Is MAS serious about joining Oneworld?

En Mohammed Rashdan Yusoff aka Danny, Tan Sri Azman Mokthar's crony and ex-business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, was talking about "PERFORMANCE". Performance by spending RM18 million to sponsor QPR and cutting routes to benefit AA?

YM Tengku Azmil, the previous MD of MAS, who resigned immediately after the signing of the secret MAS – AirAsia share swap and the Comprehensive Collaborative Agreements (CCF) on 9-8-2011, has signed an MOU with Oneworld on 5-6-2011. Oneworld is an alliance comprises of 12 IATA airlines. MAS was supposed to formerly join the Oneworld in September/October  last year. Read in HEREHERE & HERE.

After inking the said secret share swap, Tan Sri Azman Mokthar and his former business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd and crony, En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof (Rashdan) seemed to be extremely busy promoting their pet project, the said secret share swap and the so-called CCF.  At that material time, the Oneworld membership was not the priority of En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof (Rahsdan).

Rashdan’s priorities then were to cancel full load Firefly flights during the Raya season, terminate the Firefly JB to Kuching and Kota Kinablu sectors and fly to London on 18-8-2011 (10 days after the said secret share swap) to sign the sponsorship for home jersey for QPR costing MAS RM18 millionAt that material time, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, the CEO of AirAsia, is the substantial share in QPR. By the way Genting paid only 17 million Pound to sponsor home and away jersey of Aston Villa. Well, Rashdan was just doing his duty to help a friend.

The above were the GREAT efforts shown by Rashdan, the former business partner and crony of Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, to SAVE MAS from the brink.

Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar has been boasting about the STRATEGIC ALLIANCE between MAS and AirAsia, and it will save MAS but he or his crony, Rashdan, have never uttered a word about the real STRATEGIC ALLIANCE in Oneworld membershipwhich involved 12 other IATA airlines.

Joining Oneworld alliance is the most logical thing for MAS to do under the present conditions. SIA and Thai have joined Star Alliance which has a membership of 27 IATA airlines. Of course, AirAsia cannot be a member as it is not an IATA airlines.

Yours truly has been asking AJ, Tan Sri Azman Mokthar’s crony, Rashdan, to expedite MAS membership into Oneworld which will be beneficial to MAS then the secret share swap and CCF. But it fell on deaf ears because these little napoleons were more interested in the so-called CCF with AirAsia. Under the CCF, MAS/Firefly was cutting routes to Bandung, KK to Tokyo, Korea, Dubai, and etc, spending MAS fund senselessly to help their friend like the sponsorship of QPR jersey. But AirAsia did not sacrifice anything for MAS.

It would appear that the thoughtless actions of cutting routes have benefitted AirAsia. The AirAsia fares to Bandung and KK and Kuching have increased as a result of the monopoly. MYCC has announced that it has commenced the investigations into the said secret share swap and CCF. Quite rightly so. Many have expressed no confidence in the MYCC investigations. We should allow MYCC to finish its investigation before we judge. However, we should also lodge complaints with the anti-trust commissions in other jurisdictions like UK, Australia, Korea, USA and other countries that MAS and AirAsia fly to. This is to ensure that the said secret share swap and CCF will be also scrutinised by other jurisdictions so that no stone will be left unturned.

Coming back to the Oneworld membership, AJ suddenly woke up to realise the importance of Oneworld membership to MAS and he sent out a circular dated 16-1-2012 to inform MAS staff of the benefits of the Oneworld alliance. MAS staff already knew about the benefits of the membership into Oneworld as they have been properly briefed by the previous administration under YM Tengku Azmil where many man hours have been spent on it.

It was a bit late for AJ. However, it is better late than never. AJ did not give a specific date that MAS will join Oneworld. He merely said that MAS will “come on board of this alliance formally in 2012”.  Was MAS serious in joining Oneworld alliance? It is still a big question mark bearing in mind the intentions of the said secret share swap and the so-called CCF.  By the way, Kingfisher Airlines waste no time and it will be a full fledge member of Oneworld on 10-2-2012 (less than a month away from now) whereas MAS is still talking about it with no specific date of joining.

Was AJ serious about his latest e-mail? Has he consulted Tan Sri Azman Mopkthar and his crony, Rashdan, about Oneworld? Is MAS membership into Oneworld be of any benefit to AirAsia? Most probably not!

At long last AirAsia X Sdn Bhd has finally announced that in February it will abandon its routes to  London, Paris and etc solely based on non-profitability, which was contrary to all the publicities that it was doing so well. Yours truly just wonder whether MAS will be asked to absorb all the passengers who have booked and paid for their AirAsia X’s flights to London and Paris after February.

Please read an interesting article about the crony by Jebat Must Die.

Here is the e-mail to all MAS staff about Oneworld.


To        : All Staff System-wide

Date     : 16 January 2012

Ref       : GCEO/CIR 004/12

Dear Colleagues,

At our recent MH Pulse Townhall on 7 December 2011, I shared with you details of the Malaysia Airlines Business Plan – Our Way Forward which emphasised that one of the four Game Changers for our airline to remain profitable and competitive is to be a member of a quality alliance and develop strategic partnerships.

As you all know, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 5 June 2011 to join oneworld alliance which currently has 11 of the biggest and best names in the global airline industry and 20 affiliated carriers. Malaysia Airlines and two more carriers (Kingfisher Airlines and airberlin) will come on board this alliance formally in 2012.

oneworld has a proven positive track record, having retained the World Travel Awards’ World’s Leading Airline Alliance consecutively for eight times. Being the sole oneworld member airline for South East Asia, Malaysia Airlines will be looking to leverage on the alliance’s fine reputation and link both our domestic and regional destinations to its vast network for the success of our Business Plan.

Benefits of alliance

With increasing customer demand for a truly global network, the value proposition of an alliance membership is extremely high. In fact, the three big alliances (oneworld, SkyTeam and Star Alliance) now account for around two thirds of the world’s scheduled airline capacity and 21 of the world’s 25 biggest airlines are alliance members.

Our partnership with strong airline brands within oneworld will therefore enable our customers to enjoy more benefits and rewards like:

1.     Greater connectivity to a truly global network with smoother transfers
2.     Global recognition and rewards (including access to airline lounges around the world) for top tier Enrich members
3.     Attractively priced on-line alliance fares (like oneworld fares, Global Explorer fares)

Under the oneworld employee travel agreement, staff of the Malaysia Airlines group will also enjoy higher boarding priorities when travelling on duty and leisure on any of oneworld member airlines.

Our readiness for full acceptance

Our entry into this reputable alliance is guided by Qantas, backed by oneworld’s central alliance team and we must comply with an extensive set of joining requirements and conditions which include:

1.     IT integration and frequent flyer programme exchange agreements with all oneworld members
2.     Incorporating processes to recognise frequent flyers from other oneworld members
3.     Maintaining a stipulated oneworld standard in our levels of service and
4.     Harmonising our service levels with other members

A core project team of 5 members led by Ivy Chew and a cross-functional integration team consisting of subject matter experts in the respective areas were established to oversee and execute the integration plan. These staff teams work very hard and provide progress updates at the steering committee meetings chaired by me once every two months. The full list of the team members are:

Our role

As staff of the Malaysia Airlines group, we all have an important role in this journey to proudly position our company as a full fledged member of the oneworld fraternity.
Towards this purpose, we are also arranging regular briefings to key leaders of the various business process areas so that they share the updates with all.
The first briefing workshop on brand, communication and training was held in Malaysia Airlines Academy from 13 to 14 December 2011. Participants at this workshop have been asked to cascade the key outcomes to their heads of divisions/departments and to the staff.

When we achieve full compliance we will experience and feel the oneworld presence throughout the group and will be an active contributor of our premier carrier service delivery to oneworld member customers. It is therefore critical that our collective efforts and strengths are harnessed to meet the year end 2012 timeline for full membership.

We will reach out to you all with more communication on the progress of our preparedness as well as how your respective areas will be further involved in the implementation and execution of this entry into this alliance.

I am confident that with your undivided support, Malaysia Airlines entry into oneworld will be impressive and meaningful to elevate the reputation of the company to even greater heights.

Thank you.


37 thoughts on “Is MAS serious about joining Oneworld?

  1. Economist Kampong

    YB CK Wee

    I would like to suggest that the £18.0 million be equated in RM terms. It is more than RM100.0 million. That hurts. Does it not?

    YB, please ask MAS how many KL-London seats MAS must fly to generate RM100.0 million in net profits (before and after tax basis). How many 50, 500, 5,000, 50,000, 500,000, 5,000,000 ??? How many seats???

    The thing is — MAS is making losses. We were told hat the 2010 or 2011 losses amounted close to RM1.0 billion. Thus MAS will never be able to recoup the RM100.0 million they spent on QPR home-only shirts?? So is the money is lost forever ??? Is this the sign of things to come from the so-called Comprehensive Collaborative Agreement (CCF)?? Don’t know how the F appeared in the acronym. Was it supposed to mean Comprehensively and Completely F***ed??

    Perhaps MAS could tell us the increase (dramatic we hope) in the number of tourists and regular travelers traveling from London to KL.

    There must be many English football fans that is just dying to come to Malaysia. They would want to see this for themselves. They must be very curious to see — the MAS crafted new image of Malaysian and Malaysians – the land of the CCF***ed!!

  2. Old Man

    I was formally reprimanded by the Board for a lapse in process by my staff which resulted in benefit to none other than the Company. I still acepted the decision and left the Company soon after.

    I have also seen many dismissed or asked to resign for less minor offences. I myself have personally dismissed many for offences involving far less amounts.

    The sponsorship of QPR can onl be seen as a major breach in corporate governance. I believe MAS like many other companies has levels of approving authority. I do not beleive that a person in the Danny’s pay grade has to authority to sign a RM18M deal. If so no wonder MAS is in deep trouble, with poor oversight of investments. Given the haste with which it was done, I do not believe that Danny had the opportunity to consult, let alone obtain Board approval to sign the agreement. This is a serious infringement or lack of governance.

    The benefits to MAS of entering ino such a sponsorship was dubious in the first place and now that QPR is facing relegation, the skeptisism of the benefits has become reality. This is a major oversight. It can only be out of sheer incompetence or disregard. Previously, management staff have been dismissed if not transferred or have their wings clipped for such offences.

    MAS should:

    1. Show proof of Board approval for the agreement prior to the date of signing of the agreement or proof of a Board resolution increasing the approving authority limit of Danny to allow him to sign the agreement. If not show proof of Board ratification of the approval of the agreement.

    2. What actions have been taken by the Board on Danny for such infringement? If not show proof of what measures MAS has taken to prevent the probability of such occurance.

    I hope the minority shareholders would raise this question at the next Annual General Meeting or the Cabinet should pose this question at the next Cabinet meeting.

  3. Old Man

    Economist Kampong,

    I agree with you that given the financial circumstances of MAS, noone with any concience would have agreed to spend that amount of money in a scheme whose benefits are dubious.

    Prudence have made Companies in a similar financial difficulties, to axe their Advertising & Promotions budget as one of the first measures of cost cutting. If I am not mistaken on of the first thing Idris Jala did when he took the helm of MAS was to do exactly that.

    Doing the opposite can only be contemplated by the utter incompetents or unconscionables.

    Or is there something else at work here behind the scenes that is not evident to us. Could the sponsorship be part of the CCF or reward for TF?

    MAS has a lot of explaining to do. The shareholders deserve to know.

  4. Namza

    ‘The full list of the steering committee team members are:’ – Where is the list of the members? YB, you have been highlighting these issues continuously over the past months and by the time if anyone decide to make corrective action, it may be TOO LATE.

    Economist Kampong is spot on – MAS is definitely CCF****ed!

  5. A steward in MAS

    Rashdan is the main culprit in the share swap and CCF. But Azman Mokthar is no angel because he is the head of Khazanah. Both must be sacked. Rashdan must be immediately removed from MAS. He has no clue in the aviation industry. look at WAU how he and Azman have screwed up MAS.

    Sack Rashdan the good for nothing. Just a crony of Azman and the pariah.

  6. A Manager in MAS

    Rashdan is just another Panamera deadwood in MAS that was sent into MAS by Tan Sri Azman of Khazanah. He has no authority to spend the Rm100 million to sponsor QPR. Furthermore, how can he commit MAS to the RM100 million sponsorship money when MAS was breeding? Brainless idiot.

  7. Zul of MAS

    Now only the crony Rashdan and Aj are begining to dream about Oneworld. If they are good for MAS, they would have taken the membership into Oneworld seriously in September last year. But Rashdan the crony was more interested in spending RM90 million to sponsor the pariah’s QPR only for home jersey. At the same time both are saying to Malaysians that MAS is bleeding and need to save money. how stupid can they be? They are not fit to be in MAS especially Rashdan a failure for his WAU exercise.

  8. Hadi MAS

    What the hell is going on in MAS? If Oneworld provides so many benefits to MAS why was Rashdan and AJ not joining MAS last year? Rashdan was more preoccupied in how to help his good friend TF then to help MAS.

    Rashdan tak malu kah? Gaji buta aje di MAS. Ptui! to you Rashdan! Never mind about AJ he is just a budak suruhan taking instructions and also makan gaji buta.

  9. Old Man

    The stall in the One World initiative is nothing more than a sign of a lack of industry knowledge.

    It is going to be even harder to restart. It was already difficult for MH to get the invite in the first place. This stalling has caused the other partners of One World to review whether to still want MAS to be a member.

  10. anti-betrayal

    YB… apa akan jadi kepada pekerja MAS? bahagian admin, HR & finance dipindahkan ke Sepang & yang lainnya akan diserapkan ke syarikat baru yg sebagai kontrak di mana keistimewaan dulu hilang dan union pun xde? bolehkah begitu sedangkan mereka rata-ratanya kakitangan tetap? Inilah strategi mereka utk buatkan staff berhenti & elak drpd memberi lai-off benefit. Saya tinggal di Subang. kenapa ada beberapa kali kapal terbang Air-Asia turub di SZB sedangkan Air Asia tidak ada penerbangan di sana? Saya dah confirm dengan bahagian hanger, xde pun servis kapal terbang Air Asia. Bagaimana pula dengan CCF, Air Asia ambil banyak laluan MAS & kononnya dlm CCF tu Air Asia akan hantar flightnya ke MAS(MAE) tapi tak ada pun? Semuanya Air Asia ambil. Jersi bola (QPR) kenapa yg MAS cuma satu (belang biru putih) sedangkan Air Asia sebanyak 2 jersi (merah putih dan oren) dah la ambil kaler Firefly pulak tu sampai 2 jersi berbanding MAS sehelai shj? 18m pound tu MAS shj yg bayar?? Air Asia ambil kesempatang betul…. Tolong siasat YB perkara2 nie… Air Asia & khazanah nie makin melampau!!!!

  11. Kamarul dari MAS

    He is the bloody crony of TF. The first thing Rashdan did before AJ came in was to spend RM90 million of MAS fund to sponsor QPR. Why? TF got share in QPR. Bloody Bina Tak Fikir idiot. Manusia yang tak mall dan tiada maruah. Rashdan, you and your family will be cursed for what you had done to MAS.

  12. Guna MAS staff

    Old man

    I agree with you. That idiot Rashdan and that Mr Blur, AJ, do not know anything about airline. They are stalling in the hope that Oneworld will finally tell MAS to go to hell then they will have a good reason to tell Malaysians that Oneworld rejected MAs and not MAS didn’t want to join. This is in their blank mind. Now Aj was telling MAS staff how great Oneworld is. Then is MAS waiting and still dreaming about it. Why MAS was so quick to sponsor QPR?

    Rashdan if your interest is in AirAsia please join AirAsia with your friend TF there. Then you can do what you want. Not in MAS. We will not leave you in peace. We will curse you and your family until you are f..ked like what Kamarul was stating in his comment. You will have no peace in MAS because we know who you are Rashdan. You are just a crony of AMOK and TF. Go and fly kite will be the best thing for you. mother f…ker!

  13. Marcus of MAS

    For 6 months ever since Rashdan and AJ (about 4 months) took over the top management of MAS and they have been sitting on the Oneworld and now only they are talking about it with no definite date of joining.

    What the f..k were Rashdan doing in MAS? just drawing fat salaries and joining the Panamera dead wood circuit?

    PM should step in and remove this Rashdan from MAS. He is the main culprit in screwing up MAS further. Just a brainless crony with beautiful degree with no self respect. MAS union should be taking actions against this crony before it is too late.

  14. Bina Tak Fikir

    Oh Rashdan, Rashdan, Rashdan: are you ashamed of yourself? Most probably not judging from what you have been doing in BianFikir under Maybank and now MAS. An idiot will be able to tell you that you shouldn’t have agreed to sponsor Tony,s QPR for Rm90 millions. You are just a bullshitter and of course, brainless graduate from Cambridge U.

  15. Kunyit Hidup

    Yes, MAS is joining OneWorld – do not question whether the management is serious or not, or under pressure. Qualifying into the group will be ascertained in February. As a certified IOSA operator, it won’t be difficult to satisfy OneWorld auditors. All preparations to be completed internally – by MAS staff without any help by con-sultan. Then, AJ and Danny will take the credit and proudly announce that YB Wee is wrong!

    1. Recently MAS brought in four foreign experts to fill-up senior management positions – vacant by series of resignations. Each of them should receive paycheck of 7-digits a year. ‘Investment’ on Dunleavy alone by WestJet was over 1 million Canada in 2010. Hopefully the ‘pricey genius’ can contribute to MAS and to install long term business foundation so, the ‘cheap Malaysian’ successors will only require to copy & paste.

    2. PlaneConsult (another con-sultan?) is looking into MAS segmenting strategy. However as usual – they will request information, obtain views from the field and make staff to present necessary data. Then those homemade ingredients will be translated into wonderful presentations. Before they left, another account transfer is needed to top-up the million-ringgit advance fee.

    So, from the above two scenarios;

    a. Remove the deadwoods and replace them with experts that worth for money. Then, what makes a secret share-suap necessary? MAS is very well aware that the withdrawal of AA/AAX from selected destinations will not significantly help MAS unlike MAS/Fireflyz decision that directly benefits AA/AAX. Change the people, not the share.

    b. Why not EVP/SVP/VP decides on reorganization/segmenting in respective division or department? Incapable or can not be trusted? Still need confirmation from con-sultan to say so? The highly qualified Danny an AJ are simply appoint foreign experts and con-sultan to do the job, Skim Latihan 1 Malaysia (SK1M) trainees could be equivalent to MAS MD/DMD!

    To MASEU leaders: The best joke in youtube, search for – MASEU press conference.

  16. leo57

    Everybody, no need to get excited about a mere RM18million (not RM90 million) sponsorship la, it’s nothing compared to so many other leakages
    happening in every corner. Has anyone any idea what the various CONsultants are costing MAS? They are even hired to report to AJ on the progress of how soon we can shut down stations (Capetown, Johanesburg etc). As an indicator on how ‘valuable’ the CONsultant’s roles are, after sitting in one of these meetings, she had the gall to say the meetings were “too operational” for her, so she will refrain from attending future meetings! All she wanted to know was – can the station be closed down by a certain date or not, just pass her the meeting minutes so that she can brief AJ (using nice PP slides I am sure) . Talk about borrowing our watches to tell us the time! Or the CONsultants who conducted workshops on ‘sustainability’, poor staff thought it was something to do with saving the ozone layer, only to find that they were cherry picking our brains to find out what a “premium airline” needs and how to be ‘profitable’! Or, how yet another CONsultant was hired by our incredible HC to study ‘feasibilty’ of introducing ‘flexi-benefits’ to staff. What’s that? simply put, if you do not use up a certain ‘benefit’ you can exchange it for points (like bouslink la) to get something else like handphones or books! Sounds good until you realise this is going to cost a lot of money to MAS (some ‘benefits’ like annual travel, if not utilised are forfeited, now they want to give you ‘points’ for it), and worse, the super-inefficient HC dept simply has no clue/capability to manage the scheme anyway. When this was pointed out, HC said, we can always ‘outsource’ the managing of this scheme! Just a small sampling on what MAS pays MILLIONS of RM to CONsultants for. So, tak payah lah nak bising sangat pasal RM18 million SAHAJA.!
    The sad sorry story of MAS, dulu, kini dan selamanya.

  17. Ilham Putera

    YB and the rest,

    I am compelled to put in my two cents worth of opinion when you people are talking about consultant. In MAS currently there are four (i repeat) four different consulting companies to keep AJ and the brainless guy running MAS. One of the four is plane consult. I can’t help but wanting to share with you all here that the guy behind plane consult is Connor Mccarthy who is also the consultant friend of the pariah/AA. So this is the brains for the brainless guy in MAS. please keep praying for MAS guys, to show the pride we have for our national carrier.

    It has been made known that MAS has also engage a person in the name of Hugh from Westjet airline in Canada (another LCC) to champion oneworld for MAS. God knows since when a LCC man knows how to talk about premier airlines alliance. Can somebody share with us here how much is MAS paying this guy for this single portfolio job?

    In addition, let me tell u the brainless guy and the pariah have been secretly meeting an Air france guy on Skyteam Alliance. What AJ is talking about oneworld when the two goons are secretly meeting Skyteam Alliance? Maybe they want to undermine oneworld so that oneworld will not accept MAS. Then MAS will be left with one choice Alliance which is Air Asia. hehehe what a wonderful alliance this would be and we can enjoy witnessing MAS getting screwed left, right and centre.

    I also like to share a comment made by the brainless guy in the Edge recently. “MAS have access to the top minds of the industry. For instance, when we buy aircraft, we can learn from pariah. After all they ordered 200 plane in one go and that in itself tell you how powerful their negotiations are.”

    The best joke of the week, this is. Don’t you think, when you get good deal with volume purchase is ordinary skill. i thought, It is buying one plane at a discount of volume purchase is what we call brilliant. Sigh, he has no brain anyway.

    God, please bless MAS and rid him from all these crooks currently in there now.

  18. rahman

    Rashdan is just a crony. The government must remove him as soon as possible before MAS is finished by this crony. He is a real bast..d. He has been thrown out from Maybank and his puppet master Azman took him into khazanah. both are ex-business partners in the Bina No Fikir. The country will be a better place if both these Bina Tak Fikir are removed from Khazanah and MAS.

  19. Ilham Putera

    YB and the rest,

    An additional info to my earlier comment:

    Connor McCarthy is also a shareholder and board member of Air Asia Bhd. Is this collaborating or colonising?

    Where is MAS Advisor? Can we hear something from him please.

    Pffftttt, what else is new???????????

  20. anti-betrayal

    Air Asia: Tony and the gangs just want to take advantage on MAS;

    1) Not paying MAHB the airport tax (how come they collect the airport tax from customers which they are nor performing the payment to MAHB) and maybe hoping that govt will let them free from settling the long out standing airport tax.. how come after using the MAHB airports now only tony query about SLA? what a so lame excuse? if no SLA, then AK must stop from flying from MAHB airport? How about then? Lets not to forget that AJ(Ahmad Jauhari formerly had attached with MAHB). Air Asia also failed to refund the airport tax for the absence/no-show passengers!!! Really a BIG THIEF!!!

    2) AK take over so many MH routes.. they only stop their 4 unprofitable route where as MH dicontinue more than ten destination. We well verse that Air AsiaX making losses compared to short haul services.

    3) QPR case, obviously AK have 2 jerseys compared to the payor(MH) only one. This x malu Air Asia curi Firefly theme color. Last time in year 2007, when firefly use red color for their ads, Air Asia pissed off? But now, using the Firefly color, come on la… what a shame!!(according to AJ; Questions on the QPR sponsorship were also raised and it was here that Mohammed Rashdan, Deputy Group CEO, provided clarification on the total investment cost which was RM9 million annually for two years. From the 38 games QPR will play, 30 of them will be in the home jersey with the Malaysia Airlines name and logo. …) is it so?

    4) Air Asia have more debt compared too MAS regardless the claim they made profits over and over. Why allow them to join MAS? Now they took over MAS routes, what will happen to MAS newly bought flights & expected to receive? Also, what will happen to firefly’s new flights ?Why Firefly need to reduce it’s routes when last year they managed to give out 2 month bonuses to their staff? According to Sun Daily, Still, some quarters are questioning MAS’ decision to let Leong go when he has been instrumental in the success of Firefly and turning a profit. Last year, Firefly reported double-digit growth in net profit, carrying 1.35 million passengers.

    5) Pak Lah is the so called Penasihat of this CCF while Rafidah Aziz is for the Air Asia.. Pak Lah’s son have an long term agreement supplig meals to MAS(Brahim’s).. all these people clearly have an interest with MAS & Air Asia respectively. Can somebody charge them using their influence as politician? Pls stop them from taking people’s monies!!! Can we appoint someone with do not have HIDDEN AGENDA A.K.A PERSONAL INTEREST here please!!!

    6) Tony have set up new flight; Caterham Jet? Where is the rationalization? This jet will use SZB and other MAHB airport? They definitely will break the market share & will make situation getting worse for MH. Can you see that? AJ’s note to the staff(Being the preferred premium full service carrier – At the Board and Management level, we are working towards ensuring that Malaysia Airlines gains a place as a preferred premium full service carrier. The A380 will be our flagship product for premium service. We have taken a clear position on this and various initiatives are being done to ensure our customers experience this level of service from us. Simultaneously we must continuously raise the bar on safety, products and services.)????

    7) Air Asia want to eliminate MAS union so that the union cannot stop them from being rich & richer each day. So sad that the president of MASEU so coward due to his insterest in cleaning services at the airport/hub. So he has been reprimanded to not against this CCF/scandal. I hear Alias has been trasferred to Kota Bharu since then. Now, everyone in the Union afraid that they will be reprimanded, transferred or even worst will be terminated if they speak out!! YB Wee… Please do something!!! They afraid that they might loose the job and during this economic uncertatinty; finding another job will seems impossible especially for those elderly staffs)

    8) After the signing of CCF, Air Asia announce that they will increase the fare. What the heck? Not paying the airport tax, ask firefly/mas wings to stop their route and now they increase the fare? They clearly monopoly the route!!! following the MAS-AirAsia share-swap deal, the first thing that was cut was Firefly’s jet services as firefly became treats to Air Asia!!

    9) The strategy to eliminate/reduce the manpower is by shifhting the operational office (admin/supporting workforce) whilst the engineering staff will be asked to sign a new letter to become a contract worker(from permanent to contract?? Are they out of mind?? They trying tho avoid from paying the laid off benefit regardless they has been serving the airline for more 10-20years!!!) and set up MAE; a new company to reduce the staffs’ benefits? That why they want to eliminate the union’s power. Why we need another company when we are trying to reduce the managerial cost? How about the renumeration of AJ & the gangs? AJ’s note (Moving to KLIA – At the townhall, I also announced that the administrative operations in SZB would be consolidated at KLIA. This means, with the exception of Firefly turboprop operations, Engineering & Maintenance as well as the Malaysia Airlines Academy, all offices based in Subang will move to the South Support Zone at KLIA by end February 2012. Currently we are spread out at five locations; Complex A-SZB, Complex B-SZB, Malaysia Airlines Academy, South Support Zone – KLIA and the Flight Management Building – KLIA. There is a critical need to collapse these to just three locations so that everyone is accessible quickly, enabling us to be sharp, dynamic and quick in making commercial and operational decisions.) What a nonsense? Don’t let down not only 20k MAS staffs but also the children, wife and families of them too. Just because of the SKIM CEPAT KAYA of these Air Asia, politicians and khazanah’s culprits, they have to be a scape goat!!! These fellows not only breeching the Labor Law but also so inhuman!!!

    10) They talking about setting new airline;so called Sapphire? Where is the rationalization? Breaking more market segment? Why??? With the existent of Tony Caterham Jet, please la.. (quote from Sub Daily; Still, some quarters are questioning MAS’ decision to let Leong go when he has been instrumental in the success of Firefly and turning a profit. Last year, Firefly reported double-digit growth in net profit, carrying 1.35 million passengers.”It (also) does not make sense to turn Firefly into a premium full-service airline when it is solely operating turboprops. As it is, the perception of turboprop is that it is second class to jet, so why would people pay premium for second-class travel?” said a source.

    11) Why the Air Asia’s people have more than 50% power in MAS when they only have 20.5% shares. Clearly that more than half deparmental director are Air Asia people. As 30 Sept 2011,

    AJ: Ahmad Jauhari Yahya- Long Haul, CEO Office
    DY : Rashdan Yusof-Short Haul, Commercial
    MA : Mohd Azha Abdul Jalil-Finance
    AB : Abdul Aziz Abu Bakar-Corporate Finance & Strategic Procurement
    ST : Dato’ Mohd Salleh Ahmad Tabrani-Customer Experience
    CA : Capt Mohd Azharuddin Osman-Operation
    RA : Raja Azura Raja Mahayuddin-Human Capital
    BF : Bryan Foong Chee Yeong-Strategy
    DW : Dr Wafi Nazrin-Legal & Risk
    RZ : Raja Zamilia Raja Mansur-Communication
    DG : David Gnanadass-Internal Audit
    CO : Capt Ooi Teong Siew-Safety & Oversight
    SK : Shahjanaz Kamaruddin-Co Sec
    EL : Dato’ Eddy Leong Chin Tung- Resigned nov’11?? Replaced by Ignatius Ong Ming Choy
    SS : Shahari Sulaiman-On leave for 1 month?
    MR : Mohd Roslan Ismail-MAS Aerospace Engineering
    NA : Dato’ Capt Mohd Nawawi Haji Awang-MAS Wings

    10) Datuk Azmi Khalid (PAC Chairman) to invetigate MAS-Air Asia Swap?
    By only interview few person at the parliament? Come on lah? Let the investigation more transparent. Let not forget that her wife Normala Shamsuddin formerly was MAS air stewardess. Let don’t let her personal grundges againts he ex-husband which MAS pilot to prejudice MAS future.(please investigate what he’s capable of) The SC boss(Tan Sri Zarinah) also is 2×5, as the E&O deal has put SC chairman Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar in a tight spot as her husband, who is also the E&O chairman, raised his personal stock holdings in the company just weeks before Sime Darby announced its proposed acquisition of the 30 per cent interest in the company.

    12) MAS Cargo COO probe with coruption? How come? MAS Cargo managed to get profit rm100m plus last year!! Or this is the way the Air Asia team intrude MAS Cargo route/admin so that Air Asia Cargo benefits from their facilites??

    13) Air Asia recently landed & fly using Subang Skypark(SZB) numerous time? Why? Why??? Can somebody INVESTIGATE & ENQUIRY from the Subang air traffic authourities please!!!

    14) Under CCF, Air Asia supposed to send their aircraft to MAS Aerospace Engineering but where is until to date; NIL?? If there is in future, MAS should learn a lesson from MAHB case so that there is no Hutang lapuk cases like Air Asis did to MAHB.

    15) 1. For the purposes of the Joint Collaboration, all proposals, information and communication must be channelled to Bain & Co only to ensure antitrust compliance. For this purpose, the three airlines would enter into a non-disclosure agreement with Bain & Co.
    2. For the purposes of the CCF, staff cannot communicate directly with the staff of AK or Air Asia X or any third party acting on behalf of Air Asia or Air Asia X (except Bain & Co).
    3. Only Divisional Heads and Heads of subsidiaries may communicate with Bain & Co. Divisional Heads and Heads of subsidiaries shall keep a record of the details of such communication.
    4. If there is any request for information from or any giving of unsolicited information by AK or Air Asia X staff, kindly inform Group Legal Practice (GLP) immediately.
    RIVAL WILL REMAINS AS RIVAL… NOW, AIR ASIA IS ONE OF MUSUH DALAM SELIMUT WITH OTHER POLITICIAN & KHAZANAH’S CONsultant & CONMEN also the PEMANDU’S INDRIS JALA. He’s well verse about the weaknesses of MAS and ‘selling’ it maybe to cover up his dirty job I guess!! Who are the Divisional Heads? Again. mostly Air Asia’s people!!!

    16) Tony always arrogant, denial and lies on many things!!! One of is Air Asia X againts FAX(Fly Asian Xpress) where he get a subsidy during pak lah’s administration but he FAILED and returned RAS to MAS with faulty aircraft!!! How many he’s getting & not returning the subsidy?? – he claimed that RM72 million was paid to a third party provider for additional maintenance services not done by MAS because MAS were slow to respond to requests and ultimately wanted to charge higher rates. FAX had not built up its own maintenance capability in the first year.
    – MAS also priced other services to FAX using commercial rates with margin mark-ups, compared to a cost-recovery basis when it was the RAS operator previously: If MAS were slow, why AIR ASIA signing CCF for maintaining their air craft?? Does it sound so funny & fishy? CCF is only a DUMMY to clear up his attention to steal away MAS/Firefly/MASCargo & MASWings routes, privilledge, certification, facilities, experties etc at NO COST!!!! FOR FREE!!!

    17) Air Asia has many landing accidents compared to MAS…. !!!

    18) Air Asia will benefit from Tabung Haji Pilgrims uner MAS chartered services, Please DON’T LET AIR ASIA take away from MAS!!!

    18) Air Asia will also want to benefit from OneWorld program as they are not IATA accredited airline(they only use IATA BSP billing) so that they can take MAS share code passenger, route, airports & flying rights under this SHARE SWAP!!!


  21. Time Traveller

    In response to Old Man’s post (Jan 18), I thought ratification is no longer allowed by the board? If the ratification for the approval for QPR was allowed, then there sure is double standard. But then again, there are so many double standards in MAS to begin with.

    In the latest interview with AJ in the Edge, the first thing he said was that he’s still warming up. Still warming up after 4 months as MD when the company is bleeding?? That long to warm up? But of course, other people like Danny and TF are doing his job for him so he still has the luxury to warm up…..tak panas2 lagi ke AJ?

  22. shankarprasad

    Guys…guys…guys… we have been talking for months of this issues but to no where like anjing menyalak bukit. There has been nothing favorable to us so as the culprits be investigated or call whatsoever and furthermore no interest has been shown by the government to pursue at the end of the day it will be like nothing happened Malaysia Boleh maaa.

  23. Kana

    Aj still warming up after 4 months then he should stop taking salary from now until he has finally finished warming up. He is just a Mr Blur and not about warming up. He just allowed Rashdan and the pariah to bull doze things and he blindly endorsed them.

    Aj where is your self respect?

  24. Old Man

    Time Traveller,

    Boards as representative of the shareholders have the penultimate authority over a Company. If they want to ratify, they can. If they want to backadte, also can.

  25. Anonymous


    I would like to cirrect some factual errors in your posting:

    #7) Alias asked for and was granted the transfer to Kota in 2008/09 during Idris Jala’s time. This is well before the CCF.

    #11) MA, RZ, MR and DS are no longer with MAS. DG is not the head of IA.

  26. Anonymous


    Bila dah takda ilmu pasal aviation business, AJ panggil consultant luar negara untuk bagi nasihat camana nak jalankan bisnes. What a stupid move. Ada yg bagus macam CEO MAS cargo, dia buang lepas tu ambik mat saleh, india ke arab, bayo gaji juta2 untuk bagi nasihat je. Apa punya bodoh melayu seko ni. Kenapa tak bagi aku je untuk jalankan operasi MAS tu, tapi bayo gaji sama macam mat salleh shane tu. Ini namanye KERA DI HUTAN DISUSUKAN, MELAYU KAT MALAYSIA DIPERBODOHKAN.

  27. Anonymous

    Anon 12:35

    Dah gitu the current staff have to teach these inexperienced consultants about the realities. Cocky pulak tu macam dah pandai sangat and dah di beri power by the CEO.

    Kalau staff kata tak boleh buat kerana banyak sebab yang consultant bodoh ni tak tau, mereka menonong report kat AJ, staff ni tak sesuai and unsupportive.

    Kuasa dah di beri pada orang yang bodoh sombong oleh orang yang bodoh sombong juga.

    Its the same thing happeing all over again. Previously it was the Idris’ TMO.

  28. Rashdan the crony

    If appointing Consultant is the SOP then MAS does not need CEO and Deputy CEO. Aj and Rashdan, please resign. No self respect kah? YB please check what sis the total of Consultant fees have been paid by Khazanah yearly especially MAS.

  29. Love MAS always

    There is nothing we can do now. And even The PM, Ah Jip Kor said he didnt know about the share swap when all the unions and association president wanted to meet him. B4 Anwar verdict, the PM trying to avoid to meet those unions and association president, after anwar is released, he started to worry and willing to meet them. To those that really love MAS and wanted so much to get rid of those bastards, what we can do now is to wait for GE13. What we have been told, everything will be finalized by June 2012. If BN win, we all the MAS staff will ‘gone’. We all will be ‘raped’. So we cannot let BN win this coming GE13 if we wanted to save MAS. I believe PR is very interested to investigate the so call share swap/CCF stuff if given the power.

  30. Ricky MAS

    The good for nothing crony/ConSultant has no self respect and pride. that’s why he is still hanging on to his post. Just another Panamera deadwood. Get rid of this bloody crony.

  31. Lim of MAS

    What a great news! Australian authority was investigating into AirAsia’s business model. No wonder that big mouth TF is extremely quiet. I am sure that Rashdan the crony will not be very pleased with this news. It will not be too long for other jurisdictions to investigation into the CCF.

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