MYCC has commenced investigations into the “STRATEGIC ALLIANCE” between MAS & AirAsia

Updated @ 00:45 9-1-2012: Please read “Gerakan Slams MAS for Sabah tourism washout”.

Finally, the Malaysian Competition Act 2011 is now in full force after 1-1-2012. Syabas to Malaysian Competition Commission (MYCC) for commencing investigations into the so-called “Comprehensive Collaborative Framework” (CCF) under the secret MAS – AirAsia share swap agreements. Read in HERE.

Yours truly has also called upon MYCC to investigate into the CCF, in HERE. Until this very day, no one seems to know the details of the said secret share swap and CCF except the cancellation of several full load Firefly flights during recent Raya seasons, termination of Firefly jet services from JB to East Malaysia and from Kota Kinabalu to Japan, Korea, Australia and etc, termination of MAS routes to Bandung and other international routes.


MYCC should take note of the public statements made by Tan Sri Azman Mokthar and his former business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, En Mohamed Rashdan Yusof, who is now the Deputy CEO of MAS, and others in AirAsia Bhd and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd that were alluding to the famous line of “THE STRATEGIC  ALLIANCE” between MAS and AirAsia under the said secret share swap/CCF agreements.

From yours truly previous postings on this subject matter, you will no doubt see that the s0-called CCF and the “STRATEGIC ALLIANCE” has created a monopoly for the KL – Bandung route for AirAsia after MAS terminated it from 4-10-2011. Now that the Competition Act is in operation, MYCC has the authority to demand for records of fare charged to passengers from AirAsia for its KL – Bandung – KL routes prior to and soon after MAS terminated it on 4-10-2011. MYCC should also demand for records of other similar routes where MAS/Firefly have terminated its services especially KL to Kota Kinablu and Kuching routes.

Malaysians should also consider lodging with other Anti-Trust Agencies in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and etc where MAS and/or AirAsia are providing services to. This is to ensure that a proper investigations will be carried  out in Malaysia and abroad. We must stop all forms of “Strategic Alliance” or CCF that impede competitions as such schemes are not in the best interest of the consumers. Competition is healthy and beneficial to consumers. All forms of monopoly must be stopped.


39 thoughts on “MYCC has commenced investigations into the “STRATEGIC ALLIANCE” between MAS & AirAsia

  1. MAS Manager

    MYCC started to investigate into the share suap. Will it end up like the investigations by Security Commission and Bursa KL which look like a white wash?

    I think that it will be no difference – a white wash!

  2. Nusantara

    I got strong feeling this MYCC will act forcefully because election is in March 2012 and Najib wants this MYCC to show his ability to deliver but in reality, the job was excellently delivered by Tg Azmil via MASEU pushing and via handwork accomplished by Dr. Wafi. so PM takes the credit done by rakyat Malaysia.

  3. Ilham Putera

    I was informed by a friend that the moment MAS stopped the KUL- Tawau route, he had to RM1031.00 for the route on AA. Great collaboration Khazanah. The pariah makes every on fly. A big thank you to Khazanah.

  4. Hamid

    MYCC is going to drag its feet and later no case will be the findings. The same will happen to to the investigations by SC and Bursa KL.The pariah will be all right. that’s why the pariah and Azman Mokhtar has been appointed by Muhydin. Disgusting!

  5. Olek Skilgannon

    Mr Wee

    Qantas was losing A$200 million a year on it’s international routes. So much so that it’s CEO decided that enough is enough and decided to face down the Qantas staff unions to the extent of ordering a brief shutdown of the airline, resulting in mandatory arbitration between Qantas and it’s unions.

    Would MAS’s management have the guts to even contemplate doing what the Qantas CEO did?

    Nobody has asked the hard questions:

    – how many of MAS’s and Firefly’s routes are profitable on an annual basis, not just month-to-month?

    – why should unprofitable routes be maintained and serviced?

    – why are domestic routes within peninsular and East Malaysia deemed to be sacrosanct and immune from air service cutbacks, even if they are racking up losses?

    – how many of the domestic airports in MAHB’s stable are profitable and how many loss-making ones are being carried in the name of “national service”?

    It’s brazen cheek to target possible collusion between MAS and AirAsia while ignoring the basic economics of the aviation industry.

    Not to mention bad economics and the avoidance of reality.

    The Qantas CEO, for all his faults, is willing to face up to realities and do what needs to be done.

    Not dithering like the Transport Ministry, MAHB and MAS!

  6. Nusantara

    That is all about Malaysia BOLEH….curse, curses and cursing all the way and never looked at positive points. Great job for being so negative and that is why we the Malaysians are always the final victims…there is thing called The Law of Attractions…..the more negative you are, the more worst it becomes!

  7. Keng Diamond Square

    MYCC investigations will be another cover up. If it the CCF is investigated by the anti-trust commission in UK, AUstralia, US , Japan or Korea it would be a different matter. Look at the SC investigation into the share swap, nothing much is happening. Bursa KL no different.

  8. Anonymous

    It’s really sad to read n hear what’s happpening to Mas now..hope YB will keep on telling Malaysians what’s going on..after all only Malaysians can save Mas.

  9. Adek

    Najib is so pissed. He wanted AJ to provide full presentations on the suap things and AJ and his jokers are wetting their pants.

  10. Anak Malaysia

    Have anyone ever wonder who this Martin Barrow guy is? Got to know he was one of the Board of Director during Idris Jala & Tg Azmil time. then he step down together with Tg Azmil when they announced the “Secret Share Sawp”.

    Now he is back in MAS as the Advisor. Wonder why step down and then come back as Advisor. This Martin guy doesn’t do anything except poke his bloody big nose into all MAS departments. Heard from MAS friends that he will always do a so call “turun padang” before he flies out of klia. He will go to the department look around at the staffs table for info. He also have the habit of taking manuals and circular from the staffs table without asking for permission.
    He act as though that he is very concern for the compnay but I think he acting the other way round.

    He travels very frequently to klia from Japan, Hong Kong and London (He is from London) and all this are free on MAS and on first class too. Well we only know he travel to and from this place…..he might travel to other part of the world which we doesn’t know. All this are on MAS expenses and I think he is hansomley paid too.

    A friend of mind told me that he was in klia on saturday evening before he flies home to London and he went to this deparment called RAMP to do his turun padang. Wonder why as an advisor, you have to go to all departments in MAS and do the turun padang thing? Could he be the one that is feeding info to the bloody pariah TF and is he one of MAS leakage? Nobody ever check or investigate what he does in MAS as an Advisory and why he goes around to all MAS department?

    Well anyone out there, any idea WHY?

  11. MAS Guy

    Anak Malaysia

    We all know that this Mat Salleh Martin Barrow is another Panamera deadwood. He should be out of MAS for he has no or very little contributions to MAS. His only contribution to MAS was getting all the free ticket for his personal travel to Japan mainly to see his family.

    Hope AJ and the Azman MokhtaR’S CRONY, RASHDAN, will stop this leakage. I wonder how much fees he is receiving as an advisor. Advising what? only God knows!

  12. Anak Malaysia

    MAS Guy

    So MAS pays him very high fee and on top of that give him free passages to where he wants to go. Well paid him to advise them how to bring MAS down. It seems that he always feels proud of himself for the “Turun Padang” thing.

    What does the management sees in him, sampai dia dah step down from being a member of Board of Director then MAS take him again as the advisor.

    He is really Panamera Deadwood who gets all the perks. Tak malu betul Martin Barrow ini. Don’t depend on AJ, AMOK’s Crony and Danny to stop the leaklage coz they are the one who created this mess and stir shit in MAS, Martin Barrow pun part of this croonies team.

    MAS Guy, think you all better voice out your concern pasal Martin Barrow (Mat Salleh yang tak guna ni)

  13. MAS Loyal

    Dear Anak Malaysia,
    How to voice out. Even lot of our senior management that not a same frequency with them was advised to retired or step down.
    And even YB raise the issue in parliament about the suap thing also nothing can shake them.
    Maybe you have an idea how we can voice it out and heard by AJ?

  14. Anak Malaysia

    Dear MAS Loyal

    Well you got a point there my friend. Is this Mat Salleh been appointed by AJ to be the advisor, if Yes then no matter what you guys said also it will drop into AJ deaf ears.

    Yes, I heard lots of MAS top management had stepped down. What happened to your union? Can’t they do anything for the MAS staffs?

    They must be getting very strong back-up from some powerful politician that’s why they are not afraid of what YB brought up in the Parliment. Those politician who support the share swap and also back-up the bloody Pariah TF, AJ, AMOK, Danny (yg tak mengaku melayu tu) should be struck by lighting for destroying MAS (the National Pride and Carrier)

    Heard been 6 months AJ and his croonies been in MAS and there still no direction for the company except for cutting of routes. The next time if you MAS guys see this Martin Barrow turun padang to your department, cuba tanya dia what’s he doing there and what is he doing as the advisor to MAS?

    Also ask since he is the advisor to MAS, what is the comapny direction now other than cutting routes. Heard lots of senior staffs (who 55 years and with service more than 30 years) will be rewarded and at the same time will be given the “Golden Handshake”.

  15. MAS Idiot like Rashdan

    Anak Melaysia and MAS Loyal

    This is the problem with the management of MAS. They will bring back Panamera dead wood into MAS. Martin Barrow is a good example. We know he is useless – another gaji but a fella and yet Amok’s crony Rashdan and AJ will tolerate him. But for good loyal MAS staff, they were force to leave.

    Now MAS has employed a relative of Kamarudin Meranun to head one of the MAS department as though the internal people is not able to do the job. Why can’t AJ and stupid Rahsdan promote MAS existing staff to head MAS department. This will be also good for the morale of the staff. But they are more interested in filling up MAS department with AirAsia’s people or relative of directors. Nepotism is rampant in MAS. Another form of leakages.

  16. MAS Loyal

    Yeah…I also heard a lot about all of these bloody movement.
    What to do because our voice just go into deaf ears.
    Even our powerful (in term of member strength) can’t or maybe don’t want to do anything.
    You know why I’m saying that?? Because until now there still no strike…What the hell wit our Union now??? Makan gaji buta and also got suap by someone????
    Hope the public know why MAS until now unable to make profit. There are too many hanky panky in MAS and also from outside especially dirty politician.

  17. Atticus

    MAS idiot like Rashdan

    Yes, there are many good and loyal staff in MAS, but “good” for what, in what, and loyal to whom?
    How to identify and develop and prepare “good” people for high positions
    when MAS does not have proper Career Planning, Training and Development,
    Talent identification, etc etc? The so-called Talent dept issued a CPN (career planning note) to staff giving a few days to fill the form up.Out of 20 questions in the CPN, 15 Qs were things like name,stf number, gender, date joined etc, data that SHOULD be in the HR system. Q18 asked where we wanted to be and by when? At that time the CEO’s position was vacant. Many for the fun of it actually answered “to be MD”! Knowing full well HR/Talent will have absolutely no clue how to make that happen anyway. Every time there is a position vacant, more often than not, it’s WHO you know and who knows and likes you that gets you the promotion. Meritocracy is practically unheard of, but mediocrity is rewarded. At a time when the rest of MAS were told that recruitment, replacement of positions were frozen, HR upgraded/promoted no less than 18 people to managerial positions!The HR division is the laughing stock of staff, although they themselves think otherwise. HR rolls out plan after plan that has no alignment to the Business needs. A good example is now when MAS is bleeding, HR organises kite flying
    contests, HR expects Managers outside HR to conduct training, disciplinary inquiries etc (all the functions of HR managers and executives) under the label “engagement” when executive time should be focussed on the critical areas of the business ie to MAKE money! The Management talks about productivity,
    but HR doesn’t have a clue how to even define it, much less implement programs to increase it, or even to measure what this thing called “productivity” is! Well, maybe they do. Almost on a monthly basis, HR will close shop for a day or half day, quite forgetting they are a service unit, to do what? One recent example is, all the management of HR closed shop on a Friday afternoon for a karaoke session in a nearby shopping complex, to bid
    farewell to one of their own! later on 30th December, another close shop day, again for farewell cum year end party!. Note that HR is the only division in MAS to do this. So back to your question, why not promote internal people,
    where are they? HR as you can see, is too busy with having a good time.
    So, as a very long serving staff, I will be getting my 30-year award soon,
    I WELCOME people from outside, if they can do the job, and do it well.
    Back to the “Kamarudin Meranun’s” relative – she is a damn sight better than the people who have been there for years, at least she is groomed well, speaks well, and from all accounts, quite competent too.
    Staff morale has already hit rock bottom with years and years of people mismanagement, don’t look for scapegoats in the form of “outsiders” .
    If there is any one thing that MAS should overhaul, it is the HR division.
    In time, the rest will fall into place.

  18. Ami

    I would like to suggest MAS LOYAL to picket first setting exemplary for the UNIONS to move since you’re so clever in PICKETING comment. I bet to differ MAS LOYAL will pee in his pants than PICKETING.

  19. Jacqueline Phua

    Tuan Wee,

    Check this out : Evidence of broad daylight heist plot by Tony and his gangsters – Part I (somemore part I???)


  20. Anak Malaysia

    Read in today’s paper that AA is suspending their London and Mumbai flights and is flying to Sydney next week and at the same time MAS is reducing their flight to Sydney.

    WHY??? Reduce frequency to Sydney, when MAS is doing well on the Sydney sector? Is MAS making wasy for the Bloody Pariah TF on the Sydney sector? Why all of a sudden AA is suspending their London and Mumbai flights? Didn’t they talk so big about how much profit they are making? so what else does this Pariah TF nak lagi? Dah rogol MAS sampai satu benda pun takda, sekarang nak bunuh MAS pula.

  21. Olek Skilgannon

    Anak Malaysia

    Why are you objecting to AirAsia flying the KL-Sydney route?

    How do you know that this particular route is profitable for MAS?

    How do you account for the fact that Singapore Airlines’ new low-cost carrier, Scoot, will fly Singapore-Sydney by June this year? This when SIA itself operates several flights a week between Singapore and Sydney? And when both Qantas and British Airways compete with SIA on the Singapore-Sydney route?

    SIA doesn’t run away from competition.

    MAS (and it’s unions) are scared of competition! Which is not surprising given MAS’s lower productivity and profitablity compared with it’s competitors!

  22. Anak Malaysia

    Olek Skilgannon

    Why are you so into AA flying to Sydney? Are you the baruah TF running dog? Why flying to places where MAS is already flying and if MAS is making proift on those routes,why does AA bother flying there?

    I don’t gave a damn if SIA and its LCC airlines flies from Singapore to Sydney. I am more interested in MAS coz it’s our National carrier. why does AA stop flying to places like Mumbai, Delhi, London and Paris coz they AA is losing money but doens’t admit it. AA knew MAS is doing well on the Sydney sector and now is robbing it from MAS.

    You are a real idiot of TF…who doesn’t think of the pride of Malaysian but be a running dog of pariah TF.

  23. Olek Skilgannon

    Anak Malaysia

    MAS is the national carrier. So, what?

    Does it mean that it should be given a free pass to rack up losses, to be run inefficiently, to rely on government handouts and bailouts and to be forever moaning about unfair competition?

    Get real, brudder.

    The “enemy” is not AirAsia, but SIA, Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways, Garuda, Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad. Which anyone with half a brain and a knowledge of the global aviation industry will acknowledge.

    You sound as if MAS should be given some magical status that will permanently insulate it from competition.

    Only in Bolehland will such dreams come to pass.

  24. AirAsia lap dog

    Olek Skilgannon

    “MAS (and it’s unions) are scared of competition! Which is not surprising given MAS’s lower productivity and profitablity compared with it’s competitors!”

    Although MASEUS (union) leaders have no balls so to speak because they are still dozing under “sleeping pills’. At least MAS has a union and MAS Management to a certain extent still worries about its existence. Where your preferred airlines, AirAsia and AirAsia X have no room for union. So the workers in AirAsia have been exploited to the hilt. They had to work long hours with little rest.

    MAS is out national airlines and had to perform national duties during difficult times and had to fly unprofitable routes when required to by the government in order to keep our flag flying high.

    You are alluding that AirAsia, a private company, didn’t get help from the Government. Please lah! Used your brain a bit. How about AirAsia owing 100 of million airport tax for so many years without having to pay interests. At the same time got a discount of about 30% for paying the airport tax debts after many years (at least more than 5 years). This was during the Sleepy Age under Badawi.

    How about the 90 routes that MAS had to give away during the Sleepy Age to AirAsia? How about the RM125 million subsidy for the Rural Air Services to AirAsia x Sdn Bhd only to dump it back to MAS prematurely? And AirAsia X was able to keep the subsidy as well as the Air Operation Certificate when it was cananbalising aircraft for spare parts. Khazanah under Azman Mokthar turned a blind eyes. These were not help? At the same time AirAsia X needs not do any national duties but rewarded with 39 international routes only operate 13. with the latest news of cutting London, Munbai and etc, it will be operating 10 routes. The government should withdraw all the remaining 29 routes since it was not operating.

    So please don’t be the lap dog of the pariah. we know AirAsia is having lots of problems which have been kept under wrapped but for how long?

  25. Olek Skilgannon

    “National duties”, eh?

    Pray tell – what, exactly, are these so-called “national duties”?

    And if the government did require MAS to perform these “national duties”, what of good corporate governance? Were the minority shareholders of MAS misled into believing that they were investing in a sound, well-run and profitable company?

    If the government wanted MAS to perform “national duties”, then why bother taking MAS public and listing it on the stock exchange? The government could have run MAS as a unit within the Civil Aviation Department, with no worries about profitability, minority shareholders or corporate governance!

    And if MAS was forced to fly “unprofitable routes”, then didn’t it’s Board and senior management have the balls to take on the government, or to resign en-masse if they had the courage of their convictions?

    Nope, they chose to wear the “golden handcuffs” and slavishly follow government dictates, no matter how stupid or ill-thought-out!

    I asked a question previously in another of Mr Wee’s blog postings about just how many of the domestic airports in Malaysia are really profitable; this was prompted by reports that Senai Airport in Johor is being divested by it’s owners (who now appear to be taking over the Khazanah stake in Proton). This question was never answered, because I suspect that many state governments are not willing to admit that their domestic airports are loss-making “white elephants”.

    Coming to the issue of AirAsia and the non-payment of airport taxes, why didn’t Malaysia Airports (another public-listed company with minority shareholders) take legal action to recover the said outstanding monies? Are you implying that the management of MAHB was not on the ball here or that they were “pressured” to conveniently “overlook” the millions in outstanding monies? If that were the case, then why the very public slanging match between MAHB and AirAsia over any number of issues?

    I note also that you have chosen to evade the point of how MAS has to compete against other airlines in the region, and how it has been dealt a lousy hand by both the government and MAHB. I had raised these points previously in other blog postings by Mr Wee, but no one has answered them up to now.

    So, are we to believe that MAS was an innocent lamb led to slaughter, or that it was fully cognisant of it’s shortcomings and weaknesses vis-a-it’s competitors?

    And were the leaders of the MAS unions wilfully (or blissfully) unaware of how the global aviation industry was developing, what other airlines were (and are) doing and what MAS’s weaknesses were?

    That, to my mind, has to be damn shortsighted!

  26. MAS Loyal

    Dear All,
    It is good to have our rival Air Asia supporter here. At least we know:
    1. Their stand
    2. What they don’t know
    3. What they will trying to fool the public

    Dear Olek,
    You’re wrong. For me Air Asia will be forever our rival because what you’ve done before and in your plan now. Everything is related to MAS and trying to kill us. You’ve kill our Firefly already and now your next plan is to kill MAS.

    1. hairulkuwait

      MAS LOYAL- agreed with u, FIREFLY ticket become more expensive than MAS itself- it suppose serve real community pretty sad to see another MALAYSIAN brand die .off slowly– KUWAIT-KLIA-SZB-KTE frequent flyer.

  27. Anak Malaysia


    MAS is our national carrier….so What!!!!….so be proud of it…you banggang idiot. Our enemy is not SIA, Cathay Pacific,Thai Airways….etc….etc…..OUR ENEMY is Air Asia and people who is a barua like you, who is trying all out to KILL the National carrier.

    People like you is never proud to be Malaysian and we never expect you to be proud of the National Carrier. Only people like you who is brainless, talk like an idiot and asshole.

    Look who is talking so loud about government handouts and bailouts, if without the government secretly helping AA out, you think AA can still survived and fly…..LOL…..don’t talk cock and bull story here coz we are not an idiot and stupid like you.

    Here people talking about saving the National carrier and pride, there you bullshitting around like nobody business. Only asshole like you does that.

    I agreed with you “AirAsia lap dog” and “MAS Loyal”….this Olek is actually nothing expect running dog, lap dog, asshole of the pariah TF…..of all you know he is actually that Pariah TF or maybe anyone of his gang.

  28. Time Traveller

    Why does MAS have to appoint Martin Barrow as the advisor or consultant? The current Board members not good enough? If he is good enough, then he could have done something when he was a board member in MAS. Yes heard that he travelled a lot on the pretext of turun padang. Also heard he liked to kacau the staff, sometimes even for his friends tickets or seats. Maybe you would say, when he was in MAS, he was outnumbered by the Malaysian directors so could not implement his brilliant ideas. So, what is the difference now? He will still be outnumbered. It is not a secret that Mr Martin and MAS current chairman are friends. He was the one who brought Mr Martin in as “bored” member years ago when he was the MD then. It’s back to square one for MAS.

  29. Olek Skilgannon

    Anak Malaysia

    Your asinine logic is par for the course for those who blindly support MAS in spite of it’s many failings.

    Let me put some simple questions to you:

    1. When did MAS and SIA come into existence?

    2. What were the reasons for the break-up of MSA (Malaysia-Singapore Airlines)?

    3. When did AirAsia come into existence?

    4. How many years elapsed from the time MAS was set up to the time AirAsia was set up?

    5. What was MAS doing in this interim period of years vis-a-vis SIA?

    6. Have you read (and understood) the CAPA Centre for Aviation Analysis “Malaysia Airlined new business plan targets premium sector, following strategies of Cathay and SIA” (

    7. If you have read and understood this report (see 6 above), please explain how is it that
    – for unit revenues (Malaysian cents per available seat kilometre) YTD 2011 show MAS 20.0, Thai Airways 26.1, Emirates 29.4, SIA 31.8, Cathay Pacific 32.3? Simply put, MAS is earning less in unit revenues than it’s competitors.
    – for unit costs (Malaysian cents per available seat kilometre) YTD 2011 show MAS 25.6, Thai 25.0, Emirates 28.5, SIA 29.5, Cathay 30.5? It shows that MAS is spending more than it earns in revenue, unlike it’s competitors.

    8. Why is it that no one from MAS has commented, refuted or rebutted the CAPA Analysis and the RASK and CASK figures quoted therein? Not a peep from the famously aggressive MAS unions!

    9. How is it that AIrAsia, according to the same CAPA Analysis, has a RASK of 13.3 and a CASK of 10.4 (Malaysian cents)?

    So, what has our national carrier MAS, being doing all this while? Performing “national service”? Surviving on bailouts and restructurings instead of it’s own merits?

    At least, Japan Airlines, when it went into bankruptcy in 2010, it had the good sense (backed by the Japanese government) to go through a major restructuring that cut nearly 30 per cent of it’s workforce – more than 16,000 employees – and cut a large number of unprofitable and underperforming routes from it’s international network, before it exited bankruptcy in April 2011.

    Do you mean to say that MAS does not have to take this bitter medicine because the Santa Claus that is the federal government will always be there to do yet another bailout?

    Only this time around, because of the perilous state of government finances, the government has had to call “time” on another bailout of MAS.

    And it dares not put MAS up for sale to the highest bidder, because it is afraid that (a) no one will be interested in buying into MAS or (b) the price offered would be derisory, with politically unacceptable conditions such as a drastic reduction in MAS’s workforce..

    So, it dithers and muddles on, hoping for light at the end of a long and winding tunnel. And you can ask Tony Tyler (the Director-General & Chief Executive of IATA) just how long and winding that tunnel is! Which no one from MAS has refuted, either!

  30. Anak Malaysia

    I don’t have to answer any of your questions which to me is just nothing but bullshit. How much did that bloody Pariah TF paid you to be his barua. you are nothing but just “Sampah Masyarakat” and don’t even deserved to be Malaysian.

    You are the number 1 Barua of Pariah TF. We know who you are. You don’t have to act like a hero who seems to know so much but the actual fact you don’t. Talk so much a firgures and killing MAS….you better think again if you are a true Malaysian.

    Olek…you damn baruan….sumpah kau sampai ke anak cucu….for helping the pairah TF to kill MAS. Entah dah berapa banyak kali kau dah jilat butut TF and kau jadilah anjing pariah TF tu sampai kau mampus.

  31. MAS Loyal

    Anak Malaysia,
    Be patient. Don’t too emotional. Anyway, we know that we don’t have to entertain him. Let him be. At least we know what he is trying to bullshit us and public, same like TF.
    Just for summary, MAS been tied by the dirty politician all this while whereas AA got help from the same dirty politician including our top gunner in M’sia.
    So we don’t have to answer him as he also know the real story.

  32. Olek Skilgannon

    Anak Malaysia

    My questions are “bullshit”?

    The CAPA Analysis is a piece of hogshit?

    At least, man up and answer the questions!

    And this cracks me up – that “true Malaysians” have a duty to support a national company, no matter how lousy, unprofitable or badly run.

    Really, ah? Which business school taught you that?

  33. Anonymous

    Salam Sejahtera YB Wee,

    Saya minta YB Wee bawa perkara ni ke Parlimen. CEO/Chairman GLC yang merugikan wang negara haruslah dipenjara sekurang2nya 10 tahun. Dengan ini baru dia tau bukan senang2 dapat gaji buta dan merugikan wang MAS serta wang kerajaan. Semua harta2 dirampas termasuk rumah, kereta, MPV, keahlian golf, kapal layar, kira2 semualah. Jadi lepas ni sapa nak jadi CEO kena pikir masak2, layak ke tak. Barulah dapat CEO yang bagus dan menguntungkan company dan GLC. Jangan bagi orang lain cuci mangkuk tapi CEO lari dengan duit berbillion. Kalau kat negara China, mesti dah kena tembak CEO ni. TQ.

  34. hanana bt abdulla

    ,some things that the management of mas was doing did not
    add up to what mf p/s olek said.

    if mas is loosing its pants , why in the world
    does mas sponsor the football jersey [ home games
    only ]of a premier league club destined for relegation
    to the hardly evershown championship side for millions of ringgit?

    And is the sampah- minded danny that stupid that he
    cannot do a quick check or campare with what deals
    genting is getting from a suoerior club like Aston Villa?

    And there will be another mf p/s who will explain that
    the home jersey is going to be used in away games
    like when qpr plays in the Emirates or at Old Trafford.
    Which of course is a straight faced unashamed lie.
    To a pariah minion of a pariah boss , that is ok?

    This data indicated by olek looked bad for mas. Yet the incompetent and
    likely corrupt senior management of mas is just
    bleeding the company for the sake of the perceived
    benefactor-the pariah tf.

    Pariah to most commentators from mas here but tf is
    the annointed guy representing the hidden hand-
    likely the one and only dolah mat mata layu and his sidekick
    the mf kj!

    Look tf is still getting spesial bolehland treatment/
    reduction in returning the money he collected in trust
    for the gomen for which he already has a fiduciary
    duty to hold in trust for gomen. This is a blatant disrespect
    of equity principles! Only in bolehland , mf olek…comprehende?


    1. weechookeong

      Hi jack 1960

      Two months is a very short period by the bench mark set by SC and Bursa KL. Both SC and Bursa KL started to investigate into the secret MAS AirAsia share suap November 2011. Sdr sabarlah sedikit. They are are pulling out their hairs already when looking through the documents. The matters are too complicated for them. For all we know there are powerful personality involved in this episode. I am just guessing ok. Anyway during the Sleepy Era a lot of things could have happened because the officers were all sleepy then!

      Thank you

      My kindest regards to you and family

      wee choo keong

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