A big Thank You to Warga Wangsa Maju & other Malaysians

Thank you Yg Bhg Tan Sri Ahmad Fuad bin Ismail, Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur, and his wife, Warga Wangsa Maju, Datuk Khairudin Hassan, Mr Gan Yu Chai, Mr Lim Chong Yee, Mr Tan Yew Teck,  other Malaysians, representative of political parties, governors of schools, reporters, Setapak Police, DBKL officers, the members of the JMB of the Platinum Walk, friends, supporters and others for gracing yours truly’s Chinese New Year open house celebration at Platinum Walk, Danau Kota, Setapak on 28-1-2012. Your participation are most appreciated.

YB Dato Nazri Aziz (popularly known as Chief) was indisposed on the night as he was representing the Deputy PM to attend a conference in Bali. However, he took the trouble to send his representative, Sdr Zarul, to grace the celebration. Thank you Chief for your kind thought.  Sdr Zarul your attendance is most appreciated. 

It was well attended by thousand of Malaysian Chinese, Malays, Indians and others. It was truly a reflection of 1MALAYSIA.  Learning from experience during the last Hari Raya open house celebration where foods and drinks were finished within 1 1/2 hour, on this auspicious occasion yours truly had made provision for extra foods and drinks that lasted until 11 pm. Yours truly sincerely hope that everyone enjoyed themselves on the night and please accept yours truly apology if the occasion was not up to expectations. 

Yours truly would like to thank Ms Sharon Ng and her dancers for providing a superb entertainment for the guests. It will be incomplete without mentioning the two MCs for the night, En Azrul and his partner, Ms Lee Yve Vonn, who have been entertaining the guests from 7:30 pm until finished. Thank you Ms Sharon Ng and the dancers, En Azrul and Ms Lee for making the Chinese New Year Open House celebration a lively occasion.  

Yours truly would like to also say thank you to Mr Gan Yu Chai, the developer of Platinum Walk,  the management of Platinum Walk namely, Captain Saharudin and his JMB members for allowing yours truly to use the Platinum Walk and the other facilities for the night. Last but not least, yours truly is grateful to all the staff of Platinum Walk especially the electricians and security, your truly’s personal assistant En Yaacob bin Hamid, supporter and helpers who have been working very hard behind the scene for the past few days without whose helps the said open house celebration would not have proceeded on so smoothly. 

Yours truly would like to wish all Malaysian Chinese Gong Xi Fa Cai & Wan Ser Rue Ee and all Malaysians good health and prosperity for years to come. Once again thank you so much Warga Wangsa Maju and other Malaysians for making this auspicious occasion a memorable one.

Lt to rt: Mr Ravi, Mr Gan Yu Chai, yours truly ,Tan Sri Ahmad Fuad & his wife
En Zarul sang with Ms Sharon Ng
En Iskandar, the caterer (in black T-shirt) helping out to distribute mandarin oranges to the guests. Thank you so much Sdr IS.
Yours truly greeting the guests
Ms Sharon Ng & her dancers
The MCs. En Azrul and his partner, Ms Lee Yve Voon


Exchanging pleasantries with a guest

Group photos with the supporters and helpers

16 thoughts on “A big Thank You to Warga Wangsa Maju & other Malaysians

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  2. Gerald

    Thank you YB for organizing the Chinese New Year open house celebration. plenty of food for everyone and good entertainment. We enjoyed ourselves. Happy New Year to you and family.

  3. fulaiwei

    YB, most importantly when you do travel with MAS, you will be treated VVIP…thank you for standing up for the weakest link of MAS staff. MAS staff are weak and not united. But thanks to you for the fight against the wrong doings.

  4. taru

    YB Wee..So standing again same parlimentary seat? UMNO friendly candidate this time, using BN symbol or Independent logo?

    Best Of Luck

  5. TK Lim from Prima Setapak

    Sorry YB I miss the function because I just got back from kampung on Sunday. But I heard that it was a good one and attended by many of my friends from Prima Setapak. They were all very happy. Bravo. Hope to meet up with YB in another occasion. Good occasion. Thank you for stopping the Bazar Sore in Prima Setapak for us.

  6. Shamsudin

    Great event. It would have been greater if Abang Ramli Sarip (Papa Rock) performed after Sharon Ng. The scene would have been more rocky and YB can really dance rock n roll then. I did enjoy myself. Thank you. You have my family 5 votes. thank you.

  7. arjuna waspada

    Greetings Best wishes .You are meant for bigger things………
    Saya nak ambil kesempatan di sini sebab Tony letak kereta putih nya di parkir MAB dan tunjuk MARAH kapada rakyat Malaysia…….
    NO TO TONY,again.
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak.

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