline industry and the regulators, and will support our marketing and sales efforts worldwide. You can all contact him direct at martin@Martinbarrow.com when you need advice or help with any initiatives.

 Please continue to treat Martin as a member of the ‘Malaysia Airlines family’ providing him with access and to any information for him to perform his functions. He will of course be treating all information as confidential within the Group.

 Thank you.

 Ahmad Jauhari Yahya

31 thoughts on “Dr Don: MAS-AIRASIA share swap is a “NATIONAL TRAGEDY!”

  1. Othman

    That Amok’s crony, Danny boy, is good for nothing. Amok and Danny formerly the ex-Bina tak Fikir consultants that were responsible for the failed WAU. That’s why MAS needed to hire Mat Salleh consultants consultants all the time. AJ you are being hired to run MAS but you need to hire a Mat Salleh consultant to advise you. MAS sudah koyaklah ini macam.

    Danny and AJ should get out of MAS. Let more competent Malaysians to run it.

  2. Johan

    That bloody crony Rashdan good for nothing. Another Panamera deadwood that needs to be chopped before it is too late. Just a gaji buta idiot. MAS is doomed with idiot like this.

  3. MAS Corporate Safety and Security record has been excellent since 01 October 1972. It’s Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) Programme has been internationally recognised since late 1980s. Asiana Airlines adopted MAS CRM.

    Need I said more!!!!!!!!!!

    1. weechookeong

      Dr Mohamadon Abdullah

      Thank you for your comments. Your comments have been very helpful to all the readers and myself.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  4. MAS families blog

    It should be Dr. Don taken back as advisor coz of his past experience and rationality and also the bumiputra. He has been known to be the most outspoken pioneers of all time like Dato Salleh yang tak berapa berani tu. But the difference between Dato Salleh and Dr. Don is Dr. Don does not play politics :D

  5. Time Traveller

    You wanna know why Dr Don didn’t get any datukship unlike so many people in MAS? When he was EVP, he never entertained requests from royalties for excess baggage waiver or other favours, which are revenues to MAS. In MAS, a graded staff (below executive level) was given a datukship because he was so “helpful”.
    Yes, what MAS familyblog said is true, Dr Don and Dato Salleh are world’s apart in that Dr Don does not kiss ass, unlike the other one.
    The CFO and Head Engineering in MAS have been replaced by Airasia people. This is really a blow to MAS. Wonder how much of MAS information are now in Airasia’s hands now while MAS has no one in Airasia’s management. Years ago, there was a big hooha when MAS appointed someone from Airasia to head network. What was his contribution? Assuming the anti-trust authority decide that the share swap has breached anti-trust, Airasia has already gained so much as they already have access to MAS books and information. Until the authority has determined the legality of the share swap vis-a-vis the competition law, any action involving MAS and Airasia must be put on hold, ideally. Nothing should change hands until the share swap has been determined to be legal and valid.

  6. As a Malaysian, I am very sad.

    When MAS was established way back on 3rd April 1971, MAS litreally started from Ground Zero. However through the committment of people like Tan Sri Saw Huat Lye, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, Mr. Lee Shu Poh, Allahyarham Tuan Hj. Sidek Alwi, Dato’ Resham Singh and many others, developed the Airline to be a major Player in the Aviation Industry. All this was possible unfer the Chairmanship of Allahyarham Raja Tun Mohar Raja Badiozaman. Not many realised that MAS started its operations on 1st. October 1972, three months ahead of schedule. That was really Malaysia Bolih.

    Yes, this was history. Whilst I appreciate that we must look forward, but once in a while we must look back at the past. It is just like driving a car, once in a while in moving forward, we must look at the rear view mirror, just to be safe.

    The Five Objectives established by the Founding Fathers are now somewhere burried in the archives. But these Five Objectives were the driving force of the Pioneer Group and is still relevant..

    MAS is an Engine of economic growth for Malaysia. Not many people appreciate the contributions made by MAS to the people of Malaysia. As a simple example, MAS produced approximately 25,000 sticks of satay per day. To some, so what?. But do you know where the satay sticks come from? It was not from Tokyo or London but from Ulu Yam, in Selangor. What about the development of Human Capital? MAS has over the years developed Malaysian expertise in Aviation Industry especially in the technical areas. What has Air Asia done in this area? If one tourist visit Malaysia and fly MAS, Can you imagine how much they contribute to the Country? Tourism Malaysia states that each Tourist spend at least RM 600 per day, can you imagine how much can 25 million tourists spend in a day in Malaysia (RM 600 x 25,000,000 per day). Who do you think will benefit from this tourist spend?

    Today, are we saying that Malaysia do not have expertise in the Aviation Industry? What about those people I mentioned.? Do we really need a foreigner to be an Advisor to MAS when we have our own people who have years of experience in the Aviation Industry? No point in gloriously giving accolades to someone, being a Member of the Board of Directors for the last ten years, to justify his appointment in MAS? Where was he when MAS went through Y2K, September 11, the introduction of Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) or for that matter where was he when MAS was formed? Did he really contribute to MAS Safety record or is he reaping the fruits of past labours? There are Malaysians, who have contributed to the deveopment of MAS. Ignoring these people, to me, it is an insult to us Malaysians, after 55 years on Independance. MAS provided its expertise in setting up of Jet Airways, supported Asiana Airlnes in their B777-200 introduction and Korean Air etc. Are we saying that Malaysians are incompetent, that we have to look for foreign expertise?

    Sad…..sad….sad. Is this is not a National Tragedy?

  7. Old man

    Just a Iittle correction Dr. Don,

    Manipal University has no dealings nor is in any away associated with MAA or MAS.

    EPF the owner of the property rented out what was once the IT Center to Manipal University.

    Malaysia Airlines Academy which you know occupied the other half of the complex is still intact.

  8. Guna of MAS

    Old Man

    The other half of the complex is still intact but for how long. I am sure that the Red Indian predator is staring at it. I am just waiting for AJ to announce the change of name of MAS to AirAsia.Bunch of idiots heading MAS. Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar is another one in Khazanah. The main culprit who caused all the problems in MAS.

  9. darman

    Dear Old Man .. I dont think Dr.Don is questioning the existence of Manipal University. He is emphasizing upon the reader that MAS Academy should have been by now upgraded to MAS University as it intended to be, placed at that location.

  10. Kaki Bodek

    Darman, yup you’re right, that was the direction by Tengku Azmil but now semua sudah hancur and musnah…ini betul-betul Musnah Hancur Airlines.

  11. joe

    Dissapointed with all the corruption, malaysia airlines who carry the name of nation has been fade away bit by bit by a person who even cant speak malay at all. If one day mas has gone I believe malaysian will recognize the TF and those crony mokhtar as a traitor to the country. PM if u still there be a man to protect the thing belongs to our country. May allah bless mas.

  12. ZULKIFLI Abdul Rahman aka Dzulman

    Yes indeed it’s not only a national tragedy committed by those who were entrusted with the responsibility to assist in the national economic development but it is a plain and simple sabotage of the whole system. A simple trishaw pedlar asked that simple question how could a smaller company dictating terms on a bigger company, how that small company be so brazen to demand that further developments be conducted with their consent.
    why are all these
    Yes as most people on the street keep asking that topical question “Who,s behind these conspiracy to undermine the economic development of the country. It could have started when Idris Jala was made the CEO and he brought in professionals who do not have any inkling of airline industry. The asset stripping was actually the straw that broke the camel’s back.
    And these while the Govt has been keeping mum – why?
    Shareholders of MAS also has been very quiet too.
    Simple logic has become very complex and illogical.
    Qua vadis Najib?

  13. Olek Skilgannon

    Dr Don

    I note that in your comments, you have chosen to stay clear of Singapore Airlines and what it did right after the split-up of Malaysia-Singapore Airlines into MAS and SIA.

    You can trot out the convenient excuse that MAS was forced by the Malaysian government to do “national service” and operate loss-making domestic routes, but that’s what it is – an excuse! Nothing more.

    Could not have MAS, from Day 1, put together a sensible and coherent international route network that would have made Kuala Lumpur into a true regional air hub?

    No, what MAS (and the Malaysian government) did was to hand the role of regional air hub to Singapore and Changi Airport, by default!

    This is crystal-clear and it is obvious to long-time air travellers such as myself who have flown into and out of Subang Airport, KLIA and Changi Airport more times than we care to remember.

    Why not pin the blame for MAS’s predicament (which was a long time coming, before AirAsia was even set up) squarely on (a) MAS management (b) the Malaysian government and (c) Malaysia Airports?

    It’s no laughing matter when I, as a Malaysian, have a much better choice of airlines, international destinations and competitive airfares out of Changi Airport that out of KLIA!

    Case in point being flights to the US, Australia, India and the EU, and within Asean, which are places I travel to for business.

    It hurts to say that I see no reason to fly MAS when, for example, I can get cheaper fares, better flight frequencies and choice of destinations on SIA and it’s partner airlines!

  14. Olik Skilgannon

    I did not “trot out the convenient excuse that MAS was forced by the Malaysian Government to do “national service”………..” in any of my statement but merely highlightings the development over the years since its incorporation.

    The right to choose is yours and nobody can take that right from you.

  15. Olek Skilgannon

    Dr Don

    Oh, really?

    Then you must be unique amongst former MAS senior management in refusing to use the excuse of “national service” (aka flying unprofitable domestic sectors) as an explanation for MAS’s financial predicament even before Tajudin Ramli came into the picture.

    Ok, then – what about the other questions I raised?

    Specifically the roles played by MAS management, the Malaysian government and Malaysia Airports in what happened to MAS post the Malaysia-Singapore Airlines breakup back in the day?

    For example, did the government place more emphasis on “protecting” MAS against competition than on developing Kuala Lumpur as a regional air hub?

    Or how about comparing MAS’s productivity and profitability per employee against the most efficient airlines in the industry?

    Benchmarking, Dr Don. It’s a great tool for separating the losers from the winners!

    And I take your point about “the right to choose”. It’s pretty much a no-brainer that one has a much better choice of destinations and airlines out of and into Changi Airport than out of and into KLIA.

    Now, who do you suppose is responsible for that?

  16. Mastrabaiduri Ahmad

    Martin Barrow is a big joke. He travels up and down from London to Kuala Lumpur – First Class nothing less of course. During the flight he will try to talk to the pilots flying the sector to find out whats going on so that he has something to say when he gets to KL. Pilots who know his tricked refused to let him come o the cockpit for chat. Haha… now he managed to con AJ

    Note: sorry for the minor amendment to avoid unnecessary complication.

  17. Olek Skilgannon

    Today is Feb 28, 2012. I note that Dr Don has chosen to maintain a discreet slience rather than respond to the questions I raised.

    Sometimes, silence really implies something!

  18. Olek Skilgannon

    Dr Don

    Cryptic is as cryptic does!

    Doesn’t amount to a whole heap of beans, anyway!

    Can’t get any more folksy than this without going “hee haw”!

  19. Randy

    Why is Malaysia airports in the picture? Also, in terms of making changi or klia a hub, I do not think it is as simple a matter of what or how MAS or MAHB strategies and actions are. Singapore govt.’s very aggressive approach, not just in the aviation, but many other sectors as well is what made the difference. Foreign airlines are enticed with extremely attractive incentives that we seem unable to match – partly due to our “low cost mindset”: provide everything cheap and the world will come. For how long and at what cost? MAHB has one of the lowest rates in the world, and on top of that, they are required to provide huge incentives to airlines (70 million ringgit as per recent announcement)..

  20. pizi87

    After reading the stories of passed victors in MAS, it makes me boil to know what has happened to MAS in the past years. What can normal guys like me do? To vote the corrupted minds out come next GE is the least I can do

  21. Antigajibuta

    Hoi Olek…
    Orang sibuk sembang pasal The Pirates ripping the National Airlines apart, yang hang sibuk sembang pasal SIA and Changi tu pasai apa?
    Go and find other blog!!

  22. Quality woman

    Dr Don, the best and positive news I’ve read since the MAS ‘hooha’ is bringing you back into the picture. MAS does not need any foreigner to advise. It just needs a person like yourself and a few under you who will think like you, to bring the airline back to where it was. Since you left, there has been too many business plans, too many unrealistic targets and too much money lost in wrong objectives. We have already seen what the past leaders have done to this beautiful airline and I hope that the country has learnt it’s lesson in bringing in the wrong people to manage the airline. It is time that the ‘real passionate airline people’ come back to lead the airline back to where is was when it first started. Dr Don, you lead well in the past. It is high time that you and your group get back into action for the survival of the national carrier. The airline needs passionate people and not people who would just nod their heads to please others. It just aches to see the wrong people sitting on management seats.

  23. Kushaida Zarif

    Dr Don,
    What is your comment about Nufam, the new union for Malaysian Flight Attendant? Will they ever get any recognition from MAS

  24. To the best of my knowledge, NUFAM is a duly registered Union and therefore as legal entity it should be recognised as a legal association. However, to recognise NUFAM as representing MAS Flight Cabin Attendants is a different matter altogether. Currently MAS Flight Attendants are represented by MASEU and therefore NUFAM must get concurrence from MASEU if they wish to represent MAS Flight Attendants. There are other processes that need to be fulfilled in order to get recognition on representations. This is provided for in the respective Labour Legislations.

    1. Maiza

      Nufam is doing major campaign in recruitting members and most members gladly join in hoping for representation, finally by own fellow flight attendant. Why is Nufam continually collecting fees while thy are not being transparent of the possibility of not ever getting recognition as negotiating body? The leader is seen to be living a luxury life even with less flight rostered. And what is happening to Mafaa which been run by the same bunch of people from Nufam. And how can the President be allowed to make press statement so openly again, when he was demoted once before due to making statement? How can Mas management allowed own staff openly condemning Mas?

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